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Residential Warranty SquareDecko


                         Plastech - SquareDecko™

                      15 year residential limited warranty

SquareDecko™ warrants our polypropylene patio tile materials to be free from
manufacturing defects, warping, corroding, or splitting for a ten-year period from the
date or installation subjects to the following limitations and conditions ; our
polypropylene patio tile materials must be installed in strict accordance with decking
construction standards in the jurisdiction of sale. The owner must retain the proof or
purchase to validate this warranty. If at any time after the date of installation, our
materials are, upon examination by SquareDecko™, determined to be defective in
materials or workmanship resulting from the manufacturing process, SquareDecko™
will, at its option, replace the material or refund the original sale price or the defective
portion of the polypropylene patio tile material. This warranty extends to the value of
the material only. The company shall not be liable or responsible for labor charges or
other expenses whatsoever in connection with removal or installation of either the
original or the replacement product. SquareDecko™ products warrants our
polypropylene patio tile material to be structurally unaffected by ultraviolet
degradation and natural weathering for a period of ten (15) years. In addition, while
limited fading of color will occur, our polypropylene patio tile materials will not check
and blister for a period of 15 years from the date of installation. This warranty does
not cover damage of any kind resulting from faulty installation, misuse, fire negligent
maintenance, acts of God, or any other causes not involving manufacturing defects in
the material supplied. In addition, the warranty will not cover fading of original color
due to natural weathering ; or slight variations in color due to use of polypropylene
materials in the product or customer misuse causing stains. The deck tile structure
itself is guaranteed for three years, considering maximal weight of 100 pounds per
square inch. If the tile loosens or comes apart within itself, SquareDecko™ will either
replace or repair the tile. SquareDecko™ products shall be the sole judge of whether
or not the polypropylene patio tile material is defective and whether the defect, if any,
is due to manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. SquareDecko™ makes
no warranties express or implied, other than those that are listed herein. No
representative of SquareDecko™ or its dealers is authorized to make any changes or
modifications to this warranty. In no event shall SquareDecko™. be liable for any
indirect or consequential damages arising from any breach of this warranty. All claims
shall be submitted in writing to :
SquareDecko™ , 370 Leger Street, Sherbrooke (Quebec) J1L 1Y5

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