; SONY Digital Video Camera Recorder DCR-DVD201E
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SONY Digital Video Camera Recorder DCR-DVD201E


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									              SONY Digital Video Camera Recorder DCR-DVD201E

Operating Procedures
(for detailed explanation read the appropriate section in the manual
http://www.docs.sony.com/release/DCRDVD201.pdf or
visit http://www.sonydigital-link.com/dime/faq/faq.asp?l=en&m=image_data)

Installing and removing the battery

Connecting the DC power
      Charging the battery
      Using the DC power source instead of the battery

Inserting a Disc

Using the Mode selector

Turning on and off the Power

Recording a clip to DVD disc

Viewing recorded clips

Connecting to a PC to download clips
        OS                                  Windows Me
                                            Windows 2000 Professional
                                            Windows XP Home Edition / Professional

                                    The above OS needs to be preinstalled at factory.

        CPU                         Intel Pentium III 500MHz or faster (Pentium III 1GHz
                                    or faster recommended)

        Hard disk drive space       250MB or more is required for installation. (2GB or
                                    more is recommended. It depends on the size of
                                    image files to be edited.)

        Memory                      64MB or more

        Display                     Video card with 4MB or more of VRAM, minimum
                                    800x600 pixels, High Color (16 bit, 65000 colors),
                                    DirectDraw driver compatibility (It cannot be
                                    operated properly at less than 800x600 pixels, 256
                                    colors or less.)

        Software                    DirectX 8.0a or later

        Others                              The USB port must be provided as
                                            16bit stereo sound card and stereo
                                             speakers are required.
                                            The CD-ROM drive is required for installing
                                             the software.

Finalising a disc to make compatible with DVD players

Reformatting the DVD-RW disc

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