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Nuus vanaf die Sekretariaat News from the Secretariat


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									9 Junie 1979                                SA     MEDIESE          TYDSKRIF                                             1003

Nuus vanaf die                                                                                   News from the
Sekretariaat                                                                                        Secretariat


                           VOORLOPIGE PROGRAM                    PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME

                 MONDA Y 16 JULY 1979                             THEATRE D
                                                                  South African Association of Health Services for Students
THEATRE A                                                         14h15 - Registration
09h30 - 'Being a doctor's wife' (Group Encounter)          Dr     14h45 - Annual General Meeting
          Bernard Levinson                                        15hl5 - Tea
Session -    Liver Disease: Chairman -      Professor M. G.       16hOO - 'History and background of student health services
Moshal                                                                     including goals and ethical considerations' - Dr P,
14hOO - 'Clinical approach to jaundice' - Professor S, J,                  Slayen
          Saunders                                                16h 15 - 'Regsgeneeskundige aspekte van studentegesond-
14h30 - 'Immunology of liver disease' - Professor E. J,                    heidsdienste' - Dr J. K, Bosch
          Holborow (UK)                                           16h30 - 'A survey of student pregnancies during I univer-
15hOO - Discussion                                                         sity year' - Or D. Norval
Session - Liver Disease (2): Chairman - Professor S. J.           16h45 - 'Aspekte van kontraseptiewe praktyk by studente-
Saunders                                                                   gesondheidsdienste' - Or T. Saayman
16hOO - 'Radiological approach to jaundice' - Professor M,
          Funston                                                                   TUESDAY 17 JULY 1979
16h20 - 'Ultrasound in hepatic amoebiasis' - Dr F, Rook-          THEATRE A
          noodeen                                                 Session - Death, Dying and Loss: Chairman - Professor H,
16h40 - 'CAT scanning in liver disease' -         Professor I.    Grant-Whyte
          Isherwood (UK)                                          09hOO - 'Death as punishment - the traditional view' - Or
17hOO - Discussion                                                          P. Kapapa (Malawi)
THEATRE B                                                         09h20 - 'The role of the GP in the management of the
Session - Psychiatric Emergencies: Chairman - Dr M. B.                      dying patient and his family' - Or S. Levenstein
Asherson                                                          09h40 - 'The psychiatric view' - Or B, Lind
14hOO - 'Recognition of the psychiatric emergency' - Pro-         IOhOO - Discussion
          fessor M, A, Simpson (USA)                              Session - Interphase of Body and Mind: Chairman - Dr J.
14h20 - 'Psychiatric emergencies that cannot wait' - Dr M,        Thorne
          Paterson                                                11 hOO - 'The anorexias' - Or D. L. orris
14h40 - 'Treatment of psychiatric emergencies' -        Dr P,     I1 h20 - 'The presentation and management of psychosoma-
          Tarboton                                                          tic symptoms in general practice' - Or F. D. Dorn-
15hOO - Discussion                                                          fest
Session - Suicide: Chairman - Dr R. Gillmer                       II h40 - 'Psychiatric facets of physical illness' - Professor
16hOO - 'Deculturation as a precipitant of parasuicide in an                M. A. Simpson (USA)
          Asiatic group' -    Professor R, W, S, Cheetham         12hOO - Discussion
16h20 - 'Recognizing self-destructive behaviour' - Professor      Session - The Emotionally Handicapped Child: Chairman -
          M, A, Simpson (USA)                                     Dr W. Winship
16h40 - 'Current patterns of suicide in Durban' - Dr L.           14hOO - 'Use and abuse of drugs in learning disabilities' -
          Schlebusch                                                        Or G. Myers (USA)
17hOO - Discussion                                                14h20 - 'Adoption of the "at risk" baby' - Or L. J. Arens
THEATREC                                                          14h40 - 'Genetic counselling' - Dr M. M. Nelson
Session - Coronary Heart Disease: Chairman - Professor            15hOO - Discussion
A. Mitha                                                          Session - Community Medicine: Chairman - Dr M. B. A.
14hOO - 'Natural history of acute myocardial infarction' -        Buchan
          Professor D, G, Julian (UK)                             16hOO - 'The future of community health care in South
14h30 - 'Past and present epidemiology of coronary heart                    Africa' - Or J. de Beer
          disease in South African populations' - Dr A, R.        16h20 - 'Primary health care and medical training' - Pro-
          P, Walker                                                         fessor I. W, F. Spencer
J4h50 - 'The current status of cholesterol, plasma lipids and     16h40 - 'Die geneesheer en gemeenskapsbetrokkenheid' -
          atherosclerosis' - Dr G, Watermeyer                               Or H. P. Botha
Session -    Coronary Heart Disease: Chairman -        Dr D.      15hOO - Discussion
Pittaway                                                          THEATRE B
16hOO - 'Complete home management of myocardial infarc-           Session - Colon: Chairman - Professor H. Engelbrecht
          tion' - Dr J, H, Levenstein                             09hOO - 'Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease of the colon'
16h30 - 'The investigation of patients for coronary bypass                  -    Professor H. Spiro (USA)
          surgery, and the outcome of surgery on these selec-     09h30 - 'Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease - the Cape
          ted patients' - Dr R, E, Matisonn                                 Town experience' - Or J. Wright
17hOO - Discussion                                                IOhOO - Discussion
 1004                                         SA      MEDICAL         JOUR      AL                                9 June 1979

 Session -   Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Chairman -    Dr I. N.   J4h30 -    'Ondersoek van emo ionele probleme by studente
  1arks                                                                      aan die Universiteit van Stellenbosch' -      Dr J.
 Ilhoo -     'Colonoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease' -                   Maritz
            Professor K. Nagosako (Japan)                          14h45 - 'Spanningshoofpyn' - Or A. J. Burger
  12hOO - Discussion                                                               WEDNESDAY 18 JULY 1979
 Session - The Gut: Chairman - Professor M. G. Moshal              THEATRE F
  14hOO - 'Immunology of coeliac disease' - Professor E. J.
            Holborow (UK)                                          South African Association for Accident and Traffic Medicine:
  14h30 - 'Vascular disease of the gut' - Professor H. Spiro       Chairman - Dr F. J. Heddon
            (USA)                                                 09hoo - 'The road ahead' - Dr F. J. Heddon
 15hOO - Discussion                                               09h 15 - 'Immediate care in road accidents' - Or K.. Easton
 Session - Myocardial Ischaemia: Chairman - Professor D. G.                 (UK)
                                                                   IOhoo - 'The medical examination of heavy-duty drivers' -
 JuIian                                                                     Or R. Mundy
 16hOO - 'Myocardial ischaemia is an energy crisis and not
            a clot' - Or 1. E. Katzeff                             11 hoo - 'The place of insurance companies in road acci·
                                                                            dents' - Professor G. T. du Toit
 16h20 - 'Clinical significance of and therapeutic approach to     IIh20 - 'Seat-belt injuries' - Mr A. White
            hyperuricaemia' - Or A. Masbernard (Paris)             IIh40 - 'Vision and driving' - Or P. Johnson
 16h40 - 'The South-Western Cape coronary risk factor              IIh55 - Discussion
            study - preliminary communication' - Professor         14hoo - 'Compulsory treatment of alcoholic drunken drivers'
            J. E. Rossouw                                                   - Or G. C. W. George
THEATREC                                                           14hl5 - 'The motor bike: Safety in size?' -         Or J. T.
 Session - Hypertension (1): Chairman - Professor W. P.                     Vorster
 Leary                                                             14h30 - 'Mobilopathy' Its causes and prevention' - Or A.
09hoo - 'The prevalence, aetiology and complications of                     Ferguson
            hypertension in the South African Black popula-        14h45 - Discussion
           tion' - Professor Y. K. Seedat                          15hOO - Business meeting
09h30 - 'A review of the renin-angiotension system in hyper-      Session - Schistosomiasis (1): Chairman - Dr R. Elsdon-Dew
           tension' - Or J. G. G. Ledingham (UK)                  09hOO - 'Schistosomes, hookworms and anaemia in northern
 10hOO - Discussion                                                         KwaZulu' - Drs C. H. J. Schutte and F. G. H.
Session - Hypertension (2): Chairman - Professor Y. K.                      Mayet
Seedat                                                            09h 15 - 'The pathology of schistosomiasis in antelopes' -
 JlhOO - 'Renal hypertension by subtotal nephrectomy' - Or                  Or 1. H. Carmichael
           A. M. Seeber (Argentina)                               09h30 - 'Schistosomiasis study of clinical and preclinical
 1I h30 - 'Pathogenesis of essential hypertension' - Professor              morbidity' - Dr P. Naiker
           C. Rosendorff (Johannesburg)                           09h45 - 'Aspects of hepatic pathology in mansonian schisto-
 12hOO - Discussion                                                         somiasis' - Mrs S. B. Higgins-Opitz
Session -      Hypertension (3): Cbairman -       Professor C.    Session - Schistomiasis (2): Chairman - Dr E. Elsdon-Dew
Rosendorff                                                         IlhOO - 'Schistomicides - the present situation"- Or P. J.
 14hOO - 'Surgery and anaesthesia in the hypertensive patient'              Fripp
           - Professor C. H. van Hasselt                          II h 15 - 'The tolerance of schistosoma species and their
14h20 - 'The significance and management of raised blood                    snail intermediate hosts to the saline conditions
           pressure in pregnancy' - Or J. Moodley                           prevailing in the estuaries along the Natal coast' -
14h40 - 'Drug interactions in management of hypertension'                   Miss Fiona Donnelly
           - Professor W. P. Leary                                Session - Protozoa (1): Chairman - Dr P. J. Fripp
J5hOO - Discussion                                                IIh30 - 'A longitudinal study of the IgM and IgG response
Session - Upper Limb Pain: Chairman - Dr D. R. Lee                           of patients suffering from amoebic liver abscess' -
14hOO - 'Soft-tissue pain' - Professor T. L. Sarkin                         Or T. F. H. G. Jackson
14h20 - 'The painful shoulder' - Or J. Bear                       II h45 - 'Malaria fluorescent antibody test: Plasmodium
14h40 - 'Refen'ed pain and root pain in the upper limb'                     fieldi and P. falciparum antigens' - Or C. F. Hans-
           Or     aidoo                                                     ford
16hOO - Discussion                                                Session - Protozoa (2): Chairman - Dr P. J. Fripp
South African Society of Hypertension: Chairman - Pro-            14h I 5 - 'The morphology of Plasmodium durae in turkeys'
fessor W. P. Leary                                                          - Or F. W. Huchzermeyer
16hOO - Round-table discussion and formation of Society           14h30 - 'Trichomoniasis in Rhodesia' - Or P. R. Mason
Session - Pregnancy and Labour: Chairman - Dr S. Sacks            14h45 - 'Trichomoniasis in pregnancy' - Mr A. A. Hoosen
THEATRED                                                                    and Mr M. 1. Mulla
                                                                  15hOO - Films
Parasitological Society of Southern Africa                        THEATRE A
I IhOO - Annual General Meeting                                   Session - Pancreatitis: Chairman - Dr R. Hinder
Session - Veterinary Parasitology: Chairman - Dr R. Bigalke       09hOO - 'Alcohol-induced pancreatitis in the Western Cape'
16hOO - 'Sheep-scab. laboratory and field observations' -                   Or 1. . Marks
          Or W. P. van Aardt                                      09h30 - 'Pancreatitis in Blacks' - Dr L. Ou Tim
16h 15 - 'Observations on the epidemiology of Parafilaria         09h45 - 'Pancreatography'           Professor H. Engelbrecht
          bovicola' - Or 1. H. Carmichael                         IOh05 - Discussion
J6h30 - 'Diagnosis and chemotherapy of human babesiosis'          Session - Pancreatic Investigation: Cbairman         Professor
          - Dr F. T. Potgieter
                                                                  H. Engelbrecht
16h45 - 'The prevalence of gastro-intestinal helminths in         11 hOD - 'Ultrasound in pancreatic disease' - Or J. Boult·
          domestic dogs in the RSA' - Dr A. Verster                         bee
l?hOO - 'Critical efficiency trial with cambendazole in horses'   I Jh30 - 'CAT scan in pancreatic disease' - Professor 1.
          - Mr J. P. Louw                                                   Isherwood (UK)
THEATREE                                                          12hOO - Discussion
South African Association of Health Services for Students         Session - Duodenal Ulcer (1): Chairman - Professor M. G.
14hOO - 'Hantering van anorexia nervosa by studente' -            Moshal
          Professor T. Roux                                       14hOO - 'Therapeutic approaches to duodenal ulceration' -
14h 15 - 'A survey of the attitudes, knowledge and behaviollr               Professor H. Spiro (USA)
          of first-year students at an English-speaking univer-   14h30 - 'A sceptic's view of the treatment of duodenal
          sity' - Dr P. W. Slayen                                           ulceration' - Or 1.      . Marks
9 Junie 1979                                  SA     MEDIESE          TYDSKRIF                                               1005
 15hoo - Discussion                                                 THEATRE 0
Session - Duodenal Ulcer (2): Chairman - Or I. '. Marks             Session - Sport Medicine (l): Chairman - Or J. sdin
 16hOO - 'Duodenal ulceration: a social buffer deficiency           09hoo - 'Skeenpyn' - Dr J. van Heerden
           disease that never heals' - Professor M. G. Moshal       09h20 - The use of bupivacaine hydrochloride (Marcaine)
           (Durban)                                                            in the treatment of sport injuries' - Or G. Schweit-
 16h 15 - 'Psychiatric and social studies in duodenal ulcera-                  zer
           tion' - Or A. Levin                                      09h40 - 'The use of anti-inflammatory agents in acute pOri
 16h30 - 'Peptic ulceration in Blacks at Kalafong Hospital,                 trauma' - Or R. Rathgeber
           1976 - 1979' - Or C. F. van der Merwe                    10hoo - Discu ion
 16h45 - 'Surgery in duodenal ulceration' - Mr J. V. Robbs          Session - Sport Medicine (2): Chairman - Or S. N. du Toit
 17hOO - Discussion                                                 Ilhoo - 'Die plek van sportsgeneeskunde' - Or D. P. van
THEATRE B                                                                      Velden
Session - The Sick Family                                           II h20 - 'Organization and direction of a rural orthopaedic
09hoo - 'The sick family - an overview' - Or V. BUhr-                          service' - Or J. S. Lewis
          mann                                                      Session - Student Health: Emotional Problems
09h20 - 'The child in the extended family' - Or P. Kapapa           14hoo - 'Ondersoek van emo ionele probleme' -            Or J.
           (Malawi)                                                            Maritz
09h40 - 'The use of family therapy' - Or D. L.              orns    14hl5 - 'Anorexia nervosa' - Professor J. T. Roux
 10hOO - Discussion                                                 14h30 - 'Spanningshoofpyn' - Dr A. J. Burger
Session - The Chronically III Patient: Chairman - Or B.             14h45 - 'Survey of the attitudes' - Or P. W. Slayen
Jatfe                                                               15hoo - Discussion
 II hOO - 'Training doctors to care for chronically ill patients'   Session -      Diet and Atheroma: Chairman -         Or J. H.
          - Or W. Fabb (Australia)                                  Levenstein
IIh20 - 'Management of chronic disease in general practice'         16hOO - 'Diet and atheroma formation: a blueprint for
          - Or J. H. Levenstein                                               coronary-prone South Africans' -        Professor D.
 I1 h40 - 'The psychological management of the chronically                     Mendelsohn
           ill patient and his family' - Dr S. Levenstein           16h20 - 'Dairy versus non-dairy: what are the facts?' - Or
12hOO - Discussion                                                             J. P. du Plessis
Session - Gerontology: Chairman - Or 1\1. Barlow                    16h40 - 'The role of magnesium to insulin, free fatty acids
14hoo - 'Pharmacology and iatrogenesis in the elderly'                         and cholesterol' - Or W. H. Davis
           Or H. M. Hodkinson (UK)                                  17hOO - Discussion
14h20 - 'Atherosclerosis in the elderly' - Or G. Water-             Session - Diabetes: Chairman - Professor Y. K. Seedat
          meyer                                                     I1 hOO - 'Diabetes: hypertriglyceridaemia and coronary heart
 14h40 - 'How necessary are doctors in the care of the                         disease' - Professor A. C. Asmal
           aged?' - Dr B. H. J. Bethlehem                           11 h20 - 'The diagnosis and management of diabetic retino-
15hOO - Discussion                                                             pathy' - Professor . Welch
Session - The Anaesthetist's Role in Cardiac Treatment:             II h40 - 'HLA antigens and disease with special reference
                                                                               to juvenile-onset diabetes mellitus' -   Mr M. G.
Chairman - Professor J. Downing                                                Hammond
16hoo - 'Presentations and treatments of pulmonary oedema'
          - Or J. D. Smith (USA)
16h20 - 'Assessment of cardiac risk in non-cardiac surgery'                         THURSDAY 19 JULY 1979
          - Dr B. H. J. Bethlehem (Johannesburg)
16h40 - 'Experience with the evaluation of brain death' -           THEATRE A
          Dr J. D. Smith (USA)                                      Session - Psychopharmacology: Chairman - Or A. Levine
17hOO - Discussion                                                  09hOO - 'The assessment of anti-anxiety drugs in clinical
THEATREC                                                                      practice' - Or T. Silverstone (UK)
                                                                    09h20 - 'Some aspects of the effects of anxiolytics on human
Session - Therapeutics (1): Chairman - Professor W. P.                        psychomotor performance' - Or 1. Hindmarch (UK)
Leary                                                               09h40 - 'Drug treatment of depression' - Professor W. H.
09hoo - 'Some aspects of immunity and infection' - Pro-                       Wessels
          fessor E. J. Holborow (UK)                                10hOO - 'A review of 450 patients' compliance with drug
09h20 - 'Modes of antibiotic action' - Professor F. O'Grady                   therapy' - Or N. A. Kritzinger
          (UK)                                                      Session - Sex Therapy: Chairman - Or M. Barlow
09h50 - Discussion                                                  1I hOO - 'Sex therapy' - Dr B. Levenstein
Session - Therapeutics (2): Chairman - Or C. Ballet                 11 h45 - Panel discussion: Or Solomon, Or J. Landau, Or L.
11hOO - 'Choice of antibiotic' - Professor F. O'Grady (UK)                    I. Robertson, Or B. Levenstein
IIh30 - 'Diagnosis of urinary tract infection - a dilemma           THEATREB
          in general practice' - Dr F. D. Domfest                   Session - Current Trends in General Practice: Chairman -
12hOO - Discussion                                                  Professor W. F. Fabb
Session - Therapeutics (3)
14hOO - 'Other antimicrobial agents' -        Professor W. P.       09hOO - 'Family practice: a modern trend in undergraduate
          Leary                                                               medical training in South Africa' - Professor C. J.
14h20 - 'Short-course intermittent outpatient treatment of          09h20 - 'An up-to-date clinical record system' - Professor
          tuberculosis' -    Or G. Murray-Short and Or E.                     A. D. P. van den Berg
14h40 - 'Antibiotic resistance' -       Professor F. O'Grady        09h40 - 'Recent advances in practice management' - Pro-
          (UK)                                                                fessor D. A. van Staden
15hoo - Discussion                                                  10hoo - Discussion
Session - Therapeutics (4): Chairman - Or G. Batcbelor              THEATREC
16hoo - 'Modern treatment of candidal vulvovaginitis' - Dr          Session - Gerontology (I): Chairman - Or J. van Rensburg
          G. Masterton (UK)                                         09hoo - 'Biochemical investigation of the elderly" - Or H.
16h20 - 'Chlamydia and Mycoplasma in obstetrics, gynae-                       M. Hodkinson (UK)
          cology and neonatology' - Or R. D. Miller                 09h20 - 'Psychogeriatric assessment unit           Or F. D.
16h40 - 'A practical means of preventing polypharmacy and                     Pascoe
          iatrogenic disease in ambulatory patients' - Or M.        09h40 - 'Recognition of atypical disea es in the elderly'
          Barlow                                                              Or H. M. Hodkinson ( K)
17hoo - Discussion                                                  10hOO - Discussion
                      ." ......

 1006                                             SA     MEDICAL        JOURNAL                                      9 June 1979

 Session - Gerontology (2)                                                             FRIDAY 20 JULY 1979
 11 hOO - 'The effect of aftercare on the health of the elderly'
            - Or G. Beyers                                           THEATRE A
 IIh20 - 'Geriatric resources in the community' -         Mrs Z.     Session - Tumour Biology: Chairman - Professor R. Scaly
            Droskie                                                  09hOO - 'Tumour biology and therapeutic options' -        Pro-
 11 h40 - 'Preventative geriatric services for Blacks' - Or C.                 fessor I. B. Angorn
            Erasmus                                                  09h30 - 'Tumours of the immune response' - Professor E.
 12hOO - 'The future planning for geriatrics in South Africa'                   Dowdle
            - Or H. P. Botha                                         10hOO - Discussion
THEATRE 0                                                            Session - Modern Imaging of Tumours: Chairman. - Pro-
South African Gastro-enterology Socicry                              fessor H. Ens:c1brecht
Sl'SSion - Oesophagus: Chairman - Or R. Hinder: Moderator            I IhOO - . Role of CAT in the diagno is of lymphoma'
- Or I. Segal                                                                  Professor I. Isherwood ( K)
09hOO - 'The prevalence of benign oesophageal disease                IIh30 - 'Imaging in bone tumours' - Dr D. L. Rubin
           among the ethnic groups attending Groote Schuur           11 h50 - 'Current stallls of imaging for liver llImours
            Hospital' - Profe sor W. Silber                                    Or F. Rooknoodeen
09hl5 - 'Varicoid carcinoma of the oesophagus: report of a           12h 10 - Discussion
            patient with adenocarcinoma' - Or H. S. Odes and         Session - Management of Tumours: Chairman - Professor
            Or E. Maor (Israel)                                      G. Falkson
09h30 - ' utritional stallls and the nonspecific cellular and        141100 - 'Current trends in radiotherapy for malignant
           humoral immune response in oesophageal carcinoma'                   tumour' - Professor R. Seal)'
           - Or A. A. Haffejee and Or I. B. Angom                    14h30 - 'Management of tumours of infancy and childhood'
09h45 - 'The effect of ergometrine on the lower oesophageal                    - Dr R. E. Mickel
           sphincter at caesarean section' - Or G. E. Dimo-          14h45      'Pitfalls in diagnosis of urinary tract tumours'
            poulos. Or J. G. Brock- tne, Or J. E. Edwards.                      Mr J. Sommerville
           Professor M. G. Moshal                                    15hOO - Discussion
10hOO - 'Hypochlorhydria and mutagens in oesophageal                 Session - Colorectal and Breast Carcinoma: Chairman
           cancer" - Drs A. F. Baskind. H. J. Koornhof. D. G.        Professor I. B. Angorn
           Hamilton. A. V. Berry and Y. Bulgary                      16hOO - 'Colorectal carcinoma' - Dr S. A. R. Cooke
Session - Liver: Chairman - Professor W. Silber; Moderator           16h20 - 'Breast carcinoma' - Or P. Helman
- Or J. M. Spitaels                                                  16h40 - Panel Discussion: Dr Cooke. Professor Falkson. Dr
IlhOO - 'The dilemma of jaundice' -         Professor H. Spiro                 Helman. Professor R. Sealy
          (USA)                                                      THEATRE B
11 h30 - 'The value of whole-body computed tomography in
           the diagnosis of pelvic. abdominal. chest and spinal      Session - The Ph}'sically Handic-apped Child: Chairman -
           cord disease: a review of I year"s work on the New        Professor A. Moosa
           Delta 2010 Scanner at the Princess Nursing Home.          09hOO - 'Medical aspects of the handicapped child' - Or J.
          Johannesburg' - Or H. Podlas                                         Lorber
I1 h45 - 'Experience with Le Veen peritoneovenous shunt:             09h45 - Discussion
          a preliminary report' - Or C. van der Merwe                Session - Assessment of Ihe Handicapped Child: Chairman
12hOO - 'Rarity of gallstones in Blacks: biliary lipid compo·        - Or R. E. Mickel
          sition in controls and patients with cholelithiasis' -      11 hOO - Panel discussion: Professor G. Fouche (clinical
           Drs I. Segal. D. Mendelsohn. L. Mendelsohn and                      psychologist); Mrs Jackson (physiotherapist): Mrs E.
          L. Ou Tim                                                            Lucas (occupational therapist/remedial teacher):
12hl5 - 'Rat model of cirrhosis' - Drs D. Labadarios. J. E.                    Mrs E. Crossley (speech therapist)
          Rossouw and G. J. Pienaar                                  Session - The CAT Scanner
12h30 - AGM and Elections                                            14hOO - 'A review of intracranial tumours as diagnosed by
Session -     Peptic Ulcer: Chairman -       Or I.     . Marks;                computed tomography' - Dr Hilda Podlas
Moderator - Or J. Wright                                             14h20 - 'Radionuclide scanning in pulmonary problems'
14hOO - 'Peptic ulcer disease in Soweto' - Drs f. Segal. L.                    Dr H. I. Osier
          Ou Tim and A. Solomon                                      14h40 - ' on-innovative techniques' - Professor M. Funston
14hl5 - 'Duodenal ulcer and HLA antigens in Indians and              Session - Egyptology
          Zulus' -     Messrs M. G. Hammond, B. Appadoo,             16hOO - 'Radiology in Egyptology' - Professor f. Isherwood
          F. D. Buckle and Or M. G. Moshal                                    (UK)
14h30 - ·Acid. mucus and pepsin in duodenal ulceration' -            THEATRE C
          Professor M. G. Moshal. J. Strashoon and D. Klat-
            zow                                                      Session - Changing PaUems of Psychiatry in Africa (1):
14h45 -       'Acid secretion in Black patients with duodenal and    Chairman - Professor R. W. S. Cheetham
             gastric ulcers' - Drs L. Ou Tim. I. Segal. H. H.        09hOO - 'Confrontation or misunderstanding'            Dr P.
             Lawson                                                            Kapapa (Malawi)
15hOO -      Two-year maintenance treatment with cimetidine          09h30 - 'Pattern of psychiatric illness in Transkei'      Or
             for duodenal ulcers' - Or R. C. P. M. Mekel                       G. Daynes (Transkei)
Session    -    Pancreas/Miscellaneous: Chairman -       Professor   10hOO - Discussion
 1. G.     10shal: Moderator - Dr L. Ou Tim                          Session - Changing Patterns of Psychial~ in Africa (2)
16hOO -      'Chronic pancreatitis in Blacks and Indians: a          11 hOO - 'Pattern of Coloured and Indian admissions to a
             comparative study' -     Drs J. M. Spitaels. M. G.                psychiatric hospital' - Or A. Valjee
             Moshal                                                  11 h20 - 'The medical application of transcendental medita-
16h 15 -     'Proximal pancreatic duct abnormalities in patients               tion' - Or L. Cooper
             with calcific pancreatitis and di proportionate         IIh40 - 'Answering the challenge' -      Dr V. Btihrmann
             steatorrhoea' - Drs A. H. Girdwood. 1.         Marks    12hOO - Discussion
             and P. Borman                                           Session - Training in the 70s
16h30 -      'The comparison between retinopathy and rectal          14hOO - 'Student participation in and asse sment of medical
             vascular changes in diabetics' - Drs I. Segal. D. G.              education' - K. Steyn
             Hamilton. G. Baerveldt and L. Ou Tim                    14h I0 - 'Moulding sllldent attitudes to psychological aware-
16h45 -      'Gastric emptying in chronic pancreatitis' -      Drs             ness' - Professor M. A. Simpson (USA)
             L. Ou Tim. R. A. Hinder and I. Segal                    14h40 - 'Testing knowledge. skills and attillldes' - Or W.
17hOO -      'Gastric emptying after pylorus-preserving gastrec-               E. Fabb (Australia)
             tom~" -    Or R. A. Hinder                              15h I0 - Discussion
9 Junie 1979                             SA     MEDIESE            TVDSKRIF                                          1007

               SATURDAY 21 JULY 1979                                    (Nursing Sister)
                                                                        'Physiotherapy and aids' - Colleen van Rensburg
Spina Bifida Congress                                                   ( Physiotherapist)
08hOO - Registration                                           12h30 - Question time
08h20 - Opening of Congress by Dean of Faculty of Medi-        Chairman - Or J. Lorber
          cine, Uni\'ersity of atal                            13h30 - 'Experiences in a spinal defects clinic' - Or M,
08h30 - Opening address: 'Importance of associations and                Katzen
          clinics' - Or J. Lorber (UK)                         14hoo - 'Integration into society' - Claire Jayes
Chairman - Or R. E. Mickel                                     14h30 - 'Aims of physical education in relation to spina
09hOO - 'Management of lesions' - Mr W, Peacock                         bifida' - Mr Sehoeman (Physical Educationalist)
IOhl5 - 'Management of the urinarv tract" - Professor P,       14h45 - Question time
          J, P, van Blerk           -                          Chairman - Or M. Katzen
IOh30 - 'Management of orthopaedic problems' - Professor       l5h30    'Hydrocephalus' - Mr P, le Roux
          T, L. Sarkin                                         15h45 - 'Importance of stimulation in the early years and
IOh45 - Question time                                                    throughout schooling' -   Occupational Therapist.
Chairman - Dr W. Winship                                                 Hope Home
IlhOO - 'Hurdles to be overcome' - Dr J, Lorber (UK)           16hOO - 'Genetic aspects of spina bifida' - Or W, Winship
IIh30 - 'Parents' reaction and problems' - Tony Devlin         16h 15 - Symposium: Parent - Or Lorber: social worker -
          'Management of the child' -      Naomi Gorvern                 Or Katzen

         Kongresse en Vergaderings                             •
                                                               •    Congresses and Meetings
                                           KENNlSGEWINGS : NOTICES

Universiteit van die Oranje-Vrystaat, Departement Interne      University of Cape Town, Department of Psychiatry: Lecture.
Geneeskunde: Saterdagoggend-bespreking. Die volgende be-       The next lecture will take place on Monday 18 June 1979 at
spreking sal plaasvind op 16 Junie 1979 om 08hoo in die        17hl5 in [he Conference Room. Ward CI2, C-floor. Depart-
Departement Anatomiese Patologie, Fakulteit van Genees-        ment of Psychiatry. Groote Schuur Hospital. Observatory,
kunde, UOVS. BloemIontein, Dr. B. J, Vorster sal oor           Cape Town. Mr L. Todres will speak on 'Thanatology: to
'Plasmaferese' praat. Die bespreking sal om 09hoo deur 'n      question the bounds of medical relevance'.
referaat opgevolg word.
                      *             *
                                                               University of Cape Town, Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate
Universiteit van StelIenbosch, Departement Interne Genees-     Education Centre: Basic Medical Sciences Lecture. The next
kunde: Donderdagmiddag-bespreking. Die volgende klinies-       lecture will be held on Tuesday 19 June 1979 at 18hoo in the
farmakologiese bespreking sal plaasvind op 14 J unie 1979 om   Physiology Lecture Theatre. Medical School. Observatory.
16hOO in die Seminaarkamer. 3de Vloer. Kliniese Gebou,         Cape Town. Professor O. M itchell will speak on 'Pain and
Mediese Skool. Parowvallei, KP, Dr. T. Benkenstein sal oor     analgesia'.
'Die behandeling van epilepsie' praat. Die bespreking sal om
 l7hOO opgevolg word deur die flikkergram van die week, 'n                           *       *      *
kliniese voordrag deur professor H. P. Wassermann se groep,
en die kardiologie-bydrae.                                     University of the Witwatersrand, Department of Physiology:
                                                               Staff/Student Seminar. The next seminar will be held on
                             *       *                         Wednesday 20 June 1979 at Ilhoo in Room C4, Old Medical
                                                               School. Hospital Street. Johannesburg. Professor A. Lillle-
Universities of Cape Town and StelIenbosch, Departments of     john. of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Universit of
Dermatology: Combined Dermatology Meeting. The next            Pretoria, will speak on 'Equine cardiology'.
meeting will be held on Saturday 16 June 1979 at 09hOO in
Ward CI2, Groote Schuur Hospital. Observatory. Cape Town.                                    *      *
                      *                                         Mediese Vereniging van Suid-Afrika (Tak Noord-Transvaal)
                                                                en Universileit van Pretoria, Departement Chirurgie: Bespre-
University of Cape Town, Department of Anaesthetics: Satur-     king. Die volgende bespreking sal plaasvind op Maandag
day Morning Meeting. The next meeting will be held on 16        18 Junie 1979 om 17hOO in kamer 1-21. Klinie - oord, H. F.
June 1979 at 09hOO in the Bennie de Wet Lecture Theatre,        Verwoerd-hospitaal. Pretoria, Or. V. 1. McCusker sal oor
Groote Schuur Hospital. Observatory, Cape Town. Or J.           'Evaluasie van 'n praktiese en effens radikale beleid l.o.v.
Ozinsky will speak on 'Case reports'.                           kolorektale chirurgie' praat.

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