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									                                   The Piecemakers’ Star
Published by the:                  DUFFERIN PIECEMAKERS QUILTING GUILD               
                                          May 2009, Volume 15, Issue 9

                              ***President’s Message ***
                      This month’s meeting includes our Annual General
                      Meeting. We have some important issues to vote on
                      and will elect a new executive. The executive is
                      recommending an annual membership fee of $35
                      to offset the rent increase and continue to provide
                      the same level of programs and community projects.
                      The executive is also recommending that the
                      treasurer be allowed to transfer money by internet.
Please refer to the wording presented below.
        The Nominating Committee has filled all slots; we have more
members volunteering than ever before! Thank you for getting/staying
actively involved! Great job, Judi, Mary-Lou and Yvonne!                                       Inside this issue:
        I’m hearing about the quilt shows many of you are attending
and I’m sure you are getting inspired enough to enter a quilt in our                   The Committee                     2
show next year. The Show Committee still needs some volunteers. Please                 Library Block
see Mary or Leah to discuss how you might assist.
        Hopefully, you President’s Challenge mini is almost complete.
                                                                                       Nominating Committee Report       3
Please pick up a form at the membership desk to fill out to accompany
                                                                                       Bulletin Board                    4
your entry. The prize list keeps getting longer as I become more excited
to see your ideas spring to life!!
                                                                                       Quilt Show Focus                  5

                                                                                       Morning Glories                   6
                    Pat Kalapaca                                                       Stitch ‘n Share
                                                                                       Fall Fair Specials
                                                                                       Note from Editor
Attention Guild Members:                                                               Motion re Membership Fees
Proposed addition to Guild By-Laws Article #5: Finance—to be voted on at               Community Projects                7
May 2009 Annual Business Meeting.
To be added:                                                                           Program Block                     8
11. Treasurer to have online access to Guild General Account solely to
    transfer monies between Guild accounts, NOT to add bill payment.
    The purpose of transfer of monies is to earn higher interest on Guild              What’s On                         9
Reason for addition:                                                                   Birthday Block
Online access allows the treasurer to obtain the best possible interest rate           Refreshment Block                10
on Guild monies. The treasurer is not to add bill payment to Guild bank                Set Up/Take Down
accounts.                                                                              Next Meetings
The Guild Executive approved this addition January 29, 2009. [Minutes
Executive Meeting Jan. 29, 2009, 6a) c)].

                          Dufferin Piecemakers Quilting Guild, P.O. Box 325, Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z6
               The Executive
President:             Pat Kalapaca

Vice-President:        Janet Slater

Past President:        Judi Sullivan

Secretary:             Liz Nash

Treasurer:             Mary Light

Program:               Yvonne Guse-Rahn, Shirley Roberts
                       Lois Brown, Pat Burbidge,
                       Nancy Snook

Membership:            Mary Lou Crosland,
                       Cathy MacArthur, Pam Neilly

Newsletter:      Jeanne Bell                                                                                        LIBRARY BLOCK
                 Linda Ritchie
       ---------------------------------                                                                           Anne Crowder, Marg Rayner
                                                                                                                       Pat Chambers, Norma Mintz
                  The Committees

Birthday Club:         Beckie Shaw, Nanette Horton            QUILT IN A DAY : STILL STRIPPING AFTER 25 YEARS

Block of the           Daphne White , Mary DeVries            AUTHOR: ELEANOR BURNS
Month/Challenges:      Anne Parsons, Marion Cole              For Eleanor's twenty-fifth anniversary she has put together a collection of sixteen
                                                              different quilts made with 2 1/2 inch strips. Ladies, imagine Eleanor is still
Bulletin Board:        Bev Prior                              stripping as she celebrates her silver anniversary !!!
Community              Penny Squirrel, Shirley Roberts,
Projects:              Norah Ledermann, Fern Pugh             APPLIQUE: THE BASICS & BEYOND

Financial              Debra Wilson, Cheryl Staeger           AUTHOR: JANET PITTMAN
Reviewers:                                                    The complete guide to successful machine and hand techniques with
                                                              dozens of designs to mix and match. You'll find all the basics of machine
Historian:             Leah Mitchell                          and hand appliqué, along with special techniques for embellishing.
Librarians:            Anne Crowder, Marg Rayner
                       Pat Chambers, Norma Mintz              ALL ABOUT MACHINE ARTS:
                                                               DECORATIVE TECHNIQUES FROM A TO Z
Lucky Draw:            Susan Pirie, Joan Tipping,
                       June Moir, Diane Woodward              FROM: SEWING NEWS, CREATIVE MACHINE EMBROIDERY &
                                                                     C & T PUBLISHING
Morning Glories        Leah Mitchell                          The world's best known experts on machine arts, machine embroidery, and
                                                              decorative stitching have contributed their talents to this volume. This book is the
Quilt Show:            Leah Mitchell, Mary Light              best of the best from the pages of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery
                                                              magazines. This is the one book you need to answer all of your decorative stitching
Refreshments:          Rosemary Galbraith, Heather
                       Stevenson, Pat Forrest, Linda Horner   questions.

Retreat:               Joan Lorbach, Pam Neilly,
                       Susan Pirie, Yvonne Conway,
                       Judi Sullivan

Stitch ‘n share        Betty Sanderson
                                                                                                        Library Procedures
Web-mistress:          Judi Sullivan                          The Guild library has been created for the use of members of the Guild and operates on the honour system.
                                                              Guild Library books may be borrowed for one month (from one meeting to the next meeting).
              This list is for Guild purposes only
                                                              Sign Out Procedures
                                                              1.   Remove the sign out card from the pocket in the front of the book and record your name,            tele-
                                                                   phone number the due date (which will be the next meeting –month and year only)
                                                              2.   Give the card to the person at the library table. (If there is no card, please check with the person at the
Please send newsletter submissions to:                             library desk and they will either locate the card or make a substitute.) The library staff will give you a
                                                                   due dates slip to insert into the pocket to remind you to return it the next month.
        Jeanne Bell                                           3.   A maximum of 3 books may be signed out by one member.                                   To return a book, you simply put the book in the return box and the library staff will handle the rest.
        Linda Ritchie                                         If you forgot or need to keep the book longer than one month, there is no problem. However, if you have
                                                              kept a book longer than 3 months, an overdue charge of 1 fat quarter will be charged for each overdue                               book.

Page 2
                                      DUFFERIN PIECEMAKERS QUILTING GUILD
                                        NOMINATING COMMITTEE REPORT
                                   Presented by Yvonne Conway, Mary-Lou Crosland, Judi Sullivan

                 Nomination Slate for the Executive for the Guild Year July 1 st 2009 to June 30 th 2010

Executive Directors

President                    Pat Kalapaca

Vice-President               Janet Slater

Past President               Judi Sullivan

Secretary                    Karen Canivet

Treasurer                    Mary Light
                                                                                                        Pat Burbidge
Program                      Janet Slater/Judi        Yvonne Guse-Rahn           Marion Cole QBA
                             Sullivan                                                                   Yvonne Conway
                                                                                 Joan Lorbach
                             Jeanne Bell              Ida Cunningham

Membership                   Mary -Lou Crosland       Pam Neilly

COMMITTEES                   1st person listed will   be the chair

Refreshments                 Rosemary Galbraith       Val Ashbourne              Pat Forrest            Linda Horner
                                                                                 Anne Parsons
BOM                          Daphne White             Mary DeVries
                                                                                 Penny Squirrell
Comm. Projects               Fern Pugh                Mary Lynne Simpson                                Karen Middelkoop
                                                                                 Norah Ledermann
                                                                                                        Marie Tupling
Library                      Liz Nash                 Joyce Dennie               Marg Rayner            Lorna Raney

Lucky Draw                   Susan Pirie              Joan Tipping               June Moir              Debi Arnold

Bulletin Board               Bev Prior

Historian                    Leah Mitchell
                             Beth Toms
Financial Review                                      Lucia Ferris

Retreat                      Judi Sullivan            Yvonne Conway              Joan Lorbach           Pam Neilly     Susan Pirie

Quilt Show                   Mary Light               Leah Mitchell

Stitch & Share               Betty Sanderson

Morning Glories              Leah Mitchell

Web-Mistress                 Judi Sullivan

Birthday Club                Beckie Shaw              Nanette Horton
             As required by the Guild Bylaws, the Nominating Committe e will call for nominations from the floor for any
             Executive Position at the Annual General Meeting on May 18, 2009.
             The nomination must have a mover, a seconder and the agreement of the nominee.
             If an Executive position receives more than one nomination , a vote will be taken by ballot.

             The Nomination Committee wishes to thank the Guild members who have volunteered to help plan and
             organize another great year for our Guild. Please show your appreciation with your participation and support.

NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE: TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2009                                                                                          Page 3
 To Daphne, Doreen and           To my Secret Sister
          Shirley,               Your generous and            To my Secret Sister           Thank you to my
   who sold books and           thoughtful gifts and          A “BIG” thank you               Secret Sister
 donated the proceeds to        wishes for Valentine’s       for the beautiful fat               for the
  my Tanzania projects,        Day, my birthday and         quarters, pattern and              beautiful
      ASANTE SANA!!           “just because it’s Spring”    card. They are lovely                batiks.
    The installation of        have touched my heart        and arrived right on            They go perfectly
water is coming closer with      and gladdened my                    time!                  with my “stash”.
     each kind deed.                    spirit.                    Sincerely,
                               A sincere thank you …                                      Rosemary Galbraith
         Pat Kalapaca                  Anne P.               Sue Hopkins VanZant

                                       Dear Secret Sister,                          Thank You Note
                               There was an envelope given to       Dear Ladies of the Quilting Guild;
                                   me at the April meeting.         Thank you so much for the cuddle blankets.
                                        “Spring is here”
                                                                    Your blankets provide the children with
                                 What a wonderful surprise!
     The Guild wishes                                               comfort and warmth during a very frightful
                                      The spring flowers &
    to extend sincere              coordinating fabric are          and emotional time.
      condolences to             beautiful. Have some ideas         Leah has mentioned that you provide other
    Donna Henderson            (several) but am forcing myself
                                                                    fire departments in the area with cuddle
                                 to finish some UFOs before I
     on the loss of her                                             blankets as well!
                                 allow myself to play with my
       father, Eldon            new treasures. You made my          We can’t thank you enough for making a
                                  day! Thank you so much
                                                                    child’s day better!
                                        ….Joan Lorbach
                                                                    Gratefully yours,
                                                                    The Grand Valley & District Fire Department

                   For Sale
         Husqvarna-Viking 936 Serger
                top of the line                                  Thank You Note to the Ladies of the
                   5 thread                                               Morning Glories
            cover and chain stitch                   Mar. 4/09
                 rolled edge                         Dear “Morning Glories”,
          2,3 and 4 thread overlock                  Just a quick note to thank you so much for the breast
                                                     cushion I received after my breast cancer surgery on
            rarely used, in the box,
          includes lessons at dealer                 Mar. 2. It is a comfort to me and when I look at it I
                                                     think of the lovely ladies who took the time and effort
              msrp $2600 $1100                       to provide that comfort to a stranger.
                                                             THANK YOU !!!
          Tracey Hand-Breckenridge                                   Lori Smith

Page 4
                           Morning Glories
                                         Leah Mitchell

The Morning Glories meet at the Grand Valley Public
Library the second Friday of each month September to
June from 9 a.m. to noon. Everyone is welcome to
attend. Please bring a cup and a loonie for coffee. We
take turns bringing muffins and milk. Bring your hand
work and your Show & Tell. Need some advice? Bring
your project, we love to help.

                       Stitch ‘n Share
                                             Betty Sanderson

Stitch and Share meets every Wednesday from 1:30 to
4:00 PM at the Meridian Credit Union on Broadway in
Orangeville. (Enter the conference room via the back
parking lot.) For further information call
Betty Sanderson 519-942-3015

 **The group sincerely thanks Meridian for the use of the confer-
ence room provided at no charge to the participants. **

          *****Stitch and Share Ladies Please Note *****
On June 3rd the Meridian boardroom will be occupied and the                          Motion Re. Membership Fees
Stitch and Share group will need a new meeting location for that
day. Please contact Betty Sanderson for further information.
                                                                    “The executive recommends to the membership that the
                                                                    annual membership fee be increased to $35, starting July 1,
                                                                    2009. Guest fee will remain at $5.00.”
                         Fall Fair Specials

          The Guild sponsors four “Specials” in the                                         Note from the Editor
          Community Fall Fairs of Caledon, Orange-
                                                                    This is a quote from the Sudbury and District Quilting and
          ville, Shelburne and Grand Valley as part of
                                                                    Stitchery Guild newsletter. I’m hoping it might help some of
          its objective to maintain and improve quilt-
                                                                    you having trouble downloading and printing your monthly news-
          ing standards and to promote quilting as an art
                                                                    letters. Although I don’t email newsletters directly to each of
          form. They are as follows:
                                                                    you, the procedure should be the same.
          1) Pieced wall hanging, hand quilted,
               maximum perimeter of 192 inches,
                                                                    “The executive agrees that emailing newsletters to members is a great cost
               minimum perimeter of 80 inches.                      saving to the guild. I know that very few on the email list have trouble
          2) Pieced wall hanging, machine quilted,                  with being able to print out newsletters as they are a pdf file, and they can
               maximum perimeter of 192 inches,                     be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I know occasionally I go to open a
               minimum perimeter 80 inches.                         pdf file and my acrobat tells me that there are errors and it can’t open the
          3) Quilt larger than perimeter of 240 inches,             file. If this is happening to you, save the file to your hard drive, (right
                                                                    click on the link for the newsletter eg. May 2009, then “save target as”,
               any technique, hand quilted.                         save to the file you have chosen and can remember ) the ‘My Documents’
          4) Wall hanging, any appliqué technique and               folder is a good place for them as it is usually the first folder a program
               hand quilted, maximum perimeter 192                  opens when you go to look for something. Now open Adobe Acrobat,
               inches, minimum perimeter 80 inches.                 choose File/Open and find the copy of the newsletter you just saved. It
                                                                    should open just fine this way, and I am asking you to please try this be-
                                                                    fore you decide that your computer just won’t open it.”

                                                                                                                                   Jeanne B. :)
  Page 6
                                                 Community Projects Block

         Once again, I would like to begin with a huge thank-you to our many members who continue to share their time and talent to
complete quilts for our community projects. Our large suitcase is bulging with small quilts and I have some more in a bag ready for
presentation at our June meeting. There are at least eighteen full size quilts just waiting for labels. These will be shared with
Choices Youth Shelter, Family Transition Place and Caledon/Dufferin Victim Services. Representatives from each organization will
be invited to our June meeting to receive their quilts. We also have some completed tops that need to be quilted and will start our
donations for next year. The quilts all look warm and snuggly (just a little bright?) and should certainly add comfort and cheer to
many beds.
         As our May meeting falls on Victoria Day, we will not have an afternoon workshop before our meeting. Our final afternoon
to stitch community projects will be Tuesday, May 26 anytime after 1:00 p.m. at Cobwebs and Caviar. We have two wonderful ways
to make pillowcases to show you and any available stitchers may sew pillowcases for Sick Kids or work on finishing up blocks and
tops. I will bring some of our donated material for the pillowcases or use this opportunity to clean out some of your stash for this
project. Bring your machine (or use one of A.J.’s and Jackie’s) and any needed sewing supplies and join us for the afternoon. Com-
munity Quilts have really enjoyed using the upstairs room and our budget has not been depleted paying rent thanks to A.J. and
         Plans for next year include continuing to support our local groups by reviewing their need for quilts and trying to meet that
need as much as we can. Community Quilts may not be quite as active in the coming year as many of our members will need time to
prepare their own quilts to be exhibited at our fall 2010 quilt show. Donating quilts in our community has been one of the goals for
Dufferin Piecemakers but we may not always give the same number of quilts each year. Each member will be encouraged to help in
any way they can. Many thanks to all those who have helped with the Community Projects committee this year and to those who
have volunteered for next year. It is all very much appreciated.
        Fern, Norah, Penny and Shirley

NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE: TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2009                                                                                     Page 7
                                                               PROGRAM BLOCK

         Thank you A.J. and Jacky of Cobwebs & Caviar along with their wonderful team of helpers for sharing your time
and talents at the April Guild meeting. I think the buss in the room clearly indicated value was found in your many
stations of techniques and many left full of promise with skills for their next project.
         Come One, Come All, Come out to the Fair! Haven’t you always wanted to enter your local fair and share your
quilting talents! I have wandered the shows admiring the winners circle and secretly judging all the applicants’ work and
yet feeling too afraid myself.
         Fern Pugh, Joanne Kiser, Berva Buttery and Beckie Shaw will share their expertise as judges and participants in
past fairs to help us understand all you need to know to “Get Ready for the Fair”. They will dispel that fear and give you
an inside track on what the judges want to see. We will have some brochures from Fairs we sponsor so you can learn
what categories are offered and what you need to do to enter and perhaps even place in the show on the Ribbon Wall of
Fame. Mark your calendar and bring a pen and paper and leave your fears at the door.
         QBA On Saturday May 2nd—8 of our guild members had the opportunity to be inspired by Daphne’s fine stitches
and comfortable teaching environment as she enlightened us on the art of English Paper Piecing. The examples and ef-
fort she put into her class were tremendous and all who attended were amazed at how many variations could be made
with this technique. Please bring your completed projects for Show and Share and all who missed out … take some time
to visit with Daphne and I am sure she will share her secrets. Thank you Daphne.
         May 16th at the Meridian Credit Union boardroom. Marion Cole has also agreed to come back by popular demand
to teach another class on Reverse Appliqué.—Class is fully booked.
         June 6th and 13th Its Christmas in June at the Meridian Credit Union boardroom. Leah Mitchell has designed
a beautiful fussy cut pattern with so many techniques utilized we have set the class over two Saturdays to allow ample
time to master and complete the project. - Class is full.
         As you have noticed these classes fill quickly so don’t be disappointed and guarantee your place next year by
booking early for the 2009—2010 schedule.                                       Yvonne, Shirley, Lois, Pat, and Nancy

             Jodi Barrows’ workshop
     on Monday, September 21, 2009 from
     9:30 to 3:30 at the Ag. Centre.
                   A reminder,
     if you signed up for this workshop,
     the rest of your registration payment
     is due at the May meeting. Total
     amount payable is $60. If you paid
     the $20 deposit, you will owe $40.

            A penny saved is obviously a
              result of a government

          From the Sudbury and District Quilting & Stitchery

                                                                 The Neighbours & Friends quilt, in support of Bethell House, was presented to
                                                                 Hospice Caledon at the April Guild meeting. Receiving the quilt is Program

 Page 8
                         What’s On
            -Ontario Quilting Connections and
             -Canadian Quilters’ Associations

Mar 7—June 7, 2009—Quilt Treasures from the WCMA
Collection. Wellington County Museum & Archives, 0536 Wel-
lington County R., 18, RR #1, Fergus, ON N1M 2W3 Museum
hours: weekdays 9:30 to 4:30, weekends and holidays: 12:00 to
4:00. This exhibit shares heritage quilts from one of the best
museum collections in Ontario. For more information or

May 4—June 6 , 2009 The Quilt, A Cancer Support Project
( Stratford Exhibit: Stratford Festival Mall,
Stratford, ON

May 25-30, 2009 Greetings from Canada Quilt Exhibit at The
Quilt Place, 3991 Perth Rd. 107, Shakespeare, ON N0B 2P0 .
Also features Among Brenda’s Quilts’ by Brenda Miller and ..
May 1-June 15 Henny’s Mini’s exhibit.

May 26-30, 2009 St. Jacob’s Fibre Journeys Silo Weavers,
1441 King St., Tues. –Fri. 10-6, Thurs 10-8, Sat 10-4. Solo exhi-
bition by Textile Artist Janet Rhind. Contact Elsa Elliott 519-
664-2421, Janet Rhind 905-825-3265 or email:

June 12-13, 2009 Quilts by the Bay, Owen Sound, Bayshore                  Penny Squirrell presents nine quilts to Kelly Condon and
Community Centre, 1900 3rd Ave. E. Fri. 10-8, Sat. 10-5, Adm.             Samuel Tupling of the Grand Valley Fire Department at the
$5. 100’s of quilts, merchant mall, guild boutique, lunch/tea             February Guild Meeting. (see Thank You note on page 4)
room, demonstrations, Think Green Challenge, mini quilt draw,
historical & community outreach displays, viewer’s choice.
                                                                        You know you are drinking too much coffee when you can
Aug 5-31, 2009 From tradition to Art—A Journey with                     thread a sewing machine while it is still running!
                                                                                                                           Submitted by Mary Light
Fibre Greenwood Gallery, 275 Woolwich St., Guelph, Shop
Hours. Solo exhibit featuring Textile artist Janet Rhind. Contact
Christine (519)822-2790, email:

Sept. 10-12, 2009 The Fruits of our Labour Competition and                                       ADVERTISING RATES
Show at the Owen Sound Fall Fair, Victoria Park, Owen Sound
                                                                                                      Same ad Every       Ad Changes Required
Thurs. 4-9, Sat & Sun 10-9, Contact, Gladys Pennacchietti
                                                                       Type of Ad      Ad Size    Guild     Non-Guild    Guild        Non-Guild
Sept. 18 & 19, 2009 Quilts in the Temple — Piecing Past and
Present, presented by the Gwillimbury Quilt Guild, Sharon              Secret Sister              $ 2.00    n/a          n/a          n/a
Temple, Sharon, ON 10-4:30 p.m. $6 admission to show and
                                                                       Classified      1”x3”      $ 7.00    $ 8.00       $ 8.00       $10.00
Sharon Temple historical site, full size quilts, wall hangings,
small quilts, bed turning and quilt sale, on-site appraiser, market-   Business        2”x3”      $10.00    $12.00       $12.00       $15.00
place, refreshments, 190 year old Rose of Sharon quilt.                Card
                                                                       Quarter         5”x3”      $12.00    $15.00       $15.00       $20.00
                                                                       Half Page       7”x5”      $25.00    $30.00       $30.00       $35.00

                                                                       Full Page       7”x10”     $50.00    $55.00       $55.00       $60.00

                                                                                       Prepay for the year and get a 10% discount!

NEXT ISSUE DEADLINE: TUESDAY, JUNE 02, 2009                                                                                                 Page 9
                           BIRTHDAY                 Refreshment Block
                        CELEBRATIONS               Rosemary Galbraith, Heather Stevenson
                                                        Pat Forrest, Linda Horner

 -submitted by                                   We thank Neilda Speedie, Alanna
 Beckie Shaw, Nanette Horton                                                                                   General Meeting:
                                                 Woodrow, Linda Ritchie and Yvonne
 Donna Henderson                 May 1           Guse-Rahn for our May treats.                Date: Monday , May 18 , 2009
 Judi Jamieson                   May 20                                                             Monday, June 15, 2009
 Nancy Noble                     May 25
 Barb Johnson                    May 29          Where has the time gone?! Is it              Time:    7:00 p.m. Doors Open
 Diane Woodward                  May 29          already time for our June potluck?           Please wait until 7:00 to arrive. This will allow time
 Lois Brown                      June 14         We look forward to our finger                for the committee volunteers to set up the room.
 Lynne Norman                    June 21         foods from the N-Z people and the                                      *****
                                                                                              Place: Orangeville Fairgrounds
 Jeanne Bell                     June 22
                                                 A-M will, with many thanks, bring a                  5 Sideroad of Mono
 Anita Rowland                   June 29
                                                 donation to the food bank.
                                                                                                              Executive Meeting:

 If anyone has been missed, please let us know          Remember those with                   Date:     Thursday , May 28, 2009
 at the newsletter table.                               allergies and keep our
                                                                                              Time:     7:00 p.m.
                                                               “nut free” !                   Place:    Meridian

                                                                                              Please call Pat if you will be attending.

                                                                                                       Quilt Show Committee Meeting:

                                                                                              Date:     Tuesday, June 2, 2009
                      “Set Up” and “Take Down” Block
                                                                                              Time:     7:00 p.m.—9:00 p.m.
         Set Up (arrive 6:15 PM)                            Take Down
                                                                                              Place:    Cobwebs & Caviar, Shelburne
   Neilda Speedie                                Debi Arnold
                                                                                              Committee members who cannot attend please let
   Alanna Woodrow                                Maureen Swift                                Mary or Leah know.

   Pat Forrest                                   Karen Canivet
                                                                                                       Next Meeting Bring:
   Chris Tuck                                    Brenda Lamont
   Linda Horner                                  Elizabeth Bricker                             Name Tags Worn
                                                                                               Mug for coffee/tea
   Anne Crowder
                                                                                               Show and Tell
            Thanks for filling all the spots and helping even when your name
                                                                                               Block of the Month
                                     wasn’t on the list!
                                                                                               Pillowcases for ConKerr Cancer
                                                                                               Journals for FTP
                                                                                               Loonie for the Raffle
                                                                                               Library Books
                                                                                               And a …...
A few things to remember:
               During the meeting please….
 Turn off the ring on your cell phone, or go to
   another room to use it                                                                  Family Transition Place
 Keep the conversations to a minimum when
   there is a speaker.                                                Our commitment to FTP is 200 journals for the year. Please help by
 Participate in keeping our meetings scent free                     donating one or two at any time of the year.
   (we have members and guests who are allergic to
   perfumes).                                                         The journals need to be about 6”x8”, lined pages, bound by either
                                                                      coil or glue. Consider making a fabric cover.

                                                                      Please leave them in the basket provided at any meeting.

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