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									                                 VOLUME 32, NUMBER 5 • MAY, 2006

                                Blue Water Sportfishing
                                Association Newsletter

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                   2006 Blue Water Classic Tournament
                                        22nd Annual Classic

  The Blue Water Classic is a salmon and trout fishing     each day a total of 12 fish of which only 9 can be of
tournament that takes place on lower Lake Huron. The       the same species. Lower Lake Huron is becoming a
Blue Water Classic headquarters are located in Port        world class lake trout fishery. Charter boat catch rates
Huron, MI. The tournament is held annually every           on lower Lake Huron are now exceeding the Lake
May. This year’s event will be held May 19-21 and          Superior charter boat catch rates. Lower Lake Huron
will mark the 22nd consecutive year of the contest.        is producing more lake trout than hot spots like
Currently, anglers can choose to fish any of three ports   Stannard Rock. Chinooks, steelheads, and cohos are
(Port Huron, Lexington, and Port Sanilac) to fish out      scattered all over the surface of Lake Huron from Port
of. The Blue Water Classic is well known throughout        Huron on up and are still available for anglers to
the Great Lakes salmon fishing community as being a        target. This format makes for a very competitive tour-
premier salmon tournament.                                 nament. Just putting two consistent days of fishing
  The 2006 tournament will have most of the same           together, and you would have found yourself in the top
prizes, boundaries, and rules as last year. Prizes are     10. For example, Capt. Jay Korneffel of ‘Ivanhoe’
still a bit up in the air until we can confirm with our    weighed 18 lake trout for a total of 99.36 lbs and took
generous sponsors. $10,000 will be the guaranteed          home 5th place.
first place prize. We are also adding to the event.          If this tournament interests you, be sure to check out
Captains can enter their boats to fish in brand new Big    our ad in this publication and the tournament's website
King Jackpots and a Calcutta (look for explanations in     at for the latest informa-
this newsletter). Boats again will be allowed to weigh     tion.
 Page 2, May, 2006

                               Blue Water Classic 2005 Winner
   A Message from the Reigning Champ of the Blue Water                      I would tend the trout rods while Mark and Keith chipped away
Classic.                                                                 at the kings working the lead core and the dipsys and Chris kept
   Skip Braun and his crew on Circus Act proved that sheer               our speed and the crew on fish.
determination and a "plan B' is just the ticket to pull off a win in        Our south troll was non productive all day and when we came
the Classic. Skip has spent most of his life fishing the lakes.          to the end of our north troll at about 11:00 instead of turning
   He started out at 4 with his grandfather showing him how              and trolling south we picked up and ran to the bottom of our
great fishing can be. As a teenager he got the bug to be a first         run.When we sat back down around 11:15 we had 3 kings and 6
mate for a guy in Harrisville. Skip had a great mentor in that cap-      lakers. We knew we were doing well. Before we put rods back
tain and finally started to save for his first boat. Mark Merritt, who   down I looked at crew and said, "OK boys, let's rap it up."
is part of Skip's crew really helped Skip evolve into the type of           Within a half an hour we had another king and 2 more lakers.
captain he is today. His crew have fished together for many years.       Our last laker was smaller than we wanted but the way the boat
   Circus Act participates in other tournaments around the state         had been we didn't want to chance it. Sure enough on one of our
but they are partial to the Lake Huron shoreline.                        last rods that we were pulling up there was a laker trailing that
   Someday Skip would like to do charters, but for now he is con-        looked to be about a pound and a half bigger than our last.There
tent to fish with some very dear friends and take on all chal-           was nothing we could do.We had to release it.We just hoped it
lengers in the Classic.Who knows, they could repeat..                    wouldn't be the difference.
                                                                            We cruised towards Port Sanilac at a cool 22 knots taking it
   And now a word from Skip......                                        easy the whole way back, excited about what we had just done.
   It was time for the Blue Water Classic. My crew Keith, Mark,          We boxed out and in the harbor an hour early, then the waiting
Chris, and I had high hopes for this year after winning port prize       game began. Once every boat had made it in we heard on the
the previous year and taking biggest king.This was going to be our       docks that Rawhide had their 9 lakers but no kings,We knew we
6th year entering the Classic and although we've had 3 solid top         had a shot.
15 finishes we never cracked the top ten.                                   We weighed in with 65 lbs and had just over 121 for the tour-
   We thought this could be the year. We were a little worried           ney.We waited for Jason Fletcher and his Rawhide crew for what
going into the tournament because the boat's fuel tank was hav-          seemed like days.They needed about 48 pounds to beat us.With
ing problems which made the boat spudder in and out of speeds.           nine fish that was very possible. I knew it would be close.
   Saturday when it was time to go we were heading out to our            Rawhide was one of the last to show up. The wait had been
spot in 140 ft. of water 8 mi north of Sanilac where the day             unbearable.They opened Rawhides box. I looked at my crewman
before we had some nice fish going. By 9:00 we knew that our             Chris with the most nervous eyes I've ever had. Jason looked at
fish from Friday were gone, and were starting to get nervous. At         me right before they weighed the fish and said, "you guys got it."
this point we had one small king and an okay laker. Keith looked         That didn't make me feel any more confident. They put the fish
at me and said " You need to make a decision." I said "get 'em up,       on the scale and it came out to 47 some odd pounds. Jason shook
we're going to the cemetery." The boat this year was in better           my hand and said, "great job guys." We had done it by the
shape than ever before. It was actually organized for a change. On       slimmest of margins.We had won the Blue Water Classic. I would
the run up we hit a small wave and a big box of spoons went              like to thank the Blue Water Sportfishing Association for running
everywhere in the cuddy. Mark looked at the crew in a funny              a very high class tournament.
manner and said," this is the Circus Act I'm used to fishing on.
Now we can catch some fish." And we did. The bite was on for                                                                    Skip Braun
us as soon as we sat down.We filled the box with 8 more lakers
and probably kicked back 4 or 5 small ones. No more silvers for
the day, but considering how we started off, 55 lbs and 3rd place
wasn't bad for the first day.
   Sunday when the gun went off we knew right where we were
going, but knew we had some work to do if we were going to
catch Rawhides' 17 lb lead.We knew they would be tough to beat
considering they're one of the best boats in the tourney and have
tasted victory here before.The one thing that gave us hope was
the scarcity of the kings. It would be tough for any boat to catch
3 to 4 kings 2 days in a row. Our plan was to throw back any laker
under 5 lbs.That was the only way we figured we could catch up.
We were going for broke.
   We sat down a little north of the cemetery. Our driver Chris
went to our first mark and started putting us on fish. We threw
back our first three lakers but did manage to hit a king early. As
we started trolling north towards Harbor Beach the lakers
seemed to get more plentiful and bigger.
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               FROM YOUR EDITOR                                     A MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN
  Hello All,                                                          It has been my privilege this year to serve as the
                                                                   Chairman of the Blue Water Classic. It is my first time run-
   Spring 2006 is quickly becoming the spring of the coho.         ning a large tournament so the pressure is really on consid-
This is odd, as Lake Huron does not receive any plants of          ering I had Donna Bozyk’s shoes to fill. Donna ran a great
coho. When I asked the DNR about this, they believe that           tournament last year and we wanted to keep the level of
these fish are planted in the northern parts of Lake               professionalism high.
Michigan and then somehow are swimming there way here                 The fortunate thing for me is we have a great core group
in the winter, maybe in search of warmer water. And a lot          of volunteers in our organization. Without their efforts a
of these coho are full of smelt and minnows.                       tournament of this magnitude could not be possible. Hats
   Kings on the other hand are still hard to come by. We did       off to all of the workers this year. They are the real heroes
see Paul Zimmer take some nice 10 pound spring kings on            of this club, pulling out all the stops and committing a great
the press day for the Salmon Stakes. In the Salmon Stakes          deal of personal time and energy to assure that the tourna-
tournament, Jason Fletcher and his crew were able to find          ment comes off without too many glitches.
some decent king action as well.                                      With the fish counts down from years past we felt it was
   Most salmon anglers will be the first to say that the lake      important to make it an exciting tournament by adding a
seems to cycle. You get a few good years and then a few            few new surprises this year. The Calcutta and King Derby
bad years. Well with the reports that we are seeing so far         were inspired by our own Mike Rymar. We felt this would
this spring, I think we can safely say that 2006 is going to       be another incentive to fish the Classic and to give anglers
be better than 2004 or 2005. But we have a long ways               another avenue to win prizes. We added a large walleye cat-
to go.                                                             egory and are giving a special “gold” tag for the fish. Oh
   Anyways, I took over your BWSA Newsletter in the sum-           and $500.00 to boot. We are also giving cash prizes in many
mer of ’02. Every other month or so, I try to write an arti-       of our 1st place large fish categories.
cle on some fishing technique for the newsletter, but in the          We look forward to seeing you this year and hope that
May newsletter, I would like to thank all of the people that       your experience is as good or better than years past. Thank
help us put it together. When I first started out, we had a        you again from the Classic committee. We are available for
couple of bumps in the road. But we managed to put it              any help you need all weekend long. FISH ON!!!
all together.
   The first person I need to thank is Paul Baker. He is quick                                                     Sincerely,
to get me the standings of our club tournaments and images                                          Debby Packard, Chairman
of the events. It really helps a lot by having all that infor-
mation typed up and ready to go.
   Bob Roskey, Big Fish Chairman, always promptly got me
his standing when I had deadlines to meet, Thanks Bob.                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS
   I had a couple of people write articles for our newsletter         The names of people whose terms are up that were post-
since last May. Debbie Packard, Keith Hieber, Vic Ruehle,          ed in the last newsletter were incorrect!
Fred Witter, Dave Weed, Bob Lane, Donna Bozyk & Rob                   The 3-year term of several Board Members will be up in
Helzer. Thank you for your contributions to the newsletter.        June. If you wish to become a Board Member, you need to
If anyone is interested in writing a story, article, or fishing    contact any member of the Nomination Committee that is
tip for the newsletter, just drop me a line. You just need to      chaired by Bob Roskey. Board members that seek re-elec-
get it to me and we can get it printed. After all, this newslet-   tion should contact Bob as well. Current Board Members
ter is all of ours.                                                whose term expire this June:
   The last three people I would like to thank are Sandy and
Dave Weed, and Suelyn Uselton from Acorn Press. Dave                 Ron Angbrandt
and Sandy do most of the proofreading and find fillers when          Paula Hillman
I am short on material, and Suelyn does the layout for us
                                                                     Victor Ruehle
and is quick to turn out proofs. Thanks a ton.
   I would like to wish you all a great 2006 season.                 Mike Rymar
                                                                     Nominations are accepted up until the May General
                                                Tight Lines,       Membership Meeting. Ballots and voting will take place at
                                          Mike Rymar, Editor       the May General Membership Meeting.
 Page 4, May, 2006

                            Fishing Forever Banquet 2006
  Our 7th annual Fishing Forever Banquet was a
great success. The Crystal Gardens in Marysville
provided an elegant setting for our banquet and did
a wonderful job. The food was great, the cocktails
were cold, and the hall looked awesome, especially
with three full walls lined up with hundreds of
prizes. The Starlight Stage girls that we hired to
sell tickets did a fantastic job, selling almost
$6000.00 in tickets and helping with the live auc-
tion. They were a major role in making this banquet
the most successful of the previous ones!
  I think this was our best banquet ever and it was
due to all the hard work that our committee did
before and during the event. Brian Meredith and
Paul Zimmer took on the job of handling most of the
ticket sales. Tim Stephenson came up with a             200 Dreamweaver Spoons
Craftsman tool box filled full of tools and other
items like a floor jack and misc. items. This was the
second time for a prize of this nature and went over
real big thanks to Tim! Dave Bollman painted our
featured print “Harbor Patrol” featuring a king
salmon in front of the Ludington pier heads. Jim
Biewer was our master of ceremonies and as always
did a great job.
  I would like to say a very sincere thank you to
each and every one of you! We could not have made
this banquet such a success with out all of you!
  Thanks again and I hope to see all of you again
next year!

 Rob Helzer
 Fishing Forever Co-Chairman
                                                         200 Fishlander Spoons

               RP2 LeadCore Rod Package                   200 Stinger Spoons
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                                Fishing Forever Banquet 2006

                 Fishing Forever Committee                                           MagnaDyne Package

    A Calcutta is an additional tournament and entry that        only Saturday, only Sunday, both days, or none at all. 80% of
will be run during the Classic. The cost is $100 CASH. 80%       the entry will be paid back to the participants. A prize is
of the entry that is taken in will be paid back to the partic-   awarded for every 25th boat that enters (rounded up) in
ipants. Prizes are awarded for every 4th boat that enters.       that day. If 100 boats enter on Saturday, 4 prizes will be
If 100 boats enter into the Calcutta, there will be 25 prizes.   awarded. If 101 boats enter on Saturday, 5 prizes will be
Those are pretty good odds at taking home a prize. The           awarded. Odds are not as great as the Calcutta, but the
standings are determined by your total weight of your two-       prizes are much larger. The standings are determined by
day catch. The same rules and tournament committee that          your largest chinook for the day that you enter. The same
govern the Blue Water Classic will be used for the Calcutta.     rules and tournament committee that govern the Blue
                                                                 Water Classic will be used for the Daily Jackpots.
Example: payout for 63 boats entering into the Calcutta
Place         Prizes                                             Example: Saturday payout for 63 boats entering into the
1             $599.00                                            Saturday Big King Jackpot
2             $534.00                                            Place           Prizes
3             $501.00                                            1               $1,260.00
4             $468.00                                            2               $840.00
5             $434.00                                            3               $420.00
6             $401.00
7             $367.00                                               You may register at the Captain’s meeting on Friday night;
8             $334.00                                            it is optional. There will be a table set up at the Captain’s
9             $301.00                                            dinner taking registrations. There will also be live updates
10            $267.00                                            as to how many boats have entered, how many prizes will
11            $234.00                                            be awarded, and what the prizes are.
12            $200.00                                               At the weigh-in, there will be a board with standings of
13            $167.00                                            the top chinooks for that day. Calcutta standing will also be
14            $133.00                                            available. Prizes for both additional events will be present-
15            $100.00                                            ed at the Awards Presentation on Sunday.
                                                                    20% of the entry that will be received from this current-
  The Daily Big King Jackpots is a new big fish derby that       ly will be going into the BWSA general fund. It will be used
the BWSA will be running during the Blue Water Classic.          toward club projects (Hooked on Fishing, Library Program,
The entry will be $50 CASH for one day; or you may enter         Port Huron Fish Cleaning Station).
for both days at a cost $100 CASH. Participants may enter
 Page 6, May, 2006

                                   29TH ANNUAL SALMON STAKES
           Fish Tournament Winners
Super Skipper         31.5   lbs         Jason Fletcher
Coho                  3.10   lbs         Mark Goodeeris
Steelhead             3.85   lbs         Mike Rymar
Walleye               8.50   lbs         Erik Galliker
King                  10.5   lbs         Mark Goodeeris
Brown Trout          22.15   lbs         Paul Zimmer

                Raffle Prize Winners
Trip for 2 to Alaska                     George Carley Jr.
Weekend Stay at LeBear                   Kevin Haggstrom
1/2 Day Salmon Charter                   Mel Roskey
18 Holes of Golf                         John Majeske
                                                             Brown Trout Winner
Dinner for 4 at the Voyageur             Mark Merritt

                  King and Coho Winner                         Super Skipper

                      Walleye Winner                          Steelhead Winner
                                                                                      Page 7, May, 2006

                               29TH ANNUAL SALMON STAKES

                      BWSA Committee                            Children's Activity

                                  SALMON STAKES PRESS DAY
   Our Salmon Stakes press dinner was held Thursday April
13, 2006 at the Voyageur Restaurant in St. Clair. It was rep-
resented by 16 members of various forms of media, such as
Detroit radio's own Bob Bauer and Linda Lee as well as
newspapers like the Times Herald and Oakland Press. Also
in attendance were the tournament committee and the
boat captains and crews. We had a great dinner and
informed the guests of our tournament goals and achieve-
   The next morning 5 boats took all those who wanted to
fish out on the lake for a few hours of fishing. One went out
of Port Huron, 2 out of Lexington and 2 out of Port Sanilac.
Together they caught 22 keeper fish and threw back many            Donna Mae
lake trout. The boats that fished were as follows: Rawhide,
In the Red, King Kong, Model 'T', Donna Mae.
    The weigh in was held at the Voyageur at 1 pm and a
total of 81.3# of kings, coho, steelhead, and walleye were
weighed in.This year's winner of the members of the press
was Linda Lee with a 10.3# king. She was fishing on the
Donna Mae. And the press day Super Skipper was Paul
Zimmer of the Donna Mae with 9 silver fish and a total
weight of 41.8#. Congratulations to Linda and Paul for a
fine catch, and a big thanks to the tournament committee,
boat captains and crew, Edison Inn, the Voyageur and the
city of St. Clair.
                        Paul Baker, Salmon Stakes Chairperson
                                                                  Spring Kings
 Page 8, May, 2006

  Our first tournament of the year went off without too many      Big Fish        In The Red             Jeff Parker                 9.4 lb. King
problems. It was a bit foggy to start out, but compared to last
                                                                  Total Boats – 8         Total Anglers – 29
year's wind, rain, and snow it was an improvement. Fishing
                                                                  Total # of Fish Weighed-In – 9
had been good leading up to the event, but the bite was off
                                                                  Conditions – Foggy to Sunny
for some reason on this Saturday. Maybe it was the storms
that passed thru the evening prior, or the cold front that
moved in. A few of the boats managed a few fish. And the
highlight of the day was the great picnic that Terry Richert
and the Dorsey House put on for us again.
Unofficial Results:
Place         Boat            Captain/Angler        Weight
1st           In The Red      Jeff Parker           9.4 lbs.
2nd           Cuttin' Fool    Bob Roskey            8.8 lbs.
3rd           King Kong       Tim Cook              7.1 lbs.
4th           April Dawn      Mike Warshefski       6.1 lbs.
5th           Donna Mae       Paul Zimmer           3.7 lbs.

                                                                                            Second Place Winners

                       First Place Winners                                                           Steelhead

                                                     Insured                 Mark Pedersen
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                         Ken Wisson
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 Page 10, May, 2006

                                      2005 Blue Water Classic
   There is only one way that I could possibly describe the    The top prize for the 2005 Blue Water Classic was won by
Classic and that is WOW. We had such a great Tournament,       Capt. Skip Braun and the Circus Act crew of Keith
even with the low entries. It went off so smoothly that I am   Granthan, Chris Berent, and Mark Merrit. Skip took home
still shaking my head in disbelief. Desmond Marine, our        the $10,000 prize. Skip’s boat was also equipped with
new Tournament Headquarters this year, made us feel so         Cannon Downriggers, and Cannon gave him $1,000 for
welcome and were so good to us that it made for a great        winning the tournament. There were 108 boats that fished
weekend. The weather cooperated for the first time in five     out of Port Huron, Lexington, and Port Sanilac. Anglers
years. Where do I even begin to thank all of you that made     could not have asked for better weather with light winds
this Tournament such a success. I think the first person       and the waves never exceeding 2 ft.
would be my wonderful husband Jerry who supported me
100% and worked so hard for me. Of course I can’t forget       Top Ten
my children Bob and Anna Jury who worked side by side          Place    Boat             Captain/Angler      Weight
with me through all of this. I even had my daughter Debbie     1st      Circus Act       Skip Braun          121.68 lbs
and Jerry’s son Rich there. It was truly a family affair.      2nd      Rawhide          Jason Fletcher      120.60 lbs
   There are way too many of the wonderful volunteers from     3rd      Double Time      Doug Smith          116.78 lbs
B.W.S.A. to name each one of you. But you know you all         4th      Flippin Silver   Martin Bringard     109.28 lbs
have my deepest gratitude for the job you did. I will make     5th      Ivanhoe          Jay Korneffel        99.36 lbs
mention of a few. My awesome crew at the Captains              6th      Fishigan         Dave Rymar           95.22 lbs
Dinner, the patrol boats from Lexington and Port Sanilac       7th      Anticipation     Jeff Dawson          92.42 lbs
that did such a great job and even towed the stranded          8th      Fray’d Knot      Chris Sieman         91.40 lbs
Tournament boats that were broke down, my Port Captains,       9th      Big Tuna         Harvey Van Hoey      85.76 lbs
the crew at the weigh-in tent, Debbie, Karen, Bill and         10th     Donna Mae        Paul Zimmer          83.80 lbs
Paula, Jimmy, Rob, the Harts, the Roskeys and so many
more of you that just pitched in. My Classic Committee and     Super Sponsor Trophy won by Desmond Marine with a
we can’t forget Bob Lane and Bob Roskey, who after fish-       total wt. of 109.28.
ing all day came back in and in two days cleaned hundreds      Fishing for Desmond was Marty Bringard on Flippin Silver.
of fish so the D.N.R. could get some good samples and even
had them bagged up for the teams. That was awesome!            $500.00 Whaler prize won by Team # 26
   Special thanks to the observers that were at the harbors    Capt. Michael Duvernay on Chocolate Mess with a total
early in the morning to jump on the top ten boats.             wt. of 21.58.
   Thank you all for showing all those people that partici-    Michael is from Algonac.
pated what a wonderful club we have.
                                                      Donna    Port Prizes
                                 Your Tournament Chairman
                                                               Port Huron Saturday
                                                               $1000 Jeff Goan on Goan Fishing         32.12 lbs
                                                               $500 Troy Tank on Little Tanker         30.68 lbs
                                                               Port Huron Sunday
                                                               $1000 Bob Lane on C Dog                 55.08 lbs
                                                               $500 Paul Baker on No ID                47.52 lbs
                                                               Lexington Saturday
                                                               $1000 Terry Wortley on Looney Bin       53.88 lbs
                                                               $500 Eugene Spurgess on Hawkeye         25.10 lbs
                                                               Lexington Sunday
                                                               $1000 John Holms on Whose the Daddy Now 30.50 lbs
                                                               $500 Michael Butts on Double Butts      14.88 lbs
                                                               Port Sanilac Saturday
                                                               $1000 Jason Fletcher on Rawhide         73.38 lbs
                                                               $500 Jeff Dawson on Anticipation        65.24 lbs
                                                               Port Sanilac Sunday
                                                               $1000 Doug Smith on Double Time         70.06 lbs
                    First Prize Winners                        $500 Marty Bringard on Flippin Silver   66.54 lbs
                                                                                                     Page 11, May, 2006

                                      2005 Blue Water Classic
Big Fish Prizes                                              Big Fish Prizes
Coho Largest - Dennis Cipriano                               Chinook Largest - Dave Lowry
  3.82 lbs. $250.00 Cash-McDonalds                             9.44 lbs.Two Cannon Downriggers-Cannon
Coho 2nd Largest - Paul Lamm                                 Chinook 2nd Largest - Pete Alex
  2.80 lbs. Lead Core rod and reel-Anderson’s Pro Bait         8.98 lbs. Mercury Stainless Steel Prop-Jan’s Sport Shop

Lake Trout Largest - Barry Broekart                          Largest Fish in Tournament - Lake Trout -Jeff Dawson
  10.74 lbs. 200 Silverstreak Package-Wolverine Tackle         16.40 lbs. $1000.00 Gift Certificate-Big Jon
Lake Trout 2nd Largest - Russ Pilette
  10.08 lbs. Mercury Stainless Steel Prop-Jan’s Sport Shop

No Browns Weighed in

Steelhead Largest - Randy Dale
   6.38 lbs. 200 Raider Spoons-Red Hook Tackle
Steelhead 2nd Largest - Trevor Phipps
   6.24 lbs. Mercury Stainless Steel Prop-Jan’s Sport Shop
Steelhead 3rd Largest - Janing Butts
   5.74 lbs. Mercury Stainless Steel Prop-Jan’s Sport Shop

                                                                                Second Prize Winners

                   Third Prize Winners

                                                                                  Steelhead Winner

                      Whaler Winner                                                Super Sponsor
Page 12, May, 2006


      We develop and produce tournament-proven
      Bigwater    fishing     tackle      including
      Dreamweaver Spoons, Fuzzy Bear Spoons,
      Action Fly, Strong Fly, Spin Doctor, and
      much more. Dreamweaver products are stan-
      dard issue for Trout/Salmon fishermen
      everywhere. Professional fishermen swear
      by our products to deliver results.

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       4155 24th Ave.                                            700 Pointe Tremble Rd.
    Fort Gratiot, MI 48059                                         Algonac, MI 48001

                                                                Sponsor of a
                                                                 Large Fish!

                                                               Good Luck
                                                           Blue Water Classic
                             I'm lovin it

                                                        Markus & Jean Schulz Family
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LeBear’s 24/7 concierge pampers you with service - scheduling your massage at our spa, arranging your sunset din-
ing at Windows at LeBear, walking your dog, delivering your groceries, washing your car - tending to every detail
so all you have to do is play or relax.
Each residence features a kitchen with Viking® and Sub Zero® appliances, heated slate floors, jetted tub, private
terrace, all just steps away from indoor and outdoor heated pools and the waters of Sleeping Bear Bay.
Sugar sand beach, spectacular Lake Michigan sunsets, inspiring up north ambiance, comforts beyond compare.

                        Fractional and Whole Ownership Available • Models Open Daily
                                      (231) 334-2500 •

                      Insurance • Financial • Savings & Banking


 Allstate® Your Choice Auto Insurance—a whole new kind of car insurance

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                                  Neddermeyer, Bringard & Associates, P.C.

  Promotions                     (586) 323-7300
                                 (586) 323-7303 Fax
                                                                  6005 Nineteen Mile Road
                                                                 Sterling Heights, MI 48314

    & Events
                                               Open Sun-Sat 8 am to 10 pm

    Promotional Products
                                            g 44 years ~ 1962-2
               Embroidery             bratin                   00
                                  Cele                           6

           Screen Printing
               Team Wear
  Corporate/Logo Apparel
  Executive/Holiday Gifts

        (810) 385-9818 Office
             (810) 385-6052

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                                                          ADDITIONS                      NEW HOMES
           DUES INCREASE                                  GARAGES                     ROUGH CARPENTRY
                                                         POLE BARNS                        DECKS
  Effective July 1, 2006 the dues will
  increase to $30.00 per year. If you have
  paid $30.00 prior to July 1, 2006, your dues
  account will be credited for $5.00
  towards next year's dues.

 SEASONAL BOAT SLIPS AVAILABLE                                       LICENSED BUILDERS
       AT STATE HARBORS                                                DOUG NEWBERRY
  Several boat seasonal slips are available at three                    (810) 329-9497
state harbors along Lake Huron for the 2006 boat-
ing season. Slips are available at Hammond Bay,
                                                                      3040 Hickory Lane
Presque Isle and Port Austin harbors. Interested
                                                                    China, Michigan 48054
boaters should contact the harbors directly to make
arrangements to secure a seasonal slip opening.
  Three slips are available at Hammond Bay and                                 Mobile:
four slips are available at Presque Isle. Any size                         (810) 650-1088
boats can be accommodated. Contact the DNR
Cheboygan Field office at 231-627-9578 for more
info. Port Austin has an opening for a 30-foot slip.
Please contact Sleeper State Park at 989-856-4411
for additional information.
  The DNR Parks and Recreation Division manages
16 developed marinas along the Great Lakes with-
in the Harbors of Refuge program.
                   Great Lakes Sportfishing Council

                                                                                                 2525 Lapeer Rd.
       BEACH WALKING CASE                                     810-984-2994                     Port Huron, MI 48060

  The U.S. Supreme Court last week refused to con-
sider whether people have a right to stroll along pri-
vate property aligning Great Lakes beaches in                SAMS ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES, INC
Michigan. Justices left undisturbed a state                   Distributor of Imprinted Promotional Products
Supreme Court ruling last year that found beach               Business Gifts • Screen Printing

walking is a right.
  In its 5-2 ruling, Michigan's highest court said the
area between the water and the ordinary high                                Judi Reynolds
water mark on shore is accessible to all under the                                 Owner
common-law doctrine of natural resources as a pub-
lic trust. About 70 % of Michigan's 3,200 miles of
Great Lakes shoreline property is privately owned.         Office 810-984-2994                2525 Lapeer Rd.
                                                            Fax 810-984-5091                Port Huron, MI 48060
                    Great Lakes Sportfishing Council
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                Quality Meat & Produce • We now have Citgo Gasoline
                     Hours: 6 am- 9 pm 7 Days • Easy Access
                               Jeff Durecka, Owner

       2021 Sixteenth Street                             WHOLESALE BEER
       Port Huron, MI 48060                                SOFT DRINKS
           810/987-7575                                  JUICE PRODUCTS
        810/987-4990 Fax
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                                ROOFING &

133 Runnels St.
Port Huron, MI 48060
PHONE (810) 966-6991
      2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 Master Contractor Quality Award Winner
                               Member BWSA

                                             Albert R. Grimson, ABA
                                                  Judy Grimson

        1508 Military Street
       Port Huron, MI 48060                ACCREDITED BUSINESS ACCOUNTANTS

       Fax 810-985-6128
                                                409 Cass Avenue
       Buy • Sell • Trade                    Mount Clemens, MI 48043
     Import/Export Service
                                               PHONE (586) 469-4906
          For All Your                          FAX (586) 469-1126
   Hunting & Reloading Needs
Page 18, May, 2006

                              3482 Lapeer Road
                              Port Huron, MI 48060

             Your Power Sports Leader
                    Since 1965
           VICTORY • ETON
            Motorcycles • 4 Wheelers
      Generators • Watercraft • Snowmobiles            Starters • Alternators
                                                      Generators • Electrical

                                                        Bill Armstrong
                                                      810-984-5508 (Fax)

                                                         2543 Lapeer Rd.
 Ph. (810) 987-3963                     JIM GRACE      Port Huron, MI 48060
 Fax (810) 987-5948                           Owner



             Polish - Pirate Lures
                                                         Mark E. Wagley
    Motor Repair • Beer-Wine-Gifts                            Harbormaster

                                                       2200 Water Street (at I-94)
   Located 10 Mi South of Harbor                         Port Huron, MI 48060
          Beach On M-25
                                                            (810) 982-2492
  4839 Lakeshore Rd, Harbor Beach                         Fax (810) 982-4782
 Serving you since 1968        Open Daily 5:00 am
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     Proposal Would Outlaw
        Most Lead Tackle
     Viable, affordable alternatives
      needed, fishing experts say

  LANSING -- Concern about lead poisoning among
water birds led New Hampshire to ban the sale and
use of certain types of lead fishing tackle. New York
and Maine have banned the sale of lead sinkers
weighing a half ounce or less.
  Now the issue has surfaced in Michigan with the
introduction of a bill that proposes a multi-step
plan to phase out most lead tackle, including
sinkers weighing one ounce or less, jigs, and other
tackle items containing lead. Rep. Chris Kolb, D-
Ann Arbor, the bill's sponsor, said the measure
would protect water birds from ingestion of jigs and
sinkers, adding that several economical and effec-
tive alternatives to lead tackle are available.
  Ray Rustem, the Department of Natural
Resources natural heritage unit supervisor, said the
ban's impact on the wildlife population would be
insignificant considering the economic costs. "For
the benefit to be derived from this ... it's not worth
the economic impact on the angler," said Rustem.                         Great Lakes
  He also claims that far more loons are killed by
commercial fish nets than by lead sinkers.
Alternatives to lead tackle include steel, bismuth,
ceramic, tungsten, tin and recycled glass, according
                                                            Archers & AnglerS
                                                                     “Service is our Business”
to the Michigan DNR.                                     FISHING                                  ARCHERY
  Some alleged experts insist lead poisoning is a        Live Bait                    Custom Built Compounds
serious concern that must be addressed and meas-         Cut Bait                                     PSE Bows
ures need to be taken now to educate anglers about       Whole Alewives                          A.R. Browning
the harm posed to water birds. "You have to take         Silver Streaks                                Gold Tip
steps where you can and work towards it," said           Moonshine Lures                        Carbon Express
Joanne Williams of Shepherd, state coordinator of        Rapala - Bomber                                 Easton
the Michigan Loon Preservation Association/              Challenger               Good Selection of Accessories
Michigan Loon Watch, a division of the Michigan          Penn - Diwa - Okuma        Sights, Release, Stabilizers
                                                         Eagle Claw                       Custom Made Strings
Audubon Society. "Education is the biggest thing we
                                                         and much more                              Bow Tuning
have to address. "In the long run it will be benefi-
cial to wildlife and to Michigan," Williams said.
  Sam Washington, executive director of Michigan             YEAR ROUND WEEKLY BIG FISH CONTEST
United Conservation Clubs, said the bill is an "OK           Daily Fishing Reports and Wave Conditions
idea" but he believes that lead tackle has minimal               7419 Lakeshore Rd Lexington, MI
impact on the environment. Attempts to ban lead-              Located 15 Minutes North of Port Huron
ed tackle don't safeguard the species that they're                  EASY in and out for Boaters
trying to protect, Washington said.                                  (810) 359-8550
                  Great Lakes Sportfishing Council
Page 20, May, 2006

  Let DESMOND               MARINE take care of your boating needs in the Blue Water Area!
      •    Free Wi-Fi service                            • Rack storage hours
      •    On-site weather monitoring system                 8 am - 8 pm Monday thru Friday
      •    Updated and renewed facilities                    8 am - 9 pm Saturday & Sunday
      •    Dockage for transient boaters                 • Fuel dock
      •    Emergency services                            • Your Port Huron connection to Colony Marine’s Sea-
      •    Indoor and outdoor service                      Ray and Boston Whaler dealership

 DESMOND MARINE is the premiere provider of convenient, friendly and professional boating service
 in the Port Huron area to both local and transient boaters.

 DESMOND MARINE is located just inside the mouth of the Black River in beautiful downtown Port
 Huron. GPS coordinates: 42˚ 97' 36.9" N, 82˚ 42' 18.2" W

          207 Water Street • Port Huron, MI • (810) 982-3990 • Radio channels 9 & 68 Monitor 16

                         COMPLETE LINE OF

                                       Pro Bait
                                    Your source for
           Lead-Core • Steel-Line • Fire Line • Line Spooling • Copper Line

                                               THE ANDERSONS
                                   An official IGFA weigh station • Member BWSA
  2731 Pine Grove                                                                      Ph (810) 984-3232
  Port Huron, MI 48060                                                      Fish Hot Line (810) 984-3474
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                              WHAT'S DRAINING TWO GREAT LAKES?
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is disputing some key            "There could be a number of reasons why Lake Erie could
findings of a controversial report that claims the levels of      be rising relative to Michigan and Huron," added Scott
lakes Michigan and Huron have been on a permanent                 Thieme, chief of the Great Lakes Hydraulics and
decline for at least 44 years.                                    Hydrology Office in Detroit. "Everybody would like to get
   But the Corps is also calling for a detailed study of the      to the bottom of it and figure out what's going on with Lake
apparent drop in those two lakes -- which scientists consid-      Huron and what needs to be done."
er one lake system -- and a corresponding rise in Lake Erie          The lake level reduction since the mid-1800s has been 32
over time.                                                        inches, an amount 28 times the volume of Lake St. Clair,
   Environmentalists are sounding alarms, and the                 said report writer Rob Nairn. An "ongoing significant drop"
International Joint Commission, a U.S.-Canadian govern-           since the 1962 dredging was masked by wet weather that
mental group charged with stewardship of the Great Lakes,         caused high lake levels from 1970-98, he added.
also is pledging a thorough review.                                  His report only heightened concern for members of the
   Michigan and Huron have been steadily draining since a         sponsoring Georgian Bay Association, who had raised
Corps of Engineers dredging project deepened the St. Clair        $200,000 to find out why the water has been lower for seven
River in 1962 -- and perhaps over a much longer period. So        straight years along their far northern stretch of Lake Huron
claimed the authors of the 2005 report.                           shore. They've watched wetlands disappear and, with them,
   Compiled for a Canadian homeowners association, it said        fish and herons and other wildlife that used to be abundant.
man-made alterations may have set off unending riverbed              "We think there's some urgency here," said Mary Muter,
erosion that lets water from the two lakes spill into Erie, the   bay keeper for the association.
St. Lawrence Seaway and the Atlantic Ocean faster than it's          The chief evidence of erosion is a 60-foot-deep hole in
replenished.                                                      the St. Clair River bottom near the Blue Water Bridge at
   An irreversible drop -- nearly 3 feet in a century and more    Port Huron. The Corps of Engineers said the depression has
than expected since the last dredging -- has been costly for      shown up in data from earlier in the 20th century, but the
wildlife, commercial shipping, recreation and tourism,            study's researchers said it has grown longer and wider.
according to the authors.                                            The hole is in an area where the Corps dredged out two
   Tim Eder, water resources director for the National            feet of bottomlands to deepen the shipping channel down
Wildlife Federation, said officials should fast-track a gov-      the middle of the upper half of the river from 25 feet to 27
ernment-sponsored inquiry.                                        feet. Part of a more extensive revamping of the Great Lakes
   "The amount being lost through the St. Clair River is far      system to accommodate oceangoing vessels from the St.
in excess of the Chicago Diversion or any other diversion         Lawrence Seaway, the swath is 600-800 feet wide.
that could be contemplated," Eder said. "We're making the            Thieme said that was but one of several alterations affect-
drain bigger, water is going out faster to the ocean, and it's    ing water levels from the 1860s through the 1960s. There
never coming back."                                               also was dredging to accommodate shipping in the 1930s
   The Chicago Diversion is a connection built in 1890 from       and extensive sand and gravel excavating between 1915
Lake Michigan through the Chicago and Illinois rivers for         and 1925.
drinking water and navigation. It sucks more than 200 mil-           Authors of the report, W.F. Baird and Associates Coastal
lion gallons of water per day from the base of Lake               Engineers, didn't blame the erosion on the Corps of
Michigan and ultimately drains it into the Mississippi.           Engineers because they aren't sure of all the causes. They
   A key finding of the report is that lakes Michigan and         said other factors could be sea walls built by property own-
Huron are continuing to go down while Lake Erie is rising.        ers, shore erosion, wetlands filling and sand mining.
That's based on data tracking the three lakes' comparative           "We really haven't determined -- and I'm not sure if we
levels since 1860.                                                ever will -- who's at fault," Nairn said.
   Lakes Huron and Michigan were supposed to stabilize at            While key findings are in dispute, they're of sufficient
lower levels following the 1962 dredging -- not continue          gravity to have gained the attention of the International
shrinking.                                                        Joint Commission.
   The Corps said dredging probably created just part of the         Commission officials said they plan to investigate the
problem. The report's authors gave too little consideration       Huron-Michigan water losses in the early years of a five-
to such other factors as rainfall and "crustal rebound" of the    year look at policies governing lake levels. The $14.6 mil-
earth that has gone on since the region was freed from the        lion study will start this spring if the U.S. and Canadian
weight of the ice-age glaciers that formed the lakes, the         governments come up with the money.
Corps said in a formal response.                                                                                   Detroit News
Page 22, May, 2006

                                                                            Cajun Blackened Fish Recipe
                                                                                                Serves 4
                                                                    1 teaspoon dried thyme
                                                                    1 teaspoon dried oregano
                                                                    1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
                                                                    1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
                                                                    1 teaspoon paprika
                                                                    1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
                                                                    1/4 teaspoon salt
                                                                    1.5 pounds cod fillets
                                                                    6 tablespoons butter (more or less)
                                                                    1/4 red bell pepper, thinly sliced
                 Custom Frame                                       1/4 yellow bell pepper, thinly sliced
                                                                    1/2 green bell pepper, thinly sliced
                  Department                                        Place all the herbs and spices in a bowl; mix well. Dip the fish
                                                                    fillets into the mixture to coat lightly.
                                                                    Heat 2 tablespoons butter in a large skillet; add the peppers and
                  4715 24th Avenue                                  sautee until softened. Remove the peppers to a warm platter
                Fort Gratiot, MI 48059                              and cover lightly with foil to keep warm.
                                                                    Add 4 tablespoons butter to the skillet, heat until sizzling. Add
                                                                    the coated fish fillets and fry over medium heat for about 4
               (810) 385-3759
                                                                    minutes on each side, until browned and cooked thru.
                                                                    Transfer the blackened fish to a warmed serving platter and
                                                                    surround with the fried peppers.

          66 Wells Available                                                                               Gas & Fuel Available

                                    P.O. Box 134 • Port Sanilac, Michigan 48469
           Office 810-622-9610 • Fax 810-622-7801 • Fuel Dock 810-622-8818 • E-Mail
 DATE                              EVENT                                                        PLACE
 June 1 thru August                Barn Theatre Productions                                     Sanilac County Historic Museum
 June 3 thru August                Mickey Mouse Temporary Exhibit                               Sanilac County Historic Museum
 June 24 & 25                      Yachting Regatta                                             Port Sanilac Harbor
 June 25 - August 20 (Saturdays)   Music in the Harbor                                          Harbor Park
 June 24                           Victorian Summer Dinner                                      Sanilac County Historic Museum
 July 1                            Fireworks & Festivities                                      Port Sanilac Harbor
 July 4                            4th of July Parade                                           Downtown
 July 15                           Mackinaw Race - Harbor View                                  Harbor Park
 July 15 & 16                      Arts & Crafts Show                                           Sanilac County Historic Village & Museum
 July 28 - 30                      Summer Festival                                              Harbor Park
 August 4                          Sanilac County Historic Museums Golf                         Huron Shores Golf Course
                                   Please visit our web site for event updates:
                                                                                            Page 23, May, 2006

         Please Practice
          Safe Boating!

            Thank you
       to all our sponsors!

VISA                                   Master Card

                                                            Paul Baker
       Fish Aboard:                  Features:              Owner
• USGC licensed              • All fishing equipment fur-   526 N. 5th St.
• DNR inspected                nished                       St. Clair, MI 48079             18 yrs. experience
• Fully insured              • Private stand up head        (810) 329-7969 (586) 727-7674   Lic. & Insured
• 28 ft. Bertram Flybridge   • Fish cleaning available
• 11 ft. beam                • Fully Rigged

    Captain Martin Bringard
        (810) 982-3834
      888-376-FISH (3474)

             WE FILL L.P. TANKS
               FIFTH WHEELS
                                         PHONE: (810) 984-3333                              4631 LAPEER ROAD
        COPPER CANYON DEALER                                                                 KIMBALL, MI 48074
 Page 24, May, 2006

        2005 CLASSIC STATISTICS                          Many Thanks to Our 2006 Sponsors
Big Fish Prizes                                           Anderson’s Pro Bait
Coho Largest - Dennis Cipriano                3.82 lbs
Lake Trout Largest - Barry Broekart          10.74 lbs
No Browns Weighed in
Steelhead Largest - Randy Dale                6.38 lbs
Chinook Largest - Dave Lowry                  9.44 lbs
Largest Fish in Tournament
Lake Trout - Jeff Dawson                     16.40 lbs

                2005 WINNERS!
Top Ten
Place    Boat             Captain/Angler    Weight
1st      Circus Act       Skip Braun        121.68 lbs
2nd      Rawhide          Jason Fletcher    120.60 lbs
3rd      Double Time      Doug Smith        116.78 lbs
4th      Flippin Silver   Martin Bringard   109.28 lbs
5th      Ivanhoe          Jay Korneffel      99.36 lbs
6th      Fishigan         Dave Rymar         95.22 lbs
7th      Anticipation     Jeff Dawson        92.42 lbs
8th      Fray’d Knot      Chris Sieman       91.40 lbs
9th      Big Tuna         Harvey Van Hoey    85.76 lbs            SILVER STREAK
10th     Donna Mae        Paul Zimmer        83.80 lbs

Port Prizes                                                   WOLVERINE TACKLE CO.
Port Huron Saturday
$1000 Jeff Goan on Goan Fishing              32.12 lbs
Port Huron Sunday
$1000 Bob Lane on C Dog                      55.08 lbs
Lexington Saturday
$1000 Terry Wortley on Looney Bin            53.88 lbs
Lexington Sunday
$1000 John Holms on Whose the Daddy Now 30.50 lbs
Port Sanilac Saturday
$1000 Jason Fletcher on Rawhide              73.38 lbs
Port Sanilac Sunday
$1000 Doug Smith on Double Time              70.06 lbs

           2006 BOATING DATES
  May 19-21         Blue Water Classic
  June 10-11        Michigan Free Fishing Weekend
  June 23-25        Thumb Area Offshore Challenge

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