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Six Miles Deep


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									tuesDay may 11              1:00 PM        n   PACIFIC CINéMATHèquE

Justice Forum

Six Miles Deep
sara roque, canada, 2009, 45 minutes

On February 28, 2006, members of the Iroquois Confederacy (the                     portrait of a group of women whose actions have led a cultural reawakening in
Haudenosaunee) set up a blockade on a highway near Caledonia, Ontario              their traditionally matriarchal community.
to prevent a housing development from going ahead on their traditional land.
The ensuing confrontation made national headlines for months. However,             FILMMAKER IN ATTENDANCE
while most Canadians have watched television news footage of First Nations         Discussion to follow.
“protesters” blocking roads and angry non-Aboriginal people who want to get
on with business as usual, few ever get the perspective of the First Nations.      Classified for younger audiences. No membership required.
And even less well known is the perspective of women and in this particular
situation, the crucial role of the women of the Six Nations community — the        Director’s biography
traditional source of power in the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.                      Sara Roque is a Métis filmmaker, writer, arts administrator and activist who
                                                                                   has been involved in a number of community-based arts and Aboriginal his-
In 1784, in recognition of Haudenosaunee loyalty during the American
                                                                                   tory projects. She is co-founder of the O’Kaadenigan Wiingashk Collective,
Revolution, the Crown granted a piece of land known as the Haldimand Tract
                                                                                   dedicated to raising the profile of Indigenous artists and training in the
to the Six Nations in perpetuity. The land stretches nearly 10 kilometres
                                                                                   Kawarthas region. Roque’s short films have screened at ImagineNative Film
on either side of the Grand River. Today, the Haudenosaunee possess less
                                                                                   Festival and the Splice This! Super8 film festival, and have been broadcast
than five per cent of that territory. According to the Canadian government,
                                                                                   on MuchMusic.
that’s because they sold the rest. The clan mothers disagree. And for them,
Caledonia is the last straw.
While this peaceful blockade was initiated by two young women, the struggle
was then joined and lead by the clan mothers. With quiet determination, the
women rally the community on the Six Nations of the Grand River Reserve —
with a population of 20,000, the largest reserve in Canada.                                                                              COMMuNITy PARTNER
During the course of the blockade, it is the clan mothers who set the rules for
conduct. And when the community’s chiefs ask people to abandon the barri-
cades, it is the clan mothers who over-rule them. Six Miles Deep is an inspiring

                   Documentary Film Festival                    n   may 7–16, 2010                                                  www.doxafestival.ca

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