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									                                        Pretoria Gem and Mineral Club
                                         Affiliated to the Federation of Southern African Gem and
                                                           Mineralogical Societies

June 2006                                                              PRETORIA ROCKHOUND DIGEST

The Pretoria Gem and Mineral Club                                      Clubhouse: 29, 26 th Street

PO Box 36888, Menlo Park, 0102                                         Menlo Park, Pretoria. Tel (012) 460 1494
Pretoria                                                               EVERY SATURDAY: 10:00 – 17:00
South Africa                                                           website:
                                                                                    HTU                       UTH

                                                                                    U                     U

Chairman: Douw Steyn 083 260 7416 a/h                        Vice-Chairman        Dieter Heinichen (012) 991 5839

          HTU                    UTH                         Secretary:           Di de Villiers 082 562 8983
                                                                                  HTU               UTH

Treasurer: Cor Hutten 072 206 4242                           Editor:              Esté Steyn 082 821 2018
                                           HEADLINES: Hobby Booster
                                        Outing to Jozini with Durban Club

       *** HOBBY BOOSTER WEEKEND                                                                   10-11 June
       *** Monthly Outing - Jozini                                                                 16-18 June
       *** MONTHLY MEETING                                                                         26 June

Swop, Sell and Social at the Clubhouse                       - every first Saturday of the month
Workshop Maintenance Night                                   - every 2nd Wednesday of the month
Monthly Mineral meeting                                      - every FIRST Tuesday of the month
                                                                       U      U

Monthly Faceting meeting                                     - every SECOND Saturday of the month
Silversmithing meeting                                       - every Thursday from 19:00 – 21:00
Monthly meeting                                              - every last Monday of the month

                    The Workshop at the Clubhouse is open every Saturday from 10am – 5pm.
                                    NO SMOKING in the Clubhouse Please!
  We wish to welcome the following new members who joined recently: Flip & Connie van Vuuren, Kirk Turner, Jenifer
  Koen, Tamlyn Venter, Keren May van der Berg, Saskia Koen, Carlo Heinz, Mike & Rachelle du Preez, Risden van Niekerk, Jan,
  Hester, Tersia & Kaelin du Plessis, Reinhild Schack and Keith Hamlton,
  Two names that we skipped last month when we welcomed their family members: Ruth Maguire (re-joining after many years)
  and Kim Morris
  We also welcome (in their absence) Mr Ockert Oosthuizen & family – they joined at the Brooklyn Show in April, but
  unfortunately we lost their form and can’t send them this welcome (or any communication). If anybody knows this Rockhound-
  family living in the East of Pretoria, please contact Esté Steyn on 082 821 2018.

  WELCOME!! May your association with the Club be enjoyable, long and productive.

  Dear Members,
  I’m still in desperate need of help with the Newsletter, as my job involves much traveling lately and I’m not always in
  town when this important piece of communication needs to happen. If you are Microsoft Word literate (especially
  columns, tables, sections) and can assist, please contact me a.s.a.p.
  Esté 082 821 2018
        June 2006:

Date            Event                                                                Time            Contact detail
  3             SWOP, SELL & SOCIAL at the Clubhouse
                                 U        U
                                                                                     14:00 – LATE!   Douw Steyn 0832607416
  6             Monthly Mineral Meeting at Clubhouse                                 19:30           Horst Windisch 012 4607562
10-11           Hobby Booster
 14             Workshop Maintenance Evening                                         19:00           Clubhouse: Lex 0834496812
16-18           Monthly Outing to Jozini                                                             Craig A’Bear (Pmbg/Natal) 082
                                                                                                     818 4204 + PGMC 0825628983
 21             Committee meeting at Clubhouse                                       19:00           Clubhouse
 26             Monthly meeting at Clubhouse – PGMC Gemboree 2008 –                  19:30           Clubhouse
                important discussion, don’t miss this, we need your
                Cabochon classes by appointment only – contact Linda Stone           Any             Linda Stone 012 803 1398
                to book your class                                                   Saturday        (a/h)
                Faceting classes by appointment only – contact Phillip Alp to        Any             Phillip Alp (h) 014 574
                book your class                                                      Saturday        3488 or (w) 014 571 2159

        July 2006:

Date            Event                                                                Time            Contact detail
 1              SELL & SOCIAL at the Clubhouse
                        U        U
                                                                                   14:00–LATE!       Douw Steyn 0832607416
  4             Monthly Mineral Meeting at Clubhouse                                 19:30           Horst Windisch 012 4607562
  9             Faceting Meeting at Clubhouse                                        13:00           Lex Krabbendam 083 449 6812.
 12             Workshop Maintenance Evening                                         19:00           Clubhouse: Lex 0834496812
 16             Monthly OUTING – TOUR OF (JHB) BASEMENTS OUTING                                      (Wits Club)
 26             Committee meeting at Clubhouse                                       19:00           Clubhouse
 30             Educational Outing to WONDERBOOM NAT RES.                            14:00           Horst Windisch 012-460-7562
 31             Monthly meeting at Clubhouse                                         19:30           Clubhouse
                                                                                     19:00       –   Clubhouse: Lex 0834496812
 *              Silversmithing: every Thursday from 19:00 – 21:00                    21:00
                Cabochon classes by appointment only – contact Linda Stone           Any             Linda Stone 012 803 1398 (a/h)
                to book your class                                                   Saturday
                Faceting classes by appointment only – contact Philip Alp to         Any             Phillip Alp (h) 014 574 3488 or
 *                                                                                                   (w) 014 571 2159
                book your class                                                      Saturday

        . Duty- & Opening/Closing Roster:

 JUN                    3            10       (H Booster)   17 ( Jozini )            24
 OPEN                DIETER                                   CHARLES               HORST

  AM             DIETER & LINDA       DUE TO THE            CHARLES & HEIDI      PIET & HETTIE
                      E(3)           HOBBYBOOSTER               A(4)                 I(3)
  PM             ANTON & MAGDA        THERE IS NO           JOHAN & HANNIE       DON & MARION
                      F(3)            WORKSHOP                  B(3)                 J(3)
CLOSE                ANTON                                       LEX                 DON

 JULY                  1                         8          15 (outing Sun 16)           22                           29
 OPEN                 NICK                    DIETER             WOLF                  ERICH                         PIET

  AM               NICK & TISH        DIETER & LINDA         WOLF & MELINDA       ERICH & KARIN               PIET & ELISE
                      M(3)                 E(4)                  C(4)                 K(3)                       G(4)
  PM                DAVE & DI        ANTON & MAGDA             NICO & FAY        STELLA M & JEAN             HELMUT & ANNY
                      N(3)                F(4)                   D(4)                 L(3)                       H(4)
CLOSE                 DAVE                ANTON                   FAY            TO BE ADVISED               TO BE ADVISED

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                                                                          SUNDAY JUNE 11

    1.        Membership                                                  COURSE               TUTOR                PARTICIPANTS

              1.1. Membership Database/Missing Member(s)                  SILVERSMITHING       TOBIAS BEYERS &      8 PEOPLE
                     Returned mail in the last month:                                          STRYDOM

                     Hann Wilsenach (email)                               GEMTREES             ELIZABETH            6 PEOPLE
                                                                                               DE BEER
                     Lynette Uytenbogaardt (email)
                     Jennifer Koen (email)                                STONE INLAY      /   MASSIMO LEONE        6 PEOPLE

    2.        Duty- and Opening/Closing Rosters for 2006                  Tea/Coffee & cookies will be served free of charge in the
                                                                          morning and afternoon. Please bring your own lunch. If
    Questions or queries concerning the duty roster for 2006              there’s someone that wants to sell “lunch” to those attending,
    should please be taken up with Dave de Villiers on 083                please contact Lex Krabbendam urgently.
    337 1541 / 011 345 9819w / 011 849 3029h or email .
    HTU                            UTH
    3.        Clubhouse & Workshop matters
              3.1. Workshop fees
    A full report on the Clubs’ Expenses on Workshop                               About the ads in the Newsletter: When
    Maintenance will be published in the July Newsletter.                          Dieter did the Newsletter last month he,
    It seems that the communication thus far of why we had to    U
                                                                                   out of sheer desperation for not being
    increase the fees, did not suffice and thus the Committee
                                                                                   able to adjust the columns, placed the
    decided to follow up with some numbers.                                        ads in-between the articles (and not all
                                                                                   on page 8 like always). This was a
              3.2. Opening the Clubhouse and grounds for the
                                                                                   good move as it catches more attention
                   gardener (repeat from last month)
                                                                                   and thus will stay like that in future.
    Who stays close to Club?
    We're STILL looking for a person that stays close by
    ( REALLY CLOSE - Menlopark, Brooklyn, Alphen Park,
          U                    U

    Ashlea Gardens, Waterkloof) to volunteer to open/close for
    our gardener every alternate Wednesday. The current
    committee members who fulfill this task struggle through
    early morning traffic to get to the Clubhouse and back before
    and after 8 and the Committee thought it would be wiser to
    ask a member who lives close by and can avoid the    U

    highway ’s traffic jam.

    If you can help, please contact our Vice Chairman, Dieter
    Heinichen on 082 575 2610.
    4.        Hobby Booster 10 & 11 June

    It’s almost time for this exciting event on our Annual
    Calendar and the Bookings looks good. Late sleepers must
    contact Lex Krabbendam a.s.a.p.!!!


Hobby Booster Courses:

    COURSE                          TUTOR            PARTICIPANTS

    CABOCHONS                       LINDA STONE      6 PEOPLE
    MICROMOUNTING                   HORST            4 PEOPLE
    CARVING                         KLAUS BINDING    4 PEOPLE
    FACETING                        PHILLIP ALP &    6 PEOPLE
                                    BRING YOUR OWN FACETING
                                    MACHINE IF POSSIBLE – THERE
                                    WILL BE 2 MACHINES AVAILABLE
                                                             Cont./ ………

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1.    THE BUILDING PROJECT                                              Jozini cont./…
                                                                        ACCOMMODATION    (     PLEASE               DO    YOUR     OWN
                                                                        ACCOMMODATION BOOKINGS )
                                                                              1.   JOHN ALMOND's HOUSE – is FULL UP ( Sorry )
                                                                              2.   YARD SPACE FOR TENTS / CARAVANS available –
                                                                                   300m frm John’s house. Price =1X CRATE OF
                                                                                   HANSA'S each (!!) / or R100. There is also space
                                                                                   on veranda if you prefer. (Phone CRAIG -082 818
                                                                                   4204 or DI -082 562 8983 to book)
           Progress Report:
                                                                              3.   B&B @ R 310 pppn - DBB or = R285 pppn - B&B
           Set of Citrines in Showcase :
                                                                                   only - DEBBIE PRETORIUS- 035 572 1191
           U                          U

                                                                              4.   CARAVANS TO HIRE - Damwall - R100 pp. Have
                                                                                   bedding/electricity/kettle/frig/Security - there are 2
                                                                                   x 4sleepers /& 1 x 2sleeper. NO camping - HANNIE
                                                                                   –0828331887/ 035 572 1234
                                                                              5.   GHOST MOUNTAIN INN – Hotel = R695 pppn               -
                                                                                   035 573 1359

                                                                        ACOM IN JOZINI IS LIMITED, SO ALL ON FIRST

                                                                        COME FIRST GET BASIS – U SNOOZE - U LOOSE !!

                                                                   4.       Lapidary   News – Linda Stone
           The stones are going on E-bay only in
                                                                   The competitions for the next 12 months are as follows:
           July as we’re waiting for E-Bay peak
           season (when Summer Holidays in other                   June 24, 2006 - three standard form tiger’s eye. This must be a
           countries send millions of bidders to E-                matching set, e.g. two earrings, one pendant or ring.
           Bay). We only have one chance – when
                                                                   21st October 2006        - three standard forms of ANY of the
           it’s gone it’s gone, so we want to use
                                                                   following materials – unakite, sugilite, sodalite, dumortierite, and
           the most opportune time. When on, the
                                                                   hematite, but using three different of the above materials.
           URL will be published for members who
           wish to participate in the bidding.                     March 17, 2007 - three free form cabochons of Kalahari Picture
           The purple Fluorite shown in the April                  stone, Serpentine or Bowenite (material available at the
           Newsletter will be Auctioned at the Club                Clubhouse at R2,00 per stone)
           at a later date.                                        Linda Stone

                                                                   5.       Mineral Meeting, Horst Windisch
                                                                   The next Mineral Section meeting will take place on Tuesday, 4th
                                                                   July, when the subject under discussion will be “:White and Black
                                                                   Minerals”; you are thus requested to bring along samples of
2.    Faceting Meeting                                             these for discussion

     The group that gathered for faceting last month jointly
     decided to move the faceting meeting to the second
     Saturday (13:00) at the Clubhouse. For more info contact
     Lex Krabbendam 083 449 6812.

      2006 )
     STARTS FRIDAY 16 – about midday-ish -       to SUNDAY 18
     JUNE. ( APPROX 6 hrs frm Joburg )
     ROCKHUNTS INCLUDE = Amethyst / Agate / Quartz / & to
     Mkuze area There will be a "hunt" leaving approx 2pm on
     Friday – Craig needs to know if you aim to come on this one
     818 4204 ( But PLEASE ALSO advise DI DE VILLIERS if
     you are coming – 082 562 8983 )
     PHONE CRAIG TO COME & GET YOU. (Right off Main Rd,
     past dam, up hill into Jozini. Straight into town–cant miss
     Garage & Spar)

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1.   REPORT ON JUNE SWOP AND SELL                                          Bloemhof cont. / ….

     There were only four members/dealers offering their                   “I am positive to meet them all again at the next and even
                                                                           more exciting event that I will organise in the Bloemhof
     wares for sale on 3rd June. Possibly the cold weather
                                                                           collecting area.”
     or the Mineral Show at Cresta (or both) had something
     to do with this. Thus as expected, not much activity                  This photo taken by Johann Burger, proved an icy
     took place.                                                           point – glad you enjoyed the coldest outing to date
2.   Mineral Meeting, May 2 (Report by Horst Windisch)
     It was a real treat to see 22 members and one guest
     turn up for the talk given by Maggie Loubser, from the
     Geology Department of the University of Pretoria. .
     The presentation was entitled “X-Ray Fluorescence
     and its uses in our daily lives”. Here we were
     introduced into the methodology of this process and
     how it can be used in our every-day lives, in addition to
     geology and mineralogy. In industries like the cement,
     plastic, paint, gold and copper industries make
     extensive use of XRF,. Also South African Airway are
     able to establish when certain moving parts in an aero
     engine show signs of wear, by analysing the
     lubricating oil by means of XRF All in all a very
     informative evening                                                                    Check out the ice on the van on Sunday
3. EDUCATIONAL VISIT TO MUSEUM OF THE COUNCIL                                                    morning in Bloemhof, Brrrrrrrrrrr ! ! !
   FOR GEOSCIENCE (by Horst Windisch)
                                                                                         (It looks like Uluru / Ayers Rock, Australia)

     This visit took place on Sunday afternoon, 28 May.

                                                                      6.    Monthly Meeting, May 29
     The “crowd” that pitched was a grand total of THREE                    Natalie Callaghan on Marion Island
     members. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour through the
     Museum and certainly expanded our knowledge of                        One of our young members, Natalie Callaghan has spent a
     minerals. The poor attendance begs the question:-                     lot of time in the past two years on Marion Island and we
     “Can we as members not spare two hours over a                         were privileged to hear her share her experiences and
                                                                           photo’s with us at this monthly meeting.
     weekend to enlighten ourselves on the subject which
     is so dear at our heart?” Going together as a group is                Natalie is a GREAT orator and is so much on top of her
     always more beneficial, as we bounce questions off                    subject matter and so knowledgeable about Marion Island,
     each other as we go along. Going on your own, you                     that it was sheer joy to listen to her for an hour+. Not for one
     lose that input from your fellow members. Think about                 second did anybody look bored or sleepy (as can happen
                                                                           when our meeting run late). She kept us all hanging on her
                                                                           lips and the Questions and Answers were also so interesting
4.   Mineral Meeting, June 6 (Report by Horst Windisch)                    that the meeting just went on and on.
     Ten members attended this meeting where the subject                   Thank you Natalie.
     under discussion was ”Inclusions in Minerals”. Wiebke                 We WILL have you
     first gave an outline on how these inclusions came to                 back next year to tell
     be inside the minerals, but also mentioned the fact that              the rest of the story
                                                                           when you come back
     very little research had been published on this topic.
     Thereafter, a range of minerals were passed around
     the table and discussed including a lot of inclusions in
     quartz - inter alia, liquid bubbles, pyrite, fluorite,
     hematite, rutile, tourmaline, ajoite, papagoite and
     some other “unknowns”. Horst brought along a
     specimen of fluorite, but the supposedly oil inclusions
     could not be found.
5.   Monthly Outing to Bloemhof
     13 people went on this outing lead by Guido de Beer
     (Wits). Guido took the group to new agate sites, not
     previously visited.
     Guido commented:        “the outing was a cold but great
     success, and the participants were all very happy with their
     "new" agates, and the fact that they had a first choice on a
     site where no-one has collected anything so far.”
                                                          Cont . /…

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1. Cresta Show – May 24 – June 5                                      Here’s an interesting conversation for our
The Gem and Mineral Show held at the Cresta Centre in                 lapidary workshop boffins, compl. of
Randburg, from 24th May to 5th June, went very well. This     (30/5/2006)
                                                                      HTU                               UTH

Show was not just a Gem & Mineral Show, but also an art               (Sent in by Horst Windisch)
exhibition - of the 36 show stands, 27 belonged to Rock, Gem
and Mineral Dealers.
                                                                      Comment: I do lots of cutting and have 14"
Feedback from most of our dealer friends was positive and
although the show was smaller than usual, the traffic at the          drop saw, a 6" and a 10" trim saw and a 24"
stands made it worthwhile.                                            slab saw I"ve used almost every combination
A big thank you to every Rockhound that supported the                 of lubri cool and water. It seems to me that
dealers at Cresta 2006.                                               when you use an additive the diamonds coat
2. Bedfordview Show                                                   over or glaze when cutting quartz, which is
                                                                      what I usually cut . I turn the blade around, a
The repeat of last years’ Bedfordview Show, planned for end of
July, has been cancelled due to a lack of interest from dealers.      little, zip with a carbide stone, good as new
                                                                      but it"s a pain in the, well you know I also
3. Menlyn Show
                                                                      use straight Allmag oil diluted with varsol,
Imperial Gems is planning a gem and mineral show for Menlyn           smells a bit ,but the saw is totally enclosed
for the period 29 August to 2 September 2006.
                                                                      and vented outside, it cuts great and no extra
Prospective dealers can contact Elena (083 351-8025) or Calin         weight is needed. The water soluble oil is
Land line (012 365-3671).
                                                                      easily cleaned from the slabs but I find the
4. Gem Cutting Challenge                                              blade life is not what you have with oil.
Further to the article we placed last month discussing the            Seems we go through a little more laundry
launch of a new and hopefully long-lasting, Fosagams                  soap when I'm using oil though.
approved, National Gem-Cutting Competition, we now publish
the entry form and rules (page 8-10). If you missed the first
part, refer to last months’ Newsletter or please contact the          Comment: TRY 100 % FOOD GRADE
convener of this competition, Fay Pierides at Pretoria Gem and        MINERAL OIL - KINGSLEY NORTH
Mineral Club, P.O. Box 36888, MENLO PARK, 0102,. Fay can              INC. 1800 - 338-9280 I REALLY DO
also be reached per email on or
                               HTU                         UHT

                                                                      NOT UNDERSTAND WHY EVERYONE
phone/fax on 012-991 1474.
                                                                      IS NOT USING THIS FOOD GRADE
5. Gemboree 2007                                                      MINERAL OIL ?? .. UNLESS OF
At the FOSAGAMS AGM in Kakamas, the Wits Club, that will be           COURSE SOMEONE IS SO BROKE
hosting the 2007 Gemboree announced that they plan to have            THEY CAN'T AFFORD THE OIL YET -
the Gemboree in Phalaborwa next year. More info will be
published as news become available.                                   BUT IF THEY CAN AFFORD THE
                                                                      ELECTRICITY, THEN THE MINERAL
6. Gemboree 2008
                                                                      OIL SHOULD NOT BE A BIG
The following year, 2008, it will be our Clubs’ turn again to         PROBLEM FOR ALL OF THE TOXIC
host a Gemboree. After our very successful Gemboree in
Barberton in 2004 (co-hosted with the then newly formed
                                                                      PROBLEMS IT SOLVES.. IT HAS LITTLE
Nelspruit Club), our Committee decided to do it again. As the         TO NO SMELL - WASHES OFF EASILY
biggest Club in SA, we can help smaller Clubs to host a               WITH SOAP AND WATER AND IS THE
Gemboree - we have the resources and they have the know-              LEAST TOXIC OF ALL PETROLEUM
how of the area.
                                                                      OILS - BASICALLY IT IS UNSCENTED
After much deliberation, we’ve decided to co-host the 2008
                                                                      BABY OIL DIAMOND PACIFIC SELLS
Gemboree with the Walvis Bay Club in Namibia (who’ve never
had a turn for a Gemboree in the 40 years of Gemborees)               IT ALSO- CLUBS SHOULD USE
AND, here’s the reason why we’re giving you the news 2years           NOTHING ELSE BUT FOOD GRADE
in advance:                                                           MINERAL OIL AND PURE WATER
           We’re going to hold                                        AND SHOULD USE OSHA COMPLIENT
       Gemboree 2008 in Uis, Namibia!                                 VENTILATION RULES -- GOOD LUCK
This pre-warning is just for those hundreds of members who
wanted to go on Namibia Tours in the past and could not -
start planning your April 2008 vacation.
A discussion on our plans, the exciting venues and sites and       Should you wish to contribute news or articles to this
much much more will be discussed at the June monthly               Newsletter, contact: The Editor: Rockhound Digest,
meeting. Be there!                                                          PO Box 36888, Menlo Park, 0102
                                                                             or e-mail:
                                                                                         HTU                  UTH

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                           ENTRY FORM
Hosted by –
The Pretoria Gem and Mineral Club (PGMC) in association with the Wits Gem and
Mineral Club,
P.O.Box 36888
Menlo Park

Competitor’s name          :
Address                    :

Name of competitor’s club:
Stone description and weight:
Section being entered – faceting / cabochon:
Has the stone being entered been enhanced in any way? Yes/No:

+Note: If the stone being entered has, in any way been treated i.e. heated/irradiated or
artificially enhanced in any way, this point must be declared above.

++The competition is for amateur members of a registered Gem Club in South/Southern
Africa which includes all countries bordering South Africa.

Condition of entry:
For purposes of confidentiality and impartiality, it is a condition of entry that the participant
will not divulge his/her entry particulars to anyone else prior to the competition.

I hereby agree to abide by the conditions as set out herein and declare that the stone I have
entered is entirely my own work and has not involved outside assistance what-so-ever.

Name in full:


Date      :

                                                                                   Page 8 of 10
Faceted Stone Challenge:      Competition Rules.

1) One stone per competitor may be entered
2) The stone entered may be from any family of stones, e.g. quartz, beryl, corundum, etc…
3) The required shape is a standard brilliant - design attached herewith
4) Entrants are allowed to slightly alter certain angles on the prescribed design should they
feel that this will enhance the character of the stone
5) Overall size of the stone to be within a 1mm tolerance of 10mm
6) Entire stone to be polished, although the girdle can be excluded. This is therefore
optional to the entrant.
7) Entrants outside of Gauteng must please supply a self-addressed envelope for purposes
of return mail.
8) The PGMC and its members take no responsibility for loss o damage to entrant’s stones,
although the utmost care will be taken to ensure that nothing untoward happens to the
competition stones whilst
  In the care of the host club.
9) The PGMC reserves the right to display and photograph the entries for advertising and
promotional purposes before returning them to entrants. In so doing, the Club may
promote the winner and runners up in the competition.

Cabochon Stone Challenge:       Competition Rules

1) One stone per competition entrant
2) The entry may be of any type of stone e.g. jasper, agate, sodalite, sugilite, garnet,
tourmaline, etc……..
3) Only standard forms will apply, i.e. oval or round shape
4) A condition of entry is that the stone must be entirely hand worked i.e. no tumbling or
use of machine
  faceting assistance will be accepted.
5) Entire stone can be polished, although polishing of the flat back is optional.
6) The entered stone must have -         . flat back, i.e. the bottom of the stone must be
entirely flat
                                         . a back bevel
                                         . girdle line
                                         . symmetrically domed top.
7) Entrants outside of Gauteng must please supply a self-addressed envelope for purposes
of return mail.
8) The PGMC and its members take no responsibility for loss or damage to entrant’s
stones, although
    the utmost care will be taken to ensure that nothing untoward happens to the competition
    whilst in the care of the host club.
9) The PGMC reserves the right to display and photograph the entries for advertising and
    purposes before returning them to entrants. In so doing, the Club may promote the
winner and runners
    up in the competition.

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