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May 23rd 2010 is Pentecost Sunday


									Published by
SS. Peter and Paul's
Doncaster East,
to stimulate Catholic
interest and involvement
in parish and community life

MAY 2010, No. 457

                       May 23rd 2010 is
                       Pentecost Sunday
                This is more than a “date” on the liturgical calendar:
      It is an “affirmation” for those who doubt. It is more than just “faith”;
                          it is a real reinforcement of faith
Pentecost is an important, traditionally Jewish feast.                authorities (John 20:19) when the risen Jesus came
In ancient Israel, Pentecost was the celebration of                   and stood before them, saying ‘receive the Holy
the wheat harvest held 50 days after the festival of                  Spirit’. He promised to send down to them what
Passover. Since Biblical times, the celebration also                  the Father had promised and to clothe them with a
commemorates the day the Ten Commandments                             power from on high (Luke 24:49). And so on the day
were revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai.                                of Pentecost, when the Apostles were gathered in
                                                                      one room, they received the Holy Spirit, transforming
On the Christian calendar, Pentecost is the feast that
                                                                      them into bold men of conviction, prepared to go out
marks the end of the 50 day observance of Easter.
                                                                      into the world to spread the Good News, even at the
The term comes from Greek word for “fiftieth”. During
                                                                      risk of being martyred for their faith.
early church history, the term Pentecost referred not
only to the 50th day, but also to the whole period of                 This transformation of the Apostles on Pentecost
50 days following Easter. This was the time of the                    and the acceptance of their ‘Good News” message
celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus.                             on that day nearly 2000 years ago, through to the
                                                                      present day, evidences the truth of the message of
Thus, the feast is an important one on the Christian
                                                                      the life and the resurrection of Jesus, the coming of
Calendar, indeed, one of the most important,
                                                                      the kingdom for us all.
signifying the completion of Jesus’ immediate
mission with the sending of the Spirit.           Thus the same spirit which empowered the
For a doubting Thomas or someone seeking Apostles is the same spirit that can empower
more than just “faith” to sustain their religion, us.
the events of Pentecost (Acts 2) can be an ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’ is meant for us too. We have
affirmation of the Jesus story, a challenge but to say, like Thomas, with faith and conviction,
to those who doubt and a reinforcement of “My Lord and My God”, that we too may receive the
Christian faith.                                  constant outpouring of the Spirit of Christ.

The Apostles were a weak, dispirited lot. They                                      Quoted, with thanks, from the Holy Cross
were hiding in a locked room for fear of the Jewish                                Passionist Family Newsletter for May 2010.

    We are a Catholic Community who profess, celebrate and witness that Jesus lives, and to whom the Father
         sends His Spirit. We express that belief by living out and spreading the message of the Gospel

              The Parish of Ss. Peter & Paul’s – Doncaster East, 23 Leeds Street, Doncaster East, 3109. Phone (03) 9842 1480
                                       email: web:
2                                                                                                               MAY 2010

                    Chandra                                       D.C. FRAMING
                   Pharmacy                                   including:         Painting
                     OPEN EVERY DAY                                              Medals         Sports jumpers etc.
          (including All Public Holidays)                                        Mirrors
                      8.30am to 9.00pm
        274-276 BLACKBURN ROAD EAST DONCASTER                         Phone Rose or John on 9894 4771
               PH: 9842 4426 FAX: 9841 9473                              181 Springvale Road, Nunawading 3131

                                           OUR PARISH
        A History of the Ss. Peter & Paul’s Catholic Parish, East Doncaster.
The history of Ss. Peter and Paul’s Parish was begun          (v)      Community Service Group
through the inspiration and pioneering work of Frank          (vi)     Drop-in Centre
Rogan. His hope was that the history would be published       (vii)    Family Groups
for the 40th Anniversary of the Parish in 2000.               (viii)   Liturgy and Music
However, the problems of financing the project and a          (ix)     St. Vincent de Paul Society
change in Frank’s circumstances meant it was not to be.       (x)      Social Justice Group
Frank and Wyn moved from Doncaster East to Croydon.           (xi)     Sports Committee
Frank became ill and died early 2009.                         (xii)    Tennis Club
                                                              (xiii)   Visitation Ministry
As part of the 50th Anniversary of the Parish, the ASPECT
Committee plans to publish the work with some editing         Part 3 Appendices
and additional material prepared by Barry Mernagh.
                                                              (i)      Clergy/Parish Secretaries/Pastoral Associates
The contents of the history are listed below.                 (ii)     Parishioners in Local Government
                                                              (iii)    The First Inhabitants – Harry Martin
Part 1 Parish Priests and People.                             (iv)     Early Memories – Jim Bilston
(i)     Before. First Inhabitants. First European Settlers.   This is the last opportunity before the history goes to
        Early Recollections.                                  press, for anyone who wishes to make input or provide
(ii)    Beginning                         1960 to 1971        material, to do so. You may feel there is a gap in the
(iii)   Growth                            1971 to 1980        proposed contents which you could provide. You may
(iv)    Consolidation                     1980 to 1989        have specific memories appropriate to a particular chapter
(v)     Challenges                        1989 to 1995        or there may be photos or other memorabilia which might
(vi)    Today and Tomorrow                1995 to 2010        be included.
(vii)   Foundations for Renewal           2000 to 2008        There is also the opportunity to donate material to the
Part 2 Community                                              Parish to be stored in the Parish Archives for future
(i)     Parish School
(ii)    Antioch                                               For further information, contact Barry Mernagh on
(iii)   ASPECT                                                9848 2478 or email before 30th
(iv)    Auxiliary                                             June 2010.

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             South Melbourne and Campbellfield
MAY 2010                                                                                                                     3

      LONERGAN                               Providing dignified and
                                             understanding funeral care for
  Incorporating W.G. Raven (est. 1849)       Catholic families for generations
                                             Secure pre-paid funeral plan
                                             Free legal documents –Wills & Powers of Attorney
                                             (Financial and Medical) Prepared by an idependent Legal Practitioner
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                                              Chapel and Head Office: 187 Queens Pde. Clifton Hill 3068
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                          Lonergans are Catholic Funeral Specialists

                       This is a summary of the events in our Golden Jubilee Year.
                    Some are already completed, but here is the full picture for readers.

                                Be involved!           Enjoy the Moment!
               Event                      Date                               Event                            Date
Family Roundup Day
                                       28th February        Back to Ss. Peter & Paul’s School                Sunday
Parish Mass at the Cathedral                                Reunion                                         18th July
Pilgrimage to Mary McKillop
                                         15th May
Seminar on Ss. Peter & Paul’s            Sunday             Golden Jubilee Dinner Dance                     Saturday
Presenter: Fr. Brendan Hayes          20th June 2pm         See below for details                          14th August

Ss. Peter S& Paul’s Feast Day Mass
Concelebrated with Bishops Les           Sunday                                                             Saturday
Tomlinson & Hilton Deakin;            27th June 2pm         End of Jubilee Year Concert
                                                                                                          16th October
former priests of the parish

                           Golden Jubilee Dinner Dance
  Bookings are now open for Ss. Peter & Paul’s Golden      of achievements accomplished, deeds done or not
  Jubilee Dinner Dance which will be held on Saturday      done and friendships made, both past and present. For
  14th August, at Monte Carlo, 5 Mitchell Street, East     many, it will be a chance to catch up on “OLD” friends,
  Doncaster (Jackson Court).                               reminisce and perhaps get to know newer members
                                                           of our Parish.
  Cost $45 per person which includes hors d’oeuvres,
  a three course meal, soft drinks and tea or coffee.      Bookings may be made with Graeme and Judy Guest
  Alcoholic drinks are available at bar prices. Plenty     on 9848 2693. Tables are mostly for 10 so you may like
  of parking. Bookings need to be made as soon as          to make up your own party or book on your own and
  possible with payment by July 16th.                      join others.
                                                           Numbers are limited so first in first served. See you
  This is a wonderful opportunity for all parishioners
  both past and present to get together in celebration                                    Graeme and Judy Guest.
4                                                                                                                      MAY 2010

          Cardinal John Henry Newman                                                             By Reg Oakley
In September this year, when the Pope      the distant, and merciful towards the        with razors, or moor the vessel with the
visits England, Cardinal Newman            absurd; he can recollect to whom             thread of silk; then may you hope with
will be beatified. Cardinal Newman         he is speaking; he guards against            such keen and delicate instruments as
was the influential Anglican Cleric        unseasonable allusions, or topics            human knowledge and human reason
who founded the Oxford Movement            which may irritate; he is seldom             to contend against those giants, the
to bring the Anglican Church back          prominent in conversation, and never         passion and the pride of man.
to its Catholic roots .He became           wearisome. He makes light of favours         Here is the beautiful ending to one of
a Catholic after a succession of           while he does them, and seems to be          Cardinal Newman’s sermons:
clashes with Anglican bishops and          receiving when he is conferring. He
eventually became a Cardinal. Here         never speaks of himself except when          May we, one and all, set forward
are some important dates in his life:      compelled, never defends himself by a        with this season, when the Spirit
1801 born; 1825 ordained priest at         mere retort, he has no ears for slander      descended, that so we may grow in
Christ Church Oxford; 1843 resigned        or gossip, is scrupulous in imputing         grace, and in the knowledge of our
from his church; 1845 admitted to          motives to those who interfere with          Lord and Saviour! Let those who have
Catholic Church; 1847 ordained priest      him, and interprets everything for the       had seasons of seriousness, lengthen
by Cardinal Fransoni; 1879 created         best. He is never mean or little in his      them into a life; and let those who have
Cardinal; 1890 died.                       disputes, never takes unfair advantage,      made good resolves in Lent, not forget
                                           never mistakes personalities or sharp        them in Easter-tide; and let those who
Cardinal Newman had many dazzling                                                       have hitherto lived religiously, learn
gifts; “he was one of the supreme          sayings for arguments, or insinuates
                                           evil which he dare not say out. He has       devotion; and let those who have lived
geniuses of nineteenth century                                                          in good conscience, learn to live by
England” He was a prolific writer          too much good sense to be affronted
                                           at insult, he is too busy to remember        faith; and let those who have made a
and a master of English prose style.                                                    good profession, aim at consistency;
It was through studying prose style        injuries, and too indolent to bear
                                           malice.                                      and let those who take pleasure
many years ago that I got to know                                                       in religious worship, aim at inward
his writings. Of course he is not          Cardinal Newman is careful to point          sanctity; and let those who have
being beatified because of his writing     out that this gentleman may, or may          knowledge, learn to love; and let those
style, but because he lived a life of      not be a Christian:                          who meditate forget not mortification.
virtue and humility and “through his       Knowledge is one thing, virtue is            Let not this sacred season leave us
extensive public writings and private      another; good sense is not conscience,       as it found us; let it leave us, not as
correspondence he created a greater        refinement is not humility, nor is           children, but as heirs and as citizens
understanding of the Catholic Church       largeness and justness of view faith.        of the kingdom of heaven.
and its teachings, helping many            Philosophy, however enlightened,
persons with their difficulties.” What                                                  That passage, full of insight, was good
                                           however profound, gives no command           advice then, and is good advice now.
follows are some examples of his           over the passions, no influential
writing that once were well known, but                                                  Finally, here is Cardinal Newman
                                           motives, no vivifying principles. Liberal    writing about the position of his mind
in these days of texting I doubt many      education makes not the Christian,
people read Newman. The Victorian                                                       after he became a Catholic.
                                           not the Catholic, but the gentleman.
style of writing now seems too wordy;      It is well to be a gentleman, it is          From the time I became a Catholic
the sentences too long; there are too      well to have a cultivated intellect, a       I have been in perfect peace and
many semi-colons. Most well-known          delicate taste, a candid, equitable,         contentment; I never have had one
was his definition of a gentleman. Here    dispassionate mind, a noble and              doubt, I was not conscious to myself,
is some of it:                             courteous bearing in the conduct             on my conversion, of any change,
The true gentleman in like manner          of life; - these are the connatural          intellectual or moral, wrought in my
carefully avoids whatever may cause        qualities of a large knowledge; they         mind. I was not conscious of firmer faith
a jar or a jolt in the minds of those      are the objects of a University; I am        in the fundamental truths of Revelation,
with whom he is cast ; - all clashing      advocating, I shall illustrate and insist    or of more self command; I had not
of opinion, or collision of feeling, all   upon them; but still, I repeat, they are     more fervour; but it was like coming
restraint, or suspicion, or gloom,         no guarantee for sanctity or even for        into a port after a rough sea; and my
or resentment; his great concern           conscientiousness, they may attach to        happiness on that score remains to
being to make every one at their           the man of the world, to the profligate,     this day without interruption.
ease and at home. He has his eyes          to the heartless , - pleasant, alas, and     Let us hope that one day the Cardinal
on all his company; he is tender           attractive as he seems when decked           will become a Saint of the Church he
towards the bashful, gentle towards        out in them. —Quarry the granite rock        so loved.

    McKAY FINANCIAL PLANNING PTY LTD                                                   Penguin
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                        Since 1983
                                                                                       Andrew Murphy
     Kevin McKay can be contacted on
            (03) 9840 1477                                                      Telephone: (03) 9842 6642
                                                                         Shop 59 Tunstall Square Shopping Centre
                                                                         Doncaster Road, East Doncaster Vic. 3109
       Kevin is the Principal and a Representative of                      Email:
             McKay Financial Planning Pty Ltd                             Web:
              MAY 2010                                                                                                                                       5

                      KUM TONG                                           Yum Cha & Lunch
                         CHINESE RESTAURANT
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                                                                    5.30pm-10.30pm Mon-Fri                          “Supporting Your Growth”
                                                                    5.30pm-11.00pm Sat-Sun
                                   – Licensed & B.Y.O.             19-21 Anderson Creek Road,
                                    NO MSG
Dinner in Peking Duck Banquet (min 4 people)            Takeaway Family pack forEast Vic. 3109
                                                                    Doncaster                           “Helping small business with growth planning,
                 Dinner in Peking per person
price range from $28.00 to $48.00 Duck Banquet (min 4 people)
                                                        3 people   $36.00 Tel: 9841 8688              succession planning and improving their operations
                 price :
Including mixed entrée range from $28.00 to $48.00 per person
                                                        4 people
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Pan fried Shanghai Dumpling or entrée :
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Seafood San Choi Bow or
                  Pan fried Shanghai Dumpling or
Deep Fried Prawn Toast
                                                         10 people $148.00
                                                                        Takeaway Family pack for                Contact David Mernagh 0419 597 961
                  Seafood San Choi Bow or                              3 people     $46.80                     PO Box 2155 Mt Waverley Village, 3149
Peking Duck Pancake (1 piece)
                  Deep Fried Prawn Toast
Eye Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce
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Banana Fritter with Ice Cream Pancake (1 piece)
                  Peking Duck and more.......                          Special Party Pack for        
                 Eye Fillet with Black Pepper Sauce                    10 people $148.00
                 Banana Fritter with Ice Cream and more.......

                                                    Peace and Reconciliation
                                           Peace People                                            and up to March 2007 when the New Assembly took its
                                                                                                   seats. The two cogent features of the drive for peace and
               Organised by Mairead Corrigan with Ciaran McKeown                                   reconciliation in Ireland are the Corrymeela Community
                               and Betty Williams                                                  founded in 1965 whose objective always has been and
                                                                                                   continues to be promoting reconciliation and peace-
                      Declaration of the Peace People                                              building through the healing of social, religious and
                  We have a simple message for the world from this                                 political divisions in Northern Ireland. The second is the
              movement for peace. We want to live and love and build                               powerful involvement of the women of Northern Ireland
                a just and peaceful society. We want for our children,                             whose “Declaration of Peace” has been adopted in many
                as we want for ourselves, our lives at home, at work,                              areas of conflict around the world.
               and at play, to be lives of joy and peace. We recognize                             Betty Pike told us of the arrival, from Ireland, of her
                 that there are many problems in society which are a                               great grandfather Patrick Sullivan in Albany, WA in 1863.
              source of conflict and violence. We recognize that every                             Despite declarations to the contrary there were convicts
               bullet fired and every exploding bomb makes that work                               in Western Australia!
                more difficult. We reject the use of the bomb and the
                                                                                                   In an articulate and detailed talk she told us how her
               bullet and all the techniques of violence. We dedicate
                                                                                                   people embraced the arrival of Pope John Paul 11 and
              ourselves to working with our neighbours, near and far,                              his powerful speech delivered in Alice Springs in 1986,
               day in and day out, to building that peaceful society in                            how Aborigines had special devotion to Mary their mother.
               which the tragedies we have known are a bad memory                                  She welcomed the Australian Parliament day of saying
                               and a continuing warning.                                           “sorry”.
              In our Parish Newsletter in July was a promotion for a                               I was struck by the similarities in the experiences of Irish
              seminar at the Carmelite centre in Middle Park, dealing                              people during the era of Penal Laws in the 19th century
              with the Peace and Reconciliation process in Northern                                when Catholics were not permitted by law to practice their
              Ireland and the experience of Aborigines in Australia.                               religion, speak their language, celebrate their culture or
              Being born and raised in Belfast I decided to go along.                              own property – and the Aborigines in Australia who had
              The seminar was held in the O’Connor Room, which was                                 constraints on language, culture and were placed in the
              just fine by me! We had two speakers – Fr Kevin Melody, a                            homes of white families or institutes. Rather than being
              young man in his thirties and blessed with a thick western                           regarded as “stolen” people they were “lost”.
              Irish brogue from County Mayo and an Aboriginal Elder                                The talks by Kevin and Betty were warmly received. We
              Betty Pike.                                                                          had stimulating discussions from those in attendance
              Fr. Kevin gave a PowerPoint presentation detailing in                                on the issues raised. I had a great afternoon. Keep your
              outline the history of Ireland, from the arrival of St Patrick                       eyes open for other St Peter and Paul Newsletter topics
              in 430 AD leading up to the “troubles” starting in the                               being promoted.
              1960’s, to the Peace and Reconciliation movement                                                                                   Paul O’Connor

                          Kindergarten and Child Care Centre
                                                                                                          Dr. Paul O'Hanlon
                         Hours:                                                Monday
                                                                                                          Dr. Margaret Evers
                       7am-6.30pm                                                to
                                                                               Friday                           Catholic Family Doctors
                                                                                                           BULK BILLING PRACTICE
                     13 Leeds Street                                                               1092 Doncaster Road                            Phone:
                     Doncaster East                               Telephone: 9842 9777             East Doncaster                               9842 3622
6                                                                                                                    MAY 2010

                            OUR SUFFERING CHURCH
We Catholics are suffering at present. Both clergy and            At a recent Deanery Meeting, it was suggested that there
lay people are feeling a deep sense of anger, hurt and            be a Healing Service in the Deanery to show our support
betrayal.                                                         for the people abused by the clergy and for people whose
We are angry when we read in the press about the abuse            faith is challenged by the abuses and the failure to deal
of children and young people by Catholic priests. These           with them. When this was done in some other places, the
victims of abuse must always be our first concern.                result was not what was intended. Outsiders heard about
                                                                  the Service and used it to express their anger, ignoring
We are hurt when the Church that we love is in the news           the local people who were leading the Service.
for all the wrong reasons.
                                                                  Instead of a Healing Service, we Priests of the Yarra
We feel betrayed when we read in the press how some of            Deanery, have decided to speak to our own parishioners
our leaders have responded to the victims of abuse.               about this whole issue. We do not wish to ignore the
However, some of what the press has been printing is              situation but seek to listen to the Parishioners and provide
simply untrue. The Age had a front page story on 22nd             support where it is needed.
April, stating that the Victoria Police are calling for changes   May I finish with another quote from Father Radcliffe :
to the way the Melbourne Catholic Church deals with sex
crime allegations, without naming their source and what           “When Jesus died, his community fell apart. He had been
he said. The Vicar General, Bishop Tomlinson, assured             betrayed, denied, and most of his disciples fled. It was
me that the Victoria Police has not called for changes.           chiefly the women who accompanied him to the end. On
The same article stated: “ Nearly 300 allegations of sexual       Easter Day, he appeared to the disciples. This was more
abuse have been substantiated by church investigations            than the physical resuscitation of a dead corpse.
since 1996. It is believed the abuses were perpetrated            In him God triumphed over all that destroys community: sin,
by approximately 100 priests, a figure the church will            misunderstanding, suffering and death. The resurrection
not confirm.” Again, we have to question the truth of a           was made visible to the world in the astonishing sight of
statement that begins with the words “it is believed”.            a community reborn.
In recent months the local media have focussed on the             From the beginning and throughout history, Peter has
Catholic Church, and the abuse carried out by Catholic            often been a wobbly rock, a source of scandal, corrupt,
clergy, most of whom are in overseas countries .
                                                                  and yet this is the one – and his successors- whose task
 Father Timothy Radcliffe, former Master of the Dominican         it is to hold us together so that we may witness to Christ`s
Order, wrote in “The Tablet” recently : “Statistics for the       defeat on Easter Day of sin`s power to divide.”
U.S., from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in
                                                                  We may be suffering, but with and in Him, who suffered
2004, suggest that Catholic clergy do not offend more
                                                                  for us, evil and sin are defeated.
than the married clergy of other Churches. Some surveys
even give a lower level of offence for Catholic priests”.                                                              Fr Bill
MAY 2010                                                                                                                  7

      Monte Carlo                                                            Casavini
       Receptions                                                                           fully licensed
                                                                             R I S T O R A N T E
     One of Melbourne's newest function rooms
                                                                             OPEN FOR LUNCH & DINNER
       Fully Air Conditioned and Smoke Free
                   Ample Parking
                                                                             Bookings 9848 6767
  5 Mitchell Street                                                             Smoke Free Dining
  Doncaster East 3109                                                     9 Mitchell Street, Doncaster East                   9848 5222                     

By the time you read this, our Parish will have nearly          The leadership team for the program is:
completed the Stewardship program which will have               Chairman: David Alcock
contacted all current parishioners and many from the            Assistant: Harry Martin
past.                                                           Leaders:    Greg Sleeth, Muriel O’Gorman, Julian
                                                                            Siaril, Simon Kearney, Doris and George
Christian Stewardship asks us to recognize that everything
                                                                            Chan , Herbert & Stella Yim, Suraj Perera,
we have and everything that we are is a gift from God.                      Bernard Ferré, Frank Smith, Joe Zarafa,
Stewardship is a way of life that is primarily personal and                 Stephen Cavanagh - Catholic Fundraising
that asks each of us to examine the way we are living,                      Office Coordinator.
how we are using our God given gifts and talents and
how much of our material “possessions” we are giving            This group was supported by many other parishioners
back to sustain and improve our parish.                         who took on the multitude of tasks necessary for the
                                                                success of the program.
The program began in April with planning and organizing
                                                                One such job was the preparation for the mail out to the
our resources. A Stewardship Information meeting was            2200 people who are on our current records (see photo
held for parishioners on May 4th. A mail out to 2200            below). A very attractive brochure with photos of many
addresses currently on parish records was prepared at a         aspects of Parish life gives an outline of our achievements
working bee of parishioners on May 5th. The Acceptance          and the challenges ahead. We suggest you keep it as a
Weekend had speakers at all Masses outlining the                great souvenir of this time in our Parish life.
challenge of sharing time and talents. The following
weekend was Response time followed by some home                 One of the excellent spinoffs from this mail out exercise
                                                                will be the updating of the parish data base which dates
visits to assist in getting as complete a return as possible.
                                                                back to 1995.
The program will be completed with a Social Night and
a Will Awareness Meeting with free advice on Wills and          The results of the program will be available for publication
Bequests.                                                       in the June edition of ASPECT.

                              Bistro with beautiful views
                            open 7 days for lunch & dinner
                                 • indoor playground
                             • children's birthday parties
                              • Senior's meal every day
                               • outdoor terrace dining
                                                                   • Birthday Cakes             • Wedding Cakes
   189 Reynolds Road, Doncaster East VIC 3109                               • Assorted Cakes made to order
   Tel: 9841 8122 Fax: 9841 8695                                                  Tel: 9842 9296
                                                                          257 Blackburn Road East Doncaster
8                                                                                                                      MAY 2010

On Monday 3rd May the students in Years 3 – 6 participated           basketball and has represented Australia at the Olympics
in a Basketball skills clinic. It was conducted by Michele           with the Opals team. The students were taught many
Timms, from the Bulleen-Templestowe Basketball Club.                 wonderful tips and were treated to a most entertaining
The purpose of the clinic was to give the students
an introduction to the basic skills of the game of                   The school is aiming to form some school basketball
basketball.                                                          teams. We are grateful to have Jack Hoole’s dad, Glenn,
                                                                     volunteer to coordinate this. Hopefully, the basketball
The students were most fortunate to have this time                   clinic has given the children plenty of inspiration and we
with Michele Timms. Michele has played professional                  are looking forward to many keen future basketballers.

                                       PAULINE’S JOKE
                                     We hope you enjoy this piece from Pauline Smit
    Two little boys, ages eight and ten, were excessively            “Where is God?” Again, the boy made no attempt to
    mischievous. They were always getting into trouble and           answer. The preacher raised his voice even more and
    their parents knew all about it. If any mischief occurred        shook his finger in the boy’s face and bellowed, “Where
    in their town, the two boys were probably involved.              is God?”
    The boy’s mother heard that a preacher in town had               The boy screamed and bolted from the room, ran
    been successful in disciplining children, so she asked           directly home and dived into his wardrobe slamming
    it he would speak with her boys. The preacher agreed,            the door behind him. When his older brother found
    but he asked to see them individually. So the mother             him in the wardrobe, he asked. ‘What happened?’ The
    sent the 8 year old first, in the morning, with the older        younger brother, gasping for breath, replied,
    boy to see the preacher in the afternoon.
                                                                     “We are in BIG trouble this time. God is missing, and
    The preacher, a huge man with a booming voice,                   they think we did it!”
    sat the younger boy down and asked him sternly,
    “Do you know where God is, son?” The boy’s mouth                 Who makes up all these jokes? Do you have a good (not too
    dropped open, but he made no response, sitting                   long) joke you would like to share in ASPECT?
    there wide-eyed with his mouth hanging open. So the              Email to,.au. or leave in the
    preacher repeated the question in an even sterner tone,          ASPECT pigeon hole opposite the Parish Office.

                                                                Curtain & Co
                                                     CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS
                                    5th FLOOR, 369 ROYAL PARADE, PARKVILLE 3052
                                    TELEPHONE: (03) 8346 8500                                            FAX: (03) 9347 7572

                                                  For all your business financial and taxation
                                                      requirements contact Peter Turner
MAY 2010                                                     9

The annual opportunity for the school children to purchase
an inexpensive gift for their Mothers (and Grandmothers)
took place on May 6th in the Drop In Centre.

Some 190 children were catered for with a wide range of
gifts created by the Drop-In /Craft Group along with some
lovely items donated by parishioners.

The organizers thank all those, including the teachers,
who helped make this event such a success.

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10                                                                                                           MAY 2010

                                                                                                Ph: 9848 9899

                                                                 24 MITCHELL STREET, DONCASTER EAST

  Michele and Mariarcangela Lallo celebrated their
  Diamond Wedding Anniversary last month. They
  celebrated with a reaffirmation of their vows at the Vigil
  Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul’s church on Saturday 10th
  April 2010.
  The celebrations continued at the Monte Carlo
  Reception Centre later that evening.
  Michele & Mariarcangela were married on 12th April
  1950 in San Marco in Lamis, Provincia de Fóggia,
  Italia. They came to Australia in 1956 where Michele
  worked in the orchards at Shepparton. They have lived
  in Coburg and Fawkner and moved to East Doncaster
  in 1982. Michele spent much of his working life at Ford
  as a spray painter. They have four children – 3 sons
  and a daughter.
  Father Bill and the whole Parish congratulate them and
  wish them every blessing.
                    May God Bless You.

                             COFFEE WITH A SMILE
This was the headline for an article on                                        On leaving, they felt overwhelmed with
Gabriel and Kveta of Julia’s Café fame                                         the good wishes, cards, flowers and
in the July 2009 edition of ASPECT.                                            bottles of wine that customers were
                                                                               moved to give them as a token of their
Sadly, through ill health, they have had
                                                                               appreciation of their service.
to leave the Jackson Court café after
11 years of providing service with a                                           They have fond memories of many
smile.                                                                         of our parishioners who patronized
                                                                               the café and their catering service.
Although there was an article recording
                                                                               They especially remember the “lovely
their time in the area in the local press
                                                                               ladies” who helped when they catered
earlier this year, the ASPECT Committee
                                                                               for funerals at Ss. Peter and Paul’s.
would like to record our thanks for their
                                                                               They also especially remember
years of support to our Parish magazine
                                                                               catering for the Dr. Paul O’Hanlon
through their advertisement.
                                                                               practice. Interestingly the Café Julia
In speaking to Gabriel and Kveta, it was                                       advertisement sits alongside the
clear they were sad to have been unable to say goodbye         Dr. O’Hanlon advertisement in ASPECT.
to so many of their customers. They clearly miss the
                                                               So Gabriel and Kveta we thank you and wish you well.
community they were part of and feel they have left part
                                                               We pray that your current worries will pass.
of themselves in East Doncaster.
                                                               If you would like to contact them, they would be happy
They are also remembered for their support of local
                                                               to hear from you –
artists who took the opportunity to exhibit their work on
the café walls.                                                Mobile 0425 760 998 or email
MAY 2010                                                                                                                                  11

                                                                      Phone:    9842 8442                                 Eric Jeffrey
                                                                                                                      Optical Dispenser
      HOTEL SHOPPINGTOWN                                                                                               Jenny Spicer
                Community Shows - 2009                                                              •EYETESTS BULK BILLED
                                                                                                    •CONTACT LENSES
  Doors open at 10am. Enjoy Morning Tea whilst being                                                •FULL RANGE OF FRAMES
 entertained by one of our many performers. Show starts at
 11am. A 2 Course Lunch is then served at 12pm followed                                             Present this advertisement
          by Free Bingo, Trivia and a lot of laughs                                                 for a 10% discount
                                                                                                    also at Diamond Creek & St Helena
 To book call 9848 6811
 13 – 21 Williamsons Rd Doncaster            All for just $15            Shop 35, Tunstall Square East Doncaster 3109

              ESTELLE PRATT AND THE Y.T.U.
Estelle Pratt, well known parishioner        Catholic Teaching Institution of the            Founded in 1971, the Union now is
and Liturgy Committee member,                Melbourne College of Divinity, which            administered by a Council representing
has retired after working in the             in turn is part of the University of            seven Religious Order Colleges. The
Administration at Yarra Theological          Melbourne.                                      President of the Academic Board is
Union at Box Hill for 26 years.              The Melbourne College of Divinity is the        Fr. Christopher Monaghan C.P who  .
Her role included a wide range               authority that awards the qualifications        will be known to many through their
of secretarial tasks in support of           gained by the graduates.                        contact with the Passionists at Holy
the Registrar. It meant she was                                                              Cross Templestowe.
involved in a great deal of contact          Y.T.U. is housed in a wing of the
                                             Franciscan Monastery in Box Hill – a            Undergraduate Awards include:
with students through enrolments,
student records and results. This was        prominent landmark as you drive                 Associate Diploma of Ministry
a role she enjoyed a great deal both         down Middleborough Road near                    Diploma of Ministry
in her working relationship with the         Canterbury Road.                                Bachelor of Theology
Registrar and in the support she was         There are some 300 students – mostly            Bachelor of Theology (Honours)
able to give to students for the many        part-time. Some are mature age                  Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Theology
issues that concerned them.                  people i.e. mothers after bringing up           (Double Degree)
However, in May 2009, she decided            families and retired men. Some are              There are also Graduate and Post-
it was time. She retired.                    qualified working teachers who wish             Graduate Awards
Some parishioners may have been              to gain qualification for the role of R.E.             For further information:
involved with Y.T.U. However, Estelle        teachers or co-coordinators.                      
offers this snap shot of what Y.T.U.         Those preparing for work as Pastoral            Congratulations Estelle and well done
is for those of us who have often            Associates in parishes and of course            in a career over those 26 years. May you
wondered.                                    students from various religious orders          enjoy retirement and your continuing
The Yarra Theological Union is a             also make up the mix of students.               involvement with our Parish.

              Bread For The Journey
 “A series of talks reflecting on Luke’s     Wednesday June 9: Making The Connections        in 1977, Brendan Byrne SJ has been
 Story of the Journey of the Disciples at    – Faith & Life On The Journey                   Professor of New Testament at Jesuit
 Emmaus”                                                                                     Theological College, of which he was
                                             Presenter: Sr Frances Baker RSM
 Dates: Wednesdays 2, 9, 16 & 23 June                                                        Principal (1992 - 1997).His most recent
                                             Sr Frances Baker RSM is a Mercy Sister          book on Luke is: The Hospitality of God:
 Time: 7:30pm – 9:15pm                       with a Doctorate in moral theology on the       A Reading of Luke's Gospel (Collegeville:
 Venue: St Peter and Paul’s Parish           work of Enda McDonagh from the Gregorian        2000)
        23 Leeds St, East Doncaster          University in Rome. She lectures at CTC East
                                                                                             Wednesday June 23: They Have Found
        3109. (03) 98421480.                 Melbourne. Sr Frances has been a secondary
                                                                                             The Body. Have You? Where Have You
 Cost: Gold coin donation per session        school principal, senior administrator and is
                                                                                             Found The Risen Christ?
                                             now an expert in moral theology.
 Wednesday June 2: Breaking The Bread                                                        Presenter: Damian Coleridge
 – The Eucharist In Our Daily Lives          Wednesday June 16: The Emmaus Story -
                                             A Biblical Meditation.                          Damian Coleridge, long time adult educator
 Presenter: Fr Tony Mc Sweeney SSS                                                           with the St Vincent de Paul Society is a
                                             Presenter: Fr Brendan Byrne SJ
 Fr Tony is a member of the Blessed                                                          former Pastoral Associate with a strong
 Sacrament community in Melbourne. A         Fr Brendan Byrne SJ is a distinguished          background in Parish Life and ministry.
 former superior–general of his order, Fr    biblical scholar and theologian who lectures    He is a talented artistic producer and
 Tony has written and lectured extensively   widely nationally and internationally. Since    has worked on many creative projects to
 in the Eucharist.                           returning from graduate studies in Oxford       promote the Gospel message.
12                                                                                                                    MAY 2010

The Parish acknowledges the contribution of many people
over the years to the landscaping and development
of the gardens around the church and the previous
Recent years have seen the development of our buildings
to something we can be proud of.
NOW thanks to the mighty efforts of two of our parishioners
– Brian Donovan and Kevin Connell, we are seeing a
transformation of the garden and grounds immediately
surrounding the Parish Centre and Church.
The surrounds of the Parish Centre were developed with
rocks, mulch and a wealth of native plants. Of particular
interest was the spectacular display of Kangaroo Paws
over summer and autumn.
At the southern end of the church, there has been a tidying
                                                                 The soil was developed with the addition of organic
up of the survivors under the pine trees with the addition
                                                                 compost, cow manure and gypsum. This was then rotary
of some hardy plants from Brian’s own garden.
                                                                 hoed and will be left to settle until planting commences
A rain water tank and garden tool shed have also been            in July. Following planting, tan bark to a depth of 10cm
added.                                                           will be added.
            Now for the pièce de résistance –                    The roses have been ordered from Treloar’s at Portland.
             the Memorial Rose Garden.                           They include standard Double Delight, and bush roses
Brian and Kevin have had the blue stone wall raised with         – Cathedral City, Parkinson’s Passion, Gold Bunny, Jane
rocks and tackled the poor soil arising from the dumping         McGrath and Mary McKillop all of which can be viewed
of shale/clay during the building process.                       on their website –
They had expert advice with two consultant rosarians from        To create the Memorial Wall for plaques, a rendered
the Rose Society of Victoria –           structure has been built by parishioner/ builder Graeme
au . They were Rosalie Parsons (a resident of Doncaster          Warren at no labour cost to the parish – total outlay $302!
East) and Barry Johnson (a well known rose garden                No doubt Brian and Kevin were his willing laborers.
designer). Their invaluable advice on soil and choice of         The final touch will be the use of cobblestones and gravel
type, size and positioning of roses should help ensure a         for the flat area in front of the wall.
successful garden.
                                                                 Well done Team! Your energy, drive and hard work will
                                                                 create an area of beauty, relaxation and remembrance
                    THANK YOU                                    for the Parish for many years to come.
  To the long standing group of parishioners who cater                                                   Barry Mernagh
  for funeral celebrations at our Church.
  “Many many thanks for your great work in organizing              Correction: April ASPECT carried an article on the
  the beautiful country lunch for Mum, Mother in                   World Day of Prayer held at St. David’s Anglican
  Law, Gran and Great Gran, Dulcie Forer. It was a                 Church in Doncaster East on Friday March 5th. The
  wonderful effort at short notice. Mum would have
                                                                   article was submitted via Jill Oakley; however, it was
  been embarrassed about ‘all the fuss for me’”
                                                                   written by Anna Sette from Our Lady of the Pines
                              Margaret & Charles Forer,            parish. ASPECT gratefully acknowledges Anna for
                                Eileen & Noel Johnson,             her excellent contribution.
                                             Ivan Lazar                                                            Editor

                                                            Editors for May: Carole & Barry Mernagh
                                                                    Editor for June: Pauline Smit
                                                             Adver tising: Herber t Yim 0419 364 218
                                                    Please ensure all material for the June edition is at the
                                                                       parish office by Sunday
                                                                June 6th, 2010 or email directly to


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