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Additional Magic Items for Warhammer Fantasy Battle


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									                         Additional Magic Items
                        Warhammer Fantasy Battle
While digging through my loft the other day, I came across my old Warhammer
Armies book, the old hard-backed version that contained lists for ALL the armies
plus Mercenary Contingents etc. etc. (which incidentally cost about the same as a
single army list does these days). While thumbing through this ancient and sacred
tome I came across some things I had entirely forgotten about. Some of the older
players amongst us, and by older I mean those of us who have been playing the
longest, may remember back in the “good old days” that there used to be such
things as magical instruments available for regiments. Apart from the “Pipes of
Doom” (which isn’t really an instrument – despite the name) these were all removed
from the game back when 4th Edition, i.e. the edition before the current one, came

Also removed from the 4th Edition, were a number of magical missile weapons.
Despite the vast number of magical weapons available in the current edition of
Warhammer Fantasy Battle there is a grand total of only two magical missile
weapons (which I can think of) and of those, one is race specific. This leaves
everyone but the Wood Elf players with a “choice” of only one. There are only
seven magical missiles in the Warhammer Armies book, (one of which - the Hail of
Doom Arrow - made it to 5th Edition), but compared to the one (or two) in the current
version that is a much greater choice.

It seems a shame that these were dropped, especially as for the most part the
effects of the magical abilities are fairly minor ones and would not really unbalance
the game. Therefore, I have taken the opportunity to re-adjust the rules and points
values to fit in with 5th Edition Rules. And yes, before anyone points it out, I do
know that 6th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle will be out in October (allegedly)
and that these rules will probably be useless then, but I thought what the heck…
Obviously, these rules are not official so you would have to agree with your
opponent before hand if you wish to use them.

Magical Instruments
A magical instrument does not have to be carried by a character model. Instead a
regiment’s musician carries it. All the magical instruments listed below cost 25
points. This point cost is the cost of the magic instrument only, you would still have
to pay for the cost of the musician to use it, in much the same way that you pay for
a Standard Bearer and then pay for any magical standard he may carry. This

                                   - 25 -
Doomsounder: The instrument sounds a terrible and frightening blast, which
causes a –1 leadership penalty to all enemy regiments in hand-to-hand combat with
the bearer’s regiment for the duration of the combat.

Battlecall: The instrument sounds a mighty call to arms that invigorates the troops.
The unit may add an additional +1 to its score in combat resolution. Note, this is
cumulative with any standard that the unit may have.

Battlecry: The instrument is played to accompany a battle cry as the unit charges
into combat, empowering it with magic. The unit does not need to take a Fear test
when charging an opponent that causes Fear or Terror. Note: The battle cry does
not affect Fear or Terror tests taken when the unit is being charged, nor does it
negate any other effects of Fear.

Hymn of Hate: The instrument is played to accompany a battle hymn or chant. The
instrument empowers the words of the hymn with magic and thus inspires Hatred in
the unit. The unit is assumed to start singing at the start of the battle. The unit will
Hate all enemy models, until such time as they loose a round of combat.

Call of Valour: The instrument banishes all thoughts of death and panic from the
minds of the troops. The unit may therefore add +1 to its Leadership (up to a
maximum Leadership of 10) when taking Panic test.

Battle Rage: The music from the instrument drives the unit into a nearly
unstoppable blood lust. The unit may add +1 to it’s “To Hit” rolls for the first round
of any hand-to-hand engagement. Note: This can not be used to give a unit an
“automatic hit”. A “To Hit” roll of 1 is always a miss, regardless of modifiers.

Magical Missiles
Magical missiles are only usable by
character models, as per normal magic
items. There are two broad types of
magical missile, those that are “one shot
missiles” and those that come in
sufficient quantities to last the character
for the duration of the battle.        The
following descriptions refer to arrows,
however, the same rules can be applied
to any kind of missile such as javelins,
sling stones etc. Unless noted below, the range for these attacks will depend on the
type of bow etc. So, an “Arcane Arrow” shot from a long bow will have a range of
30” but if shot from a short bow it will have a range of 16”. All hits from a magical
missile count as a magical attack with regard to saves etc.

                                    - 26 -
One Shot Missiles.
The points cost for the following missiles are for a single missile.

Arcane Arrow: Magical marks are inscribed into the arrowhead lending magical
force to the impact. The arrow hits with a Strength of 10. No armour saves are
allowed and the victim will suffer D3 wounds. (25 Points)

Wings of Death: The flights of this arrow are made from the feathers of enchanted
birds and the shafts from the wood of sacred trees. The missile has twice the range
of a normal missile of its kind. (10 Points)

Missile Supplies.
The following missiles are supplied in sufficient quantities to last the character for
the entire battle. The point cost indicated is to equip the character with a supply of
these missiles.

Seeking Arrows: These arrows are inscribed with magical marks that make them
completely accurate. All shots using these missiles will automatically hit their
target. Note: Normal targeting restriction still apply. (10 Points)

Arcane Bodkin: These arrows are magically sharpened so that they will more
easily penetrate armour. The missiles have an additional saving throw modifier of –
1. (5 Points)

Blood Arrow: These arrows have been dipped in blood during an arcane ritual.
This means that they are attracted to blood, which makes them much more
accurate. The character may add +1 to all his “To Hit” rolls while using these
missiles against all living models. The effect will not work against Undead or
Daemons or any non-living target. (5 Points)

Hell Shafts: The arrowheads are forged from the iron of old coffin nails and
incantations of exorcism are intoned while they are hammered into shape. The
arrows automatically cause 1 wound against any Undead or Daemon model that
they hit. (5 Points)

                                    - 27 -

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