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Start Renting Media Kit by hermanrose24


									                  Apartment Listings
   Reach 7,600 Renters over two weeks for just...

                   1 Listing             2-4 Listings             5+ Listings
                     $81                           $79                 $77
                   Frequency and volume discounts are available!
    Please contact an account executive at 888-787-RENT for more information.

You can’t beat the value!
What would you pay to fill your vacant rental unit faster? Dollar for dollar, Start Renting is the
most cost-efficient way to reach and pre-qualify renters looking for their new apartment home.

                                                                         1 Full Color Photo
                         2                                               2 Location
                                    3                                    3 Size
              1                                                          4 Price
                                           6               7             5 Style, Baths, Square Footage
                                                                         6 Included in Rent
                                                                         7 Available Amenities
                                                                         8 Phone Numbers
                                                                         9 Description

After reviewing the costs of all our print and web advertising options, you’ll be convinced of the
power of Start Renting. Whether you own 1 unit or 1000, high monthly rent or low, if we fill just
one vacancy for you, we’ve given you a positive return on your advertising investment.
Call today to fill your vacancy FASTER!

   “In all of my years in business I have tried various forms of advertising. I
   recently tried Start Renting for the first time. I can say that I have never
   received better results; and higher quality than the traffic that I received from
   Start Renting. It is now my first choice for any vacancy.”

                                                      -Sara Bernier. Thiensville, Wisconsin
             Color Display Advertising
Full-Color Glossy Advertising
One way to enhance your property’s presence in Start Renting to feature all it’s attributes in our full-
color glossy ad sections in the front and back of each magazine. You get more space to show off
your property and give readers a true sense of the style and atmosphere of your property through
bright and vivid photos and custom ad design.

                    Full Page Ad                    Half Page Ad                    Cover
 4-Issues               $675                            $375
 8-Issues               $625                            $350
12-Issues               $600                            $325                      $800/Issue
26-Issues               $550                            $275
                                             All rates are per ad, per issue.

Full-Color Display Advertising
Another way to enhance your property in Start Renting is by using our Full-Color Display Advertising
option. While the ads are printed on the interior newspaper stock rather than glossy paper, the
advantage you get is the ability to place your display ad in the specific section your property is
located in, rather than the front or back of the book. You get all the benefits of more space and
design options on top of placing your ad in the location you choose.

                    Full Page Ad                    Half Page Ad                Quarter Page Ad
    Open                $475                            $275                         $175
 4-Issues               $450                            $250                         $150
 8-Issues               $425                            $225                         $125
12-Issues               $400                            $200                         $100
26-Issues               $375                            $175                          $75
                                             All rates are per ad, per issue.
                                                       How should any potential advertiser determine which advertising
                                                       resource meets their needs? Audience!

                                                       Some advertising companies will try and convince you that the
                                                       most important aspect of advertising is the number of people
                                                       who hear or see your message. That’s old-school thinking!
                                                       Today, it’s about how many of the RIGHT people hear or see your
                                                       message. For example, if 10,000 people pick up a newspaper, how
                                                       many are actually looking for an apartment? Maybe 200? Does it
                                                       make sense to pay for all 10,000 when you really only care about
                                                       the 200 who are looking for an apartment? We don’t think so!

HIGH–VISIBILITY                                        With Start Renting, the only people picking up our magazine are
                                                       renters looking for a new apartment home. And in the Greater
INDOOR RACKS                                           Madison area 7,600 people pick-up our magazine every two
Renters find Start Renting                             weeks from almost 600 locations all over the area. That’s over
in Indoor Racks at high traffic                        15,000 renters per month! You can’t target your advertising dollar
locations, including:
                                                       more effectively than with Start Renting!
v Grocery & Convenience Stores
v Bars & Restaurants
v College Campuses
v Shopping Centers
                                                                 More Locations
                                                                mean more renters
                                                                 see your listing!
                   Portage                    Fox Lake

     Sauk City


                                                                                CUSTOM OUTDOOR
     Mount Horeb
                                                                                Renters find Start Renting Outdoor
                        Evansville                                              Boxes at:
                                                                                v Curbside at Bus Stops
                                                                Lake Geneva
                                                                                v Major Intersections
                                                                                v Strategic high foot-traffic locations
Show your rental vacancy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With, renters use convenient drop-down menus to target apartment homes they are
interested in. focuses on the three most important features of your apartment listing:
location, size and price. After narrowing their search by these
features, renters can quickly and easily compare multiple listings
that meet their search criteria at the same time. Every listing
in the bi-weekly Start Renting Magazine INCLUDES a listing on

Give your property additional exposure to thousands of web
viewers by adding an Online Brochure, Virtual Tour, Featured
Property or additional links to your online listing.

                                       Online Brochure

                                       Tantalize web-savvy renters with more information about your
                                       property with an Online Brochure. Add some sizzle to your
                                       listing with up to nine photos, a more in-depth description,
                                       maps to your property and floorplans when you upgrade to an
                                       Online Brochure.

                                       Virtual Tour

                                       Want to generate even more excitement about your Online
                                       Brochure? Just add a virtual tour for a few pennies per day to
                                       really add some pop to your property.

     “Thanks to Start Renting, I rented my place. I had calls from Ohio and
     Minneapolis from your web site: What a great source!”

                                                      -Chad Kriewaldt. Appleton, Wisconsin

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