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									                                            strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

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strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

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                              Strategic Plan


Incorporating a 5 year strategic outlook, 3 year medium term
                and 1 year detailed planning

                                                                                         strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
                                  April 2006

      Prepared by the Chief Directorate: Strategic & Executive Support Services,
                            Office of the Director-General
    Department of Home Affairs, Cnr Petroleum and Maggs Street, Waltloo, Pretoria
                       Copyright: Department of Home Affairs

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                                                       PREFACE BY
                                     Ms N MAPISA-NQAKULA, MP, MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS

                                                                             As we continue to reposition im-        need to re-organise and ade-
                                                                             migration policy and activities of      quately capacitate the branch of
                                                                             the National Immigration Branch         civic services. The vast scope
                                                                             (NIB), we finalised the Immigra-        and functions of this branch,
                                                                             tion Regulations and have now           coupled with its outdated oper-
                                                                             publicised the determinations re-       ating procedures, is directly re-
                                                                             garding quota work permits. This        sponsible for the service delivery
                                                                             and other policy initiatives will       problems we are encountering at
                                                                             form an important basis for shap-       all levels.
                                                                             ing the role of immigration man-
                                                                             agement in realising the macro          We have recognised that the De-
                                                                             priorities of Government. One key       partment of Home Affairs requires
                                                                             area of participation that will ben-    a service delivery improvement
                                                                             efit from these policies will be the    module that covers our entire or-
                                                                             Joint Initiatives for Priority Skills   ganisation from issues of capac-
                                                                             Acquisition (JIPSA) launched by         ity, systems, staff development,
                                                                             the Presidency recently.                customer relations, infrastructure
                                     It is my privilege to present the
                                                                                                                     and technology. Although work
                                     sixth strategic plan of the Depart-
                                                                             We have finally added to the            is being done in different units,
                                     ment of Home Affairs. The prem-
                                                                             number of mobile offices that           we do not have a sense of how
                                     ise of our plan of work is based
                                                                             have been deployed to the prov-         it is all integrated towards the im-
                                     on our understanding that ser-
                                                                             inces to provide services to re-        provement of service delivery in
                                     vice delivery should be about hu-
                                                                             mote rural areas. Currently all         the entire organisation.
                                     man rights. In its functioning, the
                                                                             provinces have an allocation of
                                     work of the Department of Home
                                                                             these mobile units. We have es-         We shall also finalise a tool to
                                     Affairs should therefore be a par-
                                                                             tablished a strong leadership and       review the organisational per-
                                     amount pillar to Government’s
                                                                             strategic vision for our work. The      formance of the Department
                                     ability to fulfil these human rights.
                                                                             Department has furthermore re-          and most importantly implement
                                     It is for this reason, that in line
                                                                             structured its organisational ma-       a system to ensure that all our
                                     with Government’s plan for the
                                                                             chinery to be best suited for our       managers take responsibility for
                                     second decade of freedom, the
                                                                             mandate and focus.                      poor performance
                                     Department has mapped out its
                                     role in contributing towards the
                                                                             We have also succeeded in in-           A review of both our capacity and
                                     fight against poverty and the cre-
                                                                             creasing our representation             procedures with regard to admis-
                                     ation of a better life for all.
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                                             through transferred officials in        sions is necessary if we are to im-
                                                                             foreign missions, and the need          prove levels of efficiency at ports
                                     We have used our previous stra-
                                                                             therefore to continue with the          of entry. All outstanding issues
                                     tegic planning workshops to build
                                                                             specific focus on deployments           emerging from the launch of the
                                     on the progress we have made in
                                                                             within Africa.                          NIB in this regard will also need
                                     addressing some of our organi-
                                                                                                                     to be finalised and implemented.
                                     sational weaknesses that have
                                                                             This year we remain well on
                                     been a hindrance to the fulfilment
                                                                             course to finalise the population       The introduction of a 24-hour
                                     of its overarching objective. Our
                                                                             of the Automated Fingerprint            service at all our major ports of
                                     review had noted fundamental
                                                                             Identification System (AFIS)            entry is essential. We also have
                                     progress in the transformation
                                                                             which is an integral part to our        greater responsibility as current
                                     of our organisation and its policy
                                                                             finalisation of the Home Affairs        conveners of the Border Control
                                     framework, but has also lament-
                                                                             National Identification System          Operational Coordinating Com-
                                     ed some level of tardiness in the
                                                                             (HANIS).                                mittee (BCOCC) to ensure that
                                     completion of all our targets for
                                                                                                                     beyond our own line functions,
                                     the previous year.
                                                                             The key priorities for the coming       an effective border control strat-
                                                                             year, as identified in this strategic   egy is developed. There is also a
                                     There are a number of highlights
                                                                             plan, are meant to build on this        real need for the BCOCC to prior-
                                     and achievements that we can
                                                                             progress, but also address some         itise some of the urgent tasks in
                                     build on from the previous stra-
                                                                             of the limitations observed during      the improvement of border con-
                                     tegic plan and some of them still
                                                                             the previous year.                      trol, and one such priority should
                                     need to be consolidated through-
                                                                                                                     be the need to revamp the infra-
                                     out the period of the MTEF.
                                                                             If we are to succeed in our quest       structure at our ports of entry.
                                                                             to improve service delivery we          We need to ensure the proper

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capacitation and functioning of all    Understandably, therefore, the fill-   when accessing services. In this
ports of entry. This is particularly   ing of the outstanding posts and       regard, we shall also add on the
going to be key in the light of the    the training of staff at operational   number of model offices by en-
growing international responsi-        level, particularly those of immi-     suring that at least one is built in
bilities of our country that have      gration officers should be a key       each province.
stimulated growth in the volumes       priority for the coming year.
of people who visit our country.                                              We have sent a clear message
Specifically, we need to inculcate     Key amongst technology is to           through our campaigns and pro-
this plan as part of the country’s     ensure the finalisation of the         grammes that we care about the
preparation to host the 2010 FIFA      Electronic Document Manage-            people we serve and that we are
world cup and similar upcoming         ment System (EDMS) project,            genuinely concerned with the
international events.                  the Smart ID card as well as the       quality of service we render to
                                       Refugee Smart Card. In the same        them. The year 2006 will be used
We have done very well indeed          vein, we shall ensure that a track     to ensure greater impact. We sim-
to establish a leadership core         and trace system for applications      ply do not have an option not to
within the Department, particu-        is developed in the short term         succeed, for the lives of many
larly at Head Office, but we still     while we are looking at a strategy,    South Africans depend on the
have serious capacity problems         in longer term, to improve civic       success of this plan.
both in capital and human re-          services systems.
source terms. We need to move
with speed, during this year, in       The finalisation of the implemen-
providing the necessary capacity       tation plan emerging from the
in provinces in order to proceed       Council for Scientific and Indus-
with the decentralisation of some      trial Research (CSIR) investiga-
of the administrative functions        tion is also paramount to the im-      N Mapisa-Nqakula
that should be devolved to prov-       provement of our service delivery.     Minister Of Home Affairs
inces. We also need to finalise        We need to ensure that we have
the implementation of our plan to      adequately equipped offices to
professionalise the organisational     reduce the amount of inconve-
establishment of the Department.       niences suffered by our clients

                                                                                                                          strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

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                                                           PREFACE BY
                                     Mr M K N GIGABA, MP, DEPUTY MINISTER OF HOME AFFAIRS

                                                                          not, wait until we have achieved      flect our impatience for change
                                                                          the goal of transforming our De-      and a vision of that change. In the
                                                                          partment completely.                  fullness of time, we shall emerge
                                                                          We must pursue both the tasks of
                                                                          transformation as well as service
                                                                          delivery at the same time. That is
                                                                          precisely what we are trying to do,
                                                                          amidst enormous pressure and a
                                                                          mountain of challenges. We are        Malusi Gigaba, MP
                                                                          both impatient for speedy change      Deputy Minister
                                                                          ourselves and careful that we
                                                                          should not so hasten in what we
                                                                          are trying to accomplish that we
                                                                          end up creating weak and poor
                                    Our challenges are our bur-           solutions. We have accepted that
                                                                          the challenge we face is moun-
                                    den and responsibility!
                                                                          tainous and involves solving is-
                                                                          sues that ought to have been
                                    Quite often a question is asked,
                                                                          solved during the first decade
                                    “Will Home Affairs ever change?”
                                                                          of democracy. We have taken to
                                    It would seem that the Depart-
                                                                          our tasks with a profound sense
                                    ment of Home Affairs is besieged
                                                                          of mission and an unyielding zeal
                                    with challenges we are incapable
                                                                          to succeed in that mission. We
                                    of solving. They relate to the
                                                                          expect of our people that they
                                    quality of service, compliance
                                                                          will continue to raise the bar of
                                    with Batho Pele, professionalism,
                                                                          their demands and expectations
                                    weak and disintegrated systems
                                                                          of what we ought to be deliver-
                                    and processes, corruption, lack
                                                                          ing to them, by obligation. We
                                    of capacity and an endless list
                                                                          derive pleasure in having to fulfil
                                    of other problems people come
                                                                          our commitments and meet our
                                    across in their daily interaction
                                    with our Department. Sometimes
                                    a sympathetic observer may
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                                          I am absolutely convinced that
                                    even formulate conspiracy theo-
                                                                          the leadership, management and
                                    ries when flooded with as fierce a
                                                                          staff of the Department of Home
                                    barrage of problems and blunders
                                                                          Affairs are committed to their
                                    as we at Home Affairs often have
                                                                          responsibilities, bar a tiny mi-
                                    to deal with. Everybody wonders,
                                                                          nority of those that we continue
                                    including ourselves, will we ever
                                                                          to weed out. We have high ex-
                                    get it right!
                                                                          pectations of those that bear the
                                                                          names of public servants of the
                                    Frankly, I believe that we are get-
                                                                          democratic State and officials of
                                    ting it right, everyday. Gradually,
                                                                          Home Affairs, and have placed
                                    step-by-step, and despite our
                                                                          high standards before them. We
                                    challenges, we are succeeding
                                                                          are confident that the majority
                                    to turn around this Department
                                                                          of our officials are committed to
                                    that had suffered from inertia
                                                                          serving the people of South Afri-
                                    for years after the advent of the
                                                                          ca with diligence, consistent with
                                    democratic dispensation. In this
                                                                          the highest service delivery stan-
                                    enormous task, we are confront-
                                                                          dards. We are certain that had
                                    ed by twin challenges. It is nigh
                                                                          this not been the case, the es-
                                    impossible just at once to trans-
                                                                          sential services that we render to
                                    form a Department as huge as
                                                                          the people of South Africa would
                                    ours, with an entrenched culture
                                                                          have collapsed.
                                    of poor service delivery; and our
                                    people’s expectations and de-
                                                                          The plans contained in this Strat-
                                    mands cannot, and must surely
                                                                          egy Plan are pragmatic and re-

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                                            strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

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                                           PREFACE BY Mr M J MAQETUKA, DIRECTOR-GENERAL
                                                          OF HOME AFFAIRS

                                                                        the IEC with the delivery of uncol-   Government’s programme of AS-
                                                                        lected Identity documents to the      GISA and JIPSA, and combating
                                                                        better part of our citizens, work-    corruption.
                                                                        ing in partnership with the South
                                                                        African Post Office. Our staff in     The key to the transformation of
                                                                        all our offices, nationally, worked   the Department of Home Affairs
                                                                        extra hours to deliver this vital     is the rendering of a professional
                                                                        service.                              service, and forging partnership
                                                                                                              with other stakeholders. This is
                                                                        Since August 2005 we embarked         being done in the spirit of Batho
                                                                        on a project to deal with the refu-   Pele.
                                                                        gee backlog which resulted in
                                                                        us constructing modern Refu-          We strive to be a Caring, Com-
                                                                        gee Reception Centers in all the      passionate and Responsive or-
                                                                        four major provinces where we         ganisation.
                                                                        process asylum seekers: these
                                   It is the second time since my       Centres are in Johannesburg,
                                   ascendance to the throne of Di-      Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and
                                   rector-General of the Department     Durban.
                                   of Home Affairs that I have to
                                   write this preface. I am therefore   There are many challenges facing
                                   grateful that I can announce that    the Department, notwithstanding
                                   the past financial year has seen     the progress we are making, and       Mzuvukile Jeff Maqetuka
                                   the DHA concentrating on the         these are challenges which will
                                   implementation of a number of        be with us for some time. How-        Director-General
                                   initiatives embodied in our Turn-    ever, we are resolved to face         Department of Home Affairs
                                   around Strategy and in our Stra-     and solve such challenges. To
                                   tegic Plans. All of these strate-    cite but a few – corruption, in-
                                   gies are aimed at improving the      sufficient skills, competency and
                                   delivery service mechanisms of       capacity, and efficient monitoring
                                   the Department.                      and evaluation.
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   We recognise the fact that we        One essential measure is to con-
                                   have a fundamental role in en-       tinue taking steps that enable the
                                   suring that the people of South      Department to systematically root
                                   Africa are provided with enabling    out pockets of corruption.
                                   documents in order for them to
                                   access other government ser-         During our preparation for this
                                   vices.                               Strategic Plan we identified Ca-
                                                                        pacity, Infrastructure and Systems
                                   Much progress has been made in       to be the core critical challenges
                                   the implementation of the Home       that we shall be confronting dur-
                                   Affairs National Identification      ing the period under review.
                                   Systems (HANIS); for example
                                   in:                                  This Strategic Plan for the pe-
                                                                        riod 2006/07 to 2008/09 focuses
                                   w   Automated Fingerprint            on nine (9) strategic objectives
                                       Identification System (AFIS),    in which the previous critical
                                       including The Back Record        intervention areas are embed-
                                       Conversion (BRC) project         ded. It seeks to address, in par-
                                   w   Electronic linking of all DHA    ticular, the challenges related to
                                       offices                          the transformation of the Civic
                                   w   Smart ID Cards.                  Services Branch; revisiting the
                                                                        organisational model of the De-
                                   In our support of the local gov-     partment; managing the immi-
                                   ernment elections we supported       gration function in line with the

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                          Mr. MJ Maqetuka

   Mr. PK Nkambule        Mr. JR Chavalala              Ms. T Cele
         CFO               Civic Services             Service Delivery

                                                                              strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                Ms. O Diseko                 Mr. K Hlahla
              Corporate Services                 GITO

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                                                        STRATEGIC PLANNING WORKSHOP
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                        2006/7 TO 2008/9

Page 0                            caring, compassionate and responsive
Table of Contents
PART 1: SETTING THE SCENE..................................................................................................................14
1.    Introduction .......................................................................................................................................14

PART 2: BUSINESS DEFINITION ................................................................................................................14
2.    Mandates ..........................................................................................................................................14
2.1   Civic Services ....................................................................................................................................14
2.2.  Immigration .......................................................................................................................................15
2.3   Other Mandates ................................................................................................................................15
2.4   Vision.................................................................................................................................................16
2.5   Mission ..............................................................................................................................................16
2.6   Mission Success Factors ..................................................................................................................16
2.7   Corporate Value System ...................................................................................................................17
2.8   Core Functions ..................................................................................................................................17
2.9   Key Stakeholders ..............................................................................................................................18
2.10 DHA STRATEGIC DELIVERY MODEL .............................................................................................19
2.11  Organisational Structure ...................................................................................................................20
2.12 Departmental Programmes ...............................................................................................................22
2.13 Multi year projections ........................................................................................................................23

PART 3: FIVE YEAR STRATEGIC OUTLOOK ............................................................................................26
3.1   Introduction .......................................................................................................................................26
3.2   Aligning Home Affairs with Governmental Strategic Objectives ........................................................26

PART 4: STRATEGIC CHANGE PLAN (ONE AND THREE YEAR PLANNING) ........................................29
4.1.  Introduction .......................................................................................................................................29
4.2.   Strategic Objectives for the Department of Home Affairs ..................................................................31
       Strategic Objective 1: Develop and implement an organisational model that ensures that the
       Department has people in the correct places, with the requisite capacity and capabilities,
       to enable it to meet its mandate. .......................................................................................................31

                                                                                                                                                                         strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
       Strategic Objective 2: Provide a service to all clients that reflects and institutionalises the
       principles of Batho Pele ....................................................................................................................34
       Strategic Objective 3: Provide credible, secure and accurate enabling documents to all who are
       entitled ...............................................................................................................................................36
       Strategic Objective 4: Manage and maintain the integrity of the National Population
       Register (NPR) ..................................................................................................................................36
       Strategic Objective 5: Manage and maintain all records associated with enabling documentation .36
       Strategic Objective 6: Manage the immigration function at ports of entry and participate in
       protecting the integrity of South Africa’s borders (internally and at POEs)........................................37
       Strategic Objective 7: Manage immigration and refugee affairs in a manner based on human
       rights principles .................................................................................................................................38
       Strategic Objective 8: Eradicate and combat corruption to protect the integrity of the Department .39
       Strategic Objective 9: Effectively contribute to intergovernmental and international initiatives in
       pursuit of national objectives as well as with other institutions of interest .........................................40
4.3 Programme and sub-programme plans ...................................................................................................41
4.4 Corporatisation of Government Printing Works (GPW) ...........................................................................42
5 Summary ....................................................................................................................................................43

                                                                   caring, compassionate and responsive                                                             Page 
                                    AIDS        Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

                                    ART         Antiretroviral Treatment

                                    ASGISA      Accelerated and Shared Growth Initiative for South Africa

                                    AU          African Union

                                    BCOCC       Border Control Operational Coordinating Committee

                                    CD: COM     Chief Director: Communication

                                    CD: GR      Chief Director: Governance Relations

                                    CD: SESS    Chief Director: Strategic and Executive Support Services

                                    COO         Chief Operating Officer

                                    CFO         Chief Financial Officer

                                    CSC         Client Service Centre

                                    CSIR        Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

                                    DDG: CoS    Deputy Director-General: Corporate Services

                                    DDG: CS     Deputy Director-General: Civic Services

                                    DDG: NIB    Deputy Director-General: National Immigration Branch

                                    DDG: SD     Deputy Director-General: Service Delivery

                                    DFA         Department of Foreign Affairs

                                    DG          Director-General
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                    DHA         Department of Home Affairs

                                    DPLG        Department of Provincial and Local Government

                                    DTI         Department of Trade and Industry

                                    EDMS        Electronic Document Management System

                                    FOSAD       Forum of South African Directors-General

                                    G&A         Governance and Administration

                                    GITO        Government Information Technology Officer

                                    GPW         Government Printing Works

                                    HANIS       Home Affairs National Identification System
                                                Home Affairs National Identification System Disaster Recovery
                                    HANIS DRS
                                    HIV         Human Immunodeficiency Virus

                                    HR          Human Resources

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IBSA    India-Brazil-South Africa

ID      Identity Document

IEC     Independent Electoral Commission

IEDMS   Integrated Electronic Document Management System

IICC    Investigation Information Co-ordinating Committee

IRPS    International Relations Peace and Security

ISRDP   Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme

IT      Information Technology

JCPS    Justice Crime Prevention and Security

JIPSA   Joint Initiative for Priority Skills Acquisition

M&E     Monitoring and Evaluation

MAC     Ministerial Advisory Committee

MOU     Memorandum of Understanding

MPCC    Multi-purpose Community Centre

MTEF    Medium Term Expenditure Framework

MTSF    Medium Term Strategic Framework

NEPAD   New Partnership for African Development

NIB     National Immigration Branch

NPR     National Population Register

                                                                         strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
PFMA    Public Finance Management Act

POE     Port of Entry

R&D     Research and Development

RBP     Results-based planning

RSA     Republic of South Africa

SA      South Africa

SADC    Southern African Development Community

SESS    Strategic and Executive Support Services

SMC     Strategic Management Committee

URS     Urban Renewal Strategy

                             caring, compassionate and responsive   Page 
                                   PART 1: SETTING THE SCENE

                                   1. Introduction                              be as concrete and measur-              expansion of service delivery
                                                                                able as possible.                       points.
                                   This Strategic Plan covers the                                                   w   Implementation of an inte-
                                   MTEF of 2006 – 2009, with the            After intense and enthusiastic de-          grated capacity development
                                   main focus being on the 2006-            liberations a strategic plan was            plan.
                                   2007 financial year. At the annual       drafted that is markedly different to   w   Transformation of the systems
                                   Planning Lekgotla, the Minister,         previous plans. It incorporates the         of the Department, using ap-
                                   Deputy Minister and the Director         key elements of the Turnaround              propriate technology.
                                   General gave direction in respect        Strategy presented to Cabinet in
                                   of strategic priorities, including       2004 and the 2005 / 2006 strate-        The Department has already
                                   the way in which the Depart-             gic change plan that was subse-         committed resources on a large
                                   ment should be organised and             quently developed.                      scale to a wide range of projects
                                   managed to ensure the effective                                                  that support all four of the above
                                   implementation of the plan. Over         First and foremost is that the plan     strategies. Therefore the current
                                   a hundred senior managers were           is structured around nine high-         strategic plan indicates how such
                                   present, and they were guided by         level strategic objectives, rather      initiatives will be planned, coordi-
                                   the following principles in drafting     than a large number of individual       nated and managed so as to en-
                                   the strategic plan:                      initiatives. The second departure       sure effective implementation and
                                   w The plan should be truly stra-         is that plan provides a more sys-       integration. Meticulous monitoring
                                      tegic and thus should be con-         temic and integrated response to        and evaluation of the plan will be
                                      fined to a limited number of          the key challenges faced by the         critical to ensure that synergy is
                                      critical strategic objectives.        Department. In particular, four         realised and that implemetation is
                                   w The plan should focus on the           strategies are fore grounded as         on track.
                                      transformation of the core            being critical in transforming ser-
                                      business of the Department            vice delivery:                          The Department of Home Affairs
                                      – Civic Services and Immigra-         w Devolution of powers and              is committed to establishing itself
                                      tion – and the role of all other           functions to provinces to en-      firmly as a modern, efficient and
                                      services in supporting this                able delivery to happen effi-      client focussed public service pro-
                                      mandate.                                   ciently and effectively.           vider and it is trusted that this plan
                                   w Outcomes should be coordi-             w Widening access to the ser-           provides the impetus towards the
                                      nated; timeframes should be                vices provided by the Depart-      considered agenda.
                                      realistic and indicators should            ment through a large-scale

                                   PART 2: BUSINESS DEFINITION
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                                                terms of the Births and Deaths      w   The Regulations in terms of
                                   2. Mandates                                  Registration Act, 1992                  the Identification Act, 1997
                                   The mandates of the Department           w   The Marriage Act, 1961 (Act
                                   are embedded in legislation as               No 25 of 1961)                      2.1.3 Citizenship
                                   well as other policy documents.          w   The Regulations promulgated         w The South African Citizenship
                                   In order to fulfil its mission the De-       in terms of the Marriage Act,          Act, 1995 (Act No 88 of 1995)
                                   partment executes or participates            1961                                   as amended
                                   in the execution of the following        w   Recognition of Customary            w The Regulations in terms of
                                   mandates:                                    Marriages Act, 1998 (Act No            the South African Citizenship
                                                                                120 of 1998), that came into           Act, 1995 as amended
                                   2.1 Civic Services                           effect on 15 November 2000          w Delegations in terms of Sec-
                                                                            w   The Regulations in terms of            tion 22 of the South African
                                   2.1.1 Births, marriages and                  the Recognition of Customary           Citizenship Act, 1995
                                   deaths                                       Marriages Act, 1998 (Govern-
                                   w   The Births & Deaths Registra-            ment Gazette No 21700, 1 No-        2.1.4 Travel documents and
                                       tion Act, 1992 (Act No 51 of             vember 2000) that came into         passports
                                       1992) as amended                         effect on 15 November 2000          w South African Passports and
                                   w The Regulations promulgat-                                                         Travel Documents Act, 1994
                                      ed in terms of the Births and         2.1.2 Identity documents and                (Act No 4 of 1994) as amend-
                                      Deaths Registration Act, 1992         identification                              ed
                                      as amended                            w Identification Act, 1997 (Act         w South African Passports and
                                   w Delegations by the Minister in            No 68 of 1997)                           Travel Documents Regula-

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
    tions, 1996 as amended                (Act 66 of 1996)                  w   White Paper on Transforma-
w   Machine Readable Passport         w   Public Finance Management             tion of Public Service Deliv-
    System Manual                         Act, 1999 (Act No 1 of 1999)          ery: Batho Pelé (Government
                                          as amended                            Gazette No 18340, October
2.2. Immigration                      w   Employment Equity Act, 1998           1997)
w The Refugees Act, 1998 (Act             (Act No 55 of 1998)               w   White Paper on Reconstruc-
   No 130 of 1998)                    w   Basic Conditions of Employ-           tion and Development (Gov-
w The Regulations made in terms           ment Act, 1997 (Act No 75 of          ernment Gazette No 16085,
   of the Refugees Act, 1998              1997)                                 November 1994)
w The Immigration Act, 2002           w   Skills Development Act, 1998      w   White Paper on Public Service
   (Act No 13 of 2002)                    (Act No 97 of 1998)                   Training and Education, July
w The Regulations made in             w   Skills Development Levies Act,        1997
   terms of the Immigration Act,          1999 (Act No 9 of 1999)           w   White Paper on Affirmative Ac-
   2002                               w   South African Qualifications          tion in the Public Service (Gov-
w The Criminal Procedure Act,             Authorities Act, 1995 (Act No         ernment Gazette No 18800,
   1977 (Act 51 of 1977)                  58 of 1995)                           April 1998)
w The Universal Declaration of        w   Promotion of Access to Infor-     w   White Paper on the Human
   Human Rights as adopted by             mation Act, 2000 (Act No 2 of         Resource Management (Gov-
   the General Assembly of the            2000)                                 ernment Gazette No 18594,
   United Nations on 15 Decem-        w   Exchequer Act, 1975 (Act No           December 1997)
   ber 1948                               66 of 1975)                       w   White Paper on an Integrated
                                      w   Public Holidays Act, 1994 (Act        National Disability Strategy,
2.3 Other Mandates                        No 36 of 1994)                        1997
w The Constitution of the Repub-      w   Imprint Act, 1993 (Act No 43 of   w   Growth, Employment and Re-
    lic of South Africa, 1996 (Act        1993) as amended                      distribution (GEAR) Strategy,
    No 108 of 1996)                   w   Film and Publication Act, 1996        1996
w Public Service Act, 1994 (Act           (Act No 65 of 1996)               w   Promotion of Administrative
    No 103 of 1994) as amended        w   Treasury Regulations, 2001            Justice Act, 2000
w The Regulations made in                 (Government Gazette No            w   Intergovernmental Relations
    terms of the Public Service Act       22219 dated 9 April 2001)             Framework, Act 15 of 2005
    of 1994, as amended, 2001         w   White Paper on the Transfor-
w Delegations in accordance with          mation of the Public Service,
    the Public Service Act, 1994          Government Gazette No 1227,
w Labour Relations Act, 1996              24 November 1995

                                                                                                                        strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                              caring, compassionate and responsive                                 Page 
                                   2.4 Vision

                                                     The VISION of the Department of Home Affairs:
                                                      RENDERING A WORLD-CLASS SERVICE

                                   2.5 Mission

                                                                    The MISSION of the Department is to:
                                                 COMMIT ITSELF AS REQUIRED BY STIPULATED MANDATES TO DETERMINE AND
                                                 CONFIRM STATUS OF PERSONS BY PROVIDING ENABLING DOCUMENTS IN THE
                                                    INTEREST OF PROMOTING AND PROTECTING THE NATIONAL INTEGRITY

                                   2.6 Mission Success Factors
                                   In the quest for realising the mission of the Department the following factors have been identified as critical
                                   to ensure compliance with stakeholders, customers and staff members’ expectations:

                                                          Client focus orientation
                                                          Reliable documentation
                                                               Quality service
                                                          Accessibility of services
                                                        Professional staff orientation
                                                         Compliance with mandates
                                                           Corruption free system
                                                    Business process & systems redesign
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                            Change management

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
2.7      Corporate Value System
The value system of the Department indicates the difference between right and wrong in the operating envi-
ronment in accordance with what is personally and sociably acceptable. The value system provides funda-
mental beliefs that influence individual and organisational decision-making and behaviour. The managers
and staff members of the Department of Home Affairs consider these values to encompass common and
paramount strengths, responsibilities, and opportunities. The elements of the value system of the Depart-
ment of Home Affairs are:

   Ethical Conduct: We live and work in unity with our core values and are responsive in our conduct
   to our stakeholders and customers who have placed their trust in us to address the many issues
   that confront us. We value our diverse workforce and create a work environment that is free from
   prejudice and discrimination. We respect differences among people and ideas. We treat each other
   and those whom we serve with fairness, dignity, and compassion.
   Adaptability: Adaptability reflects the commitment to creativity and innovation, thus enabling ad-
   aptation to ever-changing environments and customer requirements. We must be prepared to real-
   locate our resources and build on our strengths - current and emerging - as we develop a set of
   objectives and goals that will help us to realise our vision.
   Transparency: Transparency is the creation, publication and dissemination of knowledge in an
   environment where all employees, stakeholders and customers are viewed as interrelated parts of a
   holistic organisation system.
   Professionalism: We exemplify the highest standard of dedication, trust, co-operation, pride and
   courtesy in the work environment. Not only do we value professionalism as an integral part of ser-
   vice delivery, but also as the spark that engages our staff members and informs and enhances our
   stakeholders and customers, locally and world-wide.
   Accountability: We excel as responsible stewards of taxpayer’s resources. We strive to improve
   our performance and have an obligation to respond to the expectations placed upon us by stakehold-
   ers and customers. These expectations include inclusiveness of access and the quality of service
   Productivity: We will increase our value to all stakeholders and customers to the extent that we

                                                                                                                      strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
   set priorities and make the difficult choices that will lead to the enhancement of service delivery. It
   implies active and enthusiastic involvement of both management and staff members in the rendering
   of world-class service.

These values are not abstractions; rather, they operate at several discernible levels, including the theoreti-
cal and the applied. They serve as a framework on which to build the future and strengthen current actions.
Change management within the Department is also an important project of the turnaround of the Depart-

2.8       Core Functions
In accordance with its mandates, the Department of Home Affairs executes the core functions of Civic Servic-
es and Immigration. In our aim for excellence in serving our customers these core functions will be delivered
in accordance with the Department’s Statement of Standards. The set service standards of the Department
will be reviewed following the business process re-engineering initiatives forming part of the fundamental
transformation of the Department.

                                              caring, compassionate and responsive                               Page 
                                   The core functions include the following key services:

                                   2.8.1 Civic Services
                                   w  Maintaining the National Population Register (NPR)
                                   w  Management of records
                                   w  Citizenship
                                   w  Travel documents and passports
                                   w  Identity documents (ID)
                                   w  Identification

                                   2.8.2 Immigration
                                   w  Admissions
                                   w  Inspectorate
                                   w  Refugee affairs
                                   w  Information co-ordination
                                   w  Policy directives
                                   w  Counter-xenophobia

                                   2.9       Key Stakeholders
                                   There are many stakeholders who have a legitimate interest in the outcomes of the Department of Home
                                   Affairs (DHA). These individuals or groupings of bodies have interest in the DHA for various, but specific rea-
                                   sons. The main stakeholders of the Department of Home Affairs can be grouped and classified as depicted
                                   in Table 1.

                                   Table 1: Key stakeholders

                                              Stakeholder                      Relationship                            Expectation
                                                                                                              Return on investment through the
                                                                                                              provisioning of reliable enabling
                                                                     They are investors because they
                                       The South African people                                               documentation,         accessible
                                                                     fund the DHA through their taxes
                                                                                                              services and a customary focused

                                                                     Allocates resources invested by
                                                                                                              Maximum        benefit  for    the
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                                     the taxpayers and provides the
                                       Parliament                                                             allocation of those resources and
                                                                     regulatory framework in which the
                                                                                                              conformance to standards
                                                                     DHA must operate

                                                                     Provide policy direction and strategic
                                                                                                              Effective, efficient and economic
                                       The Minister and     Deputy   leadership and the legislative
                                                                                                              service delivery in accordance
                                       Minister of DHA               environment in which the DHA
                                                                                                              with mandates
                                                                     should operate

                                                                     Interact, co-operate and form
                                       Cabinet Ministers and other   partnerships entailing joint decision-   Effective and efficient execution of
                                       state departments             making, consultation, co-ordination,     functions
                                                                     implementation and advice

                                                                     As accounting officer responsible for
                                                                     managing the environment which
                                       Director-General                                                       Performance commitments met
                                                                     creates the products and services
                                                                     for the customers

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
                                   Provide inputs and raw resources to         Effective and efficient execution of
                                   the DHA                                     functions

                                   Form partnerships           to   improve    Effective and efficient execution of
                                   service delivery                            functions

                                   Responsible for creating products
                                                                               Sufficient allocated resources and
 DHA staff members                 and services to meet customer
                                                                               a decent working environment

                                   Foreigners visiting the country on a        Effective and efficient admission
 Foreign visitors                  temporary basis including tourists,         and departure as well as
                                   business fraternity, etc.                   processing of applications.

                                   Bi-lateral and multi-lateral interaction,
                                   consultation and co-operation with          Mutually beneficial international
 International community
                                   regard to common interest and               relationships.
                                   forming of relationships.

2.10    DHA STRATEGIC DELIVERY MODEL                       w    Transformation of the systems of the Depart-
                                                                ment, using appropriate technology. There are
Background and Purpose of the Model                             two critical dimensions: the “soft” side of trans-
                                                                forming systems, such as building human capaci-
The Model emerged from the strategic planning pro-              ties and changing management processes; and
cess that was initiated at the strategic planning work-         the “hard” side that involves providing enabling
shop of 23 – 25 March 2006. The Model relates criti-            technology.
cal elements of the strategic plan in respect of what
must be done to radically change the way services          The main purpose of the Strategic Delivery Model

                                                                                                                           strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
are delivered by the DHA over the next 5 years.            is to provide a conceptual framework for integrated
                                                           planning over the next five-years, in order to ensure
Three closely linked strategies and programmes are         the success of the strategies outlined above.
foregrounded in the plan as being critical in trans-
forming service delivery:
w A programme of devolution of powers and
   functions to provinces to enable delivery to
   happen efficiently and effectively, which will take
   place in phases as the capacity of the provinces
   is developed. This is closely related to the pro-
   gramme of widening access to the services pro-
   vided by the Department through a large-scale
   expansion of service delivery points and support-
   ing infrastructure. Infrastructure is defined as all
   that is required to support delivery, including pro-
   cesses, systems and physical plant such as build-
w A programme for implementing an integrated
   capacity development plan. The heart of this
   programme is a clear set of priorities for devel-
   oping human resources and the necessary in-
   frastructure that enable services to be delivered.
   Most priority interventions will involve an integrat-
   ed response by several business units.

                                               caring, compassionate and responsive                                   Page 
                                                              Infrastructure                 Systems

                                                             Devolution Plan           Systems Plan
                                                             and Programme             and Programme

                                                                        GPW           FPB
                                                    CIVIC SERVICES                           NIB
                                                    Interim                                  Interim
                                                                             CLIENTS         Improvement
                                                    Programme                                Programme

                                                                    Capacity Development Plan
                                                                         and Programme

                                                                  People and Other Resources

                                                  Figure 1: DHA STRATEGIC DELIVERY MODEL: 2006/07 – 2011/12

                                   2.11     Organisational Structure                          The revision of the personnel establishment in terms
                                   As an organisation with diverse mandates and func-         of the new structure is dependent on the human
                                   tions, the Department’s mission is carried out by a        resource initiative of “Professionalising the Depart-
                                   number of organisational units, provincial offices and     ment” and as soon as it has been approved an inte-
                                   foreign missions. Service delivery is brought to cus-      grated establishment review will be phased in within
                                   tomers through a network of provincial/district offices    the MTEF period.
                                   and service points, mobile units as well as offices
                                   abroad. The Department’s strategic plan demon-             The Branch Service Delivery was abolished during
                                   strates how these diverse, crosscutting functions are      the structural review process. The post of Chief Op-
                                   integrated and linked to support the goals of the De-      erations Officer (COO) will be created.
                                                                                              The COO will be responsible for the following:*
                                   Critical policy developments in progress in the De-
                                   partment, notably the enactment of the Immigration             Chief Directorate: Audit Services
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   Act, e-governance and the implementation of Home           w   Chief Directorate: Communication Services
                                   Affairs National Identification System (HANIS), have       w   Chief Directorate: Counter Corruption and
                                   necessitated the fundamental redesign of the de-               Security
                                   partmental organisational structure and business           w   Chief Directorate: Governance Relations
                                   processes. Since function should always precede            w   Provincial Managers
                                   structure it is necessary to ensure throughout that        w   Unit: Operational Client Service Centre.
                                   the departmental organogram remains aligned with
                                   operational needs. Consequently, the DHA structure         *The structure that will reside under the COO has still
                                   is dynamic and should throughout reflect the chang-        to be finalised.
                                   ing nature of the organisation. Alignments are made
                                   to the structure through extensive consultation with
                                   various role-players. The Head Office and Provincial
                                   structures have been approved. The current ap-
                                   proved structure of the Department is indicated on
                                   page 21.

                                   In terms of the new organogram, the Department will
                                   be structured into six (6) Branches namely:-
                                   w Branch Information Services (GITO)
                                   w Branch Corporate Services
                                   w Branch National Immigration
                                   w Branch Civic Services
                                   w Finance and Supply Chain Management
                                   w Chief Operations Officer

Page 0                            caring, compassionate and responsive
                                                                                                 DEPARTMENT OF HOME
                                                                                AFFAIRS APPROVED ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE MARCH 2006

                                                                                                                                                                               CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER*

                                                                                                        DIRECTOR-GENERAL’S                   CHIEF DIRECTORATE
                                                                                                         SUPPORT SERVICES                      AUDIT SERVICES

                                                                                                        DIRECTOR-GENERAL’S                   CHIEF DIRECTORATE
                                                                                                      STRATEGIC AND EXECUTIVE               COUNTER CORRUPTION
                                                                                                         SUPPORT SERVICES                      AND SECURITY

                                                                                                        CHIEF DIRECTORATE                    CHIEF DIRECTORATE
                                                                                                      COMMUNICATION SERVICES                GOVERNANCE RELATIONS

                                                BRANCH:                         BRANCH:                           BRANCH:
                                                                                                                                                BRANCH:                     NATIONAL IMMIGRATION                  GOVERNMENT PRINTING
                                               CORPORATE                   FINANCE AND SUPPLY                   INFORMATION
                                                                                                                                             CIVIC SERVICES                       BRANCH                                WORKS
                                                SERVICES                   CHAIN MANAGEMENT                       SERVICES

                                                 CHIEF DIRECTORATE:              CHIEF DIRECTORATE:                 CHIEF DIRECTORATE:           CHIEF DIRECTORATE:                 CHIEF DIRECTORATE:
                                                 HUMAN RESOURCES               FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT             INFORMATION COMMUNICATION         STATUS SERVICES                       ADMISSIONS

                                                    DIRECTORATE:                 CHIEF DIRECTORATE:                INFORMATION SERVICES           CHIEF DIRECTORATE:
                                                  LABOUR RELATIONS            SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT               GOVERNANCE OFFICE        HANIS (HOME AFFAIRS NATIONAL       NATIONAL BORDER PRIORITIES
                                                                                                                                                IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM)

                                                 CHIEF DIRECTORATE:                                               INFORMATION SERVICES          INFORMATION SERVICES               INFORMATION SERVICES
                                                  LEGAL SERVICES                                                 PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT          PROGRAMME MANAGEMENT                    INSPECTORATE

                                                         UNIT:                                                        DIRECTORATE:                CHIEF DIRECTORATE:
                                                  AUXILIARY SERVICES                                            KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION    CIVIC SERVICES RESEARCH AND
                                                                                                                                                                                      REFUGEE AFFAIRS
                                                                                                                      MANAGEMENT                  POLICY MANAGEMENT

                                                                                                                                                                                     CHIEF DIRECTORATE:
                                                                                                                                                                             IMMIGRATION POLICY AND INFORMATION
                                        *The structure that will reside under the COO has still to be finalised.                                                                        MANAGEMENT

 caring, compassionate and responsive
                                                 strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   2.12      Departmental Programmes                              of refugees and asylum seekers.
                                   The Department of Home Affairs is an important and         w   Board and Committees consider all the appeals
                                   integral part of central government. The aim of the            made against the decisions of the Standing Com-
                                   Department of Home Affairs is to protect and regu-             mittee for Refugee Affairs.
                                   late the interests of the inhabitants of the Republic
                                   of South Africa, in respect of their individual status,    2.12.3 Programme 3: Auxiliary and Associated
                                   identity and specific rights and powers, and to pro-       Services
                                   mote a supporting service to this effect.                  The main function of Auxiliary and Associated Ser-
                                                                                              vices is to fund the Film and Publication Board, the
                                   The departmental budget is structured into three pro-      Government Printing Works and the Independent
                                   grammes. The previous programme structure of four          Electoral Commission. Expenditure for departmen-
                                   programmes was reduced to three programmes with            tal vehicles and capital works is also included in this
                                   effect from 1 April 2005. The Department’s stand-          programme.
                                   ing objectives, encompassed with this Plan, will be        w Film and Publication Board funds the classifica-
                                   resourced and accomplished through these pro-                  tion work of the Film and Publication Board and
                                   grammes.                                                       the Film and Publication Review Board.
                                                                                              w Government Printing Works provides for the
                                   2.12.1 Programme 1: Administration                             augmentation of the Government Printing Works
                                   Administration conducts the overall management,                Trading Account for supplying printing and statio-
                                   administration and information systems support for             nery to Government.
                                   the Department. The programme provides for poli-           w Government Motor Transport funds the purchase
                                   cy formulation by the Minister, Deputy Minister and            of vehicles for departmental use, as well as al-
                                   the Department’s senior management. Other func-                locations under the subsidised motor transport
                                   tions include: organising the Department; providing            scheme.
                                   centralised administrative, legal and office support       w Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) pro-
                                   services; managing departmental personnel and                  vides for the establishment and composition of
                                   financial administration; determining working meth-            the IEC to manage elections and referendums,
                                   ods and procedures; and exercising control through             and makes provision for the establishment of an
                                   Head Office.                                                   electoral court, in terms of the Independent Elec-
                                                                                                  toral Commission Act (1996).
                                   2.12.2 Programme 2: Delivery of Services                   w Property Management manages the properties
                                   Delivery of Services was formed by combining the               occupied by the Department.
                                   previous Services to Citizens and Immigration pro-
                                   grammes since there is such a close relationship be-
                                   tween the two kinds of service. The new programme
                                   delivers the Department’s core services, using pro-
                                   vincial office infrastructure, mobile units, client ser-
                                   vice centre, multi-purpose centres, border posts,
                                   refugee reception centres and foreign offices. The
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   programme provides services to citizens by granting
                                   rights and powers to members of the population, and
                                   dealing with travel and passport matters, citizenship
                                   and population registration. It also controls immigra-
                                   tion according to South Africa’s skills and investment
                                   needs, and controls visitors who enter the country

                                   The programme comprises seven subprogrammes:
                                   w Travel Documents and Citizenship issues pass-
                                     ports and other travel documents; provides finan-
                                     cial assistance to citizens abroad; and determines
                                     and grants citizenship and its forfeiture.
                                   w Population Register maintains a register of citi-
                                     zens and immigrants who have acquired the
                                     right to permanent residence, as well as registers
                                     births, deaths and marriages.
                                   w Service Delivery develops systems for improving
                                     the Department’s service delivery.
                                   w Admissions issues temporary and permanent
                                     residence permits.
                                   w Immigration Control deals with the deportation of
                                     illegal immigrants.
                                   w Refugee Affairs is tasked with the administration

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
2.13 Multi year projections
In order to deliver on the strategic plan of the DHA, the resource requirements for the medium term, in ac-
cordance with the MTEF allocations are as follows:

2.13.1 Programme Purpose and Measurable Objectives
 EXPENDITURE ESTIMATES AND MEASURABLE OBJECTIVES                          2006/07   2007/08    2008/09
                                                                          R’000      R’000     R’000
 Administration                                                           491 210   516 497    578 173
 Purpose:       Provide for the overall management of           Current   445 704   485 622    543 065
                the Department and provide information          Capital   45 506    30 875     35 108
                systems support to line functions

 Delivery of Services                                                     1 712 400 1 898 017 2 099 949
 Purpose:       Deliver core services of the Department       Current     1 287 236 1 379 867 1 594 642
                through the provision of services to citizens Capital     425 164   518 150    505 307
                by granting rights and powers to members
                of the population, and control immigra-
                tion according to South Africa’s skills and
                investment needs
 Measurable     Grant specified rights and citizenship to
 Objective:     eligible persons by issuing valid documents
                within the targeted delivery period and con-
                trol the immigration of various categories of
                foreigners into and out of the country within
                the prescribed delivery targets
 Auxiliary and Associated Services                                        596 795   639 286    1064 463
 Purpose:       Provide support to the Film and Publication Current       472 577   565 684    987 430
                Board, Government Printing Works and        Capital       124 218   73 602     77 033
                Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
                Provide for the upgrading and maintaining
                buildings and accommodation. Purchase
                vehicles for departmental use
 Measurable     Make timely transfer payments to the Film
 Objective:     and Publication Board, Government Print-
                ing Works and the Independent Electoral

                                                                                                                   strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
                Commission, and provide support services
                to ensure effective service delivery
                SUB TOTAL                                       Current 2 205 517 2 431 173 3 125 137
                                                                Capital   594 888   622 627    617 448
                TOTAL                                                     2 800 405 3 053 800 3 742 585

                                             caring, compassionate and responsive                             Page 
                                   2.13.2 Presentation per Programme

                                                                                       2006/07     2007/08     2008/09
                                    Key departmental objectives
                                                                                         R’000       R’000       R’000
                                    Administration                                     491 210     516 497     578 173

                                    Delivery of Services                              1 712 400   1 898 017   2 099 949

                                    Auxiliary and Associated Services                  596 795     639 286    1 064 463

                                    TOTAL                                             2 800 405   3 053 800   3 742 585

                                   2.13.3 Presentation per Economic Classification

                                                                                       2006/07     2007/08     2008/09
                                    Economic Classification
                                                                                         R’000       R’000       R’000
                                    Compensation of employees                         1 055 481   1 208 866   1 388 007

                                    Goods and services                                 788 867     781 223     886 755
                                                                                             –           –           –
                                    Interest and rent on land
                                                                                             –           –           –
                                    Financial transaction in assets and liabilities
                                                                                             –           –           –
                                    Unauthorised expenditure

                                    Transfers and subsidies                            361 169     441 084     850 375
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                    Purchase of capital assets                         594 888     622 627     617 448

                                    TOTAL                                             2 800 405   3 053 800   3 742 585

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
2.13.4 Programme allocation for the year ending 31 March 2007
 Progamme / Subprogramme                                                               2006/07

 Administration                                                                        491 210

      Minister                                                                             887

      Deputy Minister                                                                      688

      Management                                                                       175 572

      Corporate Services                                                               188 518

      Information Services (GITO)                                                      125 545

 Delivery of Services                                                                1 712 400

      Travel Documents and Citizenship                                                  40 955

      Population Register                                                              607 141

      Service Delivery                                                                 838 744

      Admissions                                                                        19 811

      Immigration Control                                                              188 674

      Refugee Affairs                                                                    4 836

      Boards and Committees                                                             12 239

 Auxiliary and Associated Services                                                     596 795

      Film and Publication Board                                                         7 233

      Government Printing Works                                                            200

      Government Motor Transport                                                        19 305

                                                                                                                          strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
      Independent Electoral Commission                                                 350 000

      Property Management                                                              220 057

 Total                                                                               2 800 405

2.13.5 Expenditure trends                                  tion of employees, on average 35,4 per cent of the
                                                           Department’s budget, is expected to grow strongly
Expenditure grew rapidly between 2002/03 and               again, at an average annual rate of 18 per cent, as
2005/06, increasing from R1, 4 billion to R3,1 billion,    the Department expands its capacity.
an average annual increase of 29,7 per cent. It is
expected to rise at a lower average annual rate of 6,3     In the 2006 Budget, the Department received ad-
per cent over the 2006 MTEF, reaching R3,7 billion         ditional allocations of R173,1 million for 2006/07,
by 2008/09. The increase in 2005/06 is mainly due          R233,8 million for 2007/08 and R781,6 million for
to large increases in transfers to the IEC for the local   2008/09. The funds have been allocated as follows
government elections as well as due to filling vacant      for these years respectively: IEC – R18 million, R30
posts. The large increase in expenditure in 2003/04        million and R420 million; capacity (including costs for
is also due to transfers to the IEC.                       the filling of posts and lease accommodation) – the
                                                           Department of Public Works R95,1 million, R103,8
Over the 2006 MTEF, expenditure on compensa-               million and R111,6 million.

                                               caring, compassionate and responsive                                  Page 
                                   PART 3: FIVE YEAR STRATEGIC OUTLOOK
                                   3.1 Introduction                        Action. The sole purpose of this         antiretroviral treatment (ART) by
                                   In an effort to obtain greater align-   discussion is to capture these link-     October); implementation of the
                                   ment between the budgetary cycle        ages and thereby ensure that they        Victim’s Charter; and contribution
                                   (MTEF - Medium Term Expen-              constitute the driving force in all      to peace processes in Ivory Coast
                                   diture Framework), the strategic        departmental planning and action.        and the Democratic Republic of
                                   planning cycle (MTSF - Medium           The detail hereof is manifested in       the Congo.
                                   Term Strategic Framework) and           the three and one year plans as
                                   the 5-year electoral cycle (5 year      tabulated in the following sections      The clear strategic objectives of
                                   election mandate of government          of this document.                        Government for the second de-
                                   as reflected in its programme of                                                 cade of freedom that transpired at
                                   action), National Treasury pub-         Government has clearly outlined          the January 2006 Cabinet Lekgot-
                                   lished guidelines incorporating         the course for the Second Decade         la and in this year’s State of the
                                   these matters. In the guidelines,       of Freedom: New and decisive ad-         Nation Address by the President,
                                   National Treasury requested de-         vances need to be made towards:          provide a succinct framework for
                                   partments to include a five-year         w the further entrenchment of de-       ensuring alignment of the DHA
                                   strategic posture in their strategic        mocracy in our country;              with prime governmental policy
                                   instruments.                             w transforming our country into a       thrusts and requirements. For the
                                                                               genuinely non-racial society;        purposes of this discussion these
                                   The envisaged changes would re-          w transforming our country into a       are summarised as: (1) econom-
                                   quire amendments to the Public Fi-          genuinely non-sexist society;        ic growth and development; (2)
                                   nancial Management Act (PFMA)            w eradicating poverty and under-        building the capacity of the state;
                                   and the Treasury Regulations. As            development, within the con-         (3) service delivery improvement;
                                   a result a measure of uncertainty           text of a thriving and growing       (4) enhancement of social secu-
                                   regarding the transitional planning         First Economy and the suc-           rity; (5) countering corruption and
                                   requirements of departments had             cessful transformation of the        promoting security; (6) improving
                                   emerged. Following consultations            Second Economy;                      of South Africa’s global relations
                                   between DHA and National Trea-           w opening the vistas towards the        with specific emphasis on Africa
                                   sury, it was resolved to produce            spiritual and material fulfilment    and countries of the South and (7)
                                   a combined document contain-                of each and every South Afri-        participating in the Integrated Sus-
                                   ing: one (1) year detailed plan-            can;                                 tainable Rural Development Pro-
                                   ning (Annual Performance Plan),          w securing the safety and secu-         gram (ISRDP) and Urban Renewal
                                   3 year MTEF related planning and            rity of all our people;              Strategy (URS) of Government. In
                                   high level 5 year strategic outlook.     w building a strong and efficient       each case the essential elements
                                   The one (1) and one to three (1-            democratic state that truly          of departmental planning as they
                                   3) year planning documents were             serves the interests of the peo-     relate to these five governmental
                                   captured in the change plan sec-            ple; and                             objectives are listed.
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   tion of the departmental strategic       w contributing to the victory of the
                                   plan whilst the five (5) year plan          African Renaissance and the          3.2.1 Economic growth and de-
                                   focused on the broad goals and              achievement of the goal of a         velopment
                                   objectives of the Department,               better life for the peoples of Af-   With regard to governmental pri-
                                   aligned with the Government Plan            rica and the rest of the world.      orities pertaining to the economic
                                   of Action, derived from its electoral                                            sphere, the Department has set
                                   mandate.                                These objectives constitute the          the following broad priority direc-
                                                                           central architecture of govern-          tives for the medium term:
                                   Once the intended new planning          mental policies and programmes,
                                   framework had been formalised           intended to ensure that South Af-        In support of providing the skills
                                   by National Treasury and legis-         rica truly belongs to all who live in    needed by the economy, the De-
                                   lated for, future strategic plans of    it, black and white.                     partment has undertaken the
                                   the Department would be adapted                                                  amendment of immigration leg-
                                   accordingly.                            Programmes reflected in this in-         islation in order to facilitate the
                                                                           terim update include the follow-         import of scarce skills in the short
                                   3.2      Aligning Home Affairs          ing: national launch of the Com-         term (in support of ASGISA). Over
                                   with governmental strategic ob-         munity Development Workers               the medium term the Department
                                   jectives.                               Programme; implementation of             will focus on the overall review of
                                   The main purpose of this five-year      the Inter-Governmental Relations         all relevant legislation and poli-
                                   strategic perspective is to align       Act; Project Consolidate facilita-       cies. An integrated policy frame-
                                   shorter term departmental plan-         tion of public participation; African    work that will be to the benefit of
                                   ning with the national policy objec-    Peer Review Mechanism country            all citizens and visitors alike will
                                   tives of Government as a whole,         review of South Africa; implemen-        be developed in conjunction with
                                   embodied in its electoral mandate       tation of the Comprehensive HIV          the Department of Trade and In-
                                   and concretised in the Plan of          and AIDS plan (97 000 enrolled for       dustry.

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
The Department further aims at           tal Turnaround Strategy but have          right vision and mission. The right
contributing to economic devel-          also been included in its strategic       strategic and business plans as
opment and the increase of the           planning.                                 well as policies are in place. The
tourist industry by means of facili-                                               big challenge however is to en-
tating, inter alia, one-stop border      The Home Affairs National Identi-         sure that these are reflected on
posts over the next 3-5 years, thus      fication System (HANIS) is a key          the ground.
promoting trans-national econom-         pillar of Government’s e-govern-
ic activity.                             ment programme and through this           The Department of Home Affairs
                                         system the Department of Home             identified the need for dedicated
In terms of the governmental aim         Affairs seeks to create and main-         capacity to improve service deliv-
of alleviating poverty and reducing      tain an integrated biometric data-        ery, and created a specific subpro-
unemployment, the Department             base of all citizens and visitors that    gramme, Service Delivery, in the
will intensify its efforts to ensure     it deals with. HANIS is a crucially       Delivery of Services programme.
the correct registration of all SA       important IT project for Govern-          The main function of the subpro-
citizens by providing them with en-      ment and is aimed at significantly        gramme is to determine the ad-
abling documents, thus allowing          improving good governance and             equacy of systems and facilities at
access to the various social and         service delivery.                         the interface between departmen-
educational services that citizens                                                 tal staff and clients. Specific in-
may be entitled to.                      Related examples are the “Child           terventions include infrastructure
                                         on-line Registration” at hospitals        and human capacity development
The envisaged introduction of            that has been initiated in partner-       to deliver services in the spirit of
modernised and electronic popu-          ship with the Provincial Health De-       Batho Pele.
lation identification and verification   partments. This arrangement will
systems will also distinctly benefit     remain permanent and will further         Enhancing our service delivery is
private sector business activities       be rolled-out to other hospitals.         a strategic driver for the DHA but
such as banking, insurance and                                                     it is also a strategic imperative.
other related industries.                The introduction of a permanent           The Department has committed
                                         citizens’ registration campaign is        itself in letter and spirit to the prin-
3.2.2 Building the capacity of           an affirmation of the Department’s        ciples of Batho Pele. It therefore
the state                                will to expand access to the ben-         fully participates in the Batho-Pele
In terms of its medium to long term      efits of SA citizenship to all entitled   Change Management Campaign,
planning, the Department is guid-        thereto. This includes the oppor-         including unannounced site visits,
ed by the Government’s national          tunity to express the basic con-          name badges, internal commu-
priorities for the next decade, as       stitutional right to vote, therefore,     nication within the public service
they permeate to and are concre-         broadening and further institution-       with a national programme to en-
tised within the programmes of the       alising democracy.                        trench the ethos of Letsema and
five national clusters, (Economic,                                                 Vuk`uzenzele.
Social, G&A, JCPS & IRPS), all of        The Department is the custodian
which the Department is a member         of the National Population Reg-           Although the reality of chronic un-

                                                                                                                                   strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
of. Intergovernmental alignment          ister. Protecting its integrity is a      derstaffing, poor office location,
and co-ordination as an important        national priority as it defines our       offices in a poor state of repair
means to build a developmental           state- and nationhood. This de-           and inadequately equipped still
state is thereby strengthened.           mands the accurate, secure and            hampers efforts to meet the re-
                                         reliable recording of population          quirements of Batho Pele, the De-
The Department of Home Affairs           data. Safeguarding the National           partment, in conjunction with other
is key to building the capacity of       Population Register (NPR) against         role-players, has embarked on
the state due to the nature of the       corrupt and fraudulent practices is       a strategic office expansion plan
services it renders. Many vital oth-     therefore paramount. Departmen-           over the medium term to ensure
er Government programmes are             tal programmes such as the cur-           that services are really brought to
dependent on the performance             rent verification of marital status       the people. A scientific study un-
capacity of Home Affairs. These          and registration of customary mar-        dertaken by the CSIR has been
include social security, justice &       riages’ campaigns aim to uphold           finalised that will guide strategic
crime prevention, education, eco-        the integrity of South African citi-      expansion over the next five to ten
nomic transactions and contrac-          zenship and promoting the dignity         years. The introduction of fully-
tual arrangements.                       of our people.                            fledged mobile units increasingly
                                                                                   enables the Department to render
The dynamic building of the DHA’s        3.2.3 Service Delivery Improve-           fully-fledged services in deep rural
internal capacity in the fields of       ment                                      and previously marginalised urban
human resources, infrastructure          The thrust of the strategic plan of       areas.
and technology are therefore             the DHA focuses on service deliv-
critical for good governance in          ery that is effective, efficient and      In line with Government policy
general. These aspects were not          convenient to our clients. The De-        directions, we have also been in-
only foremost in the departmen-          partment of Home Affairs has the          vestigating ways and means to

                                                  caring, compassionate and responsive                                        Page 
                                   promote ‘integrated service deliv-      The DHA has also strategically           programmes as is currently the
                                   ery’, including agency systems,         become a more aggressive role            case in the Democratic Repub-
                                   sharing of infrastructure and staff     player within the Justice Crime          lic of Congo. The DHA should be
                                   as well as cooperation with other       Prevention and Security FOSAD            geared to expand its role in this re-
                                   governmental tiers. Not only will       Cluster in the integrated fight          gard. This pertains as well to mak-
                                   rationalisation of scarce state         against crime and corruption. Its        ing significant contributions when
                                   resources benefit from such ar-         involvement is primarily spear-          requested to do so in regional
                                   rangements, but the public also         headed by its role in the effective      institutions such as NEPAD, AU,
                                   benefits from accessing a variety       implementation of the new im-            African Parliament, SADC and
                                   of related governmental services        migration legislation. The protec-       others.
                                   under one roof. This initiative will    tions of our borders as well as the
                                   continue over the medium to long        management of foreigners within          The chairing of the G-77 adds fur-
                                   term.                                   the RSA are key elements that            ther importance to South Africa’s
                                                                           require strengthened partnerships        role in International Relations.
                                   3.2.4 Enhancement of social se-         with other law enforcement agen-         Strategic developments resulting
                                   curity                                  cies. The Department plays an im-        in involvement in the IBSA (India-
                                   The social security of the nation       portant role in a number of cluster      Brazil-SA) forum will further pro-
                                   has over the last few years taken       initiatives for the medium to long       vide direction for the medium to
                                   prominence on the social sector         term, including issues such as           long term.
                                   agenda of Government. Whilst            upgrading, standardisation and
                                   DHA plays a supportive role to          improvement of ports of entry,           The 2010 Soccer World Cup Tour-
                                   departments such as Health and          dealing with fraud, corruption and       nament to be hosted in South Afri-
                                   Social Development, it has be-          crime, addressing fragmented en-         ca is indicative of the high standing
                                   come increasingly evident that its      forcement of legislation by depart-      the country has in the interna-
                                   mandate is important to improv-         ments, and finding a balance be-         tional arena as well as confirma-
                                   ing social security and towards         tween facilitation of cross-border       tion of the capacity of the country
                                   poverty alleviation – from issuing      movement of SADC citizens and            to host events of this magnitude.
                                   enabling documents to citizens          security needs, assisted by intro-       The hosting of this event will have
                                   eligible to apply for social grants,    duction of appropriate technology.       far reaching implications for South
                                   it has furthermore taken the initia-                                             Africa and the African continent in
                                   tive of introducing on-line registra-   Various role-players are working         general. In particular, Home Af-
                                   tion of births and deaths at hos-       on an Integrated Implementa-             fairs will be presented with major
                                   pitals in order for the citizenry to    tion Plan that will be presented to      challenges relating to the Soccer
                                   access our services, especially in      Cabinet outlining the action steps,      World Cup 2010 that will entail
                                   the ISRDP and URP nodes. DHA’s          budgets and time frames to neu-          the efficient processing of the mil-
                                   drive to mobilise communities to        tralise all threats and enhance          lions of foreign soccer players and
                                   register in effect begins to restore    border control and security. This        fans.
                                   the dignity of those marginalised       will provide strategic direction over
                                   from the imbalanced legacy of the       the medium to long term.                 The Department has set itself the
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   past. The Department will continue                                               objective of co-ordinating its inter-
                                   to play a vital supporting and pro-     3.2.6      Improving of South Af-        national relations programmes.
                                   active role in the enhancement of       rica’s global relations                  This will be achieved by means of
                                   social security.                        South Africa has since 1994              capacitating the international rela-
                                                                           emerged as a major player in the         tions component in order to face
                                   3.2.5 Countering corruption and         international arena. The main fo-        the challenges that lie ahead as
                                   promoting security                      cus of its foreign policy is on Africa   well as finalising its international
                                   The DHA mission statement clear-        and countries of the South and re-       relations strategy. An integral part
                                   ly aligns our intention to the gov-     flecting in a wide array of political,   of this strategy will be the formula-
                                   ernmental priorities of combating       social and economic programmes           tion of procedures and guidelines
                                   crime and corruption. Central to        of a multi-national nature. Perti-       to manage foreign engagement.
                                   our function is the promotion of        nent examples relating specifically
                                   the national integrity by ensuring      to Home Affairs are economic in-         3.2.7 Participating in the Inte-
                                   that our services are impenetrable      tegration within SADC transpir-          grated Sustainable Rural Devel-
                                   and safeguarded from exploita-          ing inter alia in the need for free      opment Programme and Urban
                                   tion by criminals and syndicates.       movement of people and goods in          Renewal Strategy (URS) of Gov-
                                   Campaigns on fraudulent births,         the sub-continent. This imperative       ernment
                                   marriages and deaths together           should clearly be reflected in our       Fast tracking growth and devel-
                                   with ongoing modernisation of our       management of immigration, e.g.          opment in deeply rural areas and
                                   systems for security purposes are       the visa regime, border control          marginalised urban communities
                                   efforts in this regard. The Counter     efficiencies and admission prac-         is foremost priority of Govern-
                                   Corruption and Fraud Prevention         tices. Also, in the sphere of gov-       ment. This crucial policy impera-
                                   Plan seek to address internal man-      ernance, Home Affairs is actively        tive is being operationalised in the
                                   ifestations of this phenomenon.         involved in African reconstruction       Integrated Sustainable Rural De-

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
velopment Programme (ISRDP)            Home Affairs has committed itself        Consequently, properly servicing
and Urban Renewal Strategy             to playing its full role in the reali-   these nodes constitutes a cen-
(URS). All government agencies         sation of these policy objectives.       tral driver in our Office Expansion
are required to contribute to the      Therefore, our service delivery          Plan, the deployment of our newly
successful roll-out of these pro-      improvement initiatives are per-         developed and fully equipped mo-
grammes, plan their contribution       tinently focused on the 21 nodal         bile units as well as our presence
with regard to their implementa-       points in which the ISRDP and            at Multi-purpose Community Cen-
tion and report thereupon in their     URS are being rolled out. Our in-        tres (MPCC’s).
Annual reports.                        volvement will be further intensi-
                                       fied during ensuing years.


4.1. Introduction                      The outcome of the workshop is           some of the problems traditionally
The Department of Home Affairs         a combined document containing           experienced in planning, and to
held its annual strategic planning     one year detailed planning (An-          move ahead with developing de-
workshop from 23 – 25 March            nual Performance Plan) and three         tailed outputs which are followed
2006. Though good progress had         year MTEF related planning and           by detailed implementation and
been made in the previous year,        five year strategic planning.            action plans for each chief direc-
many challenges still remain.                                                   torate and directorate.
                                       In order to improve the Depart-
One of the core challenges is the      ment’s efforts to respond to it’s        These plans will include the allo-
need to align the departmental         mandate, and in response to              cation of individual responsibility,
planning cycle with government         National Treasury requirements,          budgetary implications and time-
requisites and in the process          the Department underwent an              frames, as well as built in monitor-
ensure proper linkage between          extensive review of its current 5        ing and evaluation systems that
strategic planning and budgeting.      year strategic plan (2005/06 to          are focussed on achievement of
Due to the incorrect application       2009/10) in March 2006. Utilising        the outputs.
of the planning cycle the Depart-      the “results-based” planning meth-
ment had perpetuated the prob-         odology, the Department was able         Results-based planning (RBP) is
lem of budget planning preced-         to analyse its progress in terms of      designed to produce tangible re-
ing strategic planning instead of      the previously published Strategic       sults and ensures that plans are
strategic planning informing the       Plan 2005/06 – 2009/10 and de-           relevant, implementable, and re-
budget. The consequence of this        velop detailed outputs for the next      alistic in terms of resources and
was that budgetary constraints se-     3 years. The original document           constraints. RBP ensures that
verely hampered the execution of       captured the more detailed, lower        equal emphasis on both planning

                                                                                                                            strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
strategic objectives thus delaying     level objectives of the Department,      and implementation, and details
departmental progress in its quest     particularly in relation to its Turn-    what organisations must do each
for world-class service delivery.      around Strategy. In this updated         day in order to reach service deliv-
                                       plan, the Department reports on          ery targets. Monitoring and evalu-
The Department has therefore           higher level objectives and on out-      ation is viewed as an integral part
embarked on a route to rectify the     puts set for the next 3 years.           of the plan and not as a separate
situation. As an interim measure,                                               process. The goal of RBP is thus
the resulting plan is therefore        It is common knowledge that, de-         to ensure a direct link between
mainly based on a review and up-       spite routine strategic planning         what we plan to do and what we
date of the 2005/06 – 2007/08 plan     on an annual basis, a number of          do and how we do it. In this stra-
within the confines of the budget.     public sector organisations con-         tegic plan we have presented the
However, critical elements result-     tinue to function ineffectively and      Department’s Strategic Objectives
ing from core governmental direc-      inefficiently. This has created an       and Outputs. Strategic Objec-
tion pointers such as the State of     ongoing problem of poor and lim-         tives are the link between an or-
the Nation Address and various         ited service delivery within the         ganisation’s mission and outputs
others such as Cluster issues          public sector in South Africa. One       (goods and services) and provide
for 2006/07, government guide-         of the main causes of the incapac-       a detailed picture of a desired set
lines and departmental assess-         ity of government departments to         of outcome. They are achievable
ments, workshops and directives        deliver has been their inability to      and reflect higher level, long-term
have been included into the plan.      follow planning with action and im-      goals rather than short-term ac-
Where necessary reprioritisation       plementation. The results-based          tivities or outputs. Outputs are the
was done to ensure that critical is-   planning model (RBP) used to             goods and services we must pro-
sues are addressed.                    develop this strategic plan has en-      duce in order to achieve those ob-
                                       abled the Department to unblock          jectives. Outputs must be achiev-

                                                caring, compassionate and responsive                                   Page 
                                   able and, prioritised in advance to    can inform the MTEF budget re-
                                   ensure better decision-making in       quests for 2007/08 onwards, com-
                                   terms of scarce resources. As part     mencing in April 2006.
                                   of our results based planning pro-
                                   cess, we have also developed Im-       This following part of the docu-
                                   plementation Plans, Action Plans       ment entails a reconsideration of
                                   and Individual Work Plans – these      our business in order to achieve
                                   are internal plans, which ensure       service excellence. Whilst the
                                   that aligned strategic planning        standing objectives address the
                                   filters all the way through the or-    sustenance of the ongoing busi-
                                   ganisation, thus making sure that      ness of the Department in accor-
                                   what individuals in the Department     dance with the programmes of the
                                   are doing each and every day is        Department, the objectives pro-
                                   supportive of what the entire or-      vide a framework and focus for the
                                   ganisation, and Government as a        comprehensive and fundamental
                                   whole, wants to achieve.               transformation of the Department
                                                                          in order to ensure compliance with
                                   Once the ensuing financial year        key governmental policy objec-
                                   has commenced, the Department          tives.
                                   will focus on detail planning for
                                   2007/08 onwards, in order to en-
                                   sure that the financial implications
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

Page 0                            caring, compassionate and responsive
4.2. Strategic Objectives for the Department of Home Affairs
Strategic Objective 1: Develop and implement an organisational model that ensures that the Department
has people in the correct places, with the requisite capacity and capabilities, to enable it to meet its mandate.

                              OUTPUT TARGET DATE
                                                                 PERFORMANCE                        RESPO-
                              06/07       07/08      08/09       INDICATOR                          NSIBILITY

 An organisational model
                                                                 Organisational model               CD: SESS
 for the Department
                                                                 approved by Minister
 approved in respect of:
 w    Organisational
      principles and
 w    Structure and
 w    Systems and
 w    Transformation of

 Civic Services
 transformed with regard
 to policies, processes,
 systems and structure
 including:                                                                                         DDG: CS
 w   Integrated
     transformation plan                                         Signed-off integrated
                                                                 transformation plan, including
                                                                 interim measures
 w   Interim measures to
     improve quality and                                         Interim measures implemented
     turnaround times                                            to improve quality and
                                                                 turnaround times
 w   Transformed Civic
     Services fully                                              Transformation project signed
     operational                                                 off

                                                                                                                         strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
 Performance driven                                              Individual and organisational
                              Phase 1     Phase 2    Phase 3                                        DDG: CoS
 culture institutionalised                                       performance aligned

 A new effective system                                          M & E policy and system            CD: SESS
 for monitoring and                                              approved and implemented
 evaluation developed and
 introduced                                                      Uniform performance
                                                                 standards set and service level
                                                                 agreements established where

                                                                 Quarterly reports based on
                                                                 reliable evidence that assess

Key:             period for 06/07
                 period up to 07/08
                 period up to 08/09
                                              caring, compassionate and responsive                                  Page 
                                                                 OUTPUT TARGET DATE
                                                                                         PERFORMANCE                       RESPO-
                                    KEY OUTPUT
                                                                 06/07   07/08   08/09   INDICATOR                         NSIBILITY

                                    Information services                                 System reviewed                   GITO
                                    strategy implemented
                                    w   System reviewed                                  Improved service delivery
                                    w   Requisite IS capacity                            reported
                                    w   Enhanced systems                                 Business strategy enabled
                                        security and integrity
                                                                                         Enterprise resource
                                                                                         management solution in place

                                    An integrated capacity                               Critical capacity developed       DDG: CoS
                                    development strategy and                             and enhanced in respect of:
                                    plan                                                 w    Professionalising and
                                    w   Strategy and plan                                     improving service delivery
                                        developed                                        w    Leadership and
                                    w   Medium term plan                                      management capacity
                                        implemented                                      w    Skills development
                                                                                         w    Requisite infrastructure
                                                                                              and support systems
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
                             OUTPUT TARGET DATE
                                                           PERFORMANCE                     RESPO-
                             06/07     07/08     08/09     INDICATOR                       NSIBILITY

Devolution of support,
core functions and
powers devolved to
Provinces and all offices
w    Comprehensive                                         Plan approved                   DDG: SD
      devolution plan        Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3
w    All delegations                                       Delegation plan fully           DDG: CoS
     reviewed and            Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3   implemented
     devolved in phases
w   Necessary systems in                                   System roll-out plan            DDG: SD
    support of devolution                                  implemented
    established, rolled
    out in phases and
    monitored including
    core functions,
    finance, HR and
    asset management

Relevant information                                       Knowledge assets identified     GITO
and knowledge shared                                       and opportunities created for
to ensure capacitation of                                  proper utilisation
staff and accessibility to   Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3
accurate information and                                   Availability of information
knowledge                                                  management systems

                                                           Users capacitated

                                                                                                            strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                          caring, compassionate and responsive                         Page 
                                   Strategic Objective 2: Provide a service to all clients that reflects and institutionalises the principles of Batho

                                                                  OUTPUT TARGET DATE                 PERFORMANCE
                                     KEY OUTPUT                                                                                RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                  06/07   07/08   08/09              INDICATOR

                                     Service Delivery
                                     Improvement Plan in
                                     line with Batho Pele
                                     principles implemented

                                     w   Service Delivery                                            Plan developed,           COO
                                         plan developed                                              approved and
                                     w   Service Delivery                                            implemented
                                         Charter, including                                          Service Delivery          COO
                                         Batho Pele                                                  Charter approved
                                         principles, approved                                        and disseminated
                                     w   Batho Pele                                                  Batho Pele                ALL MANAGERS
                                         standardised across                                         standards applied
                                         DHA                                                         consistently

                                     Legal Services provides                                         Representation of         DDG: CoS
                                     full support function                                           Legal Services in
                                                                                                     core business of the

                                     Proactively provide legal                                       Drafting and re-          DDG: CoS
                                     support services to the                                         alignment of
                                     Department and Ministry                                         compliance with and
                                                                                                     training on legislation

                                                                                                     Manage legislation
                                                                                                     and analyse trends
                                                                                                     and advise on court

                                     A comprehensive                                                 Communication             CD: COM
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                     communication                                                   channels and
                                     strategy developed and                                          mediums used to
                                     implemented that is                                             actively communicate
                                     aligned to the overall                                          the services of DHA
                                     departmental needs and                                          and educate public
                                     the needs of the citizens
                                                                                                     Appointment of
                                                                                                     Officers at provincial

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
                            OUTPUT TARGET DATE            PERFORMANCE
KEY OUTPUT                                                                        RESPONSIBILITY
                            06/07   07/08   08/09         INDICATOR

Accessibility to DHA
service delivery points
w   Integrated access
                                                          Effective deployment    DDG: CS
    plan to utilise
                                                          achieved in respect
    government and
                                                          of coverage
    other access points
                            Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3
    (e.g. MPCC’s,
    Hospitals, Post
    Office) developed
    and implemented in
w   Expansion of DHA
                                                          New offices acquired    CFO

Expansion of the Client
Service Centre (CSC)
to offer service on a 24-
hour basis accelerated
w    Concept for CSC                                      Concept approved
     expansion approved
w    Centre expanded                                      Expanded Centre         (DDG: SD)
     and integrated                                       fully functional
     services in place

Track and Trace system
w   Development of                                        Interim system in       GITO
    interim electronic                                    place to track and
    system for ID                                         trace ID applications
    implemented that

                                                                                                        strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
    covers all offices
w   Comprehensive
    Electronic Track                                      Electronic system       GITO
    and Trace system                                      fully operational
    implemented for all
    types of applications

                                          caring, compassionate and responsive                     Page 
                                   Strategic Objective 3: Provide credible, secure, accurate and timeous enabling documents to all who are
                                                                 OUTPUT TARGET DATE            PERFORMANCE
                                    KEY OUTPUT                                                                         RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                 06/07   07/08  08/09          INDICATOR
                                    Implement Smart ID Card
                                    w     Refugee Smart
                                                                                               Refugee Smart ID
                                          ID card fully
                                                                                               Cards issued
                                          implemented                                                                  GITO
                                                                                               6 million Smart Cards
                                    w     Smart ID Cards
                                                                                               issued annually
                                          issued according to

                                    E-Passport introduced
                                    w  e-Passports piloted                                     E-Passports issued      GITO
                                    w  e-Passports rolled out

                                    Security features on                                       Security features
                                    enabling documents                                         available on all face   GPW
                                    enhanced                                                   value documents

                                   Strategic Objective 4: Manage and maintain the integrity of the National Population Register (NPR)
                                                                 OUTPUT TARGET DATE             PERFORMANCE
                                    KEY OUTPUT                                                                          RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                 06/07   07/08  08/09           INDICATOR

                                                                                                Data incorporated       DDG: CS
                                    Integrity of the NPR
                                                                                                into NPR
                                    ensured by:
                                    w   Duplication
                                                                                                process completed
                                    w   Policy & programmes
                                                                                                / duplication
                                        in place to ensure
                                                                                                prevention software
                                        continuous update
                                                                                                in place
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   Strategic Objective 5: Manage and maintain all records associated with enabling documentation
                                                                 OUTPUT TARGET DATE        PERFORMANCE
                                    KEY OUTPUT                                                                          RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                 06/07 07/08 08/09         INDICATOR
                                    Effective and efficient
                                    records management
                                    and maintenance
                                    strategy developed and
                                    w   Conversion of existing
                                                                                           Project signed off
                                        manual records to
                                        an electronic format
                                                                                           Interim record
                                    w   Interim record
                                                                                           management plan in
                                        management plan
                                        approved and
                                    w   Electronic Record
                                                                                           Electronic Record System
                                        System rolled out to
                                                                                           fully operational
                                        all offices
                                    IEDMS and data                                         IEDMS and data
                                    warehouse solutions                                    warehouse fully              GITO
                                    implemented                                            operational

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
Strategic Objective 6: Manage the immigration function at ports of entry and participate in protecting the
integrity of South Africa’s borders (internally and at POEs)

                               OUTPUT TARGET DATE              PERFORMANCE
 KEY OUTPUT                                                                             RESPONSIBILITY
                               06/07     07/08      08/09      INDICATOR

 Integrated management                                         Management system        DDG: NIB
 systems developed and                                         approved and
 implemented at ports of                                       implemented
 entry in collaboration with
 w   Single integrated
     Government facilities
     at ports of entry

                                                               chairmanship and         DDG: NIB
                                                               coordinating capacity
 BCOCC co-ordinated                                            supported
 and the operational plan
 implemented                                                   Reporting and
 An integrated Immigration
                                                               Monitoring reports       DDG: NIB
 law enforcement
                               Phase 1   Phase 2    Phase 3    indicate objectives
 strategy developed and
                                                               per phase achieved
 implemented in phases

 National Deportation                                          Plan approved
                                                                                        DDG: NIB
 system transformed;                                           Phase 1 objectives
 w   Plan developed                      Phase 1    Phase 2    achieved
 w   Plan implemented in                                       Phase 2 objectives
     phases                                                    achieved

                                                                                                                  strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                            caring, compassionate and responsive                             Page 
                                   Strategic Objective 7: Manage immigration and refugee affairs in a manner based on human rights principles

                                                                     OUTPUT TARGET DATE      PERFORMANCE
                                    KEY OUTPUT                                                                             RESPONSIBILITY
                                                                     06/07   07/08   08/09   INDICATOR

                                    Integrated plan on                                       Strategic partnerships with   DDG: NIB
                                    management of                                            stakeholders developed
                                    refugees developed and
                                    implemented                                              Agreements on the
                                                                                             repatriation of refugees
                                                                                             with the UNHCR and the
                                                                                             relevant countries in place

                                    SADC Protocol on Free                                    Legislation within SA,        DDG: NIB
                                    Movement of Persons                                      SADC and/or individual
                                    implemented                                              countries on matters of
                                                                                             migration harmonised

                                    Counter xenophobia
                                    strategy developed and                                   Impact study report           DDG: NIB

                                    Support of ASGISA / JIPSA                                Immigration legislation       DDG: NIB
                                    facilitated                                              reviewed

                                                                                             Permitting regime

                                                                                             Processes and
                                                                                             procedures reviewed and

                                    Processing regime                                                                      DDG: NIB
                                    developed that is efficient,
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                    effective and humane
                                    w   Feasibility study on                                 Recommendations of
                                        transit facility conducted                           feasibility study approved
                                    w   Approved refugee
                                        reception centres in                                 Centres fully operational
                                        provinces established

                                    Regularised refugees                                     Strategy on integration       DDG: NIB
                                    successfully integrated into                             developed and
                                    society                                                  implemented

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
Strategic Objective 8: Eradicate and combat corruption to protect the integrity of the Department

                                                    PERFORMANCE INDICATOR              RESPONSIBILITY
                        06/07     07/08    08/09

 Integrated counter                                 Review and integration of          CD: CCS
 corruption strategy                                policies and mechanisms to
 and mechanisms                                     combat corruption
 implemented, that
 constantly adapt to                                Introduction of approved
 new requirements                                   counter corruption strategy

                                                    Implementation, monitoring and
                                                    evaluation of counter corruption

                                                    Successful operation of multi-
                                                    agency system (Overarching-
                                                    forum / MOUs in place)

                                                    System updated on basis of
                                                    trends analysis

 Effective                                          Risk management strategy           CD: SESS
 organisational-wide                                submitted in compliance with
 risk management                                    PFMA requirements, approved
 policy implemented                                 and implemented

                                                    Reporting and acting on risks
                                                    monitored for effectiveness

 Business Continuity                                100% availability of systems
 and Contingency                                    achieved (HANIS DRS)
 plan developed and                                                                    GITO
 implemented                                        Fault tolerance around DHA
                                                    systems and applications built

                                                                                                             strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                           caring, compassionate and responsive                         Page 
                                   Strategic Objective 9: Effectively contribute to intergovernmental and international initiatives in pursuit of
                                   national objectives as well as with other institutions of interests

                                                          OUTPUT TARGET DATE                     PERFORMANCE
                                    KEY OUTPUT                                                                              RESPONSIBILITY
                                                          06/07        07/08        08/09        INDICATOR

                                                                                                 Regular inputs on          CD: GR
                                    Decisions of
                                                                                                 progress provided
                                    the Department
                                                                                                 to clusters and
                                    in line with
                                                                                                 other relevant
                                                                                                 intergovernmental fora
                                    structures’           Quarterly    Quarterly    Quarterly
                                                                                                 Active participation in
                                                                                                 intergovernmental and
                                                                                                 international activities

                                                                                                 Strategic partnerships     CD: GR
                                                                                                 formed and sustained
                                                                                                 in line with relevant
                                    with relevant
                                                                                                 Direct communication
                                    across sectors
                                                                                                 lines established with
                                    built and sustained
                                                                                                 DFA, DTI and Dept of

                                                                                                 MOUs signed and            CD: GR
                                                                                                 agreements concluded
                                                                                                 regarding bi-lateral
                                    Processes                                                    cooperation
                                    including bilateral
                                    co-operations                                                Achievement of set
                                    managed                                                      objectives monitored
                                                                                                 and evaluated

                                                                                                 MOUs / Agreements
                                                                                                 reviewed where
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                    Departmental                                                 Coherent and               CD: GR
                                    international                                                sustainable
                                    programmes                                                   departmental
                                    coordinated in line                                          programmes
                                    with the country’s                                           implemented in the
                                    foreign policy                                               relevant countries

                                                                                                 Relevant Cluster           CD: GR
                                                                                                 decisions implemented

                                    Effective                                                    Departmental
                                    participation in                                             participation and
                                    Government                                                   reporting compliance
                                                          Quarterly    Quarterly    Quarterly
                                    Clusters (systems)                                           monitored
                                                                                                 All presentations to
                                                                                                 clusters authorised by
                                                                                                 SMC and DG

Page 0                            caring, compassionate and responsive
                             OUTPUT TARGET DATE                      PERFORMANCE
 KEY OUTPUT                                                                                  RESPONSIBILITY
                             06/07          07/08       08/09        INDICATOR

 Strategic leadership on
                                                                     Inputs made at
 G77 migration issues                                                                        DDG: NIB
                                                                     appropriate fora

 Departmental plan
 to deal with 2010
 challenges developed
 and implemented
 w   Additional support                                              Support in place
     for 2010 Committee
                                            Phase 1     Phase 2                              DDG: NIB
 w   Strategy and                                                    Strategy and plan
     plan in place,                                                  approved
     including monitoring
 w   Plan implemented                                                Monitoring reports
     and monitored

4.3 Programme and sub-pro-            tencies in place. A systematic ef-         ‘priority offices’ has been de-
gramme plans                          fort will therefore be over the next       veloped.
                                      three years to address this critical   w   The ten-year rollout plan of
4.3.1 Service Delivery challeng-      issue, as funding is made avail-           DHA representation abroad,
es and iniatives                      able within the MTEF framework.            with particular focus on Africa
                                      The focus will therefore be on ca-         and countries of the South. The
The Department of Home Affairs        pacitating especially regional and         appointment of Regional Man-
is in essence a service delivery      district offices in terms of numbers       agers has started. Thus far, two
department. Delivery on outputs       and competencies.                          (2) officials at SMS level have
relating to core business of the                                                 been placed. In addition, place-
Department is critical for the fun-   The Department of Home Af-                 ment is in accordance with em-
damental transformation of the        fairs has implemented a num-               phasis on strategic countries
Department. The impact of core        ber of initiatives during 2005 to          as identified by South Africa’s
business therefore has a direct       ensure adherence to the Batho              foreign policy.
influence on the quality of service   Pele principles. The challenge is      w   The training of officials to be

                                                                                                                          strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
delivery to customers.                to strengthen and sustain adher-           placed abroad in line with the
                                      ence to Batho Pele in the future.          ten-year roll-out plan of the De-
The launch of the National Immi-      The initiatives referred to are:           partment has also happened.
gration Branch in 2005 aimed to                                                  Placement is done twice a year
improve the quality of services       w   Rollout of the “Client is always       in line with the Department
rendered in the sphere of immi-           right campaign.”                       of Foreign Affairs placement
gration. The overall transforma-      w   Review of current service stan-        times. Officials are placed after
tion of Civic Services in the next        dards.                                 successful completion of the
few years has been identified as      w   Launch of name badges to all           training programme, after suc-
the next critical intervention re-        officials from the Department.         cess in the selection process
quired by the Department.             w   The introduction of flexible           and on attainment of security
                                          working hours.                         clearance both in South Africa
The Department has over recent        w   Internal and external signage          and in the country of intended
years been severely hampered              for all DHA offices was intro-         placement. Officials are also
in its quest to deliver world-class       duced.                                 expected to attend a send-off
services to its entire customer       w   Launch of 67 state of the art          ceremony wherein they sign a
base by the lack of capacity to de-       mobile units to improve access         pledge of working honestly for
liver on its mandate. The 2005/06         to services. All of these 67 mo-       South Africa and the Depart-
financial year has proven to be           bile units have been delivered.        ment of Home Affairs.
no exception. Despite the filling         Only 10 of these mobile units      w   Review of the structure of the
of 1 263 vacancies of which 1179          still need to be deployed to the       Department to align it with the
were new appointments and 84              provinces. The deployment will         strategy.
departmental transfers to DHA,            commence in the 2006/07 fi-        w   A pilot Client Service Centre
the Department is far from having         nancial year.                          (CSC) is in place. The process
the required numbers and compe-       w   A proposal on the opening of           of converting the pilot CSC into

                                               caring, compassionate and responsive                                  Page 
                                       a 24-hour operation is in pro-      poratisation of the entity. This pro-         and seamless).
                                       cess and will be looked into in     cess will enable GPW to fully focus
                                       earnest in the 2006/07 financial    on becoming a specialist security       w   Develop unique capabilities
                                       year.                               printer for the state. Such a pro-          and assets that are focused
                                   w   Participation in 58 of the 66       gramme will require the adoption            on:
                                       Multi-purpose Community Cen-        and implementation of an updated            • In-sourcing and co-sourcing
                                       tres (MPCCs) in the country (by     new business model. That model                the primary functions and
                                       end of January 2006). This is       will be driven by the dictum of the           outsourcing the non-core
                                       critical in making DHA services     Department of Home Affairs, which             functions.
                                       more accessible to citizens.        will require the following:
                                   w   A uniform programme for pro-                                                The positioning of GPW would
                                       vincial activities was developed    w   GPW refocus its core business       thus follow confirming the De-
                                       in October 2005. This pro-              to enable specialist security       partment of Home Affairs as the
                                       gramme allows for frequent and          printing;                           primary customer, and other spe-
                                       structured identification of best   w   GPW be effective and efficient      cialist driven departments as the
                                       practices from the Provinces            in the delivery of its services     secondary customers. For the De-
                                       and consequent institutionali-          and product;                        partment of Home Affairs, GPW
                                       sation once such practice has       w   Ministerial Advisory Committee      will focus on developing and pro-
                                       been identified.                        (MAC) to recommend the nec-         ducing / publishing citizen identifi-
                                                                               essary legislative process for      cation specialist documents rang-
                                   4.3.2 Monitoring and Evaluation             GPW to operate within; and          ing from birth certificates, identity
                                   The Department of Home Affairs          w   DHA to co-develop the neces-        documents, marriage certificates,
                                   is in the process of improving and          sary regulations and attend to      passports and death certificates.
                                   implementing a formal and inte-             all legislative amendments as
                                   grated reporting framework with             may be required.                    In as far as the secondary cus-
                                   effect from May 2004. This is in                                                tomers are concerned, significant
                                   accordance with prescripts stipu-       Like most organisations GPW             opportunities exist for providing
                                   lating that the Accounting Officer      has some distinct characteristics.      specialist documents to the Inde-
                                   must establish procedures for           These include the need to be infor-     pendent Electoral Commission
                                   quarterly reporting to the Minister     mation based, to be decentralised       (IEC), the Department of Educa-
                                   to facilitate effective performance     yet densely linked through tech-        tion (certificates) etc.
                                   monitoring, evaluation and correc-      nology, be rapidly adaptable and        To that end it is recommended:
                                   tive action.                            extremely agile to client needs         w That a new entity defined as
                                                                           and wants and become creative              GPW-Digital be established to
                                   The design of this reporting frame-     and collaborative, with a team             focus on all specialists printing
                                   work was based on the Turnaround        based structure that is staffed by         and publishing. This will include
                                   Strategy that was devised during        a wide variety of experienced and          the current GPW and a new di-
                                   September 2003 by the senior            capable workers who are self con-          vision focusing initially only on
                                   management of the Department.           trolled. This is possible only in an       citizen identification specialist
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                                                           environment of clear, strong and           security documentation (birth
                                   The Chief Directorate: Strategic        shared strategic focus operating           certificates, ID’s, passports, vi-
                                   and Executive Support Services          principles.                                sas, death certificates, educa-
                                   (SESS), unit responsible for stra-                                                 tion certificates etc). This will
                                   tegic planning and monitoring and       Based on the “as is” review, share-        mean that GPW immediately
                                   evaluation in the Department, has       holder directive and market po-            migrate to being a specialist
                                   benchmarked various systems             sitioning review it is believed that       printer / publisher with security
                                   implemented by government de-           GPW’s future should be:                    and research and development
                                   partments in terms of monitoring                                                   (R & D) at its core.
                                   and evaluation. There is a Govern-      w   Strategic position: Specialist
                                   ment-wide initiative to establish           printer and publisher (specialist   w   That the existing GPW be
                                   viable and compatible monitoring            to incorporate security, printing       utilised to create opportunity
                                   and evaluation systems in all de-           material and depth of experi-           to outsource / partner with
                                   partments. Once adapted to the              ence and capability in execu-           industry for standard print-
                                   needs of the Department, this sys-          tion)                                   ing. Specific focus will be em-
                                   tem will be used to enhance ac-                                                     powering Black Economic Em-
                                   countability and to enable efficient    w   Be operationally effective in:          powerment operators within the
                                   planning.                                   • Total cost of delivering              printing and publishing industry.
                                                                                 solution;                             A continuous improvement pro-
                                   4.4 Corporatisation of Govern-              • Delivery of dependable and            gramme to fix GPW’s existing
                                   ment Printing Works (GPW)                     swift service (convenience);          operations should accompany
                                   Government Printing Works (GPW)               and                                   implementing this programme.
                                   is undergoing a review of its ser-          • Effective and efficient
                                   vices with a view of enabling cor-            solutions (integrated             In line with the tenets of the Pub-

Page                             caring, compassionate and responsive
lic Finance Management Act              systems, to widen access, and de-       is the more effective management
(PFMA), the Department of Home          velop the capacity to devolve func-     of financial resources, as demon-
Affairs proceed to corporatise          tions to provinces. At the strategic    strated by the 2005-2006 budgets
GPW Digital to become a sched-          planning workshops held in early        being fully expended. The recent
ule 3 (a) company (The Public Fi-       2006 to develop the Strategic Plan      appointment of Provincial Man-
nance Management Act requires           presented in this document, the         agers at Chief Director level is
that all public entities be listed in   senior management of the Depart-        already enabling systems to be
two schedules, namely schedule          ment confronted these challenges        improved by moving management
2 & schedule 3). Schedule 2 cov-        and proceeded to plan in a more         and decision-making to where
ers the major public entities and       strategic, integrated and coordi-       most delivery happens. At head
these are conferred maximum au-         nated way. This is reflected in the     office, there is the move to appoint
tonomy, whilst schedule 3 covers        current Strategic Plan in terms of      a Chief Operating Officer who can
all other public entities with lesser   its key objectives, timeframes and      coordinate development projects
degrees of autonomy. GPW Digi-          outputs. A critical project to note     and operations. New structures
tal will be conferred schedule 3        is the transformation of Civic Ser-     and processes are being devel-
status due to it primarily servicing    vices, which conducts most of our       oped to enable management
Government. Operationally this          core business.                          across the Department to function
will mean the development of the                                                more effectively.
GPW Act under the Department            The Strategic Delivery model (see
of Home Affairs. The funding of         section 2.10) locates all existing      The collective vision that has
GPW Digital will be borne through       projects within three critical trans-   emerged strongly from the strate-
the Department. Preference would        formation processes. Firstly, there     gic planning process is of a sub-
have been for GPW Digital to be         is the devolution of functions and      stantially transformed Department
a schedule 2 company, however           powers to provinces and building        of Home Affairs within the next five
based on the objectives of GPW          the infrastructure to ensure access     years, with significant improve-
Digital and the PFMA, GPW will          to our services. The intention is for   ments to service delivery in the
be required to operate as sched-        devolution to happen in a phased        shorter term that will change pub-
ule 3 mainly due to its dependen-       and responsible way, in step with       lic perceptions and empower the
cy on government for revenue and        building capacity and improving         staff.
customer base.                          and securing systems. Secondly,
                                        there is a strategic thrust towards
5 Summary                               transforming and integrating our
                                        systems. Systems in this context
Home Affairs is a department that       are broadly defined as including
delivers a range of services that       management and processes as
enable our national programme of        well as information technology.
social, economic, cultural and po-      Thirdly, the Department must build
litical transformation. Yet the qual-   capacity in a prioritised, planned
ity of the services we deliver is       and coordinated way that clearly

                                                                                                                            strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09
often inadequate. There are many        identifies where human and oth-
instances of committed officials        er resources are needed and by
developing good practice and            when. An essential element of
delivering good service given the       the model is the planned imple-
limitations of our current systems,     mentation of interim measure that
but these practices have yet to be      will make visible and significant
generalised and institutionalised.      improvement to delivery in criti-
In the worst cases the service pro-     cal areas. Another feature of the
vided by officials is compromised       model is the focus on integrated
by outdated systems and struc-          planning.
tures; lack of staff capacity; poor
management; and a culture hos-          As emphasised in the Prefaces by
tile to Batho Pele principles.          the Minister and Deputy Minister,
                                        the fundamental challenge lies in
As reported on above, there have        the Department developing the
been a wide range of interventions      capacity of to implement this Stra-
and projects that were initiated as     tegic Plan effectively. The need to
part of the Turnaround strategy.        change the way the Department is
These interventions have thus far       organised is apparent in the first of
not impacted very widely or visibly     the nine key strategic objectives,
on service delivery. One systemic       which is aimed at transforming the
reason is that these iniatives have     way the Department works and
not been well coordinated. Relat-       delivers on its mandate. In this
ed issues are the need to speed         regard, significant steps have al-
up the replacement of outdated          ready been taken. One indication
                                                caring, compassionate and responsive                                   Page 
                                   Contact Details: Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Republic of South Africa

                                   Minister: Mrs.N. Mapisa-Nqakula
                                   Pretoria      Private Bag X741 2nd Floor Executive Block          [t] +27(0)12 810 8099 [f] +27(0)12 323
                                                 Pretoria         Corner Maggs and Petroleum                               3716
                                                 0001             Street
                                   Cape Town     Private Bag      8th Floor, Room 810                [t] +27(0)21 465        [f] +27(0)21 461
                                                 X9102            120 Plein Street                   3456/7                  4191
                                                 Cape Town

                                   Deputy Ministry

                                   Minister: Mr. M.K.N Gigaba
                                   Pretoria      Private Bag X741 2nd Floor Executive Block          [t] +27(0)12 810 8081 [f] +27(0)12 321
                                                 Pretoria         Corner Maggs and Petroleum                               6491
                                                 0001             Street
                                   Cape Town     Private Bag      8th Floor, Room 840                [t] +27(0)21 465        [f] +27(0)21 461
                                                 X9102            120 Plein Street                   3456/7                  4191
                                                 Cape Town


                                   Director General: Mr. M.J. Maqetuka
                                   Pretoria      Private Bag        2nd Floor                    [t] +27(0)12 810 8911         [f] +27(0)12 810
                                                 X114               Executive Block South                                      7307
                                                 Pretoria           Corner Maggs and Petroleum
                                                 0001               Street
                                   Cape Town     Private Bag        8th Floor, Room 810          [t] +27(0)21 465 5012 or      [f] +27(0)21 461
                                                 X9102              120 Plein Street             465 2477                      2708
                                                 Cape Town

                                   Strategic & Executive Support Services (SESS)
strategic plan 2006/07 – 2008/09

                                   Chief Director : Dr J.Carneson
                                   Pretoria      Private Bag        1st Floor                       [t] +27(0)12 810         [f] +27(0)12 810
                                                 X114               Executive Block South           8012/3                   7133
                                                 Pretoria           Corner Maggs and Petroleum
                                                 0001               Street

                                   Client Service Centre

                                   Mr Hennie Meyer
                                   Pretoria      Private Bag X114    Operational Block                   [t] 0800 601190    [f] +27(0)12 810 7567
                                                 Pretoria            Corner Maggs and Petroleum Street
                                                 0001                Waltloo

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