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                                To pick up your email

Open up your Apple E-mail program

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                                                                      How To

Go up and click on the word MAIL in the top menu bar, now choose Preferences

this will open up the Perferences window

You need to click on the plus symbol to Add a New Account
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                                                                            How To

                                      Fill in your account info

Description: put the name you want displayed in the Preferences window
Email Address: put your email address in here
Full Name: Whatever you want displayed as who your email if from
Incoming Mail Server:
User Name: will be your first initial and your last name all in lower case letters
Password: put your password in here. Call if you don’t know what it is.

Now you will need to add a server. Click on the arrows on the bar next to Outgoing Mail Server
(SMTP): and choose Add Server…

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                                                                                How To

Outgoing Mail Server:
Server Port: 25 should already be set for you
Do Not put a check in the box in front of Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
Authentication: choose Password
User Name: again it is your first initial and your last name all in lower case letters
Password: put in your password again.
Now click on OK

Your outgoing mail server should now read mail.your domain
Sometimes it will show the user name associated with that server.

Some ISP’s will have security measures in place that will not allow you to send email out through
their servers to another server. They do this to help prevent spam email. If you can receive email
but cannot send it this may be the reason. Call and ask us to help, we can see when you talk to
the server and tell if your send function is even getting to us.

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                                                                          How To

The Special Mailboxes tab will show you behaviors you can choose for where to put your email
in your mail boxes.

If you are using multiple computers and the web interface email these settings can be helpful to
use the server to store your emails instead of a specific hard drive.

Now click on the Advanced tab.

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                                                                           How To

You use these settings to enable the account and include it when you check your email

Enable this account should be checked
Include when automatically checking for new mail should be checked
You can choose to Automatically synchronize changed mailboxes to have it make it all the same
on each computer you are using
IMAP Path Prefix should not have anything in it
Port: will already show 143
Do Not check SSL
Authentication should be by Password

Now Click on the top left jewel button to close the preferences window.

DO NOT delete your old account. Any account that you delete will also delete all the email
associated with it. Just go into the preferences again and remove the check from in front of the
Enable this account for that email. You will keep all your old emails in your in box.
Now go check your email and send one out. If you have any problems, please call.

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