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									      Welcome to Bicycle Nova Scotia

Questions? Please contact the BNS Registrar, Kaarin Tae, at 902 477 1604 / kaarint@yahoo.ca, OR contact Tamara
Stephen at the BNS office - 902 425 5450 (316) / staff@bicycle.ns.ca.
General (Recreational) Members – Please complete Sections 1 and 2, read Section 4, read and sign Section 5 (the
Waiver) and read and sign Section 8.
General (Competitive) Members – These are members who do not ride competitively but are applying for a Technical
License (coach, commissaire etc.). You must complete Section 3 – circle General Member (Technical Lic.) under
Licensing Fees on Page 1 and circle the appropriate coach and/or commissaire level you are qualified for on Page 2.
Licensed Members – Please complete Sections 1 and 3, read Section 4, read and sign Section 5 (the Waiver), read
Section 7 and read and sign Section 8. Enter your full name – no nicknames, please.

Age categories: U13, U15 and U17 refer to riders under 13, 13 – 14, and 15 – 16 years old, respectively. Junior includes
riders 17 – 18 years old, and U23 includes riders 19 – 22 years old. Riders 19 and older may race in the Elite (numbered)
categories for Road, or the Sport, Expert or Elite designations for MTB. Master includes riders 30 years and older. All
ages as of December 31 2011.

In MTB if you select a skill level of (for example) Expert, when racing outside of Nova Scotia, you will only be allowed to
race Expert. In Road if you are, by age, a Master you can elect to show Elite on your license. Doing so means that
outside Nova Scotia you will only be allowed to ride in Elite, or categorized (Cat. 2, 3, 4, etc.) packs.

In Nova Scotia, actual race categories for riders older than 19 are ability-based, rather than age-based. However, we
must adhere to the Canadian Cycling Association’s system of licensing in the interest of formal standardization across the

All members under 17 years of age (U13, U15 and U17) will be issued a license that will allow you to compete in either
MTB or Road races – See the Combined column of the Licensing Fees box in Section 3. This is done to encourage
young members to try all types of competitive cycling.
All members 17 and over (Junior, U23, Elite and Masters) can select to race only MTB, only Road or they can purchase
membership that allows them to ride both MTB and Road – for example if you are in the U23 category and wish to
compete in both MTB and Road, circle $98.00 under the Combined column.

Ability Codes: If you have selected MTB only or Combined, you must select your skill (ability) level for Cross Country
MTB and/or Downhill MTB. If you are new to the sport you will be placed in the Sport category. If you do not indicate a
skill level (ability code) a license will be issued at Sport (beginner) skill level. If you are an Elite-aged road rider, you will
be issued a Category 4 license (beginner) if you do not indicate otherwise.

In Nova Scotia the Mountain Bike Committee has developed a category system that allows members to race at their skill
level regardless of age and gender. For more information on this, please see the “Ability-Based Categories” form.
We have also moved to an ability-based system for Road racing, however at the time of publication, the Road Committee
has yet to publish an updated informational document. Additional information will be published by mid-winter, but the
structure will be very similar to that followed in 2010, and as such, as that followed by the Mountain Bike Committee.
Riders in both disciplines are free to move between the categories as they see fit, however BNS expects its members to
demonstrate good and reasonable sportsmanship in making a decision to move down.

BMX Licenses
Currently BNS does not offer BMX events here in Nova Scotia. There is a BMX Park in the Moncton area in New
Brunswick. Contact VeloNB @ www.veloNB.nb.ca (Sheila Colboure) OR www.atlanticcyclingcentre.com (Luc Arseneau –
Events also take place in Quebec and Ontario. Inquires about BMX should be directed to our VP of BMX, Adam Berry:
w0022772@nscc.ca / 902-897-0095. Adam is currently working toward the construction of a BMX facility in NS.

Members under 15 will receive a Combined Membership (BMX, Road and MTB) for $28.00. Members under 17 will
receive a Combined membership (BMX, Road and MTB) for $55.00. This is done to encourage all our young members to
try out each of the cycling disciplines – and HAVE FUN! On Page 1, U15 circle $28.00; U17 circle $55.00.

All other BMX members are offered a BMX ONLY license for $75.00 – OR – a Combined License for the Combined cost
of a Road/MTB License + $15.00. For example – A 21 year old applies for a Combined (Road/MTB) license on Page 1
(circle $98.00). He/she then applies for a BMX license on Page 2. For a TOTAL $15.00 + $98.00 = $113.00. Enter
$113.00 in the empty box and circle.

For all competitive members you must include your Nationality. This forms part of your UCI Code (Nationality + your
date of birth). The Registrar will enter this code on your license.
                  2011 Membership Application
Section 1 – Personal Information

Last Name                                    First Name                                   Date of Birth     -   YYYY/MM/DD

Phone - Home                                 Phone - Work                                 Phone - Cell

Email address                                                              Gender         Nationality

Street address                                               City / Town                                           Postal Code

Club / Team            Independent members ignore
                             these two lines

Signature of Club / Team President

Section 2 – General (Recreational)
                                             General (Recreational) Members please ignore Section 3 (Licensed Members) and
   Circle             $25.00                 go to Section 4. Coaches, Commissaires and others applying for a technical license
                                             only, please go to Section 3 – Licensing Fees – General Members.

Section 3 – Licensed (competitive) Memberships

Applications for a license must be accompanied by proof of age (last years license or copy of birth cert., drivers license or other
ID that indicates age). Proof of age will not be returned.

Independent riders (who do not belong to a club or team affiliated with BNS) must add $10.00 to the license fee

          Licensing Fees (Circle One)                          Mountain Bike Skills (Ability Codes)                       BNS MTB
 Race          MTB          Road       Combined                    circle one in X-country and/or one in DH
License        Only         Only                                                                                             (circle
                                                               Cross Country              Down Hill                           one)
U13          All members under            $28.00
             17 will be given a                                        Novice                     Novice                       A
U15          combined     license         $28.00
             including BMX (see                                         Sport                     Sport                        B
U17          Page 2 for BMX lic).         $55.00
                                                                       Expert                     Expert                       C
Junior        $79.00       $79.00         $98.00
                                                                        Elite                      Elite                       F
U23           $79.00       $79.00         $98.00

Elite         $95.00       $95.00        $120.00                    Road Elite Ability Codes – circle one

Master        $95.00       $95.00        $120.00               Cat 5       Cat 4     Cat 3      Cat 2      Cat 1

General Member (Technical Lic).           $25.00

For MTB, where no skill level (ability code) is specified, a license will be issued at sport (beginner) skill level. For more info on
the BNS MTB Categories (A,B,C & F) contact the VP MTB. All new ROAD ELITE applicants above Category 4 (see Road Elite
Ability Codes) must be approved by the Road Committee. For FEMALE U23 ROAD, the UCI category will display Elite.

                                                           Page 1 of 4
    Section 3 continued – BMX and Technical Licenses

    BMX: Bicycle Nova Scotia does not currently offer BMX events, however we have welcomed Adam Berry aboard as the
    2011 VP of BMX for the 2011 season. Adam is currently working toward establishing a BMX facility in Nova Scotia, and
    can be contacted at w0022772@nscc.ca. Consistent with our other disciplines, we offer a UCI BMX license, which can
    be used for all out-of-province competition.

    Young riders wishing to enjoy BMX can do so with a Combined License covering BMX, Road and MTB – see Page 1

    BMX ONLY – Not Combined with Road and/or MTB                             For BMX only, circle               $75.00

    BMX Junior & Older – Combined with Road and/or                     $15.00 + amount circled on Page 1 =
    MTB – Add $15.00 to the amount circled on Page 1. See
    Page 5 (Instructions) for an example.                      Enter total amount here; your remittance
                                                               to BNS should be this amount

    Technical Licenses are provided at no additional charge with a General Membership OR a Racing License

    Please note – In order to Coach within the CCA/BNS framework you must have completed the appropriate level of the
    NCCP you are applying for. Commissaires at BNS/CCA/UCI sanctioned events must have complete instructional
    courses and be sufficiently qualified through experience for the level you are applying for.

    Coach            Road NCCP 1 2 3 4 5 (circle one)                 MTB NCCP 1 2 3 4 5 (circle one)

                     Road Nat / Prov A B C (circle one)               MTB Nat / Prov A B C (circle one)
                     Road UCI A B (circle one)                        MTB UCI A B (circle one)

    Manager, etc      (please specify)

Section 4 – Fair Play Code and Spectator Codes of Conduct

All BNS members are asked to please read the FAIR PLAY and SPECTATOR CODES of CONDUCT. On
page 4 you will be asked to sign that you understand and agree with these two initiatives.

RESPECT at all times for participants, coaches, instructors, officials, teammates, spectators, opponents, administrators and

SPORTSMANSHIP prior to, during and following the activity, demonstrating modesty in victory and composure in defeat.

KNOWLEDGE of all rules, whether, written or unwritten, and following the spirit of the rules.

ACCESS for all to participate regardless of age, gender, race or skill level.

PARTICIPATION in a manner that demonstrates more than just the desire to win; having fun, making friends, improving skills
and performing your personal best must be just as important when participating.

I recognize, value and affirm the inherent dignity and the equal rights of all members of the human family. An individual’s
conduct must be bound by the law, respect for property and by the rights of others to enjoy the sport.


I recognize that participants play sport for their own enjoyment as well as that of spectators. I will respect the official’s decisions
and encourage others to do the same. I will not participate in violence, racism, sexism or any other unacceptable behavior.

                                                       Page 2 of 4
Section 5 – 2011 Waiver, Release and Indemnity

2011 Waiver, Release and Indemnity
I understand and agree that my participation in events, programs, races or activities organized, operated, conducted
and/or sanctioned by the Canadian Cycling Association and/or Provincial Associations and Various CCA Clubs and
Members registered with the CCA is conditional upon my execution of this document.

    1. I am aware that cycling, and in particular competitive cycling, endurance and BMX racing, involves the
       possibility of injury and death.

    2. I accept these risks, and all others arising from these events and programs, even if arising from the
       negligence, gross negligence or negligent rescue by those associated in any way with the Canadian Cycling
       Association events and programs I may be involved in, the venues at which these events and programs
       takes place or by those organizing, officiating, or participating in, or sponsoring these events and programs
       throughout the year, including their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, volunteers and
       representatives (the “Releasees”).

    3. I understand that all applicable rules for participation must be followed and that the SOLE
       emotional preparation and fitness to participate in all events and programs throughout the year.

    4. I undertake and agree to remove myself from participation if I sense or observe any unusual hazard(s) or
       unsafe condition(s), or if, at any time, at any event or program, I feel unable or unfit to safely continue for
       any reason.

    5. I give, a FULL RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ALL CLAIMS that I have, or may have in the
       future, against the Canadian Cycling Association, and all other Releasees from all liability for any loss
       damage, injury or expense that I may suffer as a result of my participation in any part or parts of the events
       or programs or my presence at any venue at which they may take place, due to any cause whatsoever
       including the forms of negligence set forth in paragraph 2 above or from any breach of contract or statutory
       duty or other duty of care including any duty of care owed under the relevant Occupier’s Liability Act, on the
       part of the Releasees.

    6. I AGREE NOT TO SUE and I further agree TO INDEMNIFY AND SAVE HARMLESS the Releasees from
       all expenses, liability or damage award or cost of ant type whatsoever arising from my participation in these
       am aware that by signing this agreement I am waiving substantial legal rights (on my behalf and on behalf
       of my heirs, executors, administrators and next of kin), including the giving up of my right to sue.

NAME (please print) ___________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE ____________________________________ DATE ______________________


Section 6 – Parental Consent        For members 18 and under a parent or guardian must sign.
I have read and understand the above waiver, release and indemnity, and have discussed the same with the minor
person signing above. I am satisfied the said minor understands the waiver and release and his/her obligations as
set out. In consideration of the participation of my minor child/ward I too agree to waive, release and indemnify the
Releasees in the terms set out above. I am aware that by signing this agreement I am waiving substantial legal
rights, which my minor/ward and I, our respective heirs, executors, administrators and next of kin may have against
the Releasees.

SIGNATURE __________________________________ DATE _______________________

                                                    Page 3 of 4
Section 7 – Declaration
(Applies only to Competitive Members – General Members please go to section 8)

    1. I hereby declare that I am aware of no reason why I should not be issued with the license / membership
    2. I declare that I have not applied for a license for the same year to the UCI or to any other National
    3. I assume exclusive liability for this application and for the use that the UCI shall make of the license.
    4. I hereby undertake to respect the Constitution and Regulations of the International Cycling Union, it’s
       Continental Confederations and it’s National Federations.
    5. I shall participate in cycling competitions or events in a fair and sporting manner. I shall submit to
       disciplinary measures taken against me and shall take any appeals and litigation before the authorities
       provided for in The Regulations. With that reservation, I shall submit any litigation with the UCI exclusively
       to the tribunals at UCI headquarters.
    6. Should I participate in a cycling race where a drug test is conducted under the UCI Drug Test Regulations
       and the CCES regulations, I agree to submit to a drug test.
    7. I agree that the results of the analysis may be made public and communicated in detail to my club / team /
       trade team or to my paramedical assistant or doctor.
    8. I undertake to submit any protests concerning drug abuse to the “Court of Arbitration for Sport” (CAS)
       whose decision I shall accept as final.
    9. I accept that all urine samples taken shall become property of the UCI, which may have them analyzed
       especially for the purposes of health protection research and information.
    10. I agree that my doctor or the doctor of my club, team or trade team may, on request from the UCI or the
        CCES, communicate to them a list of any medicines I took and any treatment I underwent before any given
    11. I accept the conditions regarding blood testing and accept to undergo blood test.

Section 8 – Agreements and Signatures

General (Recreational) Members – My signature below indicates that I HAVE READ and UNDERSTAND the FAIR
PLAY and SPECTATOR CODES of CONDUCT and that I am applying for BNS general membership.

Licensed Members – My signature below indicates that I HAVE READ and UNDERSTAND the FAIR PLAY and
licensed membership. Be sure to include proof of age – last years license, copy of birth cert, drivers license or any
legal showing your age. Copies will not be returned.

NAME (please print) ___________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE ____________________________________ DATE ______________________
 Please mail all four (4) pages correctly signed
 along with a cheque or money order to:

 Bicycle Nova Scotia
 5516 Spring Garden Road, 4th Floor
 B3J 1G6

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Facilitating competitive, fun racing amongst
similarly-skilled riders in a simpler format.

From Randy Gray

Here is an explanation on BNS MTB categories A, B, C and F.
If you need further clarification please contact members of the MTB committee or the VP MTB, Jon Burgess, at
bns.mtb@gmail.com or 902-221-4109.

a) What category do I race in?

That depends on how fast you are. The categories are skill (or ability) based, not age or gender based. Think of "A" as the
fastest category going the farthest distance. Your top elite racers would fall into this category, but that doesn't mean you can't
give it a try. If you can ride your bike for 2+ hours at a fast pace, this is the category for you. The "B" category is the "Best bang
for your buck" group. Expect anyone from your 45-60 year old dad to some young buck who just turned 16 in this category.
There are probably going to be some fast women racing in this group as well (but that doesn't mean that you won't see any
racing in "A" at some point) and yes, you're racing against them for position, don't think you're not. The "C" group is like a
beginner group or for people that have been riding for a while, but aren't sure about racing, yet. It's also good for people who
want to race but don't want to do it for more than an hour or so. Finally, "F" is the women only category. Women are encouraged
to race A, B, or C but the "F" group has been set-aside for women who want to race against women only. The U15 and U13 men
and women groups still exist but kids in that fall into those categories who are capable of racing in A, B, or C are encouraged to
do so.

b) What category do I register for when getting my race license?

Register for whatever age/category is appropriate for your age and skill level. The A, B, C, and F categories are for Nova Scotia
events only. When you race out of province you will be required to race in the category indicated on your BNS/CCA license.

c) Do my points transfer from category to category?

No, points earned in one category stay in that category. You can move up, down, around. It’s up to you. The BNS the mountain
bike committee does not have a policy on upgrading/downgrading.

d) How will the series points totals be calculated?

The end of year banquet will award prizes to the top men and women of A, B, C, and F. This is the only time that the genders will
be split in each category. During the season individual races will award prizes/recognition to the top A, B, C, U15M/W, U13M/W,
and F finishers. At the end of the season the top Male and Females from A, B, C, U15M/W, U13M/W and F will be recognized.
Points awarded per race will not change. I.e., if you received 93.4pts at an event and finished behind a woman, you still get
93.4pts As well, if you are a woman and received 93.4pts and were the first woman you do not get 100pts, you get 93.4pts.
Believe me, it all makes sense. BNS will keep track of the genders separately through the season but individual events are
combined. This is similar to the policy that BNS has on people who race with One-Event Memberships.

e) Will men and women be eligible for equal prize money?

In the event that race organizers give out cash prizes, there must be equal money given to the women's "F" category. Women
who race in A, B, or C are eligible for prize money if they podium at an event. E.g.: if a woman finishes 2nd in A, she is eligible
for 2nd place prize money, however, the first woman to cross the line is not eligible for 'first place prize money' if she finishes 4th,
5th or whatever out of the entire field. BNS does not mandate what prizes, if any, are awarded. "F" does not necessarily contain
the fastest women at an event, but as it is the "women's category," Sport Nova Scotia requires fair treatment between men and
women at cycling events. Men and women are encouraged to race at the level befitting their abilities.

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