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									 SDSIM: A Framework of Simulation for Component-Based Software Development

                                                     Fidel Vanegas
                          Hewlett Packard de Mexico/ Department of Computer Science at UAG
                                        Montemorelos 299, Fracc. Loma Bonita

                                                   Mutsuo Yashima
                        Department of Computer Science at Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
                                          Av. Patria 1201, Zapopan, Jalisco

                                             Jesús Ubaldo Quevedo Torrero
                                 Department of Computer Science at University of Houston
                                    4800 Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas 77204-3010

ABSTRACT                                                        software industry growth modern software development
Your paper should be in the same format as this file. The       approaches such as component-based software
abstract goes here. Your abstract should be a maximum of        engineering [1] and evolutionary development [3], [4]
200 words here clearly outlining the contribution of your       has been adopted by software developers in order to stay
paper.                                                          competitive and improve software product quality. Both
                                                                paradigms has changed the way software development is
Our work is proposing a basic system model for                  executed today but existing simulation models approaches
simulating component-based software development                 a more general software engineering practices that
process. Software project managers would take advantage         requires to be customized in order to comply with
of this framework by implementing a simulation system           modern paradigms. We are proposing a software
which would improve their management skills and                 development model which can be used as a framework for
minimize risks at real time decision making. Our                adapting current or new simulation systems.
framework is focused in component-based software
engineering approach [1] and evolutionary software              CBSE paradigm [1] suggests that every development
development paradigm [2] which can be adopted by                team or individual must focus its efforts at component
organizations for decreasing product development cycle          level only. Each software COMPONENT is an atomic
time and increase software product quality.                     and interdependent piece of software that once its first
                                                                version is delivered it is considered fully functional and
KEY WORDS                                                       ready to be integrated into a software system. System
Modelling, simulation,      component-based,     software       integrators are responsible for putting together a set of
engineering,                                                    software components in order to build a software
1. Introduction
                                                                Evolutionary development paradigm [2], [3], [4] suggests
Clearly explain the nature of the problem, previous work,       that a software SYSTEM or application first operational
purpose, and contribution of the paper.                         version must be delivered as fast as the system
                                                                architecture is defined and a minimum set of requirements
Software simulation and modeling has been largely               that the end user can start working with is achieved. After
applied to a different areas of software engineering            first release the remaining system requirements can be
process such as team performance analysis [5], improving        added on a regular basis by creating fully operational
or training on software engineering project skills and          versions at every release is completed.
processes[7], [9], [8], [9], [10], [11]. Specific software
engineering activities such as software maintenance [12]        Basically both COMPONENTS and SYSTEMS shared
and software development [13] had also successfully             similar software development behaviour. In general
applyied simulation techniques for supporting its better        software requirements and software defects at its specific
understanding on specific environments. In parallel of          level are considered INPUTS which will be designed,
                                                                implemented, tested and delivered by software developers
what is considered PROCESSING. OUTPUT is the result            support data for finding the correct distribution curve can
of executing PROCESING activities at every interaction         be easily obtained from historical data of similar projects.
of software release is an enhanced COMPONENT or                Before each development cycle starts the random arrival
SYSTEM ready to be applied by the end user.                    distribution may be adjusted with new data obtained from
                                                               the last development cycle for a ensuring a realistic view
A basic discrete event simulation model [15] may be            each time.
applied to define INPUT, PROCESSING and OUTPUT.                < example of the random arrival distribution or mote carlo
The following section will describe the proposed model         approach for features adjustments may be placed here>
including these sections and its characteristics.
                                                               < PROCESSING model description will be place here>
2. Simulation Model description (Body of
Paper)                                                         The software development is concluded when ´fp´ and
                                                               ´dq´ are empty for at least one development cycle.
As mentioned in the introduction section our model will        < OUTPUT model description will be place here>
software development based on CBSE and evolutionary            For the body of your document, use Times New Roman
development process.                                           font, 10-point type size, single-spaced. The whole
                                                               document should be fully justified (not only left-justified).
We have identified at least two basic input data for our       Headings should be 12-point, upper- and lower-case,
model. Software feature ´f´ is a new requirement that will     bold. Subheadings should be 10-point upper- and lower-
be implemented during a specific development interaction       case.
and software defect ´d´ is an implementation error or
discrepancy from an already implemented feature that
                                                                Paper size: LETTER (8.5” by 11.0” or 21.6 cm by
normally pops up while end user operates a delivered
                                                               27.9 cm). A4 (210 mm by 297 mm, 8.26” by 11.69”) will
version of the system. < Do I need to describe or suggest
                                                               NOT be accepted.
some primitives of ´f´ and ´d´??? They might be future
                                                                   Margins:
                                                                    -Top of first page 1.25” (3.2 cm)
                                                                    -Bottom, left, and right 0.75” (1.9 cm)
        ‘f’                                  ‘d’                    -Subsequent pages 0.75” for top, bottom, left, and
      domain                               domain              right 0.75” (1.9 cm)
                                                                    -Space between two columns 0.5” (1.25 cm)

                  Random                            Fixed &       Justification: Full justification of the document
                  Arrival                           Adjusted
                                                    Arrival       No headers and footers, no page numbers.

                                                               2.1 Graphs, Tables, and Photographs
    ´fp´ {f1, f2,f3 … fn}            ´dq’ {d1, d2, d3 … dn}
                                                               Tables and Graphs: Minimum 8-point type size,
                                                               minimum line thickness 0.13” or .30 mm, all captions
                                                               should be upper- and lower-case, bold, and centered over
                                                               one or two columns of body text.
  Figure 1.0 – Input model specification

                                                               Illustrations and Photographs: Halftones, minimum of
The first element of the input model is a features pool ´fp´   8-point type size. Captions should be in upper- and
that consist on a set of features ´f´. Evolutionary            lower-case, bold, and centered over 1 or 2 columns of
development process such as eXtreme Programming [3]            body text. Images must be computer-designed and
approach advice that most of these features are gathered       submitted as EMBEDDED images in your document
during the initial software analysis phase prior the first     (postscript, .pdf, or MS Word format).       Digitized
software version is delivered but most of them will wait       photographs in 256 greyscale are recommended. Please
for a delivery cycle for being implemented. It is expected     do not submit color images.
that extra features can be added or dropped to ‘fp’ usually
at the beginning of each development cycle occurs.
Another basic element of the input model is a defects          3. Conclusion
queue ´dq´ of defects ´f´ ordered by a random arrival
position. The starting random arrival distribution may         Clearly indicate advantages, limitations, and possible
vary depending on the specific software project but            applications.
                                                                     International Conference on system sciences 1999,
                                                                     Volume: Track 6 Pages: 6 pp
4. Acknowledgements                                             [6] Merrill D, Collofello, J.S, Improving software project
                                                                     management skills using a software project simulator,
A brief acknowledgement section may be included                      Proceedings of Frontiers in Education Conference
between the Conclusion and References (optional). Do                 27th Annual Conference. 'Teaching and Learning in
not include author biographies.                                      an Era of Change, 1997, Pages:1361 - 1366 vol.3.
                                                                [7] Anke Drappa, Jochen Ludewig, Simulation in
                                                                     software engineering training, Proceedings of the
References:                                                          22nd international conference on Software
                                                                     engineering, 2000.
References need to be numbered as they appear in your           [8] Ondash C.S, Maloney S, Huerta, J.M, Large project
text ([1], [2], [3], etc) and should appear in your reference        simulation: A powerful tool for project management
section in numerical order (not alphabetically).                     analysis, Simulation Conference,        Proceedings,
                                                                     Pages:231 - 239
The required format for references is as follows:               [9] Abdel-Hamid, T.K, The dynamics of software project
                                                                     staffing: a system dynamics based simulation
(Format for Proceedings Papers)                                      approach, IEEE Transactions on Software
[1] W.J. Book, Modelling design and control of flexible              Engineering, 1989, Pages:109 – 119.
manipulator arms. A tutorial review, Proc. 29th IEEE            [10] Andersson C, Karlsson L, Nedstam, J, Host M,
Conf. on Decision and Control, San Francisco, CA, 1990,              Nilsson B.I, Understanding software processes
500-506.                                                             through system dynamics simulation: a case study,
                                                                     Proceedings of Ninth Annual IEEE International
(Format for Journal Papers)                                          Conference and Workshop on the Engineering of
[2] M. Ozaki, Y. Adachi, Y. Iwahori, & N. Ishii,                     Computer-Based Systems, 2002 Pages:41 – 48.
Application of fuzzy theory to writer recognition of            [11] Barbieri A, Fuggetta, A, Lavazza, L, Tagliavini M,
Chinese characters, International Journal of Modelling               DynaMan: a tool to improve software process
and Simulation, 18(2), 1998, 112-116.                                management       through     dynamic      simulation,
Note that the journal title and volume number (but not               International Workshop on Computer-Aided Software
issue number) are set in italics.                                    Engineering, 1992, Pages:166 – 175.
                                                                [12] Podnar I, Mikac B, Software maintenance process
(Format for Books)                                                   analysis using discrete-event simulation, Fifth
[3] R.E. Moore, Interval analysis (Englewood Cliffs, NJ:             European Conference on Software Maintenance and
Prentice-Hall, 1966).                                                Reengineering, 2001 Pages:192 – 195.
Note that the title of the book is in lower case letters and    [13] Carr D, Koestler R, System Dynamics Models Of
italicized. There is no comma following the title. Place             Software Developments, Proceedings of the 5th
of publication and publisher are given.                              International on Experience with Software Process
                                                                     Models, 1989, Pages:46 – 48.
[1] George T. Heineman & William T. Councill,                   [14] McBeath D.F, Keezer W.S, Simulation in Support of
    Component-Based Software Engineering (Addison                    Software Development, Simulation Conference
    Wesley, 2001).                                                   Proceedings, 1993, Pages:1143 – 1151.
[2] Ian Sommersville, Software Process Models, ACM              [15] Discrete event simulation book
    Computing Surveys (CSUR) Volume 28, Issue 1,
    1996, 269-271.                                              Submitting Your Final Manuscript
[3] Juric R, Extreme programming and its development
    practices, ITI 2000. Proceedings of the 22nd                Deadline for receipt of final manuscripts is posted on the
    International Conference on Information Technology          conference webpage.
    Interfaces, 2000, Pages:97 – 104.
[4] Priestley M,. Utt M.H, A unified process for software       In order for your final manuscript to be published, the
    and documentation development, Professional                 following conditions must be satisfied:
    Communication Conference, Proceedings of 2000
    Joint IEEE International and 18th Annual                        1.   Your paper must be registered and fully paid-for
    Conference      on      Computer     Documentation                   by the deadline.
    (IPCC/SIGDOC 2000), 2000, Pages:221 – 238.
[5] Dufner, D, Kwon O, Doty A, Improving software                   2.   Your paper must be presented at the conference
    development project team performance: a Web-based                    by one of the authors.
    expert support system for project control,
    Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Hawaii                           3.   Your paper must be submitted via email to
                                                                as a MS Word
     (.doc), postscript (.ps), or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
     file attachment. All papers must be submitted
     electronically, except by prior written
     arrangement with IASTED. Hardcopies will not
     be accepted otherwise.

4.   Papers poorly produced or incorrectly formatted
     past the deadline will not be included in the

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