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									Scooter Smart - Scooter Carrier
                                                       To order call: 1800 420 971

                            Product Specifications and Features
                  This great Scooter Rack will hold even the heaviest scooter...that's how tough
                  it is. No need to buy a "small" scooter anymore!

                  Go to the park on a family outing or to the shops and park easily in the
                  underground carparks. Wherever you want to go with your Mobility Scooter,
                  the Scooter Rack will take you there.

                  The loading ramp drops down so you can safely load your Mobility Scooter,
                  then use the anchor points to secure your scooter. When you get to where
                  you're going, reverse off, reposition the ramp and then lift the entire rack off
                  for easy storage and parking.

                  Colour:                       Black
                  Load Capacity:                226 kg
                  Length of Carrier:            152cm
                  Width of Carrier:             83cm
                  Width of Ramp:                83cm
                  Length of Ramp:               152cm
                  Total Weight:                 43kg                  Cost $1490 ex. installation

                  Tie Down Strap, Wheel away system, Lighting kit & License Plate
                  Bracket, Hitch pin with padlock, Gas strut and Reversing sensors.

                  Some towbars are fitted at an unsuitable angle meaning your Scooter
                  Rack will not sit horizontally. Please check with your Towbar fitting or
                  Suspension Specialist to ensure they can provide you with a towbar
                  hitch that best suits your specific model of car.

                                                             Scooter Smart
                                                             6 / 68 Fenton Street
                                                             Huntingdale, Victoria, 3166

                                                             Phone: 1800 420 971

                                                             Check out our full range of products at:

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