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									No one likes to fill things out, it’s a pain, but for your project to be successful I need some information
from you about your website. There are 5 pages total so please fill out as much as possible.

 Contact Information
 1. Name:
 2. Position/Title:
 3. Company Name:
 4. Location (city/state):
 5. Telephone Number:


 1. What would you like to                Redesign an existing site
                                                                                            Maintain a current site
 do?                                      Create a new site

 2. What is your target
 deadline for having your
 site available to the public?

 Company Information (if this is for a personal site, please skip this section)
 1. What is your Company’s
 Objective or Mission
 Statement? (if you do not have
 one, what is the nature of your
 2. How do you envision this
 project supporting your
 Company’s mission and
 3. How will you judge the
 success of this project?

                                                               Once you’ve completed this form, please email it to

                                           Educate                                       Generate business
1. What do you hope to
                                           Entertain                                     Forum for discussion
accomplish with this                       Survey                                        Other – please specify
website? (select all that apply)           Answer FAQ’s
                                           Generate leads

2. Who will your typical
visitors to your website be?
(This is your “target audience”)
Please list any information you
think may be relevant such as age,
gender, income, political
affiliation, education level,
ethnicity, primary language,
religion, location, etc.

What is your company’s
budget for this project? (We            Development: $                               Maintenance: $
do not use this figure when
calculating the price of the project.
                                        Hosting: $                                   Promotion: $
This information allows us to make
suggestions and decisions that
align with your budget)

Domain Name

1. Do you have a domain                    Yes
name for your site? (ie:                   No                                        If yes, please specify name:

2. If you do not have a
domain name, would you
                                           No                                        If yes, please list a few ideas:
like our assistance in
developing one?

                                                            Once you’ve completed this form, please email it to
Web Hosting
1. A Web Host is the
company that will hold your
website files and make                     Yes
them accessible on the                                                                     No
World Wide Web. Do you                If Yes, please indicate who:
have a current website host
or preferred host?
2. If you do not have a host,
would you like us to                       Yes
recommend one for you?

3. If you have a host, what           FTP:
is the account information            Username:
to access your account?               Password:

1. How frequently will this
site need to have
information updated?
2. Who will be responsible
for updates and for
checking the site
periodically to make sure it
is still working properly?
Please list name and contact

     (We do provide maintenance service; please let us know if your interested in RISEN Creative maintain your site on a regular basis)

                                                                Once you’ve completed this form, please email it to

                                          Home                               Registration                       Links
                                          About Us                           Newsletter                         Site map
1. What pages would you                   FAQ                                Events                             Flash movie
like to have on your site?                Contact Us                         Employment                         Slide show
(select all that apply)
                                          eCommerce                          Order form                         Portfolio
                                          Services/products                  Map and directions                 Other

                                          Slide show                                 Audio files
2. Are there specific
                                          Search                                     Shopping cart
features or effects you
                                          Guest book                                 Rollover effects (buttons, graphics change when
would like to include on                  Video clip                             mouse rolls over them)
your website? (select all that            Animated graphics                          Other
apply)                                    Printable PDF pages

                                          Existing website content                   Forms
3. What items do you
                                          Text on disk                               Newsletter
already have that we can                  Graphics                                   Photographs
use on your website?                      Brochure                                   Database
(select all that apply)                                                              Other

     (Please make sure you have legal property or usage rights of any content, graphics or photos you wish to display on your website)


1. Choose three to five                   Professional               Casual                  Humorous                     Friendly
adjectives you would like                 Formal                     Experts                 Fun                          Classy
the style of your site to                 Easy                       Conservative            Serious                      Trendy
express?                                  Sophisticated              Progressive             Service-oriented             Other

2. Select any visual
                                          Logo                                       Key phrases
elements or style that
                                          Letterhead                                 Colors
MUST be utilized from                     Typeface (font)                            Other
existing materials?

                                                                Once you’ve completed this form, please email it to

                                    Company’s logo colors   Greens               Metallic
                                    Reds                    Black & White        Ocean
 Do you have a preferred
                                    Spring colors           Bold                 Oranges
 color scheme for your              Muted                   Earthy               Winter tones
 website? (select all that apply)   Blues                   Yellows              Neon
                                    Purples                 Autumn hues          Other


 Are there any websites that
 have a look and feel you
 admire? If so, please list
 their domain names (ie: and
 identify the particular
 features you find most

Whew – you’re all done! Thank you for taking the time to answer this questionnaire.

Please email this completed form to


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