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 The sound like a rivulet is caused by the refrigerant flowing inside of the
 system pipe.

 While the unit runs, heat is emitted from both sides of the cabinet.
 When the environment is too humid, the edges around door may have a
 little moisture, wipe it with a dry cloth.

                                          Light cover
                                                                                Safety Precaution       1

                                                                                Parts                   2

                                          Pull down
                                                                                Placement               3

 Before changing the light bulb, please unplug the refrigerator first,          Operation check         4
 then pull down the light cover and change the light bulb according to the
 picture . Make sure the light bulb is ~220-240V/50Hz/10W.

                                                                                Food storage         5---7

                                                                                Maintenance             8

                                                                                Trouble Shooting    9---10


Before asking for repair service, please check the following
issues first:

                         The reason of the trouble

     Trouble                       Possibility
                    Power has not been supplied, or the plug is too loose
    The unit        to fit in the socket.
    doesn't         Low voltage
                    The control knob is set at OFF

                    The control knob is set at a low number         position
    The unit        Too much food in the unit
      works         Hot food in the unit
   inefficiently    Door opened & closed too frequently
                    There is a heat source nearby
                    The unit is exposed to direct sunlight

                    Floor is not flat, and the unit is not placed steadily.
                    Components are not placed in the right position

   Food frozen      Is the control knob set at proper position?

 MAINTENANCE                                     SAFETY PRECAUTION

CLEANING                                        Please always follow the safety hint listed below:
Always unplug the unit before cleaning.         The power supply for the unit should be
                                                exactly the same as described on the data
The unit should be cleaned frequently both      sheet, and use the standard socket which
inside and outside using water and a            must be well grounded.
little neutral detergent. Never use boiling
water,harsh cleaning agents,acid, alkali or                                                       Æ
                                                                                                 ¾¾ «
benzene etc.                                    The unit should be operated in the absence               Æ
                                                                                                        ¾¾ «

                                                of flammable or explosive fumes. It is
                                                prohibited to put the flammable, acid or
DEFROSTING                                      erosive volatility goods into cabinet.

Pull out the freezer drawer to see whether
the ice is built on metal shelf very thick.
While removing the ice,first you should         Please unplug the unit first when you
pull out the plug from the socket,then          replace the light bulb or repair the
move out all the food,ice tray and drawers,     refrigerator.
opening the door,if you want to speed up,
you could put a bowl of hot water(about
50 )in the freezer compartment.After the
ice is molten,you should use a dry cloth to     Please unplug the unit immediately if you
wipe it.                                        find anya bnormal smell or sm oke, and contact
       don t use sharp instrument or heat
                                                the serv ice center.
unit directly by blower.

                                                Please don't splash water on the cabinet,
                                                as the electrical insulation capability may be
If the unit will be switched off for a long
time, the plug should be pulled out, then
clean the unit thoroughly. Ensure that the
door cannot be fully closed (leave a suitable
gap), and place the unit in a well-ventilated   Hanging or seating on the door is very
area to avoid any odor.                         dangerous, it may turn over the unit.

8                                                                                                              1
            PARTS                                                                              FOOD STORAGE
For the product improvement, the refrigerator that you purchased may have a little
difference from this specification.

                                                                                             Frozen food should be classified to store
                                                                                             in order to find them easily and saving the


                                                                                             ICE TRAY

                                                                                             The usage of the ice tray is to make
                                                                                             ice cubes. Fill the cold drinkable water to
                                                                                             a height o f four-fifth of the ic e tray, and
                                                                                             place it in the freezer for 2 hours.
                                                                                             When the cubes are fully frozen, take the
                                                                                             ice tray out and twist it back and forth to
                                                                                             separate the ice cubes. Don't over-bend
                                                                                             the ice tray to avoid breaking it.

                                                                                             FREEZER COMPARTMENT DRAWER

                                                                                             Use it to store food that need to freeze.
                                                                                             The big block meat should be separated into
                                                                                             small block before store, it will be convenient
                                                                                             for your cooking later. Lift forward, then
                                                                                             upward slightly, you can take out the drawer.
        1   Control housing   2   Shelf         3    Crisper        4   Freezer drawer pan

        5   Power plug        6   Leg leveler   7    Door pan low   8   Storage box

        9    Small pan        10 Door pan up    11   Egg tray

2                                                                                                                                              7
  FOOD STORAGE                                                                           PLACEMENT

Two hours before power off, please adjust the freezer control knob to 7, it              The unit should be placed in the ventilated     The unit should be placed in flat and
will freeze the food faster, and help to keep the food frozen after power                and dry environment.Do not put the unit in      steady ground.Keep the unit level by
                                                                                         the direct sunshine,and keep it as far as po-   adjusting the front leg levelers.
cut for a longer period. If you want freeze the food quickly, you can also               ssible from heat sources.
turn the freezer knob to 7, after the food was frozen, you'd better turn the
knob back to previous position.


ON As the ambient temperature is below 10         please turn the heater on.
OFF    On normal use,keep the heater off.

FROZEN FOOD STORAGE                                                                                                                                              Adjust levelers

                                                          The best reserve temperature
                                                          is below -18

The temperature of the freezer is colder than
-18 . It is better to store food there, if               -18

you wanted to keep for a long period.

After buying frozen food,please put it into the
freezer compartment as soon as possible before                                              Don't put the unit in cold area.             There should be enough spare space
                                                                                                                                         around the unit as shown.
it starts to thaw out.

Any hot food must be cooled down to
room temperature before it is put into the                       Before unfreeze


Please don't put glass container filled with
liquid into the freezer compartment. as the
glass may be broken.

 6                                                                                                                                                                                 3
OPERATION CHECK                                                                            FOOD STORAGE

                                                                                         The temperature in the fresh compartment is between 0~10 , although this
                                                                                         lower temperature can limit the bacteria propagation,it is not suitable for a
                                                                                         long period of food storage.
Make sure the unit has been placed properly
and all instructions have not been violated.
                                               Use the appliance safely

                                                                                         FRESH FOOD STORAGE
                                                                                         Cooked food should be cooled down to
                                                                                         room temperature before putting into the

                                                                                         It is better to put the food in a sealed
                                                                                         bag before placed into the refrigerator.

                                                     The surface temperature

Adjust the control knob to the middle                will rise to a steady value
                                                     at last
                                                                                         In order to keep vegetables fresh in the
position, and then plug on the unit. After                                               crisper, water should be removed first,
closing the door properly for several                                              Hot
                                                                                         otherwise the vegetables will be spoiled
minutes ,both side of cabinet becomes                                                    easily in humid environment. If you put
warm.                                                                                    the vegetables in a bag,they may be stored
                                                                                         for a longer period.

                                                                                         CONTROL KNOB
                                                                                         It is used to adjust the temperature of
                                                                                         different compartment. User can adjust them
                                                                                         for desired temperature.
30 minutes later , open the freezer
compartment door, you may find the even
                                                                                         At the same ambient temperature ,larger
forst on the evaporator.If means that unit
                                                                                         number means lower inside temperature,                                            heater switch
works properly.After a period of running,
                                                                                         smaller number means higher inside
the thermostat wil switch off & on in a
regular cycle and control the compartment
                                                                                         "OFF"means stop working.
temperature in a steady scope.
                                                                                                                                                            control knob

 4                                                                                                                                                                             5

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