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                                                                                                            stan musial
     Stan Musial   stan musial
                   Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010 8:39 AM                                                Google Search

                                                                                      Stan Musial, a

                                                                                      member of the          Categories
                                                                                      Baseball Hall of

                                                                                      F a m e ,   w a s

                                                                                      presented also

                                                                                      presented with the

                                                                                      Medal of Honor on

                                                                                      Tuesday. When he

                                                                                      resided in the

                                                                                      White House,

                                                                                      George H. W. Bush

                                                                                      kept his George

                   McQuinn model first baseman glove in his desk drawer.

                   Once, when a gaggle of sports journalists dropped by to talk baseball, he took out

                   the glove and displayed it. After that, it was always comforting to think that this

                   very busy man had the option of pounding his left fist into the pocket, as an outlet.

                   “Those of us who know him know, this is a gentleman,”  President Obama said

                   during the ceremony in the East Room. Then, in a semiquizzical voice, the 44th

                   president described how the 41st president, at 85, “decided to jump out of


                   All three have played for championships. Musial won three of the four World Series

                   he played in, and Russell won 11 championships in 13 seasons in the N.B.A. And

                   George H. W. Bush played in two championship games in the College World Series,

                   losing to California in 1947 and to Southern California in 1948.

                   How does it feel to be honored along with those two other athletes? “I don’t know

                   if I’m in their league,” Bush said, modest as ever.

                   There was one baseball glove at the ceremony, which honored poets and artists,

                   activists and philanthropists. The glove belonged to Senator Richard J. Durbin,

                   Democrat of Illinois, who displayed a childlike smile not often seen on public

                   servants’ faces in these cranky times.

                   “I grew up in East St. Louis,” he said. “When I was 10 years old, I got a Rawlings

                   special, a Stan Musial model.” He waved the small glove, still relatively supple, with

                   the new silver trace from a felt pen — the beautiful signature of Stan Musial, just

                   applied in person.

                   Sports are important enough to bring that smile of memory to family and friends

                   and admirers. Sports count in a different way from the ultimate sacrifice paid by

                   Dr. Thomas Emmett Little, who was honored posthumously, after being murdered

                   while volunteering eye care to the people of Afghanistan in 2010. Sports do not

                   exactly measure up against the bravery of Representative John Lewis, Democrat

                   of Georgia, who was beaten during the civil rights era. But both big-time athletes

                   honored Tuesday made their stands in their own ways.

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