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					                  Welcome to the all new             Farewell to a much respected
                  county journal for the Marine
                  Society & Sea Cadets which         friend and colleague.
                  will report on the activities of   Lt Cdr (SCC) John Bartlett RNR has stood
                  East and West Kent Sea             down from his role as Deputy District
                  Cadet Units and the Kent           Officer West Kent and decided to retire
                  Branch                             from Sea Cadet life, to spend more time
    BIG ED
                  The new look all in one            with his other passion, his Motor Bike. Oh
 AKA Ivor Riddell
                  publication will replace the       and of course his wife Lin.
Two existing newsletters ‘WKD Blue’ and                                     John had spent more
‘EK Signal’                                                                 than 18 years with the
It will be bigger than the other Two and                                    corps, most with his
include lots of the old features but combine                                unit Medway Towns
with it, a new joined together feel for Sea                                 and the last 4 years as
Cadets and the Maritime community in                                        Assistant       District
Kent.                                                                       Officer (Training) and
                                                                            then DDO.
It is intended to be a free publication and                                 During his Sea Cadet
be produced every Two months.                                               Career he had been
                                                                            Commanding Officer
I hope you enjoy reading it and should you           at Medway Towns for over 10 years in
have any stories or articles you would like          which time the unit went from strength to
to publish please send them to:                      strength winning first of all the National,
                                                     MacBeath Trophy, followed by the
The Editor (The County Signal)                       Stephenson Trophy for Southern Area’s
11 Beatty Avenue                                     Top Unit and then the Commodores
Gillingham                                           Trophy which was presented to him on
Kent ME7 2BZ                                         board HMS Ark Royal in London.
Or email:                    John was popular and well respected by all
Tel: 07714 158754                                    and will be a difficult act to follow.

We will also include advertisements and
any money raised from these, will be
donated to the Kent Branch of the Marine
Society and Sea Cadets, who fundraise in
support of all Sea Cadet Units in Kent.
For more details contact The Editor as
Deadline for items to include in the next
issue will be Wednesday 3rd June 2009                District Officer Lt Cdr (SCC) Peter Jones
                                                     RNR said “I am sorry to lose John with his
I look forward to hearing from you                   experience and common sense approach
                                                     to Sea Cadeting he will be very much
                                                     missed, however we all wish him well in the
                                                     future and hope to catch up with him from
                                                     time to time at social events and the
             BIG ED                                  Branch”
                                                     We take this opportunity to wish John a
                                                     happy and healthy retirement.
     Who’s Who?                                           New Deputy Appointed for
                                                          West Kent
     This is a series of short articles about local                            Welcome aboard to
     people involved in the MSSC or Sea                                        Sub Lieutenant (SCC)
     Cadets.                                                                   Stephen Small RNR
                                                                               after he takes up his
     The first is Christopher St. J. H. Daniel FSA                             new role as relief for
     who is a member of the Kent Branch.                                       John Bartlett retiring
                                                                               Deputy District Officer.
     Christopher Daniel from Faversham                    Steve has been involved with Sea Cadets
     attended his first meeting of the Kent               for just 5 ½ years but has a long history in
     Branch, on Thursday 26th March 2009 at               the Scout Movement which he is still
     The Dover Castle Inn at Teynham.                     involved with at County level.
     Christopher is a long time supporter and             He joined Medway Towns Unit and within 1
     governor of the Marine Society and was               year became OiC and subsequently CO.
     formerly a member of the council.                    He then went on to take the unit through 4
     Although he has a seafaring background               very successful years in which they
     and was on the staff of the National                 achieved 1 pennant and Three Burgees
     Maritime Museum at Greenwich for twenty-             with last year seeing the unit achieve the
     five years,                                          Stephenson Trophy award only the second
                    He is also a professional             in its history.
                    sundial designer and was              Steve said that his “first job is to
                    responsible for the “sea-dog”         consolidate the excellent work of his
                    dial on the Marine Society            predecessor and then look at ways to
                    building at Lambeth Road,             improve systems which will help to support
                    which was unveiled by Her             units in achieving their potential and
                    Majesty, The Queen.                   develop the role of District Staff Officers”.
     He also designed the
     large blue and gold                                  SCC Listings
     “Nelson” sundial in                                                         Previous Rank /   New Rank /
     front of the old post                                Name and location      designation       designation
     office in Chatham,                                   Lt Cdr John Bartlett   Deputy District
     which ‘tracks’ the                                   West Kent              Officer           Retired
     Battle of Trafalgar and indicates the time of                                                 Deputy
     Nelson’s death on that fateful day.                                                           District
     Other prestigious commissions he has                 S/Lt Stephen Small     Commanding        Officer West
                                                          Medway Towns           Officer           Kent
     filled are:
             National Maritime Museum                     CPO Buck
                                                          Buckingham                               Officer in
             Merchant Adventurers Hall (York)             Medway Towns           1st Lt            Charge
             The Tower of London                          Lt Dierdre Lorimer     Commanding        Junior Cadet
Colour                                                    Maidstone              Officer           Instructor
Sergeant                                                                                           Officer in
                                    Drillie               CPO Nick Gilks                           Charge
“Are your
hands cold                          “No! I broke a nail   London Area            London Area       Maidstone
Sailor”?                            and now the whole     CPO James
                                    hand looks a          Groves                 Chief Petty       Sub
                                    mess”                 Tunbridge Wells        Officer           Lieutenant
                                                                                 Area              Commanding
                                                          Lt Cdr Keith Fuller    Investigations    Officer
                                                          Southern Area          Team              Westerham
                                                          S/Lt John Ingram                         1ST Lt
                                                          Westerham              CO Westerham      Westerham
                                                      EAST KENT DISTRICT
                                                          SEA CADETS
                                                     MESS DINNER & DANCE
                                                                  02 MAY 2009
                                                                           Galleon Suite,
Social and spectator events                                               The Marine Hotel,
                   EK Band Competition                                       Tankerton,
Sun   19/04/2009   Whitstable                                               Whitstable,
Fri   24           National Drill & Piping                                 Kent CT5 2BE
Sat   25/04/2009   Competition
Sun   26           HMS Raleigh                        For only £25 per person
Sat   02/          Sea Cadet Fest                Cheques (payable to East Kent Sea Cadets)
Sun   03/05/2009   Lakeside                    Costs include 3-course Dinner, coffee, a glass of
                   EK Mess Dinner / Dance          Port for the toasts, free raffle and a disco.
Sat   02/05/2009   Tankerton                   Rig 2B with miniature medals, Civilians Black
                                                               Tie, Evening Dress
                   EK Golf Challenge
                                                    Muster 19.00hrs for Dinner 19.30 hrs
Sat   09/05/2009   Venue TBC
                                                              (Mess rules will apply)
                   EK Power Handling
                                                 Closing date is strictly Sunday 19 April 2009
                                              For more information and to book please contact
Sun   10/05/2009   Ramsgate
                                                      Lt Cdr (SCC) Allan Robbins RNR
                   MSSC Golf Day                      27 Selsea Avenue
Wed   03/06/2009   Liphook                            Herne Bay
                   Kent Branch MSSC meeting           Kent
Wed   03/06/2009   Teynham                            CT6 8SB
                   EK Pulling Regatta                 01227 362215 (H)
Sat   06/          EK Sailing Regatta       
Sun   07/06/2009   Herne Bay
                   WK Pulling Regatta
Sun   07/06/2009   LABS
                   KBMSSC Ferry Trip
Wed   10/06/2009   Dover
                   WK Sailing Competition
Sat   13/06/2009   Sheerness
                   WK Canoeing
Sun   14/06/2009   Sheerness
                   EK Canoe Regatta
Tue   16/06/2009   Venue TBC
                   KBMSSC Cocktail Party
Fri   26/06/2009   Chatham
                   Armed Forces Day
Sat   27/06/2009   Chatham
Mon   29/06/2009   New Romney Unit
Do you have an event that you would like
to publicise?
Then why not send it to The County Signal
and we will include it in our ‘COMING
SOON’ section
The Editor (The County Signal)
11 Beatty Avenue
Kent ME7 2BZ
Or email:
Tel: 07714 158754
Deadline for items to include in the next
issue will be Wednesday 3rd June 2009
             Congratulations          to        Canterbury Unit needs your
             Kent Branch Member Cathryn         support
             Spain who was recently             Canterbury Sea Cadets is currently raising
             appointed to the post of           money towards the building of a new unit
             Medway     Ports   Harbour         headquarters., The lease on the current
             Master.                            site in Puckle Lane expired In March 2009
                                                and the location has been earmarked for
Cathryn lives in Hollingbourne with her
                                                housing development the unit have been
partner and daughter.
                                                offered a new site on the Vauxhall Road,
Having spent many years at sea with
                                                next to the river Stour.
various companies she came ashore to
start her family and went to work for
Medway Ports as Deputy Harbour Master.

              Dane, Jesper Kjaedegaard,
              a Non Executive Director
              of The Maersk Company             The new unit will be large enough to
              Ltd. Became the first Non         accommodate a substantial increase in
              British President of the          numbers. It will also include a large car
              Chamber of Shipping at their      park/ drill area, camping area to allow use
              AGM on 2 April.                   of the local woods for day walking. There
During his inaugural speech he said,            will also be a launch site for the units
“There is a real risk that some ship-owners,    canoes and small sailing boats, this will
operating in financial survival mode, may       allow the cadets to utilise the location next
resort to spending shortcuts which could        to the water.
compromise safety. In my view, this would
be both madness and bad business. The           Included in the new site plan is a canoe
human, environmental and economic costs         centre facility which will be open to the
of an incident are too high for any sensible    public.
shipowner to contemplate making cutbacks
that affect safety – even in these difficult    Fundraising is well underway. Any
times”.                                         donations would be gratefully received
                                                and should be made to Canterbury Sea
Around 90% of world trade is carried by the     Cadets.
international      shipping         industry.
Without shipping the import and export of       Donations to be sent to Ms J Rohan, C/o 7
goods on the scale necessary for the            The Oaks, Hersden, Canterbury. CT3 4HN
modern world would not be possible.
There are around 50,000 merchant ships          Just as importantly though is the search for
trading internationally, transporting every     a project manager to make it happen.
kind of cargo. The world fleet is registered    The role is a voluntary one but requires
in over 150 nations, and manned by over a       someone with a good knowledge and
million seafarers of virtually every            experience of project management within a
nationality.                                    new build. This includes planning,
                                                fundraising, and building supervision from
Shipping based in Kent has not been             foundations to handover.
immune to the economic downturn and at
least one officer cadet training company        For more information contact Jo Rohan, C/o
based in Kent is expecting to reduce it’s       7 The Oaks, Hersden, Canterbury CT3
placement by around 25% in 2009.                4HN or email:
EAST KENT TO BRISTOL                                 Thursday provided a visit to the Royal Marine
                                                     museum at Eastney with opportunities for all to
A WEEK IN DEEPEST                                    have a taste of Royal Marine Commando
PORSTMOUTH                                           training.
Deputy District Officer (East Kent) Lt Cdr Kevin     Then a spot of retail therapy at Gun Wharf
Martin organised a week of fun and activity in       shopping centre, I don’t know who enjoyed this
Portsmouth during April.                             more, Cadets or staff.
23 Adult Instructors and 60 Cadets from New          Then Friday took them back home to reality
Romney, Faversham, Folkestone, Margate,              and some serious washing for Mum or Dad.
Ramsgate, Dover and Ashford all messed on                       Article supplied by Lt Mike Goodwin
HMS Bristol based in Portsmouth for a week
packed with interesting visits and fun activities.                                MEDWAY
                                                                                  GO APE AT
          HMS Daring (Grey Funnel Line)
                                                     Over the Easter weekend on the Saturday; an
On offer to the cadets was a mixed program of        intrepid, but wary group of Cadets and Staff
outings, boating and some free time activity.        made their way to Leeds Castle, Maidstone for
After the cadets were split were into watches, it    an unknown adventure through the trees.
was time to get on with the business of the          When I say through the trees, I mean through
week. First on the agenda was a harbour trip to      the tree-tops.
see the Royal Navy at close quarters. The            The experience is described as being a 'high-
highlight of the outing being the Royal Navy’s       wire forest adventure'. That means giant
newest warship. The type 45 Destroyer HMS            obstacle courses up in the trees using ladders,
Daring                                               walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood,
                                                     rope and super strong wire and topped off with
Seeing this new ship along side the rest of the      the country's best zip lines.
fleet was quite an experience. Whilst passing        The organisers take safety extremely seriously
along a row of Destroyers, it was pointed out        and ensure everyone who visits Go Ape
that there was a US warship moored with the          knows what they’re doing and has the skills to
RN ships. An excited cadet asked which one?          complete a course without putting themselves
To which one of the Instructors answered, ”The       or anyone else in danger.
grey one”. Which gave rise to some smiles and        They were given a half-hour safety briefing by
no little Mickey taking                              one of the qualified instructors. They learnt to
                                                     try out the obstacles at low levels, and get to
                                                     grips with the equipment.
                                                     They were kitted out with harnesses, pulleys
                                                     and caribinas and then let loose into the forest
Other attractions visited by the Cadets, during      canopy.
the week included HMS Dolphin, HMS Victory,
the Motor Museum at Beauly                           After approximately two and a half hours they
                                                     returned from the course. They were all tired,
                               Wednesday was         some were bruised, but all said it was an
                               taken up with         experience not to be missed.
                               boating, though
                               by     now    the
                               weather was also
                               starting        to
                               change and was
                               decidedly colder      Article courtesy of MTSC Website
Whitstable hosts                   District       Junior Sea Cadets
Band Contest                                                   Drill Competition

Sunday 19th April saw the largest District Band   Before the Band Competition the venue also
Contest in several years with entries from Five   played host to the East Kent Junior Sea Cadet
Unit Bands and Two Solo Entries from other        Drill Competition.
The day went very well and a large crowd          Competition organiser & Deputy District Officer
gathered to watch an excellent display and a      Lt Cdr Kevin Martin said to the Cadets “the
variety of different styles.                      standard each year improves and this year was
Entries were:                                     no exception”.
LC Phillip Webb              - Whitstable*
AC James Goldsmith           - Ashford

LC Samuel Martin          - Ramsgate
AC Sam Thomas             - Herne Bay
AC Phillip Evenden        - Dover
AC James Reid             - New Romney
POC Michael Collar        - Whitstable*
AC James Goldsmith - Ashford
TS TRIUMPH                   - Herne Bay*
TS LYNX                      - Dover
TS INVICTA                   - Folkestone
TS VETERAN                   - New Romney
TS VIGILANT                  - Whitstable*
* = Contest winner
               The sun shone through for most
               of the afternoon and everyone
               thoroughly enjoyed the event.
               Whitstable’s     Parents      &    If you have any news or ideas for an article to
               Supporters Association Aided by    go into the SIGNAL contact:
               the Unit Chair Dawn Craven
                                                  The Editor (The County Signal)
               provided a constant flow of hot
               and cold drinks and snacks. I      11 Beatty Avenue
               understand the cake stall was      Gillingham
               very popular.                      Kent ME7 2BZ
                                                  Or email:
                                                  Tel: 07714 158754

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