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                                          Table of Contant
                    Besic Understanding of Google Adwords

                    Step by step setup your Google adword account within 15 minutes

                    Know about your earnings and How..
Google adword secret
                    Tricks of Google ranking with less money.

                    Conversion Rates From PPC Search Engine

                    Finding more and cheap Popular keywords

                    Do's and Don'ts with Google Search

                    Techniques about Earn More Money

                    How to Improve your website visiblility
Important issue's
                    People who bid too high are stupid .......or not!

                    Do not let your ads get down!

                    If you are getting too much traffic, you are doing something

                    Don't be afraid to miss a part of the market

              Besic Understanding of Google Adwords make clickbank account
       Welcome and Congratulations to purchasing
Here's all you need to get start immediately:-

1. Basic adword Guide.
2. One computer with 56kbps Internet Connection.
3. A credit card for join\sign up with(only $5) Google adword account.
4. A few hours time to filling your forms.

1. Basic adword Guide:-
Before setting up your own programs, You should read and all of the examples. As you
read, You may be tempted to jump ahead and start on a Google adword immediately. This is
understandable because it is learn and earn.

2. Read the entire this guide first! And then go for it!
When reading, make sure that you are connected to the internet so that you can follow the ebook links.

3. Let’s start ….
  One of the hottest topics in internet marketing right now is Google Adwords (account opening
charge $5), The pay for perfomance advertising attached to Google's search engine results.The
purpose of this bookis to describe what Adwords is ,and then to give you some powerfull tips to ensure
that when you launch an Adwords campaign you do it right process.This will include suggestions for
minimizing costs while maximizing results, selecting effective and compelling keywords, optimal
placement of ads and testing strategies. Before reading this book you should have a basic
understanding of adwords =the tips and startegies that we discuss will then help you make you
campaigns much more effective.

The adwords work is very simple. Type in a search terms(called -Keyword)
on Google and a set of unbiased results show up on the left side of the screen ranked in
priority order. For some terms You will also notice ads on the right side of the result- as a
Sponsored links ,These are Adwords ads.

AdWords realy the fastest way to bring new customers to a cash-hungry business.
Now! No need to say here, so you can make profit immediatley form using google adword.

                              Page 2 .
         Step by step setup your GOOGLE ADword account within 15 minutes
Now you are probably more than eager to start making money with your new account! In this section
you will learn how and where to write ads for The google adword income and in general...
we suggest that you sign up for a Google AdWords account. As Google says, "all it takes is $5 and 15
minutes to open a new account." we have found that Google AdWords is the best place for new
members to start because it's easy to use and often results in profits being made your first day!
We'll talk about those other issues later, so for now let's look at how to open your Google AdWords
You might want to watch the signup demo before getting started. It is a flash (movie) presentation, and shows
you the steps to sign up for your AdWords account. Whtch it only-How to set up
As soon as you're ready to sign up for your account, go to the AdWords home page...
(Remember that you will have to signup through this link to get Google Adwords Account)

You will see a welcome page...

                                  Page 3.
Click on the..
Target your ads .Get Google Adwords. to begin setting up your account. The next screen will look
something like this...

                   Click the ‘Sign up now’Button

          press the Standard Edition
          On the next screen...
                                  Page 4.
Choose the English language, unless you are fluent in another language and would like to write ads in
that language in addition to English. Select the "Countries and territories" option. Click the button to
continue. The next screen will look like this...

You want to advertise to the whole world. Therefore, remove any individual countries from the selection
box. Then add the selecting good countries like -USA ,UK ,CANADA, CHINA,HONG
KONG,ITLY,FRANCE,GERMANY,AUSTRALIA,BRAZIL,TAIWAN etc... option to the selection box.
Click to continue.The next screen will look like this...
                                 Page 5.
This is where you write your first ad! Write a catchy headline, and a short ad which should be intended
to make people want to visit your website. (you can visit the "Ready Ads" to see some examples of
good ads for you to use.) Google has some editorial guidelines that must be followed, such as no
misspellings, or no obscenity, etc. Don't worry about it now though; if your ad doesn't meet a certain
guideline, Google will let you know.
After you write the first ad, you need to enter the URL. A URL is simply a website address. For the
"Display URL", enter the website address of your website. For example:
Now for the important part: the "Destination URL". Remember your personal hoplink ?
( You will need that webpage url now. This is how you get all credit for the
ads you made!
Whatever you do, make sure you enter the full webpage address into the "Destination URL" without the
http://. You need to use the full and correct URL so you get credit and earning for the first ad example.

                 Copy and paste this Ready Your first Adword ad ....

   A picture of a form is included below, it is simply 3 - 4 lines of information. Again we
provide all the data needed in your google falsh movie guide along with easy to follow
instructions, its so easy anyone can work entering data. Some members can't believe they
are earning for simply copying information from members area. -for example

After you've finished writing the ad and entering your webpage address, click to continue...
                                 Now select your given keywords...
High profitable Keywords: Always remember These keywords not a keyword only ! This
keywords who bring your Huge profit, so Please do not try another keyword for it without
any here to Download your all relevant keyword (150 effective keyword )

  select your all keyword set to MAX CPC : $0.3 To all keywords, apply for all search
engine pay per click (Google ,Yahoo ,msn ,overture etc)account.

                          Enter your daily Budget and maximum CPC $ 0.3 only

                                  Page 7.
Click to continue.....

     check your all setups ...then continue

    If you have a G -Mail account you can start your earnings immediately and if you haven't the G-Mail
    account you could be start next day or it will be take open your account more then 24 hrs.
    Best of all you should be create your G-Mail account its free to open .please click to
    and open your mail account.Then you submit your all setup proceed steps


                                  Page 8.
Now your google Adword account looks like....

 after setup your account your ads start and visible immediately (within 10 min) to the Google search engine
 First page to after typing your one of given keyword .For example figure

                          Know about your earnings and How..
New   beginner start with this goal in mind......
The goal of any business, including your affiliate business --is to maximize Profit .
Profit is simply your INCOME minus your expenses.
As an affiliate ,there are exactly two ways to increase your INCOME (i.e., the amount of money
your business makes)

  1) Refer more visitors to the merchants that you represent.
  2) Increase the Conversion Rate (i.e., the percent of visitors that you refer to your merchant....
      visitors who deliver the response for which the merchant pays, whether that's a sale ,or a lead,etc)

Simple formula ,right? If you refer 100 visitors per day to a merchant and 3% transaction ,you get paid
that three transaction. But if you send 1,000 visitors per day and 6% buy, you get paid for 60 Transaction.

  Yes, sixty times more! So it's pretty clear how to maximize your INCOME! ($65,000/mo)*
    That's call “Google easy Money”
    Google easy money is the first choice and most desired topics and hot information form among 56,000
    people are benefit and surveyed!
    What this means is that if you had your choice of anything to sell on the internet , an 'google easy
    money' would be perhaps the biggest seller in internet marketing.That so could make you very very rich

  We believe that our Affiliates deserve the majority bulk of the income produced from sales made
  on their part. This is an easy way, making just 10 Transaction per day, to increase your monthly revenue
  by $10924.50 per month, which is easily attainable.

                                                                       * Not to be construed as an assurance of earnings.
 How Much Can You Make? (Based on Regular memberships)
 We pay huge 75% commission or earn Upto $35.25 each and every time you sell it to
them ! Convertion retio up to 1:20 (That mean per 20 clicks 1 guarnteed sale ). You will
receive affiliate payments every 2 weeks in your postal address We bring you more money! And more ..we
give you direct instructions on how to get going right way, so you can be selling by Tonight!

  A simple all statistics is Given below :

             sales per day                      Monthly Income                      Yearly Income

        1. per day one transaction               $1092.75                             $13113
        2. per day three transaction             $3278.25                             $39339
        3. per day five transaction              $5463.75                             $65565
        4. per day ten transaction               $10924.5                             $131130
        5. per day 15 transaction                $16391.25                            $196695

But as i promised, There is a special setion in this ebook that shows you even more amazing ways
(secrets ,tips ,tricks,avoid mistakes ,what not to do with google adwords and much much more)you can
 get started selling the “Google Easy Money”in this ebook and more ,So be sure to read it carefully!when
 you setup your adword account please immediately Log on to us :

we will tell you how to setup your free money making website after setup your account.


   Please note that some basic understanding of the Internet marketing in general
   and knowledge of google

   Adwords in particular are required in order for the technique to make sense.

          CTR – click through ratio
          CPM - cost per thousand {impressions}
          PPC - pay per click
          ROI – return on investment
          SERP – search engine result page
          USP - unique selling proposition

                                    Google adword secrets

Tricks of Google ranking with less money.

  Adwords can be a very effective marketing tool for reaching your target audience in a cost effective
   manner. However,you have to be VERY careful when you set up your campaign. Do the wrong thing and
  you may SEVERELY limit your ability to get good placement for your ads in the future. And of course,
  you want to find a way to pay the least amount possible per click to get the highest return.
             1.Identify your advertising goals.
             2.Organize your account for maximum effectiveness.
             3.Choose relevant keywords and sites.
             4.Create straightforward, targeted ads.
             5.Optimize your website for conversions.
             6.Track your account performance.
             7.Test and modify your campaigns to get the results you want.

Step 1: Your minimum CPC bid - What's the minimum amount I'll pay?

 Enter your maximum CPC bid: When you first submit your keywords, you also provide a maximum cost
-per-click bid (CPC bid). This is the maximum amount you're willing to pay for an ad click for your keyword.
 Meet the minimum CPC bid: The system evaluates all keywords in your account and uses the resulting
 Quality Score to assign a minimum CPC bid for each keyword. This is the minimum amount you'll pay for
 your ad to run. If your keyword's maximum CPC bid meets or exceeds the minimum, your ad is eligible to
 enter the ad auction.
Why do I need to be eligible to compete in the ad auction?
Eligibility is the first step required to compete in the auction for a keyword. You'll need to meet the minimum
CPC bid to be eligible, and keywords with a higher Quality Score will be eligible to enter the auction more
easily and at a lower cost.

 Our goal is to encourage relevant ads for our users, so our pricing to favor more relevant ads and keywords
(and therefore, higher Quality Scores). A low Quality Score means the system has determined that your ad
 isn't very relevant for the keyword and is likely to perform poorly. This means keywords with a low Quality
Score will require a higher minimum CPC bid to enter the ad auction, while keywords with high Quality
Scores will let you pay less to enter the auction.

Remember, with Google AdWords, you have a unique advantage: The more you optimize your ad campaigns,
the more you can improve their quality and your return on investment.

Notes :Being eligible for the auction doesn't guarantee that your ad will actually appear. Other factors can
      influence this result, such as your budget or your ad's approval status.

Your actual CPC will be determined each time one of your keyword's enters the auction (every search for the
keyword). The AdWords Discounter monitors your competition and automatically reduces your actual CPC
so you pay the lowest price possible for your ad's position on the page.

Step 2: Your keyword status - Is my ad running?

When our system evaluates your keywords and maximum CPC bid it assigns your keywords an ongoing
 keyword status. This status determines your ad's eligibility to run in the ad auction: whether your keyword is
eligible to trigger ads on search pages.

Active: Your ad is eligible to run in the search ad auction (your maximum CPC bid is above the minimum
        CPC bid required).                Page
                                    click on the - Edit keyword setting

Inactive for search: Your ad isn't eligible to run on Google or our search network partners (your maximum
CPC bid is below the minimum).
 To activate a keyword that is inactive for search, you'll need to either increase your Quality Score with
 optimization or increase your maximum CPC bid. We want to give users a positive ad experience while
 keeping your costs low, so we encourage you to try optimizing your account before paying more.

                                          Place your new lower bid

 Notes:Other factors such as your ad's approval status or budget can affect your ad's eligibility status. This
      status can also change over time as our system evaluates your ad's performance. (Learn more about
      every keyword status.)
      Can't see your ad? Find out why.

                                       Click on the -Save changes

Step 3: Your ad's rank - What's my ad's position?

Your ad rank defines your position on a page after the ad auction.

 For the search network, this placement is defined by your every keyword's Quality Score and maximum CPC
 bid.The Quality Score used in this case differs slightly from the keyword Quality Score used to determine
 your ad's minimum CPC bid requirement:
 For defining minimum CPC bid requirements and your overall keyword quality within AdWords, your
Quality Score evaluates your keyword's clickthrough rate (CTR) and the relevance of the keyword, your ad's
text, and landing page.

For ad ranking, our system evaluates how well your ad has performed in relation to a user's specific query.
Our system therefore considers your keyword's CTR, ad text relevance, and your keyword's relevance in
relation to a user's search query.
For the content network, the system considers your maximum CPC bid (or the ad group's content bid if this
is enabled), the ad's performance history on the site and similar sites, and the relevance of the ad's landing

 To help improve your ad's position, you'll need to improve your ad rank. To do that, you'll need to either
 increase your Quality Score with optimization or increase your maximum CPC bid. Again, we want to give
users a positive ad experience while keeping your costs low, so we hope you'll try optimizing your account
before increasing your maximum CPC bid.

                                             Inactive mode


Are there any studies, opinions or predictions on the cost difference in relationship to number of
sales vs the cost of being ranked 1, 2, 3, etc on Google ? Such as Rank 1 costs 0.50/click, Rank 2
$0.45, Rank 3 $0.40, Rank 4 $0.3.

I'm glad you asked this question.

The Google bidder in position #1 for a specific term, will almost always draw more clicks than any
other listing. But the ROI from those #1 clicks is lower than the ROI if the same listing appeared, at
the same price, as listing #2.

I call this the "idiot click" problem, although a fairer term might be the "lazy searcher" problem.

The most extreme example I can offer is someone who searches for "Lolita" because they are looking
for kiddie porn. The first listing (at one time) was a one-cent-per-click bid by, which
sells movie posters and stocked the movie poster for the film "Lolita." The listing title was "Buy
'Lolita' Movie Poster from MovieGoods' and the description was "MovieGoods stocks 77,000 movie
posters, celebrity photos, and movie memorabilia, including movie posters from the film 'Lolita.' "

None of the kiddie-porn seekers read the title: they just went ahead and clicked on the first link,
discovered it was a page selling movie posters, and abandoned the site. We drew about 100 clicks per
day, at a cost of $1 per day, from this one search term, and of course nobody bought anything. We
deleted that listing.

 Now, move on to a more practical example: MovieGoods sells movie posters, and thus it should not
surprise anyone that it bids on the search term "movie posters." When I first launched the
MovieGoods campaign at Google (in early 2004), I bid on that term at various rates from $0.05 to
$0.85, and the bid needed to hold the #1 position varied from $0.29 to $0.86.

                      You can download and use this varied Bids Keywords:

One issue is that during the course of a day, our $0.33 bid might be in the #1 position for a while, and
then someone outbid us and we found ourselves in #2 and as new bids come in we might get pushed
down to #2 or #3. Thus, it's hard to know what position the term was in, when it was clicked.

But over time, I was able to analyze the difference from being in position #1 vs. #2 or #3 or "lower."
And because of the "idiot click" problem, I found that we could actually bid HIGHER for position #2
than for position #1.

I can't share the "actual" figures, but here are some "ballpark" numbers that show the analysis.

First and foremost, my goal was to acquire customers through Google while spending no more than
20% of gross sales on our bids. Thus, if I bid $0.33 per click, I had to be confident that on average,
each clickthrough would generate $1.66 in sales -- or as a practical matter, if we paid $0.33 per click
and our average Google-driven transaction was $47.00, we had to see one sale from every 20 clicks).

If the MovieGoods listing appeared in position #1, we drew a lot more clicks, but the conversion rate
was below 4%, or about 1 in 23 clicks. At that price, assuming an average transaction size of $47, we
could only afford to bid $0.33 per click to hold position #1 at Google. At any higher bid price, we did
not generate enough sales to justify the spending. But if the MovieGoods listing appeared in position
#2, our conversion rates were higher. We drew fewer clicks (and spent less money at Overture as a
result), but instead of converting 1 out of 20 clickthroughs into sales, we converted about 1 in 18
clickthroughs to sales. As a result, we could profitably spend $0.43 cents per clickthrough to be in
position #1, but if the #1 bidder dropped out, we had to lower our bid so we were either in position #2
again, or in #1 at $0.33 or less.

So to sum up: we could profitably pay up to 43 cents per click for ANY position other than #1, but we
could only pay up to 33 cents per click for the #1 position at Google . (The math has changed since
early 2004, and since I quit as Chief Strategist at MovieGoods, I don't have access to the current
numbers, but it appears that the company is bidding a little bit higher.)

Naturally, every type of search term will work differently. For example, MovieGoods sells movie
posters, and sometimes bids at Overture on "movie titles" or "actor/actress names" (e.g. "Star Wars"
or "Sandra Bullock"). For those terms, we almost never wanted to be in position #1 because most
people who search for those terms are not looking for movie posters, and we absolutely did not want
any "idiot clicks."

However, when bidding on a more specific term like "Star Wars movie poster" or "Fred McMurray
pictures," MovieGoods is comfortable as the #1 bidder because the search term indicates a strong
interest in the stuff MovieGoods actually sells.

At the opposite extreme, we found that if we bid for any position, even at one cent per click, on terms
like "movie review" or "movie trailer," the bid was unprofitable.

Another way of looking at this is to admit that MovieGoods' products are "bought, not sold." If
someone is looking for information about the Spider-Man movie, it's quite unlikely that we can
convince them to buy the Spider-Man movie poster -- we just can't "sell" well enough to justify
bidding aggressively on the movie title alone.

However, is someone searches for "Spider-Man movie poster," then they are showing a strong
"buying" interest and so we want to appear highly-ranked in response to that search phrase (currently
I see MovieGoods is bidding $0.16 and is in position #2 for that search term at Google).

Some people are confused because they look at traffic levels. For the same search term, a 43-cent bid
for position #1 might draw 500 clicks per day, while a 42-cent bid for position #2 might draw only 220
clicks. But the real measure is the "cost per dollar of profit," which should be less than a dollar. Most
of us use a surrogate, such as "cost per dollar of sales" (and at MovieGoods, my benchmark was that I
could spend only 20 cents per dollar of sales generated, assuming an average 20% profit margin, which
of course was unfair since some products had higher margins and some loss leaders had less margin).

Finally, when "managing" your Google campaigns, it's important to use your titles and descriptions
not only to "sell" or "encourage" clicks, but also to "pre-qualify" clicks. Including price information,
or the word "buy," will discourage clicks from people looking for cheap or free stuff (but in position
#1 you'll still get those "idiot clicks").

 And since not all of Google's partners display the complete title or the complete description, it's
important to put that pre-qualifying language at the beginning, not the end, of your title or

Finding more cheap and Popular keywords

  Keywords are very important in internet marketing because it allows marketers to know what people
  search. As we all know ,That kind of information is worth a lot.
  The off line affiliate can also benefit form Knowing what people want on the Internet because it provides
  an insight into consumer desires and requirements.

 Search engines are the best source of information for finding popular relevant keywords because Internet
 users use Google search engins to find information. Googel search engines LOG all the search statistics
 and they have all the information they have collected form billions of searches over the past few months.

 Some of the search engines do offer tools to provide this information. The most popular among these is
 the Google users keyword suggestion tool .......Try it and apply it

  Keyword search:

  Keyword Elite:

Do's and Don'ts with google search

Do build a quality website that features real content.
  The internet was built to deliver information, hence the term “Information Highway.”
  people are looking for real information to make informed decisions about your products
  and services. Fill your salon website with useful content ,and you will achieve high ranking.
  You can get the your own website :

Do create an Internet marketing plan and budget – and stick to it.
  Successful day spas and salons earn hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars by using effective
  online marketing. For as little as $20 -$100 per month ,you will attract hundreds of visitors to
  your website.

Do submit your website to several search engines and directories.
  Select those that work with your budget , and manually submit using the guidelines posted on
  each site.

Do moniter your search positioning.
  Observe pay -per- click ad campaign carefully but DON'T get into bidding wars for search terms
  that you can't afford. Stick to your budget, and make search terms work for you . Concentrate on
  low cost keyword phrases that describe your website. I mean Get creative.

Do seek professional assistance.
  Professional search Engine Marketing(SEM) improves your chances of getting your website right
  the first time. Professional SEM saves you lots of time and money leaving you free to do what
  you do best - run your business forever.

Don't use professionals who promise High Rankings.
  Your ranking is dynamic. Search engine algorithms change frequently and what works today may not
  work tomorrow . Ethical practitioners know this and won't make promises about top positions. The
  goal of search engine positioning should be a high return on your Internet marketing dollars. Not
  necessarily achieving the number one or two spot on search engines.

Don't use tricks with search engines.
  Do it your selfers and unscrupulous professionals are constantly trying to find ways to “trick” search
  engines.All tricks are eventually discovered and damage your ranking. Google has been known to ban
  websites that use spam or pop ups or tricks such as doorway pages. If anyone tells there is a shortcut or
  tricks, Steer clear.

Don't make another Google adword account with the same credit card
  When google will know that you will be ban for life. And you got letter form google, like this --' This
  advertisement is no longer run for life '.

Don't voilation of editoreal guideline of google search engine.
  If you voilation of google adwords Editoreal guideline including URL may be ban forever .

Don't use software to BULK submit to search engines.
  They simply don't work. Follow the guideline set out by each search engine and directory.
  Don't use websites that claim they will submit to thousands of search engine for a nominal fee.
  They may submit to thousands, but your website won't get into the important engines that were
  referenced earlier.You need to Manually submit. There is no shortcut.

Techniques about Earn More Money
 Here is more techniques for earn More money(probably the most important one)

 You always need to test your new ads ,products ,sales letters and resource ads for the highest
  conversion quality leads.In other words, It is better to fail fast than to drag a poor offering forever.
 In my situation, There are only two practical ways to apply this principle to work:

    I could run email campaigns for the past customers (customers who bought more than once and
    who bought a lot would be even better)
    I could utilize a source of fresh, Highly targeted traffic.

 Setup a email campaign click here :                             or

 One of the most valuable assets of any business is its customer base . Your customer base. Your
 customer base is not something you want to mess with.Imagine how high the unsubscribe rate of the
 list would be if you started running 2-6 test mailings per day for your past customer!
 Even if you forget about people who unsubscribe , wasting the time of your customers-- people who
 trusted you and your offering – by turning them into test subjects is simply not a nice thing to do .It
 is a sure way to ruin all your future attempts at the back end marketing with those who did not

 Set up a site (blog) to promote your affiliate product

 I suggested to my '' protege'' to set up a blogger blog, Because he would be up and running in less then
 10 minutes. Later, he can start a website on the subject.
 People love blogs and search engines as well. We completed that part successfully. Blogging is one of
 the best tools to bring thousands of visitors to your affiliate products. Do not set up another crappy blog
 on the web.... You will not be able to earn a long term income this way . Rather, focus on quality post
 that will be useful for people in your niche or product.
 You can become a newsmaster. It's easy : Just head over Google news every morning and speak about
 the latest news . Your reader will see your blog as the most up to date in the industry and they will
 recommend it and spread the word. First post to the blog ( )
 He posted a simple welcome message, and explained the goal of this blog. Teach people how to speak
 french online and providing them free tips and reviews.
 I prefer wordpress to blogger, but for someone completely new to blogging and affiliate marketing ,
 blogger is just quicker to get started.

 Thought of the day : My ''protege'' is really starting from scratch, and he doesn't have any experience in
 internet and affiliate Marketing , but he is learning very fast .It's going better than I expected, because
 he already understood all the process.

 I hope he will make his first affiliate commissions in less than 2 days , and we will try our best to do it in
 less than time. Stay tuned, we have many things to do.........

That's the second – best option ,Using Googel adword PPC traffic.A carefully palnned PPC campaign
 can bring highly targeted leads in a short amount of time.Since i use Adwords for testing ,I am a limited
 budget . This makes things a lot harder because my tests must be overall profitable. If i waste my budget
 ,I won't be able to test any more.

 At the same time ,.The fact that I am constantly testing implies that 90% of my efforts result in lossess.
 Since only about 10% of my tests turn out to be profitable, they must generate enough money to cover
 themselves and to cover all failed tests. If unlike me, You are planning on using Adwords to its fullest
 potential, This secret might very well save you a lot of time and money. It is simply a description of
 common patterns in successful test and techniques that i use forever.

How to Improve your website visiblility

First step:
  I use certain terms and abbreviations throughout this technique. Below, you can find a brief explanation
  of each of them.

          Google easy money – a hypothetical product
          Conversion ratio – how many people click on the ad and how many people who bought .(For
                    example:100 people click and 4 people bought your product .than your conversion ratio
                             is – 25:1 used in fine grained performance comparison testing)

  Also ,all targeted keyword are written in an italic style examples :

           google easy money – a search term
          ''google easy money''-a phrase match
          [google easy money]- an exact match

Second step:
  Let's say you have a direct competitor .That competitor is selling the same product at the same price to
  the same target audience ; therefore , both of you are bidding on the same keyword.
  Now ! The questions is :How do you make your advertising campaigns perform better than those of
  your competitor?
  I am not going to lengthy discussion on marketing and sales, but instead i will outline a few factors that
  make a winner in the Adwords game.As you go through the list , you will notice that some statements are
  just derivatives of previous statements combined with some common sense and backed up by testing.

          1.   Your ads need to rank as high as possible on the list ; above your competition if possible.
          2.   You need to pay as little as possible for each click , while ranking high.
          3.   Your targeting must be as strict and narrow as possible .
          4.   You need good ad copy to attract the 'right' audience.
          5.   Your ads must have high CTR.

  Keep those statements in mind while reading the rest of the report. Most of the content in the following
  sections expands on what I have just listed.

Third step:
  many people are afraid to miss a portion of the market .They try to be as general as they can afford when
  picking keywords. Such approach won't get you too far unless you have VC's millions for branding .On
  a small scale , the best way to compete is with many different specific terms.

 All it takes is a few bucks a day !

  Here is a basic plan :
1.Find a promising keyword.
2.Test and track to maximize your profit for this keyword( If you have your own web site ).
3.Narrow it down and split into multiple keywords if you have to .
4.Make this keyword / ad / sales copy combination produce $10/day of profit after all marketing expenses.
5.Wait for the local marketplace for that keyword to settle after your entry .
6.Learn and understand what you did and how you did it.
7.Rinse and repeat again and again.

     That's right ! All you need is $10 /day of profit per keyword. If you get 10 such keywords, That's
 make $100/day. And with 100 keywords make $1000/day.

Now the question is how do you find those keywords?
  I will referencea few tools that might help you brainstorm in a section called FINDING KEYWORD.
  For now ,let's just talk about the basic idea.

   Try to apply the concept of testing page attributes ( from the tracking section) to the keyword selection.
   You need to find many keyword and put them all in different ad groups of one test campaign.Also you
   abviously need different ad copies and tracking / landing URLs for each ad and keyword, Initially , you
   should set a low CPC and use broad matching terms.
   Start testing and tracking once you get some traffic.If you haven't made any sales yet then you must check
   your tracking data for micro – actions.For example: Keyword that generate more page views per unique
   visitor are more likely to become high producers once you start optimizing for them.

  After you have identified a few keywords that show promising result ,start working on them .
  For example: Let's say you have not made a single sale yet, but you found that an ad for the broad
                matching keyword { google easy money }produces highest number of page views per
                unique visitor.Next thing you should do is look at the tracking data for just this keyword
                google easy money.

  If you find that people who search for google money make it deeper into your site ,spend more time
  reading your content, Or go farther along your checkout process ,you start working on the narrower
  term google money.

  This becomes your new primary keyword
  You need to place it into a separate ad group with a separate set of ads and tracking URLs (a different
  URL for each ad copy )
  Once you have done that ,you need to increase the maximum CPC to get to the position 2 or 4 and let
  the games begin. Form this moment on, you have to keep an eye on your ROI and start optimizing
  your ads and your site for that particular keyword.

  Once of your ads must target the exact match [ google money] and nothing else.Using exact match will
  help your ads get higher CTR, and we know what that means, don't we?
  As for the broad and phrase matches, you need to create another ad group for the phrase match “google
  money” and the broad match google money , all while using separate tracking URLs.
  Increase your CPC a bit ,your maximum CPC should be higher for the phrase match. But not as high as
  what you have for the exact match. Don't forget to keep track of the micro -actions.

  This becomes the mini version of your original keyword test . But this time , the base for your new test is
  the term google money.
  Once you identify the winner here ,rinse and repeat.

 You can look at is as branching with one given path of :
 all initial keywords > '' google easy money '' > '' google money '' > ''easy money '' or whatever
 google easy money leads you to.

 Keep in mind , these directions will ruin you if you don't apply some common sense. Many keywords
 should be promoted without waiting for them to surface in your tracking ,while many others should be
 eliminated without even trying.

  There are circumstances when pushing broad matching alone proves to be more profitable,but don't
  forget to test and track your advertising efforts so you can base your decisions on a solid data and not
  on your gut feeling.

Forth step:

 Once you employ testing and tracking principles that i describe in the Tracking macro actions section,
 you should be able compete with your conversion ratio. In other words, you will be able to pay more
 per each click and rank higher on competitive terms, while still making profit.

 For now, let's talk about another factor that affects the position of your ads : CTR= click through ratio.

 Guys at Google have figured out a smart way to sell their inventory. They only care about cost per
 impression, be it CPM or any other measurement. In the other words, they don't care about your clicks
 , yet they want to get the most buck for the served search queries and display relevant offerings.

  It might sound a bit counter intuitive, but bear with me for a minute.
  I leave their Adsense service out of this report .you can start by disabling content sites in your Adwords
  account and later on figure out of you want to advertise on those sites or not.
  Anyway, let's get back to the deal with CPC and CTR.

  Let's take two ads, one with 5% CTR ( ad A) and another one with 1% CTR (ad B).
  If the ad A gets 5 clicks per 100 impressions and the ad B gets only one click, Google would charge the
  owner of the ad B five times more for the same ad position.
  Let's look at the numbers.
  If the owner of the ad A sets maximum CPC to 20 cents then Google would make $1 for each 100
  impressions ( more or less).
  100 impressions          5% CTR= 5 clicks *20 cents= $1

  At the same time, Google would have to change the owner of the ad B 1 dollar per click just to make
  the same amount of money.
  100 impression        1% CTR= 1click * $1 = $1

  It comes down to the same buck for Google per each 100 quries [impression]. So if you are the owner of
  the ad A , you only need to bid 21 cents to get ahead of the and B.

  Does it start to make sense ? Sounds good in theory?
  In reality, Google does seem to apply a damping factor to its calculations. I have no proof of that , Just
  a gut feeling.So if your CTR is 5 times higher than that of some other ad ,your CPC for the same ad
  position would not be 5 times lower. Still , even if it's just 2 times lower you win big!
  Combine lower cost for each click with a higher conversion ratio and you become unbeatable! Keep on
  reading to find out how to get and maintain high CTR for your ads.

Fifth step :

  low cost or high position Two words : impulse buying.
  When calculating your ROI , don't assume your conversion ratio will stay the some once the position
  of your ad has changed .Don't even assume that your average order size will stay the same.

Why would you get an order if your ad is nowhere near the top?
 Here are a few reasons that come to mind:
   1. Your sales pitch and the site layout made the visitor buy.
   2. All sites above yours did not offer what the visitor wanted.
   3. Other ads did not appeal to the visitor and did not grab his attention.
   4. The visitor checked other sites ,but your prices were lower.

 Well ,Reason # 1 sound warm, fuzzy and feeds your ago, but don't kid yourself. There is no way a visitor
 could have read your perfect sales pitch before he actually clicked on that ad down there ,In the no man's
 land.All your optimization efforts have minimal effect if you ad is not among the top few.

 Reason #2
 well , in that case, either the world is full of incompetent marketers or your visitor did not use the
 anticipated keywords. You should start testing as described in the Broad Matching or exact keyword?
 Both! Section . There is a chance that the keyword is a high-producer waiting to be discovered.

 If it turns out that the order was an isolated occurrence then don't waste your time with this keyword any
 longer. You can either take it off or leave it there and hope for more luck again.
 Thousands of bottom feeding keywords that seem to produce overall profit are nothing more than a bunch
 of ants carrying a piece of food together. While it might seem like they are working together on a
 common goal, It has been scientifically established that ants just pull the food each in their own directions
 what seems to be a result of a great collaboration is actually nothing more than a few ants on one end of
 the piece being a bit stronger than a few ants on the other end.

 what would happen if you removed the ants off the wrong side of the piece of food?
 -- The piece itself would move in the right direction must faster.

 What would happen if you removed half of your deadbeat(No click) keywords and spent that money on
 higher maximum CPC for the other half of your keywords?
 -- You would make more profit in a shorter period of time.

Reason #3
 Well, congratulations,.If that's the case, what is your ad doing down there?
 If you can't raise maximum CPC because your ROI would become negative then refine your keyword
 (delete poor and no clicks keywords). Assuming that your site is optimized, There is no other logical

Reason #4
 If you beat your competition with price and you got a visitor with an ad at a low position --

 You just got yourself one of those price conscious, value -oriented, hard core comparison shoppers,
 Good luck with your future back end market efforts as well as attempts to increase prices to make
 some real profit next time.

 I don't see anything wrong with using a bunch of bottom feeding keywords ,just don't let them stay
 that way. Try to grow and convert them to high producing keywords that are worth the time you spend.

 Don't forget one more important thing.
 Having your ads displayed among the top few makes you highly visible on Google partners' sites. So
 not only does your reach increase dramatically ,but the quality of traffic changes as well.
 For example: Yahoo has much more consumer oriented audience while the Google site is still utilized
 more by people who are looking for information.

People who bid too high are stupid .......or not!:
 When i just started using Adwords, I was really bothered by all those people who seemed to bid way to
  high and ruin it for everyone else, Including themselves.
 I mean , how could they possibly pay 75 % per click on the keyword I target, when I couldn't even pay
 40 and produce positive ROI ?
 Most likely they are just too stupid and are losing money!

 Well, guess what ?
 Some months and thousands of dollars later I realized something.
 Not all of them are stupid,On contrary, some of them are really smart.
 They know exactly what they are doing.They managed to get high conversion ratios and high CTR, so
 they are not losing money at all.
 High conversions allow them to pay more than I could afford for each click, and high CTR lets them
 occupy top spots for a much lower cost.

 The smart ones are not afraid to lose a general portion of a market in return for a dominance of a
 targeted portion.

  Let's see if we can identify the smart and the stupid for your keyword . Run a search for ''google easy
  money '' and note all ads that you see. This is your competition.

  Now try '' free google money '' and note which ads have disappeared.
  This is the semi serious part of your competition.They are most likely using broad matching with negative
  keywords and have enough common sense to block the word '' free '' you need to watch out for those
  guys, study their sites, and note their positions over time : they can copy your ideas form you .

  For the next step, do a search for '' google fkjdfld '' ( any set of random characters after your keyword).
  Those who are still here are either a division of some huge company with millions to spend or some
  small company that will soon no longer be there .In any case, don't pay too much attention to them.

  Those who did disappear are the pros .They are the ones you'll have to battle with .They are the ones
  you should copy ideas from. Note the disappeared ads and try to find them in order searches like
  '' google easy money '' , '' easy money '' etc.

   If you find an ad of a pro for another ( more specific) keyword, don't delay and start testing it . Most
   likely ,It has already been tested and it works. Study their sites. Those are the ones you should try to
   learn from.

Do not let your ads get down!:
 Sometimes, People don't remember where they saw something interesting . Instead, they remember how
 they got there .
 Hasn't it even happen to you ? You typed a query into your favorite search engine or followed a link off
 a site you frequent to find something that interested you.

 You looked at that interesting content > product > service for a bit , and then left that site to return to
 doing whatever it was you were doing.Some time later,you decided that now would be the appropriate
 time to evaluate that offering you saw, but you don't remember the address of a site or the name of the
 So what do you do? You repeat the steps that took you to that site the first time you visited.
 Once you see the search engine results or a page with a list of links, you immediately recognize the one
 you were looking for.

  It's like recalling where to turn off some street while driving, once you actually got to that turn and
  everything started to look familiar.

 Back to website .

 Think about the state of mind you are in just as you landed on the target page and realized that was it.
 Are you ready to inhale the content and seriously consider the offering?

 Do you may be feel a bit excited about being able to find this resource once again?

 Do you, for some strange reason, let your guards down and become more receptive to the information
 you read on that page?

    One more question:
How do you feel about losing such lead in that state of mind?

  Sucks, doesn't it?
  That's what you are doing when you set a low limit on your campaign budget.

  The point is:
  Once you have found a producing combination of keywords, web copy and ad text – keep your ad in
  place no matter what!

  Well, assuming you get positive ROI , otherwise , I would not call it a producing combination.

   I know that I have talked about it in the previous section, but this is just too important and is worth
   mentioning the second time under different angle.
   Not everyone uses bookmarks. Besides, people that do bookmark anything and everything they see
   usually have too much crap in their Favorites folder to find usefull information when they need it.

If you are getting too much traffic, you are doing something wrong:

    The same can be said about low CTR, but I will just mention traffic here.
    Let me try to explain my self ............
     – I am making too much money, I need to limit my income!
     – Does that sound like something a sane person would say ?

    Well, If targeted leads mean income , then limiting your leads is pretty much like voluntarily limiting
    your income.

    In other words , If you have to put a daily limit on your production campaigns (I am not talking about
    the ones you use for testing ) then you are most definitely doing something wrong.
    You are either not targeting your traffic well enough or not converting it well enough.Most likely both;
    unless there are factors like a physical limit to the number of orders you can process.
    If you suspect fraudulent clicks by your competitiors then track them and report to Google. Do not limit
    your campaign budget because that will make those low lives winners and in turn will make you a loser.

Don't be afraid to miss a part of the market:

This section summarizes the point I was trying to make throughout the report, and have it is :
You need to understand that unless you have unlimited resources, the more market you are trying to
cover the thinner you spread. The thinner you spread the easier it is for your competition to run you
out of business.

Your failure won't be caused by one competitor, But by many unrelated companies and individuals
who promote their own niches which just happen to be a subset of the market you are trying to cover.

 If you are just targeting ''google easy money'' then you will have to spend your money competing with
 a guy who concentrates on '' google easy money '', All that before you actually get to battle with your
 absolute direct competition. I will rephrase what I said in one of the earlier section of this ebook.

•    Do not be afraid to lose a general portion of a market in return for a dominance of a targeted

 Keep this in mind whenever you are brainstorming on your keywords.
 Well, this is the end of the general part of my secret.

 I described some ways to increase performance of your advertising campaign. I talked about conversion
 ratio ,CTR, CPC , AD positions, keywords and some other important things. I also mentioned and
 stressed the important of tracking and testing.

 In the following sections, I will talk about the use of proper tracking techniques to improve the way you
 test . The idea is to reduce the amount of guesswork in every steps of the process.

         I hope you enjoyed reading and understanding form this ebook .It was a step by step guide with
 exact numbers, charts and case studies . I just described my finding during years and thousands of dollars
 spend advertising on Google Adwords.And I have used this simple little secret to amass over $1,80,000 in
 sales in just one year and i still earn form using this secret.

 Even though no one can always be right at everything and I do not claim to be the best at the Adwords
 account. ,I still hope this guide ebook will help you avoid some big mistakes. Start earning Now!

All this income would be pure 100% Profits!
Now ! Of course the only drawback is slight in that in the beginning ,You would have to pay for your costs.
But if you put it on your credit card by the time the all bill was due one month and you may have already
make enough hard cash or more. This is the google another ad's secret.

                                               Good Luck!

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