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A Presentation at the Wokingham Society's AGM on Wednesday, November 17 at The
Bradbury Centre by Trevor Ottlewski on Ashridge: Its Lands, Manor and Farmhouse

Despite problems with the projection equipment Mr Ottlewski engaged the audience's
attention fully by describing eloquently and enthusiastically his belief that Ashridge Manor
once contained a deer park and that many fascinating and important links to Wokingham's
past could be lost once the planned development of North Wokingham started. He gave a
fascinating insight into what might have existed on the land contained within the Manor and
he hoped that the Council would instigate archaeological searches prior to the

His detailed examination of the history of Ashridge Farmhouse was accompanied by a wide
range of slides showing fully the exterior and interior of the building which he considered to
be one of the finest examples of a Tudor building in the country, unspoilt by the Victorian
extension. His description of many of the fine interior design features dating from the late
sixteenth century and his explanation of the nature of the farmhouse's use proved that
Wokingham had one of the most significant old buildings in Berkshire.

He concluded his talk by showing aerial views of Wokingham which he took when he
climbed the tower by the former police station the evening before it was demolished.

The Chairman thanked the speaker for his splendid insight into Wokingham's heritage and,
on behalf of the Society, presented him with a token of the Society's appreciation.

John Griffin (Hon Secretary)                           November 20th, 2010

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