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					                       ”Make It Our Own” Video Contest Rules

   We will not accept any inappropriate videos.
   All videos will be due Friday, February 26, 2010 by 4pm.
   Videos can only be a maximum of 3 minutes.
   Videos can be submitted online to, or the file in any major format on
    flash drive, CD, or DVD can be delivered to Mr. Dietz’s (D240).
   Videos can be submitted by individuals, groups of four, or by organization (example STUCCO,
    MOD, Cheerleaders, Sapphires, etc...).
   Videos should reflect positive things going on around our campus (proper dress code, hallway
    behavior, classroom behavior, good study habits, etc…). Extra consideration will be given to
    content including reference to Cunningham Middle School and Wildcats.
   If you do not have access to a camera and you need a cameraman, we will have one available.
    However, you must have practiced your skit and be ready to record when you schedule your
    appointment with Mr. Days (D232) or Mr. Merrell (D140).
   Make sure your video is clearly visible and the audio (sound) is clear and audible.
   The contest judges will select the top three videos during the first week of March. The student
    body will vote for the finalist.
   The winning video will receive various prizes and will be featured on the school’s web page.

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