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                                                  wine list

   CORKAGE/WINE SERVICE: R25-00 per 750ml btl of wine - 1 btl per 2 persons only

Cinzano - bianco / rosso                                                            10
Martini - bianco / rosso                                                            10
Campari                                                                             12
Pimm’s & Lemonade                                                                   19

Italian cocktails
Campari & Orange Juice                                                              20

Club Chinotto –                                                                     22
Campari, Cinzano rosso, fanta and bitters

Negroni                                                                             25
A stylish mix of Gin, Martini Rosso and Campari over ice

                Vini Bianchi
                                 White Wines
White                                                              glass            btl
Stonehill Bristle White                                            22               95
100% Viognier- Crisp and fresh, slightly oaked. Enjoy with pasta, seafood and poultry.

Chenin Blanc                                                       glass            btl
Groote Post Chenin Blanc                                           22               79
From the only bush vines on the farm, a bright, full style with its ever present tropical
fruit and green apple

Riebeeck Chenin Blanc                                                               60
The perfect every day wine that offers uncomplicated quality for the novice and
connoisseur alike.
               Vini Bianchi
                                White Wines
Chardonnay                                                        glass            btl
A Few Food Men Chardonnay (wooded)                                                 98
Well-integrated oak - an outstanding version of the classic Chardonnay.

Kloovenburg Chardonnay (lightly wooded)                            28              99
Typical from this Riebeeck Valley estate: Fruity flavours, complemented by elegant oak.

Groote Post Chardonnay (wooded)                                                    165
Elegant, with a nose of hot buttered toast, and flavours of appealing citrus

Diemersdal Chardonnay Reserve (wooded)                                             165
Well-balanced oak notes with buttery crème caramel and exotic fruit flavours.
Great with creamy pastas, prawn and seafood dishes

Sauvignon Blanc                                                   glass            btl
Diemersdal Matys Sauvignon Blanc                                  19               67
Vibrant , easy-drinking fresh Sauvignon Blanc

Altydgedacht Sauvignon Blanc                                                       94
Tastes of greenpepper and green figs and tropical fruit.
A great accompaniment tofish, poultry and a range of vegetarian dishes

Diemersdal Sauvignon Blanc                                                         98
A classical Sauvignon Blanc form the Durbanville area. A complex nose with a crisp fruity

Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc                                 25               96
A firm favourite! Crisp with tropical flavours. Enjoy with pastas and seafood dishes.

De Grendel Sauvignon Blanc                                                         105
Litchi, lime, asparagus & gooseberries! A long-awaited product from this historic estate

Nitida Sauvignon Blanc                                                             135
A truly tropical Sauvignon Blanc with some of the steely, capsicum, pyrazine aspect for
which Nitida is so well known.

Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc                                                        152
This is a masterpiece which was selected by all of us at La Masseria to complement our
food. An elegant, vibrant and refined wine from top quality fruit.

   CORKAGE/WINE SERVICE: R25-00 per 750ml btl of wine – 1 btl per 2 persons only
               Vini Bianchi
                                White Wines
Bukettraube                                                      glass            btl
Cederberg Bukettraube                                            25               105
The highest winery produced this wine with exotic floral and fruit flavours
with hints of honey

Blanc de Noir/Rosé                                               glass            btl
De Grendel Rosé                                                                   69
Lively pink from the historic Graaff family – perfect accompaniment to our Antipasto

Terra D’Aria Blush                                                                76
Beautiful salmon pink colours with fresh summer berries with lots of strawberry
undertones. Mmmm.....

Cederberg Sustainable Rosé                                                        79
 This Organic Rose is made from the Shiraz grape: therefore a dry crispness, mixed with
summer berries with a lively acidity.

Stonehill Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé                                                 84
Ripe berry flabours, spicey, with just enough tannins and a hint of oak

De Vallei Annerose                                                                88
An elegant dry blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a hint of honey and gentle wood

Local Italian varietals                                          glass            btl
Terra del Capo Pinot Grigio                                                       91
A varietal originally from the Friuli-Venezia region. L’Ormarins has produced this winner:
Hints of fresh lemon and earthy mineral elements.

Imported white wines                                             glass            btl
Colle Papa Frascati                                              28               120
Intense, harmonius bouquet with hints of apples. Dry and delicate palate.

   CORKAGE/WINE SERVICE: R25-00 per 750ml btl of wine – 1 btl per 2 persons only

Sparkling wines - imported                                                           btl
Lambrusco Dolce                                                                      85
Popular Italian semi-sweet flavoursome red, refreshing, lightly sparkling

Lambrusco Secco                                                                      85
Popular Italian dry flavoursome red, refreshing, lightly sparkling

Prosecco                                                                             145
The quintessential Italian dry sparkling wine. Drink as an aperitif, or with antipasto and

Sparkling wines - local                                              glass           btl
Nederburg Cuvee Brut                                                 25              78
Made with the Charmat method. A refreshing dry wine with a crisp vitality& lasting

J.C. Le Roux La Vallee                                                               88
Off-dry Méthode Cap Classique made from Pinot Gris grapes. Spicy with citrus tones.

Villiera Traditional Brut                                                            122
Classy, dry Methode Cap Classique

Pongracz                                                                             138
A Brut MCC with delicate yeasty tones with toast and ripe fruit flavours

Pongracz Rosé                                                                        159
A Brut Rose MCC with toast and ripe fruit flavours and an elegant mousse

                    Vini Rossi
                                 Red Wines
Imported Italian red wines                                           glass           btl
Chianti “Renzo Masi”                                                 32              140
Easy drinking, fresh fruity flavour with medium body and texture

Local Italian red wines                                              glass           btl
Altydgedacht Barbera                                                 29              108
A traditional northern Italian variety. Cherry and blackcurrant with ripe tannins.

   CORKAGE/WINE SERVICE: R25-00 per 750ml btl of wine – 1 btl per 2 persons only
                     Vini Rossi
                                 Red Wines
Red blends                                                          glass         btl
Diemersdal Matys                                                    22            68
A classic easy drinking wine blended from Merlot, Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon &

Groote Post Old Man’s Blend                                                       85
This wine is not just for the old man! A down to earth, Merlot-based, easy drinking red
which is soft and smooth.

Nitida Calligraphy (Cab/Cab F)                                                    199
A sign of the perfect and subtle balance between wood and fruit.

Cabernet Sauvignon                                                  glass         btl
Durbanville Hills Cabernet Sauvignon                                30            114
Fresh berry and grass with good tannins. A delight on its own or with richly flavoured

Diemersdal Cabernet Sauvignon                                                     125
A full bodied wine with spicy oak, red cherries and dark chocolate.
Juicy and velvety with soft tannins.

Allesverloren Cabernet Sauvignon                                                  145
An abundance of prune, cherry & dark chocolate! This is enjoyed with game, poultry and

Nitida Cabernet Sauvignon                                                         155
Instantly recognisable mince-pie fruit, voluptuous and velvet smooth, cinnamon, cloves,
currants and raisins, lightly wrapped in chocolate.

Pinotage                                                            glass         btl
Cloof Dusty Road Pinotage                                                         68
Deliciously juicy with ripe chunky tannins.

Diemersdal Pinotage                                                 29            120
Dense layers of fruit, spice and chocolate with a soft, velvety finish

Meerendal Pinotage                                                                122
Plum, chocolate & cedar wood with soft tannins

   CORKAGE/WINE SERVICE: R25-00 per 750ml btl of wine – 1 btl per 2 persons only
                     Vini Rossi
                                 Red Wines
Shiraz                                                             glass         btl
Simonsig “ Mr. Borio’s” Shiraz                                                   99
Named after a family friend, Alessandro Borio, who built the original Shiraz maturing
tanks at Simonsig Estate.

A Few Good Men Shiraz                                              29            112
Robust red fruit with subtle vanilla and black pepper to excite the nose.

De Vallei Syrah                                                                  122
An array of crushed black pepper, violet aromas and smoked meat

Diemersdal Shiraz                                                                127
Vibrant fruit, dark chocolate, liquorice and spice with juicy tannins.

Allesverloren Shiraz                                                             140
Ripe plums, berries and oak spice. A full-bodied wine to have with red meat and venison.

Merlot                                                             glass         btl
Altydgedacht Merlot                                                29            115
Sweet red berries, gentle tannins and French oak flavours.

Kloovenburg Merlot                                                               120
A complex and well-rounded Merlot from the Riebeeck Valley.

Meerendal Merlot                                                                 125
Flavours of dark chocolate, truffles and almonds. Great with red meats and venison

                   Dessert wines
Sherry - pale dry, medium cream, full cream                                      10
Allersverloren Port                                                              16
Muscadel                                                                         10
Nobel Late Harvest – Diemersdal                                                  16

                         Preferably enjoyed at the end of a meal
Grappa – Asolana, Brotto Veneta                                                  12
Grappa - Brotto Ruta                                                             14
Fernet                                                                           16
Fernet Menta                                                                     16
Averna - traditionally served hot with a slice of lemon                          18
Jagermeister                                                                     16
Brandy & Cognac
Klipdrift                                                10
Bertrams                                                 10
KWV 10 yr old                                            15
Remy Martin VSOP                                         35

Bells                                                    10
J & B Rare                                               11
Johnnie Walker Red                                       13
Jameson                                                  14
Jack Daniels                                             16
Johnnie Walker Black                                     25
Glenfiddich 12 yr old                                    25

Southern Comfort                                         10

Baccardi, Spiced Gold                                    10
Red Heart                                                12
Captain Morgan dark rum                                  12

Cane, Gin, Smirnoff vodka                                10

Apple sours                                              10
Schnapps - grapefruit or peach                           10
Potency                                                  10
Tequila silver                                           14
Tequila Jose Cuervo Gold                                 17
Apple jack - vodka, apple sours                          16
Suitcase - 1 tot passion fruit, 1 tot Jack Daniels       19
Blowjob - Kahlua, cape velvet, cream                     17
Springbokkie - peppermint liqueur, Cape Velvet, cream    14
B52 - kahlua, cape velvet, tequila                       18
Silver bullet - 1/2 jack daniels, 1/2 southern comfort   16
Jager-Bomber – 1 tot Jagermeister immersed in Red Bull   25

Cape Velvet Cream - Original                                          10
Amarula - local is lekker!                                            10
Peppermint Liqueur - Oudemeester                                      10
Grapefruit Schnapps        - Namibian                                 10
Kahlua - the real Mccoy                                               14
Sambuca – imported                                                    14
Limoncello                                                            16
Strega                                                                16
Frangelico - heavenly hazelnut liqueur                                16
Amaretto - peach kernel liqueur                                       14
Cointreau                                                             20
Drambuie                                                              20
Van der Hum                                                           14

Beers / Ciders
Castle, Black label , Castle Light, Hansa                             11
Amstel, Windhoek, Windhoek Light                                      13
Millers Draft                                                         14
Heineken, Peroni (Italian)                                            16
Hunters Dry, Hunters Gold                                             16
Savanna, Savanna Lite                                                 16
Windhoek Draught                                                      16
Hunters Xtreme                                                        18
Smirnoff Spin                                                         16
Bacardi Breezers                                                      16
Vawter                                                                16

Sodas - Coke, Coke lite, TAB, Fanta, Sprite Zero,Crème Soda – 330ml   13
Sodas - Lemonade, Soda water, Tonic water, Coke , Coke lIte - 200ml   9.5
         - TAB, Ginger ale, Dry lemon -200ml                           9.5
Tisers - Appletiser, Grapetisers - 330ml                              15
Juices - Orange, Apple, Berry, Tropical                               11
Iced Tea - Peach, Lemon                                               15
Red Bull                                                               25
Mixers - Lime cordial, Passion fruit, Kola tonic                        3
Rock Shandy                                                            15

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