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									              B A C K          T O       S C H O O L           E D I T I O N

                                   CMS  Craig Middle School

                                                         First Day of School
                                                          August 30, 2010

   Back to School 2010!
Please join us at CMS for Back to School Night on         Activity/Athletic Fees for CMS
Thursday, August 26, 2010 from 4 PM – 6 PM.                        2010 - 2011
Families can tour the campus and students will meet
their teachers and receive class schedules, locker    Textbook fees             $30.00
assignments and all of the forms that are necessary   PE Shirt                  $16.00
to start the school year. You will also have the      Extended Studies          $5.00 - $30.00
opportunity to pay fees and prepay for lunches.
Parents: you may park in either the North or South    All Sports                  $40.00 per sport
parking lots for this event.                          Family Maximum             $140.00 (CMS only)
                                                      Students Eligible for Free
                                                        and Reduced lunch         $15.00 per sport
Parent Portal                                         Family Maximum              $55.00 (CMS only)

Do you want to have access to your student’s grades   Lunch                     $2.50 per day
from home on your computer? It’s a great way to       Breakfast                 $1.25 per day
keep up with how your student is doing in school      Extra Milk                $0.50 each
and it’s takes just minutes to sign up!

To sign up for the Parent Portal you can come in to
the CMS Office beginning August 16 from 8:00 AM             6th Grade ONLY!
to 3:00 PM Monday – Friday. Please bring a photo        There will be a “Welcome
ID along.                                              to CMS” Scavenger Hunt at
                                                         Craig Middle School on
The Portal contains valuable student information         Tuesday, August 24 from
including the Electronic Gradebook, which monitors         1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.
attendance and academic progress in each class.           Come and check it out!
Come in now to avoid the rush!

     If you would like to receive the Daily Announcements from CMS, please send an
             email to asking to be added to the list.
 CRAIG MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                                 AUGUST 2010

                                    Some Important Information You
                                           Need to Know
                                 Student                        Cell Phones and Electronics
                                 Messages                       All Cell phones and other electronic devices are to be
                                                                turned off at the beginning of the school day and stored
  Unless it is an emergency, the Main Office will not
                                                                in your lockers until the end of the school day. Should
  deliver messages to students during class time. We
                                                                a student need to contact their parent, they may use the
  will make every effort to deliver messages during
                                                                student phone located in the Main Office. Students
  lunch times.
                                                                should not be using instructional time for personal
  After 2:30 PM (1:30 PM on Fridays) we cannot                  calls.
  guarantee that your child will get any messages that          CMS and MCSD are not responsible for the loss of
  you may leave.                                                personal items such as cell phones, ipods, etc. Should a
  Do NOT depend on your child’s cell phone to get               student lose an electronic device, CMS will put them in
  messages to them as all cell phones will be in student        contact with the School Resource Officer.
  lockers during the day.                                       Student Phone: Students are to use the phone located
  Ideally all messages should be left with the Main             in the Main Office during non-instructional time only.
  Office no later than your students’ lunch time.
                                                               Mark You Calendar!
Dress Code                                                     Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) for
As you shop for new school clothes please be                   CMS meets monthly from October to
aware of and follow all dress code rules. The                  May on the second Monday of the
CMS Planner states that prohibited items                       month. Meetings are held in the CMS
include, but are not limited to:                               Library at 6:30 PM and last
     Shorts and skirts shorter than mid-thigh,                approximately one hour.
         or with slits that extend higher than mid-            These meetings are a great way to find
                                                               out was is happening in your child’s
       Clothing that does not cover the entire
                                                               school and to make your voice heard.
        torso – such as midriff baring tops,
        halter-tops, spaghetti straps, open-
        backed garments, shirts with cutaway               As many of you know, the District’s phone system
                                                           is not compatible with Caller ID. When anyone
        sides or with plunging necklines, or see-          calls from any of our school district facilities, your
        through garments                                   Caller ID will read “Unknown Caller”. If you
       Tank tops with straps less than 2 inches
                                                           typically screen your calls, please be aware that
         wide                                              during school hours we may be trying to reach you.
        Pants, shorts, and skirts not worn above
         the hips                                          Moffat County High School and Craig Middle
      Clothing that exposes any                           School also use a calling system (Alert Now) to
Please note that if you violate the                        alert you when your student is not in school and we
dress code you will be asked to                            have not heard from you. We will also be using this
change your attire. If you do not                          system to deliver pre-recorded announcements from
have a change of clothes                                   time to time. Most messages will be less than 50
something will be provided for                             seconds and will contain information pertinent to
you or you may be required to
call home.                                                 your student. We promise – no sales calls.
Dress code is in effect for ALL
school activities such as field
trips, dances, etc.                                        2
  CRAIG MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                 AUGUST 2010

                    A Note from the Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Welcome Back! I look forward to having the opportunity to work with your child this school
year! My doors are always open for both students and parents, so please stop by any time if you
have questions or concerns. I value the opportunity I have each day to work with students and
I am looking forward to meeting and working with you and your child!
                                            Jill Hafey
                                       Assistant Principal
                                      Craig Middle School

                                                Athletics News
                                          If you had a Sports Physical done over the summer,
                                          please make sure to get the completed physical form
 Please Note: Student athletes
                                          turned in to the CMS Office as soon as possible.
 cannot start practice or check
 out sports equipment until they
 have a physical and proof of
 insurance on file at the school.       Unfortunately our Cross Country team for CMS has been
 If you have any questions,             cancelled for this year due to the fact that there are simply no
 please contact the CMS Office          other teams in our area to compete against. There may be some
 at 824-3289.                           opportunities available through Extended Studies classes for
                                        students who are interested in the sport.

 Volleyball practice For both 7th and
 8th graders begins Monday, August           Football equipment check out for both 7th and 8th
                                             graders will be Monday, August 23 at 8:00 AM.
 23 at 8:00 AM IN
 THE CMS GYM.                               Practice will immediately follow equipment
 Players will receive                       checkout. Players will receive the Coach’s
 the Coach’s                                Expectations, game schedule and practice
 Expectations, game                         schedule at that time.
 schedules and practice
 schedule at that time.
  Cheerleading – There will be an informational meeting for all girls interested in cheerleading and

  their parents on Tuesday, August 24 at 5 PM in the CMS Library. If you cannot make it
  to the meeting but are interested in joining please call Kerry at 826-6359.

 CRAIG MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                                                AUGUST 2010

School Lunch Program –                                                    Bookkeeper Notes
Free and reduced lunch applications will be sent home with all Back to School Night. Please take the time to fill                     Checks WILL NOT be cashed for
out the application. If you feel you may not qualify for free                       students. Any check brought in must be
and reduced status, but are having difficulties providing meals                     made out to CMS for the exact amount.
for your student, please call Food Service to see if there is                      Ideally lunch money will be separate from
another option for your household. Students come to school to                       other fees. In the event that you write one
learn. We see some children distracted from this prime
                                                                                    check for lunch and any other fee, the
objective because they are uncertain of their meal status.
Applications may be sent in at any time during the school year
                                                                                    portion allotted for lunch will be given
if your situation changes.                                                          directly to Food Service from the
                                                                                    bookkeeper and will not be given to the
Sixth through 12th grade students will be allowed only two                          student.
meal charges. NO SNACK BAR ITEMS MAY BE                                            Textbook fees are mandatory. Payment of
CHARGED. To avoid misunderstandings, checks made out to                             the textbook fee will allow students free
Food Service will be applied to Food                                                admission into school sponsored athletic
Service only. No cash will be returned                                              events in grades 6-12 excluding
to the student. The Snack Bar at CMS is                                             tournaments.
“cash only” and Food Service cannot be
responsible for monitoring your child’s                                            Students eligible for free and reduced
spending. You must communicate to                                                   lunch under federal guidelines may request
your student the limits they have on                                                an information release from the Food
snacks.                                                                             Service Dept. which must be given to the
                                                                                    building principal for consideration of
                                                                                    waiving of school fees.

  Check out the Moffat County School District’s website. There you will find information on every facet of our district. You can view the
   individual sites for each school, view the calendar of events, sports schedules, access teacher pages, and get the school lunch menu.
                                     Spend a little time to see what great things are going on at school.

Student Absences~
Please call us so we don’t call you – Any time a student is absent from school we ask that the student’s
parent or guardian call the school (824-3289) by 8:00 AM on the day of the absence. CMS has 24-hour
voicemail to handle after hours calls. The school will attempt to contact the parent during the day if no
call is received.

Upon returning to school, the student must bring a written note from his/her parent to the office
first thing in the morning. (This procedure is required even if a phone call has been made.) If no parent
contact is received, the absence will be categorized as “unexcused” until hearing from a parent.
As the student goes from class to class throughout the day after an absence, he/she is responsible for
obtaining make-up work for each class and writing it in their Bulldog Planner. Generally, students have
two days for each day of absence to make up missed assignments during his/her absence.

Blue passes may be obtained for students who need to leave the campus during the day. Please send a
note in advance for your student to bring to the office before school. Students will bring the blue pass
to the office upon returning to CMS.

Students in Athletics must get the Athletic Director’s approval to practice or compete in any events if
they have been absent from school for any part of the school day.

 CRAIG MIDDLE SCHOOL                                                                  AUGUST 2010

                                         Important Dates
   19       CMS New student registration                                             9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
   23       Fall sports equipment checkout                                                      8:00 AM
   23       Fall sports practice begins                                                         8:00 AM
   24       CMS 6th grade Scavenger Hunt                                              1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
   24       Cheerleading Parent Meeting              CMS Library                                5:00 PM
   26       CMS Back-to-School Night                                                  4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
   26       MCSD Board of Education                  Yampa Bldg Boardroom                       6:30 PM
   30       First day of school for students                                                    8:00 AM

    4       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Rangely - Away                            9:00 AM
    6       Labor Day - No classes
    9       Football 7 & 8                           Rawlins - Home                            5:00 PM
   10       School Picture Day
   10       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Baggs - Away                                5:00 PM
   11       Football 7 & 8                           Steamboat - Home                            9:00 AM
   11       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Steamboat - Home                            9:00 AM
   14       Football 7 & 8                           Hayden - Away                               4:30 PM
   14       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Hayden - Away                               4:30 PM
   15       After School Detention                   TBD                                  3:45 - 4:45 PM
   17       CMS Back to School Dance                 CMS Cafeteria                    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
   18       Football 7 & 8                           Meeker - Away                               9:00 AM
   18       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Meeker - Away                               9:00 AM
   21       Football 7 & 8                           SoRoCo - Home                               5:00 PM
   21       Volleyball 7 & 8                         SoRoCo - Home                               5:00 PM
   22       After School Detention                   TBD                                  3:45 - 4:45 PM
   25       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Rangely - Home                              9:00 AM
   26       MCSD Board of Education                  Yampa Bldg Boardroom                        6:30 PM
   29       After School Detention                   TBD                                  3:45 - 4:45 PM

    1       Early Release - Homecoming                                                             Noon
    6       After School Detention                   TBD                                 3:45 - 4:45 PM
    7       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Baggs - Home                               5:00 PM
    9       Football 7 & 8                           Steamboat - Away                           9:00 AM
    9       Volleyball 7 & 8                         Steamboat - Away                           9:00 AM
   11       CMS Parent Advisory Committee            CMS Library                                6:30 PM
   14       After School Detention                   TBD                                 3:45 - 4:45 PM
   15       Fall Break - No School
   16       Volleyball 7 & 8                         District Tournament in Meeker             9:00 AM
   18       District In-Service - No students
   20       After School Detention                   TBD                                  3:45 - 4:45 PM
   21       Parent/Teacher Conferences                                                4:15 PM - 7:15 PM
   22       School Picture Retake Day
   23       Boys Basketball 7 & 8                    Steamboat - Away                            9:00 AM
   26       Boys Basketball 7 & 8                    Meeker - Away                               4:30 PM
   27       After School Detention                   TBD                                  3:45 - 4:45 PM
   28       MCSD Board of Education                  Yampa Bldg Boardroom                        6:30 PM
   28       Parent/Teacher Conferences                                                4:15 PM - 7:15 PM
   30       Boys Basketball 7 & 8                    Hayden - Home                               9:00 AM

                                                                                          Presort Std

 Craig Middle School                                                                 Nonprofit Organization
       915 Yampa Ave
                                                                                       PERMIT #48
       Craig, CO 81625
                                                                                      CRAIG, COLO.

The Compliance Officer for Title IX is: Dr. Joe Petrone, Superintendant 824-3268
The Compliance Officer for Section 504 is: Ms. Renae Dove, Director of Student Services 826-4249
775 Yampa Avenue, Craig, CO 81625

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