Bath MBA Survival Guide by dfsiopmhy6


									   This little guide aims to make your experience of Bath a more pleasurable one. It was
  devised using a combination of local knowledge and information from past students. We
           hope it will be of some help in finding your way around our beautiful city.

Buses                                            Trains & Coaches
The First Bus Company runs the (orange) 18,
410 and the 418 which go from the city           Catch the train to Bristol – there’s one
centre to the University. Catch the bus at the   approximately every 15 minutes, and it takes
main stops on Corn Street or Dorchester          about 15 minutes to get there. A day return
Street. Or, use the stop outside All Bar One.    ticket costs approximately £5.90.
The bus often fills up at these stops and
doesn’t stop at later ones.                      “Buy your ticket well in
                                                 advance for discounts”
Alternatively, Wessex Connect’s        
(blue) U10 and U18 UniConnect
bus service runs regularly to                    “Try not to use STA for
the campus from about 7am Monday to              rail tickets as they charge a
Friday. A less frequent service operates at      service fee”
                                                 “Get a student railcard and save a third on
“During term time the buses get very full so     off-peak tickets, very useful if you want to
leave plenty of time to get to university”       explore in your spare time”

“During university vacations the service is      “National Express are reliable and have nice
halved so be aware if you are still coming up    drivers”
to campus.”

For further information see              Flights

                                                 for cheap flights and
Taxis                                            Thomas Cook in the city
Useful numbers:                                  centre for package deals.

Abbey Taxis:                                     Also, STA (on campus) offer good deals with
Tel: 444 444 or 444 446                          student discounts, and have very experienced

                                                 “STA has very helpful staff and is good for
Tel: 464 646                                     advice”

For further information see

                                        Campus Facilities

Library                                         Campus Food
The library is at the centre of the university  There are several food outlets on campus
campus and is open 24 hours a day in term time. and a lot of choice, so why not try them all!

“The staff are really                                   The Claverton Rooms is
helpful and the opening hours                           for Postgraduate students,
are very good!”                                         members of staff and visitors
                                                        and is open for lunch and
“Get recommended books quickly                          coffees. There is also a bar.
as they disappear”
                                                        Level 1 Café (open to all) is
“It can be very noisy, undergraduates like to use       good value and does “good Asian food but is
their mobile phones”                                    repetitive”.

“EBSCO are excellent for articles”                      4 West Café is a place you can take a break,                            relax in the deep club chairs, and spend time
                                                        sipping on lattés and thumbing through
                                                        lectures notes.
The sports facilities at the university are second      6 West South is a recently refurbished
to none! There is a world class sports village          lounge area with comfy chairs and south
with a running track, 50m pool and gym. There is        facing sun terrace with patio tables where
also a smaller sports centre with more basic            visitors can relax and enjoy their lunch. Pool
facilities. If you’re into exercise this is the right   tables are available and light refreshments
place to be!                                            can be purchased via vending machines.
                     “Excellent facilities, one
                      of the best in the city”          The Terrace is home to the fresh sandwich
                                                        and baguette bar Pitstop as well as a Costa
                     “Pick your sport and                             Coffee bar serving hot and
                     facilities will be available”                     cold drinks, juice and snacks.
                                                                        If you're looking for a filling
“1 hour’s exercise helps your brain to function!”                       hot snack then try the latest
                                                        offerings from the Proper Pasties counter.
“There are plenty of sports fields for frisbee and
football at lunchtime”                                  There is also the Parade Bar for coffee or
                                                        something stronger!

Shops                                                   “Good for summer beers and
The on campus supermarket Fresh (plus Fresh             good music but better to go
Oriental) is good for essentials but can be             into town for a night out”
                                                        The Blues Café in the Sports
The Student Union Shop is good                          Village is open to everyone
for “bargains on stationery”.                           and serves healthy, reasonably priced

Medical Centre/Dentist                          Miscellaneous
The campus has its own medical centre and
dentist with opening times given on the web-    There are lots of Sports Associations and
site. You must make an appointment but          Clubs to join at the University.
there is a help line out of hours.

                                                You can support Team
                         “Register as soon as   Bath Football Club at
                         you arrive to avoid    their home and away
                         the really long        fixtures, and cheer on our
                         queues”                various top university sports teams

                        “The dentist is very
                        good, attentive and

“To be fully registered you need to have a      The Print Unit is a good place to go for
check-up. Don’t forget or you won’t have a      colour printing and binding but ask for a
dentist!”                                       quote in advance to ensure the cost is not too
                                                great. It is also possible to do your own
“It’s really convenient, having                 printing in the library, though this is not
an NHS dentist on campus is                     cheap!

                                                            For a little culture, have a look at
Financial Services                                          the ICIA Programmes. You can
There are three banks on campus:                            see art, dance and theatre in the
                                                            Arts Centre and Arts Barn
Santander - Open Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm
Barclays - Open Mon-Fri, 10am - 3pm
Natwest - Open Mon-Fri, 10.30am - 2.30pm
                                                The University’s neighbours include the
If you choose not to use one of the banks on    RSPCA Cats and
site there are a good number of banks in the    Dogs Home who
city centre.                                    would welcome
                                                volunteers to walk the
“Watch out for the opening hours!”              dogs on a Saturday
“Very useful cash points!”
                                                In order to register as a dog walker, visit the
                                                website at

     On your rare free moments there are plenty of things to keep you occupied in Bath.

Cinema                                                Theatre

The Little Theatre is an                            At the Bath Theatre
independent cinema with                             Royal you can often see
two screens. It shows smaller                       plays before they go to
movies and some blockbusters. It also shows old     London’s West End. Student discounts are
movies once a week so keep a look out for your      available as are discounts on multiple
favourites!                                         performance bookings. It is possible to get
                                                    £5 seats or £3 standing room on the day
The Odeon Green Park opened in ate 2004, so         of the performance.
Bath has a multi-screen cinema complex with a       More experimental theatre takes place in
gym, restaurants and a pub                          the Ustinov Theatre which is part of the Theatre Royal and is right next door.

There are also many cinemas in Bristol and the        You can find information about both these
surrounding area. The Warner Villages in Longwell     theatres at
Green and Cribbs Causeway offer student discount
but you need a car to get there. You’ll stumble
across more in the city centre.                       Alternatively, visit the Mission Theatre
                                                      towards the bottom of town. The building
                                                      is a 200 year-old 'Grade 2 listed' structure
Live Entertainment                                    originally built as a Catholic chapel. The
If you prefer live entertainment, Komedia             Mission Theatre comprises a large well-
provides a huge range of entertainment                equipped main auditorium suitable for up
from theatre and music, through to the                to 100 audience members
far corners of cabaret, comedy and live     
literature. Komedia Bath opened in November 2008
in the renovated Beau Nash Picture House, the
former ABC cinema                                     A little way out of the city centre is The                        Rondo Theatre. Located in Larkhall the
                                                      theatre is a converted church hall and
Live Music                                            seats 105. It is run by a charitable trust
If you are interested in live music check out Moles   and is very intimate. You can find listings
Club on George Street         and other information at
                for smaller bands but the majority
                of larger acts will play one of the
                four main Bristol venues: The
                Carling Academy, Colston Hall,        The Bristol Hippodrome
                The Fleece and Firkin and Bristol     shows musicals and other
University Student Union (otherwise known as          larger productions
The Anson Rooms).                           

Art Galleries and                                 Bath Walks
                                                  The best way to take in the beautiful
Bath is one of Britain’s most                     architecture and famous buildings is to walk
historic cities and from the                      around Bath. There are several organised
Romans to Jane Austen                             walks including the Ghost Walk
there are plenty of museums              and
to inform and intrigue!                           the Bizarre Bath comedy walk
And even better, as a                   
student resident of Bath you
can apply for a Discovery card and have           If you’d prefer to go at your own pace, don’t
free entry to most museums and galleries.         forget to visit the Royal Crescent, the Circus,
For further information visit                     Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge and Weir

There is the very famous Pump Room and
Roman Baths. Don’t forget to sample the
Bath water!

For the Jane Austen obsessive the Jane
Austen Centre is a must! Find out more at                      There are also many parks and gardens to
                                                  explore. Try Victoria Park for instance for a
                                                  great view of the Royal Crescent. You can
               Admission to the Victoria Art      visit the Botanical Gardens there, and see the
               Gallery is free for everyone. A    hot air balloons taking off in the evenings and
               permanent collection occupies      early mornings during the summer.
               two rooms on the first floor,
               whilst the ground floor is given
               over to two temporary              Festivals
exhibition spaces which change every couple
of months                                         Don’t forget that Bath        hosts many different
                                                  Fesitvals, including The
                                                  Bath Fesitval, the Bath
Also, don’t miss the beautiful Fashion            Fringe Festival, the Bath
Museum which holds a massive collection of        Literature Festival and the
dress from the 17th century up to the present     Bath Music Festival
day. For more information, see          


Although shopping may not be                    Clothes
a high priority you do have to
eat! There are several                          Women’s clothes shops
super-markets and specialist                    Top Shop and Dorothy
shops in Bath.                                  Perkins offer student
                                                discount if you show
Supermarkets                                    your Student card. H&M is good for
                                                fashionable but affordable clothes. Try Gap
Sainsbury’s is the biggest supermarket in       for unisex jeans and tops - they “always have
Bath with the widest range. It is also good     sale items” so it’s worth a look!
value and is on the 418 bus route to the
University. Waitrose in the centre of town is   For more formal clothes and suits, women
good quality but can be very expensive.         can try Monsoon, Jigsaw, or Milsom Place.
                                                Men can try Austin Reed and for both under
Morrisons is on the London Road and quite       one roof, Marks and Spencer is a good bet.
out of the way unless you have a car or live    Watch out for the new stores, including
close by. The Co-operative is in Oldfield       Debenhams, opening in the re-generated
Park (which is a big student accommodation      Southgate area near the bus station.
area) has lots of student discounts.

                                                CDs, DVDs and Books
Specialist Shops
                                                Bath has a large HMV store stocking CDs,
                The Farmers Market at           DVDs, books and computer games.
                Green Park is on every
                Saturday from 9am until                            For books there are a
                1.30pm.                                            couple of small discount
                                                                   bookstores but the biggest
                                                                    is Waterstones on Milsom
                                                                    Street. They have a large
For an enjoyable Saturday afternoon, wander                         fiction section as well as a
along Walcot Street and have a look at the                         good academic section and
architectural salvage shops, second hand        their 3 for 2 deal on paperbacks is often good
bookshops, clothes and bric-a-brac. It’s        value.
Bath’s own mini-Camden! It even has a Flea
Market on Saturdays.                            Stationary is available from the Student
                                                Union shop at a good price. In Bath try WH
                                                Smith for general stationery, or Paperchase
For a similar experience have                   for something a little more posh.
a rummage in the many
charity shops along Moorland
Road.                                           Home Furnishings

                                                For Home furnishings try Habitat and Cargo
                                                for stylish but expensive items, and Argos on
                                                the Lower Bristol Road for the cheaper end of
                                                the market. Don’t forget to visit the charity

                                         Eating Out

Bath has a plethora of fine restaurants so       Somewhere Nice but Cheap!
eating out is very easy to do! Here are a few
recommendations from recent students:            Eating out in Bath can be nice
                                                 and also not break the bank!
Somewhere Nice
                                                    •   For a reasonably priced
   •   The Moon and Sixpence                            pizza try Ask (Tel: 789997) or Pizza
       (Tel: 380088) in Broad                           Express (Tel: 420119).
       Street is a well hidden                      •   There are a lot of Italian Restaurants
       gem with a good wine list and mostly             in Bath, from the chain places like
       English cuisine.                                 Pizza Hut (Tel: 448586) to the
   •   Las Iguanas (Tel: 336666) by the                 independents like Il Bottelino (Tel:
       Theatre Royal is lively and fun. Latin           464861) but “watch out for the
       American food and a great cocktail               massive portions”.
       menu make it a great place to eat with       •   Mai Thai (Tel: 445557) on Pierrepont
       friends.                                         Street has good food and is good
   •   La Flamenca (Tel: 463626) on North               value.
       Parade has Spanish cuisine with live         •   The Podium has restaurants above
       music and flamenco dancers at                    the shops and the Chinese restaurant,
       weekends.                                        Ocean Pearl is very good. They do a
   •   Loch Fyne Restaurant (Tel: 750120)               really good value all you can eat buffet
       on Milsom Street is expensive but                at lunchtime which is great for those
       worth it! Lovely fresh fish dishes.              days when cash flow may be a
   •   Rajpoot (Tel: 466833) on Argyle Street           problem!
       regularly wins Indian Restaurant of the      •   Try the many pubs in the city centre
       Year and is the best Indian food in              for food. Menus are printed outside
       Bath. It is fairly pricey however.               and they will normally serve until 7pm.
   •   Take a walk along the canal to visit             The Pig and Fiddle on Broad Street
       The George at Bathampton (Tel:                   (Tel: 460868) does good burgers until
       425079). A picturesque pub with an               7pm. The Porter Bar on George Street
       extensive menu which serves food                 (Tel: 424104) has top vegetarian food
       after 7pm.                                       and stand-up comedy every Sunday!
   •   Le Beaujolais (Tel: 423417) in Chapel        •   There are also many take away
       Row does lovely French cuisine and               restaurants, the best (as voted by Bath
       has a walled garden.                             residents) is Schwartz Bros burger
   •   No.5 Bistro (Tel: 444499) in Argyle              restaurant. They offer a good range of
       Street is a non-smoking award winning            beef, chicken and vegetarian burgers
       restaurant.                                                          at good prices.
   •   Also in Argyle Street is Clarkes                                     There are 2 outlets,
       Restaurant (Tel: 444440). Frequently                                 one opposite the
       voted 'Best Restaurant in Bath' and                                  Theatre Royal and
       listed in the 'Top Ten Restaurants' of                               the other on Walcot
       the South West.                                  Street. If a Kebab is more your thing,
   •   Jamie’s Italian (Tel: 510051) in Milsom          try Marmaris opposite Pulteney Weir.
       Place. Great food, good value and
       relaxed atmosphere.


                 Pubs and Bars                     Nightclubs

                 Bath has many pubs and            If you are into a big clubbing scene try Bristol
                 bars to meet people and           for bigger clubs and more variety of music.
                 enjoy a night out. Our past       Make sure you bring a designated driver or if
                 students have made several        there are a number of you, share a taxi as
                 recommendations for you!          getting back to Bath in the wee small hours
                                                   can be difficult.
On campus there are two bars which are a
good place to start. The Plug Bar is a student     There is a club on campus, The Venue,
orientated bar with pool tables, table football    which is large and has a good dance floor but
and a relaxed atmosphere. It is also cheaper       tends to be frequented by undergraduates.
than The Parade Bar which is geared
towards the postgraduate students with a           In Bath there is a range of clubs which offer
more “civilised” atmosphere.                       different music depending on which night you
In Bath there are so many pubs and bars to
choose from that you cannot go too wrong.          Po Na Na on North Parade has a fun
The chain bars like All Bar One and the Ha         atmosphere, offering cheesy, 70s, 80s and
Ha Bar have a standard and are nice places         chart based music on weekends, but different
to start off in. All Bar One has a down to         genres in the week. Second Bridge Club on
earth atmosphere and Ha Ha Bar is nice but         Manvers Street is more modern, playing up
expensive. Both are quite trendy!                  to date chart and dance music, whilst Back to
                                                   Mine has a nice relaxed atmosphere.
Opa on North Parade is a Greek restaurant,
and bar (and a club after 11pm). It offers all      Moles on George Street hosts live bands and
round entertainment, a great atmosphere and DJs throughout the week and at weekends,
is free to get in all night! It has a smarter feel,                        and often has drinks
so make sure you don’t wear shorts/trainers                                deals. It is a part of
as you won’t get in.                                                       music history with a
                                                                             corridor covered in
Opium on Grove Street (Spring Gardens) is                                    pictures of the famous
a funky new bar which has recently opened.                                  bands which have
It has great décor and various different            played there. Watch out for the next big thing!
seating areas. Adventure Café and Sub 13
on George Street are also good!                     The Bluerooms on George Street is
                                                    expensive and can be members only on
Independent pubs and bars are also a fixture some nights. It plays popular dance and has
in Bath. The Pig and Fiddle on Broad Street         a quieter lounge bar as well as a dance floor.
is good for seating, there is a lot of room and It is aimed at an older clientele.
a garden for the summer. It also offers a
good range of beer at reasonable prices.            The Weir Lounge plays chart, R&B and
                                                    dance music, but can attract a younger
The Green Tree in Green Street is a quirky          clientele, as can Club XL on Walcot Street.
pub, good for a pint of ale or draught Czech
lager but is very tiny. It is one of the oldest     Finally Celsius Ice Bar on South Parade
pubs in Bath.                                       offers a slightly different clubbing experience!


                       Accommodation for        Useful Websites
                          your Visitors
                                                The following are websites which students
                           There are            have found useful for their studies over the
                           hundreds of          last year.
                           hotels, guest
                          houses and Bed &         •
                         Breakfast places          •
                        (B&Bs) in Bath. When       •
family come to visit here are some
recommended places to stay:                        “Little time to get to the supermarkets?
                                                   Tesco deliver to your accommodation
The Bath Spa Hotel (Tel: 0844 879 9106) is         until 11pm!”
one of the top hotels in the country and its
prices reflect this. The County Hotel (Tel:
425003) is very central and well-rated.         Useful Tips & Hints!

There are loads of B&B’s in Bath. The closest      •   Join a reading group. It’s a good way
to the university is Rainbow Wood Farm (Tel:           to get to know people and it helps to
466366) which has great rooms                          share the load!                    •   Ask questions in lectures, no-one will
                                                       laugh at you.
You can use for            •   International students beware! The
accommodation searches and booking.                    clocks change at 2 points in the year:
                                                       the end of March for
The University Accommodation Office also               summer time, and
provides a list of B&Bs and hotels. It is              the end of October
occasionally possible to get visitor                   for winter time. Don’t
accommodation on campus. For more                      get caught out!
information see                                        Remember “Spring Forward, Fall                        Back” and look out for the precise
                                                   •   Use the Alumni, they are very helpful.
                                                   •   Go out at least once a week to relax
Hairdressers                                           as the break will do you the world of
Try Russell Brookes on                             •   Enjoy all the free things in Bath
Trim Street (Tel: 332234)
for a style. It can be quite             
expensive though.
                                                       •   Above all, enjoy yourself, the time
For a stylish men’s cut try Hacketts in Green              will fly!
Park station (Tel: 465200) as they have
student discounts on some days. Artizan on
Bartlett Street (Tel: 420611) do good quality
ladies and gents cuts, with a friendly

                                        Charity Shops

The Charity Shop Walk!
                                                  Cancer Research has a second shop in
There are many Charity shops in Bath and          Northumberland Place.
the surrounding area. Not only are they a
good place for a bargain, but poking about in     Up at the top of
them can be great fun!                            the town on
                                                  George Street
                                                  are Shaw Trust
                                                  and Oxfam. Sue
                                                  Ryder Care is
                                                  on Margaret
                                                  Buildings off
                                                  Brock Street.

Try charity shops for anything from kitchen       Moving into Walcot Street, the Bath Women’s
utensils to furniture or clothing and you’re      Aid is on Chatham Row. Save The Children
bound to find something useful. Plus, you’ll      is on Walcot Street on your way back to the
be donating to a worthwhile cause in the          centre of Bath.
                                                  Finally cross Pulteney Bridge to Argyle Street
Follow this order for a good walk around          where Oxfam and Dorothy House are
Bath’s charity shops, and take in the sights of   situated.
the city as you go!

Start on Abbey Gate Street with Dorothy
House, moving on to the Oxfam Bookshop on
                 Lower Borough Walls. This
                 route takes you past the
                 Abbey and the Roman
                 Baths. The specialised
                 Oxfam Bookshop is well
                 ordered and a really useful
place for many out of print or difficult to get
books.                                          Outside of Bath city centre there are several
                                                good charity shops along Moorland Road.
There is another Dorothy House branch at        Buses go regularly from the Bus Station.
Westgate Buildings - walk down past the         Dorothy House is excellent for cheap
Cross Bath and the Little Theatre Cinema.       furniture! Shaw Trust, British Red Cross and
There is another second hand bookstore,         Barnado’s are also all worth a visit.
Julian House, on New King Street.

Make your way back into the centre of Bath
and Westgate Street where Cancer
Research, Bath Holiday Trust, YMCA and
PDSA all have shops.


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