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The Denver Public Schools Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Attn: Development Office – Kim Martinez
900 Grant Street, Suite 503
Denver, CO 80203

Dear Mrs. Martinez:

Please accept this designated donation for the exclusive use of Each One Teach One directed by
Mary Ann Bash to serve participating schools. The funds may be used for any operational
expense including purchased services, supplies, books, stipends, travel fees or others as
determined by Mrs. Bash and the school. Indirect costs are not allowable.

Please send charitable deduction information for my tax records to me at the address above. No
reporting is required by the school. However, a paragraph from the principal highlighting how
Each One Teach One impacted students’ language learning and students’ and parents’ service to
the school community would be greatly appreciated.

It is my hope that these funds contribute to the increased achievement, motivation, empowerment
and self-confidence of both students and their parents as has been demonstrated in previous Each
One Teach One interventions in Denver Public Schools.


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