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					SPECIFICATION No.:                                    NPBM_M_002

                                                      PLATEWORK CONSTRUCTION AND
                                                      INSTALLATIONFOR RAW WATER PUMP

PROJECT TITLE:                                        BOOYSENDAL UG2 NORTH MINE PROJECT

BUSINESS UNIT:                                        NORTHAM PLATINUM LIMITED BOOYSENDAL

AREA:                                                 BORWA PUMP STATION

DISCIPLINE:                                           MECHANICAL


                                                        Electrical /





   Rev     Date       Description

                                                                       W Viljoen /
                                     T Hoogenboezem     C de Beer                    A Jordaan   P Maharaj
                                                                         J Nel

    0    27/04/2010   For Comment         TH             CdB               JN           AJ           ~

   0.1   23/07/2010   For Comment         TH             CdB              WV            AJ         PM

   0.2   29/07/2010   For Approval        TH             CdB              WV         JN p.p.       PM

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
                                             Revision Notes

Specification No.: NPBM_M_002                                 Rev.: 2

Title.: SMPP Construction and Installation For Raw Water Pump Station
Date         Rev No Description                                          Revised By
                       Compile specification with the requirements of
27/04/2010      0                                                        T.A.Hoogenboezem
                       The BKS Project Specification
23/07/2010     0.1     Updated with comments to be re-submitted as per A T.A.Hoogenboezem
                       Jordaan’s request
29/07/2010     0.2     Submitted for approval                             T.A.Hoogenboezem
29/07/2010      2      Approved                                           T.A.Hoogenboezem

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
1.    Status ............................................................................................................................................................................... 7
2.    The Works ....................................................................................................................................................................... 7
3.    Standard Specifications ................................................................................................................................................. 23
4.    Department of Water Affairs’ Specifications ................................................................................................................ 25
5.    Detailing ........................................................................................................................................................................ 25
6.    Materials ....................................................................................................................................................................... 27
7.    Fasteners ....................................................................................................................................................................... 27
8.    Flanges .......................................................................................................................................................................... 28
9.    Inspections and Tests .................................................................................................................................................... 29
10.   Expediting and Quality Control .................................................................................................................................... 30
11.   Assembly, Packing and Transport................................................................................................................................. 33
12.   Execution of the Contract at Site .................................................................................................................................. 34

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
1.     STATUS
       Should any requirement of the Project Specification conflict with any requirement of the
       Standardized Specifications listed in Sections 3 and 4, the requirement of the Project
       Specification shall prevail. The Mines Health and Safety Act, Act 29 of 1996, will be
       applicable in all areas of the Works.

2.     THE WORKS

2.1    General Description

       The mechanical works comprise the detailing, manufacture supply, installation, commissioning
       and maintenance during the guarantee period of the following equipment:

           •   All pipe work inside the pump station.
           •   Sump pump valves and pipe work.
           •   Insulating flanges.
           •   One heavy duty, 3 tonne hydraulic “engine crane”.
           •   Trimming of the impellers of the pumps at Dwarsrivier pump station.

       The mechanical works comprise the off-loading, storage, installation, commissioning and
       maintenance of the following free issue equipment:
           •   Two multistage centrifugal pumps, each capable of delivering 97 l/s @ 355 m head.
           •   All valves inside the pump station.
           •   All instrumentation including four dual channel ultrasonic flow meters.
           •   Sump pumps.
           •   One 5 tonne electric travelling hoist.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Water quality (results of chemical analysis) is indicated in Table 2-1.

                                    Table 2-1: Chemical analysis of water

       The water analysis results indicate the following:

           •   SRB test results were positive, indicating a strong likelihood of internal sulphate
               reducing bacterial (SRB) corrosion. Sulphate also has a special role to play in bacterial
               corrosion under anaerobic conditions.
           •   Alkalinity values indicate typical “hard” water.             Waters of intermediate hardness
               frequently contain fair amounts of other constituents and there is often a tendency for
               the scale to be loosely attached, permitting corrosion to occur beneath. These situations
               also promote slime forming bacteria and ultimately SRB corrosion.
           •   Chloride levels are low.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Contractors are fully responsible and must ensure that wetted areas are manufactured of
       suitable materials and of suitable corrosion protection standard to be compatible with the above
       water analysis.

2.2    Description of the Site and Access

       The Works are situated approximately 10km to the south of Steelpoort. The Borwa Pump
       Station site can be accessed by following the R555 road towards Steelpoort (northern
       direction), and then taking the right hand turnoff to Lydenburg (eastern direction) on the road
       no. 51735. After following road no. 51735 for 13km in the eastern direction, turn right at the
       Thorncliffe turn-off. The road to Thorncliffe must be followed in a southern direction for the
       next 8km and then a right hand turn-off to the Mototolo Concentrator will be found. The
       Mototolo road must be followed for about 800m in the western direction and then the Borwa
       Booster Pump Station site will be approached directly next to the Mototolo Concentrator and
       Mototolo Borwa Mine Shaft access road intersection. The approximate WGS84 co-ordinate for
       the Borwa Booster Pump Station site is 25°00’06.76”S, 30°06’48.23”E.

       The Booysendal Mine site can be accessed by continuing with the Thorncliffe road in a
       southern direction and passing through the Helena security check point. The existing gravel
       track, which lies beyond the Helena security check point, must be followed south for another
       12km. The approximate WGS84 coordinate for the Booysendal Mine Site is 25°05’44.75”S,
       The Dwarsrivier pump station site can be accessed by following the road no. 51735 (from the
       R555) in an eastern direction for 9.4km and taking the Two Rivers Mine turn-off. The Two
       Rivers road must be followed for 3.8km in a southern direction. The Dwarsrivier Pump Station
       is located next to the Two Rivers road at the approximate WGS84 co-ordinate; 24°56’21.47”S,

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
2.3    Details of Contract

       A general layout drawing of the pipe work, pumps, motors, valves etc forms part of this
       specification. After the appointment of a Contractor, the Contractor must submit shop detail
       drawings for items to be fabricated.

       2.3.1   Performance Tests

       The Engineer will require from the contractor to provide for each action including testing of
       machines in the factory and on site a method statement, describing the detailed method to be
       followed, instrumentation and tools to be used, safety precautions and environmental
       precautions. The Contractor must allow for this in his costing.

       2.3.2   Exclusions

       Fire protection systems are included under the electrical contract.

       All earth- and civil work including building structure will be done by the civil contractor.

2.4    Detailed Scope of Work

       2.4.1   Pipe Work and Flanges

       The     manufacture/supply,     testing,   corrosion    protection,   delivery,   installation,   and
       commissioning of all pipe work in the pump station as indicated on the drawings attached. The
       battery limits of contract are indicated on the drawings.         Details of pipe work and wall
       thicknesses are given on pipe schedules. All flanges must be in accordance with SANS 1123
       standard specification.     For high pressure flanges, the requirements of BS 1092 must be

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       followed. The contractor must submit proposed details of the high pressure flanges (thickness)
       to the Engineer for approval before manufacture.

       All flanges with pressure ratings of 2,500kPa and higher must have raised faces.

       Bosses and nipples must be from 304L stainless steel in accordance with the drawing. Nipples
       for pressure gauges and pressure transducers must be in the horizontal plane and fitted with a
       90⁰ bend to prevent trapping of air.

       Galvanised drainage pipe work of adequate size shall be provided and installed to collect the
       waste water from each pump set and to lead it to the drain leading to the pump house sump.

       Dedicated pipes for each sump pump must be routed to the outside the pump station. 80 mm
       flanged galvanised pipe with fittings as well as two non return valves and isolating gate valves,
       must be supplied and installed.

       2.4.2   Valves and Actuators

       The offloading, storage, installation and commissioning of the following free-issued valves in
       the pump station:

           •   Two DN 350 PN 1000 butterfly valves with electric actuators.
           •   Two DN 300 PN 6400/6300 non return valves.
           •   Two DN 300 PN 6400/6300 manual butterfly valves with provision for an open limit
           •   One DN 300 PN 6400/63000 ring needle pump control valve with hydraulic actuator
               and control panel.

       All valves supplied will fully comply with the requirements of the relevant section of the
       Department of Water Affairs specification DWS 2510.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.4.3   Pumps

       The pumps include the offloading, storage, installation and commissioning of the following
       free-issued pumps:
               Two multistage centrifugal pumps, each capable of delivering 97 l/s @ 355 m head.

         Pump Testing

         Witnessed pump testing on site must be conducted in accordance with BS 5316 Class C.

         Contractors must submit a test method statement for approval by the Engineer at least two
         weeks in advance of any tests.

       2.4.4   Main Motors

       The offloading, storage, installation, alignment, commissioning of two free-issued air-cooled,
       525 V 50 Hz electric motors with an estimated rating of approximately 580 kW each.

       All air ducts and/or water piping and fittings between the main pump motors and the motor
       cooling water circulating pumps on the outside of the building shall be included in this

       2.4.5   Instrumentation

       Attached is a complete Instrumentation List in Annexure A, which indicates all the free-issued
       instrumentation and flow meters that must be installed. If instrumentation pneumatic supply is
       required, battery limit for this contract is 1” galvanized pipe to within 5m of the instrument.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.4.6   Hoist

       A 5 ton capacity free-issued electric travelling hoist must be offloaded, stored, installed and
       tested on a crawl beam supplied by the civil contractor. The beam is typically a 457 x 191 x 90
       I beam. The height above the final floor level is 5.0 m. The power supply shall be by means of
       a festoon type with cable hangers suspended from a separate rail that must be supplied and
       installed under this contract. The supply voltage will be 525 V.

       The test load must be 6,250 kg. Test weights must be supplied by the Contractor.

       It is important to note that the Contractor shall be responsible for lowering the sheave block to
       its bottom extreme during installation to remove all the spin in the wire rope prior to final
       fixing of the rope to the crane body or drum(s). All additional costs incurred by the Contractor
       to rectify spinning of the ropes and resultant damage during or after installation shall be for his

       The wire rope shall under no circumstances interfere with the side-walls while lowering
       equipment into the shaft.

       The Contractor shall allow a full day after erection is completed for pre-testing of each unit in
       the presence of the Engineer or his representative. At least two weeks advance notice of this
       date is required to enable the Engineer to finalize arrangements for attendance.

       After comprehensive functional tests and general inspection of cranes and lifting devices, all
       outstanding defects, shall be attended to by the Contractor within 15 working days.

       The Contractor shall advise the Engineer as soon as all the outstanding defects are remedied to
       set a date for final tests on completion of the crane and to notify all the representatives
       (including the Contractor) to be on Site.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.4.7   Sump Pump

       Two free-issued submersible sump pumps of approximately 0.75 kW each must be installed in
       the pump well sump provided. The pumps shall be wall mounted over a collecting sump in the
       lowest floor of the Pump Station. The pumps shall be float or electrode controlled by the water
       level in the sump and shall be of a reliable and robust type. The sump pumps shall deliver the
       water through a pipe riser to be supplied and fitted by the Contractor, to discharge through a
       reflux valve outside the Pump Station above high flood level. Each sump pump shall be fitted
       with its own individual reflux valve directly downstream of the pump delivery. It shall be
       possible to remove either one of the two pumps for repairs without interrupting the operation of
       the remaining unit.

       A suitable orifice plate must be installed in the sump pump pipe work to generate head for the
       pumps. 80 mm flanged galvanised pipe with fittings as well as two non return valves and
       isolating gate valves, must be supplied and installed. Dedicated pipes for each pump must be
       routed to the outside the pump station.

       2.4.8   Dwarsrivier Pump Modifications

       The delivery of the existing two pumps at Dwarsrivier pump station must be reduced by
       trimming of the impellers. The pumps are Sulzer model HPH 58-25- 3 stage. The new
       required duty is 168 l/s @ a total head of 275 m. It is essential that the pumps must be returned
       to Sulzer in Elandsfontein to calculate new impeller diameters, perform trimming of the
       impellers and retest the pumps in accordance with ISO 3555. Sulzer must supply a guarantee
       for the new duty point, efficiency and power consumption. Tests must be witnessed by the

       Contractor to remove existing pumps, transport to and back, expedite, re-install, test and
       commission. Order will be place on Sulzer by DRA as part of new Pump order.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.4.9   Spares

       The following spares must be supplied, transported and off loaded at the pump station for
       storage. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that the spares are adequately packaged
       and preserved for long term storage.

           •   Gaskets, bolts, nuts and washers 10% of supply for each flange type and size.

           •   2 × additional Ø65mm restriction orifice plates for the discharge end of the pressure
               relief valve at the Borwa booster PS.

2.5    Construction Program

       The Contractor shall submit a construction program for the works to the Engineer for approval,
       complete with critical path, within 14 days after the date of Letter of Acceptance.

       The program shall clearly show the anticipated date when the Contractor plans to undertake the
       various operations. Provision must also be made in the program for the requirements in Section
       2.12 of this specification. The program shall be in the form of a Bar Chart and clearly show the
       work anticipated to be completed each week. The program shall also clearly show key
       milestone dates to ensure proper inter-phasing with both the Mechanical Contract and
       Electrical Contract for this project. This program shall form part of the contract and the
       Contractor shall be bound by this program. A detailed cash flow forecast, coupled with the
       program for the Works, must also be submitted. The program shall be in MS Project 2003
       format. During construction of the works MS Project 2003 will be used to track progress.

2.6    Kick-off Meeting

       Within two weeks of awarding of order a kick-off meeting will be held at DRA head office.
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
2.7    Site Facilities Available

       No facilities exist at present on the Site of the Works. Water is available from Lebolelo Water
       Users Association (LWUA) and the Contractor must make arrangements with LWUA to obtain
       this water according to LWUA requirements.

       Take-out price to be allowed for diesel generators and fuel for the execution of the contract. All
       DB’s supplied by the Contractor for construction purposes to be complete with a Certificate of
       Compliance and to comply with construction regulations

       A site for a lay down area will be allocated to the Contractor. This will be pointed out at the Site
       Inspection Meeting. Accommodation is available free of charge (paid for by the client) in
       Kennedy Vale area. The Contractor is encouraged to make use of this. Refer to the Northam
       Platinum Contractors Compliance document.

2.8    Site Facilities Required

       2.8.1   Site Offices

       The Contractor shall provide, erect, on or about the Site of Works, as agreed by the Engineer,
       maintain and remove at completion, ample temporary offices for the use of his site agent and
       staff. The Contractor shall also provide for communication links in terms of telephone lines,
       cellular phones, fax machines and e-mail for the Engineer’s Office.

       2.8.2   Temporary Sheds

       The Contractor shall provide, erect, on or about the Site of Works, as agreed by the Engineer,
       maintain and remove at completion, ample temporary sheds for the proper storage of materials and
       tools and for the use of the workmen and watchmen.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.8.3   Sanitary Accommodation

       The Contractor shall supply suitable and adequate temporary sanitary accommodation for the
       use of his staff and workmen. Such accommodation shall be to the satisfaction of the Employer
       and the Engineer and shall conform to Local Authority requirements. The Contractor shall
       during tendering acquaint himself fully with these requirements.

       The Contractor shall maintain in a thoroughly clean and orderly condition, move as required
       and finally remove from site all such sanitary accommodation and make good to the approval
       of the Engineer. The setting of the sanitary accommodation must be excluded from public view
       and their use will be strictly enforced.

       2.8.4   Telephone and Computer Facilities

       The Contractor must make his own arrangements for communication links in terms of cellular
       phones, fax machines and e-mail. The Contractor must make his own arrangements for
       computers, printers and plotters. There will be no fixed lines available. The Contractor to test
       communication on site before submitting his tender in order to incorporate the appropriate

2.9    Site Meetings

       The Construction Manager will hold regular (weekly or bi-weekly) meetings, keep and
       circulate minutes. The Contractor shall attend all scheduled meetings and shall ensure that all
       sub-contractors are represented. Site meetings will be held at the DRA Site offices.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
2.10 Security

       The Contractor must programme his work in such a way that the area is secure at all times.

       The Contractor shall make provision in the nature of temporary works as may be required for
       the purpose of ensuring the safety of adjoining works and property and for the protection of all
       persons or animals.

       The Contractor shall provide ample warning signs, guard rails, barricades around open
       trenches, stacks of material, excavated materials, debris or the like, and shall provide walkways
       over trenches wherever required for safe passage.

       The Contractor shall provide and maintain all necessary temporary protection of finished
       and/or existing work by properly covering up, isolating, and barricading as required. The
       Contractor shall be responsible to make good any damages which may occur during
       construction due to negligence on his part.

2.11 Local Authority, Provincial or Government Administration, etc.

       The Contractor shall acquaint himself with all the laws and any by-laws, standards, and
       requirements lay down by a Local Authority, Provincial or Government Administration, etc.,
       for the work about to be executed, and shall abide by such standards and requirements
       throughout the duration of the Contract.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
2.12 Testing of Pipes, Valves, Pumps and Motors

       Equipment shall be subjected to the following, but not limited to, witnessed tests by the
       Engineer during installation and commissioning:

            a)   Pump tests in accordance with ISO 2548 or BS 5316 Class C;
            b) Motor efficiency tests in accordance with BS 4999;
            c)   Pump casing hydraulic tests;
            d) Valve hydraulic tests
            e)   Valve seal test;
            f)   Hoist load test;
            g) Corrosion protection inspections and testing; and
            h) Visual inspections.

       The Contractor shall submit proposed test procedures, in accordance with the specifications, to
       the Engineer two (2) weeks before the tests are due. The Contractor shall cover all costs for
       equipment testing prior to shipment and during installation and commissioning.

       The Contractor shall be responsible for doing commissioning tests in conjunction with the
       Engineer and shall provide a duplicate copy of the full commissioning report as specified by
       the Engineer. The Contractor shall make all arrangements for these tests and shall give prior
       notice thereof to the Engineer.

2.13 Health and Safety

       It is a requirement of this contract that the Contractor shall provide a safe working environment
       and to direct all his activities in such a manner that his employees and any other persons who
       may be directly affected by his activities are not exposed to hazards to their health and safety.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       The Mine Health and Safety Act, Act 29 of 1996, will be applicable in all areas of the Works.
       Where reference is made to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993, within the
       Standard Specifications, Variations to the Standard Specifications and Particular Specifications,
       the Mine Health and Safety Act, Act 29 of 1996, will instead apply. The latest version of the
       Booysendal Contractor Compliance Policy shall also apply as well as the Booysendal Safety,
       Health, Environmental and Risk Management Specification, M1003-SHE-SPEC-101.

       The Tenderers is to note the following additional to the above requirements/information:

       All the Contractor’s personnel will be required to attend an induction course and to obtain a
       medical (entrance and exit) clearance certificate from an approved medical institution or
       doctor. The entrance medical will be conducted at the Lion Ferrochrome Medical Centre and
       will be arranged via the RBS Human Resource Official. These activities will have to be
       completed prior to a staff member commencing work on the site. All medical and training cost
       is for the account of Northam Platinum. All contractors housed in the Contractors camps and
       making use of the Company provided transport between Tau Camp and the Der Brochen Gate
       is for the account of Northam Platinum.

       The Induction Course (3-day) will be carried out at the Tau Camp ± 30 km from the Site of
       Works. There will be no charge for the course.

       The Contractor and all his employees will be required to attend as part of induction a one day
       training course in the People Based Safety System.

       The Medical Examination will be done by Dr. Visser, whose consulting rooms are in the Lion
       Ferrochrome Medical Clinic. Cost of this is for the account of Northam Platinum. One day
       should be allowed for an entrance medical and one day for an exit medical.

       All Contractors’ personnel will be required to complete certain documentation for submission
       to the HR Office at Tau Camp. Tenderers are to note that all personnel are to be in possession
       of valid I.D. documentation and that no persons with a criminal record will be permitted on to
       the site. The costs associated with these activities are deemed to form part of the Tenderers
       Preliminary and General costs.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       All site personnel will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as stipulated
       in the PPE Requirement Standard, BD 500-007.                 Minimum requirements includes the

           •   Hard hats
           •   Overalls
           •   Safety glasses
           •   Safety boots
           •   Safety gloves
           •   Reflective Vest

       The costs to provide these items are deemed to be included in the Preliminary and General
       items of the tender submission.

       The successful Contractor will be permitted to work a maximum of 55 hours per week
       including overtime. Should overtime be required, permission must be granted by the DRA
       Construction Manager at least 24 hours in advance.

2.14 Features Requiring Special Attention

       2.14.1 Site Inspections

       Site inspections of valves, steel pipes and specials and the linings and coatings of the pipes,
       field welds and repair work on the above will be done by the Engineer. Provision is made in
       the Schedule of Quantities for Tenderers to price for the liaison with the inspectorate.

       2.14.2 Safety Officer

       A safety officer must be provided on site by the Contractor. Refer to the included SHER
       Specification for guidelines and requirements for safety officers.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.14.3 Recruitment of Labor

       Recruitment of local labor may only be done from the RBS Human Resource Consultant
       database. The Contractor must keep a complete record of the costs and number of casual
       laborers involved in the project. Refer to the included Contractors Compliance document.

       2.14.4 Compliance with Regulations

       All equipment, including temporary works and construction equipment, must comply with the
       requirements of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1983 and the Mines Health and Safety
       Act, 1996, as amended. The Contractor must meet all costs involved should alterations be
       necessary to secure compliance with the regulations mentioned.

       2.14.5 Explosives

       The Contractor must take special notice of Clause of SANS 1200DA.

       2.14.6 Operating Manuals and Drawings

       Three sets of drawings and operating manuals of all equipment must be supplied to the
       Employer by The Contractor in hard copy.              An electronic copy (CD or DVD) of all
       documentation must be provided to the Engineer.

       Shop detail drawings must be submitted to the engineer for approval and then in hard and
       electronic copy for payment of any invoices relating to shop detailing.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       2.14.7 Felling of Trees

       Trees which are indicated to be pruned and preserved shall not be damaged by the Contractor.
       A penalty of R5000 per tree will be imposed on the Contractor for felling or damaging any
       such tree.

       2.14.8 Padlocks

       The Contractor shall provide padlocks to keep the Works safe. Padlocks will be acquired by the
       Client against this project and when the works are taken over the Contractor’s padlocks will be
       replaced with padlocks from the Client. The Contractor must allow for his padlocks under the
       Preliminary and General Section, for Fixed Charge Items.

       For the purposes of this contract the following Standardized Specifications shall apply. These
       specifications are not bound in this Document and it will be the responsibility of the Contractor
       to maintain a set of the following Standardized Specifications in the Site Office at all times
       during the course of the Contract:

           •   SANS 1123:1977                  Flanges

       The equipment shall comply with this Specification and with the current and most recent
       edition of whichever of the following standard specification is relevant:
           •   SANS Standard
           •   British Standards
           •   International Electric Commission (IEC)
           •   German Standards Institute (DIN)

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
           •   International Standards Organisation (ISO)

       No other standards may be used until they have been approved by the Engineer.

       Should conflict occur between the South African and any other of the above standards, the
       former shall apply.

       Among standards which are to be applied to almost every part covered by this Specification,
       the following should be noticed:

               BS 3763, BS 5555, BS 1000 for Metric Dimensions
               BS 4360            Specification for mild steel for general structural purposes;
               BS 1452            Specification for grey iron castings;
               SANS 719           Electric welded low carbon steel for aqueous fluids (grade A). (The
                                  sampling procedure outlined in Clause 6.1 of SANS 719 is hereby
               BS 4504            Flanges to suit design pressures. Flanges sealing faces to be machined
                                  flat, as per specification for cast iron pipes.
               BS 2633            Welding of specials rated to 2,5 MPa and higher (Class I).
               BS 2971            Welding of specials rated to less than 2,5 MPa (Class II).
               SANS 1700          Bolts and nuts.
               BS 3601            Steel tubing rated higher than 1,72 MPa.
               BS 1387            Steel tubing rated to 1,72 MPa.

       The particular requirements of the Project Specification and this Specification shall take
       precedence over any of the standard specifications referred to throughout this Specification.

       The standards which will be applied shall be explicitly stated in the tender offer.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       In addition to the Standard Specifications and Particular Specifications, the following
       Department of Water Affairs’ Specifications, which are not bound in this document but are
       available upon request, shall apply:

       DWS 2510 -        Supply of Valves

                         DWS 2510/01            -      General Technical Specification

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Air Release and Vacuum control Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Butterfly Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Gate Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Non-Return Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Spherical Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Ring Needle Valves

                         DWS 2510/03            -      Auxiliary Drive Specification

       DWS 9900 -        Corrosion Protection


5.1    General

       The workmanship shall be of the highest quality throughout. All materials and workmanship
       which may, in the opinion of the Engineer, be inferior to that specified for the work will be

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       condemned. All condemned material and workmanship must be replaced or rectified, as the
       case may be, to the satisfaction of the Engineer and at no cost to the Engineer.

5.2    System of Units

       The system of units adopted for the design studies, manufacture, erection works and tests is the
       international metric system (S.I.) with corresponding symbols (See I.S.O. 1000).

5.3    Inter-changeability

       All similar parts of the plant shall be interchangeable without recourse to additional machining
       or fitting.

5.4    Handling and Dismantling ability

       All heavy components designed to be dismantled and handled shall be provided with the
       following: rings, lugs, collars for lifting, slings, chains and special tools for handling, special
       lifting screws, fitted at selected points and in sufficient numbers, for components designed to
       be uncoupled.

       The facilities described above are part of the Contractor's supply.

       5.4.1   Access for Concrete and Grouting

       All parts to be embedded or anchored in concrete shall when necessary be designed with
       sufficient access to allow easy and efficient concreting around the part.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation

6.1    General

       All materials shall possess qualities adequate for the purpose for which they are to be used. All
       materials and properties claimed for these materials shall, unless specified otherwise in this
       document, comply with the requirements of the most recent edition of the appropriate South
       African or other internationally recognised standard specification.

       The equipment shall be manufactured using new prime quality materials taking into account the
       latest technical innovations.

       All components shall have a surface finish in relation to their importance, their position and
       their intended purpose.

6.2    Stainless Steel

       The stainless steel used shall be of the type easily jointed or filled by electric welding.
       Stainless steel which cannot withstand the effects of welding or associated heat treatment will
       not be accepted.

       All high tensile bolts and studs used shall bear the letters HTS stamped or engraved on the end.
       Washers shall be provided under all bolt heads and nuts. The threads of bolts and studs shall be
       cleaned and coated with a graphite/grease compound before assembly. The threads of all bolts
       and studs used with the equipment supplied shall be to the same standard.

       Tightening of bolts will be as per the turn-of-the-nut method as per SANS 10094:2005.
       Contractor to mark each bolt once tightened. If more than three marked bolts fail during punch
       listing all bolts shall be deemed unfit and will be retightened by the Contractor at his cost
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
8.     FLANGES
       Sealing faces shall be machined flat to a tool mark of 0,8 mm to 1,25 mm pitch spiral or
       concentric serrations and backs of flanges to be either machined or spot-faced around holes
       with sufficient clearance to ensure proper seating of bolt heads and nuts. The Contractor shall
       check the compatibility of drilling of all flanges to be connected together.

       Flange thicknesses and bolt sizes shall conform to the appropriate table of SANS 1123.

       The Contractor shall satisfy himself that the flanges in his supply shall match the flanges
       supplied by others or at interfaces between subcontractors, if any.

       Where called for insulating joints and materials shall be arranged as set out in SANS 15589-1.
       Insulating joints shall be provided as detailed on the drawings and at locations as indicated on
       the drawings.

       Insulating joints shall be supplied with insulating gasket, bolts, nuts, washers, two insulating
       washers and an insulating sleeve for each bolt

       All flanges designed for pressure ratings up to and including Table 16, shall be flat faced with
       full face packing. Flanges designed for pressure rating of Table 25 and higher shall be raised
       face flanges supplied with ring gaskets. Corrosion protection for the area not clamped shall be
       similar in all respects to that applied externally to the pipe work/valve/pump.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
9.1    Hydrostatic Pressure Tests

       All pieces of equipment subject to water, oil or air pressure shall be tested at a pressure not less
       than one and one half times the maximum design pressure. For pumps the test pressure will be
       1.5 times the closed valve pressure of the pump plus the maximum possible static pressure. For
       pipe work, the design pressures are specified in NPBM_M_006.

       Each piece shall withstand the hydrostatic test pressure without exhibiting signs of sweating,
       undue deformation and stressing, or defect of any kind. Should any such defect be discovered
       during testing, the defective component shall be indelibly marked for easy identification and
       treated as described elsewhere.

       Hydrostatic testing shall be done with blank flanges bolted on the flanges of the piece. The use
       of tie-bolts or other forms of restraint applied across the blank flanges to restrain the bodies
       from deflecting under the applied test pressure will not be permitted without the Engineer's

       Static test pressure shall be maintained for a period of at least 10 minutes.

       9.1.1   Pipe Specials

       All flanged specials shall be hydrostatically pressure tested and all other bends and specials
       shall as far as is practicable be tested, in the same manner as straight steel pipes.

       In the case of specials not suitable for hydrostatic testing, 100% of all welding shall be
       examined radio graphically and shall comply with API 1104. (In case of dispute, the
       interpretation of API standard 1104 by the South African Bureau of Standards shall be final and

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       9.1.2   Dye Penetrate Testing to ASME V

       Where requested by the Inspectorate, liquid dye-penetrant testing shall be done in accordance
       with ASME V article 6.

       9.1.3   Welded Steel Pipes and Specials

       Pipes which show leaks or defects shall be rejected, but the defect may be made good by the
       Contractor at his own expense and such pipe special submitted for re-test.                The only
       permissible method of repair shall be by removal of the defective material and re-welding.

       A record shall be kept of the date of test, the serial number of the pipe and the test pressure.

       9.1.4   Inspection of Coatings

       Tests shall include measurement of the following:

       Final coating thickness; pinhole detection; paint bonding tests: Paint film to substrate bond-
       tests shall also be executed. The Tenderer shall furnish details of what tests he proposes to use
       together with his tender offer.

10.1 Works Test and Inspection

       The Project Manager or his designated authority shall be authorised to witness any stage of
       fabrication, test and inspection documentation, and shall be authorised to reject any item not
       fabricated to the requirements of this Specification.
       All fabrication shall be inspected at the works prior to delivery to ensure compliance with this
       Before delivery, steelwork and plate work shall be assembled and checked dimensionally
       against the certified drawing.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       The Contractor shall provide a detailed fabricating and delivery programme covering the
       timing and phasing of all activities relating to the supply.
       The Contractor shall, prior to despatch, notify the Purchaser for final release inspection. No
       item will be received at site without the Purchaser’s release certificate.

10.2 Quality Assurance

       Quality assurance should be in accordance with ISO 9000:2000 or approved Quality Assurance

10.3 Quality Control

       The Contractor will be required to submit a progress report (twice monthly for the first month,
       weekly thereafter) that shall include, but not be limited to the following:
           •   Planning and scheduling of fabrication activities in order to meet the delivery dates of
               the purchaser
           •   Detailed updates of the fabrication / manufacturing programme; indicating actual
               performance against the baseline programme together with forecast completion of each
               activity, including those subcontracted. Mere percentage complete figures will not be
           •   Status of detailed equipment design and fabrication / manufacturing drawings.
           •   Progress regarding procurement of the main outsourced components.
           •   Progress on fabrication / manufacturing and assembly of the equipment.
           •   Any quality deviations. These shall be reported in time to avoid any delays.
           •   Any possible delays which could affect the contractual delivery date, including
               measures being adopted to overcome such delays.
           •   Detailed schedule of construction activities for each item of construction as listed in
               Section 2.
           •   Weekly progress feedback and schedule updates on construction activities.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       On failure by the Contractor to comply with the requirements of planning, scheduling and
       progress feedback of manufacturing, delivery and construction activities as above, the
       purchaser shall appoint a Planner to perform these activities and deduct the fees for this service
       from the contractor’s invoice.

       Should the Contractor progress fall behind, and fail to comply with the program and, at his sole
       discretion, the Project Manager or his designated authority deems it necessary to increase the
       expediting beyond the allocated one visit per week in order to ensure that the required
       performance is re-attained and maintained, then the cost of such additional expediting shall be
       for the Contractor’s account and shall be deducted from payments owing to him.

       The Contractor must supply his detailed quality plan for the execution of the work to be
       performed by him including that of his sub-contractor/s. The quality plan must interface with
       his program and facilitate the interface of the Purchasers appointed inspection services. The
       quality plan must also indicate clearly the test/inspection certificates that will be produced.

       The Project’s Quality Controller / Expediter is the representative of the Project Manager and
       therefore the Contractor is requested to co-operate with him at all times to ensure the success of
       the project.

       If the Project Quality Controller / Expediter is of the opinion that the Contractor is falling
       behind with the fabrication program and the Contractor does not take immediate action to
       rectify the situation, then the Project Manager reserves the right to remove all or part of the
       work from the scope of the contract.

       If the Project Quality Controller / Expediter is of the opinion that the quality of the fabrication
       is substandard and the Contractor does not take immediate action to rectify the situation, then
       the Project Manager reserves the right to remove all or part of the work from the scope of the

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Removal of all or part of the scope of work from the contract by the Project Manager under the
       circumstances listed above will not constitute a claim on the part of the Contractor for loss of
       income or loss of profit.

11.1 Assembly in the Workshop

       Excluding any special deviation approved by the Project Manager or his representative, each
       machine, appliance or assembly of the equipment shall be completely assembled in the
       Contractor's workshops. Each part shall be identified so as to ensure the correct assembly of
       the parts when they are erected on Site. All the adjustments and welding which may be made
       in the workshop shall be made so as to avoid as far as possible adjustments and welding on

11.2 Packing and Dispatch

       The Contractor shall take all the necessary precautions to pack the equipment so as to prevent
       any damage.

       For goods manufactured overseas, the packing shall be of the "packing for shipment" type.

       Any equipment liable to marine corrosion, such as the electrical equipment, shall be placed
       inside the packing cases within watertight envelopes provided with desiccators.

       The equipment sensitive to vibrations, such as the electrical cabinets shall be additionally
       placed in "vibration proof" packaging material.

       In addition to the usual shipment marks, each package shall be clearly marked with at least the
       following information to facilitate identification for final use on Site:

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
           •   Name and locality of the Project.
           •   Contract number.
           •   Component description.
           •   Mass (gross and nett.)

       The net and gross weights of the larger parts and the gross weight of the packing cases, shall be
       painted in easily legible figures on the packing materials before shipment from the
       manufacturer's workshops.

       The transport of the equipment from the works of the Contractor or of his Subcontractors and
       the offloading on Site shall be carried out at the sole expense and under the responsibility of the

       The Contractor shall take all the necessary steps to store any equipment which cannot be
       installed directly in its final position and shall ensure their protection and their maintenance
       throughout the storage period.

12.1 General

       The Contractor shall strictly comply with any security provisions which may be in force on Site
       at any time during the Contract Period. In particular the Contractor or his Subcontractors shall
       daily report their arrival and departure to the appointed Resident Engineer on Site or his
       Representative, and subsequently during the Defects Notification Period to the Engineer or his

       When called upon to do so during the period of erection and Testing on Completion, the
       Contractor shall attend regular monthly co-ordinating meetings on Site between himself, other
       Contractors the Engineer and the Construction Manager.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       12.1.1 Safety

       All Plant shall comply with the OHS Act (No 85 of 1993).

       All shafts, couplings, collars, projecting key heads, gear wheels, chain drives and other moving
       machinery shall be guarded to give complete protection to all persons. All set screws on
       revolving shafts shall be countersunk or suitably protected. Guards shall be of approved design
       and shall be fitted where necessary with inspection doors. All guards shall be arranged so that
       they can be removed without disturbing the parts of the gears and plant they protect. The
       guards shall comply with the requirements of BS 1649 or equivalent standard.

       Any permanent fencing or other safeguards required to be erected around electrical Plant shall
       be completed as far as practicable before connection is made to the electricity supply, but
       where this is not practicable, the Engineer may permit the use of temporary fencing or other

       If work in the vicinity of electrical Plant has to be carried out after connection has been made to
       the electricity supply, the Contractor shall comply with any "Permit to Work" system approved
       by the Engineer. Permits will be issued by the DRA Construction Manager.

       All equipment shall be designed and arranged to minimise the risk of fire and any damage
       which might be caused in the event of fire.

       No protruding items of a permanent nature shall be allowed on the deck or any other moving or
       working area.

       12.1.2 Erection

       The erection of plant shall be carried out by skilled and experienced erectors and the completed
       installation shall be of neat and workmanlike appearance, solidly supported, true to line and
       level, in proper working order and complying with this Specification and accepted engineering

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Erection shall include the maintaining of pipe work in correct alignment during grouting. The
       Contractor shall grout in all pump sets. Grouting shall be Embeco or equivalent non-shrinking
       Erection shall include the hydraulic testing of all pipe work and welds fabricated at Site. Pipe
       work to be tested on Site shall be filled 24 hours before pressurising.

       The Contractor shall make good, at his expense, any damage caused by his staff or Sub-
       contractors to civil works, paintwork or plant on Site. The Site shall be left clean and orderly.

       12.1.3 Access for Cabling

       After the installation of each pump set has been completed, the Contractor shall allow a period
       of approximately four weeks of uninterrupted access to enable other contractors to cable up the
       pump sets and associated equipment and test the circuits.

       12.1.4 Tests on Completion

       On completion of mechanical and electrical erection and as soon as water is available and other
       circumstances permit, the Contractor shall arrange for the Tests on Completion of one or more
       units of the pumping plant in the presence of the Engineer. The Contractor shall ensure that his
       equipment is suitably prepared before giving the Engineer fourteen days notice in writing of the
       date of commencement of Tests on Completion.

       Before the Tests on Completion commences, the Contractor shall satisfy himself and
       subsequently prove to the Engineer that all monitoring and operating equipment are functioning

       Tests on Completion shall comprise the operation of all plant by the Contractor for such time as
       is necessary to put all components and equipment into proper adjustment and working order, as
       well as to calibrate any equipment requiring such attention and to coach operators in the proper

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       operation of all plant (allow two days for operator training). During this period the Contractor
       shall eliminate all causes of excessive noise or vibration and rectify any malfunction.

       After the above Testing on Completion have been completed successfully, the plant shall be
       run in terms of trial operation under approved supervision for not less than two months. Trial
       operation shall include performance tests.         The Contractor must satisfy himself that the
       operators are in a position to operate the plant safely and correctly should he be absent from
       Site during this period.
       Trial operation shall not be considered to be complete until the plant is capable of continuous
       operation by fully trained pump station operators and until two months have elapsed and the
       plant has passed the performance tests as specified.

       12.1.5 Performance Test – Taking-Over Certificate (TOC)

       The performance tests shall be performed only if and when every item of the whole Contract is
       fulfilled and if and when each piece of equipment, including the monitoring and control
       devices, is working properly. The Engineer is entitled to postpone the performance tests if any
       part of the Contract is not to his satisfaction or if the plant has not been successfully operated
       for at least 200 consecutive hours.

       The Engineer may, at his discretion agree to accept one complete pump line at a time should
       the Contract consist of more than one pump line.

       The Taking-Over Certificate for the equipment is issued by the Engineer only when the results
       of the Tests on Completion, recorded in a report prepared and submitted by the Contractor, are
       found satisfactory. A separate Taking Over Certificate may be issued on request for a complete
       pump line only.

       As-built drawings and final Operation and Maintenance Manuals shall be made available
       before the Taking-Over Certificate is issued.

       The Defects Notification Period commences at the date of the Taking-Over Certificate.
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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       12.1.6 Defects Notification Period (DNP) – Performance Certificate

       After the satisfactory conclusion of the Tests on Completion on Site and the issue of the Taking
       Over Certificate, the Contractor shall guarantee the satisfactory operation and functioning of
       the entire plant covered by the Taking Certificate for a period of 12 months measured from the
       date of the Taking-Over Certificate, unless a period greater than 12 months is specified in the
       Project Specification, Appendices or Annexure of this document.

       The Contractor shall make good, of all charge, any defects arising during this Defects
       Notification Period including the replacement of all defective parts and their installation and re-
       commissioning. This guarantee shall apply to all defects arising during proper use of the plant,
       due to faulty design or maintenance instructions, inferior materials or poor workmanship.

       Maintenance by the operating personnel during the Defects Notification Period shall be limited
       to cleaning and lubrication only as instructed by the Contractor. All other maintenance or
       adjustments shall be carried out by the Contractor.

       The Performance Certificate will be issued by the Engineer when the Defects Notification
       Period has elapsed and all Contractual obligations have been met in accordance with the
       General Conditions of Contract.

12.2 Operation and Maintenance Manual

       Note: this section refers to the mechanical operation and maintenance manual which will form
       part of a scheme operational manual. The requirements of this section are secondary to that of
       the Scheme Operating manual described elsewhere in the documentation.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       12.2.1 Draft Copy and Preliminary Operating Instructions

       The Contractor shall provide fully illustrated Operating and Maintenance Manuals for the
       complete plant in his supply. An early stage draft copy shall be submitted to the Engineer for
       approval before commencing with dry testing.

       Preliminary Operating Instructions (which may be extracted from the draft manual), shall be
       available prior to the commencement of the Tests on Completion and handed to the Operations
       Staff in the presence of the Engineer.

       Failure to provide either of the abovementioned documents in due time is a sufficient reason for
       the Engineer to postpone the date of commencement of the Tests on Completion.

       12.2.2 Abridged Operators Instructions

       Four copies (three hard copies and one electronic) of an abridged version of the operating
       instructions shall be provided together with the four (three hard copies and one electronic) final
       copies of the Operating and Maintenance Manual. The purpose of these Abridged Operating
       Instructions will be to facilitate training of the shift operators in their day-to-day duties.

       These Instructions shall comprise on abridged version of the basic plant operating procedures
       written in plain English and accompanied by basic diagrams, if necessary, to the Engineers

       The format shall be A4, with all typing double spaced capitals. Pages shall be typed on one
       side only and the whole shall comprise not much more than 5 or 6 pages.

       The binding shall be a hard backed plastic covered file containing a suitable number of plastic
       pockets, permanently clamped into the binding, and into which the typed pages shall be

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       12.2.3 Final Manual - Binding

       The manual(s) shall be bound in A4 size hard backed 4-ring binders with clear pockets on the
       spine and front cover for insertion of title slips.

       Drawings, the originals of which are larger than A3 size, shall be reduced to A3 and included in
       the binder.

       12.2.4 Final Manual - Format

       The format and final content of the Operation and Maintenance Manual shall be discussed with
       and approved by the Engineer.

       12.2.5 Final Manual - Copies

       Four copies (three hard copies and one electronic) of the approved Operating and Maintenance
       Manuals shall be supplied by the Contractor within four weeks of the draft copy being
       approved, which should take place immediately after the initial testing of the plant.

       12.2.6 Final Manual - Contents

       The manual shall cover the following aspects in detail, with illustrations and drawings:

       Index: Each volume shall have a comprehensive index following the title page. If there is
       more than one volume, the first volume shall contain a master index plus an index for volume

       General Description of the Project: this is aimed at Artisans and Operating personnel and
       should be couched in simple terms with little technical detail. Drawings and diagrams shall be
       used where possible;

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Initial Testing checks: These shall be clear, concise, easy to follow and shall include pre-start
       checks (e.g. check oil and water, remove locking pin, etc.), safety checks (e.g. personnel
       cleared from vicinity of water outlets, guards in place, etc.);

       Detailed operating instructions: These shall be clear concise, easy to follow and shall include
       starting procedure, running checks (e.g. no vibration, pressures normal), shut-down procedure,
       emergency shut-down procedure and action to be taken in response to alarm signals;

       Proposed preventative maintenance schedules and programme covering all plant and
       If a manufacturer's manual is included to cover a 'bought-in' item then the relevant maintenance
       instructions must be extracted and included on a master chart so that the operator has only one
       checklist of periodic servicing to cover the whole installation;

       A separate lubrication chart shall be drawn up on similar lines to accompany the Maintenance
       Fault diagnosis and repair procedures: These shall include details of all servicing, replacement
       and repairs which Artisans or Operating personnel would be expected to carry out on Site. In
       this section the reader may be referred to suppliers’ brochures elsewhere in the Manual for
       specific detail;

       Schedule of manufacturing drawings;

       Detailed schedule of plant components giving material specifications, part numbers, etc.
       Where possible, drawings shall be positioned opposite the appropriate text;

       Sub-contractor's/Supplier's brochures and instructional literature: Only original literature shall
       be incorporated in the manual - copies will not be acceptable. Where a range of products is
       covered in the one brochure, relevant details applicable to this Contract shall be clearly marked
       and any others cancelled. If one or two pages only of a brochure apply, then the remainder,
       containing superfluous information, shall not be included in the Manual;

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation
       Results of Tests on Completion and other test results;

       Schedule of maintenance tools provided and the use of special tools;

       Comprehensive decommissioning, preservation (mothballing) procedures and storage
       instructions for all equipment must be included.

       12.2.7 Non Availability of Manuals

       Acceptance Tests on site will not be performed if complete and final Operating and
       Maintenance Manuals are not available. Note that the Guarantee Period shall only commence
       after the completion of Acceptance Tests.

12.3 Final Tests at Site

       12.3.1 Final Tests

       A final inspection and testing shall take place on Site just prior to the termination of the Defects
       Notification Period, and shall be arranged by the Contractor. At least two weeks’ notice in
       writing shall be given to the Engineer.

       The purpose of this inspection visit and tests shall be to satisfy the Engineer that all Contractual
       obligations have been satisfactorily met prior to the issuing of the Performance Certificate and
       the Pump Station being finally handed over to the Operating Authority for Operation.
       Representatives from all the relevant Subcontractors as well as the Contractor himself shall

       Tests described elsewhere shall be carried out to the full satisfaction of the Engineer before the
       Performance Certificate will be issued and final payments be made.

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Spec No: NPBM_M_002 – SMPP Pump Station Construction and Installation

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