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REHAU Profila Data Sales Brochure - PROFILA DATA


A TRULY FLEXIBLE SOLUTION WITH NEW FEATURES                               Building Solutions

    REHAU continuously invests in innovative solutions for the Building
    industry, which includes renewable energy products, underfloor
    heating systems, pipes and plumbing, windows, doors and a full
    range of cable management products.

    REHAU has a long lasting commitment to its         REHAU PROFILA data trunking has been particularly
    electrical customers by continually developing     successful in schools, colleges, hospitals and medical
    innovative new products for the cable management   centre installations where hundreds of thousands
    sector, offering a full well engineered range.     of metres have been installed. This is the result of
                                                       significant investment by REHAU to understand
                                                       and meet the needs of specific market sectors.

                                                  PROFILA DATA
                                                  INNOVATIVE NEW FEATURES

                                                  High cabling capacity PROFILA data has been designed to meet the
                                                  requirements of the latest power and data cables to be introduced
                                                  to the marketplace including CAT6 and CAT6A data cabling.
                                                  Main advantages
                                                  - Through the use of an adaptor both PROFILA     -   New injection moulded Flat angles and Tee
                                                     data and COMPACT data can be installed            pieces enable clean, quick and easy installation,
                                                     together, offering consistent aesthetics.         due to the revolutionary flexible modular system.
Power and data cables are effectively
separated into compartments meeting               -   With a large easily accessible data          -   The deepest trunking in its class, with a
the requirements of BS50174-2.                        compartment, cables can be quickly               depth of 65mm, PROFILA data enables
PROFILA data has been designed in
                                                      installed without kinking or bending.            better handling of data cabling.
accordance with BSEN50085-2-1.

PROFILA data measures 180 x 65mm                  -   New ‘truly’ flexible corners allow seamless   -   Its unique open design offers immediate
overall, being the larger version of its sister       installations between trunking and corner        permanent cable support on installation for
product COMPACT data (140 x 50mm).                    walls that are not at a perfect 90º angle.       data and power cables from below, providing
                                                                                                       safe, fast and easy installation of cabling.


    REHAU has gone a step further achieving a competitive edge by
    developing total flexibility in its internal and external corners for
    seamless installation where walls are not 90 degrees true.
    Truly flexible corners                                   High perfomance
    Corners now incorporate a ‘living hinge’ in the         This flexibility is achieved without compromising the
    internal guides as well as variable angle outer         performance of rounded cable guides that guarantee
    covers. These enable truly variable angle corners       a minimum bend radius around corners in line with
    with total flexibility. Installers can quickly achieve   the recommendations of main cabling manufacturers.
    a professional finish in even the most difficult
    of buildings.                                           Built in guide pins
                                                            Internal and external corner inserts also incorporate
    Seamless installation                                   built-in guide pins for a more precise fast alignment
    The living hinge and pivotal corner covers give         of trunking runs.
    an adjustable range of +5° and -5° in respect
    to a 90° wall. This innovation is patent pending
    along with other new features.


PROFILA data Tee pieces and Flat angles are manufactured by
injection moulding, significantly improving the appearance of the
installation and reducing the installation time on site.

A unique modular system
The nature of asymmetrical trunking profiles           The tangible advantage for customers is there is
implies a prefabricated solution for some fittings     only one type of Flat angle and Tee piece to order.
such as Flat angles and Tee pieces up as well         Each set comes with easy to follow instructions
as down. This situation increases the number of       explaining how to configure for required application.
articles required to complete installations. Most
manufacturers offer accessories produced by           At the heart of the solution are the modular base
joining sections of the same trunking cut at 45°.     and cable guide components that simply interlock
The result is labour intensive and detracts from      via a unique clip feature. Bases also incorporate
the overall look of the finished installation.         built-in pins for precise alignment of adjacent
                                                      lengths of trunking, therefore eliminating the need
REHAU has developed a revolutionary new modular       for additional steel dowel pins previously required.
system that allows the configuration of the six most
common solutions with a limited number of
components. These are manufactured in quality
polymer materials with Fire Retardant properties.


    REHAU’S PROFILA data has multiple features that make it the
    preferred choice for consultants, contractors and installers

    Cabling capacity                                    Security Rivets
    High data cable capacity with 4060mm² cross         Discreet and effective security rivet fixings, ideal
    section area which is over 10% more capacity        for schools and other public buildings or areas
    than nearest competitor.                            with high traffic.

    Pre-punched base holes                              Pre-wired solution
    Fast installation due to pre-punched holes along    Pre-wired units can be offered by using standard
    the base.                                           DIN35 connectors.

    Fast and simple installation                        Innovative features
    Open design with full cable support enabling fast   A built-in rail makes the installation of electrical
    easy installation of power and data cabling and     accessories such as connectors and RCDs
    dowell pins for easy fast alignment.                significantly safer and faster.

    High quality professional finish                     Separator options
    1 piece accessories, saving time on installation    The option of a Steel divider for improved reduction
    and giving a more neat professional finish.          of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)


The extra depth of the trunking along with the flexible design
of the socket boxes allows for a safe exit of the cables without
compromising performance of the installation.
Suitable for the latest generation of data cabling     Compatible with most cable manufacturers and
PROFILA data conforms to the recommendations of        telecommunication outlet designs:
main data cabling manufacturers for the installation
of CAT6 and CAT6A systems, particularly regarding      -   Cable exit at 45° up
minimum bend radius and circuit segregation. This      -   Cable exit at 45° down
means peace of mind for all parties involved           -   Straight cable exit
in the selection and installation process.

                                         PROFILA DATA
                                         PRODUCT ORDERING

Industry Standards                       Article          Description Pack Qty                     Pack Qty                Unit
PROFILA data has been designed in        733349           Pdata Base                               12                      mtrs
accordance to BSEN 50174 and BS6701      733489           Cover Set (Small & Main Cover)           12                      mtrs
REHAU’s PVC 1309 is lead free and
                                         732633-400       Main Lid (grey)                          12                      mtrs
conforms to UL 94 V-0
                                         733359           Small Cover                              12                      mtrs
Registered Design / Patents pending      766743           Steel Separator Strip                    24                      mtrs
PROFILA data profile and fittings are      766004           Internal Flexible Corner Set             4                       pieces
protected by EU registered designs and
                                         766014           External Flexible Corner Set             4                       pieces
patents on new features are pending.
                                         733369           Joint Cover                              5                       pieces
                                         733379           End Cap                                  5                       pieces
                                         212670           Flat Angle (up and down)                 1                       piece
                                         212660           Flat Tee Piece (up and down)             1                       piece
                                         288575           Adaptor Set (base and cover)             1                       piece
                                                          to Compact Data
                                         766713           Cable Retainer Clip                      50                      pieces
                                         766034           Lid Spacer                               5                       pieces
                                         241671           Single Socket 35mm                       20                      pieces
                                         241681           Double Socket 35mm                       10                      pieces
                                         242191           Single Socket 25mm                       20                      pieces
                                         242201           Double Socket 25mm                       10                      pieces
                                         725568           Earthing Clip for Earthing Lead          100                     pieces
                                         726854           Earthing Clip for Steel Separator        20                      pieces
                                         727471           Earthing Lead                            10                      pieces
                                         766623           RCD Housing Assembly                     1                       piece
                                         265921           Dowel Joining Pins                       100                     pieces
                                         766026           Security Rivets                          1000                    pieces

                 65mm2                   Maximum recommended cable capacity

                 617mm2                  Data                                                      Power
                                         Cable Diameter   On straight runs        Around fittings   Conductor cross           No. cables
                                         (mm)                                                      section area
                                                                                                   (mm2 )
                                         5.0              79                      35               1.5                       28
                                         6.0              55                      31               2.5                       22
                                         7.0              40                      26               4.0                       14
                                         8.0              31                      22               Information correct at the time of printing


REHAU CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS                           The installation was carried out by M&E contractors
ROYAL PRESTON HOSPITAL                                   Lorne Stewart who had used PROFILA data on other
REHAU Cable Management has supplied its                  recent projects and had been impressed by the
innovative PROFILA data PVC trunking system              quality and durability of the product and the ease
for installation throughout a new build extension        and speed with which it can be installed.
to Royal Preston Hospital, part of Lancashire
Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.                            At the university, there were a number of locations
                                                         where the trunking was required to fit around pillars
The compact, two compartment system is being             and, while this would make it difficult to achieve a
used to house power and data cables routed at            neat finish with many rival trunking systems, PROFILA
dado level throughout the hospital’s new education       data could be easily adjusted to achieve a perfect fit.
and training blocks, for the geriatric, rehabilitation
obstetric and gynaecological departments.                REHAU CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS
                                                         BROMSGROVE SCHOOL, WORCESTERSHIRE
PROFILA data was chosen for the installation             Five new schools being built in Bromsgrove,
because it is the only cable management system           Worcestershire feature REHAU’s PROFILA data
that met all the cable management industry               cable management system.
standards, for separation and segregation, coupled
with a professional and unobtrusive design.              Almost 5,000m of trunking is being installed by
                                                         M&E contractors Interserve Engineering Services on
The radius bends ensure that Cat6 and Cat 5e             behalf of the main contractors HBG PFI Projects Ltd.
installations are installed correctly to ensure no       The schools are being built under the terms of a PFI
detrimental effect on the performance of the cabling.    agreement so durability and long term performance
                                                         of components such as the cable management
REHAU CABLE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS                           system is critical.
REHAU’s PROFILA data cable management system             REHAU’s PROFILA data won the specification not
has been installed throughout a new science block        only because of its quality but because of its stylish
built at the London Metropolitan University. The         aesthetics and the fact that its compact size meant
new block in Holloway, North London, features            it could accommodate all of the dimensional
extensive science laboratories which required            constraints on the project. It is being used for power
Cat 5 cabling throughout.                                and data cabling in all the school classrooms and
                                                         throughout the office and administration areas.
REHAU’s PROFILA data system was specified
because it meets the Cat 5 requirement with radius       REHAU is supplying all the trunking for the project via
bend inserts and power and data cable separation.        its regional sales office in Birmingham which means
It also has the added advantage that it is compact       Interserve is benefiting from a fast and flexible
and suitable for use at dado height where most of        service and from on the spot technical support.
the cabling at the university is located.   E78.701EN/182/DAIR/03.08

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