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A Vision for 2020

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A Vision for 2020

Annual Report 2001/2002

Officers of the     Chancellor

                    HRH The Duke of Kent, KG
                                                                       Chairman of Council

                                                                       Sir William Wells

University          Pro Chancellors Emeritus                           Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor

                    Sir Eric Ash, CBE, FREng, FRS                      Professor P H W Butterworth
                    Sir George Edwards, OM, CBE, DL, FREng, FRS
                    Sir Austin Pearce, CBE, FREng                      Pro Vice-Chancellors

                                                                       Professor D W Airey
                    Pro Chancellors                                    Professor B G Evans, FREng
                    Sir Idris Pearce, CBE, TD, DL                      Professor G N Gilbert, FREng, AcSS
                    Baroness Perry of Southwark
                    Mr J D M Robertson, CBE, DL                        University Secretary & Registrar

                    Sir Alan Rudge, CBE, FIEE, FREng, FRS              Mr H W B Davies

                    Vice-Chancellor & Chief Executive and              Director of Information Services &
                    Vice-Chancellor of the Federal University          University Librarian

                    Professor P J Dowling, CBE, DL, FREng, FRS         Mr T J A Crawshaw


                    Mr D J Thomas, CBE, DL

Contents            Vice-Chancellor’s Introduction

                    Focusing on: Research and Enterprise

                                                                       Focusing on: Society’s Needs

                                                                       Focusing on: Space


                    Focusing on: The Surrey Research Park         11   Focusing on: International Issues    40

                    Focusing on: Teaching and Learning            14   Focusing on: The Community           42

                    Focusing on: Virtual Worlds                   16   The Year in Brief                    46

                    Focusing on: Health                           20   Preliminary Financial Statements     51

                    Focusing on: Sustainability                   25   Numbers of Staff and Students        52

                    Focusing on: Sleep                            30   The Federal University of Surrey     53
                                                                                                                                      A VISION FOR 2020

                                                                         Professor Patrick J Dowling,
                                                                  Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive.

A Vision for 2020:
The creation of a truly
world class university
The University of Surrey (UniS) stands at a       labours to achieve academic excellence with            Research excellence and enterprise
threshold. After 35 years, past achievements      financial robustness.
allow UniS to be recognised today as one of           However, ambitions will not be attained by         The excellent performance by UniS in the
the UK’s most successful, upwardly mobile,        resting on our laurels, and over the past year         2001 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE),
research-led universities. The present            we have laid the foundations for our continuing        has resulted in an increase in our funding
provides the launch pad for the future – a        success by putting in place a new senior               base of 22%, from which we will benefit over
future which with careful stewardship will        management team and a re-organised School              the next five years. This was the sixth highest
witness the University of Surrey becoming         structure to position ourselves optimally for          percentage increase in funding of all UK
one of the world’s great seats of learning.       future challenges and opportunities.                   universities. The additional revenue will
    I know this ambition is shared by my              UniS marked the 35th anniversary of its            enable us to boost research activities by
staff and I know that it is within their grasp.   university status with high profile celebrations –     targeting our areas of research strength and
It has been an enormous team effort to arrive     on its campus, in Guildford cathedral and              by recruiting new staff at both junior and
at our current stage of development, and          through a ‘Town and Gown’ parade in its ancient        senior levels, by pump-priming new inter-
that it has been achieved in the toughest of      High Street which culminated in the unveiling          disciplinary research teams, and by
financial environments for the Higher             of the sculpture of ‘The Surrey Scholar’ as a          upgrading research facilities.
Education (HE) sector, is a tribute to a wise     permanent reminder of the University in the heart          UniS-led initiatives in collaboration with
Council, sound management, excellent staff,       of its home town. The 25 years of service given        neighbouring universities have secured ‘third-
focus, hard work and determination. I am          by HRH The Duke of Kent as the University’s            leg’ funding from the Government to a total
personally indebted to our talented and loyal     Chancellor was also marked appropriately by            value of £10.85m and have also resulted in
staff, both academic and support, for the         a Celebration Dinner held at the University.           the establishment of a Surrey Enterprise Hub
load they have borne, in some cases               A coffee table book: ‘Understanding the Real           based on the Surrey Research Park.
somewhat unevenly and way beyond the call         World – A visual history of the University of
of duty.                                          Surrey’ was produced and ‘Hidden Depths –              Developing market-led approaches
    The University achieved a very                An Archaeological Exploration of Surrey’s Past’
satisfactory financial outcome for the year of    published by the Surrey Archaeological Society         The launch of two major new programmes,
£3.25m – significantly ahead of budget (by        was part-sponsored by the University.                  at undergraduate level, one in Business
more than £4m). This produced a surplus of            In terms of achieving specific strategic           Management and the other in Law, has
2.3% of turnover. I fully believe that we are     objectives much progress has been made                 proved hugely successful and placed UniS
now beginning to reap the full fruits of our      during the past 12 months.                             amongst those UK universities showing the

Running through the pages of this year’s
Annual Report are images from a
photographic project involving staff and
professional photographers to record a
“Day in the Life” of the University of Surrey.


                    “   The launch of two major new programmes, at
                        undergraduate level, one in Business Management and
                        the other in Law, has proved hugely successful

                                                                                                                                        A VISION FOR 2020

                    An artist’s impression of the new
                  student residences currently under
                            construction on Stag Hill.

highest percentage increase in the number of             allocates the land at Manor Park for the future   Processing (CVSSP) and the Centre for
applicants. Creating well thought-out                    development of UniS.                              Nutrition and Food Safety.
courses to meet market demand is now                         The provision of staff and student
widely accepted and acted upon throughout                residences is absolutely key to our future        Creating a more efficient organisation
the University. Several more new courses are             expansion and detailed funding arrangements
currently in the pipeline.                               are currently being explored simultaneously       The implementation of restructuring in some
                                                         with ongoing plans for the infrastructure,        of the Academic Schools of the University,
Distinctive skills for UniS graduates                    sports grounds and buildings.                     together with reviews of activities in adminis-
                                                             A major plank to our future expansion         trative and service delivery areas, will reduce
Intensive efforts have gone into identifying             plans will be an enlargement of our               the cost base of UniS to ensure sustainability
distinctive skills sets for UniS graduates.              involvement in the health area where we have      of the academic activities of the University.
Many such skills are already part of our                 already earned an international reputation for        The outcomes of the three sets of
undergraduate curriculum, and during the year            Biomedical and Life Sciences. Plans for the       reviews I announced in last year’s introduction
UniS yet again maintained its outstanding                Postgraduate Medical School, to be shared         to the Annual Report are now known and
record for producing the most employable                 with the Royal Surrey County Hospital, are        being vigorously implemented. Most of the
graduates of any UK university – a magnificent           being jointly drawn up and a professional         key recommendations of the Academic
achievement! However, further recommen-                  team selected for its design. This will be the    Strategy Task Group (ASTG) Report have
dations are currently under discussion as we             first major academic building on Manor Park       been achieved. These have included:
are determined to continue setting the pace              and will be located on our land immediately
nationally in this important area.                       adjacent to the Hospital.                         • the creation of fewer, larger Schools via a
                                                             The possible location of several other          new seven-School structure
Developing a campus fit for the                          facilities on Manor Park, which will strengthen   • restructuring and repositioning our activities
21st Century                                             the medium and long-term position of UniS           in Engineering and Chemistry
                                                         as a leading university, is being actively        • a review of teaching courses in each of the
Manor Park                                               considered.                                         Schools
The Government expects higher education                                                                    • the growth of inter-disciplinary research
institutions such as the University of Surrey            Stag Hill                                           across the University
to provide better and relevant education for             The building of the Advanced Technology           • the recruitment of new academic leaders
more people. To achieve this effectively,                Institute, named in honour of Professor           • a rationalisation and strengthening of
UniS needs to plan for its future growth. The            Daphne Jackson, was completed on time,              health-related subjects
importance of the Manor Park site to the                 within budget and is now occupied, having         • the introduction of a Distinguished
medium- and long-term future of UniS                     recently been opened by Lord Sainsbury. It is       Professor Scheme
cannot be over-emphasised.                               anticipated that the new Management
    Against this background, Guildford                   Building will be completed early in 2003.             The results of the Senior Management
Borough Council has considered the                           Other priority projects on the Estates Plan   Review recommended that a new senior
University’s future in preparing its Review of           which been completed during 2001/02 have          management structure and team be put in
the Guildford Local Plan. The Council has                seen the refurbishment of laboratory space        place. A new Executive Board has been
resolved to adopt a new local plan which                 for The Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal      created and work on the new committee


                    “   The inaugural Federal
                        Games, resulting in a
                        much to be commended
                        and diplomatic draw,
                        were also held in
                        the year

                                                                                                                                           A VISION FOR 2020

                Far right: Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor,
                         Professor Peter Butterworth,
                  and right: University Secretary and
                               Registrar, Wyn Davies.

structure is proceeding. I confidently expect            mechanisms which the Union now offers its               Departures usually mean arrivals and I am
the outcomes of the Process Reviews to                   students, both in traditional activities such as    pleased to welcome Professor John Turner to
increase administrative efficiencies across the          entertainment, and through a number of new          UniS as Deputy Vice-Chancellor. John is
University to proceed apace with the full                initiatives like the Individual Development         currently Senior Vice-Principal (Planning &
support of the Executive Board.                          Scheme.                                             Resources) and Professor of Modern History
                                                             Plans for additional student accommo-           and Politics, at Royal Holloway (University of
The Federal University of Surrey                         dation were realised and impressive                 London). John will succeed Peter
                                                         progress is already being made on the               Butterworth, no easy act to follow, but I am
Twelve strategic targets have been set for the           construction of new residences opposite the         confident that John will continue the good
medium-term development of the Federal                   ATI – much needed for the rapidly growing           work Peter pioneered in academic planning
University. The first two federal degree                 numbers of postgraduate students UniS is            and budget management.
programmes, a BA in English Local History                attracting from all over the world, especially          I am also very pleased to welcome Greg
and the expansion of a UniS ESRC-                        China.                                              Melly who has recently joined UniS as
recognised MSc in Social Research Methods                    I have to report that progress on the           Director of Corporate Services. He joins the
to encompass students at Roehampton,                     provision of child care facilities has been         new Executive Board which, together with
have been developed and validated.                       particularly frustrating, and solving this          Greg, comprises myself as Chairman, the
    Significant preparation was also                     problem will be a major priority for next year.     Deputy Vice-Chancellor, the Pro Vice-
undertaken during the year for the Quality                                                                   Chancellors, the Director of Finance, the
Assurance Agency’s (QAA) Review of Federal               Thanks to Peter and Wyn                             Registrar, the Director of External Academic
Arrangements. Two further projects which                                                                     Relationships, the University Secretary and
have developed significantly during 2001-02              My introduction to this year’s report would         the Heads of Schools.
are the Science Teaching Initiative, which will          not be complete without proper recognition
lead to the establishment of an Academy for              of the work of the University’s Senior Pro          Achieving our goals
the Teaching of Science Teachers, and a                  Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Butterworth
Federal Centre of Applied and Professional               and University Secretary and Registrar, Wyn         In the opening words to this introduction,
Ethics which has developed out of the Surrey             Davies, both of whom decided to step down           I suggested that the University of Surrey had
Ethics Forum.                                            from their positions at the year’s end. During      ambitions to become a truly world class
    The inaugural Federal Games, resulting in            the eight years of my period of office as           university. In closing, I trust that the remaining
a much to be commended and diplomatic                    Vice-Chancellor, Wyn and Peter have been            pages of this Report will provide you with
draw, were also held in the year between                 my most senior colleagues, taking responsi-         many excellent examples to suggest why
student teams from UniS and Roehampton.                  bility for administrative and academic issues       we believe our vision is both realistic and
                                                         respectively. I would like to thank them both       attainable!
Providing for our students’ needs                        and wish them long and happy retirements.
                                                         Peter has decided that he cannot bear to
The level of financial support for the Students’         leave us yet and, from February 2003, he will
Union was increased substantially during the             take responsibility for the development of
year. This was partly in recognition of the              fundraising. I hope to report on the first fruits   Professor Patrick J Dowling CBE DL FREng FRS
increasing number of services and support                of his success this time next year!                 Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive


                                                                               Professor Barry Evans,
                                                                                  Pro Vice-Chancellor
                                                                              (Research & Enterprise).

Focusing on:

Research and Enterprise
The 2001 Research Assessment Exercise              2001 Research Assessment Exercise                          An impressive 34% of the University’s
(RAE) greatly enhanced the international           (RAE)                                                 research-active staff are now members of
reputation the University has gained for its                                                             5*A rated research groups. This places UniS
work. In tandem with its research activities,      The results of the RAE, published in                  firmly in the top few research universities in
UniS is also in the vanguard of UK universities    December 2001, show UniS researchers                  the UK as illustrated by the table below:
who are seeking to exploit intellectual            have improved their ratings significantly since
property and forge partnerships with industry      1996 in 14 out of 19 of the Units of                   % Staff in 5* Units of Assessment
and commerce. Professor Barry Evans,               Assessment. Three research groupings                   1    Imperial
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise)        received maximum 5*A ratings;                          2    Cambridge

explains:                                                                                                 3    Oxford
                                                                                                          4    London School of Economics
    “I see our activities as a sort of continuum   • Electronic Engineering (including Computing)
                                                                                                          5    Surrey
comprising three elements that are constantly      • Sociology
                                                                                                          6    Southampton
interacting with each other; these are             • Subjects Allied to Medicine
                                                                                                          7    University College, London
research, income generation and technology
                                                                                                          8    Bristol
transfer. UniS exists to support these three           Sociology’s rating is a reflection of its          9    Essex
and is in turn supported by them. Our high         strengths in research in the fields of ageing,         10 Lancaster
standards and achievements help us to get          criminal justice, health, and the social               11 Kings College
the grants we need to carry out our research       aspects of new media and communication                 12 Durham
work. These awards and other income                technologies. Of the 75 entries made by
sustain our academics and improve our              Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to the                Seven other areas: Psychology, Physics,
research work. This of course leads to             RAE in the area of Subjects Allied to                 Applied Mathematics, Statistics and
commercial enterprises, licensing patents and      Medicine, UniS was only one of three to               Operational Research, Chemical Engineering
other income generating activities. Some of        receive a 5*A rating, with a submission of            – Environmental Strategy, European Studies
the profits from these activities then add to      much greater breadth than any of its                  and Russian, Slavonic and East European
other UniS income, thereby completing the          counterparts. Electronic Engineering has              Languages achieved 5 ratings in the
circle. In fact 30% of total university funding    great strength in depth across communi-               outcome, meaning that 60% of the
comes from our research activities.”               cations, satellite technology, solid state            University’s research-active staff are now
                                                   electronics, ion beam applications and                rated World Class in their field compared to
                                                   microwave systems.                                    22% in 1996 – this dramatic increase is all

                                              A VISION FOR 2020

“   The 2001 Research Assessment
    Exercise (RAE) greatly enhanced the
    international reputation the University
    has gained for its work


        The UniSdirect Business Hatchery provides office
       space, networked computer facilities and meeting
    rooms together with office support and management
                expertise to assist emerging businesses.

the more remarkable given that the number of               compared with £55m for the previous RAE         high-technology, high-growth businesses,
staff submitted for the exercise has risen by              reporting period, a 70% increase in funding.    supporting 1,000 budding entrepreneurs over
nearly 25% since 1992.                                         UniS has recently appointed an              the first five years.
      Commenting at the time of the outcome,               EU/Research Council Officer to spearhead            The UniSdirect Hatchery provides office
Professor Barry Evans said:                                the University’s involvement in Framework VI    space, networked computer facilities and
      ‘UniS aimed to achieve quality in the 2001           bids and to optimise bidding for Research       meeting rooms for the emerging business
RAE, but at the same time submitted a                      Council Initiatives. She will help academics    together with office support and the necessary
majority of research groups of critical mass.              liaise with the EU, an important role, as 20%   technological and management expertise to
The results show that we have succeeded,                   of the University’s grants come from this       determine the feasibility of a business idea.
and illustrate that in each of the areas                   source. Parallel to this appointment, the       It allows the business to develop to the stage
awarded 5 and 5*A ratings, there is a strength             Research Contracts Office staff has been        where it is ripe for investment and ready to
in depth which should bode well for the                    expanded.                                       take to the marketplace. Through the
University’s future funding prospects.’                                                                    University’s own resources and its networks
      Professor Evans’ predictions proved                  UniSdirect                                      within the region, nationally and internationally,
accurate as UniS received an extra £3m per                                                                 the emerging businesses are able to access a
annum of government funding as a result of                 UniSdirect was established in response to the   vast range of expertise, as well as business-
its 2001 RAE performance. Research income                  Government’s agenda to develop the regional     angel funding and venture capital.
from industrial and other funders is also set to           economy through technology transfer and
rise in view of the University’s much enhanced             builds on the University’s commitment to the    UniSventures
research status.                                           region. Grants of £9.65m were obtained with
      Improved RAE ratings have been                       partner institutions in the south of England,   UniSventures has been set up to cover spin-
matched by the University’s steadily increasing            through two different schemes for Knowledge     off activities, which include the existing Seed
grants and contracts income.                               Transfer Awards.                                Corn Fund (USSF) as well as the University’s
A figure of £20.3m was achieved in 2001/02,                                                                involvement in the HEIF collaborative Seed
a year on year increase of £1.6m. Awards and               The Business Hatchery                           Corn Fund, CASCADE. CASCADE has been
extensions also increased to £19.3m,                                                                       established as a result of a £4 million award
compared with £17.6m last year.                            A sum of £5m from the Higher Education          from HEIF to a consortium of universities
       UniS currently lies twelfth in the table of         Infrastructure Fund (HEIF) will enable a        comprising: Royal Holloway University of
total funds awarded by the Engineering and                 consortium of universities of Bath, Bristol,    London, Brunel, Reading, Sussex and UniS.
Physical Science Research Council (ESPRC),                 Surrey and Southampton together with the            UniSdirect has established a new
with only much larger institutions placed                  Rutherford and Appleton Laboratory and the      Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) section,
above it. If this figure were normalised to the            Defence Research Laboratory at                  which has dealt with the filing of 40 to 50 new
number of active research staff, the University            Farnborough, to establish a Centre of           patents. The section assists academic staff to
would be amongst the country’s three top                   Excellence for Technology and Innovation in     exploit IPR, and licensing income has
universities in terms of research income per               Southern England, endorsed by the South-        increased to £105K, compared with £34K
active researcher.                                         East and South-West Regional Development        last year. Three patents have led to
      The total research income received over              Agencies. The money will be used to set up a    commercial ventures, and the University now
the 1996-2001 period was £93.7m,                           network of centres for the development of       holds 31 revenue-generating patents.

                                                   A VISION FOR 2020

“   Guildford entrepreneur Jonathan Nwabueze, grew so
    tired of ironing and being delayed in the morning because
    of last minute creases that he invented an iron that works
    without the need for a board


                                                                                                    Local entrepreneur Emma Newton has built a growing
                                                                                                    business from her idea of spray painting electric
                                                                                                    violins to appeal to the youth market.

Working with SMEs                                  millions of DNA extractions are carried out      and help with the production of promotional
                                                   annually. As a consequence the market is         material in advance of the Tomorrow’s World
UniS received a further £640,000 to fund the       valued at more than £300 million and is          exhibition. Jonathan is now looking for a
appointment of three Innovation Network            growing at over 20% per year. DRI aims to        manufacturer and investor to support further
Managers. These managers will be                   exploit its proprietary Charge Switch™           development to the point where the exciting
responsible for liaising with local and national   Technology for DNA purification.                 new product is ready to be launched to
businesses and organisations and assisting                                                          consumers.
them with access to the knowledge base of          Early successes                                      Emma Newton is another local entre-
the University as well as brokering research                                                        preneur, who has benefited from a project
contracts.                                         Guildford entrepreneur Jonathan Nwabueze         run by the UniSdirect Business Development
     Small and Medium-sized Enterprises            grew so tired of ironing and being delayed       Office to increase the sustainability of Small
(SMEs) will benefit from the revised mandate       in the morning because of last minute            and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). It
of UniSconnect, a business club offering           creases that he invented an iron that works      has given mentoring and support to 40 new
access to the resources of UniS. This was          without the need for a board.                    businesses providing each with a new PC
previously only available to large businesses,         His invention, featured on Tomorrow’s        and printer.
but new membership packages have now               World in July of this year, takes the drudgery       Emma owns a successful business
been created to meet the needs of SMEs.            out of ironing by using a heated vacuum to       making electric violins. Starting in this industry
     A new TCS (previously Teaching                remove the creases from clothes. Garments        as a ‘Saturday girl’, she then trained as a
Company Scheme) office has been set up             and other fabrics can be ironed whilst they      Theatre Stage Manager and went on to work
with HEIF support to help SMEs to exploit          are hanging or free-standing, or when            on West End shows, whilst continuing to
research results from the University’s work.       travelling. The Jen Turbo Boardless Iron can     restore antique violins in her father’s shop. She
The programmes enable high quality                 also be used for large area fabrics where an     had the idea of making electric violins and
graduates to work in companies, normally for       ironing board is of no use.                      spraying them in bright colours to appeal to
two years, on technology transfer projects             The Boardless Iron uses a small fan          young people. Her first display, held at an
central to the needs of the company. They are      powered by an electric motor which draws         exhibition for music teachers, had such a
supervised by academic experts from the            the cloth towards its heated base, through       good reaction that she went into production.
University.                                        a combination of direct suction and the          Emma founded The Rainbow Violin Company
     A fruitful partnership is with Kent-based     lowering of air pressure between the fabric      Limited in July 1999, after negotiating a UK-
DNA Research Innovations (DRI) in DNA              and plate. Steam is generated in a               wide deal and took on an employee – a paint
extraction. The partnership has been               chamber above the plate, which is blown          sprayer. She now employs three sprayers and
awarded a TCS research grant of £104,000           onto and through the fabric by the internal      has sold 2500 violins in the UK. World exports
for the development of new solid phase             fan to remove the creases. The steam is          are also increasing and plans are underway to
materials for nucleic and acid purification        then re-cycled back into the body of the         double annual production. In January 2003,
and manipulation. Driven by genomics and           iron by the fan.                                 Emma will be exhibiting in Los Angeles at the
clinical diagnostics, the Global DNA purifi-           The project was not without hitches,         North American Music Messe, the biggest
cation market is growing all the time. All         but Professor David Kirby, Director of the       music trade show in the US, which attracts
genetic analyses require DNA to be                 UniSdirect Business Hatchery, was able to        65,000 visitors. Emma says that the PC
extracted from a sample and hundreds of            provide Jonathan with technical expertise        supplied by UniSdirect has proved invaluable.

                                                                                                                                         A VISION FOR 2020

                       The Surrey Technology Centre.

Focusing on:

The Surrey Research Park
Since development of The Surrey Research               Backed by an international consortium that
Park began nearly 20 years ago, it has                 includes Rolls Royce Aerospace, DERA –
provided a bridge between the University               the defence research agency and steel
and business. Many tenants have chosen to              manufacturer Corus, they have turned their
locate on the Park not just because of the             expert knowledge into a practical computer
high-quality business environment and                  program that plant engineers and research
convenient international location, close to            scientists can use.
London and two international airports, but                 In 1986, the University opened the
also so they enjoy the opportunity to tap into         County’s first business incubator offering
the expertise UniS has to offer. The potential         high tech start-ups, a package of flexible
                                                                                                        Dr Malcolm Parry, Director of the Surrey Research Park.
for links with the University sets The Surrey          workspace and business support. However,
Research Park aside from being in the                  in the last year the services offered in this
tradition of a commercial landlord; to use a           building have been supplemented with
marketing term, UniS is the Park’s Unique
Selling Proposition.
                                                       mentoring, investment and mutual support
                                                       by the Surrey Enterprise Hub. Similar units      “   The potential for links with
                                                                                                            the University sets The
    The notion of knowledge creators                   are coming on stream at Royal Holloway
spinning out companies to exploit their                (University of London) and Leatherhead               Surrey Research Park
discoveries is nothing new to materials                Food Research Association, which are the
scientists Professor Peter Miodownik and               University of Surrey’s partners in this new          aside from being in the
Dr Nigel Saunders. They left the University to         business to business network that aims to
set up their company, ThermoTech, in the               boost the local economy.
                                                                                                            tradition of a commercial
business incubator, The Surrey Technology                  The South East England Development               landlord; to use a
Centre, 12 years ago. Their “virtual                   Agency (SEEDA) required the Enterprise Hub
prototyping software” accurately predicts the          to have a “champion” from the local                  marketing term UniS is
strengths and weaknesses of possible new               business community. We were delighted that
                                                                                                            the Park’s Unique Selling
alloys. It could save the world’s metal                one of the Park’s most successful
producers millions of pounds by reducing
the need for conventional trial and error
experiments with valuable materials.
                                                       entrepreneurs, Nigel Biggs, founder of digital
                                                       imaging software company Pixology,
                                                       became Hub chairman. His energetic


The entrance hall of the Surrey Technology Centre.

                                                                                                                                     A VISION FOR 2020

advocacy is raising public awareness of a              Defying the all-pervading gloom             Above, left to right: Dr Bilgay Akhan of VisiOprime,
                                                                                                   Dr Ian McKay of Cleansorb and Derek Wheeler of
concept that has been shown to double a            surrounding the international high-tech         Disperse Technologies.

new company’s chances of survival.                 sector, Detica became the first such
    The Hub progresses the serviced office         company to float on the London Stock
support already available to companies based       Exchange in more than a year. As a leading
at the Technology Centre. Several have             Customer Relationship Management
received official recognition for their valuable   consultancy, it launched the UK’s first CRM
technologies, in the form of DTI SMART             course accredited by the Institute of
Awards. These include:                             Marketing and helped the Ministry of Defence
                                                   with a web-based pilot version of the
• Biotechnologists Dr Ian McKay and                publication scheme required by the Freedom
  Dr Ralph Harris of Cleansorb, who have           of Information Act 2000.
  developed an environmentally friendly way            Since setting up on the Research Park in
  of cleaning oil and gas wells                    1989, IDBS has supplied chemical and
• Dr Bilgay Akhan of VisiOprime, who is            biological data management software to more
  developing advanced video compression
  techniques so video clips can be sent to a
  mobile phone or over a land line for remote
                                                   than 150 of the world’s leading pharma-
                                                   ceutical, biotechnology and other discovery-
                                                   driven companies. In its Occam Court
                                                                                                   “    Larger companies on The
                                                                                                        Research Park have had

  monitoring and surveillance                      headquarters and in three US offices it now
                                                                                                        their successes, too
• Dr Alan Cook of VisionTec CL who has             employs more than 130 people. This summer
  developed the world’s first daily disposable     it expanded on the Park when it opened a
  contact lens for people with astigmatism,        new customer training unit in the Surrey
  using a novel spin-moulding manufacturing        Technology Centre.
  process to greatly cut unit costs                    Demonstrating the Research Park’s
                                                   continuing appeal to businesses of all sizes,
    Larger companies on The Research Park          Syngenta, the global company formed by the
have had their successes, too. Another             merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca
multiple SMART Award winner, Disperse              Agrochemicals, completed the relocation of
Technologies, won a contract from the              its 200-strong European Regional Centre to
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research         the former BOC Engineering Centre in
Council (EPSRC) to apply its novel Thin Film       Priestley Road.
Encapsulation technology to packaging and
printing. Applications could include replacing
solvent-based inks with environmentally
friendly water-based alternatives and “smart
packaging” that warns of tampering or
damaging temperature changes by a
controlled release of ink.


                                                                                                          “   Teaching is informed by
                                                                                                              research, academic
                                                                                                              scholarship and leading
                                                                                                              edge professional,
                                                                                                              commercial and industrial
Focusing on:

Teaching and Learning
                                                        Alongside world class research, UniS seeks        campus, the TLSG identified six priorities for
                                                        to offer its students high quality programmes     development across the University:
                                                        of study which have a professional ethos
                                                        and a relevance to the real world. Teaching       • Widening Participation (WP)
                                                        and learning methodologies are continually        • Developing Skills across the Curriculum
                                                        updated in the light of best practice and         • Extending Learning Technologies
                                                        congruent with advances in pedagogical            • Refreshing Course Provision
                                                        approaches and technology.                        • Flexible Delivery
                                                            The University seeks to ensure that           • Providing Management Teaching across
                                                        teaching is of the highest calibre. In the past     the University
                                                        year, economics scored an excellent 23/24
                                                        in its Subject Review by the Quality              Widening Participation
                                                        Assurance Agency (QAA), and teaching staff
                                                        are provided with support in development          UniS’ Widening Participation strategy was
                                                        opportunities and rewards for teaching            drafted and is monitored by the Widening
                                                        excellence. Teaching is informed by               Participation Advisory Group (WPAG),
                                                        research, academic scholarship and leading        Chaired by Professor Stephen McNair. The
Professor David Airey (Pro Vice-Chancellor Teaching &
Learning).                                              edge professional, commercial and industrial      group is composed of representatives from all
                                                        practice.                                         Schools and Services. A Competitive Fund
                                                            Professor David Airey (Pro Vice-              aims to support initiatives in Schools and
                                                        Chancellor Teaching & Learning) chairs the        Services that are congruent with the WP
                                                        Teaching and Learning Strategy Group              Strategy and that develop models of good
                                                        (TLSG) which monitors and reviews the             practice. Among the initiatives supported
                                                        University of Surrey’s Teaching and Learning      during the reporting period covered by this
                                                        Strategy.                                         publication were: Schools without Walls;
                                                            In autumn 2001, and in the context of         Breaking down Barriers; and a Feasibility
                                                        the Academic Strategy Task Group Review,          Study for a Pre-Entry Study Skills Package.
                                                        increased revenue from outreach activities
                                                        and plans to develop the Manor Park

                                                                                                                                   A VISION FOR 2020

                                                                                                   The UniS Widening Participation team at work.

Skills across the Curriculum                     Refreshing Course Provision and                       However, a major challenge for the
                                                 Flexible Delivery                                 University has been the decline in potential
The Skills Unit, along with the other branches                                                     students studying mathematics and the
of the Centre for Learning Developments          The creation of a market research capacity        physical sciences through to full ‘A’ level.
(CLD), has been brought under mainstream         within the University’s Department of             A Federal University of Surrey initiative which
funding, providing stability and enabling        Marketing and Public Affairs and its              is being pursued vigorously will see the
longer-term planning. The Unit has been          representation on various teaching and            creation of an Academy of Science for the
renamed the Skills and Personal Development      learning committees, provides opportunities       training of science teachers at the University
Unit (SPDU), to reflect its focus, and its       to discuss how the University might become        of Surrey Roehampton. This will help to fill the
staffing has been increased. With guidance       more market-led through a combination of          deficiency of well-qualified maths and science
provided by a Skills Management Group            curriculum development relevant to identified     teachers in schools and will hopefully
chaired by Professor Airey, the SPDU is now      needs and better targeting of potential           encourage more students to carry on their
working with individual Schools following a      markets.                                          studies in these areas.
comprehensive skills audit. A summary skills         Flexible delivery is another priority. Most       During the year, preparation for the
statement is being produced and two other        Schools operate on a modular basis and are        Quality Assurance Agency’s Review of the
priorities being pursued currently are: the      responding to market demands by offering          Federation was undertaken, and work has
introduction of Progress Files and the           part-time courses and distance learning           continued to harmonise the pedagogical
Personal Development Plan, and                   opportunities. The Fund for the Strategic         practices of UniS and Roehampton.
Postgraduate Skills Development.                 Development of Learning and Teaching has              In order to bring together all members of
                                                 continued to provide support for projects in      the academic staff to share good practice, a
Learning Technologies                            line with the overall strategy. Projects funded   one day event entitled Teaching and Learning
                                                 during the year have included the                 in the 21st Century was held in June 2002.
The Learning Technology Management               development of e-books, the creation of           This was addressed by the Vice-Chancellor,
Group, chaired by Professor Andrew               new dietetics programmes, and the use of IT       Professor Airey and a range of speakers
Lockwood, is working to the creation of a        in chemistry practicals.                          representing, UniS, Roehampton, the
common platform for all Schools and                  In recent years, UniS has witnessed and       Learning and Teaching Support Network
Services. The aim is to move towards a           responded effectively to major changes in         (LTSN) and local partners.
Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and           student demand. Business management,
eventually to a Managed Learning                 nursing and midwifery have been hugely
Environment (MLE) which will integrate all       expanded at undergraduate level, while the
aspects of the University’s work.                introduction of a generic law degree is also
    The use of electronic provision, already     proving popular. Taught postgraduate
central to the Virtual Business School created   courses are currently in great demand,
by the Surrey European Management School,        particularly from overseas students, and
allows UniS to educate increasing numbers of     such demand is effectively supported by
students through the utilisation of web          areas such as the English Language
technologies.                                    Institute, which is able to provide students
                                                 with the necessary language skills.


Lord Sainsbury pictured with the Vice-Chancellor at the
   recent opening of the refurbished laboratories of the
      Centre for Vision, Speech and Signal Processing.

                                                                                                           Professor Maria Petrou (right) who conducts research
                                                                                                           in the areas of medical imaging and remote sensing.

Focusing on:

Virtual Worlds
With the help of a £2.7m grant from the                    from the EPSRC, EU and from industry in the     and incorporate a backup system with
HEFCE Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF) the                  form of grants. Over the year, 74 papers        online ‘snapshots’ for instantaneous file
laboratories at the Centre for Vision, Speech              were published, 22 in refereed journals, and    retrieval as well as a 42-slot, two-drive tape
and Signal Processing (CVSSP) have been                    one, on Cursive Script Recognition, won the     library for long-term backup storage.
refurbished. Now, according to the Director of             Institute of Electrical and Electronics         Professor Kittler is seeking to make further
the Centre, Professor Josef Kittler, they are              Engineers (IEEE) AH Reeves Award.               improvements to the laboratories in the field
comparable with those at the Massachussetts                    New equipment includes a video server       of high definition TV.
Institute of Technology (MIT), allowing for                that can hold up to 30 hours of
research and development to be carried out                 uncompressed video and audio, and can           Medical Imaging and Remote
to the highest international standards.                    handle simultaneous recording or playback       Sensing
                                                           of eight video channels. Also new is a
The Visual Multimedia Laboratory                           video-processing engine comprising five         Research in the areas of medical imaging and
                                                           8x9MHz processor machines that can be           remote sensing is led by Professor Maria
The refurbishment of CVSSP’s laboratories                  configured to appear as a 40-processor          Petrou, with a grant of £450,000 from the
has resulted in the creation of a visual                   cluster. Each of these machines has two         EPSRC. Despite the differences of the subject
multimedia laboratory to support research in               video pipelines to allow capture, processing    matter, there is considerable cross fertilisation
real time video processing and visualisation.              and playback of up to ten streams of real       between the geoscience and biomedicine
In addition, improvements have been made                   time video simultaneously.                      topics which are researched.
to the Centre’s capability for processing,                     The video engine and video server are           In the field of biomedical imaging,
capture and storage of video and audio data.               both connected to an extensive network to       Professor Petrou’s research group is working
Other additions include a picture quality                  allow routing of video streams to and from      on improving the quality and amount of
assessment laboratory, a medical imaging                   any hardware in the Centre. This equipment is   information from patients using Multi-
laboratory and a robot vision laboratory with              supplemented by a professional editing suite    Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Positron
a six-axis robot arm.                                      and ten high-end graphic stations.              Emission Tomography (PET) data processing.
     The Centre, which is one of the largest of                In addition, CVSSP has two network-         A recent breakthrough has been in the field of
its kind in the UK, comprises 35 PhD students,             attached RAID-based file servers with an        X-ray video processing which it is expected
12 academics, 20 research assistants and                   online storage of up to 3.5 terrabytes. The     will reduce the X-ray dosage needed for
three support staff. Its annual research income            servers allow high speed/high availability      endoscopy by almost one order of
is more than £2m, about half of which comes                access to all the groups within the Centre,     magnitude.

                                                                                                                                          A VISION FOR 2020

                                                  Left: Professor Josef Kittler, Director of the CVSSP and
                                                  right: Professor John Illingworth.

    Another project is underway to model               Pattern recognition techniques also cover             developments in face recognition techniques,
human organs as an aid to pre-surgery             the detection of faults in textured surfaces               known as Personal Identity Authentication
planning. It will be possible to model the        such as ceramic tiles, granite and marble; the             incorporate a combination of data such as
shape and the internal structure of say, the      detection of microcalcifications in digital                face image, voice characteristics and lip
liver or heart of a particular patient using a    mammograms (with important implications for                dynamics. This is of particular value for access
variety of data input, to give surgeons a three   the treatment of breast cancer); the detection             control, smart home applications, web
dimensional image of an affected organ            of forged banknotes; recognition of printed                banking, and a variety of security systems.
before an operation. This will improve the        and hand-written script; speech recognition;                    In general, the focus of research has been
efficacy of any later intervention.               and the classification of sound and speech                 on video segmentation, and the extraction of
    A recently completed project allows the       synthesis.                                                 information about colour, texture, shape and
application of image processing techniques to          A major project being led by Professor                motion behaviour, and the detection of higher-
auto-radiography, allowing digital radiography    Kittler in collaboration with the BBC and                  level cues. Shape One technique, known as
to be performed at room temperatures, with        Sony, is based on a process known as                       the Curvature Scale Space descriptor has
beneficial implications for tissue imaging.       ‘retrieval by content’. Known as ‘Ovid’, the               been selected for inclusion in the MPEG7
    The application of this technology in the     programme is able to identify specific sporting            standardisation programme. This particular
field of geosciences employs a remote             activities from videotapes containing material             research is being carried out in collaboration
sensing technique to detect the position of       covering many different kinds of sport. This               with Mitsubishi Electric.
buried pipelines from space. This facilitates     means that hundreds of hours of tapes from
the safe siting of roads and buildings, and       a major sporting event such as the Olympics                Robot Vision
can assist such activities as mining or           can be scanned automatically to identify and
tunnelling.                                       ultimately extract just the required material.             Multimedia data processing is being used to
    Professor Petrou has also been                Both visual (images, image sequences and                   develop robot vision, under the leadership of
involved in several European environmental        text) and audio clues (speech, sounds and                  Professor John Illingworth in the Visual
projects, one of which is the analysis of fire    music) are exploited to find the required                  Media Research Group. This technology,
damage to forests and similar areas,              information. All of these modalities are                   together with other programmes, will enable
especially in Mediterranean areas, using          combined in the programme; previous                        robots to recognise objects, and act on or
satellite data. Information obtained this way     assumptions that only one channel of                       avoid them. Tasks such as manoeuvring
can help governments or authorities decide        information was necessary have been                        around simple obstacles, or moving in
whether to replant or allow natural               disproved.The system was recently                          confined areas, are already proving feasible.
vegetation to take over.                          presented at the International Broadcasting                However, better recognition techniques are
                                                  Convention in September (2002) and is now                  needed, and research is in progress into
Pattern Recognition Techniques                    being assessed by the BBC for possible                     acquiring three dimensional surface
                                                  commercial application.                                    information through statistical estimation.
Professor Kittler’s specific interests lie in          Another project, being undertaken with                This means extracting only meaningful
pattern recognition techniques, with              Canon, is intended to improve the quality and              information from a mass of statistics.
applications to object recognition, aerial        reduce the cost of video conferencing, by                      Research in conjunction with statistical
image matching and land cover classification      using only a small number of bits to transmit              estimation is improving the ability to deduce
– an important tool in environmental studies.     highly compressed information. Associated                  three dimensional information from two


                                                     Left: Dr Adrian Hilton, and right: the automated 3D-
                                                     photo booth to capture animated models of people.

dimensional images taken from different              3D Broadcasting and Shape Capture                      this type of work by Dr Richard Bowden has
viewpoints. This can also be used to infer the                                                              been the development of Jeremiah, a virtual
position from which the 2D images are                Dr Adrian Hilton leads the Visual Media                head that responds to nearby human activity
obtained. It will enable robots to move              Research Group (VMRG) where work is                    by displaying sadness or pleasure according to
successfully in realistic settings where the         undertaken in 3D broadcasting and shape                the level of interest shown in ‘him.’ Jeremiah
environment is complex. New theories and             capture. A recent success was the                      was on show for several months at the
algorithms are validated in the laboratory           development of an automated 3D-photo booth             Science Museum in London.
using mobile robot platforms and the six-axis        to capture animated models of people. This                  Currently, the recognition of the human
robot arm. The challenge is to develop and           won an EU Information Society Technology               participation is fairly simplistic but it has
autonomise a robot which can decide its own          prize in 2001. A Joint Infrastructure Fund (JIF)       implications for visual interaction such as in sign
goals, and optimise all its relevant sub-            award has allowed the remodelling of the               language recognition. Methods are being
systems to achieve its objectives.                   VMRG laboratory: the specifications were               investigated which would allow automatic
     A typical use of a robot with accurate          stringent, with high ceilings, a multi-camera          recognition of British sign language. Novel
sensing of the immediate environment could           system, an extensive lighting rig, and high spec       techniques of modelling and tracking sign
be a driverless vehicle, or, closer to               audio-video cabinets and networks.                     language have been developed that will be of
realisation, a vehicle with artificial vision that        The area in which the Group works is              obvious benefit to the deaf community. The
could warn the driver of obstructions, or            allowing exciting new ‘virtual’ environments to        ultimate aim is to produce a system capable of
potentially dangerous situations and possibly        be created for use in television. Models are           converting British Sign Language to other
take or advise on remedial action. The broad         being developed that create the illusion of an         interpretation sign languages and to spoken text.
principle of combining a human operator and          actor working in, for example, an extremely                 Visual Content Analysis, which combines
vision system can be exploited for a variety of      dangerous setting like a burning building or           the use of multiple cues such as motion,
applications, industrial, commercial and             against a backdrop of an environment to which          colour, texture and depth of field, is being
security.                                            it would be costly to send a production unit.          developed for use in editing, manipulating and
     Issues of accurate robot positioning can        This involves refining methods of 3D information       coding of digital video. It allows the digital
be addressed by incorporating data from a            capture, and techniques for broadcasting the           restoration of film and television archives,
variety of different sources. Using motion and       information in 3D form or as film. Apart from          where unwanted signals resulting from
positioning sensors alone is not entirely            enhancing the visual quality of film or TV, the        vibration and intensity fluctuations can be
satisfactory; mechanical wear and lack of            application also provides the potential for cost       automatically reduced or eliminated.
clear feedback hamper the acquisition of             reduction. Human actors could be replaced in                New ways are being explored in digital
accurate data about position. So research is         part by realistic models, or would not be              compression of high definition television which
being undertaken to explore how robot vision         required to travel to particular locations.            will provide substantial improvements for
can be combined with inputs from                                                                            viewers. Other research also aimed at improving
gyroscopes and distance-measuring wheels             Jeremiah                                               TV quality is an attempt to provide objective
to provide more precise position information.                                                               assessment of undesirable material on images
                                                     Human/computer interaction is also a subject           generated by digital compression. This involves
                                                     being researched in this laboratory for                taking into account the subjective response of
                                                     automated tracking and behavioural analysis            human viewers, a difficult area that is, for the
                                                     of objects for visual surveillance. One result of      moment, proving elusive.

                                             A VISION FOR 2020

Jeremiah, a virtual head that responds to
nearby human activity by displaying
sadness or pleasure according to the level
of interest shown in ‘him.’


                                                            There are active links between the University
                                                                        and the pharmaceutical industry.

Focusing on:

UniS seeks to serve the health needs of the        disciplinary approach to strategic developments          pharmaceutical companies in the UK. The
community, and in particular to work               in relevant research will significantly strengthen       University is a leading centre for training in
alongside the local health services. Strengths     the local health services. Future growth will            Pharmaceutical Medicine and currently runs
in both research and teaching across a range       promote the development of the research                  two postgraduate programmes. It is planning
of disciplines have brought real benefits to the   agenda relevant to the NHS and enable the                to develop a European Centre in
health of the region and the wider population.     Postgraduate Medical School to become a                  Pharmaceutical Medicine to enhance the
                                                   prime leader in postgraduate teaching and                educational potential and develop an
Working Alongside the NHS                          education at both local and national level.              independent research facility.
                                                       Research within the Postgraduate Medical
The Postgraduate Medical School has                School is focussed on areas that complement              Delayed Hospital Discharges
developed a strong interface with the NHS,         the NHS and operates with many outside and
providing undergraduate and postgraduate           visiting staff. An area that the Postgraduate            A project based in the European Institute of
education and training as well as international    Medical School is active in is that of Primary           Health and Medical Sciences (EIHMS) has
calibre research relevant to the health sector.    Care Research. The School has been                       focused on elderly patients’ discharge needs
A primary aim is to ensure that the key            encouraging research in Primary Care Trusts              and reasons for delayed discharges in older
strategic activities and priorities of the NHS     (PCTs) and in the Surrey area, for instance,             people in the East Elmbridge and Mid Surrey
are linked to those of the University. Visiting    Guildford and Waverley have one of the largest           Primary Care Trust area. The project was
appointments of senior NHS staff have been         screening programs for osteoporosis in the               funded by the Kent, Surrey, Sussex
made in important clinical areas, including        country, with over 7,000 women having been               Workforce Development Confederation and
cancer surgery, minimal access surgery,            screened.                                                was a partnership project between EIHMS,
pathology, medical physics, diabetology/                                                                    the PCT and Surrey Social Services. The
endocrinology, vascular medicine and               Working Alongside the                                    project was led by Karen Bryan.
cardiology.                                        Pharmaceutical Industry                                      Available information was collected on
     Medical research that makes a difference                                                               transactions involving people over the age of
to patients is best encouraged by providing an     There are active links between the University            65 from health and social services, and the
environment where NHS staff involved in            and both the Health Service and the pharma-              profile of the staff involved in those
research and teaching have the opportunity to      ceutical Industry. UniS is well placed                   transactions. Information on delayed
meet with and work alongside university            geographically, to take advantage of the                 discharges was analysed for a one year
academics. It is recognised that a multi-          positioning within the M25 area of the top ten           period with a detailed analysis of a typical

                                    A VISION FOR 2020

“   Preparation and assessment
    for midwifery practice within
    a range of hospital and
    community settings is
    undertaken at UniS


                                                                                                  The inter-disciplinary Centre for Research in Nursing
                                                                                                  and Midwifery Education provides a focus for new
                                                                                                  areas of research in nursing and midwifery education.

week and a two week period where delayed        Researching Midwifery Practice                    case study was undertaken in early 2002.
discharge increased. A number of key health                                                       The project is due for completion in
and social service managers were also           A key research project is the investigation of    December 2002.
interviewed.                                    the preparation and assessment for midwifery
     The project showed that delayed            practice within a range of hospital and           Focus on Infectious Diseases –
discharges are continuing to occur despite      community settings, funded by the Hospital        Meningitis and Tuberculosis
measures already taken to prevent them, and     Saving Association (HSA) and the Midwife
gave a detailed analysis of the factors         Teacher Training Council Trust. The aims of       Professor Johnjoe McFadden is Head of the
contributing to them. The cost is significant   the study are to investigate:                     Microbial Sciences Group within the School
and they have a negative impact on the                                                            of Biomedical and Life Sciences. His research
health of older people. The project set out a   • the nature of practice experience in relation   interests are in the development of new
series of recommendations for tackling the        to assessing the process and outcomes of        vaccines for the infectious diseases
problem of delayed discharges in older            midwifery education programmes                  meningitis and tuberculosis.
people.                                         • the preparation and role of practice                The meningococcus is a major pathogen
                                                  assessors in midwifery education and            and although vaccines have been developed
The Centre for Research in Nursing                practice, and the implications for              that protect against group A and group C
and Midwifery Education                           continuing professional development             meningococcal infections, no vaccine is
                                                                                                  currently available for the group B meningo-
The inter-disciplinary Centre for Research in       A multi-method approach is being used         coccus, the strain that causes most cases in
Nursing and Midwifery Education is funded       in order to obtain robust information on the      the UK. The current research, headed by
by endowments from the General Nursing          range of issues which will influence effective    Professor McFadden, and funded by the
Council for England and Wales and the           education and practice in midwifery. The          Meningitis Trust, is trying to identify possible
Midwife Teacher Training College Trust. The     methods include survey, documentary               vaccine antigens, in the form of proteins, that
Royal College of Midwives has also been         analysis and case study.                          can then be incorporated into a vaccine. The
closely involved in establishing the Centre.    Five case study sites within England were         search for these proteins has been
The aims of the Centre are to provide a         selected, based on geographical location,         accelerated with the release of the genome
focus for research in nursing and midwifery     systems of maternity care and type and level      sequence, which allows the targeting of a
education and will include the investigation    of midwifery education provision. Four case       particular gene that acts as a switch for all the
of the development of nursing and midwifery     study sites have agreed to participate in the     genes involved in virulence.
knowledge and skills and the effectiveness      project to date and data collection has been          If the genes are regulated by one genetic
of educational strategies. Activities will      completed within these sites. Research            switch, then gaining effective “genetic control”
involve networking with local, national and     midwives were recruited within each               of that switch would allow the deregulation of
international organisations in order to         geographical area to undertake local data         the genes that cause the disease. The
develop a research programme which              collection. The research team is currently        research group is actively searching to identify
encompasses multicultural and global            undertaking preliminary analysis of               such genes and then to see if they would
contexts.                                       documents, transcripts, diaries and               make good vaccine candidates but it is too
                                                observation notes and developing the case         early to say yet whether a good candidate
                                                records for each site. The fifth (and final)      has been found. The timescale for this type of

                                                                                                                                        A VISION FOR 2020

research is two to three years to find a good       Biosensors                                         The development of biosensors portable enough to be
                                                                                                       used in ambulances enables medical staff to know what
candidate and then five to ten to develop a                                                            a patient has overdosed on prior to arrival at hospital.

vaccine that can be introduced to the health        Dr Sub Reddy is also currently working on
service.                                            smart materials used for electrochemical
    Tuberculosis is one of the biggest killers in   biosensors and quartz crystal microbalance
the world, with two to three million people         biosensors, which have recently received
dying each year, mostly in the African and          much interest due to their potential
Asian continents of the developing world. The       applications in the NHS. When an overdose
long duration of drug treatment is one of the       patient is brought into a hospital’s accident
contributory factors to such a high mortality
rate. Often patients feel better within a few
weeks and so stop their medication, which
                                                    and emergency department, the pressure is
                                                    on to determine which drug has been taken
                                                    as quickly as possible. The biosensor
                                                                                                       “    The biosensor developed
                                                                                                            by Dr Reddy and his team
should be continued for six months due to           developed by Dr Reddy and his team can test
the slow growing states of tuberculosis that        a sample of the patient’s blood for certain
                                                                                                            can test a sample of the
are resistant to antibiotics. Consequently a        substances such as paracetamol in less than             patient’s blood for certain
few months later, there is a re-emergence of        ten minutes. The sensor is portable enough
the disease which often leads to death.             to be used in ambulances to enable the                  substances such as
Control of these lengthy treatment regimes is       medical staff to know what the patient has
one of the biggest problems faced by health         overdosed on prior to arrival at hospital.
                                                                                                            paracetamol in less than
care workers in this field.
    At UniS, a laboratory system has been
developed to slow the growth rate in the
                                                        The sensor works by using a quartz
                                                    crystal microbalance. When an alternating
                                                    current is applied the crystal vibrates and will
                                                                                                            ten minutes
laboratory. Functional genomic approaches           continue to oscillate even when immersed in
are then used to identify genes, proteins and       a liquid. Anything which then sticks to the
metabolic pathways that are active in the           crystal surface or affects the viscosity of the
slow growing state. Some of these may               surface film around the crystal affects the
provide new targets for drugs that attack the       vibrational frequency. The concept of the
slow growing organisms. Eventually, it is           sensor is to have a small chamber above the
hoped to develop drugs that will work on the        surface of the crystal and, when a sample is
slow growing states within a few weeks, so          placed in the chamber, a series of carefully
drastically reducing the treatment times.           designed chemical reactions can be made to
    Professor McFadden and a colleague,             occur that are specific to the molecule of
Dr Sub Reddy, whose research interests are          interest. These reactions contribute to the
in biosensors, are working as joint supervisors     formation of a solid product, which then
on a PhD project that combines both of their        attaches to the surface of the crystal and the
research interests to investigate a biosensor       corresponding change in vibrational
to detect the slow growing stage of                 frequency can be measured. As the chemical
tuberculosis.                                       reactions can be made to be highly specific to


                                                                                      Far left: a patient being fitted with a stereotactic
                                                                                      frame prior to the delivery of high precision radio
                                                                                      therapy on a brain tumour. Left: Developing
                                                                                      radiotherapy using IMRT.

                                 the molecule of interest, only one solid             the copies have no errors and subsequently
                                 product is formed and other substances in            divide. Cells are much more sensitive to lethal
                                 the sample will not interfere with the process       damage by radiation in some parts of this
                                 or provide spurious readings. Research so far        cycle than others. For instance, when the
                                 has shown good results with excellent                DNA repairs and checking is already active,
                                 sensitivity.                                         extra damage from radiation is also repaired
                                                                                      very efficiently.
                                 Mathematical Modelling                                    When radiotherapy is applied to a tumour,

                                                                                      cells in some parts of the cell cycle are heavily
     There is a class of brain
                                 Dr Norman Kirkby from Chemical Engineering           damaged while others escape with their
     tumour called a glioma,     is involved with innovative research to              damage repaired. The model looks at
                                 mathematically model the response of tumour          individual cells and can describe the holes
     which is amongst the        cells to radiotherapy. There is a class of brain     produced in the age distribution when
                                 tumour called a glioma, which is amongst the         radiation is applied. This information has
     most dangerous, as it is
                                 most dangerous, as it is inoperable and within       provided a breakthrough in treatment as, in
     inoperable and within       seven to ten months of diagnosis 50% of              addition to describing the cell cycle effects,
                                 patients are dead. It does not form a lump like      it is also possible to describe the recently
     7-10 months of diagnosis    more traditional tumours but invades healthy         discovered phenomenon of hypersensitivity.
                                 tissue in a diffuse manner. Some gliomas             Dr Susan Short has discovered that some
     50% of patients are
                                 have been found to exhibit a hypersensitivity        brain tumours are abnormally sensitive to low
            ”                    to low doses of radiotherapy, which is good
                                 news as they are inoperable and resistant to
                                                                                      doses of radiation. Putting the data about this
                                                                                      hypersensitivity into the UniS model has
                                 chemotherapy because suitable drugs cannot           allowed the rapid development of new ways
                                 easily penetrate the blood brain barrier.            to apply radiotherapy.
                                      The mathematical modelling work                      This approach now suggests ways to
                                 followed on from final year undergraduate            time the doses of radiation to ensure that the
                                 projects exploring mathematical modelling of         maximum number of abnormal tumour cells
                                 tumours. Dr Kirkby works with Dr Neil Burnet,        are killed. This method typically requires
                                 a clinician at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in             smaller doses to be given three times a day
                                 Cambridge and Dr Susan Short at the Gray             for a period of up to six weeks. This research
                                 Cancer Institute at Mount Vernon Hospital in         could be a breakthrough for glioma sufferers
                                 Middlesex. The work is close to entering             because the smaller doses of radiation do
                                 clinical trials.                                     less damage to healthy tissue and the overall
                                      All cells take part in a cycle of activity in   success rates in treating these aggressive
                                 which they grow and divide to form a tumour.         tumours will hopefully increase.
                                 In a typical cell cycle, the cells first take in
                                 nutrients until they have enough energy, then
                                 make a copy of their DNA, then check that

                                                                                                                                         A VISION FOR 2020

                                                     Left: A solar panel-powered electricity project in
                                                     Africa, part of Dr Katie Begg’s evaluation work on
                                                     emission reduction. Right: Professor Roland Clift,
                                                     Director of the CES.

Focusing on:

Understanding the environment has been a key         Centre is part of the School of Engineering to           An example of this approach is evidenced
focus of multidisciplinary work at UniS, with        ensure that it retains a “problem-solving”           in a new research project funded by the
scientific, engineering and sociological interests   approach. The Centre’s aims, outlined below,         Norlands Foundation to study the efficacy of
forming fields of study undertaken by research       emphasise that its work is not complete if it is     a plastics recyclates pool in Surrey, being
groups. Addressing environmental issues which        limited to analysis and criticism.                   carried out by Dr Gary Stevens, Head of the
affect both developed and developing world                                                                Polymer Research Centre at the University
nations has been a key element of much of the        Developing Methods to Assess                         and a director of the UniS spin-out company,
work conducted thus far.                             Environmental Impact                                 Industrial Ecology Solutions. The University of
                                                                                                          Surrey Environmental Body (USEB) project
The Centre for Environmental                         CES seeks to develop and apply methods to            ‘Plastics Recyclate Pools’ will seek to
Strategy                                             assess the environmental and social effects of       establish whether stores of the products from
                                                     human activities. Chief amongst these is Life        used plastic materials could be developed to
Central to the University’s research in this area    Cycle Assessment (LCA) – a systematic                enable the manufacture or derivation of new
is the Centre for Environmental Strategy             approach to analysing the environmental              products. The project, to be run over 18
(CES), which opened in 1992. It has grown            impacts of the complete supply chain of a            months, will draw up a framework for the
into an established research and                     product or service. CES has been one of the          location of such stores across the county and
postgraduate centre. In the 2001 Research            leaders in LCA development and it now                how they would operate, to give optimum
Assessment Exercise it was awarded a ‘5A’            provides one of the corner stones of                 technical, financial and environmental
grade, defined as “research of national and          European environmental policy. LCA has               performance.
international standard”. For a multi-                been adapted as a way of assessing waste
disciplinary centre, this is a real achievement      management strategies and the Centre,                Environmental Issues in the Broad
– recognition of the ability and dedication of       together with the Environment Agency, has            Context
everyone who has contributed to the                  been one of the lead players in developing a
development of CES.                                  tool to be used by local authorities to evaluate     Most informed observers now recognise that
    Although CES, under the leadership of            waste management plans. The agenda is                global climate change represents one of the
Professor Roland Clift OBE, is characterised         now moving on to industrial ecology, an              biggest threats to the stability of life on earth.
by the multidisciplinarity which is essential to     approach which tries to maximise the value           To combat this threat requires us to rethink
address environmental problems “in the               obtained from materials and products by              the way in which we convert and use energy.
round”, it is nevertheless important that the        repeated use and re-use.                             Renewable energy sources and systems is a


                    Industrial ecology tries to maximise the value
                    obtained from materials and products by repeated
                    use and re-use. Guildford MP Sue Doughty (right)
                    pictured with Dr Gary Stevens at a recycling centre.

                                                                                                                                      A VISION FOR 2020

continuing research theme in CES, feeding             Professor Roland Clift’s membership of
into national and international policy through    the Royal Commission on Environmental
analyses of the Carbon Trading systems and        Pollution allowed CES thinking to inform the
the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) set         Commission’s report on “Energy – the
up to implement the international negotiations    changing climate”, which was published in
started in Kyoto following the UN Conference      2000 and has led to a complete review of UK
on Environment and Development at Rio in          energy policy.
1992. The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 set legally          High-level policy debates can sometimes
                                                                                                     The Kyoto Protocol of 1997 set legally binding
binding emission targets for greenhouse           ignore the concerns of “marginalised” people,      emission targets for greenhouse gases for
                                                                                                     industrialised countries.
gases for industrialised countries. The overall   not just in developing countries but also in the
target is to reduce the emissions during the      industrial world. “Rainforests are a long way
period 2008-2012. Part of this emission           from here” was the title of a report by Kate
reduction can be achieved through investment      Burningham and Diana Thrush, a joint activity
in greenhouse gas emission reduction projects     of CES and the Department of Sociology.
in the developing world. This can be achieved     Published in 2001, it investigated the day-to-
through investment by industrialised countries    day environmental concerns of some of the
in countries where the cost of emissions
reduction is lower – project co-operation
takes place under the Clean Development
                                                  less visible members of UK society.
                                                      One of the most important high level
                                                  themes and one which is being developed in
                                                                                                     “    Much of the research in
                                                                                                          CES is directed at
Mechanism. The industrialised partner             several projects of CES, is what level of
                                                                                                          exploring the practical
country can in this way receive credits for       consumption the planet can sustain and what
the emission reductions achieved and the          changes in thinking and behaviour are                   meaning of sustainable
project itself should contribute to the           needed for human society to become
sustainable development path of the
developing country host.
    A current Department for International        Informing technological, economic,
Development funded-project, CDM Analysis          social and political choices
for Poverty Alleviation (CAPA), is studying the
design of small scale poverty-focused energy      Sustainable Development has become an
projects. These projects, such as local hydro     overworked phrase (even though it was the
power stations, often set up in remote            title of the World Summit held in
communities, have an important role in            Johannesburg in 2002), but it is linked
emission reduction and additionally bring         inescapably with the principle of equity –
poverty alleviating benefits to the local         equal access to resources, benefits and
community. Under the co-ordination of             opportunities. Much of the research in CES is
Dr Katie Begg, studies in Africa are examining    directed at exploring the practical meaning of
their costs and benefits, and how emission        sustainable development: how and where
reductions are achieved.                          inequities arise, particularly along the kind of


                                                                                                     The MSc programme in Life Cycle Management studies
                                                                                                     the cradle-to-grave responsibilities of producers of
                                                                                                     materials in industrial societies.

supply chain which can be explored by Life            The research shows that the problem that       Provision of Environmental
Cycle Assessment; and what kind of metrics        ETR faces in terms of public acceptance is         Education and Training
can be used to help companies measure and         not so much outright hostility to environ-
set targets for their environmental and social    mental taxation as conceptual problems with        CES manages a Doctor of Engineering
performance. An approach known as                 the design. Similar conceptual problems were       programme in Environmental Technology,
Environmental Burden was developed by ICI         also found in the interviews with business         offered jointly by Brunel University and UniS.
with help from CES; it has been adopted           people who:                                        All the Research Engineers following the
widely in the chemicals sector and is set to                                                         programme are sponsored by industrial
become the basis for compiling and                • did not trust assurances that the revenues       organisations and carry out their research
comparing national environmental statistics, in     will be used as promised by the                  with the sponsor, but follow a course of
the UK and elsewhere. It has been developed         government                                       taught modules at the two Universities.
further, by several members of CES, into sets     • had difficulty in understanding the purpose      Fifty Engineers have graduated from the
of indicators which can be used generally for       of increasing taxes on energy while              programme. They have proved to be in
environmental management.                           lowering taxes on employment                     demand, and many are rising to senior
     A collaborative study by researchers from    • desired measures seen as incentives as           managerial levels and are acting as agents to
CES and the Department of Sociology was             well as penalties                                disseminate and apply the CES philosophy.
conducted to investigate the attitudes of                                                                The Centre also offers an MSc
policy-makers, business and the general               Recommendations made to increase the           programme in Environmental Strategy, which
public to environmental tax reform (ETR) in       acceptance of future environmental tax             took in its first full-time students in 1999.
Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland and the         reform included: a levy administered by an         With support from the EPSRC, CES is now
UK. Germany and Denmark have ETR                  independent body; revenues for energy              developing a unique Diploma and MSc
applying to both consumers and business.          efficiency programmes to be earmarked              programme in Life Cycle Management.
The Climate Change Levy in the UK is an ETR       targeting areas which can be addressed at          Completion of any of these programmes
applying only to business. France and Ireland     zero or negative net cost; the provision of        offers a direct route to Associate Membership
do not currently have ETR. The UK findings        grants for local environmental projects,           of the Institute of Environmental Management
from this research have provided interesting      renewable energy and public transport              and Assessment. CES is the sole provider of
evidence for policy makers as they seek to        improvements; sending utility customers            Environmental Training for the 5,000 staff of
improve the design of environmental taxation.     vouchers for energy efficiency investments         the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. In the
     ETR is a policy that raises taxes on the     with their bills in order to make the connection   2002/3 Academic Year, The Centre starts a
use of energy (or other environmentally-          between the levy and its benefits tangible;        series of undergraduate modules in
damaging activities) and lowers other taxes,      extra help for those on low incomes; and the       Sustainable Development for all students in
usually those on employment. The rationale is     consideration of levy-free allowances and          the School of Engineering.
that tax should be imposed on negative            rebates for meeting energy conservation
effects instead of positive ones. A refinement    targets.
is the ‘double dividend’ argument: that higher
taxes on energy will lower pollution, while
lower taxes on labour will decrease

                                                                                                                                      A VISION FOR 2020

                                                 Professor Nigel Gilbert, Professor of Sociology and
                                                 Pro Vice-Chancellor (Staff Development).

Improving water resource planning                A generic model will be developed and                 utilisation of existing catches, since it is
                                                 applied across the regions, seeking to                estimated that some 27 million tonnes of low
Professor Nigel Gilbert’s research interests     ensure the outputs are of use to                      value and undersized fish are discarded each
include computer simulation, the sociology       stakeholders.’                                        year out of the 110 million tonnes landed.
of science and science policy, innovation            The models will improve on existing                   Pollutants such as DDT, PCBs and
and the sociology of the environment.            integrated assessments by explicitly                  dioxins are being monitored as part of the
    The Freshwater Integrated Resource           representing customers, suppliers and                 project. Biochemical and physical changes in
Management with Agents (FIRMA), which            government at all levels of aggregation. This         fish proteins and lipids during processing
he co-ordinates, is funded through the           new approach will provide innovative tools for        which affect nutritional quality and safety are
Energy, Environment and Sustainable              policy makers concerned with issues such as           being investigated using advanced spectro-
Development theme of an EU Framework V           waste water, water scarcity and integrated            scopic, cell culture and rheological
programme. This project brings together          catchment planning. Outcomes will include             techniques. Innovative techniques are being
environmental and social scientists from         the prototype models in the form of tools             studied to process under-utilised fish species,
nine partners in seven European Member           usable by managers, a methodology for                 polyunsaturated fish oils and fish gelatin into
States in the development of simulations to      developing and applying agent-based models            extruded and dried products including infant
help manage drinking water at the local          and educational materials for water resource          foods. Also improved preservation using
level. The project aims to improve water         managers and modellers.                               indigenous natural antioxidants is being
resource planning by developing and                                                                    explored.
applying agent-based modelling to                Better utilisation of fish stocks                         The project will aid sustainable
integrate physical, hydrological, social and                                                           development of fisheries in line with policies
economics aspects of water resource              Dr Nazlin Howell in the School of Biomedical          of developing countries as well as the EU
management. The work will yield insights         and Life Sciences is co-ordinating a         1m EU    Common Fisheries Policy. Research and
into the social processes of water               Framework V research project to improve the           training at an international level will be
management, leading to the consideration         quality and utilisation of low value fish in          strengthened and food security in developing
of a wider range of aspects of the               developing countries. The project brings              regions will be improved, through the
environment in decision making. Better           together a multidisciplinary group of scientists      dissemination of the results of the work in
management of water catchments,                  and engineers from the UK, The Netherlands            collaboration with industry, the Food and
amongst other improved water                     and Portugal, and two developing regions in           Agriculture Organisation and the United
management techniques, are likely to result      Africa and Asia. Although the oceans                  Nations Children’s Fund.
from this study.                                 surrounding these continents are
    ‘Stakeholder participation is an essential   exceptionally productive, the per capita
feature of the project’, explained Professor     availability of marine fish is declining due to
Gilbert, ‘starting with the formulation of       over fishing and increases in the regions’
questions and the design of the models.          populations. Fish can provide much needed
Each of the five European regions has its        protein, frequently missing from the average
own problems, risks and options, each of         diet of low income groups – particularly
which needs to be assessed and evaluated         infants, in developing societies. These needs
using the models in participatory settings.      can be met by efficient preservation and


                                                                                                    The Sleep Disorders Unit presents an exciting vision for
                                                                                                    the provision of research and clinical services in the
                                                                                                    area of sleep medicine.

Focusing on:

Sleep is an area of research that can be          Europe and internationally. The Sleep             Health Organisation (WHO) revealed that a
encompassed in many disciplines but which         Disorders Unit presents an exciting vision for    background noise level of 30dB(A) promotes
has only recently gained recognition in its own   the provision of research and clinical services   “measurable effects upon sleep”, with noise
right. The Royal Society of Medicine now has      in the area of sleep medicine, physiology and     in excess of 60dB(A) causing complete
a Sleep Section and interest in the subject is    applied clinical research and has conducted       awakening. Because of the stimulating
increasing all the time. Much research is         some of the largest single centre sleep           properties of noise, it can be used to promote
driven by questions such as how much sleep        studies ever performed. The Unit consists of      acute insomnia states in healthy volunteers in
we need and the effects of sleep deprivation.     six sleep and chronobiology bedrooms and a        a controlled and reproducible fashion.
     It is only through the interweaving of the   12 bed ward.                                           The ‘Traffic Noise Model of Insomnia’
research of sociologists, biochemists,                Individual bedrooms have advanced             uses real traffic noise to provide a psychobio-
psychologists and pharmacologists that a          sound attenuation (75-80dB between rooms),        logical stimulus in the 12-bed ward. The
proper understanding to accommodate and           and are temperature-controlled and isolated       model was designed to disrupt sleep in a
treat sleep disruption may emerge in the          from all external time cues, such as darkness     uniformed fashion across the whole night
future. Dr Derk-Jan Dijk from the School of       and daylight. This allows the performance of      (similar to sleep maintenance insomnia).
Biomedical and Life Sciences is currently         accurate chronobiological experimentation.        Awakenings and arousals during the night are
Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Sleep        Facilities have recently been improved        measured. The ‘Continuous Noise Model of
Research Society. He recognises the need to       through the introduction of two new methods       Insomnia’ uses a noise level of 80dB(A) and is
formalise the research linked to sleep at UniS    to allow the promotion of a state of insomnia     presented after waking the subject in the
through the establishment of a Multi-             in people who would otherwise sleep               middle of the night. The time taken for the
disciplinary Sleep Research Centre to be          normally. This is done by subjecting              individual to return to sleep is then measured.
realised in 2003.                                 volunteers to either environmental or traffic          Both models have allowed large scale
                                                  noise. These ‘noise models of insomnia’ are       trials in the time course of action of hypnotic
The Sleep Disorders Unit                          allowing the sleep centre to study insomnia       medications to be conducted at HPRU.
                                                  and test hypotheses with more accuracy than
As a leader in the field of sleep research, the   before. Environmental noise can cause             Circadian Rhythm Cycles
present sleep research unit of the Human          significant arousal and awakening, and even
Psychopharmacology Research Unit (HPRU)           be used to stop sleep altogether, promoting       Professor Debra Skene heads the
has a well-established reputation in scientific   transient responses in healthy subjects similar   Neuroendocrinology Group that is part of the
investigations and novel research across          to acute insomnia. Research by the World          School of Biomedical and Life Sciences at

                                                     A VISION FOR 2020

“   The Royal Society of Medicine now has a Sleep Section
    and interest in the subject is increasing all the time. Much
    research is driven by questions such as how much sleep
    we need and the effects of sleep deprivation


                                    Left: Professor Debra Skene, and right: Research has
                                    been conducted on North Sea oil rigs to examine the
                                    effect of shift patterns on the body clock.

                                    UniS. Much of her work is looking at circadian         melatonin. This acts in the same way as
                                    rhythm disorders in humans, both natural               exposure to light by resynchronising rhythms
                                    disorders such as the desynchronisation of             to a night and day cycle which eliminates the
                                    rhythms suffered by totally blind people and           sleep disturbances. Science has suggested
                                    forced disorders, which can be short lived,            that light is more effective than melatonin as a
                                    such as those experienced by night shift               synchronising agent for circadian rhythms.
                                    workers and travellers across time zones.              It can be used to both induce advances or
                                        Within each of us is a biological clock,           delays in certain circumstances. Thus
                                    the precise working of which is thought to be          exposure to light has been studied in people,
                                    genetically determined, giving rise to individ-        such as shift workers, who have a mismatch
                                    uality between human beings. It is this                between their body clock and the
                                    master biological clock which generates and            environment. This research has shown that

“    Within each of us is a
     biological clock, the
                                    maintains 24 hour circadian rhythms in
                                    physiological, biochemical and behavioural
                                    variables in the body, like core body
                                                                                           the human circadian system is sensitive to
                                                                                           short wavelength visible light that is dark blue
                                                                                           in colour. A new non-rod, non-cone photore-
                                    temperature, mental performance and the                ceptor system has been shown to be
     precise working of which
                                    synthesis and secretion of many hormones.              responsible for processing and transmitting
     is thought to be               As we have evolved, our behaviour and                  information to the body clock.
                                    physiology has developed so that our internal
     genetically determined,        rhythms complement our surroundings. So,               Night Shift Work
                                    for example, we expect to sleep during the
     giving rise to individuality
                                    night when it is dark and work or play during          There is increasing concern with the possible
     between human beings
                                ”   the day when it is light.
                                        In fact, circadian rhythms are slightly longer
                                    than 24 hours and everyday we need our
                                                                                           health and associated problems of working
                                                                                           out of hours. The University’s
                                                                                           Neuroendocrinology Group and the Centre
                                    clocks to be slightly reset. This is achieved          for Chronobiology have been collaborating
                                    through the natural cycle of night and day. We         with Dr Linda Morgan from Nutrition, and
                                    need the light that enters our eyes when it is         conducting studies in unusual environments.
                                    daylight to tell the brain what time it is and this        The major problems of night shift work
                                    is why totally blind people end up with                are an increased accident rate, poor sleep
                                    completely desynchronised rhythms, which               and an increased risk of a number of
                                    lead to cyclic sleep problems. There will be           diseases including chronic sleep disorder and
                                    times when a blind person’s rhythms are in             cardiovascular disease. Chernobyl, Three Mile
                                    phase with night and day and their sleep is            Island and Bhopal were all night shift
                                    normal but others when they gradually ‘de-             accidents. Sleeping out of ‘phase’ for
                                    phase’ and suffer sleep disturbances.                  example in the morning after night work,
                                        Debra and her team have been                       generally leads to shorter sleep of poorer
                                    successfully treating blind people with                quality than that taken at the appropriate

                                                                                                                                           A VISION FOR 2020

                                                    Left: Professor Josephine Arendt, and right: Halley
                                                    Base, Coats Land, the most southerly of British Bases.

time. Adjusting the body clock to night work        of hastening adaptation back to home life.               possible mechanism has been shown in real
will alleviate this problem. In an offshore         The initial project is to give subjects extra light      shift workers as opposed to laboratory
environment, such as an oil rig, this can be        at specific times using special light boxes.             simulations.
done relatively easily as workers are a ‘captive    Their mood, activity and rest, and the timing                Previous studies at Halley have shown
audience’ and they can be given melatonin or        of their body clocks are then assessed. The use          that a little extra broad spectrum light at the
subjected to light in a controlled way.             of melatonin to help shift workers sleep ‘out of         right time enables people to maintain
However, in most onshore shift work                 phase’ and to speed up adaptation has been               optimum body clock time and may help them
environments this does not happen.                  pioneered at UniS by Professor Josephine                 tolerate the darkness of the Antarctic winter.
    The amount of light experienced at              Arendt and her team at the Centre for                    It could even help to normalise risk factors for
different times of the day has a major influence    Chronobiology. They are now acknowledged                 heart disease during the night shift. Special
on adaptation to night work and back to day         world leaders in this area of research.                  light equipment is currently being shipped to
work. Research on North Sea oil rigs has                In parallel with these studies in an                 Antarctica to provide extra lighting for the
shown that some 12 hour work – 12 hour              industrial environment, the researchers are              Base and assess any change (improvement
leisure/sleep schedules are better than others      using the extraordinary natural ‘light                   or otherwise) in sleep, morale and body clock
for adapting the body clock to night shift (HSE     laboratory’ of Antarctica in an attempt to               status in future studies.
study). Work from six o’clock in the evening to     understand further the light dependent                       Shift work, such as watch keeping on the
six in the morning is good, whilst working from     aspects of human physiology and behaviour.               British Antarctic Survey ships provides yet
midnight to midday is not, and light exposure       At Halley Base, Coats Land, the most                     another opportunity to assess the health
times are probably the main reason for these        southerly of British Bases (75ºS) the sun                implications of working out of hours and the
differences.                                        does not rise for three months in the winter             effect of light environments. There have, in the
    There are large individual time differences     and does not set for three months in the                 past, been numerous studies of watch
in some shift work schedules and this can           summer. During the winter, the average                   keeping on merchant vessels. They
lead to problems. For example during a week         maximum amount of light experienced is                   concluded that all watch keepers had sleep
of nights, 18.00 to 06.00 hours, most oil rig       about one third of that in the UK. The only              problems and that different schedules should
workers will adapt their body clocks, but if this   light experienced at all being that of                   be tried. No record of personal light exposure
is followed by a week of days, 06.00 hours-         domestic lighting. Some Base personnel                   or objective assessments of sleep were made
18.00 hours, few will readily adapt back to the     may experience low morale and poor sleep,                and no one has compared night watch in 24
dayshift. This situation means that each            with their body clocks desynchronising from              hour daylight (which occurs in Polar Regions)
schedule needs to be evaluated before any           the 24 hour day in the way that is seen in               with darkness at night. Professor Jo Arendt is
advice or countermeasures can be                    some registered blind people with no                     at present evaluating sleep, light exposure
implemented. One major problem with                 perception of light.                                     and body clock status in watch keepers and
workers who adapt to offshore night shift is            The Halley Base environment has been                 dayworkers.
that, when they return home, they are out of        used to show that meals taken during the                     The results of this research may have a
synchrony with their home environment.              night shift lead to an increase in the presence          significant impact on the design and use of
    Projects funded by the Health and Safety        of risk factors for heart disease compared to            lighting for the treatment of disorders where
Executive (HSE) and the Institute of                meals taken on the dayshift. In general, shift           an adjustment of the circadian rhythms is
Petroleum, to be conducted by Professor             workers have a higher incidence of heart                 required. In addition to helping with the
Skene, intend to investigate possible means         disease, and this is the first time that a               adaptation to shift work, light can also be


                                                                                       Professor Sara Arber.

                                    used to aid travellers on long haul flights to     assessment of their sleep each morning for
                                    avoid jetlag, sleep disorders and seasonal         seven consecutive days.
                                    affective disorder.                                    Analysis so far has focused on the
                                                                                       experiences of sleep among mid-life women
                                    Sleep in Ageing Women                              aged between 40 and 59. The mid-life period
                                                                                       for women is characterised by a multiplicity of
                                    The Centre for Research on Ageing and              roles, responsibilities and gender
                                    Gender (CRAG) is based in the Sociology            expectations that potentially have a greater

                                    Department and brings together social              impact on sleep than at other times of the life
     The project examines
                                    scientific expertise to conduct policy relevant    course. It is not surprising in this context that
     how patterns of sleep          research on ageing and gender. Research            sleep disruption, rather than disorders, is a
                                    into the sociology of sleep is one of the          feature of mid-life women’s sleep. The
     change in women aged           current research projects being undertaken         interaction of the physical and emotional
                                    by Dr Jenny Hislop and Professor Sara Arber.       labour involved in caring for babies, young
     40 and over, the kind of
                                    Working as part of a multi-disciplinary            children and teenagers, as well as the worries
     sleep problems they            scientific team on a three-year EU-funded          and concerns associated with family respon-
                                    project ‘Sleep in Ageing Women’, they are          sibilities, work, and caring for ageing parents,
     experience, how these          conducting empirical research which                may compromise a woman’s access to
                                    examines the social dimensions of sleep. The       quality sleep. While the majority of women in
     problems affect their lives,
                                    research aims not only to provide insights into    the study accept some disruption to their
     and the strategies and         the social world and the gendered nature of        sleep as ‘part of being a woman’, they do not
                                    our lives, but to complement and challenge         consider these disruptions desirable. They
     treatments they use to try     existing and future research into the biological   develop a range of preventive and responsive

     to overcome them
                         ”          and psychological aspects of sleep.
                                        The project examines how patterns of
                                    sleep change in women aged 40 and over,
                                                                                       strategies to try to improve the quality of their
                                                                                       sleep and to maximise their sleep potential.
                                                                                       The strategies they choose, however, may be
                                    the kind of sleep problems they experience,        constrained by their social circumstances and
                                    how these problems affect their lives, and         the nature of their sleeping environment.
                                    the strategies and treatments they use to try          The study of sleep from a sociological
                                    to overcome them. Using a qualitative              perspective is still in its infancy and further
                                    approach to record women’s actual                  research needs to be undertaken to build on
                                    experiences of sleep as well as how their          the foundations provided by the ‘Sleep in
                                    patterns of sleep are related to their gender      Ageing Women’ project. This research
                                    roles and everyday lives, the research has to      illustrates that sociology can contribute
                                    date included the participation of 82 women        significantly to the study of sleep by providing
                                    in ten focus groups, in-depth interviews with      insights into the social context of sleep; an
                                    a further 35 women, and the use of audio           area which to date has been overlooked in
                                    sleep diaries in which they tape-recorded an       the sleep research agenda.

                                                                                                                                          A VISION FOR 2020

                                                                              Professor Greville Corbett.

Focusing on:

Society’s Needs
It is a popular misconception that the                  Professor Greville Corbett, who heads the           structures on a map of the world to establish
University of Surrey’s world class activities are   Surrey Morphology Group, has recently been              which geographical or genetic patterns can
limited to the fields of science and technology.    awarded a prestigious ESRC Fellowship for               be associated with a particular language
In the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise            research into the notion of possible words.             feature. The complete Atlas is due for
(RAE), the Department of Sociology obtained         There are 6,000 languages in the world and              publication in early 2004 and will have five
the highest possible accolade – a 5*A rating.       many of these will be lost before research into         chapters from the Surrey Morphology Group.
The quality of much of the research in the          them can be completed. There are many                       Members of the Group have an
School of Arts is of a similarly high level.        languages whose chances of survival are                 impressive range of language expertise and of
                                                    poor and, if the development and decline of             research techniques. A great strength of the
Understanding Language                              these is to be fully understood, this research          Group is in its multidisciplinary approach to
                                                    is necessary and urgent.                                research, working with colleagues in
Language is a key element which helps to                Professor Corbett has worked for many               psychology, statistics and computing, and
bind societies together. The study of which         years studying the different types of                   using a variety of computational methods. In
languages are spoken by which societal              languages that exist. There are profound                particular, the Group uses DATR, a language
groups, in what parts of the world and how          differences in the way in which languages               that allows the representation of the lexicon of
they relate to each other is crucial to             work and his research on gender systems, on             a language and the ability to check that the
preserving rare languages and to better             which he has become an expert, has                      forms predicted by a particular theory are the
understanding language development. The             provoked much interest. He has contrasted               correct ones. This is, in effect, a way of using
Surrey Morphology Group, based within the           the familiar languages like French, which has           computational techniques to ensure the validity
Department of Linguistic, Cultural and              two genders, and German and Russian,                    of the theory being developed in the Group,
International Studies, was formed twelve            which have three, with languages from                   namely Network Morphology. Members are
years ago as a result of collaborative work         Daghestan (typically four) and from West                testing morphological phenomena in a range
between Professor Greville Corbett, a               Africa that can have up to twenty. As a result,         of genetically diverse languages and this work
typologist, and Norman Fraser, a computa-           he and other members of the Surrey                      involves the construction of databases for a
tional Linguist. The Group has been consis-         Morphology Group have been asked to                     genetically diverse sample of languages. These
tently highly rated for its research; in the 1996   contribute typological data to the World Atlas          databases are now available on the World
RAE it was ‘flagged’ and in the 2001 RAE it         of Linguistic Structures, being co-ordinated            Wide Web and have led to the Surrey
was included in the Russian submission              by the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig. This            Morphology Group becoming part of a
which gained a 5 rating.                            novel research plots different linguistic               European network, based in Utrecht.


                                                                                        Professor Martin Bulmer.

                                                       Answering Societal Questions                          electronic resource such as the Question
                                                                                                             Bank involves a combination of technical
                                                       One of the most important investigative tools         expertise in web design, the finer points of
                                                       of the sociologist and social researcher is the       social research methodology together with
                                                       social survey. Sociologists at UniS have              entrepreneurial outreach to the Question
                                                       developed a ‘one stop shop’ to enable                 Bank’s user community. Professor Bulmer
                                                       surveys which provide national benchmark              also runs the Survey Link Scheme, which
                                                       data on topics such as unemployment, price            provides short placements in major surveys
                                                       levels and changing social attitudes to be            for the UK social science community.
                                                       conducted. The National Labour Force                        The Question Bank is part of the Centre
                                                       Survey, General Household Survey,                     for Applied Social Surveys (CASS) which is a
                                                       Expenditure and Food Survey, British Social           joint enterprise between the University of
                                                       Attitudes Survey and British Household Panel          Surrey, the University of Southampton and
                                                       Study are all examples of social surveys.             the National Centre for Social Research in
                                                           Professor Martin Bulmer is the Director of        London, the leading independent survey
                                                       the Social Survey Question Bank, an                   agency. Its task is to raise the level of
                                                       electronic resource based at the University of        expertise in survey research among British
The social survey is a key tool for sociologists
seeking a better understanding of how the population   Surrey funded by the Economic and Social              academics and postgraduate students.
lives and thinks.
                                                       Research Council. Professor Bulmer is aided                 Martin is a sociologist of huge
                                                       by colleagues Harshad Keval and Julie Lamb.           experience, whose research for many years
                                                       It is a virtual presence on the World Wide            has concentrated upon the history of the
                                                       Web where social scientists, social                   social sciences, and on the study of race and
                                                       researchers and interested members of the             ethnic relations. He is the editor of the world’s
                                                       public can discover how particular topics are         leading social science journal on the subject,
                                                       investigated and study the actual question-           “Ethnic and Racial Studies’. During his time at
                                                       naires used by the survey agencies. The site          UniS, Martin’s work has been strongly
                                                       currently holds some 26,000 pages of                  focused on the area of social research. He is
                                                       information. Part of the Question Bank’s task         the Co-Director of the Department’s Institute
                                                       is to promote the greater use of social               of Social Research and has strong
                                                       surveys and social survey data by social              connections with independent research
                                                       scientists.                                           institutes.
                                                           Professor Bulmer was attracted to Surrey
                                                       by the Sociology Department’s strength in
                                                       social research methodology. The
                                                       Department has a particularly strong profes-
                                                       sional orientation to this area, running two
                                                       flagship Masters’ degrees in the subject and
                                                       a 5* RAE rating to back it up. Maintaining an

                                                                                                                                        A VISION FOR 2020

                                                                                                      Adding value to digital products and services will be
                                                                                                      crucial to the success of on-line music buying.

The Social Impact of New                          companies. The mission visited the United           consumer if he acquired the rights with their
Technology                                        States to gain an insight into how the advent       service. All available repertoire must be
                                                  of some of the latest digital developments has      available to all digital music services. If this is
A combination of Surrey’s expertise in            impacted upon the US music industry, with           not the case, piracy will seem a more
sociological research and technology led to       the view that what is already taking place          compelling option. Digital offerings should
the establishment of INCITE – The Incubator       across the Atlantic is likely to appear in the      also be more compatible between file formats
for Critical Inquiry into Technology and          UK in the near future. The development of           and portable players. The mission also
Ethnography. The Research Centre based in         digital music products and services depend          concluded that there is a lot to learn from the
the Department of Sociology is developing         on reducing pirate distribution and delivering      success of ring-tones. Despite being of often
interdisciplinary methods of investigating the    viable alternatives to free file sharing. Future    dubious quality, they serve a social function
social impact of new technology. INCITE           music buying options could include a                and make a public statement similar to the
collaborates closely with people working in       subscription where consumers pay a monthly          branding of clothes. Some artists have
a range of commercial roles, including            fee to download music or pay per download.          already used this form of music distribution –
designers and engineers, together with            Another option is that advertising revenue          the Dutch group Vengaboys released a single
marketing and business people. The impact         could support the free music downloads.             as a ring-tone before the track was available
of this collaboration is to broaden the purview       The report of the mission ‘Monetising           elsewhere.
of the research by adding a commercial            Anarchy’ was published in March 2002.
perspective – the results of the research         In their report, the DMM stressed that adding
materialise as well-designed products and         value to the digital products and services will
product concepts.                                 be crucial to the success of online music
    By then studying the methods and              buying.
outcomes of this collaboration, INCITE                “In the context of new technological
expands the basis for effective academic-         developments, companies right along the
industry partnerships. During the year,           music value chain are realising that they need
amongst the wide range of research projects       to know more about everyday consumers,”
being carried out by the INCITE team, led by      Nina Wakeford said. Managing digital rights
Director Dr Nina Wakeford, were several           should be straightforward and consistently
specific collaborative areas of work.             applied. So far it has been confusing to
    One such project was the Digital Music        consumers, making pirate file share easier.
Mission funded by the Department of Trade         A ‘promise’ to manage change on behalf of
and Industry International Technology Service.    the consumer might stimulate development of
The mission comprised a group of leading UK       the digital music market. If the consumer has
companies with vast experience of producing       rights to play a digital version of his favourite
and distributing music, and their fact finding    track, he should be assured that the format
visit to the West Coast of the USA brought        he bought would not be useless within a few
them into contact with a huge range of            months. This will mean that the service
individuals from academic institutions and        provider should make the latest available
large music publishers to small start up          versions of the track available to the


                                                                                                      Left: An SSTL engineer conducts pre-launch tests on
                                                                                                      AISAT-1 at the Surrey Space Centre; centre: Disaster
                                                                                                      Monitoring constellation from space providing fast

Focusing on:                                                                                          delivery of visually intelligible images to the disaster
                                                                                                      relief community world-wide; right: Jeff Ward,
                                                                                                      Managing Director of SSTL.

The first network of satellites dedicated to       quality Earth imaging at 1/50th the conven-        and relief community via The Reuters
monitoring and mitigating man-made and             tional cost.                                       Foundation Alertnet.
natural disasters is underway at the Surrey            Jeff Ward, Managing Director of SSTL,               “The disaster monitoring constellation is a
Space Centre, with the first of five satellites    said of the project: “Surrey technologically       beautiful example of how Surrey’s
already in-orbit above the Earth.                  and politically enabled the Disaster Monitoring    microsatellites are bringing the advantages of
     Every year, natural and man-made              Constellation. This international collaboration    space to a wider global community”, Jeff
disasters result in devastation around the         will show that satellite technology can deliver    Ward explained. “We start by designing a
world, causing loss of life, widespread human      global humanitarian and ecological benefits at     microsatellite that is affordable to the world’s
suffering and huge economic losses. The            a modest price. And you seldom see                 smaller countries and organisations. Then we
Disaster Monitoring Constellation (DMC) is an      “modest price” and “satellite” in the same         show those countries that by forming a
international proposal, led by SSTL, to            sentence”.                                         consortium and sharing their microsatellites as
construct a network of between five and                The imaging system on each spacecraft          a “constellation,” they can achieve a result that
seven microsatellites for rapid-response           will be capable of monitoring any rapidly          even the major space-faring nations have
disaster monitoring and mitigation.                changing phenomena on the Earth’s surface          never achieved: satellite images of any
     Although satellites currently observing the   every 24 hours. In fact, with just one satellite   location on Earth, every day. This is a true
Earth may provide images of disaster areas,        in-orbit, it is possible to re-image a scene       synergy. The whole is greater than the sum of
they are not best suited for the task of           every four days. This is due to the                the parts, and it is enabled by adapting
monitoring such events. The images from these      exceptionally wide imaging capability of the       leading-edge consumer technologies (such as
satellites can be infrequent, and sometimes        SSTL-built cameras – each image will view an       digital imaging) to the rigours of space flight.”
delivery of critical images can take months due    area of the Earth’s surface 600km wide.                  The first satellite for the constellation,
to periodic cloud cover and conflicting tasks          Currently, seven nations are working in        AlSAT-1, was launched for Algerian
that are being undertaken by the satellite.        partnership: Algeria, China, Nigeria, Thailand,    customer, Centre National des Techniques
At best, an image of a particular spot on the      Turkey, the UK and Vietnam. Each satellite         Spatiales, on 28 November 2002 and is fully
Earth’s surface may only be re-imaged every        will be owned independently and operated           operational. A further three satellites are
17 days. These images are also expensive to        on a day-to-day basis for each customer’s          currently under construction at the Surrey
generate as their instruments are designed to      Earth observation and space science                Space Centre for Nigeria, Turkey and the UK,
meet many different user requirements.             requirements. When disaster strikes, the           all due for launch mid-2003. A third and final
     SSTL has developed a highly sophis-           consortium of owners will work together to         launch will see the entire constellation
ticated 90kg microsatellite to provide high        provide fast delivery of images to the disaster    operation in-orbit by early 2004.

                                  A VISION FOR 2020

Sir Martin Sweeting (right), founder of the Surrey
Space Centre, was knighted in 2002 for services
to microsatellite engineering.


Focusing on

International Issues
Providing a Lead for Others                          Developing Effective International               Scientific and Technological
                                                     Partnership Approaches                           Co-operation
A world class University thrives on its links
and interaction with institutions across the         There is much to be said for developing          The development and promotion of scientific
globe. As well as developing and maintaining         partnership approaches when working on the       and technological co-operation between
collaborative links in research and teaching,        international stage. Established in January of   institutions and researchers from the UK and
UniS has acted as a role model for others to         this year, the International Special Interest    the rest of the world is a key theme at the
follow. In a publication to mark Singapore’s         Group, comprising UniS, the South East           University. There is no doubt that international
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) ‘21           England Development Agency (SEEDA) and           collaborations will result in higher impact
Years of Success’, UniS is cited as a major          Surrey County Council (SCC) meets every          research than that from individuals working
influence on the development and success of          three months or so to discuss areas of mutual    alone, particularly in areas of global interest.
the institution. The story started with a visit to   benefit in the development of international      Researchers need to be aware of the
UniS by an NTU team of lecturers and its             strategy. Professor Ken Taylor at UniS has       international scenery to develop technologies
President Dr Cham Tao Soon in 1995.                  already opened doors for SEEDA in Finland        that can be used to overcome the problems
Associate Professor, Steve Seumahu, the first        due to the excellent partnerships UniS enjoys    of developing countries. In these countries
satellite project principal investigator recalls     with the Baltic States, and the SEEDA            there is an enormous human resource
that: “He was very impressed with Surrey’s           Incubation Manager is now on secondment          potential that is underused because of lack of
capacity for building satellites. He asked:          to the Science Park in Kuopio. It is all about   opportunities. Research programmes need to
‘Can we do it?’ Nobody said anything, so I           sharing networks and moving up the learning      incorporate social aspects by integrating such
said: ‘Yes, we can!”’ Expertise and training         curve more quickly, something that UniS has      human resources in these activities, which
were given at the Surrey Space Centre and            taken advantage of by making contact with        can easily be done without excluding
as the book recounts: ‘At the time, NTU had          SEEDA’s representatives in Washington and        academic excellence.
no facilities, no infrastructure, and, worst of      Japan.                                               Professor Angela Danil de Namor, a
all, no funding for any project of this scale.’                                                       Professor of Thermochemistry, is a key
Yet, within two years the NTU team launched                                                           advocate of such themes. She is involved
its first satellite.                                                                                  with five EU Framework V projects that have
                                                                                                      been awarded contracts. In the contract
                                                                                                      which addresses the problems of monitoring
                                                                                                      and treating mercury contamination in South

                                                                                                                                     A VISION FOR 2020

                                                    UniS Professors Ferns and Goldfarb meet with a
                                                    Finnish delegation.

America, Professor Danil de Namor is                agents for the removal of mercury from water
working with partners in Spain, Peru,               and a new group of water-soluble receptors
Argentina, Brazil and Sweden. She has               for the treatment of mercury poisoning. A
managed to obtain an allocation of funding to       further spin off from the work might be a new
train young people from shanty villages in          instrumental development for screening
Argentina in water sampling. “It is essential to    plants which is expected to be faster than
integrate these people into society and to          present methodology.
encourage them to earn their living by                  In another continent, Professor Danil de
contributing to local needs. We have a lot to       Namor is working with researchers from
offer and a lot to learn from them” she says.       Russia, Latvia, Germany and Armenia to
    Mercury has been recognised as a highly         address the problems associated with
dangerous element by the Environmental              pesticide pollution in the former countries of
Protection Agency (EPA) due to its accumu-          the Soviet Union. It is hoped that method-
lative and persistent character in some             ologies for the decontamination of polluted
environments. In the Latin American Region          soil, water and food, and in particular milk, will
several countries are affected by the high          be the outcome of this project.                      Professor Danil de Namor.

content of mercury in the environment and
consequently in water. Water treatments are
currently scarce in Latin America and the
current analytical techniques for monitoring
mercury require costly equipment which is
expensive to run. Therapeutic treatments for
curing mercury intoxication are based on
chelating agents (chemicals which combine
                                                                                                         “    A world class University
                                                                                                              thrives on its links and
with unwanted heavy ions) which are in
                                                                                                              interaction with
critical need of improvement.
    The general objectives of this project are                                                                institutions across the
to develop ‘on site’ methodology for
monitoring mercury, both inorganic and
organic, in water, viable technologies for
mercury removal from water and chelators
with therapeutic properties.
    It is hoped that the project will bring forth
a series of novel mercury (II) and methyl
mercury ion-selective electrodes and ‘on site’
equipment for monitoring these speciations in
water. It is hoped to develop low cost,
selective and recyclable decontaminating


                                                                                                     Averil Macdonald demonstrates the ‘Fantastic Plastic’
                                                                                                     lecture which is very popular with Years 8-10.

Focusing on:

The Community
Working with Local Schools                        Teachers can use the free CD to load the           to teachers from the website. The guide
                                                  material onto their school computers, or           covers all aspects of model rockets such as
Amongst the more active areas in the              access it through the web site. The project        classroom resource sheets on aerodynamics,
University working with local schools is the      features direct access to datasets and             water and air rockets, and powered models.
Department of Physics. Co-ordinated by            images from Surrey satellites, a live satellite        Across the department a lot of effort is
Dr Paul Sellin, but involving many members of     tracking map to monitor space craft                put into both visiting schools and in
staff the activities include schools talks and    locations, detailed teaching resources             encouraging them to come to the University
visits, Institute of Physics’ talks in the        covering orbital motion and telecommuni-           for sixth form Open Days. Members of the
Department, sixth form open days and taster       cations, and more advanced extension               department have visited a range of local
days, and probably most uniquely for this         activities for school use.                         schools this year, including Sutton High
department, school resources for teachers             StarBase is a CD and website supporting        School, Farnborough College, Charterhouse,
and students. The Department has                  astrophysics teaching in sixth forms. During       Bishop Reindorp and many more. There is
developed a range of informative posters          2002 the content of StarBase was extended to       also a busy programme of Institute of Physics
covering aspects of its courses and resources     also cover topics of Particle Physics. Fantastic   evening talks on campus throughout the year.
for teachers, that can be found at:               Plastic is a demonstration lecture funded by an                      EPSRC Public Understanding of Science              Sport
     Messages from Space (          Award. It looks at the properties of different is a website and CD which       types of polymers and plastics, including slime,   UniSPORT is the name that encompasses all
provides schools with information and data        potty-putty and artificial legs! The content is    the University’s sport, exercise and
about Surrey satellites. The project was          aimed mainly at pre-16s, and has been used         community dance activities, and it offers
funded by a £50k grant from PPARC under           for example in the department as part of a         everyone, whether a student, staff member or
their National Award for Public Understanding     Physics Taster Day for local schools.              a member of the local community, a chance
of Science. The project was led by Paul Sellin,       Liftoff! is a model rocket programme for       to change their lifestyle.
in collaboration with Craig Underwood from        Y8-Y10 pupils. During 2000, this was run as            UniSPORT is active in widening partici-
the Surrey Space Centre. Messages from            a rocket building competition with local           pation through schools, with groups of local
Space supports the space and satellite            schools, culminating in a launch day on            schoolchildren visiting the University and
related components of AS and A2 physics           campus. Since then the material has been           enjoying the many coaching opportunities
syllabuses, particularly the new Salters          packaged as a Teachers Guide to using              available. There are regular squash roadshows
Horners and Advancing Physics courses.            model rockets in schools, and this is available    for local schools, which have catered for over

                                                                                                                                                 A VISION FOR 2020

     The Knights are the local American Football team
     consisting of consisting of UniS students, Federal
         and Associated Colleges students as well as
                     members of the local community.

1000 children so far, mini tournaments and a              programme, student recruitment, sports
squash coaching programme. An ongoing                     development, student teams and alumni, with
schools dance project and six-week sports                 national success and recognition. The Knights
courses for children with special needs involve           are the local team consisting of UniS students,
many UniS students as well as specialised                 Federal and Associated Colleges students as
coaches and volunteers.                                   well as members of the local community. The
    This year saw the appointment of a                    team have recently secured a fantastic
UniSPORT Sports Development Officer to                    additional local sponsorship deal and now
develop further initiatives between the                   have Premier Prospects, Personal Assurance
Students’ Union, the local community and                  and the Royal Mail Sports Foundation as their
UniSPORT. Over 20,000 local people already                sponsors. They play and train at the
visit the Varsity Centre each year where there            UniSPORT Varsity Centre, which boasts an all
is a sports bar and restaurant, squash courts,            weather pitch. American Football is a great
tennis and netball courts, a floodlit artificial turf     sport that enjoys big popularity in Surrey and
pitch, an archery field and seminar facilities.           is an excellent example of how the University
It is also the home for National League                   works well with its local community.
Squash matches. The world’s top professional
National League Squash players regularly play             The Arts
at the University, attracting local interest,                                                                  Current World Record Holder and World Synchronised
                                                                                                               Trampoline champion Kirsten Lawton.
sponsorship and spectators, acting as a                   The University’s arts events continue to
recognisable link with the school roadshows               attract a varied and loyal audience from the
and local coaching programmes.                            local community. Ranging from lectures and
    UniS hosted this year’s BUSA Trampoline               exhibitions to a historic sculpture unveiling,
Championship. Current World Record Holder                 the programme of events in the past year
and World Synchronised Trampoline                         offered something for every artistic taste.
champion Kirsten Lawton is a UniS student.                    The Inaugural University Arts Lecture was
Ross Brewer is another of UniS’ sporting                  given by Chris Orr in conjunction with an
                                                                                                               Professor Chris Orr of the Royal College of Art with
stars, and this year in Manchester he won his             exhibition of his work. Chris calls his work SEMI-   Arts Administrator Pat Grayburn.
second Commonwealth Games Gymnastics                      ANTICS, a word he invented himself to mean:
Gold Medal at the age of 22. UniS was                     “semi” half of, part of (as in semi-detached) and
pleased to be chosen as the accommodation                 “antics”, high jinks, fantastic action or trick.
Centre for the Commonwealth Games teams                   SEMI-ANTICS is the art of getting things half
participating in the shooting events that were            right. Double meanings, bizarre conjunctions,
held at Bisley, with the Vice-Chancellor                  transpositions, caricature, misspellings, jokes
presenting some of the medals.                            and accidental misunderstandings are meat and
    American Football is a sport that allows a            drink to Chris. He writes: “Humour has always
quite unique partnership between University               been a mechanism to defeat grinding
and community, representing the youth                     rationalism, and SEMI-ANTICS can use


                    The Vice-Chancellor’s 2001
                    Prize to students at Wimbledon
                    School of Art was won by
                    Kathryn Lang. Her paintings
                    ‘Motion Pictures’ hang in the
                    new Management Building.

                                                                                                                                   A VISION FOR 2020

                                                 Anna Pavord (left), who gave the Annual Literary Lecture.

humour and deadly seriousness in any             The Surrey Scholar
measures to make a cocktail”. The lecture and
the exhibition were both much admired with a     Since 29 May 2002 there has been a
sense of the unusual and the off-beat.           notable addition to the High Street in
    The Annual Literary Lecture, Gardens of      Guildford in the shape of ‘The Surrey
the Mind, was given on 18 October 2001 by        Scholar’, a bronze sculpture presented to
Anna Pavord, author of The Tulip. ‘Gardens of    the town by the University. It is a tangible
the Mind’ are so much easier to bring into       reminder to the people of Guildford of the
bloom than the real things, which have a         excellence of local education and the ever-
wretched tendency to be heaving with slugs       increasing collaborations between town and
and attacked by unnerving, unnamed varieties     gown. The sculpture has been designed to
of fungal growth. In her lecture, Anna Pavord    incorporate references to the Guildford Book
explored some literary gardens, and took her     Festival and the International Music Festival,
audience for a tour with Wodehouse round         two notable ‘town and gown’ events. Allan
Blandings Castle, with Jane Austen to Donwell    Sly, a sculptor with an impressive record of
Abbey and with George Eliot through a kitchen    public commissions and site specific
garden where “ were in a delicious         sculptures was commissioned to produce
fluctuation between the scent of jasmine and     the piece. He studied at the Royal Academy
the juice of gooseberries.”                      of Arts and is a Fellow of the Royal Society
    The Morag Morris Poetry Lecture was          of British sculptors and a senior lecturer in
given by Michael Donaghy. Ably assisted by       Technical Arts Interpretation at Wimbledon
students from the Guildford School of Acting,    School of Art.
who read the poetry, Michael gave an overview         HRH the Duke of Kent KG unveiled the
of the work of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas,      sculpture during the University’s 35th
citing its relevance to its time. Dylan Thomas   anniversary celebrations. Located in a busy
died suddenly whilst on a lecture tour of        part of the High Street where people gather
America almost fifty years ago. Though only      to meet friends and listen to the various
seven years younger than Auden and               street musicians who often play there, the
MacNeice, Thomas seemed to herald a new          sculpture has been specifically made for this
age in pre-war London – cherubic, exuberant,     site, exploiting the dramatic slope of the hill
disruptive, and adopted by the Sitwells. He      without obscuring the view up or down the                   The Surrey Scholar.

published New Poems in 1943, the year of         street. The dancing figure has been
Eliot’s Four Quartets. He displayed in Deaths    designed to amplify the sense of movement
and Entrances (1946) those mesmeric              as the figure skips down the hill, with precar-
rhythms, stunning images, his craftsmanship      iously balanced books and mortar board
and sheer originality. With Collected Poems,     adding a strong geometric contrast to the
1952, Dylan Thomas reached the pinnacle of       flowing lines of the academic gown.
his popularity and his fame.



                                                    2                                     3

The Year in Brief...
 1   Did the Earth Move for You?                                          3   The Minister drops in

Tigger helped the Vice-Chancellor and UniS staff and students to         Sports Minister Richard Caborn MP dropped in to the University’s
launch Science Year by taking part in the Giant Jump in September        Varsity Centre in November to received the Regional Statement for
2001. The seismometers made by the University’s Physics Department       Sports Development in the South East, delivered by parachutists from
registered the effect of the jump on campus.                             the Royal Navy Raiders. The Statement, prepared by the South East
                                                                         Regional Sports Board, seeks to ensure that people in the South have
 2   UniS Materials Lecture – Sir John Meurig Thomas                     the best possible opportunity to participate in sport to achieve their
                                                                         sporting objectives.
Sir John Meurig Thomas FRS FREng Hon, Master of Peterhouse
College Cambridge gave the 2001 UniS Materials Lecture in
December. Sir John’s lecture on ‘The Electron and the Characterisation
of Advanced Materials’ was hosted by Professor Peter Butterworth,
Senior Pro Vice-Chancellor.

                                                                                                                                    A VISION FOR 2020

                                                      4                                      5

                                                     6                                        7

The Year in Brief...
 4   New addition to UniS tree collection – black poplar                     6   Visits by Patricia Hewitt...

The University made its contribution to preserving a rare species of tree   The Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP gave a keynote speech at the
during National Tree Week, when the Vice-Chancellor planted a female        University to mark the 10th anniversary of the Daphne Jackson Trust in
black poplar close to a male of the species near Terry’s Pond, in the       January 2001. She took the opportunity to announce the creation of a
hope that young saplings may result in the future.                          Franklin Medal with a £30,000 annual prize to raise the profile of
                                                                            women scientists.
 5   Ravi’s national award
                                                                             7   ... and Polish Ambassador
The University’s youngest professor, Ravi Silva, was honoured with a
prestigious national prize for his work on the physics of growing           His Excellency Dr Stanislaw Komorowski, Ambassador of the Republic
nanotubes. The Institute of Physics awarded Ravi the Charles Vernon         of Poland, visited UniS to deliver a keynote lecture, ‘Poland’s
Boys Medal and Prize, named after the first President of the Physical       Contribution to the Future of Europe’. The Ambassador is shown here
Society.                                                                    (left) greeting Rafal Soborski, Polish Scholar (right) within the School of
                                                                            Arts. The Polish Embassy contributes towards the Polish Scholar.


                                                         8                                   9


The Year in Brief...
 8   Vice-Chancellor gives Patron’s Lecture                                 10   UniSVoyager Lecture

The Vice-Chancellor gave the 2002 Patron’s Lecture to the Guildford         UniS Voyager arrived in Barbados in December 2001, finishing 12th
Institute at the Guildhall in Guildford in March. Giving this prestigious   out of the 36 boats in the Ward Evans Atlantic Rowing Race. István
lecture for the second time in six years, Professor Dowling addressed       and Simon returned to UniS in March to give a row-by-row account of
his audience on the subject ‘The University of Surrey: a world class        their trip of a lifetime. They are pictured with their UniS coach Professor
university on your doorstep’.                                               Norman Kirkby and Dean of Colours Professor Jim Lynch.

 9   UniS Graduate honoured – Karen Earp

University of Surrey graduate Karen Earp was honoured with the award
of Hotelier of the Year 2001 by the Caterer and Hotelkeeper
Management magazine. Karen is General Manager of the Four
Seasons Hotel Canary Wharf and has spent 14 of her 17 years in the
hotel business with the Four Seasons Group.

                                                                                                                                A VISION FOR 2020

                                                      11                                12

                                                     13                                 14

The Year in Brief...
11   2002 Commonwealth Games                                            13   High Art

The Commonwealth Games came to campus in the summer, when               The innovative event, ‘High Art’, took place on the University’s Sport’s
competitors in the shooting events, staged at Bisley, stayed in a       Centre climbing wall involving climbers, lecturers and students from the
specially prepared village. The picture shows the Vice-Chancellor       Dance Department presenting a display of ‘vertical dance,’ ‘A collision
presenting the gold medal to the winner of the Women’s Trap Shooting    of dance and rock climbing in an exhibition of style, artistry and balance.’
Final, Cynthia Meyer from Canada.
                                                                        14   A Festival of Chemistry
12   MBE for Betty Johnson
                                                                        Students from 15 local schools enjoyed a fun-filled day of magical
Dr Betty Johnson, visiting Reader in the ATI and Co-ordinator of the    (chemical) tricks in April during the Salters’ Festival of Chemistry. The
Daphne Jackson Trust, was awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday        groups of eleven to fourteen year olds learned that any magical tricks
Honours List in June for services to people returning to careers in     Harry Potter can do, chemists can do better! Grand Wizard Dr Roger
Science, Engineering and Technology (SET). Betty was one of the first   Bolton (left) of the Chemistry Department measures an entry for the
Daphne Jackson Fellows from 1986-1988.                                  nylon making competition.



  16                                        17

The Year in Brief...
15   Welcome to new Sabbs                                                      17   35th Anniversary Celebrations

The new Sabbatical Team, headed by President Paul Wright, took over            As part of the University’s 35th Anniversary celebrations, HRH The
the reigns in the summer. Pictured at the handover receptions the              Duke of Kent KG, Chancellor, conferred Honorary Degrees upon Mr
teams old and new, left to right are: Charlotte Dawson, Denise                 Arthur Chandler, University Archivist for 13 years and now Shepard
Goodwin, Paul Wright, Toni Borneo, Adam Jakeway, Lisa Widdows,                 Archivist, and Mr David Watts, who led Guildford Borough Council as
James Buller, John Geeson, Richard Watts and Tristan O’Dwyer.                  Chief Executive for 18 years and helped build excellent links between
                                                                               ‘town and gown’.
16   Widening Participation

Forty young people aged 14-19 participated in the University’s activity
day in July, when they were given the chance to find out more about
university life and to experience some of the thrills and spills. Activities
included climbing up the climbing wall and abseiling down and
(pictured here) reading the news ‘live’ on student radio station GU2.

                                                                                                                                            A VISION FOR 2020

Preliminary Financial Statements

The University has achieved an
excellent financial outturn for the    Income and expenditure accounts                             Balance Sheet
                                       for the year ended 31 July 2002                             as at 31 July 2002
financial year to 31 July 2002,
with a surplus of £3.2 million.
There are a number of reasons for                                               Consolidated                                                  Consolidated
                                                                           2001/2002 2000/2001                                                2002     2001
this good result.
                                                                                £000      £000                                                £000     £000
     Foremost, our academic
schools have nearly managed to         Income                                                      Fixed assets
                                       Funding Council grants                 31,159     29,478    Tangible assets                           92,990     82,073
meet their overall budget targets
                                       Academic fees and support grants       34,649     31,218    Investments                               25,087     26,144
without the need for the use of the    Research grants and contracts          22,511     19,845
                                                                                                                                            118,077    108,217
University’s central contingencies.    Other operating income                 33,871     27,171
                                       Endowment and trust income
This gives us further confidence                                                                   Endowment asset investments               61,487     58,908
                                       and interest receivable                 9,263      8,812
that the devolved but centrally
                                       Total income                          131,453    116,524    Current assets
monitored planning and budgeting                                                                   Stocks and stores in hand                  1,318      1,099
process is now more soundly            Expenditure                                                 Debtors                                   21,116     15,432
                                       Staff costs                            69,028     65,142    Investments                                4,423      2,980
based. Because we have met our
                                       Other operating expenses               48,409     40,667    Cash at bank and in hand                   4,416      5,255
overall student recruitment targets    Depreciation                            6,442      5,790
                                                                                                                                             31,273     24,766
for 2002/2003, there is a good         Interest payable                        4,120      4,070
chance that this improvement can       Total expenditure                     127,999    115,669    Creditors
be repeated in the current                                                                         Amounts falling due within one year      (40,326)   (29,463)
                                       Surplus on continuing operations
financial year.                                                                                    Net current liabilities                   (9,053)    (4,697)
                                       after depreciation of assets and
     Secondly, the introduction of     before tax and minority interests       3,454       855
                                                                                                   Total assets less current liabilities    170,511    162,428
the Oracle Financials accounting
                                       Taxation                                 (213)        (6)
system and subsequent financial                                                                    Creditors
coding changes have enabled us                                                                     Amounts falling due after
                                       Surplus on continuing operations
                                                                                                   more than one year                       (46,363)   (48,783)
to be more precise with our VAT        after depreciation of assets and
                                                                                                   Provisions for liabilities and charges    (1,194)     (1,128)
                                       tax and before minority interests       3,241       849
recoveries, although part of this
                                                                                                   Total net assets                         122,954    112,517
improvement in 2001/2002 will          Minority interests                          4         7
not be able to be repeated in                                                                      Deferred capital grants                   16,061     10,652
                                       Surplus for the year                    3,245       856
later years.
     Finally the University has been                                                               Specific                                   1,891      1,376
able to improve its cash-flow                                                                      General                                   59,596     57,532

position, which has resulted in                                                                                                              61,487     58,908
more interest earnings and lower
interest payments. Again, part of
                                                                                                   Restricted reserves                        1,166      1,183
this improvement will not be                                                                       Revaluation reserve                          946      1,765
repeatable in later years.                                                                         Income and expenditure account            43,284     39,995

     The University’s Executive                                                                                                              45,396     42,943
Board has been giving careful
                                                                                                   Total funds before minority interests    122,944    112,503
consideration to how it can reward                                                                 Minority interests                            10         14
and incentivise those Schools
                                                                                                   Total funds                              122,954    112,517
which achieved outturns better
than target.


Numbers of Staff and Students

Total Student Numbers 2001/2002                                           Academic Awards 2001/2002 Awarded to students registered at UniS

 Undergraduates                                                5,695        First Degrees                                              1,116

 Undergraduates (part-time)*                                   2,232        Undergraduate Diplomas and Certificates                       448

 Postgraduates taught                                          2,960        Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates                        249

 Postgraduate research                                           936        Masters Degrees                                            1,205

 TOTAL                                                       11,823         Doctorates                                                    218

                                                                            TOTAL                                                      3,236

20,868 students undertook Continuing Professional Development
provided by UniS or pursued other courses not leading to an award at      Students registered at the University of Surrey Roehampton gained
the University.                                                           2,326 awards. 1392 First Degrees, 11 Undergraduate Diplomas and
     At our Associated institutions (not including University of Surrey   Certificates, 674 Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates, 234 Masters
Roehampton), 4,495 students were registered for awards of UniS in         Degrees and 15 Doctorates.
2001/2002.                                                                    In addition, students registered at our Associated Institutions
                                                                          gained 1277 awards. 926 First Degrees, 147 Undergraduate Diplomas
* The majority of part-time undergraduate students are pursuing           and Certificates, 135 Postgraduate Diplomas and Certificates, 65
  programmes in Combined Studies.                                         Masters Degrees and 4 Doctorates.

Total Staff Numbers 2000/2001
                                                                          Full-time                Part-time                      Total

 Academic                                                                       428                         71                      499

 Academic related                                                               304                         82                      386

 Computing                                                                        24                         5                       29

 Manual                                                                         141                       263                       404

 Research                                                                       289                         60                      349

 Clerical                                                                       324                       258                       582

 Technician                                                                       93                        11                      104

 Tutors                                                                           66                        87                      153

 TOTALS                                                                       1,669                       837                     2,506

                                                                                                                                                 A VISION FOR 2020

The Federal University of Surrey
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH
University of Surrey Roehampton, Senate House, Roehampton Lane, London, SW15 5PU

UniS Associated Institutions                            HMS Sultan, Gosport, Nuclear Department               Southern Theological Education and
                                                        • MSc and PG Diplomas validated by the                Training Scheme (STETS)
Farnborough College of Technology                         University                                          • Certificate, Diploma and BA in Christian Ministry
• Vocationally orientated institution offering a wide   • Associated institution since 1985                     and Mission validated by the University
 range of FE and HE programmes                                                                                • Associated institution since 1999
• Accredited institution since 2002                     North East Surrey College of Technology
• Foundation, BA, BSc and MSc degrees                   (NESCOT)                                              St John’s Seminary
  validated by the University                           • Specialises in vocational education with a full     • Courses of preparation for the Roman Catholic
                                                          range of FE and HE programmes                         priesthood, including Bachelor of Theology
Guildford College of Further and Higher                 • Associated institution since 1979                     validated by the University
Education                                               • BSc and MSc degrees validated by the                • Associated institution since 1998
• Wide range of vocational, professional and              University
  academic qualifications                                                                                     St Mary’s College – A College of the
• Associated institution since September 2000           The Pre-Retirement Association (PRA)                  University of Surrey
• BA Business Studies and Cert Ed/PGCE                  • Specialises in mid-career and pre-retirement        • Catholic college of HE established 1850
  validated by the University                             education                                           • College of the University since 1992,
                                                        • Associated institution of UniS since 1996             accredited 1996
Guildford School of Acting                              • Offers PG Certificate and MSc validated by the      • BA, BA ITT, BSc, PGCE, MA and MSc degrees
• Founded as a School of Dance in 1936 and                University                                            accredited by the University
  reconstituted as the Guildford School of Acting
  in 1964                                               SHL (UK) Ltd                                          Wimbledon School of Art
• Associated institution since 1993                     • International firm specialising in HR, management   • Specialist school of art and design
• BA degrees in Theatre and Stage Management              consultancy, assessment and training with PG        • Accredited institution since 1994
  and Technical Theatre validated by the                  Diploma validated by the University                 • BA and MA degrees accredited by the
  University                                            • Associated institution since 1995                     University

USR Associated Institutions                             SCITT (Agency for Jewish Education)
                                                                                                                The 37th Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Report gives a
                                                        • Associated with Roehampton since 2000                 brief overview of major developments at the
Centre for British Teachers                             • Offers PGCE Primary, validated by                     University of Surrey from 1st September 2001 to
                                                                                                                31st August 2002 for presentation to the Court of
• PGCE Secondary by Distance Learning                     Roehampton                                            the University. The University Charter was presented
  validated since 1996                                                                                          in 1966.
                                                        Westminster Pastoral Foundation
                                                                                                                Published by: Marketing and Public Affairs, UniS.
School Centred Initial Teacher Training                 • Associated with Roehampton since 1994
• Consortium based in London, West Midlands             • Offers MA in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy,            Cover Image: John Kemp
                                                                                                                Photography: Steve Heritage, Robert Irving,
  and the South West                                      Postgraduate Diploma/MA in Supervision of
                                                                                                                John Kemp, Derek Powell, Linda Westmore,
• PGCE Secondary in Design and Technology,                Counselling and Psychotherapy, MA in Group-           Design: The Colour Works Design Company Ltd.
  Mathematics and Modern Foreign Languages                Analytic Psychotherapy and Postgraduate               Print: The Colour Works Printing Company Ltd.

  validated since 1993                                    Diploma/MA in Psychodynamic Counselling               Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy
                                                          validated by Roehampton                               of the information in this Annual Report but the
SCITT Devon Performing Arts                                                                                     University can accept no responsibility for errors and
• Associated with Roehampton since 1999
• Offers PGCE Secondary in Music and Drama,
  validated by USR

The University of Surrey
Guildford, Surrey

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