Discovery Park Room Rentals by hermanrose24


                                        We will confirm your rental as soon as
                                        you fill out and sign, the Facility Use
                                        Rental and Agreement Forms and
                                                                                  Discovery Park
                                        submit payment. If you have any
                                        questions, please contact Discovery       Room Rentals
                                        Park (206) 386-4236.
                                        You may pay for facility rental by
                                        cash, credit card, check, money order,
   Judge Voorhees Room                  or cashier’s check made payable to the
                                        City of Seattle. If payment is made by
      Class A Rentals                   a personal check with insufficient
                                        funds in the account, the terms of the
Class A $5.00/hour /$15 booking fee     permit are canceled until the permit-
Non-commercial, public meetings         tee pays the amount due. A $20 NSF
advertised to the public, in which no   fee will be added to the total.
admission fee, vendor fee and or                                                         Discovery Park
donation is requested and which                                                    3801 W. Government Way
occur during normal operating hours
                                                                                       Seattle, WA 98199
(8:30 am-5:00 pm Tuesday-Friday)                                                    (206) 386-4236 (press 5)
pay only $5.00 an hour with a $15                                          
booking fee.

Ask at the time of your rental if you
have questions regarding the policy.           Lobby Exhibit Space
We do not have a non-profit rate.

                                        Any person who reserves a room and
                                        requests a refund 14 days or more
                                        before the start will receive a refund
                                        minus a service charge. Any person
                                        who reserves a room and cancels fewer
                                        than 14 days before the date of rental
                                        will receive no refund.
                             Welcome                                                            Rental Rates
                                                Amenities                                       Weekends, Mondays, evenings (after 5),
                                 to             The center has three rooms available for        holidays
                             Discovery          rent. The Judge Voorhees Room and the           $52.00 hour/ $32.00 booking fee
                                                combined classrooms accommodate up to
                               Park!            65 people. The classrooms individually seat     Weekdays, 8:30 am-5:00 pm
The 534 acre regional park offers a place of    25. Parking is free at the center.              $35.00 hour/$15.00 booking fee
peace and tranquility for all to enjoy.
Operated by the City of Seattle Parks and       Voorhees Room          1150 square feet         If multiple days are booked, only one
Recreation Department, the park offers          Classroom 1            1000 square feet         booking fee will be charged.
unparalleled views of Puget Sound, spec-        Classroom 2            1000 square feet
tacular birding opportunities and the most                                                      Alcohol
extensive hiking trails within the city.        Renters are welcome to use our 2’x 5’ 6”        Alcohol may only be used in the
Talented staff offer a wide array of envi-      tables, chairs, 60+ person coffee maker and     building after hours. Renters serving
ronmental education programs to the             overhead. Large screens, dry erase boards,      alcohol must have $1 million in Com-
public, working throughout the city to          and easels are available for presentations in   mercial General Liability coverage. If
provide stewardship opportunities.              each room.                                      help is needed in acquiring this insur-
                                                                 Classroom # 1
                                                If you are                                      ance, call (206) 386-0071. There is a
Built in 1998, the environmental learning       planning on                                     $500.00 refundable damage deposit
center offers a refuge for groups looking       doing an                                        and a $60.00 non-refundable fee for
for a special retreat or gathering spot.        audio visual                                    all events involving alcohol.
Rooms overlook a meadow or a scenic             presentation,
courtyard area and are perfect for profes-      we
sional retreats, birthday parties, board        reccomend
meetings, wedding receptions, memorials,        classrooms 1
potlucks and ceremonies. We are located         & 2. A full kitchen is available in the
near a trailhead for the 2.8 mile loop trail,   Judge Donald S. Voorhees Room and sinks
playground, basketball and tennis courts.       are available in Classrooms 1 & 2.

                                                You are responsible for room set-up and
                                                clean-up. Recycling and garbage contain-
  Call (206) 386-4236 for                       ers, a vaccuum cleaner and supplies are
                                                available. We encourage renters to use              Courtyard
        information.                            recyclable items when possible.

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