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									                                                                                              Update is the news-

                                                                                            letter of the Ashvillian
                                                                                             Society, the associa-
                                                                                             tion of past students
                                                                                              of Ashville College,
                                                                                            Harrogate. Number 50
                                                                                                   June 2009

              Ashville’s Wall Of Fame
ASHVILLE’S rich history
- from its creation right
through to the present
day - is taking centre
stage in the school’s
continued £4m restora-
tion and refurbishment
A timeline charting its
headmasters and signifi-
cant events, including
the wartime evacuation
to the Lake District, is
being created with the
help of Ashville archivist,
Mike Burke, and his as-
sistant Jane Petts.
Once completed - in time
for the new school year       visitors entrance along     Headmaster, Joe Lancas-          brought the history of the
                                                          ter. OA President, David        school to life.
in September - it will be     the corridor to library,
situated on the walls         which is being renamed      Simister, said: “This is a      “It’s our very own Bayeux
                                                          fantastic depiction of Ash-     Tapestry in technicolour,
leading from the re-          the Lancaster Library in
                                                          ville’s life. It has truly      and is one that will im-
designed parents and          honour of the former
                                                                                          press, and educate all.”

     **Ashvillian Pimms Reception & Lunch**                                               SUMMER PARTY
ONCE again, the Ashvillian Society is hosting its now traditional Pimms reception         Come and meet former
and lunch on Saturday, July 4, in the main school building. Beginning at                  classmates and teach-
12.30pm, this is the opportunity to catch up with old friends— and teachers—and           ers at this year’s Sum-
reminisce about the school “in your day.”                                                 mer Party. Being held
Ashvillian Society President David Simister said: “The Pimms reception and                on Saturday, July 4th,
lunch is a very civilised and enjoyable event for OAs. It’s very informal and al-         the theme is “Films and
ways entertaining.”                                                                       Film Stars”, but don’t
                                                                                          worry, fancy dress is
                              Booking Essential                                           optional. Full details of
Unlike previous years, this year’s reception and lunch is FREE. However, if you wish to   this, plus the AGM, are
attend you must pre-book your place by contacting David Simister on 01423 874 685 or
                                                                                          found within the pages
by email,, by Monday, June 29, so the school will know how
many to cater for.                                                                        of this copy of Update.
                  Ashvillian Society News
                                                                                                           Page 2

OA’s WORLD CUP GLORY HOPE                                                   Speech Day—All Invited
AN EX-ASHVILLE student has come a long way since his             All OAs are, as ever, invited to attend the annual
days of spelling tests and gym class, as he now plays a
                                                                 Speech Day prize giving ceremony. The event is being
pivotal role in spearheading a global sporting competition.
For Elliot Stroud, who attended Ashville College from 1988       held at 7pm on Friday, July 3, in Harrogate Interna-
to 1996, has recently taken the position as the commercial       tional Centre. Ideally you should be seated by 6.45pm.
director of the Homeless World Cup, an annual
international football tournament which is in its ninth year.
Taking place in Milan from September 6-13, The Homeless          ASHVILLIAN SOCIETY RULE CHANGE
World Cup uses football as a catalyst to encourage people
                                                                 At this year’s AGM (please note the start time has changed
who are homeless to change their lives and to change the
                                                                 to 11.45am), we are proposing to amend the rules regarding
attitudes of governments, media, public and key influencers
                                                                 membership. This is being done to bring the Constitution up
to create better solutions to homelessness around the world.
                                                                 to date and, more importantly, offer a new level of member-
Previously the commercial general manager at York
                                                                 ship— Collegiate Member. This is to recognise a significant
Football Club and graduate of Leeds Metropolitan
                                                                 contribution made to the life of the College, be it by a mem-
University, Elliot has developed a strong passion for the
                                                                 ber of the teaching staff or support staff. Nominations have
sport and is very excited about his move from the football
                                                                 to be approved by BOTH the Society and the School and
league to the voluntary-based homeless league.
                                                                 sanctioned at the subsequent AGM.
Elliot, who also worked for Leeds United Football Club and
                                                                 Present members of staff who have served three or more
boasts a Masters Degree from Northumbria University,
                                                                 years; parents and guardians who are no longer eligible for
said: “Ever since I can remember, football has been a true
                                                                 membership of the Friends of Ashville shall be eligible for
passion of mine, both on and off the pitch, and so to be able
                                                                 Membership of the Society.
to pursue any type of career within the game is a dream
                                                                 The Headmaster will automatically become an Honorary
come true.
                                                                 Member of the Society during their headship.
“Having worked for a number of sports clubs, including
                                                                 And finally, there will no longer be a subscription to be a
Wakefield Wildcats and York Football Club, I have been
                                                                 member of the Society.
able to experience the ups and downs of competitive sport
                                                                 These proposed rule changes will be put to the members at
played for profit.
                                                                 this year’s AGM for approval.
“Feeling ready for a new challenge, but wishing to remain
in the sporting industry, when the Homeless World Cup
offered me the newly created position, I was thrilled to
accept..                                                             Join The Facebook Revolution
Elliot believes the two main goals for the organisation is to,
‘engage one million players who are homeless in the                 Remember to post your reunions—and pho-
benefits of football across 75 nations by the year 2012, as         tographs taken at these events—on Face-
well as achieving a one million strong fan base.’                   book. The Ashville College page has over 800
Anyone wishing to support Elliot in his mission to make             members and this number is growing all the
this year’s Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup an even bigger            time. If you are already on Facebook, but
success than last year’s, please contact him on 07949 165           haven’t signed up to this page, please do so.
323 or email

                                  On The Ball—Elliot
                                  Stroud who is
                                  manager for the
                                  Homeless World
                 Ashvillian Society News
                                                                                        Page 3

OA In The Frame!
CHARLOTTE Gale (1991-1997) - after six years working
for an e-Marketing agency, the travelling bug finally got the
better of her for a second time round!
Charlotte said: “I took six months out last year to explore
Africa, South America and the Middle East, with highlights
including lion monitoring and biodiversity research whilst
volunteering in South Africa and the Amazon Rainforest.
“I am now back in Harrogate and am continuing to do some
e-Marketing on a consultancy basis, but have also set up a
business selling framed photographs and greetings cards.
“If anyone is interested in seeing how I am putting seven       OA Charlotte Gale (above) and below in
                                           years       at             the Salar Desert, Bolivia
                                           Ashville   and
                                           a Geography
                                           degree      to
                                           good use, you
                                           can find me
                                           online at

                            OA Iain Coucher On Right Tracks For Speech Day
                            Prize Giving!
                            OA Iain Coucher is probably the envy of every young schoolboy in the country
                            who dreams of getting a train set for Christmas. For the former Windermere
                            and Mallinson boarder, has the country’s biggest set at his fingertips, thanks
                            to his role of Chief Executive of Network Rail.

                            And this July, Iain is heading back to his Yorkshire roots – not to attend a
                            gathering of the region’s business leaders - but to honour top-performing stu-
                            dents at Ashville’s annual Speech Day. Previously Managing Director and
                            Deputy Chief Executive of Network Rail, Iain - who studied Engineering at
                            London’s Imperial College after leaving Ashville College in 1979 - took over
                            as Chief Executive in the summer of 2007. Prior to this, he was Chief Execu-
tive of Tube Lines, one of the preferred bidders for the London Underground Public Private Partnership.
Before joining Tube Lines, Iain worked for EDS for 15 years, culminating in heading up the company’s
mergers and acquisitions across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. His career has included extensive
experience in the transportation sector, particularly with London Underground.
         Headmaster’s Report to the Ashvillian Society
                    March 2009                   Page 4

AS WE digest the unrelenting news diet of          They also reached the final of the Durham sevens, losing to Sed-
economic gloom, I am delighted to tell you         burgh in the final. Tom Papworth has been selected to represent the
that the College is well placed for the coming     Welsh Exiles at Under 16 level and the 1st XV enjoyed a comprehen-
year.                                              sive win over local rivals, Harrogate Grammar School. In the swim-
                                                   ming pool our teams have competed in the prestigious Bath and Ot-
In January, 117 pupils sat our entry assess-       ter competition in London.
ment for Year 7 and there is every possibility
that we will open a fourth class in Year 7 to      The freestyle swimming team finished 5th in the small schools’ final
accommodate the demand for next year. The          and were ranked 20th in the country, the medley team also finished
weakened pound ensures that international          5th and were ranked 19th nationally – This was the first time Ashville
boarding recruitment is strong and this, cou-      had ever reached both finals at this championship. The girls also put
pled with the misfortunes of the construction      in a superb performance breaking the school record in the medley
industry, means that we are able to press          relay. An outstanding performance from Matthew Rider enabled him
ahead with our refurbishment programmes            to win the 100 Metres backstroke in the Whitgift competition making
with confidence. And confidence is the key at      him the Independent Schools gold medalist in this discipline. A su-
this time.                                         perb end to the team’s season.

It is all too easy to watch the changes which      Our technology teams triumphed in the local Rotary Club competi-
are reshaping our economic landscape and           tion. This attracts pupils in three age categories from over 20
forget the human cost as families reorganise       schools. Our Intermediate team won their age group and the Senior
their lives and individuals redefine their iden-   team were credited with the best design. We have won in one or
tities. Perhaps now, more than at any other        more age categories for the past five years.
recent time, we can see the value of a broad
education – focussing on a diverse range of        On the stage we have enjoyed one of the very best House Drama
skills and characteristics to see our pupils       competitions I can recall, followed by outstanding results in the prac-
through the pitfalls of life. We hope that what-   tical examinations for AS & A2 Theatre Studies. The combined tal-
ever challenges members of our Old Ashvil-         ents of the music and drama departments were on display in the
lian community are facing, you will have the       production of the Pirates of Penzance. Our musicians have com-
resilience to face it.                             peted successfully in the Harrogate Festival with success in singing
                                                   and piano.
The term may be brief, but it has been no
less busy for that. Snow disrupted proceed-        On the stage we have enjoyed
ings for one day but that is largely forgotten     one of the very best House
now. This is the term when much of the work        Drama competitions I can
setting up for the forthcoming school year is      recall, followed by outstanding
completed and OA’s will wish to know that          results     in   the   practical
Barbara Britt-Compton, Debbie Osmond and           examinations for AS & A2
John Mullin are all retiring, Simon Brook will     Theatre Studies.
be taking over from John Mullin as Head of
Art.                                               The combined talents of the
                                                   music and drama departments
Turning to school activities, it has been a        were on display in the
busy term in boarding with two major events;       production of the Pirates of
Chinese New Year and a ‘celebration of tal-        Penzance. Our musicians have
ent’ evening with a meal and show in the           competed successfully in the
Soothill Hall. Both events were organised by       Harrogate Festival with success
students and highlighted the strength and          in singing and piano.
depth of talent amongst the community.
                                                   As you know, Lancaster House
On the sports field the Under 15 netball team      will become a co-educational
won an invitation tournament featuring the         house from September and
best schools in Yorkshire and the NE includ-       work is underway to ensure a
ing local rivals St Aidan’s and Joseph Rown-       smooth transition.
tree from Sheffield. Our Under 14 rugby team
completed a dominant season without losing                                               As hv ille Headm aster
                                                   Cont’d Page 5                             An dr ew Fleck
a single game, gaining 592 points to 26
against. They were unlucky to be knocked
out of the Yorkshire cup in a 0-0 draw at
                                                                                              Page 5

The President Speaks                                                                               Page 5

                                                  These young men and women stood          What we need is an injec-
AS PREVIOUSLY stated, it’s a real honour          out from the crowd. They had pur-        tion of young blood. Young
for me to be the Society President. I’m very      pose, charisma, manners and an ex-       OA’s who can make a real
proud to have been elected to this auspi-         tremely positive attitude about their    impact and encourage and
cious post. Visiting the school as I do on a      future aspirations.                      inspire those closer to
regular basis, I have a feeling of pride walk-                                             their own age to get in-
ing the corridors, knowing that Ashville Col-     It was a real pleasure sharing a brief   volved.
lege has been a place of learning for well        period of time with them.
over a century.                                                                            With Facebook and Twitter
                                               I am delighted to say the Society is        it’s never been easier to
Attending the Christmas gathering at Weth- going from strength to strength. I’m            keep in touch, and with
erspoons, it was also interesting to note that extremely lucky to have such an ex-         these “social networking”
many of my (much) younger fellow Ashvil- perienced team around me.                         sites it’s never been easier
lians felt the same way too.                                                               to organise reunions.
                                               However, the loyal subjects who have
Cont’d from Page 4                             served the Society so well and for so       And talking of reunions,
                                               long aren’t getting any younger.            I’m hoping to see as many
                                                                                           OAs as possible on Satur-
It is important that this change in                                                        day, July 4th.
occupancy is properly recognised and from
September the house will be named                                                          This year we will are ex-
Greenholme. This name comes from the                                                       pecting to welcome back
amalgamation of the names of two former                                                    past teachers, this year’s
houses on Green Lane, Greenhill and                                                        leavers, and those who
Holmewood and which were in use from                                                       said goodbye to Ashville
1948-1978 and 1946-1978 respectively.                                                      five, 10, 15, 25 and 30
Conversion work will commence in July.                                                     years ago. In fact, we look
                                                                                           forward to seeing all leav-
Work on the main school building will start                                                ers what ever year they
in earnest in May when the three senior                                                    left.
Year groups start their study leave. As was
the case last year, this will involve a certain                                            So this July 4th, celebrate
amount of relocation of classes and the                                                    in style. Pimms reception,
library will be reduced for half a term,                                                   lunch, summer party...and
however the effect will be to complete the                                                 it’s all on our website and,
transition of this part of the school into a                                               yes, Facebook too!
bright and modern teaching environment.
                                                                                           David Simister
The Library will be named the Lancaster
Library in ongoing recognition of the work of                                              President
Joe Lancaster, Headmaster from 1939 -
1946 and through whose efforts the school
was relocated to the Hydro Hotel in
Windermere whilst our current buildings
were requisitioned by the RAF.

Other aspects of the school’s history will be
brought to a wider audience through a new
display along the Library corridor.

Andrew Fleck

March 2009
                                                  The Boys in the band! David Simister (front row, third from right)
                                                  next to his identical twin brother, Andrew.
Page 6

         Ashvillian Society News
                                                                                                               Page 77

         Ashvillian Society News
                                   THE ASHVILLIAN SOCIETY
                                 July 4th 2009
 Notice is hereby given that the Hundred and Tenth Annual General Meeting of the Society will be
 held at Ashville College, Harrogate, on Saturday the 4th July 2009, commencing at 11.45am in the
                                          Memorial Hall.


1.      Apologies For Absence

2.      Minutes of the Hundred and Ninth Annual General Meeting held at Ashville College, Harrogate on the 5th July

3.      Matters Arising from the Minutes

4.      The Headmaster

5.      Honorary Treasurer’s Report

6.      The President’s Report

7.      Election of Officers

                 Honorary Treasurer:       2009 – 2010       Bryan L Bonser

8.      Election of Committee

                 2009 - 2012 – R Clark and the retiring Senior and Deputy Senior Prefect

9.      Proposed Rule Change
        2.1 Former pupils of Ashville, New & Elmfield Schools; present members of staff who have served three or
        more years; parents and guardians who are no longer eligible for membership of the Friends of Ashville shall
        be eligible for Membership of the Society.

        2.2 Past or present members of staff may from time to time be recommended by the school for Collegiate
        Membership and, shall upon the recommendation of the Committee, be accepted by the Annual General

        2.3 Honorary Members may be recommended by the Committee and elected by the Society in General
        Meeting from time to time. The Head of Ashville College is appointed an Honorary Member of the Committee
        for the duration of their headship.

        18 There is no subscription for membership of the Society.

10.     To offer Collegiate Membership of the Society to the following former members of staff - Chris Britt-
        Compton, Barbara Bromley, John Bromley, Pam Cousen, Tim Cundy, Mike Davies, Jane Petts, Roger Pygott,
        Bob Upton and George Wise.

11.     Appointment of an Examiner of the Society’s Accounts.

12.     Any Other Business

David Bulmer
Honorary Secretary
Ashvillian Society
     Obituaries And Appreciations                                                                     Page 8

                                            was a very different school but one served thrashings with the heel of a
                                            would hope had very much the same leather bedroom slipper (and not only
                                            system of values as today.                 from David), and for more serious of-
                                            Certainly the fabric of the old school is fences a cane. I rarely remember any
                                            still clearly identifiable among the ex- complaints as to the justice of the pun-
                                            tensive additions that have been made ishment because it was appropriate to
                                            over the years. Including the Junior the crime. For 31 years David Welsh
                                            School then located at New College single mindedly helped prepare genera-
                                            there were approximately 360 boys with tions of Ashvillian boys for the big
                                            about 90% borders. Since coming back world outside. The number of boys go-
                                            from spending some wonderful years at ing through his sixth form Physics
                                            Bowness on Windermere during the classes must have been in the thousands,
                                            War the big novelty was the introduction and the results were indeed outstanding.
                                            of Day Boys. The inevitable addition of He did all this with the commitment of a
                                            girls was still a generation away and “Mr. Chips” and his subsequent partici-
                                            fortunately perhaps after David’s retire- pation in the Society was further confir-
                                            ment. It boggles the mind to think how mation of this. His last visit of a few
                                            David would have handled that change! hours to the Sawrey Reunion while in a
                                                                                       wheelchair and with a Nurse in atten-
                                            Being a lifelong bachelor, David became dance was typical of David.
                                            a Resident Housemaster for many years
DAVID JAMES WELSH                           with all the personal commitment and After Ashville David was very fortunate
AND ASHVILLE IN THE                         nervous energy that the position de- to have a very productive and successful
                                            manded. In modern terminology David involvement in the Masonic Order
LATE 1940’s                                 was on duty 24/7 during term time, and which started in 1953, and lasted for
                                            the stress often resulted in an outbreak over 50 years. David reached dizzying
FOR THOSE who may not have had the
                                            of Iritis, an extremely painful eye infec- heights in the Yorkshire Organisation,
good fortune of knowing David Welsh                                                    and he often told me with justifiable
he was Senior Physics Master from                                                      pride that he had taught Physics to some
1947, and subsequently became Senior        In the late 1940’s there were many other
                                                                                       Master of a Lodge who happened to be
Master and Acting Head Master until his     outstanding and committed teachers
                                                                                       an illustrious surgeon or other profes-
retirement 31 years later in 1978.          (Pleasance, Ingham and Davis to name
                                            just a few). There were also some who
David died on April 22nd 2009 at the
                                            had difficulty maintaining discipline in May David James Welsh rest in peace,
grand old age of 90
                                            class which is the first prerequisite for and in the hearts and memories of all his
A year after joining the school David       effective teaching. Rather than teaching Ashville Boys.
became the Housemaster of the recently      conventional mathematics, one math
acquired Greenhill, which is now the        teacher from Eastern Europe called Ter-
Headmasters Residence. It is a tribute to   novski tried to teach 14 year old boys Ian Dodds
David that, of the nineteen 14 year old     astronomy and the principles of orbital Ashville, Sept 17th 1945 to July 1952.
boys who were in residence at Greenhill     mechanics with imaginable conse-
for the 1948-49 year, five (Burn, Dodds,    quences—fortunately he did not last
                                                                                         JAMES Brayshaw (known to all at
Kirkpatrick, Miles and Patterson, all       long.
                                                                                         Ashville as Braysh) passed away at the
now in their mid 70’s) attended the Ser-
                                            At 28 years old, David Welsh was deter-      age of 43.
vice on May 6th 2009 at Christ Church in
                                            mined to prove that no group of rowdy        He was a boarder at Ashville in Mal-
Harrogate. I am sure that there would
                                            Ashville boys were going to get the bet-     linson house from the ages of 13-18
have been more but for the passage of
                                            ter of him, and his stentorian tones rap-    following which he progressed to New-
60 years and the inevitable ravages of
                                            idly led to the nickname Dracula, soon       castle University gaining an Honours
time and loss of contact. There were                                                     Degree in Marine Biology.
many others in attendance of that same      to be abbreviated to “Drac”. However
generation acknowledging the important      this name soon became one of respect         He then joined the family business run-
                                            and even friendship as this group of         ning the Sawrey Hotel at Far Sawrey in
role that David had played in shaping
                                            teenagers came to know David for what        Cumbria. He was married to Dorothy
their subsequent careers and indeed                                                      and father of Lizzie and Ally.
lives. The Ashville of the late 1940’s      he really was. Most of us got well de-
       Obituaries And Appreciations                                                                                 Page 9

                                              Park School Harrogate and then Ash- Kirsty Ellis
John Beaumont (School No 239;
House Duckworth Ellis)                                                                           We are sad to report the death of
                                              On leaving Ashville, John joined the
                                              family firm Barracloughs Mineral Wa- Kirsty Ellis, who died suddenly on
                                              ters which later on was taken over by April 10 at her home in Italy. She
                                              ABC Foods. At this time John was not  was 36.
                                              very happy and decided he wanted a                 Kirsty, an aunt of OA Jessica Eckart
                                              change. He was always interested in
                                              the share market and decided he wanted             and Sixth-Former Ellie Eckart, was
                                              to become a Stockbroker and through                one of the first intake of girls to
                                              his many contacts he joined a London               Ashville in the early 1980s.
                                              stockbroker for a period, but yearned to
                                              return to Harrogate. John then joined aAfter graduating from Newcastle
                                              local stockbroker and stayed until his University, Kirsty travelled around
                                              retirement.                            Europe, before settling in the Lake
                                              On retirement, he filled many happy Garda area of Italy, where she
                                              hours cruising the world, visiting the taught English as a foreign lan-
                                              theatre, Harrogate Rugby Club, Harlow guage.
                                              Masonic Lodge and Ashville. Of his
                                              many interests the Masons and Ashville It was there that she met Giuseppe
                                              were his life.                         and the pair had three children;
                                              Mike Burke                                         Dominick, 7, Isabella, 3, and Edu-
                                                                                                 ardo, 2.

                                              Jack Symmons (1923-2009)
                                              Jack came to Ashville in 1954 in the Lancas-
                                              ter years.
                                              He became head of History, Master of
                                              Briggs House and Careers Master, an early
                                              novelty in my time. He also taught some
                                              English and French and was a stickler for
                                              the discipline of Latin for those still doing
                                              the subject. He worked so hard at all his
                                              tasks that he had little time for outside inter-
                                              ests, but he was for a time Chairman of Ox-
                                              fam in Harrogate, and briefly a member of          Richard Ryan
                                              the Welsh Society.
                                                                                                 OA Richard Ryan has died while on
                                              He retired in 1982 with a great send off           holiday in the Alps on February 26. He
                                              which many will remember. But what mat-
                                              tered most to Jack was his beloved Nancy.
                                                                                                 was 27.
                                              They met at Ashville when she was school           Richard was an outstanding and ex-
                                              Sister and married in November 1965.               tremely talented student, who gave his
                                              Jack was a history teacher with a fine repu-       full commitment to all areas of the
                                              tation. He inspired in us all a love of the        school.
We are all sad to learn of the recent         pursuit of knowledge and the benefits that it
death of our dear friend John, who was        brings. Of course Jack’s other great gift was      He was a senior prefect, an ever present
known to many as Fizzy Beaumont.              in his pastoral role as a Housemaster and          member of the rugby team, a successful
                                              senior member of Staff. Again, I learnt so
He was a true Yorkshire character loved       much in guidance to me as Senior Prefect
                                                                                                 cricketer and athlete.
and respected by all his friends world-       which has been of great value in some of the       Richard was highly respected by his
wide. John will always be remembered          very serious and complicated matters with
                                                                                                 teachers and he brought humour, fun and
for that cheeky smile, wicked sense of        which I have had to deal. Finally, I am so
                                              proud that upon my leaving Ashville you,           love to the large group of friends that he
humour, his grumpiness at times, gener-                                                          had established while at Ashville.
                                              Jack, treated me as a friend for the rest of
osity and a friend to all. A bachelor at
                                              your life.
heart John always had an eye for a pretty                                                        Richard joined the Junior School as a
lady and lived life to the full despite his   Farewell Jack - none of us will ever forget        border and completed his A-Level stud-
failing health in latter years.               you.
                                                                                                 ies in 2000.
John was born and lived most of his life
in Harrogate, except for a short spell in     His Honour Judge Lloyd                             Neil Cornforth
London. He was educated first at Grove        Jack’s first Senior Prefect 57-58
                 Page 10

Green Lane,
Yew Tree Lane,
                                                  Page 11

THESE photos, from throughout the school’s
history, have come from the Society’s archives.
We hope you enjoy looking at them. Other like
these appear on our website -
Officers of the Society
President—David Simis-       Treasurer—Bryan Bon- Immediate Past President      Archivist—Mike Burke
ter                          ser
                                                    — Steve Wright              School and Society history
Formal Contact               Formal Contact
                                                    Formal Contact              Tel: 01423 569 563
Tel: 01423 705 160           Tel: 01748 812937
                                                    Tel: 01423 330 639      bryan@blbonser.freeser
1 Park Place, Park Parade
                                               4 Old Barber
Harrogate                    Movade
                             Hackforth Road         Beverley House, Stonegate   Knox
                             CATTERICK VILLAGE      Whixley                     Harrogate
                             North Yorkshire        York                        HG1 3DF
Vice President and Sec-
retary — David Bulmer        DL10 7 QF              YO26 8AS
All routine correspondence                                                      Would you like to get in-
Tel: 01423 531 654           Membership Secre-                                  volved with the Ashvillian       tary— Bryan Bonser,                                Society? If you would, we
                             pro tem                                            would be delighted to
37 Pecketts Way                                                                 hear from you.

                                                    Website Update
Ashvillian Society AGM                For those who look at the Ashvillian website (www.ashvillian-
Please note this year’s AGM is regularly you will see a change. We have again
being held at the earlier time of     revamped the site thanks to OA Jonathan Isaacs. Jonathan,
11.45am in the Memorial Hall          who only left last year, is loaning his time free to host the site
on Saturday, July 4th.                and update it frequently.
                               Again, we are wanting to populate it with plenty of photographs
Are you organising an event? and OA news. Send your contributions to
If so, let us know and we will
publicise it on the website.
email your information to

                                                      **Update Update**
                                      If you would like to submit a story for the next Update, please
                                      email it to Deadline is November
                                      20th, 2009. We will then endeavour to publish it for you. Photo-
                                      graphs in jpeg format are also especially welcome.

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