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                   Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist
The First
Andre set out to achieve what his mentor and teacher Mr.
M. Collie achieved in his career. As far back as 1980,
after having seen the legendary Mr. Collie, on stage,
Andre set out on a mission, to take hypnotism out of the
pubs and clubs and put it on stage in the theatre, not only
making it respectable, but with a combination of talent,
his training in drama and a ready wit, turning it into the
"people show" it has become today.

First Hypnotist on TV
Andre became the first stage hypnotist with a
commissioned television series for both the dedicated
English and Afrikaans TV channels in there respective
languages. Andre can provide a truly bilingual show for any clients needs

Record Breaker
South Africa has a number of records in the stage hypnosis industry. Andre
himself achieved a record for the largest number of people at a hypnosis show -
5000 people at carnival City Casino Hippodrome theatre, and for the longest one
man show running at a single venue - 11 weeks at the Sneddon filling 10 shows
a week

Andre has sold out and still draws capacity theatre's to most of the big theatre
venues in South Africa. These include Baxter Theatre, Playhouse Opera theatre,
Sneddon. Guild and Port Elizabeth Opera House

Not only is Andre a well known face in his own country but also in countless
others. Andre does a yearly tour of the bordering country's of South Africa and as
far a field as Australia

All age appeal

No matter what your age, Andre's show will appeal to your sense of humor.

                        Members: N.G. Burnett, J.M. von Gogh
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