; Wage agreement reached at Blyvoor
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Wage agreement reached at Blyvoor


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									                                                                                                                                                  ISSUE 7 • NOVEMBER 2007


                                                                                Wage agreement
                                                                                reached at Blyvoor
                                                                                Wage negotiations at Blyvoor were successfully             basic wages for most occupations. The earnings of
                                                                                concluded on 31 October. Agreement was reached             rock drill operators have been aligned with prevailing
                                                                                in just over a month – “the speediest and smoothest        rates in the mining industry.
                                                                                negotiations at Blyvoor for some years,” says Human          As part of Blyvoor’s skills retention drive, artisans
                                                                                Resources Manager Colin Goodwin. For the first             will now receive an additional monthly allowance.
                                                                                time, as agreed during the 2005/2006 wage cycle,             “We are proud finally to be in a position to
 Coming home                                                                    negotiations were conducted centrally, in one              compete with the rest of the market, and also to
 On 22 October, DRDGOLD Ltd announced the sale of its 78.7% stake               forum, between mine management, NUM, UASA                  reward our employees for their loyalty and
 in Australian subsidiary Emperor Mines.                                        and Solidarity.                                            dedication. We are confident our employees will
    Commenting on the sale, CEO John Sayers said: “We have achieved a             The two-year wage deal involves increases of             reward us in return with increased productivity,”
 favourable exit from Emperor Mines: this contributes to our healthy            between 8% (surface) and 10% (underground) to              says Colin.
 financial position, and the funds which were previously being directed to
 the Australasian operations will now be better utilised in South Africa.”
                                                                                 Joint presentation successful
                                                                                 On Friday 19 October, the Department of Minerals
                                                                                 and Energy (DME) ordered the suspension of all
 In Memoriam – September quarter                                                 mining operations at Blyvoor. This followed the
                                                                                 tragic death on that day of miner Abram Phetwe
 With deep regret, we report the death of one employee and one                   in a work-related accident at No 5 Shaft.
 contractor in mine-related accidents at DRDGOLD SA during the                      “Section 54 of the Mine Health and Safety Act
 September quarter, both at ERPM. We extend our deepest sympathy to              empowers the DME to order temporary mine
 both families.                                                                  closures following an accident,” says Human
    Rock Drill Operator Paul Ngxakazela died on 26 September, as a               Resources Manager Colin Goodwin. On
 result of injuries sustained in a fall of ground on 7 September. Paul,          24 October, management and unions, acting as a
 who was married with two children, lived in Germiston, Gauteng.                 team, presented Blyvoor’s case for resuming
    Hydraulic Picker Driver Samuel Vini died on 5 September after being          operations to the Chief Inspector of Mines, who
                                                                                 agreed that – subject to certain safety measures         Puisano e kopanetsweng ya ho etela Lefapha la Dirashwa le
 struck by a concrete silo undergoing demolition in the metallurgical                                                                     Matla ke baokamedi ba Blyvoor, mmoho le diyuniyone le
 plant. Samuel, who came from Welkom in the Free State, was married              being implemented within an agreed timeframe –           mekgatlo ya basebetsi, e bontshitse katleho ya ho kgothatsa
 with two children.                                                              normal work could resume. “The union leaders             Lefapha la Dirashwa le Matla ho dumella Blyvoor ho qadisa
                                                                                 who attended this presentation supported the plea        hape ditshebetso ka mora ho kwalwa ho sa tswa etsahala ha
    Tragically, two fatalities took place at Blyvoor after the                                                                            karolo ya 54.
                                                                                 for stoping operations to resume,” says UASA
    closure of the quarter. See full report in the article to
                                                                                 Branch Chairman Kevin Wright.                            memorial service held on 25 October for Abram and
    the right.
                                                                                    “This shows that collective endeavour is more         loco driver Ncedile Loloni, who also died in an earlier
                                                                                 effective than one player acting alone,” says Sheriff    mine accident on 12 October. “The atmosphere was
                                                                                 Madisha, NUM Branch Secretary. Gerald Ntilane,           supportive, as together we paid tribute to Ncedile and
                                                                                 Solidarity representative and member of the health       Abram and expressed our sympathy for their
 SAFETY REPORT                                                                   and safety structure, agrees: “Management and            families,” says Colin. “Although arising from tragic
General Manager: Projects Phillip         (from 6.23 to 6.44). A number          unions at Blyvoor work together in the interests of      causes, I firmly believe the events of these few days
Watters reports that all operations       of safety campaigns and                safety – problems can be discussed openly.”              helped to cement the co-operative approach that has
achieved improvements in                  interventions are in place at             This spirit of partnership was maintained at the      developed at Blyvoor.”
Reportable Injury Frequency Rates         the operations.
(RIFR) over the quarter. ERPM also           “The training programme on
showed a significant improvement
in Disabling Injury Frequency
                                          trucks and tramming has had
                                          particularly encouraging results,”
                                                                                From STABILITY to GROWTH
Rates (DIFR), with a rate for the         says Phillip. “There were no trucks   That’s the message for DRDGOLD SA from CEO Niel Pretorius.
quarter of 6.33, compared with            and tramming-related accidents
19.96 in the June quarter.                this quarter, compared with 8%        “The South African operations          achieved some measure of                 take personal responsibility for
  The DIFR showed a regression            of reportable accidents in the        have been through some tough           stability, we will be guided by four     safety: we will not compromise
at Crown (from 4.24 to 5.99), and         June quarter, and 18% in the          times; a year ago, we set ourselves    key considerations as we take the        on this, and if anyone takes any
also regressed slightly at Blyvoor        March quarter.”                       the target of returning to stability   business to optimal efficiency,          action which could endanger
                                                                                so as to position ourselves for        and strive to become increasingly        themselves or a colleague, then
                            Reportable injuries                                 flexibility and future growth, and,    socially relevant: operational           that person has no place within
        Rates per million man hours – June and September quarters               as our quarterly results show, we      excellence; safety, especially           DRDGOLD SA.”
          8                                                                     are well on track.                     those aspects related to human              Looking ahead to the year-end,
                                                                                   “I’m pleased to say that the        behaviour; building a dynamically        Niel adds a word of caution.
                                                                                corporate office has also, in some     diverse team; and career                 “Last year, we had poor results
                                                                                way, contributed to this achievement   development, to ensure that              in the Christmas quarter, as is
                                                                                and demonstrated its commitment        everyone who has potential to            common on South African mines.
                                                                                to a disciplined approach to           develop has a solid career path.         It’s essential that we buck the
                                                                                spending by reducing group               “These four pillars reinforce each     industry trend: while we all look
                                                                                corporate costs (excluding             other: the right mix of talent and       forward to a well-earned break
                  3.24                                     3.21                 Emperor’s corporate costs) by 23%      skills in the team will support          with our families, we must still
                         2.97                                                   in 2007, compared with 2006. In        operational excellence, and every        ensure that we contribute to
                                   2.12                                         addition, a further decrease of 26%    one who is willing to give of their      productivity.
                                                                                in group corporate costs is expected   best efforts will find that their           “This is the last issue of
                                          0.99                                  in 2008.                               contribution is valued and their         Asikhulume for the year, and I
          0                                                                        “Going forward we need to           potential is developed.”                 would like to finish by wishing all
                    Blyvoor            Crown         ERPM
                                                                                elevate our strategic thinking to        Niel stresses that safety is key.      of you a safe, happy and peaceful
                                June           Sep
                                                                                the next level. While we have          “Each and every one of us must           Christmas and New Year.”

Letters to the Editor
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                                                                                                            Highlights of this issue
Letters or questions can be sent to your HR manager or faxed to
Cathy Fazey at (011) 880-3788.                                                                                   Good results from ERPM                       Crown nurtures talent
If you have a question you would like to put to Niel Pretorius,                                                  Blyvoor’s safety award                       Amanda Hoosen on Survivor
please send it to us. Niel will answer the most interesting question
received every quarter.
                                                                                     Blyvoor’s achievement
                                                                                     Blyvoor’s outstanding safety performance in winning the Mine Health and
                                                                                     Safety Council flag for excellent safety performance – reported in the
                                                                                     March 2007 issue of Asikhulume – was recognised at the highest level on
                                                                                     Thursday 4 October.
                                                                                     Special safety awards were presented to the 2006 flag               associations, and each and every manager in the
                                                                                     recipients at the dinner held at Emperor’s Palace in                company, including myself.
                                                                                     Kempton Park on the evening before the Mine Health                     “I would like to salute our workforce for their
                                                                                     and Safety Summit, which takes place every two years.               diligence and constant focus in keeping Blyvoor a safe
                                                                                        The awards were presented by Advocate Sandile                    mine: without their efforts this achievement would not
                                                                                     Nogxina, Director-General at the Department of                      have been possible, and I am proud and honoured to
Dr Kgotso Ncholo with Prof Max Price, the Vice-Chancellor designate of the           Minerals and Energy, on behalf of the Hon Ms Buyelwa                represent them here tonight.”
University of Cape Town, at the Aurum Rose Awards function on 19 October.
Dr Ncholo was honoured by the Aurum Institute for Health Research for his
                                                                                     Sonjica MP, Minister of Minerals and Energy.                           Collie concluded by acknowledging the positive role
contribution to the fight against HIV/Aids.                                             Present on behalf of Blyvoor were DRDGOLD SA                     played by the DME in giving guidance, support and
                                                                                     CEO Niel Pretorius and Chief Operating Officer Louis                encouragement to the mining industry in developing a

Leading the fight                                                                    Lamsley, as well as Blyvoor’s General Manager Collie
                                                                                     Russouw, Production Manager (South) Jacques
                                                                                     Kleynsmith, and Chief Safety Officer Willie Nelson.
                                                                                                                                                         ‘safety first’ culture.

                                                                                                                                                           I-Blyvoor, kunye nabagqwesi beflegi yonyaka wama-
against HIV/Aids                                                                        The awards are given every two years for the greatest
                                                                                     safety improvement over a three-year period. Blyvoor,
                                                                                     winner in the deep and ultra-deep level gold and
                                                                                                                                                           2006 yeMpilo noKhuseleko eMgodini (Mine Health
                                                                                                                                                           and Safety) yomsebenzi obalaseleyo wokhuseleko,
                                                                                                                                                           inikelwe ibhaso elikhethekileyo lokhuseleko
On 19 October, Dr Kgotso Ncholo of the Caritas Care Home received                    platinum mines category, achieved a reduction in                      kwisidlo somsitho nge-4 Oktobha, ngokuhlwa
the Aurum Rose Award, presented by Dr Gavin Churchyard, the Chief                    fatalities from 16 to five in the period under review.                okwandulela ingqungquthela ye-Mine Health and
Executive of the Aurum Institute for Health Research, an independent                 The DME safety flag was hoisted over Blyvoor on                       Safety Summit. UMphathi Jikelele uCollie Russouw
medical institution recognised as a leader in the field of health                    25 January to mark the award, and will fly over the                   wamkele ibhaso egameni leBlyvoor. Kwintetho
research in developing countries.                                                    mine for one year.                                                    yakhe, uncome ukuba i-Blyvoor ingqine ukuba
  Awards were presented to a number of institutions and individuals in                  Accepting Blyvoor’s award, Collie commented that the               umgodi omdala, onzulu unokuba ngumgodi
recognition of their contribution to the fight against HIV and TB.                   mine had proved that an old, deep-level gold mine could               okhuselekileyo, waze wabulela abantu baseBlyvoor
Dr Ncholo’s award was given to him in his personal capacity, in the                  be a safe mine. “Blyvoor’s first gold was poured in 1942.             ngokuzinikezela kwabo rhoqo kukhuseleko,
words of his citation, “for setting a living example to colleagues and               To date, Blyvoor has achieved a million fatality-free shifts          wongeza ngokuthi uyazidla kwaye uwongiwe
researchers throughout the country.” The Caritas Care Home operates                  on 16 occasions – this includes the achievement of two                ngokubamela kumabhaso. Ukugqibezela, uCollie
from premises donated by ERPM.                                                       million fatality-free shifts during 2000.                             uncome indima ekhuthazayo edlalwa liSebe
                                                                                        “We believe this approach helped Blyvoor to win this               leZimbiwa naMandla (DME) ekuphuhliseni isiqhelo
                                                                                     award. I believe sincerely that we are all responsible for            ‘sokhuseleko kuqala’ kwishishini lemigodi.
                                                                                     safety – each worker at the workplace, unions and

Knights Plant, Crown’s operation east of Johannesburg, has achieved a
remarkable turnaround, from a loss-making situation to a steady profit
in less than a year.
   Gold production improved by 23% (from 231.89kg to 285.11kg)
between the third and fourth quarters of the past financial year and
again by 11% to 317.5kg in the quarter ended 30 September.
   Congratulating Knights Strategic Business Unit Manager Danny Hitge
and his team, Crown General Manager Henry Gouws comments: “This
fine achievement is attributable to a number of factors: the R2 million
capital spent on improving the operation over the past year is bearing
fruit; a more consistent feed of material into the plant, caused by
improved availability of equipment, has contributed to improved
efficiencies; and, most importantly, people’s morale, commitment and
belief in the company and themselves are increasing exponentially. Fewer
problems to fix mean there is more time available to spend on training
and development. Congratulations to all who have shown remarkable
dedication and commitment during a difficult year.”

                                                                                     A proud moment for Blyvoor’s representatives at the Mine Health and Safety Council dinner on 4 October. Left to right: Chief Safety
                                                                                     Officer Willie Nelson, Chief Operating Officer (DRDGOLD SA) Louis Lamsley, General Manager Collie Russouw and Production
                                                                                     Manager (South) Jacques Kleynsmith.

                                                                                     Bringing books to the
                                                                                     The new Blyvoor Library was                  and negotiated with Merafong City
                                                                                     officially opened on Saturday,               Council who staff the library and
                                                                                     29 September. Equipped with over             supplied the books.”
                                                                                     6 000 books as well as computer                The library’s primary target
                                                                                     training facilities, the library is          market is the wider Blyvoor
                                                                                     housed in a building donated by              community, particularly the
                                                                                     the mine and formerly used as                residents of No 3 and No 5 Hostels,
                                                                                     Blyvoor’s post office.                       as part of the drive to market
                                                                                       The project was the brainchild of          Blyvoor’s Adult Basic Education
                                                                                     Henson Nkayitshana, Blyvoor’s                and Training (ABET) drive.
                                                                                     NUM co-ordinator and Councillor
                                                                                                                                    ILayibrari entsha yaseBlyvoor yavulwa ngokusesikweni ngoMgqibelo,
                                                                                     of Merafong City Council’s Ward 5.
Front left to right: Sibusiso Radebe (Plant Accountant), Sandile Lamani (Assistant                                                  wama-29 Septemba. Ixhotyiswe ngeencwadi ezingaphaya kwama-6 000
                                                                                       “Henson saw the value of the
Plant Superintendent), Danny Hitge (SBU Manager), Henry Gouws (General Manager,                                                     kwakunye namalungiselelo okuqeqeshwa ngekhompyutha, ilayibrari
Crown), Josiah Tsisevhe (Plant Superintendent), Andries Hoffman (Senior Foreman).    project from a community
                                                                                                                                    ibekeke kwisakhiwo esisisipho esenziwe yimayini esasifudula siyiposi
Back left to right: Fred Hefer (Reclamation Foreman), Louis van der Westhuizen       perspective, and approached us,”
(Fraser Alexander), Alan Lawton (Treatment Foreman), John Addinal (Electrical                                                       ofisi yaseBlyvoor. Iprojeki yasungulwa nguHenson Nkayitshana,
                                                                                     says Employee Relations
Foreman), Jacob Moeketsi (Mechanical Foreman), Marius Koch (Fraser Alexander),                                                      umququzeleli weBlyvoor National Union of Mineworkers (NUM)
John Hlope (Milling Foreman), Johan Viviers (Boilermaker Foreman).                   Superintendent Paul Leenderts.
                                                                                                                                    noCeba weMerafong City Council kwa-Ward 5.
                                                                                     “We put a project team together,
Production increases at ERPM FEV shaft
                                                                                     ERPM’s FEV shaft has experienced        system for shift bosses and mine
                                                                                     a turnaround in fortunes with           captains and additional focus on
                                                                                     impressive production                   all critical areas.
                                                                                     performance recorded over the last         On the engineering side, a
                                                                                     five months. Says Kobus                 combination of Schalk’s vision and
                                                                                     Swanepoel, Shaft Engineer at FEV:       team work has helped bring people
                                                                                     “in the past we averaged about          closer together.
                                                                                     600/700 tonnes per day, but in the         “People are now taking
                                                                                     last five months our daily yield has    responsibility for their own actions
                                                                                     increased to an average of 1 000        – which in itself is an integral part
                                                                                     tonnes per day”.                        of the safety culture we are keen to
                                                                                        This is due in no small part, says   promote here at FEV shaft, and
                                                                                     Kobus, to the appointment of new        across DRDGOLD SA as a whole,”
                                                                                     Production Manager Schalk Lubbe.        says Schalk.
                                                                                        “Previously we struggled to             Significant modifications at
                                                                                     achieve our targets, but when           ERPM’s ice plant have resulted in
                                                                                     Schalk arrived we felt a definite       improvements in underground
                                                                                     change of direction here on the         cooling at FEV shaft.
                                                                                     mine,” says Kobus. “He has helped          R20 million has been set aside
                                                                                     create and maintain a notable           for further infrastructural
                                                                                     team dynamic”.                          improvements, most notably the
                                                                                        On the mining side, control          incline conveyor at FEV. This
                                                                                     measurements put in place               should further contribute towards
Production Manager Schalk Lubbe and Shaft Engineer Kobus Swanepoel are proud of      include new daily blasting              the mine’s achievement of its
the team spirit achieved at ERPM’s FEV Shaft.                                        schedules, a daily reporting            1 500 tonnes per day target.

 Crown nurtures talent
 People are integral to Crown’s drive to unlock future potential (see
 Crown – beyond 2010 in Asikhulume Issue 5), and making sure that
 people get the skills and training they need to fulfil their potential is
 given high priority.
    Willie Bernard, Promise Sigubudu, Katlego Thekiso and Colin Upton
 exemplify this approach. All work in the engineering discipline,
 although in different fields; Katlego and Promise joined the company
 recently, while Colin and Willie are ‘old hands’ at Crown.
    Willie joined Crown in 1989, having previously worked at Highveld
 Steel in Witbank, and mentions the informal style at Crown as one of
 the things he enjoys. Having started as an instrument technician, he has
 risen through the ranks to General Engineering Supervisor (GES) level.
 “We identified him as a good prospect, and, after finishing his studies
 to National Diploma level, Willie will be ready to write the Government
 Certificate of Competency,” says Senior Engineer Dean Lindecke.
    Colin joined Durban Roodepoort Deep Mine (now closed) in 1987,
 moving to Crown in 1998. Originally qualified as an electrician, he
 recently qualified as an instrument technician after completing his
 training at the Rustenburg Platinum training centre.                                Mookamedi wa Shifti Martin Coertzen le sehlopha sa hae ba atlehile ntshetsopele ya ponahalo ya Shafte ya No 5
    Promise joined Crown as an Artisan Assistant in November 2006.                   ya Blyvoor tlhahisong ya kgwedi ya Loetse – sehlopha se le seng sa baepi, tlasa moepi Vusi Makgota, se fihlelletse
 “When we found out she had an electrical S4-level qualification, we                 17.2m ha ho bapiswa le 13 e neng e habilwe. Maqulwana a tsheletseng karolong ya Martin a epile dimitara tse
 brought her on board as a Junior Technician; she’s living up to her                 sekwere tse 1 647 nakong ya kgwedi, ha ho bapiswa le dimitara tse sekwere tse 1 296.
 name and showing great potential while studying for her National
 Higher Diploma in electrical engineering,” says Electrical Foreman
 Hilton Olver, who is mentoring Promise.
    Katlego also completed technikon studies to S4 level, through the
 Wits Technikon (now the University of Johannesburg). “I did my
                                                                                     MEET BLYVOOR’S
 practical training at Crown, so was pleased to be able to join the
 company in May this year,” he says. Mechanical engineering, he says,
 has been his passion since school days.
    Four different people, with different skills and aspirations – but all
 are very much part of Crown’s long-term plans.
                                                                                     Shift boss Martin Coertzen and his      preparation. He believes firmly that       “I like the practical challenges
                                                                                     team achieved the best face             good production and safety results      that mining poses, and the variety:
                                                                                     advance at Blyvoor’s No 5 Shaft for     go hand in hand.                        no two days are the same,” says
                                                                                     the September production month            “Martin takes a very                  Martin, who celebrates 40 years’
                                                                                     – one crew, under miner Vusi            professional approach,” says            service at Blyvoor next year.”
                                                                                     Makgota, achieved 17.2m                 Mine Overseer Morné van Tonder,            Martin has not decided his
                                                                                     compared with a target of 13m.          “and that includes coaching his         retirement date, but has no plans to
                                                                                     The six panels in Martin’s section      team. Vusi, for example, has            leave Carletonville, where he and his
                                                                                     mined 1 647 square metres over          worked his way up through the           wife Mickey own their home. In his
                                                                                     the month, compared with a call of      ranks in Martin’s crew, and is          spare time, Martin is a keen follower
 Left to right: Senior Engineer Dean Lindecke, Junior Technician Promise Sigubudu,   1 296 square metres.                    scheduled to start training for a       of cricket and rugby (born in
 Student Engineer Willie Bernard, Student Engineer Katlego Thekiso, Instrument
 Technician Colin Upton, and Electrical Foreman Hilton Olver.
                                                                                       Martin attributes this success to     shift boss appointment over the         Pretoria, he is an ardent Blue Bulls
                                                                                     good team spirit and careful            next few months.”                       supporter), and enjoys gardening.

  PRODUCTION –                                 People on the move
  September quarter
                                              APPOINTMENTS                           G   Louis Lamsley, Chief                 DRDGOLD SA’s property
  All three DRDGOLD SA                        G   Brian Mongoma was                      Operating Officer (COO) of           portfolio,” says DRDGOLD SA
  operations reported increased                   appointed Regional                     DRDGOLD SA, has                      CEO Niel Pretorius. “As COO,
  production in the September                     Occupational Hygienist on              announced he will be retiring        Louis has taken DRDGOLD SA
  quarter:                                        1 October.                             at the end of the year. Louis,       through some difficult times:
                                              G   ERPM Far East Vertical (FEV)           who was appointed to his             we are grateful to him and
  Blyvoor                                         Shaft extends a warm welcome           current position in January          Lizette for their commitment
  1 239kg, a 4% increase.                         to Christo Nelson, who has             2006, has nearly 35 years’           and sacrifice, and wish them
  Crown                                           recently been appointed Chief          experience in the gold mining        well in this new phase of their
  758kg, an 8% increase.                          Safety Officer at the FEV site.        industry. “We are fortunate          lives. We are also delighted that
                                                  Look out for profiles of Brian         that Louis has agreed to stay        we will have the continued             Louis Lamsley acting as chef for the
  ERPM                                                                                                                                                               DRDGOLD SA team in this year’s
                                                  and Christo in future issues           on as a Consulting Engineer,         benefit of his experience and          Kyalami Round Table Bed Race, an event
  776kg, a 28% increase.
                                                  of Asikhulume.                         senior mentor, and head of           guidance in his new capacity.”         held annually to raise money for charity.
Keeping DRDGOLD’s
wheels turning
Group Procurement Manager                In 1990, Kevin joined                sometimes stretched to the
Kevin Hall is responsible for          Hartebeesfontein Gold Mine, then       utmost, but you keep on your
procurement across DRDGOLD             part of Avgold, which later            toes. At least you’re not kept in a
SA. Based at Blyvoor, Kevin and        became part of DRDGOLD’s               pigeon-hole – there’s opportunity
his small team handle the              North West Operations, now             to branch out and get involved.”
purchase of all the capital            owned by Simmer & Jack.                   Kevin and his wife Linda (who
equipment, consumable goods            “Avgold’s management didn’t            works for the Corporate office),
and services required to keep          realise I’d been sold to North West    and children Natalie (18) and
DRDGOLD SA’s operations                Ops along with the mine,” recalls      Calvin (16) live in the Blyvoor
working efficiently.                   Kevin with a smile.                    village (“you can keep Jo’burg and
   Kevin grew up in                      “I got some panic-stricken           its traffic”).
Vanderbijlpark, and started his        calls from Lorraine Mine in the Free      In his spare time, Kevin’s great
career with Metal Box. “I decided      State, asking who was going to         interests include keeping German
I didn’t want to be a sales rep, and   handle all their contracts – in the    Shepherds and breeding parrots.
moved to the buying department,        end I ran both jobs for six months!”
as procurement was then known,           Kevin is positive about
in Iscor, then South Africa’s iron     DRDGOLD SA. “It’s a challenging                Kevin with Caesar, one of his fine
and steel producer and supplier.”      environment, and you are                                German Shepherd dogs.

                                                                                                                                                                  Outwit, outlast,
  Dibana noKevin Hall                                                                                                        STOP PRESS                           outplay
  UMphathi waMalungiselelo eQela (Group Procurement) uKevin Hall unoxanduva lokubonelela                                    As Asikhulume went
  amalungiselelo ayo yonke i-DRDGOLD SA. Ngokubekeka eBlyvoor, uKevin negqiza lakhe elincinci
  bajongene nokuthengwa kwazo zonke izixhobo zesiseko, iimpahla ezisebenzisekayo neenkonzo ezifunekayo
                                                                                                                            to press, we learned
  ukugcina iinkqubo zikaDRDGOLD SA zisebenza ngokufanelekileyo.                                                             that Amanda had
    UKevin unethemba malunga neDRDGOLD SA. “Yimekobume ecela umngeni, yaye ngamanye amaxesha
                                                                                                                            made it to the final
  ubambeka kangangoko, kodwa kufuneka uhlale uthe qwa. Okungenani awugcinwanga enkontyolweni –
  akhona amathuba okuphuma nawokuthi ubandakanyeke.”                                                                        four in the current
    UKevin nenkosikazi yakhe uLinda (osebenzela iofisi yeMbumba), nabantwana uNatalie (18) noCalvin (16)
                                                                                                                            Survivor series.
  bahlala kumzi waseBlyvoor.

                                                                                                                                                                  Amanda Hoosen (centre) has proved
                                                                                                                                                                  her survival skills.

  An unusual hobby                                                            First corporate golf                                                                These are the objectives of
                                                                                                                                                                  participants in Survivor, the
                                                                                                                                                                  popular reality TV show that has
                                                                                                                                                                  become a familiar feature in
Stephanie Meyer, Assistant
Risk Officer and Executive
                                       the tractors to shows around
                                       the country.                           day held at Blyvoor                                                                 many countries worldwide.
                                                                                                                                                                  Amanda Hoosen (DRDGOLD
Secretary to Niel Pretorius,             “In February this year Lourens                                                                                           Ltd’s Manager, Internal Audit
has an unusual hobby.                  bought me my very own vintage                                                                                              and Compliance) has
  “My husband, Lourens,                tractor, a 1949 John Deere M,                                                                                              demonstrated an impressive
started restoring vintage              which was in a very good                                                                                                   command of these skills in the
tractors about four years ago:         condition and did not require                                                                                              series currently being shown in
the process, which can take up         any restoring – I think to pique                                                                                           South Africa.
to two years if you need to            my interest, as he was spending                                                                                               Amanda has studied and
source parts from overseas,            so much time in the workshop!                                                                                              worked extensively in the United
involves stripping down,                 “I do give my tractor a little                                                                                           States, and it was there that she
sandblasting, repairing, panel-        dusting off every now and                                                                                                  first became interested in taking
beating and respraying.                then – and proudly took it on show                                                                                         part in Survivor. “You have to be a
  “He has restored two 1950s           recently to the Willem Prinsloo                                                                                            US citizen to enter, so, when the
tractors to perfection – then, of      Mampoer Festival, when I was the                                                                                           South African version came out,
course, you need a truck to get        only woman in the parade!”                                                                                                 after I came back home, I just
                                                                                                                                                                  pounced on it.”
                                                                                                                                                                     Amanda has survived up to the
                                                                                                                                                                  key stage of the merger of the two
                                                                                                                                                                  tribes (Bajau and Iban in the
                                                                                                                                                                  current series). Before this point,
                                                                                                                                                                  as players are voted off, they leave
                                                                                                                                                                  the island: after the merger, some
                                                                                                                                                                  players who are voted off become
                                                                                                                                                                  part of the jury, and have a part to
                                                                                                                                                                  play in deciding the final winner.
                                                                                                                                                                     Asked what is the most
                                                                                                                                                                  challenging aspect of the show,
                                                                                                                                                                  Amanda answers without
                                                                                                                                                                  hesitation: “The psychological
                                                                                                                                                                  aspects – obviously you must be
                                                                                                                                                                  reasonably physically fit, but it’s
                                                                                                                                                                  not about bush survival skills,
                                                                              “Now what’s the best angle for this shot?” Blyvoor General Manager Collie Russouw   it’s a social experiment about
                                                                              weighs up his options.
                                                                                                                                                                  group dynamics that is
                                                                              Blyvoor’s golf course, rated among           and wished the participants good       intellectually challenging. In the
                                                                              the top hundred courses in the               luck. Human Resources Manager          earlier stages, the weakest players
                                                                              country (see the May 2007 issue of           Colin Goodwin acted as master          tend to get voted off: later on,
                                                                              Asikhulume), was the scene of                of ceremonies.                         strong players are perceived as
                                                                              DRDGOLD SA’s inaugural                         The Blyvoor team won the             the greater threats, so the trick is
                                                                              corporate golf day, held on                  competition with Corporate and         to position yourself somewhere
                                                                              12 September. Plans are in place to          ERPM coming in second and              in the middle.”
                                                                              make this a quarterly event, held at         third respectively.                       And what was the most
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Russell and Associates 1371/07

                                                                              rotating venues. Some 13 four-ball             The day concluded with a potjie      valuable lesson learned? “To
                                                                              teams competed in the Better Ball            competition, won by the Blyvoor        appreciate the basics of life –
                                                                              Stableford competition.                      Metallurgical Plant, whose entry       especially bathrooms and clean
                                                                                Golf Club Chairman Joseph                  was described as ‘awesome’ by all      clothes every day!”
                                                                              Rammusa welcomed all present,                who tasted it.

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