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					Issue 1                           The springboard to confidence for your child


                                  Dear Parents
       Since last time winter truly arrived early for nearly all of us with bucke
                                                                                 ts full of
       snow! We are sure all of our Tumble Tots had a great time in the snow
                      being well and truly wrapped up in lots of layers.

After a fun filled action packed 2010, with our annual events such as      working once again with the best known author of baby and toddler
Eat Fit Keep Fit, Positive Parenting Week, National Children’s Activity    books, Annabel Karmel. More about this campaign as you read on
Week and Tumble Tots Roadshows we are raring to go again for 2011.         through Tumble Talk.

During our National Children’s Activity Week we carried out our            We at Tumble Tots are always looking for ways to improve our
sponsored Countathon with Peppa Pig for Tommy’s and I am                   service to you and have put together a small questionnaire for you.
pleased to announce we have raised over £30,000. To find out more          Please do take the time to look through it and help us to improve our
see page 6.                                                                service to you and maybe you will win some great goodies.

After the snow, came Father Christmas who we are sure visited all          To keep abreast of all the Tumble Tots activities remember to check out
of our Gymbabes, Tumble Tots and Gymbobs as they worked so                 our news and info on the website and for those looking for presents
hard in 2010. So here we go again to make 2011 a bumper                    visit our online shop as we are constantly adding new products.
Tumble Tots year.
                                                                           Until next time, from us all at Tumble Tots ….
After all the festivities its time to get active starting with our first
National Tumble Tots campaign ‘Eat Fit Keep Fit’. This years theme is
‘Together we Cook’ and we are pleased to announce we are
                                                                           Have Fun and Keep Active!

    Eat Fit Keep Fit
          7th - 13th Feb 2011
Our Eat Fit Keep Fit
campaign is now in
its 7th year and we
are pleased to be
working with
Annabel Karmel.
Our theme this is
year is ‘Together we
Cook’ We have lots
of healthy recipe
ideas for you and
you little ones to
cook together. To
find out more see                                                                                           T: 0121 585 7003
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                                                                                                            Tumble Tots (UK) Ltd, Blue Bird Park,
                                                                                                            Bromsgrove Road, Hunnington,
                                                                                                            Halesowen, West Midlands B62 0TT

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