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                          Men for
    2   • From the Principal                 the
        • Letter to the Principal
    3   • A New Pope

    4   • Edmund Rice Mass

    5   • TOBA: Spreading the Word

        • International Space School                 elcome to our second edition of Trinity News for 2005. The College continues to thrive and this
                                                     publication provides an interesting assortment of articles focusing on past, present and future
    7   • Trinity Student Chosen to Attend
          the Hague
                                             aspects of Trinity life.

        • Confirmation 2005                  Trinity is presently placed in an exciting position as the Christian Brothers are in the process of changing
    8   • Mothers’ Day Mass 2005             their Governance structures. As the baton of leadership in Edmund Rice schools is passed from the Brothers
        • Peer Support Programme             to the Laity, it is essential that we protect our heritage and maintain and celebrate the Edmund Rice and
 9      • Junior and Middle School Link      Trinity College stories. Therefore, I am delighted that many of the articles in this ‘Trinity News’ focus on very
                                             significant people in the College’s history. The stories of the past are the building blocks for the future.
10      • Trinity Art
                                             When the Vikings of old raided the Saxon villages the very first people they would seek to assassinate
11      • Award Winning Dance at
          Trinity College
                                             were the village story tellers. They knew only too well the importance of the story of the people.

12      • 2005 Athletics Champions
                                             We were delighted with the positive feedback from our last edition of Trinity News. We also have noted
                                             the feedback on the Honour Board proposal and look forward to working with Old Boys and other
13      • Did You Know?                      groups to ensure that the wonderful heritage and history of Trinity is enhanced and preserved.
        • Trinity College Archives
14      • College Profile: Laurie Dodd       I commend this edition of Trinity News to you and congratulate our new Community Relations Officer,
                                             Sandra Doick on this excellent publication.
15      • Trinity College Auxiliary:
          Morning Tea with Jade Lewis

16      • Where Are They Now?
          Jim McGuinniss
                                                                                           FAREWELL TO
17      • Where Are They Now?                                                              PETER BOTHE
          J.A. Kelly
                                                                                           In the middle of the year the College was saddened by the
18      • East Perth Re-development
                                                                                           resignation of Peter Bothe as Principal of the College. Mr.
                                                                                           Bothe has resigned for family reasons. During his time at
19      • President’s Report                                                               Trinity, Peter has been a dynamic and popular leader. His
        •   Update Your Details Winner       commitment to the Edmund Rice ethos and his engaging personality has resulted in excellent leadership
        •   Class of 80’ Reunion             in all aspects of College life. Mr. Bothe initiated a Management Restructure in 2004, designed to
20      •   Profile: Kevin Carlton           create better educational opportunities and outcomes for our students. In addition, he steered the
        •   Profile: Jeremy Carlton          College’s Strategic Plan for 2005-2008 which will provide a blueprint for College planning in future
                                             years. Just as important has been his talent to relate positively to all students, staff and families. He has
        • Profile: Michael Keenan
22      • Trinity Aquinas Amateur
                                             rare gifts as an educator.
          Football Club
                                             Peter Bothe’s standing in the Trinity community was confirmed when he was given a standing ovation by the

23      • Trinity Old Boy Receives           boys at the conclusion of his farewell address during a College assembly. In addition I was delighted that he
                                             was able to attend our annual Speech Night to receive the good wishes of the wider Trinity community.
          Honourable Mention at Willem
          C. Vis Moot Competition in
          Vienna                             We thank Mr. Peter Bothe for his excellent contribution to the College and wish him well for the future.

                                             I have been appointed as Principal of Trinity until the end of 2006. The College Board will advertise for
             TRINITY COLLEGE
    Trinity Avenue, East Perth,WA 6004       a permanent appointment in March next year with the successful applicant to commence in 2007.
         Telephone: (08) 9325 3655
         Facsimile: (08) 9221 4352           Robert Henderson
       Website:        Acting Principal
                                             Cover photograph Desmond Yeo & Xuan Ji, supplied by: Jackson Flindell - Courtesy The Sunday Times Newspaper.

2     TrinityNews
Letter to the Principal
                                         of Uni Camp for Kids for 3 years.
Ithought you may like to know that                                                    post school young man busy with his
 your weekly Newsletter is read          Next year he is taking time out to           studies who can find time to help out.
avidly even by Oldies like me (Year      pursue a Bachelor of Medical
                                         Technology so that he will have time to      Re the Chaplain's message Great
of 1941) In particular I enjoy reading
the Principal's Report and the           be President of the Camp for Kids as         stuff for young (and not so young )
Chaplain's Column.                       has got so much from his experiences         people today.
                                         with these under privileged children.
This week the paragraph on ERF was                                                    Keep up the good work at Trinity.
                                         I've told him he is following the
impressive. I have a grandson, an Old    pathways of the Edmund Rice                  Regards
Boy of Christ Church who is              devotees. Nothing very spectacular I
completing 3rd year Medicine at          suppose but thought you may be               John Brophy
UWA where he has been a member           interested to hear of the impact on a        Class of 1941

Campus Ministry
    A New Pope
O     n 2 April our Holy Father,
      Pope John Paul II died after an
heroic struggle with years of ill
health. Although the Church in
Rome with all of its pomp and
pageantry can sometimes seem
remote and irrelevant to Australian
school boys, Pope John Paul II
somehow had a way of
“connecting” with youth throughout
the world. So it was with genuine
sadness that our whole school
community celebrated a special
Mass of Thanksgiving for John Paul’s
great example of love and faithful
service to the world. He gave us an
example of a man who held true to
all that he believed. For him, Jesus                               Gerard Colreavy and Davide Tassone
was his way, his truth and his life.
At a time in world history when          "Dear brothers and sisters, after the        As a reminder that we are all part of
youth are confused by the                great Pope John Paul II, the Cardinals       the Universal Church, portraits of the
cacophony of mixed messages and          have elected me — a simple, humble           new Holy Father have been hung in
values, John Paul consistently           worker in the vineyard of the Lord.          Trinity Chapel, the Junior School
preached the good news of Jesus,         The fact that the Lord can work and          Library and the foyer of the P.L.
proclaiming the Kingdom of God,          act even with insufficient means             Duffy Library.
where peace, justice and love will       consoles me, and above all I entrust
                                         myself to your prayers. In the joy of        Brother Rob Callen
reign supreme.
                                         the risen Lord, trusting in his              Director Campus Ministry
Our new Pope, Pope Benedict XVI          permanent help, we go forward.The
was elected on April 19th and his        Lord will help us and Mary his very
first words as Pope were:                holy mother stands by us."

                                                                                                        Spring2005          3
Campus Ministry
                               Edmund Rice Mass

                                            Brother Kevin Paull (1968 – 1976),
    O     ne of the most impressive and
          memorable spectacles from our
    annual Founders’ Day Mass,
                                            a former teacher at Trinity, gave the
                                            reflection on the meaning of Edmund
    honouring Blessed Edmund Rice,          Rice in our times. The theme of our
    was the sight of our thirty-four Year   Mass this year was “Justice &
    12 Special Ministers of the Eucharist   Compassion” and Brother Kevin
    fanned out across the Sanctuary of      stressed how Edmund Rice could
    St. Mary’s Cathedral reverently         easily have pursued his very
    receiving the Blessed Eucharist for     successful business career, but instead
    distribution to the whole school        he felt compelled to try to make a
    community.                              difference in his world. He stopped,
                                            and made a new start. He modeled
    Unlike all the other Liturgies we       his life on Jesus, and he tried to make
    celebrate throughout the year, during   a difference in his world.
    our Founder’s Day Mass all the
                                            Our Chaplain Fr Michael McMahon
    leading roles are taken by our
                                            celebrated the Mass, and the choral
    Seniors. From those who carried
                                            music was lead by Dr Rob Braham
    the banners in procession, to Altar
                                            and Ms Ruth Bott... Daniel Mullaney
    Servers, Ushers, Readers and
                                            sang a beautiful soprano solo, and the
    Commentator, the Seniors carried
                                            whole school filled the Cathedral with
    out their special roles with dignity    the final hymn: Sacred Story!
    and pride. They proudly witness the
    importance of their faith to the        Brother Rob Callen
    whole community.                        Director Campus Ministry

4       TrinityNews
Spreading The Word

                                                              California, came to Trinity in 2002
                     I n June, four Trinity Old Boys: Lloyd
                       Reidy ’02, Michael Bastow ’03,
                     Matt Dunstan ’03 and Sam
                                                              to launch our first KAIROS, so now,
                                                              four of our Old Boys were
                     Witherick ‘’04, led the first KAIROS     responsible for introducing KAIROS
                     Retreat for twenty-four Year 12 boys     to students from our brother College,
                     from Christian Brothers College,         C.B.C. Fremantle. It was an
                     Fremantle. Word had spread of            outstanding success and our Old
                     how powerful and special the             Boys did us proud in their
                     experience of the KAIROS Retreats        commitment and passion for sharing
                     had been for Trinity. And just as the    God’s love.
                     American Alumni from Bellarmine
                     Preparatory College, San Jose,

         P RINT A CUMEN P TY. LTD .
                Suite 2 / 164 Beaufort Street, Northbridge Western Australia 6003

               Innovative Solutions in Design & Print
     Phone: (08) 9228 3144 • Fax: (08) 9228 3155 • Email:

                                                                               Spring2005         5
International Space School (ISS)
July 2005
In the last week of July, Xuan Ji and I
 were fortunate to be given the
opportunity to attend the International
Space School (ISS) held in Houston,
Texas. We were proud to be the
Australian representatives among the
thirty-six students selected from twenty
different countries around the world.
The objective of the ISS is to expose
students to some of the work done by
the National Aeronautics and Space
Administration (NASA), encourage
interest in space science related fields
and to plan a manned mission to Mars.

The ISS is a program run fully by           mission. A highlight of our stay was    view but it was also a great
volunteers who share the same love          watching the launch of the              opportunity to meet students from
and passion for space and the future        Discovery from the Johnson Space        different countries, learn about their
of space. It was founded in 1997 by         Center. As you know on board the        cultures and create lifelong friendships.
Geoff and Annette Mules. Everyone           STS-114 was Australian born             This inspirational experience has
associated with this program strongly       astronaut Andy Thomas. While in         made me even more determined to
believe that the future of space rests in   space orbiting the Earth he and the     enter the space industry and one day
the hands of our current generation.        Discovery team sent us their regards    mirror the accomplishments of Andy
                                            via e-mail. The success of the launch   Thomas as an astronaut.
While in Houston we were very lucky         and the STS-114 mission made the
to visit the Johnson Space Centre           whole trip memorable.                   Xuan and I are grateful to have been
Mission Control – both old and new                                                  given the opportunity to attend this
and many various astronaut training         All of these lectures helped in our     magnificent once in a lifetime event
facilities including the Neutral            planning of a simulated manned          and we would like to thank the many
Buoyancy Lab. We also visited a             mission to Mars. We were all            people involved in making the whole
testing facility for the VASMIR rocket      interviewed for a position in one of    trip an outstanding success. Sincere
engine, which is 30% more efficient         four teams. The yellow team was in      thanks goes to Mr Priskich, the Trinity
than the chemical rockets of today          charge of the budget and the Moon       College Board and Geoff and Annette
and can reduce the travelling time          base, the green team – living on        Mules. Also to the mentors, guest
from Earth to Mars from 167 days to         Mars, the blue team – working on        speakers, host families and country
only 30 days. Also we accomplished          Mars and the red team – getting         point of contacts who have been more
two challenger missions. These were         there and back. The mission was a       than willing to give up their own spare
a simulation of a real mission with         complete success and we learnt that     time in order to make the ISS such a
half the group working in Mission           not one team could complete the         success and finally Chris and Clare
Control and the other half on board a       mission by themselves and that we all   Greenfield who fly to Houston every
“Space Shuttle”.                            had to work as one team, an             year to run the ISS.
                                            “International team"”just like the
We received many interesting                                                        Desmond Yeo (11AH)
                                            International Space Station which is
lectures on living in space, space          orbiting the Earth every 90 minutes.
law, space suit engineering, astro-
materials research, space physics           Not only was this an amazing
and on the then current STS-114             experience from a learning point of

6    TrinityNews
 Trinity Student
 To Attend The
                                         Court to ensure justice
M      ichael Wright (11SR) was one
       of ten students chosen to
represent Western Australia at the
                                         for citizens living in
                                         countries emerging
44th United Nations Youth                from conflict” was one
Association’s National Youth             of the few chosen for
Conference in Adelaide from 10-17        consideration by the
July 2005. The Conference brought        students participating
together 83 secondary students from      in the Security Council.
every Australian state and territory     At the conclusion of
and a small contingent from New          the Conference,
Zealand. Each delegate represented       Michael was chosen
a UN member state. Delegates             as one of 17 students
participated in formal debates           who will form the
representing their country in the        Australian Delegation to The Hague             of “Talk Back Classroom” and flew to
format of the United Nations General     Model United Nations (THIMUN)                  Canberra to work in a small group
Assembly, Security Council and other     from 22-27 January 2006. The                   focussing on international issues and
committees, meeting with their           students will write the resolutions that       learning about interviewing
caucusing blocs to lobby prior to        will be debated during the weeklong            techniques. The students will continue
debating sessions. A programme of        simulation. All of those that are              their research from their home bases
keynote speakers supplemented the        passed will be presented to the                and returned to Canberra in October
interactive problem-solving and          Secretary-General of the United                to participate in videophone
workshop discussions about important     Nations as a gauge of world youth              interviews with interviewees such as
domestic and international issues as     opinion.                                       John Bolton and Hilary Clinton.
diverse as the environment, human
                                         Just days before attending the
rights and indigenous affairs.
                                         conference in Adelaide, Michael was            “ of 17
Prior to the Conference all delegates
were required to submit resolutions
                                         asked to submit a series of questions          students who will
                                         that he would like to pose to an
and these formed the basis of debate     international panel on the efficacy of         form the Australian
throughout the week. Michael’s
resolution addressing “the need for
                                         the United Nations. Michael was
                                         chosen as the only Western Australian
                                                                                        Delegation to The
changes to the International Criminal    representative for the upcoming series         Hague...”

                                         MAKE AN
              4 Aberdeen Street, Perth   Telephone (08) 9223 7788         PO Box 8494, Perth
              Western Australia 6000     Facsimile (08) 9223 7700         Stirling Street 6849

                                                                                                          Spring2005        7
Junior School
 Confirmation 2005
                                          O’Loughlin because he had baptised
                                          about nine of the candidates when
                                          they were babies.

                                          Special thanks to our resident
                                          didgeridoo player, Seamus Bin Sali for
                                          setting the mood and acknowledging
                                          the Noongar People, the original
                                          custodians of our place of worship.

                                          Our special thanks to Fr. Michael

C    onfirmation 2005 was a
     wonderful community celebration.
The programme involved eight weeks
                                          McMahon for travelling to Dwellingup
                                          for both retreats and celebrating Mass
                                          with the teachers, parents and students.
of preparation in the classroom, the
                                          Gordon Dean
home (Home Programme) and on the
                                          Assistant Head of Junior School
Dwellingup Retreat, culminating with      (Religious Education)
the actual ceremony which was on
Thursday, 9 June.

Once again, the parents did a
fantastic job preparing the Chapel
with banners, posters and beautiful
flowers. It certainly set the ambience
for a very meaningful celebration.

The occasion was also very special
for our main celebrant, Fr Brian

    Mothers’ Day Mass 2005

                                          Prior to the day, the students also made   Afterwards, the mothers were treated
T  rinity Junior School celebrated the
   Annual Mothers’ Day Mass on
Thursday, 5 May, in the Trinity Chapel.
                                          Mothers Day cards which they               to a delicious morning tea which was
                                          presented to their mothers, along with     organized by the College Auxiliary,
Father McMahon lead a beautiful Mass.     flowers. Of course, the amazing Homily     and served by many of our wonderful
The students participated in the Mass     given by one of our mothers, Lina
                                                                                     Junior School fathers, who decided
by reading and singing and a group        Salomone, was a real highlight of the
                                                                                     to give the mothers the ‘morning off’.
of students even shared poems, all of     Mass. Her comments, which produced
which were wonderful tributes to their    many smiles and nods of recognition,       Ricki Boe
cherished mothers.                        were both sincere and heartfelt.           Junior School Teacher

8     TrinityNews

                                                                                        students to spend time together,
                                           A     ll Year four students participate in
                                                 the Peer Support Programme.
                                           Mr Tony Maxfield is responsible for
                                                                                        getting to know each other. The
                                                                                        hope is that each Year four student
                                           preparing this programme, which              will develop a strong friendship with
                                           involves all Year Seven students             his Year seven peer.
                                           ‘teaming up’ with a Year four student.
                                           The programme is designed to help            Some of the peer support activities
                                           new Year four students settle                include the Year seven students giving
                                           comfortably into the education system        their mentor a tour of the entire school
                                           at Trinity.                                  grounds, playing a range of games,
                                                                                        celebrating Mass and even the most
                                           Year four students enjoy meeting their       recent and challenging activity, teaching
                                           peer on the first day of the school          the Year Fours to tie their ties!!!!!
                                           year. Throughout the year, Mr
                                           Maxfield provides many opportunities         Catherine Tesoriero
                                           for the Year seven and Year four             Head of Junior School (Term 2)

 Junior & Middle School Link
                                          The Year 8 students wrote Dreamtime
A    major benefit of the College’s                                                     a performance of the Haka by both
     restructure has been the             stories as part of their indigenous           year groups. Research indicates that
opportunity to create links between       programme and read these stories to           boys enjoy active learning and this
various year groups. This has             small groups of Year 6 students. They         was obvious during this lesson.
fostered an atmosphere of students        explained the themes they hoped to            Learning is also reinforced if a student
and staff learning together and           impart through their stories and what         has to teach a skill to someone else.
creating a strong sense of purpose for    inspired their creations. The Year 6
what is done in the classroom.            students asked questions about the            The link established between both
                                          Dreamtime and the creative process.           classes will continue and as well as
An example of this is the collaboration                                                 making learning fun it will also ease
between Mr Torrese’s Year 6 class         The Year 6 students also had an               the transition from Junior to Middle
and Miss Campisi’s Year 8 Society         opportunity to share their expertise          School. Students meet teachers from
and Environment students. Both            about New Zealand culture. As part            both schools and work in classrooms
classes have worked together to share     of their study they had learned how           in both areas. It also provides an
their knowledge and understanding of      to dance the Haka, a traditional              opportunity to make learning more
different cultures. This has made their   New Zealand dance. They used                  purposeful and an active experience.
learning more purposeful because          their expertise to teach the Year 8
they have always had a real               students and a fun-filled lesson took         Kerrie Fraser
audience for the work they produce.       place in Gibney Hall concluding with          Head of Middle School

                                                                                                            Spring2005              9
Visual Arts
 Trinity Art
D   uring term two a secondary
    assembly provided an adequate
forum and exhibition space for some
of our talented Trinity art students to
present their art work to the school.

The sheer hard work, creativity and
ingenuity of these students was evident
not only in visual form through the
artworks themselves, but also through
the individual student presentations
which provided a glimpse into the
                                                                                           Perry Joyce (left) Jeremy Eaton (middle) and Shaun Dee (Right) with his painting “Untitled”
artist’s mind. Staff and students listened
intently as art students Jeremy Eaton                                                 Shaun Dee’s painting “Untitled” was                  The Student Art Exhibition on Speech
(year 10), Perry Joyce (year 11) and                                                  chosen as the winner of 2005                         Night. was also a great success,
Shaun Dee (year 12) spoke about the                                                   Signum Fidei Acquisitive Art Award                   allowing parents to enjoy the superb
experiences they had undergone in the                                                 which is sponsored by Trinity Old Boy                artwork that has been done by
production of their art work.                                                         Patrick Coward. The same painting                    students this year. Congratulations to
                                                                                      also won 2nd prize in this year’s                    year 12 Art student Matthew
The students described their personal                                                                                                      McVeigh who won the People's
thought processes and the production                                                  Angelico Exhibition; a very
                                                                                                                                           Choice Art Award. His painting
of a body of work which led to the                                                    prestigious art exhibition displaying
                                                                                                                                           'Sunseekers' was voted by the public
creation of their final studio piece.                                                 outstanding student art work                         as the favourite art work exhibited
Initial theme related drawings and                                                    produced by Catholic School students                 during our exhibition.
visual inquiries were crucial                                                         in Western Australia.
investigations which provided                                                                                                              We look forward to the continued
inspiration for their work. The students                                              Congratulations to the following year                exposure of our student work through
discussed the importance of art history                                               12 students who had their work                       a variety of avenues.
appreciation for intellectualising the                                                selected for display in the TOBA Art
                                                                                                                                           Rita Basilio
design development process and the                                                    Exhibition; Shaun Dee (2 artworks),
                                                                                                                                           Art Coordinator
techniques and skills which were used                                                 Matthew McVeigh (2 artworks),
in the production of their final art work.                                            Herarn Perera and Tim Mather.
                                             “Sunseekers” Matthew McVeigh (Year 12)

10    TrinityNews
Performing Arts
 Award Winning Dance
 At Trinity College

                             BIG performing High Rise and GIG In their Element at the Burswood Theatre in 2004

D   ance is becoming a significant             become more creative and                          feedback following this contemporary
    part in the culture at Trinity             courageous human beings. Some of                  dance work has been phenomenal.
College. The school has two dance              our dancers are now considering
groups that represent the College in           careers in the performing arts.                   During the Catholic Performing Arts
various festivals, such as the JSHAA                                                             season, BIG presented a Liturgical
                                               Since beginning the dance                         dance, ‘23rd Psalm’, a sacred
Performing Arts Festival and the
Catholic Performing Arts Festival. In          programme in 2001, I have seen a                  performance that earned them an
the past four years, both the Primary          wonderful development in the                      Honourable Mention. Other
group BIG (Boys In Groove) and the             students’ interpretation of this art form.        performances included GIG’s
Secondary group GIG (Guys In                   There has been a growing, positive                ‘Twentyfour7’ and BIG’s ‘Alive and
Groove) have been the recipients of            interest in Trinity College dance from
                                                                                                 Kicking’ at the Burswood Theatre. Both
awards for most outstanding creative           the wider community, and as a result
                                                                                                 groups received Honourable Mentions
dance in the Catholic Performing Arts          we are developing strong networks
                                                                                                 for their outstanding performances.
Festival, with BIG receiving an historic       with other schools and organisations.
                                                                                                 BIG were invited to perform their item
four consecutive dance shields.                Perth College recently invited GIG to
                                                                                                 again at the Catholic Performing Arts
                                               work with them on a project for their
Dance is alive at Trinity College, and         ‘Spin’ production on the 1st and 2nd              Festival Finale Concert as recipients of
a testament to its interest is the 130         September. Perth College dance                    the Presentation Sisters’ Shield. Forty
Primary students auditioning to be             teacher, Jane Neville and I were                  four Primary students opened the
part of BIG each year. Dance instils           delighted with the way our                        concert on stage tumbling out of one
within the students an aesthetic sense.        choreography was embraced by both                 big wooden box and continue to
It provides opportunities for                  GIG and the Year Twelve girls. After              celebrate, through the dance, some of
teamwork, skill enhancement, body              hours of rehearsals we produced                   the joys of life. Boy, can Trinity dance!
awareness, improved athleticism,               ‘Untangled’, an ambitious work
strength of body and character. It             exploring the intricacies of the way              Ruth Bott
fosters self respect and helps them            young men and women relate. The                   Performing Arts

                                                                                                                    Spring2005         11
2005 Athletics
                                             in which they prepared the team. Our
C    ongratulations to our talented
     athletes and coaches on Trinity’s
victory at the 2005 Interschool
                                             athletes were magnificent on the day
                                             and the spirit and sportsmanship on
Athletics Carnival. The final results        display was exemplary. The
were as follows:                             leadership provided by Team
                                             Captain, Lee Ferguson and Vice
                                             Captains, Daniel O’Connell and
 Final Points
                                             Brendan Longman was superb. From
 Trinity                      1,405          112 individual events, 63 personal
 Hale                         1,182          best results were achieved. This is an
                                             exceptional performance. The high
 Aquinas                      1,181
                                             standards also extended to the
 Scotch                       1,098          supporters in the stands as our
 Guildford                    1,046          students were very well presented
 Christchurch                 885            and encouraged our athletes at every
 Wesley                       800
                                             The Athletics Dinner provided an
The result reinforces Trinity’s reputation   opportunity for athletes, staff, old
for sporting excellence as we have           boys and parents to celebrate a
also enjoyed success by winning the          successful day and to acknowledge
Darlot Cup cricket and the Alcock            the dedication and hard work from
Cup football awards in 2005.                 many within the Trinity community.

Our Athletics coaches, led by Mr             Robert Henderson
Steve Leahy and Mr Barry McKenna,            Principal
are to be complimented on the way

12    TrinityNews
General News
Did You Know?
The College Crest & Colours

    Trinity                                                                    College
                                          From 1939 to 1961 the Terrace             School, while the Marian symbol
In the early days of Christian Brothers
 College, St. Georges Terrace, the
school colours were red and black.
                                          continued to use an adaptation of the
                                          Christian Brothers’ crest as the school
                                                                                    signifies the devotion of the Order
                                                                                    and its schools to the Blessed Mother
The earliest crest was the De La          crest, but when the whole school          of God. This symbol was taken from
Salle’s “Signum Fidei” as seen in the     moved from the Terrace to Riverside       the arms of Bishop Gibney, co-
                                          Drive, Brother Stan Mullen designed       founder of Christian Brothers College.
stained glass panel from above the
                                          a new Coat of Arms. The following
main entrance to the Brothers’                                                      The motto is taken from Psalm 123:
                                          is taken from the 1963 Annual
Residence in St. George’s Terrace,                                                  ‘Adjutorium nostrum In Nomine Domini
but now safely restored in the                                                      qui fecit caelum et terram’ – “Our help
entrance to Gibney Hall at Trinity.       After a good deal of consideration        is in the name of the Lord who made
                                          and professional advice the College       the heavens and the earth.”
When the boarders were sent from
                                          Council formally approved the new
the city to Manning in 1938, they                                                   The official school colours for Trinity
                                          Coat of Arms for Trinity College. The
established the new school but took                                                 College are Royal Blue, Pale Blue
                                          new Arms present in bold outline the
with them the school colours of red                                                 and Emerald Green. Only the Royal
                                          three golden crowns upon the royal
and black. So the Principal of C.B.C                                                Blue appears on the Coat of Arms.
                                          blue background as symbolic of the
had to introduce new colours for “the                                               In heraldry the colours white, silver
                                          dedication of the College to the three
Terrace”. Brother P.L. Duffy who had                                                and gold are never considered
                                          Divine Persons of the Blessed Trinity.
recently arrived from C.B.C. St. Kilda                                              official colours, but may be used with
                                          The overall shape is that of the simple
in Melbourne decided to replicate                                                   red for adornment or extra
                                          male shield. Crowns are traditionally
their colours – two blues and green.                                                decoration. Hence the three Crowns
                                          associated with kingship and
The colour blue has always been                                                     are gold (never yellow!) and the
                                          dominion, and they are arranged in
associated with the Blessed Virgin                                                  jewels in the crowns are red. The
                                          the form of an equilateral triangle to
Mary and the green acknowledges                                                     three Crowns from the Trinity Coat of
                                          emphasise the unity and equality of
our strong Celtic links with Catholic                                               Arms must never appear in any other
                                          the Divine Persons. The arrangement
Ireland. Not only was the Founder of                                                formation other than the equilateral
                                          of the whole was taken from the arms
the Christian Brothers, Blessed                                                     triangle. And the three colours are of
                                          of the Irish Republic, being the Arms
Edmund Rice, an Irishman, but so too                                                equal importance. None is a minor
                                          of Munster where the Congregation
were the co-founders of C.B.C.                                                      colour. White and yellow are not our
                                          of Christian Brothers was founded
Terrace – Brother Ambrose Treacy                                                    school colours.
and Bishop Gibney. The first
Principal of the Terrace, Brother T.A.    The Cross is the Cross of our             Br. Rob Callen
O’Brien was also an Irishman.             salvation, the sign of a Christian        Director Campus Ministry

                                                                                                      Spring2005        13
General News
 Trinity College Archives
 T  rinity College is a school with a rich   which arise directly from the activities   As we begin the organisation of the
    and diverse history dating back to       of students, parents, staff, parent        Trinity Archives, we would greatly
 1894. The College possesses a wealth        groups and the Trinity Old Boys’           appreciate donations of any material
 of historical material gathered over many   Association over the long history of       by Old Boys or their families. Items
 years and depicting all aspects of          the College.                               such as Year Books (particularly the
 College life. The links between the past                                               1954 and 1995 editions), photos,
 and the present are very important in       At some time in the future it is hoped     newspaper cuttings, sporting
 building a sense of belonging.              that this wealth of historical material    memorabilia, uniforms, school records
                                             can be stored and displayed in a           and publications, in fact, anything at
 To formalise the various collections of                                                all pertaining to College life. All such
                                             manner befitting its significance and
 this material we have secured the                                                      donations would be most gratefully
 assistance of a voluntary archivist         be available for access by the
                                                                                        received and will become a treasured
 who will spend one day a week at            College community. It is important
                                                                                        addition to the Trinity Archives.
 the College. The role of the Trinity        that current students are aware of the
 Archivist is to assess and acquire          traditions and heritage of the College     Michael Burgess
 official records, non-official records      and important for Trinity Old Boys that    Bursar
 and other material and artefacts            these traditions are kept alive.

                                                                                                            instrument making.

 College                                                                                                    From the Pilbara
                                                                                                            Lawrie moved to
                                                                                                            Perth where he is

 Profile                                                                                                    now a member or
                                                                                                            the Trinity College
                                                                                                            Maintenance and
                                                                                                            Grounds Team.
Lawrie Dodd                                                                                                 When asked why
Member of Trinity Maintenance                                                                               he chose to pursue
and Grounds Team                                                                                            woodwork for a
                                                                                                            career he replied
                                                                                                            “Through the
T  he College administration area has
   been beautifully enhanced this                                                                           generations we
                                                                                                            have had many
year by the addition of a display
cabinet to house the College                                                                                carpenters and
                                                                                                            joiners in the family
                                                                                                            and I am following
This cabinet was crafted by our own          After completing trade studies Lawrie       in the footsteps of my Father and
Lawrie Dodd who used his superb              worked in the area of shop fitting and      Grandfather. Our family tradition is
                                             building before leaving England in          also being continued by my son who
woodwork skills to create a wonderful
                                             1972 and travelling across Europe,          is working overseas as a carpenter”.
area in which to house College
                                             the Middle East and Asia on his way
achieve material. The Jarrah cabinet         to Australia.                               We look forward to seeing some
is designed to complement the main                                                       more examples of Lawrie’s superb
reception area.                              Lawrie toured Australia before settling     workmanship around the College.
                                             in the Pilbara for 12 years working in
Lawrie was born in Long Ditton in            the iron ore industry. Whilst there he      Sandra Doick
Surrey, England and has been                 was involved in amateur theatre, was        Community Relations Officer
working at Trinity for 19 years; he          a member of the Cossack Bushband
has a wife and two children.                 and from there became involved in

14    TrinityNews
Trinity College Auxiliary
Morning Tea with Jade Lewis

                                             In a fitting end to the morning Marilyn
In Gibney Hall On Friday 26 August
 the Trinity College Auxiliary was host to
a morning tea where attendees enjoyed
                                             Harries, President of the College
                                             Auxiliary formally thanked Jade for
sumptuous food whilst listening to           her wonderful presentation and
inspirational guest speaker Jade Lewis.      presented her with a beautiful
                                             bouquet of flowers.
Jade is a young West Australian
dedicated to sharing her heartrending        Proceeds from the College Auxiliary
life story about the negative impact of      Moring Teas are donated to the
drugs and her triumph over addiction.        upgrading of grounds facilities at        “Her passion to
                                             Trinity. Money raised at the Betty
She is a regular speaker at schools,
businesses and Youth groups                  Cuthbert Morning Tea in 2004 has          educate and
throughout WA. During her life she           facilitated the provision of new
                                             student benches in Centenary Park.
                                                                                       motivate people is
has won many awards for her
dedication and excellent standards                                                     evident in her
                                             Marilyn Harries
working toward her goals. Jade co-
chaired the WA State Drug Summit at
                                             President, College Auxiliary              presentations.”
Parliament House with the
Honourable Fred Chaney and
Professor Liz Harman in 2001. Her
passion to educate and motivate
people is evident in her presentations.
Jade's story is proof that you can
overcome life's challenges.

Principal Robert Henderson
welcomed Jade as guest speaker to
Trinity College. Parents attending the
morning tea showed their keen
interest by a lively question time at the
end of the presentation. Autographed
copies of Jades’ book “Golden
Haze” were so popular during the
morning that supplies ran out.

                                                                                                Spring2005   15
General News
Where Are
They Now?
Serving Christ
in Calcutta
F  or twenty years Jim McGinniss served
   the students of Trinity College. From
1975 Jim taught English and Religious
Education to the senior classes. His
thorough method of teaching and his
care for every student was well
recognised. He was one of the few
teachers who would collect all the
class essays one day and return them
all marked with extensive suggestions                      Mr Jim McGinniss presenting awards at the Orphanage in January.
the very next day. During those twenty
years Jim ran the Y.C.S. (Young Christian   him to get a visa to stay in India. In           Trinity News, but because so many
Students) groups and he conducted           1995 Jim sold everything he owned                Old Boys ask after him, we thought it
many Retreats. His deep faith and his       in Perth, resigned from Trinity, and left        fitting that everyone should be
personal example of practical               for Calcutta.                                    brought up to date.
Christianity was well recognised by
students, staff and parents.                “His faith and                                   With his customary warmth and
                                                                                             hospitality Jim makes all visitors to
In 1988 Jim visited India with a group      dedication are an                                Calcutta (Kolkata) comfortable and
of students from Rostrevor College,
South Australian. During that
                                            example to us all.”                              welcome. He loves the Trinity students
                                                                                             coming on their biennial Indian
pilgrimage he visited the orphanages        For the past ten years Jim has been              Pilgrimages. He is very appreciative of
run by the Christian Brothers and the       working with the Christian Brothers at St.       all financial donations which can be
hospices run by the Missionaries of         Mary’s Orphanage, Dum Dum, Kolkata,              sent through Trinity College. Jim lives a
Charity (Mother Teresa’s Sisters and        each morning, and then at Kalighat,              very simple life. His faith and
Brothers.) Those experiences left an        Mother Teresa’s home for dying destitutes        dedication are an example to us all,
indelible impression on Jim, and he         every afternoon. He then joins the               and in all of this, he has not lost any of
was determined to return. He made           Sisters for evening prayer before                his sense of humour or his interest in all
several private trips back to India, and    returning to the orphanage for a late            that happens back home at Trinity. He
he initiated the Indian Pilgrimages at      dinner with the Brothers. In the winter he       would be very happy to hear from past
Trinity College in 1991.                    goes out to the local railway stations           students, but finds it difficult to reply.
                                            to distribute blankets to the homeless.
However Jim became quite unsettled each                                                      Jim can be contacted at:
                                            (These are provided by Trinity College.)
time he returned to Australia and           And each weekend he works with a                 Mr Jim McGinniss
witnessed the waste and greed. His          small team of volunteers on the major            St. Mary’s Orphanage,
heart yearned to be with the dying
                                            railway stations (Sealdah & Howrah)              103 Dum Dum Road,
destitutes from the streets of India and
                                            attending to the sick and dying.                 Kolkata 700 - 030
the orphans who valued the chance of an                                                      INDIA
education above all else. Jim became a      The last thing in the world Jim would
close friend of Mother Teresa who helped    want is for this story to appear in

16    TrinityNews
Where Are
They Now?
Twice The
L  ast January, Brother James Antoninus
   Kelly,- known affectionately as
“Jack” (from his initials: J.A.K.) –
celebrated his Seventieth Anniversary
as a Christian Brother. In September
this year he will celebrate his eighty-
fifth Birthday. Although he has long
since given away his beloved
handball and squash, Tony (as he’s
known to his Brothers) is as vital and                                        Brother J.A. Kelly.
alert as he’s ever been. And his
affection for and interest in all things    Chapel with the dominant theme                When most are looking forward to
Trinity, have never wavered.                colour of gold. He commissioned an            their retirement years, at the age of
                                            artist to design very modern non-             64, J.A.K was appointed to Aranmore
Br Tony Kelly, lives in retirement at the   traditional Stations of the Cross, and        College, Leederville, where he taught
Brothers’ residence at Clontarf. He         beautiful contemporary stained glass          his beloved Mathematics to the senior
was born in Sydney on 22nd                  windows. In many ways he was a                students (his first experience of co-
September 1920 and joined the               man ahead of his times and he left            education!) for the next fourteen years.
Christian Brothers at the age of 14.        his mark on the College. He built up          At the age of 79 when he well
His first teaching position was in St.      Trinity so that it would become one of        deserved a rest, he volunteered to fill
Patrick’s College, Launceston before        the leading Boy’s Schools of Perth.           in yet again at Trinity in 1999 to take
spending eight years in Victoria. To                                                      Mr Peter Reuten’s place for a term.
his surprise in 1954 at the tender
age of 34 he was appointed
                                            “...his affection for                         Brother Tony Kelly is one of nature’s

Principal of C.B.C. Fremantle,              and interest in all                           real gentlemen. He has a wonderful
                                                                                          memory for names, and is very proud
followed by another six year                things Trinity have                           of all of his Old Boys and loves to
appointment as Principal of C.B.C.
Terrace in 1960. Br. Kelly had only         never wavered.”                               hear of their progress. He does have
                                                                                          that impish humour so typical of his
been Principal for three months when
                                            From 1966-1967 Br Kelly joined the            Irish forebears and he has a healthy
he was shocked by the “West
                                            staff of Rostrevor College, in                scepticism about most things. His
Australian” headline claiming that                                                        faith, his humour and his love for
                                            Adelaide only to be recalled to join
C.B.C. was moving from the Terrace.                                                       classical music as well as his very
                                            the Brothers new Provincial
Although it was only newspaper                                                            sensible and common-sense
                                            Leadership team in Perth. During this
speculation at the time, in fact the                                                      approach to life, make him one of
                                            time he took a keen interest in all of
Government did negotiate with                                                             the real heroes for those who have
                                            the Christian Brothers’ Schools
Brother Kelly for the prime piece of                                                      had the privilege of knowing him.
                                            throughout South Australia and
real estate, culminating in the move
                                            Western Australia. From 1978 to               Brother Rob Callen
and the establishment of Trinity
                                            1984 Brother Kelly was appointed              Director Campus Ministry
College between the W.A.C.A. and
                                            for the second time as Principal of
the Causeway in 1962.
                                            Trinity College. During this time, with
Long before the changes initiated by        limited funds, he undertook an
the Second Vatican Council, Br Kelly        extensive building and
insisted on building a round College        redevelopment program.

                                                                                                            Spring2005         17
General News
Works Update                               East Perth
T  he 40-hectare Riverside project,
   bounded by the Swan River, Plain
                                           Re-development Update
Street, Adelaide Terrace and EPRA’s
Claisebrook Village, will see Perth’s
eastern entrance transformed into a
vibrant mixed-use community of up to
5,000 residents and 1,000 new
workers over the next 10 - 15 years.

The first phase of East Perth
Redevelopment Authority’s Riverside
project is well underway, with
subdivision works nearing completion
at the former Metrobus Depot site, and
Hay Street road and streetscaping
works progressing ahead of schedule
and due for completion by the end of
the year.

Hay Street has been reduced to a
single lane of traffic each way and
will soon be transformed into a
pedestrian and cyclist-friendly                                                                        intersection as the
boulevard, with new landscaping,                                                                       work progresses,
cycle paths, pavement treatments,                                                                      however EPRA will
lighting and public art.                                                                               continue to notify
                                                                                                       Trinity College in
The works program for the remainder                                                                    advance of any
of the year includes;                                                                                  changes.
October - November 2005                                                                                If you would like to
Erskine Link:                                                                                          receive weekly
                                                                                                       email updates on
•    Upgrade and relocate Western                                                                      the works program,
     Power substation                                                                                  please contact
                                          As the safety and welfare of Trinity        EPRA’s Communications Officer, Tarryn
•    Construction of a pedestrian         College students and other pedestrians      Moses on 9222 8000 or
     access way                           during the works program is paramount, alternatively
                                          to EPRA, traffic controllers are in place   works updates are available on the
Hay Street (Plain to Hale Streets):
                                          to assist students to and from the bus      website at
•    Upgrade streetscape and footpaths    stops on Adelaide Terrace (via the
                                          Hay/Hale Street intersection and            If you have any queries or comments
October - December 2005                                                               about the Riverside project, please
                                          through the Metrobus subdivision).
                                                                                      call the EPRA Community Information
Hay Street (Hale Street to                The traffic controllers will remain in      Line on 1800 639 726.
Trinity Avenue):                          place until the traffic lights at the
•    Construction of an intersection at   Hay/Hale Street intersection are in their
     Hale Street and Trinity Avenue       final position and the subdivision works
                                          are deemed safe for public access.
•    Installation of traffic lights and
     pedestrian crossing                  There may be some further minor
                                          alterations to student movements in and
•    Upgrade streetscape and footpaths    around the Hale/Hay Street

18      TrinityNews
O      n behalf of the Executive               I would also like to welcome five new       was a resounding success. Over 400
       Committee of the Association, I         Members to the Executive Committee:         artworks were exhibited and the
would like to announce one of the most         Dion Smith, Gianni Redolatti, Nick          feedback received was very positive.
significant developments in the history        Dilello, Michael Parker and Tom             This event enables the Association to
of the Association. This development is        Parker. They bring a wealth of              raise further funds towards the planned
the appointment of an Executive                energy and experience to the                development of the Waterford Playing
Officer, Anna Gingell. Anna has                Committee. We now have ten                  Field facilities.
already made a significant difference          Members on the Committee, which
to the operations of our organisation          provides us with the depth to take on       Now that we have appointed a full-time
in serving our Members’ needs.                 multiple projects.                          Executive Officer, we ask Old Boys to
                                                                                           send any ideas or initiatives to Anna on
The Association has directly employed          The Old Boys Sports Day was held on
                                               Sunday, 17 July 2005 with the
Anna on a full-time basis. I would like to                                                 also ask all Old Boys to please update
                                               College and Old Boys fielding teams
thank the initiative of the Vice Presidents,                                               their details (particularly, your email
                                               in football, hockey, rugby, soccer and
Dion Smith and Darren Taggart, in                                                          address) on the website or by sending
                                               cross-country to compete for the
securing Anna’s services. I would also                                                     Anna an email. This will enable us to
                                               Brendan Ryan Cup. There was some
like to thank Principal, Robert                                                            keep in touch with you and advise you
                                               spirited play by both sides and the Old
Henderson, and the Bursar Michael                                                          of upcoming events.
                                               Boys won back the Cup after a number
Burgess, in organising accommodation
                                               of successful years for the students.
at the College for Anna’s position.                                                        Les Conceicao
Anna’s office is located in B1.05 and          The Trinity Old Boys’ Art Exhibition held   President
her direct line is 9223 8132.                  in Gibney Hall from 14 – 16 October         Trinity Old Boys’ Association

                                               I am very excited about my new              Directory, Golf Day, Art Exhibition,
                                                 position as Executive Officer of TOBA.    corporatising merchandise and
                                               The general enthusiasm from Old Boys        introducing a club for TOBA members
                                               and Year 12 students has been               to use the school sporting facilities. My
                                               overwhelming. There is a strong             office is located on the second floor of
                                               committee behind me who are                 B block (B1.05) next to Gibney Hall,
                                               passionate about Trinity with some          where my grandfather’s photograph is
                                               brilliant ideas about how to expand         located, please call in any time.
                                               TOBA. We are currently planning the
                                               calendar for 2006 which will include        Anna Gingell
                                               the TOBA Annual Dinner, quarterly           TOBA Executive Officer
                                               Business Lunches, Online Business           Tel: 9223 8132

                                                                                                               Spring2005         19
Update                                         Profile on Kevin
Your                                           Carton Class of ‘49
Details                                        P  rior to his entry into the hotel industry,
                                                  Kevin Carton was a prominent
                                                                                                In the true Trinity tradition Kevin has
                                                                                                distinguished himself as an excellent
                                               member of the airline industry in                sportsman and was awarded the
                                               Western Australia. His experience                Australian Sports Medal in 1999, an
                                               included operational, marketing and              OAM in 2000 and the Australian
                                               management with Ansett, Qantas and               Centenary Award for his services to
                                               Air India.
                                                                                                tourism and hockey in Australia. He
                                               Kevin is a former Australian and                 also holds an Australian National
                                               Western Australian Hockey Captain                Service Medal.
                                               and dual Olympian, having represented
                                               Australia in the 1956 Melbourne                  It is gratifying to see the Trinity
                                               games and in Rome in 1960. He is                 education embraced and utilized to
TOBA President Les Conceicao presents the
                                               recognized as one of the finest hockey           achieve personal goals and a
winning prize for the “Update Your Details”
Competition, to Michael Kahl (Class of 89’).   players produced in Australia.                   distinguished career.

                                                                                                “He is recognized
Class                                                                                           as one of the finest
                                                                                                hockey players
of ‘80                                                                                          produced in
Reunion                                                                                         Australia.”
                                                            Three Generations at Trinity
• 25 Year Trinity Re-union for                     (L - R) Jeremy, Luke (Yr 8) & Kevin Carton

  Class of 1980

     Friday 25th November 2005
     at 7:30pm
                                               Profile on Jeremy
     The Front Bar, Steves,
     Nedlands Park Hotel
                                               Carton Class of ‘79
     171 Broadway, Nedlands
                                                                                                overseeing Sales for the groups’ seven
     WA 6009
     The venue for this re-union is
     the same as it was for the 20th
                                               J  eremy Carton attended Trinity from
                                                  Year 4 to Year 12, Class of 79’. He           hotels and resorts in WA.
                                               is married with two sons and a
     Year re-union in 2000.                                                                     Jeremy was Captain of the Hockey First XI
                                               daughter. His son Luke is in Year 8 and
                                                                                                that toured Indonesia, Singapore and
• Register your contact details                Daniel will start at Trinity in 2007.
                                                                                                Malaysia in 1979. After playing top level
  and / or see who is going...
                                               Jeremy’s working career has been                 hockey in WA & Queensland Jeremy is
• or email the TOBA Executive                  predominantly in the hospitality industry.       now playing in the Veterans O/40 for a
  Officer Anna Gingell                         After many years working overseas and            suburban Hockey Club. It is heartening to               Interstate Jeremy is currently employed          see such fine sporting achievements
                                               with Broadwater Hotels & Resorts                 upheld throughout the generations.

20    TrinityNews
Profile on Michael Keenan
Class of ‘89
                                         C    elebrating his first 12 months as   He understands the unique
                                              the Federal Member for Stirling,    opportunities we are presented with
                                         Michael Keenan is enjoying the           in Western Australia, particularly if
                                         challenge of representing the            one is willing to work hard for them,
                                         residents of his electorate in           and is a product of our exceptional
                                         Canberra.                                education system.

                                         A former Trinity College student, at     Michael Keenan joins another former
                                         the age of 33, Michael won the seat      Trinity Boy Minister for Justice and
                                         of Stirling at the last election.        Customs, Senator Chris Ellison in
                                                                                  Canberra making Trinity College the
                                         Michael has a background in both         most represented West Australian
                                         small business and government.           school in Federal Parliament.
            Michael Keenan

S    eason 2005 was a successful one     Gryta ('04), Ryan Smith ('03), Marcus    for the Club to get involved next
     both on and off the field for the   Bin Sali ('04), Daniel O'Sullivan        season. In particular, for all Year 12
Trinity Aquinas Amateur Football         ('04), Christopher Wills ('04), Justin   leavers of 2005, the Club is hoping
Club, with our A Grade Colts side        McKeone ('04), Kyle Pendreeigh           to field two Colts’ sides in 2006 to
winning our first Colts flag since       ('04), Thomas Waddell ('04), Jamie       build on the success and momentum
1988. The club also fielded sides in     Birrell ('03), James Dean ('03),         gained this year.
A Grade, A Reserves and A 3rds           Thomas Shaw ('03), Chris Mather
                                                                                  Any enquiries can be directed to the
competitions and while our A Grade       ('03), Tim Stobart ('03), Rhys Miller
                                                                                  Football Director, Mark McDonnell
finished an unlucky 6th, the A           ('04) and Callum Johnson ('03), on a
                                                                                  (Class of '93) on 0423 034 173, or
Reserves also made the finals.           great season which culminated in a
                                                                                  the Clubs website
                                         heart stopping 1pt grand final victory
Congratulations must go to Coach         over Collegians (Old Scotch).            Paul Bradley Class of 94’
Andy Leinasars for molding a
                                                                                  Vice President,
committed and talented side and to       The Club would like to extend an
                                                                                  Trinity Amateur Football Club.
the players, which included Old Boys     invitation to any Old Boy of the
Michael Bastow (Class of '04), Ben       College who is interested in playing

22    TrinityNews
Trinity Old Boy Receives
Honourable Mention at Willem C.
Vis Moot Competition in Vienna

                             L – R Madge Mukund, Professor Gabriel Moens & Thomas Fitzgerald (Class of 2001)

                                              Notre Dame was narrowly defeated                 The team’s mentor and coach, Head
T   he University of Notre Dame
    Australia’s Moot team finished in the
final four teams of the prestigious
                                              by Stetson University (USA) in the
                                              semi-finals. Congratulations to Trinity
                                                                                               of the Graduate School of Law,
                                                                                               Professor Gabriel Moens said, “This is
Willem C Vis International Commercial         Old Boy Thomas Fitzgerald (Class of              a spectacular achievement for Notre
Arbitration Moot Competition in               2001) who was a member of the                    Dame. Our students have left behind
Vienna, which had over a thousand             Australian team. and received an                 some of the most highly reputed
participants comprising 150 teams             honourable mention in the ‘Best Oral             Universities in the world including
from around the world.                        Advocate’ awards.                                Harvard, Cambridge and Colombia”.

                                   Thames ComputerGroup
                                      Total Computer Solutions & Repairs since 1988

                      Call Evan Papantoniou (Class of 85). I Welcome Old Boys Contact.

                             1 King Edward Rd, Osborne Park, WA 6017
     Telephone: (08) 9244 2290 • Facsimile: (08) 9244 1623 • Email:

                                                                                                                 Spring2005       23
    Our vision is to be the leader in boys’

Trinity College is a Catholic School for boys in
            the Edmund Rice tradition.

 Our mission is to enable each of our students
  to realise his spiritual, academic, social,
 cultural and sporting potential, and to assist
       him to become a man for others.

We foster a personal spirituality and an active
 Catholic faith in all members of the Trinity

 We are a friendly and inclusive school. We
 value each individual member and welcome
                 all families.

 We encourage our students to be young men
  of integrity, who realise their potential, and
                strive for excellence.

    We foster service of others by way of
  educational experiences that are based on
           justice and compassion.

  We encourage students, staff and families to
reflect on the contemporary world in the light of
    the Gospel as the basis for individual and
                community growth.