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					From: TSABroadcast
Sent: Friday, October 16, 2009
Subject: 1100 - PASS 2010 Performance Components

Date:                          Oct. 16, 2009

Memorandum for:                All PASS-Covered Employees

From:                         Richard A. Whitford
                              Assistant Administrator for Human Capital

Subject:                       1100 - PASS 2010 Performance Components

We are pleased to announce the Performance Accountability and Standards System (PASS)
performance components for the 2010 performance period, Oct. 1, 2009 – Sept. 30, 2010. Our
goal for PASS 2010 is to maintain consistency, fairness, objectivity, and transparency, while
continuing to incorporate the wide array of valued feedback we have received from many
sources, including specific advice from the National Advisory Council. TSA remains committed
to strengthening PASS as a performance management system that acknowledges your dedication
and compensates you appropriately for your work.

PASS 2010 brings with it several key enhancements:

   1. The Competency performance component has been updated to align with the ENGAGE!
      and COACH! principles of Security Evolution. Specifically, Critical Thinking and
      Coaching and Mentoring have been added as new Competencies.

   2. Behavior Detection Officers (BDO) and Screening Passengers by Observation
      Techniques (SPOT) Transportation Security Managers (STSM) have been incorporated
      into the PASS system. Refer to the Action Memo posted on the PASS SharePoint site for
      additional information regarding BDO/STSM-specific PASS performance components.

   3. Practical Skills Evaluation (PSE) assessments remain a key performance measure within
      the Technical Proficiency performance component. In 2010, they will continue to be
      administered by a trained and experienced group of TSA employees. Additionally, the
      feedback you will receive after completing a PSE assessment will be more specific than
      in previous years.

   4. New images have been developed for the Image Mastery Assessments (IMA) and will be
      available for TIP Ready X-Ray (TRX) and Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray equipment.

Further information on PASS 2010 is below. Please take a moment to review and discuss it with
your supervisors and/or rating officials. It lays out the foundation of what you can expect for the
upcoming 2010 performance period.

TSA remains committed to the philosophy of continual performance improvement mandated by
the Aviation Transportation Security Act (ATSA), which holds TSA accountable to the
American people in the accomplishment of our security mission.
Thank you for your dedication and your commitment to our mission and to each other.

PASS 2010 Performance Components

The overall PASS Performance Components remain unchanged:

      Technical Proficiency
      Competency
      Collateral Duty (bonus points)
      Readiness for Duty
      Training and Development (with Career Plan bonus points)
      Supervisory Accountability (STSOs, TSMs and STSMs only)
      Management Proficiencies (TSMs only)

Technical Proficiency

   1. Image Mastery Assessments (IMA) remain in place for all Single Function Passenger
      and Dual Function Officers. The 2010 IMAs will be available for TIP Ready X-ray
      (TRX) and Advanced Technology (AT) X-ray equipment and will continue to use the
      TRX Simulator. Officers continue to have three opportunities to qualify on one IMA
      during the 2010 performance period.

       The 2010 IMA versions were pilot-tested at 28 airports by approximately 650 Officers.
       Combined with the pilot testing, the criteria used to develop the IMA ensure that it is:

             a valid representation of the current threat challenges faced by the Officer
              workforce on a daily basis;
             consistent with current security screening Standard Operating Procedures and
              Prohibited/Permitted Items List; and,
             a valid and reliable measure of an Officer’s technical proficiency in recognizing
              and detecting potential threats contained in X-ray images.

   2. Practical Skills Evaluations (PSE) remain in place for all positions and functions, and
      this year will include assessments for BDOs. The evaluations will continue to be
      conducted by TSA employees, and the feedback you will receive after an assessment will
      be more specific than in previous years. The Office of Security Operations will notify
      airports directly regarding when they are scheduled to begin conducting PSEs.

   3. OSARP Mastery Assessments (OMA) remain in place for OSARP-certified Single
      Function Baggage and Dual Function Officers. Officers continue to have three
      opportunities to qualify on one OMA during the 2010 performance period.

   4. Job Knowledge Tests (JKT) on the SPOT Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) will be
      used to assess the technical knowledge of BDOs and STSMs. These individuals will have
      three opportunities to qualify on one JKT during the 2010 performance period.
   5. A BDO Proficiency Evaluation Checklist and an Operational Audit Checklist will
      also be used to assess the technical proficiency of BDOs and STSMs, respectively.

Full details regarding these assessments will be provided in the PASS 2010 User’s Guidance for
Technical Proficiency, which will be released shortly.


The Office of Human Capital and the Office of Security Operations collaborated in an analysis
of the key elements of ENGAGE! and COACH! principles and updated the Competency
performance component to capture the key behaviors needed for successful Security Evolution

New Competencies have been added to the PASS program. Effective PASS 2010, employees
will be evaluated on:

      Interpersonal Skills (all employees)
      Oral Communication (all employees)
      Decisiveness (Decision Making) (all employees)
      Critical Thinking (TSOs, LTSOs, STSOs and TSMs) – NEW!
      Coaching and Mentoring (LTSOs, STSOs and TSMs) – NEW!
      Conflict Management (STSOs and TSMs)
      Team Building (STSOs, TSMs and STSMs)
      Attention to Detail (BDOs and STSMs) – NEW!
      Teamwork (BDOs) – NEW!

Full details regarding the Competencies will be provided in the PASS 2010 User’s Guidance for
Competencies, which is scheduled to be released shortly.

Readiness for Duty

The Dependability sub-component within Readiness for Duty has been modified and simplified
to account for TSA’s preparations, planning, and response to the H1N1 virus. Full details will be
provided in the PASS 2010 User’s Guidance for Readiness for Duty, which will be released

Remaining Components

The Collateral Duty, Training and Development, Supervisory Accountability, and Management
Proficiency performance components remain unchanged in PASS 2010.

Recognizing Performance
At any time throughout the year, Federal Security Directors have discretion to use existing TSA
award programs to recognize and reward those employees who perform above-and-beyond the
call of duty.

We encourage you to visit the PASS SharePoint site regularly throughout the entire PASS 2010
performance period for additional information.

Please do not respond to TSABroadcast. If you are having any e-mail/technical issues, please call
the SPOC help desk at 1 (800) 253-8571.