NUNAWADING LIONS CLUB Inc.
                                       NEWSLETTER - MARCH 2009

                                BUSHFIRE DISASTER RELIEF

 Last month our Club donated $5,000 to the District V5 Disaster Relief Trust for Bushfire Relief.
 The total funds received by the Trust to date is $1.3 million, which includes $200,000 A.U.D. from
 Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and approximately $300,000 from Australian Lions
 Foundation (ALF). Funds dispersed from this Trust must be for disaster relief purposes and
 situations and must be spent within the boundaries of our own District V5.

 The three (3) most effected Clubs are ‘Wondong Wallan, Kinglake’ and ‘Marysville and District’,
 clubs involved in major relief operations were ‘Alexandra’ and ‘Whittlesea’.

 Over the next few years as these destroyed communities are rebuilt and major infrastructure is
 repaired/replaced our V5 Relief Trust, which represents all Lions, will have many opportunites to
 make ongoing significant contributions in the re-building of these communities.

 District V5 Bushfire Relief Collection Centre has been moved from Braeside to Whitehorse Road,
 Ringwood. A two storey factory, offices at front, next to the Eastlink off ramp to Ringwood when
 travelling north from Canterbury Road. A red arrow traffic light controls the exit when leaving the
 Centre. Signage has been put up.

 The same factory is used by North Blackburn Lions for collection and sorting of their “Tools for
 Tradies” project for Bushfire Relief. Both donations of household goods etc. and tools can be
 dropped off at this location.

 More working bees will be required on a regular timetable.


Congratulations to our Youth of the Year Chairman Ken Baxter for a well conducted successful
Youth of the Year, 2009. This year three schools were represented. The winners were -
♦    Public Speaking Prize—Natalie Laurie, Kingswood College.
♦    Club Winner—Samantha Snow, Blackburn High School.

Samantha progressed up to the next level, Zone Final, and spoke very well however the successful
entrant at that level came from Oxley College.

                        CLUB WEEKEND AWAY—May 8th—11th.

Ten Couples have booked in to travel to Maldon for this weekend. Weekend arrangements will be
advised by the end of April. Payment to the Treasurer John is required by the end of April.

One unit at the Motel is still available for this weekend?
                                      DIARY UPDATE
    APRIL    Tues. 7th        Book Club
             Tues. 14th       Dinner Meeting—Elections 09/10
             Tues. 21st       Zone Dinner—Alfred’s Homestead 7—730 p.m.
             Tues. 28th       No Dinner Meeting -
                              Board Meeting @ Ken Baxter’s homestead 7.30 p.m.

    MAY      Fri. 1st—Sun. 3rd. M.D. Convention, Melbourne
             Tues. 5th Book Club
             Fri. 8th—11th Club Weekend Away at Maldon.
                            Interclub visit with Maldon Lions.
             Tues. 12th Dinner Meeting—V.P. Committees
             Tues. 19th Board Meeting.
             Thurs. 21st Blood Bank Visit—check with Tim Day for details.
             Sat. 23rd Restaurant Night—details T.B.A.
             Tues. 26th Dinner Meeting—Guest Speaker.
             Sat. 30th Hearing Survey, Taralye—Preschool Children.

    JUNE 29th—JULY 1st Club to man Den.
                                  APRIL - DEN DUTY ROSTER

                Sat.    4th               Andrew Griffith              Ken Allen
                Sat.   11th               EASTER
                Sat.   18th               Tim Day                      Ray Freeman
                Sat.   25th               ANZAC DAY

                                           A KEY PERSON

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Sor nxxt timx you think that you arx not nxxdxd, remxmbxr my typxwritxr and say -
                                      A AM A KXY PXRSON.

       A Joke from times gone by ………………...

       “A group of senior citizens were sitting having a coffee together and they were reminiscing
       about the early days in Melbourne – the days of lanes behind houses and night carts that
       came to collect the sewerage before the sewers were laid.

       One of the group retailed an incident about a young lady driving home very late one night on
       Burwood Highway and at the corner of Springvale Road she came upon a night cart that had
       tipped on its side whilst turning into a Sewerage Receiving Station. Fifty odd full pans had
       emptied out totally blocking the road – the smell was very bad!

       Seeing the night cart man walking dazed among the debris she stopped and walked over to
       him and asked tentatively he was alright and if she could help in any way.

       The night cart man looked at her and said - “Yes, am doing a stock take and I am one shit short!”
                         BOARD MEETING—17TH MARCH 2009

•     Christmas Stocking Raffle, December 2008, final net return to each Club
      was $3,5244 each.
•     Confirmed Dinner Meeting, April 28th to be transferred to Tues April 21 at
      Alfred’s Homestead, being the Zone 7 Dinner at 7 for 7.230 p.m. Board
      Meeting changed to April 28th at Ken Baxter’s homestead.
•     Hearing Test for preschool children on 30th May at Taralye. Club will have
      the opportunity to hold a further hearing test later this year.
•     Reminder that the Club is a part sponsor at the Bushfire Fund Raiser—
      Banquet Auction on May 15th at Springvale Town Hall. See flyer at back!
•     Nunawading Lions Club to provide manning for the Lions Den from 29th
      June to 3rd July. A “Sale” week will be planned to reduce stock.
•     Re Christmas Cakes it was resolved that a member is required to assist Pi-
      erre Michaud to manage overall distribution of cakes, collection of monies
      and stock control.

                                           YOUR SAY -

Our new member Brian Simons has many interests including sailing, golf, soccer, fishing,
chess, learning to be a Guitar Hero and now Hockey !

Brian's attempt at Hockey -

“I started playing hockey as a way of keeping warm while attending my youngest son's training
sessions. But out came the form and now I'm playing hockey as well. Initially, I played in the
field but quickly sustained an injury which confined me to a reserve goalie role. I must have
done something right/wrong as I am now the full time goalie for the Box Hill Veterans team.
Apart from the smelly gear and the superman transformations, I quite enjoy the game and es-
pecially the camaraderie among the team. I had a stint with the Metro 4 Men’s team and did
not enjoy that at all - I think they use faster and harder balls!? The vets is more my pace.”

It also appears all is not well in the Veterans Camp which prompted Brian to submit this article
in the Hockey news publication -

“It was disappointing to witness a couple of young hockey umpires being abused by a veteran’s team at
a recent Monday night match. The offending team did not dispute the short corner call, rather, that the
call was made by the wrong umpire! The more senior umpire made the call, as the other ump may have
been uncited, possibly due to the torrential downpour during the entire match. One chap continued to
argue even after being shown the yellow card!.
Shame, as we continue to experience problems with attracting umpires to our games, the end result be-
ing that one of our players usually has to umpire and miss out playing. We should show more restraint in
these situations and thank the young fellas for turning up, especially in such inclement conditions.
Come on fellas, we can set better examples for our young umpires and players. As the proverbial saying
goes: 'we're not playing for sheep stations'...
Brian S.
Box Hill Vets.
ps. I mentioned my experience to the under 17 boys my son plays for, who had also experienced the
grumpy vets and now refuse to umpire vet games altogether.”

                                         DISTRICT 201- V5

                 BUSH FIRE APPEAL
                        FUND RAISER
                  BANQUET AUCTION & DINNER

                                     15th MAY 2009
                           SPRINGVALE TOWN HALL
                                 6.30 for 7.00 PM onwards

                                     CATERING BY: ZODIAC
                                      MUSIC BY: DESTINY
                           $25.00 per head (Includes              dinner)
                                   B.Y.O. Drinks
                                          Sponsored by the
                     Lions Club of South East Business Inc,
                                           Wheelers Hill
                                             and the
                            Lions Club of Nunawading Inc

                                         Items on auction

            White Goods, Gift Ware, Electrical Items, Sporting Memorabilia, Toys,
                     Holiday Packages, Travel Vouchers, and many more
                              (Credit Card facilities available)
          For donations & bookings contact: Pat Martin 0419 383 221 - Geoff Thompson 0419 888 418.
       Brad Garrad 0418 383 972 - Kumar Swaminathan 0415 428 178 - Chula Jayawardena 0422 001 477,


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