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                          SPIRIT WEEK
                   EH + DANCERS’ SHOWCASE
                PERFORMING ARTS 9 – FINAL SHOW

 DIVERSITY WEEK                          GRADE 9 FAREWELL
 BLACK & GOLD DAYS                       YEAR END BBQ
 GRAD SHOW 2008                          EARTH BAND
 EARTH DAY                               QE TALENT SHOW

       KNIGHT TIME !



With the end of each school year changes occur to staff at all levels. Thank you for the contributions and
leadership the following individuals have provided to our school community. We wish the following
people good fortune in their transition to their new schools, positions and life experience.

Mr. Yaholnitsky                  Mr. Buckley             Mr. Baum                 Ms K. Jenkins
Mrs. Clarke-Smith                Mr. Cumming             Mrs. Delawsky
Ms Deleff                        Ms Elford               Ms Gammell
Mr. Laratt                       Dr. Leavitt             Ms Lewick
Ms Mann                          Mr. Masterson           Ms Nicholson
Ms Panin                         Mr. Pengelly            Ms Rempell
Ms Sill                          Ms Wong                 Mrs. Exley

Welcome to the following individuals as they join our staff for 2008-2009

Mrs.Kaiserseder         Assistant Principal
Mrs. Norcross           English Language Arts
Mrs. Simms              Mathematics
Mr. Kalina              CTS - Learning Leader
Ms Pretty               English Language Arts
Mr. Jorgenson           Social Studies
Mr. Dalke               Mathematics
Mr Scott                Physical Education - Learning Leader
Mr. Kevis               Drama, Performing Arts, Film Studies, Psychology

                                  REGISTRATION PROCEDURES

To assist us with this procedure, PLEASE COME ON THE DATE AND TIME ASSIGNED. If you are unable to
come to QE, please note that the student(s) will be looked after in the first week of school. This
will help alleviate any long line ups. Thank you
We strongly encourage all grade 7/10/11/12 students (and their parents) to attend the early
registration dates as indicated below. Gr 8 & 9 students, please see below.
August 25       Grade 7      surname letters A - L (only)       9:00 am – 10:30 a.m.
                             surname letters M - Z (only)      10:45 am – 12:00 p.m.

       This will be your opportunity to organize yourself and make a smooth transition into grade 7
                                  at Queen Elizabeth Senior High School

   1. Hall locker: you will get this the first day of school. You will get a second lock for Phys. Ed.
      during Phys Ed class during the first week of school
   2. Fees – fee sheet included in the summer mail-out package (see Business Office insert in this
   3. Jostens Photography will be at the school taking photos (bring your photo order form – included
      in your summer mail-out package)
   4. School ID photo will be taken also
   5. Books will be distributed the first week of school

                                   Grade 8 and Grade 9
           Students will have their photos taken by Jostens on September 11th
        Fees/Lockers/ID/Books will be taken care of during the first week of school

August 25               Grade 12       1:30 pm- 2:30pm Surname A-L
                                       2:45pm - 3:45pm Surname M-Z

      Timetables will be available for pick up according to the above schedule
      Jostens Photography will be at the school taking photos (bring your photo order
       packet which is included in the summer mail-out package)
      Grade 10, 11, 12 will have their student ID photo taken
      School fees may be paid at this time (only cheque, money order or cash are
       accepted). Please bring the fee sheet that is included in the summer mail-out package
      Textbooks may be picked up during the first week of school
      Student parking is available on a first come first served basis. Cost is $20 per
       year or $15 per semester (Grade 12 students will be given priority). Please pick
       up an application form from the Business Office or Main Office

August 26       Grade 11       9:00 am - 10:00am Surname A-L
                              10:30 am -11:30am Surname M-Z

      Timetables will be available for pick up according to the above schedule
      Jostens Photography will be at the school taking photos (bring your photo order
       packet which is included in the summer mail-out package)
      Grade 10, 11, 12 will have their student ID photo taken
      School fees may be paid at this time (only cheque, money order or cash are
       accepted). Please bring the fee sheet that is included in the summer mail-out package
      Textbooks may be picked up during the first week of school
      Student parking is available on a first come first served basis. Cost is $20 per
       year or $15 per semester (Grade 12 students will be given priority). Please pick
       up an application form from the Business Office or Main Office
August 26       Grade 10        1:30 pm - 2:30pm     Surname A-L
                                2:45pm - 3:45pm      Surname M-Z

       Timetables will be available for pick up according to the above schedule
       Jostens Photography will be at the school taking photos (bring your photo order
        packet which is included in the summer mail-out package)
       Grade 10, 11, 12 will have their student ID photo taken
       School fees may be paid at this time (only cheque, money order or cash are
        accepted). Please bring the fee sheet that is included in the summer mail-out package
       Textbooks may be picked up during the first week of school
       Student parking is available on a first come first served basis. Cost is $20 per
        year or $15 per semester (Grade 12 students will be given priority). Please pick
        up an application form from the Business Office or Main Office.


On August 25-26, student timetables will be available for pick up in the Student Gathering Area
according to the schedule indicated above.

On August 25-26, any students who feel it necessary to complete a course change request can proceed
to the Career Centre to speak with a counselor during the times that their timetables are available for
pick up. If necessary, course change request forms can be completed at that time and left with the
counselor. Counselors will review requests for course changes that are based on the criteria discussed
with students throughout the registration process and included on the request for course change form.
Counselors will respond to course change request forms in a timely fashion and will make phone contact
with students if necessary to address the request.

On August 27-29, timetables and course change requests will be available for pick up in the Student
Gathering Area. Course change requests can be completed and deposited in the appropriate grade level
container. Counselors will continue to respond to course change request forms in a timely fashion.
Revised timetables will be available beginning September 2.

On September 2, before school starts at 9:00 a.m., students should proceed to their designated area in
the school to pick up their final timetable and transcript. At this time, students requesting course changes
will need to complete a course change request form outside the main office and deposit their course
change request form in the appropriate grade level container. Counselors will respond to course change
request forms in a timely fashion during school hours by calling students to Student Services for a
meeting or after hours, by making phone contact with students.

Course change requests for grade 12 students will take priority, followed by grade 11 and grade 10.
Revised timetables will be available for pick up on an ongoing basis outside of the main office. Until a
timetable change request has been completed and a student receives a new timetable, students must
continue to attend their regularly scheduled classes.

On September 8, individual students will be able to schedule individual appointments
with counselors.



Guidance Counsellors are available to assist students with educational, personal, social and career
questions. Counsellors are closely involved with students in the areas of programming, timetabling,
graduation requirements, post secondary information and scholarship and career counselling (in
partnership with the career centre practitioner). Services include individual, small group counselling as
well as large group sessions. Counsellors can help students to resolve problems that may be impeding
progress at school. Their services are confidential and are an integral part of the educational process.
While counsellors are designated to provide support to students by last name, students may see any of
the counsellors by appointment.

The learning centre is a supportive learning environment providing support for students with learning
disabilities. Additional assistance is provided to individual students enabling them to be more successful
in academic programs. Students registered in the program learn strategies which facilitate learning and
the development of self advocacy skills.
The Learning Resource teacher may be available to assist students in class, before and after school and
during lunch at scheduled times. All Queen Elizabeth students are encouraged to attend workshops on
learning strategies provided through the learning centre throughout the year.

Each month Scholarship information is posted on several bulletin boards in the school and available to
be downloaded on the school website. Scholarship information sessions are held for grade 10-12
students in the fall.

The Rutherford Scholarships – Students make application in their grade 12 year (This recognizes 75% or
80% or higher averages in grades 10, 11 and 12) – Information is available at:

Helpful websites are – (important website for student loans and very helpful career information)

The Career Centre is designed to provide support and information to students, parents, related to career
development and planning. The Career Practitioner uses a variety of assessment and career planning
tools to meet the needs of students and is available for career advising and job search support. The
Career Centre itself contains valuable information regarding occupations, apprenticeship programs,
volunteer opportunities and job search strategies.

What can you find in the Career Centre?
· Self-assessment tools to help identify possible career choices.
· Calendars for post-secondary institutions in Alberta and across Canada.
· Computers and print resources as tools to research career and education options.
· Assistance with documents such as a resume, cover letter, reference list or your career portfolio.
· Resources in the Career Centre our provided free from the Federal and Provincial government
  assisting students with their career and employment goals.

Location: RM 102 across from Students Services or off of the Student Gathering Area.
On Monday-Thursday, Career Centre hours are: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
On Friday, Career Centre hours are: 8:30 a.m.- 12:30 p.m. and 1:00 p.m -4:00 p.m.

Students may make an appointment at the Career Centre to see the Practitioner during their spares, in
the morning, at noon or after school.

                                             FEE WAIVERS
The CBE will consider waiving a portion of the school fees (Instruction Supplies & Materials Fee and
Refundable Security Deposit for students whose families qualify. Waiver forms are available in the
Business Office or on the CBE webpage –look under the Parent’s Tab. Fee waivers are
effective from the date of approval therefore; you are encouraged to apply EARLY in June 2008 for the
following school year. Questions should be directed to the Waiver Office, 294-8315.
                                  CTS BUS PASS REBATES 2008-2009

Bus pass rebate forms for the next school year will be available on-line or from the main office. This will
be available also in your summer mail-out package. Complete ONE form per family. A new application
needs to be submitted to the CBE every year. If you cannot afford to pay the required transportation
fee, do not complete the transit rebate form. Instead, fill out a Fee Waiver Application Form. Questions
should be directed to the Waiver Office 294-8315

                                  CHARTER SCHOOL BUS 2008-2009
Charter Transportation Contract application forms will be available on-line or in the main office. A new
application needs to be submitted to the CBE every year. Complete one form per family. These forms
were handed out to the students prior to the May 30th deadline. Questions regarding charter bus riders,
please call CBE transportation, 294-8195. If you cannot afford to pay the required transportation fee, do
not complete the transit rebate form. Instead, fill out a Fee Waiver Application Form. Questions should
be directed to the Waiver Office 294-8315

                                            BUSINESS OFFICE

In the “summer mail out”, QE has provided a three part Fee Agreement form that we ask you return
during the August registration process to facilitate the payment of fees. The fees that the Calgary Board
of Education and QE requests on behalf of your student(s) are defined as follows:

Instructional Supplies and Materials (ISM) - textbooks, workbooks, novels, photocopying provide in
lieu of, or in addition to the previously listed items. Also includes items required for Career and
Technology Studies courses.

Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) - is a deposit on instructional supplies and materials that is
refundable in June 2009 when the student returns these resources in satisfactory condition.

Yearbook - an optional fee to provide the student with a QE memory, a yearbook.

Graduation - a required fee for Grade 12 students to fund the cost of their graduation ceremonies
including the rental of the Jubilee Auditorium & gowns, diploma booklets & certificate plus administration
costs related to graduation.

Physical Education Fees - to fund QE’s cost for outside facilities such as: bowling, canoeing, camping,
Lindsay Aquatic Centre, sailing, snow boarding, etc. QE asks parents to ensure their student has
appropriate PE clothing and that all grade 7 students purchase both shirt/ shorts.

Fees for music rentals, field trips and team sports are not included. Parents will be notified of related
user / facility fees for these activities, as information is available throughout the year.

Please refer to schedule of registration for the appropriate date and time for the payment of these fees.
Please note fees are due on or before September 12, 2008 by cash, cheque or money order payable to
Queen Elizabeth High School.

If you need to pay with post dated cheques we ask that they conclude by 31 December 2008 and that
each cheque is a whole dollar amount ending in a $0 or $5 until the last cheque that will complete your
payment. Payment options for those that may need it are available by contacting the Business Office at
777-6380 Ext 2407. Thank you, have a nice holiday!
Summer’s a great time for students to improve their reading and tons of good reads are always available
to students with a $6. Student card through your Calgary Public Library

Please, if you see library books from Queen Elizabeth, send them back. Its round up time. If you can’t
make it to the school, they can be dropped off at any CBE public school and will make their way back to

Upon returning in September, students can look for some new fiction on the shelves. These past few
months we’ve targeted the fiction and Professional Library sections.

Mrs. McGowan, Teacher-librarian

                                      2007-2008 WRAP UP


The 2007/2008 School year has been an exciting one for the Queen Elizabeth Dance program.

Our Dancer’s Showcase was a great success with completely sold-out performances for five nights in
May. Over one hundred students participated in “Canada Eh +” utilizing Canadian artists and themes.
Thank you to the students, parents and staff for putting forth such passion and dedication to make this
production a success.

The Dance program at Queen Elizabeth Sr High provides our students with the rich opportunity of
working together with students from Grade seven to twelve to create and perform while extending their
learning outside of the classroom for an audience.

This has been another positive year for the Dance students and we look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Kate Love

Student Council Newsletter Items

Queen Elizabeth’s Student Council had a very successful end to this school year!

Members of the council worked as judges for the Science Department’s Invention Convention, assisted
in the advertising of the senior high dance, and encouraged a “power-down” over the lunch hour on Earth
Day. The council also continued its charity work and raised $200.00 and food donations at the Battle of
the Bands in May. The money from this event was donated to the “Knights for Darfur” group. As a final
fundraiser for the year, the council collected change over three lunch hours and managed to donate
$300.00 to the Red Cross for aid in countries who have experienced recent natural disasters.

As a wrap-up to a very high-spirited year the Student Council joined with the Youth Volunteer Corps and
TEAM Leadership to host a year-end barbeque for the entire school on Fri, June 13 . The event was a
huge success with entertainment provided by “The Blazing Saddles,” this year’s winners of the Battle of
the Bands competition. A special thank-you goes out to Mr. R. Cumming, who did much of the planning
for this event.

Overall, the council was a big hit this year, and as a celebration of the students’ involvement the
members were taken bowling at the Calgary Winter Club and had a great time!

Special Announcement! It gives me great pleasure to announce that Queen Elizabeth has been
chosen out of thousands of schools across North America as an “O Ambassadors” school. This
program is a joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network and Kids Can Free the Children. All activities
organized by the O Ambassadors club in the upcoming school year will be held in support of the O
Ambassadors Program. The funds that we raise will go to Free The Children to fund projects in
developing countries for poverty alleviation, education, health and sustainable development. We will be
looking for students to work directly as members of the club, and are very excited about the possibilities
that can come from this wonderful social justice movement.

Needed – we will be seeking students immediately in September as members of the 2008-2009
school year, as well as members for the YVC and the O Ambassadors Club. We are seeking to
combine the work of all of these clubs as much as possible. We encourage all students to think
about the wonderful benefits that can result from being a member of such an extra-curricular

Also needed:
August 20-22 , 2008                   Students to assist with locks/lockers.
         th     th
August 25 & 26 , 2008                 Students to assist Jostens with student photos and ID cards.
Please contact Alyce Boraas, Admin Assistant, for more info. 777-6380, ext 2403

Thank you for a great year!
Miss Cheryl Veinotte, Mr. Gavin Mills, and Mrs. Michelle Graves (Student Council Coordinators)

The Queen Elizabeth High School band students will be going on a Vancouver/ Victoria trip in mid April
for the Gr 8/9 band students for about 6 days and to San Francisco/San Jose trip late April early May for
about 6 days in the Spring of 2009.

Several QE art students were busy submitting art work for shows and scholarships. There were some
winners and runner-ups!

Calgary Stampede Western Art Show and Scholarship ( 3 applicants in watercolor, digital and acrylic )
Turn Off The Violence Poster Contest( one runner-up who was acknowledged at a Calgary Gallery) I Am
The Owner of Me Poster Contest (a poster for Calgary Youth Week activities) Summerscapes 2008 (
Artists in residence summer workshop at Red Deer College. Our QE applicant submitted her portfolio
and won tuition, food, accommodations and supplies for a week to work with some of Alberta's finest

Art 30 students had a succesful opening of their GRAD SHOW 2008 on June 6th at the Telus World of
Science. More than 30 works of art by QE students are on display till July 13th.

 Art students were involved in the Memory Project again this year. They painted portraits of orphans
living in Burma and fundraised the money to have the portraits delivered this summer. The students
fundraised extra money for the Burmese orphans by painting commissioned portraits for staff.

The team participated in numerous debates and speech events throughout the city of Calgary, and
qualified for the Calgary Regional Debate and Provincial Debate.

The Senior Debate Team hosted the Parliamentary and Impromptu Christmas Debate at Queen
Elizabeth High School with the participation of 100 Queen Elizabeth student volunteers.

The Senior Debate Team provided excellent mentorship for the Junior Debate Team, hosting a
Christmas Party and Year End Party, and by taking a leadership role in the planning of the Junior
Calgary Regional Debate at our school.
The team participated in numerous debates throughout the city, won numerous medals, and also
qualified for the Regional’s, Provincials, and Nationals.

In the spring, the team hosted the Calgary Regional Debate at our school, with support from many QE

Grade 9 students Sam K. and Ryan Q. represented our school at the Nationals in Newfoundland. They
won Second Place in the country!


It has been a very successful 2007-2008 athletics season. Queen Elizabeth Knights Athletics
Program is very proud of our athletes, teams and coaches. We appreciate and want to thank parents,
administration, teachers and fans for your continued support and encouragement throughout the year.

“Thank-You” to all of our athletes who have participated on one or more of Queen Elizabeth High
School Athletic teams. Your commitment to excellence, hard work and positive attitudes have all
contributed to the success experienced this year.

“Thank-You” to all of our Coaches for your time, commitment, and effort. We sincerely appreciate your
leadership and dedication in helping us provide a positive experience for our athletes.

Please check out the new Queen Elizabeth High School Athletics Website. We are excited to launch this
new initiative and hope you will find the site useful. Our goal is to increase athlete and team recognition
along with improve the transfer of information and communication between Knights Athletics and
coaches, parents, and students. We hope you have fun exploring the new Queen Elizabeth High School
Athletics Website.

                             2007 – 2008 ATHLETIC HIGHLIGHTS

Girls Soccer                              - Division III City Champions

Junior Varsity Boys Volleyball   - Division III City Champions
Varsity Girls Volleyball         - Division II City Finalists
Varsity Boys Volleyball          - Division III City Finalists

Varsity Girls Basketball         - Division III City Finalists

Badminton                        - Division III Champions

Varsity Girls Field Hockey       - Division I Semi Finalists

Track and Field                  - City’s 7th place
                                 - 3A Provincials 4 place
Jr Girls Volleyball                      - Division Finalists
Jr Boys Volleyball                       - Division Champions
Sr Girls Volleyball                      - Division Champions

Sr Girls Basketball                      - Division Champions

Jr Badminton                             - Division Champions
Sr Badminton                             - Division Champions

Track and Field                        - Grand Aggregate (Division Champions
                                        past 3 years)

                                     2008 – 2009 ATHLETICS

The planning and organization of our 2008 – 2009 Athletics’ season has already begun. We are looking
forward to the new challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. To keep athletes and parents informed,
we will list the sport and season of play for both Junior and Senior High Sports on our Athletics website
for the 2008 – 2009 season.

Senior High School volleyball try-outs will begin on the first day of classes, September 2, 2008. All
other Junior High and Senior High Fall sports will begin during the second week of school.

For up to date information on QE sports teams please contact the coach, refer to the Athletics Bulletin
Board across from the Physical Education office or come into the Physical Education office and talk with
a teacher/coach.

For accurate information regarding Junior High School Sports please visit the CJHSAA website at

For accurate information regarding High School Sports team schedules and standings please visit the
CSHSAA website at


Congratulations to the Junior High Track and Field team who won 6 out of the possible 9 championship
pennants that were up for grabs at our Divisional Track and Filed meet which occurred on May 7 at
Foothills Track.
Pennants were claimed for the following classifications:

Jr. Boys
Intermediate Boys
Senior Girls
Girls Aggregate
Boys Aggregate
Grand Aggregate

This is the third year in a row that QE has accomplished this feat! There were many examples of
individual multiple event winners along with a large number of athletes who achieved personal bests in
their events.
Way to go, Knights!!!!

Congratulations to the Queen Elizabeth Senior High badminton team! Divisional Champions!

Doubles City results:
       Olivia C. & Leigh U.                       4 place
       Courtney Y. & Rachel Y.                    Bronze medalist
       Randhir P. & Howard Y.                     Bronze medalist
       Chris C. & Bryce L.                        Silver medalist
       Karen W. & Sara K                          Silver medalist
       Scott S. & Garret B.                       Gold medalist


The 2008 High School Track and Field season was another overwhelming success! At the City
Championships Queen Elizabeth came away with 4 gold, 7 silver, and 5 bronze medals. The
intermediate girl’s team failed to win their second straight city championship but finished a close second
to Dr. E.P. Scarlett.

At the provincial championships Queen Elizabeth collected a total of 4 gold, 2 silver, and 1 bronze
medal, five of medals came in pole vault once again proving that Queen Elizabeth is a powerhouse in
provincial pole vault.

Keightley B. finished her high school career capturing her third straight city championship in pole vault
and her second straight provincial championship. She also holds a provincial record which she set last

Kimmy S. captured her second straight city championship and won her first provincial gold medal in pole
vault after finishing second last year.

Joel M. (despite injury) managed to capture his second straight provincial gold medal.

The intermediate girl’s 4x100 relay team won a provincial gold medal after finishing second last year.
Team members: Kendra V., Kimmy S., Tess R., and Therese H.

Alex F. finished her high school career winning a total of six medals in last three years. At the city
championships Alex won 2 gold and 1 silver and at the provincial championships 2 silver and 1 gold.

Special thanks to Keightley, Joel and Alex for three outstanding years of making Queen Elizabeth proud.
Once again well done Knights!

                                       A „Word‟ From AISI
                           (Alberta Initiative for School Improvement)

                                          Did you know

    o   Formative assessment (Assessment “for” Learning) produces substantial learning gains.

    o   Learning gains through formative assessment are most impressive with low achievers; it reduces
        the range of achievement (closes the gap) AND raises achievement overall.
Formative assessment has been shown to have up to a 30% increase in student learning, particularly for
 students who are struggling. So, it reduces the gap between students, while simultaneously moving the
                                      whole group up in achievement.

               Type of Feedback                                   Gain in Performance
                   Marks only                                             None
                Comments only                                             30%
              Marks and Comments                                          None
                              [Ruth Butler(1988), Black and William (2004)]

    o   The giving and collecting of marks is often given priority even though verbal and written
        feedback has the greatest impact on student achievement

    o   Numerical scores tend to encourage competitiveness and comparison between students
        whereas the giving of comments focuses students on their own learning needs.

    o   The key to formative assessment is what is done with the results. If nothing changes after the
        assessment activity, then the assessment has been summative. It is important to have both
        formative and summative assessment. Learning is a developmental journey with summative
        assessment providing the goal posts and formative assessment providing the steps along the
Information based on PD Formative PowerPoint presentation, Feb 2008, de Leeuw/ Smyth

                             Stay tuned for more AISI updates next time!
                     For more information, check out the AISI page on our website.

                                     CAFETERIA (Aramark Canada)
Aramark Canada has a position available in the Queen Elizabeth High School cafeteria. This is a six
hour position from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Good starting salary as well as benefits; great job for a mom
who would like to be home after school and holidays or great for a semi-retired person.

If interested, please contact Susan at 270-0953 (over the summer months) or QE High School at 777-
6380 ext 2500 (after September 2, 2008).

Personal Development at the CBE
ENDS 4: Each student will acquire the skills, attitudes and knowledge to achieve
personal highest potential.
The CBE (Calgary Board of Education) is focused on students reaching their own
highest potential and we recognize that this potential is different for all students.
For some students this may simply mean having the skills necessary to lead an
independent life; for other students it means achieving high academic success and
moving on to post-secondary and graduate studies. For others it means finding ways to
express their unique artistic gifts or ways to develop their athletic talents.
Here are some measures of Personal Development:
       • Identify and actively develop individual gifts, talents and interests;
       • Love learning;
       • Be a critical and creative thinker;
       • Be a confident and autonomous individual;
       • Demonstrate the ability to adapt to changing environments;
       • Develop the resiliency to overcome failure;
       • Self-evaluate, set goals and strive to continuously improve;
       • Demonstrate commitment to make a difference based upon personal
       • Develop and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

                Thank you and Congratulations from the Board of Trustees
As another school year comes to a close, the Board of Trustees wants to thank the
teachers, principals, support staff, administration and parents for their outstanding
efforts in 2007/2008.
Of course we have not forgotten the reason we are all here, the students.
Congratulations and thank you to the 100,000 students attending CBE schools this
Whether you are a Kindergarten student just starting down your academic path, or an
eighth grader trying to find your niche, or a graduate ready to step into the “real world,”
we are proud of your academic successes and personal achievements. Thank you for
inspiring us to be responsible, thoughtful, flexible, cooperative and creative.
Best wishes to the graduates of 2008 in all your future endeavours!
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” Henry
David Thoreau

As always, we would like to hear from you on issues that are important to you. Please
contact us by e-mail at or by calling your ward Trustee
(see our website for telephone numbers).

For more information about how CBE evaluates student success in this important area,
read the Monitoring Report online at where you’ll also find other
information on personal development.
                                                                         Mark Buckley, Assistant Principal
                                                                         Jackie Chapman-Brown, Assistant Principal
                                                                         Dennis Yaholnitsky, Assistant Principal

                         Calgary Board of Education

                           Queen Elizabeth High School
     512 - 18 Street N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 2G5 Telephone (403) 777 -6380 Fax: (403) 777-7649

Dear Parents/Guardians,

CBE Maintenance Services plans to start painting the interior of our school, starting on,
or about, September 2, 2008. It is anticipated that the project will take several days to

The school facility is an important factor in the functioning of the total educational
program. Proper maintenance of our school facility is necessary to provide a healthy
and pleasant atmosphere.

The majority of paint currently used in CBE schools is latex. Paints containing lead or
mercury are never used in school facilities.

Instructional areas will not be occupied by students during painting and drying times.
Ventilation systems are operated to prevent painting odours from being circulated in
occupied areas. Additional fans are used to exhaust odours out of the building.
Special low-odour paints are used throughout. In short, every effort is made to keep
paint odours to a minimum.

The health and safety of all students is a primary consideration as the paint crews
undertake this maintenance project. If you have any concerns or questions about this
planned painting project, please feel free to contact me at 403-777-6380.

With the cooperation of parents, students, and CBE staff, this project will result in a
bright, new look for our school. I hope you will stop by when the project is completed to
see the results for yourself!


Jim Simpson

                               "Educating Tomorrow's Citizens Today"

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