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Respirators - Cartridges - Saint Gobain


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									                                                                                                         & Accessories


                                                                           Paints & Spray                  Power Tools                          Safety
                                                    7700 Silicone                                                                       7600 / 7700
                                                    Half Mask                                                                           Filters and
                                                    Respirator                                                                          Cartridges to fit
                                                                                                                                        Norton – North

                                                                              Welding                 Workshop Equipment                     Workwear
 • Suitable for protection against most industrial airborne contaminants          • This range of filters and cartridges are suitable for all Norton and
 • For use in spray painting and gluing, electroplating, welding and              North Safety respirators • Activated carbon filters for specific gases
 smelting • Wide range of filters available including multi-gas, vapour,          and vapours by adsorption-process chemical-reaction • Pad filters and
 dry-dust, spray-mist, and welding fume • Silicone mask ‘forms’ to                cartridge filters for dry-dusts, wet-spray mists, hot smoke-fumes by
 wearers face increasing comfort • Can be used with Back-Pack                     entrapment
 Adaptor under welding helmets or face-shield
                                                                                  Product                                                                Min.
Product                                                             Min.          Number                          Description                            Order
Number                         Description                          Order
                                                                                 Chemical Gas & Vapour Cartridges
AS132659          7700-30L North Silicone Half Mask Lge              1
                                                                                 AS022330              7500-1 Organic Vapour Cartridge A1                   8
                                                                                                      7500-3 Organic Vapours Acid Gases
AS132705          7700-30M North Silicone Half Mask Med              1
                                                                                 AS022357            Cartridge A1B1E1 HF & Formaldehyde                     8
                                                                                 AS022365                 7500-4 Ammonia Cartridge K1                       8
AS205893          7700-30S North Silicone Half Mask Sml              1
                                                                    each                                   75SCA A1B1E1K1 75SCA
                                                                                 AS337986                 Cartridge HF & Formaldehyde                       8
Half & Full-Face Dual Filter Cartridge Adaptor
                                                                                 Particulate Filters P2/P3
                        Back Pack Adaptor fits Gas
                 Cartridges & Particulate Filters behind the                                          7500-8 Highly Toxic Particulate Filter
AS365114            neck Suits 7700/7600 & 5500/5400                  1                          (Fine-Dust, Wet Spray-Mist and Hot Fume) P2
                                                                                 AS022403      on Half-Face Masks or P3 on Full-Face Masks only             8
Particulate Filters P2/P3
                                                                                 Particulate Filters P2 Padfilter System
                    7500-8 Highly Toxic Particulate Filter
             (Fine-Dust, Wet Spray-Mist and Hot Fume) P2 on                                     7500-50 P2 Assembly includes: 7500-27 Padfilter
AS022403      Half-Face Masks or P3 on Full-Face Masks only           8          AS281026       Cover, 7506 P2 Padfilter, 7500-15 Padfilter-Base           12
                                                                                               7500-27 Fit Check Filter Cover (for holding 7506P2
                                                                                 AS135186         Padfilters onto Padfilter bases or Cartridges)           10
                                                    Disposable                   AS022411                    7506P2 P2 Padfilters x 10                     10
                                                    Particulate                  AS196770              7500-15 Male Holder Padfilter-Base                   1
                                                    Respirators                  Combination Filter Cartridge - Vapours, Gases & Particulates
                                                    - Flat Fold                  (P3 rated only in Full Face Masks)
                                                                                 AS022438          7500-21 Pesticide & Herbicide Spray Filter               8
                                                                                 AS219207            7500-81 Organic Vapours & Highly Toxic                 4
 • Foldable for easy storage and portability contributing to fewer change                        7500-83 Organic Vapours Acid Gases & Highly
 outs and lower costs • Individually wrapped product with warnings &             AS219223          Toxic Particles Filter-Cartridge A1B1E1P3                4
 instructions printed on each package • Easy to carry spare masks in
 pockets etc • Available with Comfort Maxx Super exhalation valves in            AS337994              75SCP100 ABEKP3 Filter/Cartridge                     4
 P1 and P2 • Greater inside surface area for low breathing resistance
 and consequently less fatigue and a cooler wear
 Product                                                         Min.                                                                   Paint
 Number                        Description                       Order                                                                  Respirator Kit
                       20 x P1 Dust & Mist Mask
G086750W              Flat Fold Cup-Style wrapped                 1 box
                  10 x P1 Dust & Mist Mask with Valve
G086755W              Flat-Fold Cup-Style wrapped                 1 box
                                                                                  • Industrial quality respirator, filters and storage bag in one blister pack
                      20 x P2 Dust & Fume Mask                                    • Ideal for use against paint mists and most vapours as well as dusts
G086850W              Flat-Fold Cup-Style wrapped                 1 box           from sanding • Includes: 5500-M 1 x Grey Half Mask (Medium) 7500-1 2
                       10 x P2 Dust & Fume Mask                                   x Organic Vapour Cartridges (Turps) 7605 P2 2 x Dust & wet paint-spray
G086855W         with Valve Flat-Fold Cup-Style wrapped           1 box           P2 Padfilters 7600-27 2 x Pad Filter covers • Minimum order quantity 1

                                      AB04                                                                                                                 669

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