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									                                                           Our college VALUES: Respect, Doing your Best, Support & Compassion,
                                                                               Fairness, Teamwork, Responsibility, Honesty, Trust & Integrity

                                                                                                Calendar of Events
                                                                                                  Term 3, 2009
                                                                                       28-31 City Curriculum 9D,E,F

                                                                                       4      Year 8 Camp departs
                                                                                       4      Year 9 Information Night
                                                                                       4-7    City Curriculum 9G & H
                                                                                       6      Australian Maths Competition
                                                                                       7      Year 9 Selection Sheets due
                                                                                       7      Casual Clothes Day $1
                                                                                       10     Full Day Play Rehearsal
                                                                                       11     Year 10 Course Interviews
                                                                                       11-14 City Curriculum 9I,J,K
                                                                                       14     Year 10 Course Selection Sheets due
                                                                                       17     Science Week
                                                                                       20     Play Technical Rehearsal 4.30-8.30pm
                                                                                       24     Play Dress Rehearsal 4.00-9.00pm
                                                                                       26-28 Play Performances 6.00-10.30pm

                                                                                       2-4   Play Performances 6.00-10.30pm
                                                                                       4     Casual Clothes Day $1
Our Annual College Musical for 2009, “Stargazers”, is nearing completion               7     Year 9 One Stop Body Shop
in time for performances at the Drama Room, Sunbury College.                           9     Section A Athletics
                                                                                       11    Reports Distributed
                                                                                       15    Parent/Teacher Evening 3.45-6.45pm
Our cast of 55 talented students from all year levels has worked extremely
                                                                                       17    Year 10 Formal
hard for 2 terms at preparing the play, practising at lunchtimes and rehearsals        18    End of Term 2.30pm finish
after school and a team of equally hardworking students has been busy
collecting props and painting sets.                                                             Note: Casual Clothes Days
                                                                                       No thongs or open toed sandals/shoes allowed
Stargazers takes place out in the country at night, on Stargazers Hill. Over the           If the student has a P.E. class on a Casual
course of the play we follow the story of 4 teenagers, Will, Kate, Matt and             Clothes Day please ensure that runners are worn
Beth, over the space of 6 years – their relationships, dreams and hopes for the         or brought to school for class and closed leather
                                                                                            shoes for Science & Technology classes.
future. Also present on Stargazers Hill are the Spirits, Moonlight, Earth, Air,
Water and Fire, who will guide the teenagers through their dreams and
thoughts back to the past, forward to the future and into fantasy worlds.
                                                                                          EDUCATION MAINTENANCE 
Along the way we are entertained by a myriad of characters, chorus and                          ALLOWANCE 
dancers who show their versatility in creating scenes and routines.                        REMINDER TO PARENTS EDUCATION 
                                                                                               MAINTENANCE ALLOWANCE  
We encourage all students, parents and staff to attend. This show promises to              INSTALMENT 2 APPLICATIONS CLOSE  
be something special!                                                                           FRIDAY 7TH AUGUST 2009 
                                                                                         If you have recently become eligible for 
      Ticket sales will open on Monday 3rd August for the cast only                     EMA you can apply for the 2nd instalment 
                                then                                                    and must submit your application before 
                           Wednesday 5th August.                                       7th August, 2009.   Application forms can be 
                                                                                                obtained from the school. 
            Tickets can be bought at the College Office.

        Cost: Adults - $17.00            Students/Children - $9.00                           Enclosures with this Newsletter
                                                                                           Term 2 Unexplained Absence Letters
                                                                                               Family Financial Statements
                                                                                                  50th Year Functions
    Page 2                                                                Sunbury College                                           July, 2009


                                                                           Some statistics: 
Sunbury College is now in the process of appointing a new
Principal to succeed Peter Hendrickson who resigned a few                  ♦       233 Year 10 Work Experience students completed 348 
weeks prior to the end of Term 2. I have taken over as Acting                      arrangements across 251 employers   
Principal for Term 3 while the selection process is completed.             ♦       6 students did not complete work experience at all due to 
My thanks to Geoff Dillon for taking on the Acting Principal                       family holidays or medical issues.   
position for the last few weeks of Term 2 whilst I was on leave. I         ♦       8 students undertook work experience during the July 
would also like to extend a thank you to Mrs Anne Ada who                          school holiday or allocated outside time period. 
returned to the College last term to fill Geoff’s position as              ♦       4 students missed all or part of work experience because 
Assistant Principal and for the first three weeks of this term as                  they did not get placements organized. 
my replacement. Mrs Ada is travelling overseas soon and a                   
replacement Assistant Principal will be appointed for the                  Students on the whole returned to school very pleased with their 
remainder of this term.                                                    two weeks having gained insight into the real world of work.  
Our new Principal will take over the school at the start of Term 4.        Work experience can offer so much in a short space of time. To 
                                                                           name a few, I visited students working in a variety of positions.  
Klara Hahne our Chaplain will be resigning towards the end of              They were up early and home late and had to navigate travel 
this term and the selection process for a new chaplain will be             outside their comfort zone. They had to deal with a variety of 
under way in the near future.                                              people, undertake a range of tasks, and follow OH&S procedures 
                                                                           that a theory class didn’t do justice to.  They received evaluations 
Reports were sent out on the last day of Term 2 and there was a            from the employer that provided some insight to how they are 
VCE Parent/Teacher evening held on the first Tuesday of Term               viewed in the workplace. Not all work experience is successful, 
3. It is extremely disappointing to find over 70 semester 1 reports        we have students who do not get the appropriate experience in a 
still uncollected by students, 20 of which are VCE reports. If
                                                                           workplace and where things do not go as smoothly as planned.  
your child has not yet collected their semester 1 report please
                                                                           HOWEVER, for the majority of students, they come away with 
encourage them to do so as soon as possible. The VCE evening
was not well attended and the College will need to review this             greater self knowledge and improved understanding of what 
situation next year.                                                       school leavers and adults undertake day in and out.   This is so 
                                                                           valuable when it comes to considering their options for 2010 and 
During this term students in years 9 and 10 will have information          beyond.    
evenings which will provide important details of course                         ON BEHALF OF THE COLLEGE I WISH TO THANK ALL THE 
selection. Parents and students need to make informed decisions              EMPLOYERS, STUDENTS, PARENTS, AND TEACHING STAFF FOR 
regarding their courses in years 10 and 11 and I encourage all                              THEIR HELP WITH THE PROGRAM.  
parents and students to attend these sessions. There will also be          John Fitzgerald 
course interviews for year 10 students. It is crucial that students

                                                                                       Year 9 Science
return their course selection sheets as soon as possible in order to
ensure that they get into the subjects of their choice.
                                                                           On Monday 31st August and Tuesday 1st September
The College production, Stargazers, will be held this term in the
Performing Arts Centre over 8 nights. Staff and students have put          'Education Interactive' is attending the school to run a
in a great deal of effort to present this play and I invite all parents    number of forensic science presentations. All year 9
and students to attend and support them.                                   students will complete a forensic science unit in term 3
                                                                           and in order to satisfactorily complete this unit,
Students have been repeatedly told that they are not to bring              attendance at the presentation is compulsory. This is a
skateboards or scooters to school. There have been recent thefts           great chance for students to experience material and
of both from the bike shed and also near misses on the roads               equipment otherwise unavailable at school. The cost
around the school when students carelessly skate or scooter                of this presentation is $10 and a note has been sent
across the road. Students who persist in bringing these items to           home with students with more details. Please ensure
school will have them confiscated and returned on a date at the
                                                                           the permission form and money are returned no later
school’s discretion. 
                                                                                             Friday 7th August.
Margaret Bates

Payments to the College  —>> Payments can be made by direct credit 
    ♦        The college’s bank account details are: BSB 033­118 Account Number 182349. 
    ♦        Please ensure you include your child’s ID Number As a reference  
         Page 3                                            Sunbury College                                            July, 2009

                  Contact John Fitzgerald with any queries: 97449023

Term III is decision making time for post compulsory students.  For a number of students this will mean looking at course options 
for 2010: VCE, VCAL, TAFE and University.   Others will be exploring job and on the job training options.  It is very important that 
students make the most of opportunities to investigate and discuss their choices and these include attending Open Days; talking to 
their parents, teachers, Careers Advisor and others who can help them explore possible career paths; collecting information; being 
prepared to attend specific information sessions; following the Careers Bulletin and ABOVE ALL giving themselves every opportu‐
nity to succeed in their present studies.  Students who make decisions without careful consideration often regret their choices.  As 
parents it is important to not only support them in this process and encourage them to make the most of opportunities designed 
to help with decision making but to make sure you are informed about the kinds of choices they are making.  All Year 9‐12 career/
course related material will be distributed through the Careers Bulletin, their Vocational Education (Year 9) and Pathways classes.  
This process has already started to occur, so keep an eye out for material students have been told to bring home. 
Please feel free to make an individual appointment if you would like to meet with myself and your child to discuss career op‐
tions.  These will be made for out of school hours.   
CONTACT: 97449023 OR   
The aim of this briefing is to demystify the higher education application process for parents.  Students will be briefed separately 
during Pathways.  It’s a great opportunity to get your questions answered, particularly if this is a first for your family or you need a 
refresher on changes since your last child completed Year 12.   
Please RSVP so I know how many to expect.  Get your son/daughter to confirm your attendance or email me at: fitzger‐  

The following is a guide to help make the most of OPEN DAY visits:
♦ Collect  an  Open  Day  timetable  beforehand  –  from  University/TAFE  websites  (eg  Often  lec‐
  tures/information sessions are held on Open Days – be there at the correct time.  
♦ Allow sufficient time for your visit; two hours or so would be wise. 
♦ Speak to staff about courses that interest you.  Write your questions beforehand. 
♦ Speak to students studying courses that interest you to get their perspective. 
♦ Collect information/brochures. 
♦ Does the course that interests you offer industry placements or work experience? 
♦ Are there international study opportunities with your course? 
♦ Consider transport issues; is the campus you are considering accessible from where you live?  How long will it take to travel 
  there?  Will you need accommodation? 
♦ Check out the environment where you will be studying; would you be happy studying there for three or four years? 
♦ Consider the facilities offered for your course compared with other institutions. 
♦ Consider visiting a country campus on Open Day, especially if you are concerned that you might not obtain a high enough EN‐
  TER for a metropolitan campus.  ENTER’s required for country universities/campuses are generally lower.  They also often offer 
  more personal assistance, accommodation on site, and a different lifestyle which will suit some students. 
♦ Be aware that if you plan to apply for a course involving an interview/folio presentation as part of the application process (eg 
  design courses) you may well be asked what you found of interest about the course at Open Day.  Attendance is vital.  

(Also see Work Experience wrap up previous page )  
John Fitzgerald 
Careers Coordinator 
           Page 4                                             Sunbury College                                         July, 2009


    Advance St John Ambulance                                          Computer
    Most Year 9 students have attended                                 Credit: Year 7 Brodie Theodore, Tom Strawhorn,
    St John duties at the Docklands                                            Lauren Burridge
    Stadium and assisted at the College                                       Year 8 Joshua Tyndall, Dom Azaris,
    Sick Bay. Thank you again to                                              Year 9 Nicole Isles, Sam Fenton
    parents who have assisted taking                                          Year 10 Aaron Schafer, Grant Hannant, Drew McLean
    cadets to the Stadium.                                             Distinction: Year 8 Max Donaldson
    Siemens Science Experience                                         Big Science
    Applications are open for this year. Students can contact their    Credit: Year 7 Tanisha Bardzinski, Tom Strawhorn
    science teacher or myself for details.                                      Year 8 Arielle Luz, Dom Azaris
    Epilepsy Trivia Quiz                                                        Year 9 Sam Fenton, Nathan Isles, Shane Van Rooy
    A large contingent of Year 7 to 10 students competed for the                Year 11 Michael Prewer, Macleod Seyman
    prize of representing the College at their Year level. We have     Distinction : Year 7 Connor Spratt, Year 10 Mark White
    a fine tradition to maintain. Results will be in the next
    Newsletter.                                                        Science
                                                                       Credit: Year 7 Jewel Coleman, Benjamin Cullinger,
    Competitions                                                               Christian Doneski, Matthew Pridham, Lauren
    Results for the Big Science and Science Competitions have                  Burridge, Jordan Boatman, Matthew Smooker,
    been posted. Congratulations to the following students who                 Ashleigh Williams, Cassandra Albert, Chelsea
    achieved awards.                                                           Bootle, Hayleigh Cockell, Jamie-Lee Defina,
    Geography                                                                  Mitchell Everitt, Sarah-Jane Farrelly, Fiona Gardner,
    Credit: Year 7 Thomas Pitts, Mariah Powell, Bronte Howard,                 Calum Hay, Mackenzie Pettit, Sophie Purcell-Green,
             Katelyn Anderson, Drew Armstrong, Leah Bigger,                    Connor Spratt, Brodie Theodore, Madeline Wain,
             Matthew Bonacci, Jacqueline Bubonya, Hamish                       Year 8 Alex Hay, James Uwland, Sean Law
             Waugh                                                             Year 9 Sam Fenton, Kayla Theodore, Ellie Lowerson,
             Year 8 Caitlin Sloan                                              Tahne McGrath, Chanelle Barry
    Distinction: Year 7 Jackson Nunn, Tom Strawhorn, Calum
                 Hay, Maddison Boyes                                   The Science Award certificates will be presented at a
                 Year 9 Jordan Bootle, Kane Watson                     celebration during Science Week next month.
    High Distinctions: Year 7 Connor Spratt,
                       Year 9 Alex Bonacci,                            Paul Kean - Learning Enhancement
                       Year 11 Macleod Seyman

                                              Outstanding Achievement Awards
                          Congratulations to the following students who received Outstanding Achievement Awards.
                                    Some students received more than one award for the same subject.
  Adam Bubonya       9K         St John          Haimi Bosch           8G     Geog           Michael Schmid      9G      Sci
  Amelia Clarke      9D         St John          Harrison Salm         10H Maths             Mitchell Everitt    7C      Maths
  Amy Finlay         9K         St John          Jacquie Gulle         8D     LOTE           Mitchell Garner     9C      Maths
  Andrew Morgan      10G        Maths            Jade Kimpton          8G    Geog            Mitchell Pearce     7F      Sci
  Aprille Wallace    8G         Geog             Jane Huang            7C     Maths          Myra Bigger         7F      Sci
  Brayden Greenway 10D          PE               Jessica Sheridan      7G     Sci            Nathan Clarke       7C      Hist
  Brenna Strada      8D         LOTE             Jessie King           10F Maths             Nathan Isles        9C      Maths
  Brodie Theodore    7D         Maths            Jordan Pearce         7H     Sci            Nicole Isles        9A      St John
  Caitlyn Sterck     9A         St John          Joshua Delbridge      9C     Maths          Paul Sahlberg       10H PE
  Cassie Farfalla    8D         LOTE             Joshua Jones          9C     Maths          Rachael Pattern     10G Maths
  Chelsea Bootle     7C         Sci, aths        Kaitlyn Benzie        8G     Geog           Rebekah Finlay      7CEng, Geog
  Chelsea Varrasso   7H         Sci              Kane Harrison         8G     Geog           Riley Dinnage       8G      Geog
  Ciane Pearce       10D        PE               Katelyn Anderson      7F     Eng            Robert Moore        10G Maths
  Cole Sloan         7F         Eng, Sci         Kathleen O’Reilly     9A     St John        Sam Cambruzzi       8G      Geog
  Connor Spratt      7F         Eng              Katie Luff            8G     Geog           Sam Fenton          9B      St John
  Courtney Malesevich10F        PE               Kyle Revere           8D     LOTE           Sarah Williams      8G      Geog
  Courtney Rea       10H        Maths            Laura Stilo           7F     Eng            Sean Quinlivan      9G      Sci
  Danah Burrows      9C         Maths            Lauren Burridge       7C Eng, Sci, Geog     Shandelle Steere    8B      Sci
  David Bigger       10A        PE               Lauren Burridge       7C Sci, Geog, Eng     Sophie Barry        7F      Eng
  Dylan Glyn-Jones 10D          PE               Luke Bradley          9I     Maths          Sophie Purcell-Green 7C Eng,
  Eliza Waldon       9I         Maths            Madeleine O’Reilly    7C Eng, Math, His                      Maths,Sci,Geog
  Emmy Darcy         8G         Geog             Madeline Wain         7F Hist, Eng, Sci     Stefan Drossos      7F      Sci
  Eric Clarke        7C         Hist             Mandy Schultze        9K     St John        Tommy Lam           9G      Sci
  Fiona Gardner      7F         Eng              Matthew Sette         9G     Sci            Trent Boyer         8G      Geog
  Georgia Tedder     9A         St John          Megan Scicchitano     7F    Sci             Wayde Holden        7H      Geog
         Page 5                                              Sunbury College                                         July, 2009


For two weeks near the end of term we had Bonnie Ward 10J doing work experience in the library. One of the many duties that
Bonnie so capably executed was to produce a poster for Book Week which begins Monday 24th August. The theme is SAFARI. The
poster will be used as a colouring competition for our junior classes and will run in Week 5. Great prizes will be on offer to our

                                                                                     Created by Bonnie Ward, 10J, our work
                                                                                     experience student, for the Book Week
                                                                                     colouring competition.

                                         NEW BOOK ARRIVALS:
                  Check out the new book arrivals in the library for June/July. Happy reading!
                   About Griffen’s heart/Tina Shaw                      Macbeth and son/Jackie French
                   The black book of secrects/F.E.Higgins               The medici curse/Matt Chaming
                   The book from Baden dark/James Moloney               My sister has a big black beard and other quirky
                   The book of a thousand days/Shannon Hale             tales
                   Brooklyn/Colm Toibin                                 Mr Toppit/Charles Elton
                   Brown skin blue/Belinda Jeffrey                      Rapunzel’s revenge/Shannon Hale
                   The Cat kin/Nick Green                               Riding the black cockatoo/John Danalis
                   Cross my heart and hope to spy/Ally Carter           The Sea-wreck stranger/Anna Mackenzie
                   Crossing the line/Gillian Phillip                    Siberia/Ann Halam
                   Dark Summit on Everest                               Siggy and Amber/Doug MacLeod
                   Destination Abudai/Prue Mason                        Small steps/Louis Sacher
                   Dictionary of dreams/ Rose Inserra                   Stargazer/Claudia Gray
                   Disasters that shocked Australia/Ian Ferguson        Storm peak/John A Flanagon
                   Don’t judge a girl by her cover/Ally Carter          They told me I had to write this/Kim Miller
                   Don’t look twice/Andrew Grose                        Thing we didn’t see coming/Steven Amsterdam
                   Eye of the wolf?Daniel Pennac                        The vanishing of Katharina Linden/Helen Grant
                   Faerie wars/Herbie Brennan                           The Visconti house/Elisbeth Edger
                   Half way to good/Kirsten Murphy                      The voyage of the frog/Gary Paulsen
                   The Highest tide a novel/Jim Lynch                   War nurse/Sue Reid
                   How to be popular when yu’re a social reject         500 Cupcakes
                   like me/Meg Cabot                                    A human pattern/Judith Wright
                   The Hunger game/ Suzanne Collins                     Indian Cooking
                   Hurricane gold/Charlie Higson                        Queen Bees and wannabes/Rosalind Wiseman
                   I’d tell you I love you, but then I’d have to kill   Race cars up close
                   you                                                  Ripley’s believe it or not!
                   It’s yr life/Tempany Deckert                         Thirty days has September cool way to remember
                   Inkdeath/Cornelia Funke                              stuff
                   Jasper Jones a novel/Craig Silvey                    Vegetarian cooking
                   The last thing I remember/Andrew Klavan
                   Letters to Leonardo/Dee White
                   Love Aubrey/Suzanne M LaFleur
                   Malice/ Chris Wooding
           Page 6                           Sunbury College                                              July, 2009

Term 2 finished with a flourish with a number of teams          TABLE TENNIS
competing in District round robins and some Inter              Well done to the Senior Boys table tennis team who have
district Finals.                                               not only won the Western Ranges competition but then
This term will see the Western Zone and State Finals for       went on to defeat Roxburgh park in the Interdistrict round
Senior and Term 2 sports as well as the State Cross            and will now play the Western Zone Finals at MSAC. Good
Country titles and Section A athletics. We will also           luck.
compete in Volleyball (Yr 7 & 8),Squash,Table Tennis
(Yr 7,8 & Inter) and Basketball (Yr 7,8 & Inter)               FOOTBALL
                                                               The College football season is well under way again with
                                                               considerable success. The Yr 7 Boys(coached by Jason
BASKETBALL                                                     Williams and Mr Qoon) and the Yr 8 boys (coached by
Our senior boys and girls, under the guidance of Mr Kelly      Hayden Welsford and Mr Hamond) were both winners in
and with a comeback from Mr Cary won all their preliminary     Gisborne/Sunbury Downs round robin and then had a very
games at the recent Western Ranges basketball tournament impressive win against Bacchus Marsh to make it through to
and both progressed to the final. The boys had a tight game the Western Zone finals however the Yr 8 boys went down
with Melton but stepped up to have a good win and the girls to Kurunjang.
were very convincing in defeating Kurunjang. They then both The Junior Girls (coached by students David House and
competed in an inter-district round against Gladstone Park     Anthony Leonard) had a good win against Melton and they
with the girls convincing winners and the boys going down in also progress straight through to the WZ finals.
a very tight tussle. The girls will now compete in the WZ      The Senior girls and Inter Boys have already won both of
finals at the end of this month. Thanks also to those who      their semi finals at the Western Zone level and play the final
helped with umpiring Daniel Bulluss, Bess Van Ross and         next Friday at Whitten Oval. This competition is sponsored
Rick Giannino.                                                 by the Western Bulldogs and we wish both teams and their
                                                               coaches Mr Shallies and Mr Freeman luck.
NETBALL                                                        Thank you also to all students who have helped with field,
The western ranges round robin for Intermediate and Senior boundary and goal umpiring especially Jason Cooke,
Boys & Girls was a very closely contested affair. Both our     Hayden Welsford and David Bigger for their efforts.
Senior and Inter boys team won all of their preliminary
games in great fashion, (the Inters coming from behind to      CROSS COUNTRY
win in extra time) but were defeated in the finals by two very The College was represented by a large contingent at the
skilful Melton teams. The Intermediate and Senior girls again Western Zone Cross Country held at Ballarat University on
took all before them and were very convincing in both the      a cold (but not as bad as usual!!) day. Sunbury students did
rounds and the finals where they both had easy wins and        a fantastic job with 5 students individually as well as the 15
they again had easy wins in the Inter-district round against   yrs boys team (Western Zone Champions) qualifying for the
Craigieburn and will now play in the Western Zone finals in    State Finals to be held at Bundoora Park on July 24th.
August. Thanks to coaches Ms Adams and Mrs Cheeseman Congratulations to all who ran especially the individuals who
and Amanda Dalgleish for umpiring.                             qualified for the State Finals
                                                               Scott Lowerson        12-13 yrs Boys    7th
SOCCER                                                         Paige Donker          14yrs Girls       14th
Our Senior Boys again acquitted themselves extremely well Ashley Marshall 15yrs Girls                  7th
in the Western Ranges round robin. The senior boys             Michael Boyd          15yrs Boys        6th
enjoyed their day winning the first game against Staughton     Dean Johnson         17-20 yrs Boys     22nd
to win their way through to the final where they eventually    Chris Borg            17-20 yrs Boys    11th
lost to Gisborne 1-0 but with many scoring opportunities.      + the rest of the 15 years boys team:
Thankyou also to Ms Borg for helping with umpiring and Mr      Trevor Mastin                           22nd
Loadman for his help on the day. Thanks also to senior         Kane VanRoosmalen                       24th
students Adam Gazic and Jon Paterakis for their help with      Alec Goodson                            46th
the team and Mitchell Kook, James Bubonya and Jason            Kyle Parkinson                          84th
Cooke for help umpiring. The Inter Boys have continued on
their winning ways accounting for Roxburgh Park 3-0 and
will play in the Zone finals this week. Good luck!                                                       Cross Country
BADMINTON                                                                                                (pictured)
The Senior and Intermediate Badminton teams expertly
coached by Dr Daniell participated with great enthusiasm in                                              Thank you to Scott
the district round robin where the Senior Boys and Inter boys                                            Boyd who ran at the
both won their sections and progress to the Inter-district                                               State Finals.
round against Hume Central and then hopefully the Western                                                Thank you also to
Zone Finals in August. Well done to all involved and good                                                Mr Oglivie who
luck!!!                                                                                                  accompanied the
                                                                                                         team on the day.
          Page 7                               Sunbury College                                                July, 2009

♦ Well done to Jason Williams of Year 10 who made the Vic Metro
  16yrs football team that recently competed at the National                       ~This term with a large number of teams
  Championships                                                                    representing the College in Sport at various
                                                                                   levels, some disruption to the normal school
♦ Well done to Bess Van Ross (Yr 11) who made the final cut of Vic
                                                                                   programme can occur. To minimise this
  Metro basketball team.
                                                                                   disruption I ask that parent/guardians and
♦ Well done to Brodie Theodore and Ruby Dudderidge who as part                     students support the sports programme by
  of the Sunbury Jets Girls U14 team gained a Bronze Medal at the                  making sure that students are in full sports or
  McDonalds National Junior Classic                                                normal uniform when representing the
                                                                                   College and that they attend all classes when
♦ Well done to Daniel Katsipis of Year 11 who won the U18 national                 teams are not out for the full day. We are
  table tennis championship and also made the semi finals at open                  very proud of those who represent the
  level.                                                                           College in extra curricular activities and hope
♦ Well done to Sara Blicavs (Yr 11) who has been picked in the                     that they show the same support to all areas
  AUSTRALIAN 17yrs BASKETBALL TEAM. Fantastic!!!!                                  of the College! ~

                                   UPCOMING DATES TERM 3 & 4
        DATE           ACTIVITY                                          VENUE                STAFF          Time In/
        Mon 27/7       Inter Boys Soccer WZ Finals                       Darebin              NL             All day
        Tues 28/7      Senior Girls Basketball WZ Finals                 Altona               JC             All day
        Tues 28/7      Senior & Inter Boys Badminton                     Broadmeadows         AD             Per 1-4
        Fri 31/7       Inter Boys Football WZ Final (if win 22/7)        Williamstown         PF             All day
        Fri 31/7       Senior Girls Football WZ Final (if win 22/7)      Williamstown         SS             All day
        Thurs 30/7     Yr 7 & 8 Netball                                  Gladstone Park       CA             Per 4-6
        Fri 31/7       Sport Aerobics                                                         KB             All day
        Mon 3/8        Senior boys table tennis WZ finals                MSAC                 JH             All day
        Tues 4/8       Senior & Inter Boys Badminton WZ Finals           Altona               AD             All day
        Fri 7/8        Inter Girls and Senior Girls Netball              Altona               CA             All day
        Fri 7/8        Senior Boys Soccer                                Werribee             BC             All day
        Tues 11/8      Yr 7 Football      WZ Semi finals                 Melton               RQ             All day
        Thurs 13/8     Junior Girls Football     WZ Semi finals          Melton               JK             All day
        Tues 18/8      Yr 7 Football WZ finals (if they win 11/8)        Williamstown         RQ             All day

        Tues 18/8      Jun Girls Football WZ finals (if they win 13/8)   Williamstown         JK             All day
        Fri 21/8       Jun Boys Netball WZ Finals                        Altona               MM             All Day
        Fri 21/8       Yr 7 & 8 Girls Netball     WZ Finals              Altona               EA             All Day
        Fri 21/8       Year 7 Girls & 8 Boys Badminton WZ Finals         Altona               TS             All Day
        Mon 24/8       Senior Girls Basketball        State Finals       MSAC                 JC             All Day
        Thurs 27/8     State Finals Squash Sen Boys & Girls              MSAC                 MP             All day
        Weds 9/9       Section A Athletics                               Aberfeldie           CA, AR, RQ,    All day
                                                                                              JH & SF
        Tues 15/9      Junior Boys Basketball                            Sunbury              RQ & JK        All day
        Tues 15/9      Junior Boys and Girls Table Tennis                Sunbury              JH             All day
        Fri 9/10       Junior Girls Basketball                           Sunbury              KB & JC        All day
        Mon 12/10      WZ Athletics                                      Geelong                             All day
        Mon 19/10      Inter Boys Cricket vs Bayside                     Sunbury              JL             All day
        Thurs 22/10    Junior Volleyball Boys and Girls                  Melton               SF & JL        All day
        Tues 27/10     Junior Softball and Baseball                      Bacchus Marsh        MP             All day
    Page 8                                              Sunbury College                                            July, 2009

      Any student who is interested in a school organised tour of the West Coast of America in
      January school holidays 2011, please see Mrs Bulluss in the ECA or Miss McCauley in P1.
      The tour includes sightseeing in San Fransisco, Los Angeles and Hollywood as well as staying
      with an American Host family. Approximate cost for the 20 days is $5,200 which includes
      all accommodation, most meals, airfares, bus transfers and entry into Disneyland, Universal
      Studios and Knotts Berry Farm in L.A.

On Tuesday 21st of July our Year 8 students watched a performance on ‘Values’.
A reminder to Year 8 parents that Camp consent and medical forms must be handed into the Junior Sub-School office as
soon as possible. The total amount of $310 should be paid at least one week prior to the camp. Students and teachers
are really looking forward to a lot of snow and fun. The dates of the camp are 4th- 7th August. All Year 8 students not
attending camp are expected to be at school.
We are looking forward to celebrating Year 7 and 8 student success at our annual Principal’s awards on Wednesday 29th
July. Students will be recognised for high standards of co-operation, work effort, positive behaviour and attitudes towards
On Wednesday the 12th of August all Year 7 students will watch a performance of ‘The Hurting Game’. The play will focus
on unwanted behaviour surrounding bullying and harassment and provide students with strategies to combat bullying.
More information will be e-mailed home. Please pay $6 per student for this production at the front office.
If your child was absent on the last day of Term 2 they would have missed out on receiving their reports. They can be
collected from the Junior Sub-school office.
Fiona Davies and Diane Wilson   Junior Sub-School

    How Much Sleep does my child                                     

      need to succeed at school?                                                   Shop Hours: Every Tuesday
                                                                                         1.00pm – 4.30pm
A good night’s sleep (at least 8 hours) is essential for optimal
                                                                            Please note EFTPOS facilities are available
brain functioning at school. Memory consolidation occurs
during sleep especially during dream (or REM) sleep. During                Monday to Friday ONLY between 8.30am—
the normal 8-9 hours of sleep, five dream (REM) cycles occur.                                 4.20pm
Adolescents getting only 5-6 hours of sleep lose out on the last          The wearing of Uniform is compulsory at Sunbury
two REM cycles and thereby reduce the amount of time the                                      College
brain has to consolidate information.
Teenagers need as much sleep as children, partly because                Secondhand Uniform
their brains are doing so much develop.                                 ONLY good quality, cleaned and ironed clothing will be
Always remember there is no such thing as a sleep bank. So              accepted. Items that we sell are spray jackets, polo shirts,
just because you slept 10 hours one night doesn’t mean you              dresses, skirts, jumpers, rugby tops, boys shorts and
can get away with only sleeping 6 hours the next night.                 trousers. Telephone enquires during shop hours can be
Students who don’t get enough sleep have to work much harder            made on 9744 1066.
to do well at school.                                                                                             Margaret Cassidy
              Page 9                                  Sunbury College             July, 2009


                                                                                  Fun Games Raffle Great prizes
Speciality Sporting Memorabilia

                                                In support of

                                      15 August 2009
                                           7:00 pm
                                   Sunbury Downs C  ollege

                                                             k s pp

                                                           in u

                                                        Dr t S
                                                      & s ke .
                                                       B a Y .O


                                    Tickets: $15.00 per person
                                   Bookings: Sue 0432 891 949
                                      Ticket Sales: Just Planet
                                    37 O’Shanassy Street, Sunbury. Ph 9740 3106
     Page 10                                                   Sunbury College                                                     July, 2009

Experience life as an overseas teenager during your summer holidays!
World Education Program (WEP) Australia is in its last round of accepting applications for stu-
dents to go to Germany, Italy, Spain, France and French-speaking Belgium this summer.
Lifelong memories – lifelong friends!
Live with a host family, attend an overseas school and make new friends from around the world.
‘Begin your exchange journey with an open mind and heart. Don’t be afraid to leap into a world
of unknown; you will be rewarded with more than you thought possible.’
- Chloe Sinclair went on a short-term program to France in November 2008
Don’t miss out! Find out more:
Request your information pack: Go online or call us for the cost of a local call 1300 884 733. Attend
WEP’s Open Door Day: 15 August / 12pm – 4pm
Meet WEP staff and returned students to talk about your opportunity to discover the world on a student exchange.
World Education Program (WEP) Australia is a not-for-profit student exchange organisation registered with the
Education Departments.  

     Challenged by your child’s
      ‘Parenting Children with Asthma’
The University of Queensland is conducting
research investigating the challenges faced by
parents of children with asthma. This project
involves a survey examining the factors that parents
believe make management of childhood asthma
more difficult.
What does participation involve?
Parents of children with asthma, aged 3 to 12 years,
can participate by completing a set of online
questionnaires about their family, their child, and
their child’s asthma. These questionnaires will take
approximately 15 minutes to complete.

      You can complete the survey at: http://

       For more information, please contact
    Caroline Gregory (ph: 07 3365 9186, email:                    Sunbury College does not endorse the products or services of any                                     advertisements throughout this newsletter.
                                                               No responsibility is accepted by the College for accuracy of information
   Your participation will be greatly appreciated!                     contained in advertisements or claims made by them.

                                                                     Newsletter Photos ‐ Privacy Act 
                                      At  Sunbury  College  we  celebrate  the  efforts  of  our  students  by  mentioning  their  participation  in 
                                      school  events  and  their  achievements  in  our  school  newsletter.    Occasionally  photographs  of  the 
   Term3:       13th July to          students are included.  We also use photographs of students on our school intranet site.  This site is 
                19th September        protected and can only be accessed by school students and staff. 
                                      We  invite  local  press  to  school  events  and  they  are  expected  to  follow  college  policy  on  the 
   Term 4:      5th October to        publication  of  photographs  of  students.    When  a  story  is  about  an  individual  achievement  we  will 
                18th December         seek your consent before passing information or photographs to the press for publication. 
                                      If you have any concerns about how photographs of your child may be used by the College please let 
                                      us know. 
     Page 11                                                 Sunbury College                                          July, 2009

Get Lunch Faster … Order Online
Order quickly from home or school 
Skip the lunch queues 
No searching for cash required pre‐paid online! 
Order at a time convenient to you on the day, or weeks in advance!  
We are now using a great new online ordering system called FlexiSchools ( to make the processing of 
lunch orders easier for students and canteen staff.  So get online and save time! 
How Does it Work? 
Go to 
Click “Register Now” and enter your email address 
Complete the online registration and add funds to your account via credit card 
Log in at any time and place your lunch orders 
Then what happens? 
As purchases are made, the funds are taken from your pre‐paid account.  The account can be topped up again in the same way, or 
set to automatically top‐up when it falls below a pre‐set minimum.  Each order is sent automatically to the kitchen, where an  
easy‐to‐read label is produced with the student’s name, class and order details.  This ensures each order is prepared and is ready 
for pickup at lunch.  The order is pre‐paid, so no cash is needed when the order is collected. 
What Does it Cost? 
The online menu is the same price as the usual menu.  However, there is a 20c fee for the online orders to help pay for the labels 
and the website system. 
More Info?  If you get stuck or have any questions, just call FlexiSchools on 1300 361 769 
                                         Formerly Sunbury Secondary College
                                            Formerly Sunbury High School

          Former Students, Teachers, Parents and
              School Committee Members
Would you like to renew acquaintances and lost friendships and
reminisce about your high school days? Then you would be interested
in attending a “Back to Sunbury College Night” on the following dates:
                      1960’s                11th September 2009
                      1970’s                18th September 2009
                      1980’s                9th October 2009
                      1990’s - 2000’s       16th October 2009
Wine, soft drinks and finger food in the Library from 7pm—10pm.
Cost per person - $20.
Cheques payable to Sunbury College, Cash or Credit Cards welcome.

                   SUNBURY COLLEGE OPEN DAY
    Sunday 25th October 2009 11am - 3pm
    School will be open for a walk down memory lane.
    Enjoy a picnic lunch or food and drink will be available for sale.

For all enquiries and payments for above events please contact Sunbury College on 9744 1066

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