A Guide to the Resorts of Jim Corbett National Park

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					Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest nature reserve in the country. The presence of around 50
types of mammals, 250 types of birds and various other animals make this a power packed wildlife
destination for the visitors. If you are searching for a destination which will serve like the many
feathers of the cap then you must have to come to Jim Corbett National Reserve. The reserve is
located in the panoramic valley of Himalayas and the mesmerizing Kosi river blowing from in
between the reserve makes it a serene natural beauty in strict contrast with it the presence of Tiger
and chirping birds. This natural den is waiting for thousands of travelers to visit every year.
Considering the number of Indian as also international visitors visits every year, the resorts in the
area are really ready with facilities which are going to make you get your spill yourself into the valley.

The presence of various resorts makes it all the way very special for you to come and enjoy the life.
The resorts of various kinds starting from deluxe, luxury and budget are present here to make your
journey a memorable one. This wildlife paradise with safaris can be easily enjoyed with the presence
of the resorts making it easy for you to accommodate and get into the thrill of the journey. There are
around 80 resorts altogether in the corbett national park out of which around 30 are deluxe resorts in
corbett and around 30 are of luxury resorts in corbett and the rest is budget hotels in corbett. The
luxury resorts in corbett are most costly and have the best of features and advance booking is a
must considering the number of visitors coming here every season.

The next in the category are the deluxe resorts in corbett they are also having all the facilities and
among the most memorable one. They will make you come and get the best of facilities along with
the facilities of the mesmerizing nature lying with you and the river view making it rarely scenic for
you. The luxury resorts in corbett is like having spas and T.T. beach volley ball and even cricket for
playing. The deluxe resorts in corbett are also having features like Nature camp to make you go
closer to the wild animals and bird watchers can also enjoy the birds variety from the camp.

The budget hotels in corbett are not also bad. They are also very exciting and make you get the thrill
of the journey utmost. There are other guest houses and lodges available in the area. There are
some eco camps and natural location and wildlife scene for the tourists. So come and jump into the
natures lap with these and make yourself get the thrill of nature with the Resorts of Jim Corbett.

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Description: The article is a guide to the Resorts present in the Jim Corbett National Park as also the facilities that you can avail there.