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									                        Budget Friendly Engagement and Wedding Rings

                                        It’s proposal season and many future grooms were wondering how to
                                        pop the question without blowing their bank account (especially since
                                        the average engagement rings costs $4,225).
                                        Debi Wexler, CEO of Whiteflash.com, is here to show you some
                                        recession-friendly engagement ring trends-after all, you’ll want to
                                        save that money for the Big Day.

                                         Alternative Metals
                                        • Platinum and gold are the go-to metals for wedding rings, but they
                                        come with a hefty price tag
                                        • There are plenty of metals on the market that are still beautiful,
                                        elegant and less expensive
                                        • Palladium is a growing trend that happens to have a similar look and
                                        feel to platinum, but can cost about 75% less
                                        • If you’re more of a traditionalist, choose white gold over platinum.
                                        White gold costs 45% less than platinum

                                         Simple Settings

• For the past couple of years there’s been a trend towards micro-pave diamond bands, diamond halos, etc.,
which can all add to the overall cost of a ring
• These days, some brides-to-be are opting for a more simple, subtle and chic setting
• Diamond Solitaires are less expensive than embellished options, like three-stone rings
• A simple, traditional prong setting or channel set band is also more cost-efficient than an elaborate tension
or bezel setting

 Double Duty
• Who says you have to have an engagement ring and a wedding band?
• One hot new trend is choosing a beautiful wide band with multiple rows of diamonds and making that your
engagement ring and wedding band. Although the ring may cost more than a regular engagement ring, this
double-duty ring can help you save more in the long run since you won’t need to buy a wedding band too
 Colored Gemstones

• Call it hue-love, but brides are branching out of diamonds! Colored stones like topazes, sapphires, emeralds
and rubies are becoming increasingly popular
• Luckily for grooms, they can get a more impressive-sized rock for their money by choosing a gemstone
instead of a diamond
• If your bride-to-be loves colored diamonds à la Heidi Klum’s canary diamond then pop the question with a
yellow sapphire. Or try a tourmaline if you’re looking to replicate a pink diamond look.
Note: Interesting price comparison for gemstones vs. diamonds using the Emerald ring below: Of course, it’s
hard to compare a diamond to an emerald (like comparing apples to oranges), however A 1.59ct D IF emerald
cut diamond sold on Whiteflash.com PLUS equivalent setting would be $19,500. VS. Emerald Engagement Ring
– square halo diamond emerald (center stone)1.56 tcw with .79 Whiteflash A Cut Above® carat total weight in
diamonds that is $9,000.
                                                 Buy Shy and Save

                                             Shop for diamonds that weigh just under certain weight
                                             thresholds. You won’t even notice the difference in size
                                             • Buy a .90-carat diamond instead of a 1-carat diamond and
                                             save more than $1,000. Plus, the diameter of a 1-carat
                                             diamond is 6.5 millimeters, versus a .90-carat diamond’s 6.3
                                             • A 2-carat diamond will cost approx. $19,000 to $20,000+,
whereas a “shy” 1.90 diamond of the same quality will cost you $15,000 to $16,000. That’s at least $4,000 in

 Additional Money-Saving Tips

• Match Away: You’ll spend half as much if you buy a matching or coordinating ring/band set, as opposed to
choosing individual rings. You’ll save even more if you buy a “trio” (engagement ring, and his/her band set)
• Negotiate: Many retailers dramatically inflate prices to make a higher margin-but there’s always room for
negotiation, so don’t be afraid to go after a deal. Never settle on the sticker price unless you’ve shopped
around and you know it’s already a fair price.

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