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					Best Buy Gift Card
I don't think I have to explain what a Best Buy
gift card is, but I will anyway. Best Buy is an
electronics and high-tech goods store. I've tried
to do some research on this one, but I have been
unable to figure out why the price is so high. It
must have been Best Buy bidding up their own
keywords. Perhaps a shady competitor was
involved. I have no idea. All I know is it
probably won't stay that high. An electronics
website can be very profitible, but I certainly
would not center around Best Buy gift cards. I
would expect the payoff for this type of click to
be under $.20.

This page of Best Buy Gift Card information is
intended to show you why it is a high paying
keyword, so you might be able to understand what
you'll need to know to make a website centered
around it. Other sites just give you a list, I am
just trying to explain why each keyword is on
those lists. I do not claim to be a Best Buy Gift
Card expert, and I encourage you to do your own
research. The price for each keyword comes from a
variety of high paying keyword lists, and I do
not guarantee it is accurate at the time of your
visit. It is the average price paid to get that
keyword listed in the advertisers results. It is
not the price that adsense pays per click. That
price fluctuates and is against their terms to

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