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									Test Administration Options at TSM

T  he increased availability
of information technology
                                                                Although these computer-
                                                                based tests are cost- and
                                                                time effective, it is
provides various                                                interesting to note that the
advantages for assessment                                       traditional pencil-and-paper
procedures. For example,                                        test administration remains
personality, as well as                                         the option that is used
numerous abilities, can be                                      most often.
evaluated by completing
                                                                TSM makes use of all three
tests which have been set
                                                                test administration options.
up online by consultants at    Expert Desktop Assessment
                               System, which administers        We would recommend that
TSM. Candidates might
                               tests, followed by a quick and   as far as possible all
find this more suitable, as
                               accurate automatically           candidates for a particular
they can use the internet
                               scoring system.                  position are assessed using
in the comfort of their own
                                                                the same procedure, e.g.,
                               Candidates answer questions      all candidates complete
The benefit to companies       directly on the computer         paper-and-pencil
is that candidates from all    under supervision at our         assessment. However, if a
over the world can be          offices in Paarl, or at the      candidate is not locally
assessed quickly and cost-     client’s choice of venue.        based, assessment options
effectively.                                                    can be combined, e.g.,
                               Results are immediately
                                                                paper-and-pencil and
Assessment can also take       available and can be provided
place by using the SHL         in electronic or hard copy
Comparison of test administration options or any combination of the following:

                                                                                 Prices per person

Examples of Tests and Reports                            Online*          Pencil-and-Paper

Administration                                           R360             R1250 (per 3hours testing)            R1250
                                                                          or R550 per hour

OPQ with Management Competency Profile                   R580             R1060                                 R580

Critical Reasoning Battery with reports                  R350             R532                                  R350

Total                                                    R1290            R2842                                 R2180

*Online testing requires a web browser check to be administered by the client or the client’s IT Department. Web
access needs to be checked prior to the actual testing self, in order to confirm compatibility with the online system.

    “If your job is Customer Satisfaction, your real job
                   title is Problem-Solver" (Brin Tracy).


TSM would like to remind all of our clients about our monthly Client Service workshop at our
offices, 13 Synagogue Street in Paarl, for only R250 per person. This workshop will take
place on every last Friday of the month. The next workshop will be held on the 26th of
March 2010. Please contact Nadia Brits at nadia@tsm.co.za regarding details and
learner outcomes of this full-day workshop.
Employee Engagement in your organisation!
                                                         Employee engagement is a
                                                           popular concept among
                                                          businesses and with good
                                                          reason, as 80% of Global
                                                            Heads of HR indicate
                                                        Engaging Employees as high

Regarded as a psychological state, engagement can be experienced by employees in their
working roles.

Engaged employees are interested in their      managed effectively, might inhibit their
work, believe in what their organisation       star performers. One example of these
does as well as its values, feel loyal while   drivers would be task variety, explained
experiencing a sense of belonging and they     as having a lot of variety in one’s job
feel energetic and enthusiastic about their    and tasks. Once a person does not
work. Furthermore, engaged employees           experience his job as versatile as he
are less likely to develop an intention to     would prefer it is likely to frustrate him
quit, which will spare companies significant   and might hinder his overall
recruitment and induction costs.               performance at work. This form takes no
                                               more than 10 minutes to complete.
SHL launched the Engagement
Questionnaire in 2009. Organisational          SHL also offers the effective Exit
drivers as well as job characteristic scales   Questionnaire (15 minutes) which
are used to measure individuals’               highlights crucial trends around reasons
engagement levels, job features                for leaving the company. This
contributing to engagement and other           information will empower employers to
organisational practices that might            take action in order to retain their high
influence engagement. This questionnaire       performers in the future. If managed
takes about 30 minutes to complete.            effectively, this questionnaire’s results
                                               will lead to lower turnover, higher
The Manager Rating Form allows managers        customer satisfaction and higher
to identify certain drivers, which, is not     profitability.
TSM would gladly assist our clients in using this effective SHL product to monitor their levels
of employee engagement. Please contact Nadia Brits at nadia@tsm.co.za for more

*(Corporate Leadership Council: ‘Improving Employee Performance in an Economic Downturn’: (Survey : Q3 & Q4

Workshops dates: March 2010
All our workshops are designed to combine the principles of behavioural change and
practical learning exercises. We also design customised workshops for clients that align with
the strategic objectives and competencies of their specific organisation. The following
workshop dates are scheduled for March:

Workshop dates scheduled for April 2010 can be found on our website at www.tsm.co.za.
Please contact Nadia Brits (021 872 9762) for any further information regarding the

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