BRUCELEA HAVEN / GATEWAY HAVEN
                             HOMES FOR THE AGED
                                November 4, 2010

Call to Order

Acknowledgement of any Pecuniary Interest

MINUTES – October 7, 2010

Business Arising from the minutes, not on the Agenda


1.   Brucelea Haven – Request for use of Donation Money (Report attached)


2.   Brucelea Haven Administrator’s Report (Report attached)

3.   Gateway Haven Administrator’s Report (Report attached)

                            BRUCE COUNTY HOMES COMMITTEE MINUTES
                                        October 7, 2010
                                       Council Chambers

Gwen Gilbert moved into the Chair in Committee of the Whole and called the meeting to order. Eleanor
MacEwen, Administrator – Brucelea Haven and Charlie Young, Administrator – Gateway Haven joined
Mayor Gilbert as the presenting Department Head.

Wayne Jamieson, CAO and all Committee Members were in attendance.

Recording Secretary: Darlene Batte, Administrative Assistant

Pecuniary Interests : None Declared



      Moved by Mr. Kraemer        Seconded by Mr. Oswald

      That the minutes of the September 2, 2010 meeting be adopted as circulated.                  Carried.


2. Brucelea Haven Administrator’s Report

     A report prepared by Eleanor MacEwen, Brucelea Haven Administrator related to the following issues
     was circulated for information purposes:
            • Occupancy
            • Resident Update
            • Donations to the Home
            • Resident’s Rights – updated as part of the New Long Term Care Act
            • Ministry of Health – complaint investigations
            • Ministry of Labour – complaint investigation
            • Water Damage Update
            • Satisfaction Surveys

3. Gateway Haven Administrator’s Report

     A report prepared by Gateway Haven Administrator, Charlie Young related to the following issues was
     circulated for information purposes:
             • Occupancy
             • Annual mandatory Staff Training & Education Days
             • ONA Contract Ratified at Gateway Haven
             • South West LHINS Updates
             • Residents First Leading Quality Program
             • Comments on Gateway Haven from several residents.


     Moved by Mr. Kraemer                   Seconded by Mr. Goetz

      That the meeting of the Homes Committee be adjourned.

        Department Head                                          Department Councillor
                              Homes Committee Report
                             Brucelea Haven- Long Term Care Home
                             Corporation of the County of Bruce

  To:                 Bruce County Homes Committee
                      Wayne Jamieson – Chief Executive Officer

    From:             Eleanor MacEwen - Administrator – Brucelea Haven

    Subject:          Request Approval for Use of Donation Money
                      Project: Purchase of Cutlery

    Date:             November 3rd, 2010

   The purpose of this report is to request the approval of the use of donation money to
   support payment of cutlery to be used by residents at “special events and programs”.


        1. Brucelea Haven receives memorial donations that are directed to be used for
           resident events and/or activities.
        2. Special events and programs are coordinated for the residents which include
           food consumption. Some of these events and programs would be Family
           Christmas events, monthly birthday parties, special dining groups etc.
        3. Currently, staff use disposable cutlery for these events and programs.
        4. Residents would prefer to use cutlery.
        5. At this time, the existing cutlery used is in the quantity for the day:day usage and
           more are required to ensure disposable products are no longer used.
        6. The cutlery selected has an enhanced pattern and this will be a nice addition to
           these special programs and events in addition, it will be easily sorted and kept
           separate from the current stocked supply.
        7. Cost of 14 dozen sets of Cutlery = $817.69
        8. The use of donation money for this project has unanimous support from the
           leadership team at Brucelea Haven.

      It is recommended that the Home’s Committee support and approve the use of
     donation money in the resident activities donation account to pay for 14 dozen sets
     of cutlery, in the amount of $817.69, to be used specifically by residents at
     “special events and programs”.
                        Brucelea Haven – Long Term Care Home
                         Corporation of The County of Bruce
                          Home’s Committee – Oct Report

OCCUPANCY                   Actual         Potential             Month
Long Term Care Home         Days           Days                  Occupancy
August                      4423            4464                 99.08%
September                   4302           4320                  98.58%
YTD                        39161           39312                 99.62%

RESIDENT WAITING LIST FOR ADMISSION: current list is 65 applicants

RESIDENT UPDATE: The residents enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Friday
evening October 15th. The dining rooms were set with table clothes and the meal was served in
traditional style including the choice of wine and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. This
extraordinary meal was enjoyed and appreciated by all.

The diversity of residents continues to be a complex issue that impacts on the level of care
needed and expected from residents and their families. By far the majority of residents are
elderly people with age related illness and challenges. However, there is a growing group of
residents who are younger with health issues that are not related to the aging process.
Typically, these residents require a high level of care due to physically challenging disease
processes or dependency of care related to incidents such as car accidents. This diversity
continues to challenge the staff to provide care and services to this broad spectrum of both
physical and social needs. The following is a snapshot of residents at Brucelea Haven:

   •   Residents > 100                     1
   •   Residents between 90 and 99         34
   •   Residents between 80 and 89         62
   •   Residents between 70 and 79         33
   •   Residents between 60 and 69          8
   •   Residents between 50 and 59          4
   •   Residents < 50                       3

   •   Men Population = 32%     Women Population = 68%

Family Council has started meeting again after a summer break. This council is supported by
Brucelea Haven and this council continues to struggle with attendance. At the September
meeting the leadership of this council was established as follows:
       Co-chair – Ms. Trudy Fowler
       Co-chair – Ms. Diane Springgay-Depatie
       Secretary/Treasurer – Mrs. Wendy Cox
                         IN MEMORY OF KATHY MCKAGUE

                         Kathy worked at Brucelea Haven for 12 years. She started as a
                         Personal Support Worker, but was drawn to the recreation & leisure
                         work, and as a single mother with three children, she pursued the
                         required educational courses to transfer to that department.

                         Kathy was fun to be with. When she turned her mind to do something
                         - it was done quickly and properly. Never did her work have to be
                         questioned or criticized. Kathy gave more to Brucelea Haven in her off
                         hours than most would ever know about. Kathy loved her family and
                         her work and the priorities of her life were that simple.

Kathy wrote a letter to the staff - as a thank you for things people had done for her during her
struggle. She closes the letter as follows: take the time to be prepared. Love your family, say you're sorry and treat people with the
utmost respect, whether it be a co-worker, a superior, volunteer or one of our precious

Well spoken advice to us all, but these were Kathy's words & actions every day. Kathy indeed
was a valued employee and will be missed.

Brucelea Haven has received a total of $2,025.00 in donations. The family of Kathy
MacKague choose Brucelea Haven as the memorial donation recipient at the time of her death.
This donation was specified to be spent within the Recreation & Leisure department where
Kathy worked as a full time employee.

MINISTRY OF LABOUR – Complaint Investigation – Sept 14, 2010
     - Occupational Health & Safety Inspector investigated a complaint.
     - Anonymous complaint centred on the hot working environments within the kitchen
       and laundry room.
     - The inspectors reviewed policies of home, the progress of reaction to the same type
       of concern forwarded to administrator by staff, completed humidex air testing
       within the home. The inspectors explained the expectation to monitor the humidex
       of employee working areas and provided a formula tool to monitor and calculate the
       humidex of employee working areas.
     - One order was issued which directed the home to develop and implement a Heat
       Stress/Hot Weather working plan – which will incorporate the monitoring of
       humidex calculations and required protections for the employees working.
     - A home specific “Heat Response Plan – Humidex Based” has been developed at
       Brucelea Haven. The staff have been provided a copy of the new policy,
       monitoring equipment to determine humidex level in work areas that experience
       higher levels of heat and humidity are in place and the Ministry of Labour has been
       informed of this compliance.
Over the past year, Brucelea Haven adopted the contract provided via “Energy Advantage” as
arranged through Corporate Services. In addition to this changed practice, a review was done
of chemicals used in our laundry department and a decision was made to go with a product that
would allow laundry to be washed at a lower temperature of water in our machines that use
gas, which has proven to maintain the quality laundry services as before.

It is concluded that a combination of the lower gas price – which reduced from 32.5cents/cm3
 to 25.9cents/cm3 (6.6 cents savings) combined with a reduced consumption of gas of 36%
over a one month period contributed to an overall significant cost savings per month. The
utility bill for 2009 over the month of July was a total of $6100.39 where in comparison, over
the same time period that total of the 2010 bill was $4198.12 which results in a $1 902.27 per
month savings.

                                                                        Report Submitted by:
                                                                           Eleanor MacEwen
                                                                            October 27, 2010
                                                  Homes Committee Report
                                                   Gateway Haven
                                                      October, 2010
                                                 Submitted: October 20, 2010

Pictured on the right is, Charlie Young
Administrator of Gateway Haven presenting
Congratulatory Certificates from the County of
Bruce to Gladys and Clifford Kain on the
milestone of commemorating their 75th wedding
Anniversary October 24th and one other certificate
to Clifford on reaching his 100th birthday making
him our newest centurion at Gateway Haven.
Pictured also are the Kain’s two daughters on the
left Joyce Skene and on the right Lois Coyne both
from Wiarton who joined in the celebrations of
their parents . This picture and write was featured
in a recent issue of the Wiarton Echo .  

Staff Raise Funds and Food Donations for Local Food Bank ! Many staff
participated in what is becoming our annual fund raiser for the Wiarton Food Bank by
Baking cakes, decorating them and having them auctioned off at the Cake Auction held at
Gateway Haven. Also every Friday the staff participates in dress down day and donate food items
to the collection box located at GWH for the Food Bank. The auction took place on October 19th
and $ 225.00 was raised for the local charity. This is just another example of GWH and its staff
connected with and continuously helping their local community.

Public Health Uses GWH’s Infection Control Protocols and Procedures as a
Teaching Template for other health facilities in preventing outbreaks. Christine Malanie , Public
Heath inspector requested a visit to Gateway Haven on October 5th and “shadowed” the cleaning
and nursing staff in their infection control precautionary measures and daily procedures that have
in the past kept GWH free from major outbreaks and from closures during community outbreaks.
Our reputation for providing excellent infection control measures and procedures has prompted
other facilities to want to know what are we doing that has provided us with such a high success
rate. Ms. Malanie reports that the thoroughness and consistency of staff in following laid down
cleaning and nursing procedures ; good in house communication ; the layout of the building ; the
ability to easily isolate residents demonstrating symptoms as well as diligent checks and follow
up of potential outbreak residents has largely contributed to our success.

GWH Committee October 2010 GWH Report Page 1
Statistics of Resident Occupancy Gateway Haven As of October 20, 2010

                 Actual Days       Potential Days            Month Occupancy
January             3093                 3100                       99.77 %
February            2791                 2800                       99.68 %
March               3075                 3100                       99.19 %
April               2974                 3000                       99.13 %
May                 3081                 3100                       99.39 %
June                2966                 3000                       98.87 %
July                3085                 3100                       99.52%
August              3071                 3100                       99.06%
September           2973                 3000                       99.1 %
October             2933                 3100                       94.61%

YTD                30,113               30,400                      99.06 %
Current # Residents on Waiting List as of October 20th. , 2010      43


GWH Committee October 2010 GWH Report Page 2

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