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                                  THURSDAY JANUARY 20TH
                                  FESTIVAL OPENING IN
                                  6:00-7:00 COCKTAILS.
                                  IN CONVERSATION:
                                  Louis de Bernières on Captain
                                  Corelli’s Mandolin and his Other
                                  Works. (Park Street Mews)
                                  8:30 onwards
                                  LITERARY DINNER:
                                  Louis de Bernières.(Park Street

                                  WEDNESDAY JANUARY 26TH.
                                  FESTIVAL WELCOME
                                  (Jetwing Lighthouse)
                                  By invitation only.
                                  SPONSOR APPRECIATION
                                  By invitation only.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                         13
Programme                                                            Thursday January 27TH.

9:00-10:30.                                          9:30-11:00.
BREAKFAST BOOKCLUB.                                  BBC WORLD FORUM.
(Lady Hill Hotel)                                    (Hall de Galle) FREE EVENT.
JILL DAWSON on                                       After Shock: The Lingering Legacy of Civil War.
The Great Lover.
                                                     SuNILA ABEySEkERA explores the challenges
A 2009 Richard and Judy Summer                            Sri Lanka continues to face almost two
Read. Nell Golightly is a seventeen-                            years after the end of the civil war;
year-old housemaid when she                                      CHIMAMANDA NGOzI ADICHIE
first encounters the young poet,                                portrays the lasting effects of Nige-
Rupert Brookes, who has come                                    ria’s 1960’s civil war in her short story
to lodge in the boarding house                                 collection, The Thing
where she works. Brooks has                                    Around Your Neck;
been causing quite a stir with                                ANJALI WATSON
his poems, his famed good                                    looks at post-war
looks, his taboo-breaking                                   Sri Lanka from the
behaviour and radical poli-                                perspective of wild
tics. Soon Nell, despite her                               animals and suggests
desire to remain sensible,                                that perhaps war was
finds she is falling for the poet. But                    better for them.
is Brooks capable of loving a mere housemaid?
Is he capable of love at all?                        Moderator:
                                                     Bridget kendall.
“The Great Lover is not only engaging and            Ms Adichie’s appearance spon-
seductive, it is also clever, witty and artfully     sored by Emirates.
designed. Dawson’s decision to fictionalize the
most turbulent of Brooke’s twenty-seven years…
is bold. Dawson is a fine impressionistic writer.”
Times Literary Supplement.
Moderator: Shyamalee Tudawe.
Ms. Dawson’s appearance is sponsored by
The British Council.

10:00-12:00.                                         11:00-2:00.
WORKSHOP.                                            COOKERY DEMONSTRATION,
(Amanagalla)                                         FOLLOWED BY LUNCH.
WILLIAM FIENNES on Getting Started.                  (85 Leyn Baan
An ideal workshop for anyone interested in writ-
ing prose fiction and/or autobiography. Drawing      THE FORT LAI-
on memories, the senses and imagination, this        DIES on Galle
workshop will use a mix of conversation and          Cuisine.
practical exercises to emphasise the importance      Learn how to cook
of finding and trusting your own voice.              some favourite Galle
                                                     Fort dishes with the ladies
                                                     of the Fort. Dishes include-
                                                     Lumpraise, Galle Biriyani and desserts.
                                                     Hear about the history of the dishes. Enjoy the
                                                     meal you have prepared.

14                                                                             Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                              Thursday January 27TH.

11:15-12:15.                                           11:15-12:15.
IN CONVERSATION.                                       IN CONVERSTAION.
(Halle de Galle)                                       (Eddystone Hall, Jetwing Lighthouse)
DAMON GALGuT on In a Strange Room                      **Spotlight on Malaysia**
                                                       TASH AW on The Harmony Silk Factory.
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, 2010. In
this haunting tale of travel, a young South African    Winner, 2005 Whitbread First Novel Award.
man, named Damon, makes three journeys. On                 Winner, 2005 Commonwealth Writers’
the first journey through Greece and later                     Prize (Best First Novel).This remarkable
Lesotho, his companion is a hand-                                  novel is set mostly before the fall of
some, sadistic German who                                              Malaysia to Japan during World
goads and manipulates                                                      War II. It is a multi-layered
Damon to take dangerous                                                    portrait of Johnny Lim, who
risks. In the second journey                                              rises up the ranks of the textile
through Africa, Damon encoun-                                          business to be a tycoon and mar-
ters a group of Swiss backpack-                                  ries Snow, the beautiful daughter of the
ers, one of whom Damon falls in love                        richest man in the region. Our introduction to
with. On the final journey, Damon takes                Johnny is narrated by his son, Jasper, as he tries
his friend, Anna, to India and finds himself           to separate the truth from the many myths sur-
her guardian as she slips towards insanity, draw-      rounding his dead father. The second part of the
ing Damon into her nightmare.                          novel is narrated by Snow who dies in childbirth
                                                       and the third part by Peter Wormwood, a British
“In A Strange Room has left me with a soothing         expatriate who participates in a terrible betrayal.
sense of serenity. It is… strikingly conceived
and hauntingly written, a writer’s novel par excel-    “Bewitchingly written and gracefully assured.. the
lence without a clumsy word in it.”                    story Aw tells is mercilessly gripping.” The Times.
Jan Morris, The Guardian.
                                                       Moderator: Deepika Shetty
Moderator: Randy Boyagoda.
Mr. Galgut’s appearance is sponsored
by Emirates.

12:30-2:00.                     12:30-2:00.                   12:30-2:00.
LITERARY LUNCH.                 A PRIVATE AFFAIR!             PICNIC.
(Galle Fort Hotel)              Intimate lunches in beauti-   (Thomas Gall International School) FREE
PHILIP HOARE on Noel            fully restored                EVENT.
Coward: A Biography.            heritage                      SINNIAH MAuNAGuRu on Ravanesan.
Hoare traces Coward’s                                         Maunaguru and his drama troupe from
colourful life,                                               the Eastern university, Batticaloa,
his devotion to his                                           present excerpts from a Tamil folk play
mother, his love affairs              Choose between          Ravanesan. It is performed in the Koorthu
and his travels within the      CANDACE BuSHNELL,             tradition—a form of folk theater particular
beau monde.                     TISHANI DOSHI or JAN-         to the Eastern Province, which combines
                                CIS ROBINSON.                 folk tunes and vigorous dancing to convey
Moderator:                                                    its narrative.
Seneka Abeyratne
                                                              Moderator: Sunila Abeysekera.
                                                              Sponsored by The Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                            15
Programme                                                             Thursday January 27TH.

2:15-3:15.                                            2:15-3:15.
IN CONVERSATION.                                      IN CONVERSATION.
(Hall de Galle)                                       (Eddystone Hall, Jetwing Lighthouse) GuY
SARAH DuNANT on Sacred Hearts.                        DELISLE on Shenzhen, Pyongyang and Burma
A TV Book Club’s Best Read, BBC Channel 4.
Set in Renaissance Italy, this novel opens with       In these charming and funny autobiographical
Sixteen-year-old Serafina forced into a convent       graphic novels, Delisle depicts his encounters in
by her father and separated from the man she          Asia, either as the supervisor of animation works
loves. Many of the other nuns are like her—           in China or as a house-husband following his
the disobedient or unmarriageable daughters           wife, who works for Médecins Sans Frontières,
of noble Italian families, deposited at                                      to Myanmar (formerly
convent doors with their dowries. Rail-                                      Burma). using visual pro-
ing against her confinement, Serfina is                                      jections, Delisle will bring
sedated and later befriended by Suora                                        his books and travels to life
Zuana, the dispensary mistress, who                                          and also discuss the art of
might prove to be her saviour.                                               the graphic novel.

“Sarah Dunant’s latest novel,                                                 “Delisle shows his skill in
achieves the remarkable. Ecstasy,                                             sharp vignettes of everyday
jealousy, betrayal, revenge, adoles-                                          life. His most telling insights
cent rebellion, and romance swirl like                                        about Burma come in the
trails of incense behind the impen-                                           tiniest frames. Although
etrable walls of the Italian convent,                                         determinedly small in
Santa Caterina.” Chapter 16.                                                 scope, the book takes on
                                                                             layers of themes: expat life,
Moderator: Jill MacDonald.                                                   tourist impressions, political
                                                                            commentary and the role of
                                                                            international NGOs.”
                                                                            Edith Mirante, The Irrawady

(Amangalla)**Spotlight on Malaysia**
PREETA SAMARASAN on Writing About Place.

Samarasan will discuss techniques to capture the
geographic and cultural details of a chosen
setting. Participants will examine successful ex-
amples in journalism, travel writing, and creative
nonfiction. Most of what they learn will be equally
applicable to fiction. No need to bring work in
progress, but do expect several writing exercises
during the workshop.

16                                                                              Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                              Thursday January 27TH.

3:30-5:00.                                            3:30-5:00.
EXHIBITION LAUNCH.                                    TEA AND POETRY.
(Maritime Museum) FREE EVENT.                         (The Dutch House)

The Jetwing Research Initiative (JRI) presents        Join TISHANI DOSHI and DALJIT NAGRA for
            an illuminating exhibition of excel-      Afternoon Tea. Doshi’s Countries of the Body
              lent references which document          explores moments when the boundaries of our
                  the work done by five hotel         body collapse at death, sex and birth. She also
                    based Jetwing Natural-            explores external lands in her travels. Nagra’s
                       ists in their chosen area      Look We Have Coming to Dover! uses an exu-
                        of interest. The projects     berant mixture of English, Punjabi
                          include “Leopards in        and Punjabi-accented English
                           the Knuckles Range,”       to poke fun at the Pun-
                            “Loris Trails,” “Whales   jabi community and British
                Ahoy!” “Trout Trailing” and ”Ne-      society.
             gombo Revisited” – the little known      Presenter: Sharmila
             history of this quaint village.          kantha.

                                                      Mr Nagra’s appearance is spon-
                                                      sored by The British Council. Tea
                                                      sponsored by IRCON International

3:30-5:00.                                            3:30-5:00.
(Ambassadors)                                         (Hall de Galle)
                                                      Family Portraits, Family Secrets.
Suicide Club, is a fascinating portrait of            What are the issues involved in holding up
his life as a tea planter which takes                         your family to the public gaze? JuDy
us from the heyday of the Raj into                              FONG BATES reveals the inexplicable
post-colonial times. Gunaratne’s                                suicide of her father, which led her on a
Handunugoda Estate makes small                                  journey to China in The Year of Finding
quantities of the choicest teas.                                 Memory; WILLIAM FIENNES portrays
It is most famous for its ‘Virgin                                his unusual childhood in a baronial
White Tea’, a tea untouched by                                   castle and the terrifying mood swings
hand. Following his reading,                                     of his older brother due to epilepsy in
Gunaratne will offer a                                           The Music Room; LAWRENCE HILL
sampling of Hand-                                                ponders on the problems and joys of
unugoda’s                                                        being half black, half white in Black
finest.                                                          Berry, Sweet Juice.

                                                                   Moderator: Neluka Silva.
                                                                Ms. Fong Bates appearance is sponsored
                                                         by The Canada Council. Mr. Hill’s appearance is
                                                      sponsored by the Canadian High Commission.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                               17
Programme                                                             Thursday January 27TH.

5:15- 6:30.                          5:15- 6:30.                        5:15- 6:30.
SUNSET SERIES:                       SUNSET SERIES:                     SUNSET SERIES:
SALON.                               WINE TASTING.                      SALON.
(The Sun House)                      (Jetwing Lighthouse)               (Fort Printer) FREE EVENT
yVANI DERANIyAGALA on                JANCIS ROBINSON on Wine.           **Spotlight on Malaysia.**
Justin Daraniyagala.                                                    FARISH NOOR on The Other
                                     Robinson, one of the foremost      Malaysia.
                                     wine experts and advisor to
                                     Queen Elizabeth II’s wine cel-     Farish
                                     lar, talks about the pleasures     Noor talks
                                     of wine. She will take fellow      about the
                                     enthusiasts through a sampling     possi-
                                     of fine wines and speak            bilities and
                                     of their history, produc-          problems
                                     tion and which foods they          involved in
                                     enhance.                           creating a
In this talk about the work of her                                        He shows how
grand uncle, Justin Daraniya-                                             the conflicts from the
gala, Yvani Deraniyagala uses                                             past are still very present in
visual examples of the painter’s                                          the Malaysia of today. Noor
work to demonstrate his signifi-                                          also unearths the forgotten
cance as an artist, his contribu-                                         and marginalised aspects of
tion to the local art scene and                                           Malaysian history.
what influenced the painter both
locally and internationally.

6:00-7:00.                                              7:00-8:00.
CONCERT.                                                PERFORMANCE.
(Dutch Reformed Church)                                 (Hall de Galle). FREE EVENT.

THE DE LANEROLLE BROTH-                                  PSV NATYASANGHAM perform Kathakali.
ERS perform arias from the                               using this unique form of classical theatre
great operas. Their repertoire                            from Kerala, the troupe performs an excerpt
will include work from The                                from the story, Nalacharitham. It tells of the
Marriage of Figaro, La Tra-                                unlimited love between Nala and Dama-
viata, Don Giovanni and Don                                 yanthi. Today’s performance presents their
Pasquale.                                                   honeymoon.

Sponsored by The Embassy of the                            Sponsored by the Indian High Commission.
Kingdom of The Netherlands.

18                                                                             Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                                Thursday January 27TH.

8:00-10:00.                                             8:00-10:00.
LITERARY DINNER.                                        LITERARY DINNER.
(Aditya)**Spotlight on Malaysia.**                      (Era Beach) Out of Africa.
Sambal Olek and Satay.
                                                        Join African writers CHIMAMANDA NGOzI ADI-
Celebrity chef TRIPAT NARAyANAN presents                CHIE and DAMON GALGuT as they read from
an authentic Malaysian menu from the kitchen            and talk about their work in the context of Africa.
of her family. Join her and authors TASH AW,
TAN TWAN ENG, SHAMINI FLINT, FARISH                     Mr. Galgut and Ms. Adichie’s appearance is
NOOR and PREETA SAMARASAN for a taste of                sponsored by Emirates.

                       9:30 onwards.
                          MAYHEM PAST MIDNIGHT.
                           (The Sun House, Dick’s Bar) **Spotlight on Malaysia.**

                            OMAR MuSA performs from his first full length album, World Goes to Pieces,
                            written and recorded in Seattle, uSA, with Geoff Stanfield. Setting a new
                           standard in genre-bending and poetry in Australian hip-hop, it is an ambitious
                          representation of a young man caught between activism and partying, love and

Programme                                                                     Friday January 28TH.
9:00-10:30.                                             9:30-11:00.
BREAKFAST BOOKCLUB.                                     BBC WORLD FORUM.
(Lady Hill Hotel)                                       (Hall de Galle) FREE EVENT.

DAMON GALGuT on The Good Doctor.                        Love, Marriage and Divorce—Sri Lankan Style.
Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and The            RANJINI OBEyESEkERE looks at the Buddha’s
Dublin Impac Literary Award, 2003.                      marriage through his wife, Yasodhara, and talks
This page-turner is a disturbing portrait of post-      about the development of this iconic woman over
Apartheid South Africa. Frank Eloff is a doctor at      time in Yasodhara, the Wife of the Bodhisattva;
a decrepit rural hospital, resigned to his fate. Not    KAREN ROBERTS examines love across class
much has changed since the fall of apartheid,           boundaries in Lament of the Dhobi Woman and
with violence, corruption, and despair still part of    discusses why she is drawn to taboo relation-
daily life. When a young doctor, Lawrence Wa-           ships as a recurring trope in her work; SHARyA
ters, arrives and insists that things must be done      SCHARENGuIVEL talks about the various family
in a new way, he is very soon a danger to himself       laws of Sri Lanka and the surprising fact that
and others. “From the first page the reader is          women might fare better under traditional laws
gripped by a rare twinning of convictions: that it is   than Western law.
strange and new, and that the imaginative render-
ing is of the highest quality.… There are traces of     Moderator: Bridget kendall
J. M. Coetzee and Graham Greene, but Damon              Ms. Robert’s appearance is sponsored by Emirates.
Galgut is a true original.” Geoff Dyer
Moderator: Tan Twan Eng.
Mr. Galgut’s appearance is sponsored by Emirates.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                                19
Programme                                                                 Friday January 28TH.

10:00- 12:00.                                         10:00-12:15
WORKSHOP.                                             COOKERY CLASS.
(Fort Printers)                                       (Ambassadors)
TASH AW on Authenticity and                           How I Cook with SkyE GyNGELL
Experience.                                           (Private Affair with Mohsin Hamid follows.
                                                      Separate price).
How can give your fiction a truly authentic
feel? How can you use your experi-                                       In this not-to-be-missed
ence to create a vivid fictional world?                                   cookery demonstration, Skye
Through a mixture of discussion                                           Gyngell reveals the secrets
and exercises, Aw will help                                             of her success and shows you
participants to explore the                                            how to use simple, everyday
relationship between life and                                       ingredients to make beautifully
art, observation and imagination,                                 balanced dishes that are layered
fact and fiction.                                               with light, clean flavours, creating a
                                                               wonderful taste experience.

11:15-12:15.                                          11:15-12:15.
IN CONVERSATION.                                      IN CONVERSATION.
(Halle de Galle)                                      (Maritime Museum)
JuNG CHANG on Wild Swans.                             JAy MCINERNEy on The Good Life.

This gripping memoir, which had been translated       This witty and compelling novel looks at a group
into 30 languages and sold over 10 million copies,    of privileged New Yorkers who are led to reas-
recounts the lives of 3 women and how they fared      sess their lives in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.
through the turbulence of China’s 20th century.       The focus is on two couples—Russell who is in
Chang’s grandmother was a warlord’s concubine.        publishing and Corinne, a screen writer; Luke an
Her mother struggled with hardship in the early       ex-banker and Sasha who is in the charity
days of Mao’s revolution but rose to a prominent      business. McInerney brings a sharp
                           position in the Commu-     eye to the snobbery and
                           nist Party, before being   one-upmanship
                           denounced during           of this
                           the Cultural Revolu-       world and
                           tion. Chang, herself,      creates a
                           worked fervently for       New york
                           Mao’s cause as a           that resem-
                           “barefoot doctor,” until   bles imperial
                          doubt crept in over his     Rome in its last
                          excesses.                   years, a once-noble
                                                      civilization now devoid
                          “An evocative, often as-    of its moral centre.
                          tonishing view of life in
                          a changing China.” The      “The Good Life is McInerney’s most fully
                          New york Times.             imagined novel, as it is his most ambitious and
                                                      elegiac.” The New York Review of Books
Moderator: Seneka Abeyratne.
                                                      Moderator: Glen Davis.

20                                                                             Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                                  Friday January 28TH.

12:30-2:00.                                           12:30-2:00.
LITERARY LUNCH.                                       PICNIC.
(Paddy Fields. Meet at Jetwing Lighthouse at          (Thomas Gall International School) FREE
12:15)                                                EVENT.
                                                      SuDESH MANTILLAkE and THE AMuGuNAMA
Join ROGER MCGOuGH for Poetry in the Paddy            MADyAMA LANkA SCHOOL OF DANCE on
fields. An al fresco lunch at Jetwing’s Kurul         Vannam.
Bedda, where McGough will read a few poems
and talk about his work in film and television.       Mantillake and the dance school talk about and
                                                      perform a traditional Kandyan dance form known
Mr. McGough’s appearance                              as Vannam, which originated in the shaman
is sponsored by The British Council.
                                                      dances of Kerala. Vannam, like jazz, is partially
12:30-2:00.                                              improvised, creating an off-the cuff vitality to
                                                         the performance.
Intimate lunches in beauti-                              Moderator: Sunila Abeysekera.
fully restored heritage homes.                           Sponsored by The Royal Norwegian Embassy.
Choose between SARAH
LAWRENCE HILL.                                           2:15-3:15.
Mr. Hill’s appearance is sponsored by                    IN CONVERSTATION.
the Canadian High Commission                             (Maritime Museum).
                                                         PHILIP HOARE on Leviathan or the Whale.

2:15-3:15.                                                Winner, 2009 BBC Samuel Johnson Prize.
                                                      All his life, Philip Hoare has been obsessed with
IN CONVERSTATION.                                     whales, from their skeletons in London’s Natural
(Hall de Galle)                                       History Museum, to encounters with the wild
CHIMAMANDA NGOzI ADICHIE on                           animals themselves. Coming face to face with a
Half a Yellow Sun.                                    whale off Massachusetts, Hoare’s initial reaction
                                                      was terror, but then he began to follow them
Winner, 2007 Orange Broadband Prize for               around the world. In this lecture and screening
Fiction. In this powerful novel, Adichie recreates    of short films that Hoare made on whales for the
a seminal moment in modern African history—           BBC, he invites the audience to travel with him
Biafra’s impassioned struggle for independence        into his obsession. “How rare to encounter any
from Nigeria, during the 1960s. The story is told     book that holds you utterly in its grasp from first
from the perspectives of three characters: ugwu,      page to last. Beguiled by the mammoths of the
a teenager who works as houseboy for a profes-        deep, your mind moves through oceans.” The
sor; Olanna, a rich, educated young woman who         Independent.
becomes the professor’s wife; and Richard, a shy
young Englishman in thrall to Olanna’s twin sister,   2:30-4:30.
an enigmatic figure who refuses to belong to any-     WORKSHOP.
one. The novel is a poignant and powerful portrait    (Fort Printers)
of the people who not only die, but also live, love    SANDRA JENSEN on How to Get Published.
and dream, in times of war. “A gorgeous, pitiless
account of love, violence and betrayal during the     Jensen will teach participants how to launch
Biafran war.” Time.                                   their career by being published in print literary
                                                      magazines, as well as in new media (online
Moderator: Ameena Hussein.                            journals, audio, digital and mobile publishing).
Ms. Adichie’s appearance is                           Participants will learn how to find the right home
sponsored by Emirates.                                for their work, how to write cover letters and enter

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                           21
Programme                                                                 Friday January 28TH.

3:30-5:00.                          3:30-5:00.                          3:30-5:00.
TEA AND POETRY.                     ROUND TABLE WITH                    ROUND TABLE WITH
( Amangalla)                        READINGS.                           READINGS.
                                    (Hall de Galle)                     (Maritime Museum)
Join OMAR MuSA (**Spotlight         Real People in Fiction.             Buddhist Journeys, Buddhist
on Malaysia**)and VIVIMA-                                                     Discoveries.
RIE VANDERPOORTEN for               What are the ethical boundaries
a Dutch Burgher Tea. Musa,          and other challenges                              How has the
a Malaysian-Australian rapper       of fictionalizing                                      discovery of
and poet, reads from his first      real people?                                              Buddhism
collection of poetry, The Clocks,   JILL DAWSON                                               affected the
which is based around his trav-     transforms the                                           world and
els over the last 7 years. In her   sensational true sto-                               individual lives?
stellar second collection, Stitch   ry of Britain’s infamous                      CHARLES ALLEN
your eyelids shut, Vander-          condemned adulteress,                   gives a gripping account of
Poorten looks at Sri Lankan         Edith Thompson, into a              how early British sahibs to the
women negotiating modern life       dramatic novel of passion in        subcontinent stumbled on the
in the context of war, but also     Fred and Edie; RANDy BOyA-          founder of the first world reli-
in the everyday context of jobs,    GODA speaks about discover-         gion in Buddha and the Sahibs;
children, sex and the power         ing the story of a relative who     PANkAJ MISHRA narrates his
men have                            murdered his first and second       own discovery of the Buddha
over                                 wife, and how it inspired his      and ponders his relevance to
them.                                upcoming novel, The Beggar’s       the modern world in An End to
                                     Feast; ILIyA TROyANOV fills        Suffering: The Buddha in the
                                     in the unexplained gaps in the     World; MANukA WIJESINGHE
                                     already unbelievable life of Sir   portrays the life of a village
                                     Richard Francis Burton, in The     schoolmaster who finds his
                                     Collector of Worlds.               unwavering faith in Theravada
                                                                        Buddhism challenged by the ir-
                                    Moderator: Ian Britain.             rational forces of astrology and
                                    Ms.Dawson’s appearance is
                                                                        human desire in Theravada
                                    sponsored by The British Council.
                                    Mr Troyanov’s appearance is spon-   Man .
                                    sored by The Goethe Institute.
                                                                        Moderator: Sharmini Boyle.

5:15- 6:30.                                            5:15- 6:30.
SUNSET SERIES:                                         SUNSET SERIES:
Salon.                                                 Amangalla Salon.
(Ambassadors).                                         (Amangalla)
ROBERT MCCRUM on Globish.                              IAN BRITAIN on Donald Friend.

Globish is a form of English that consists of          One of the most notable Australian artists of the
about 1,500 words that are commonly used by            twentieth century, Donald Friend spent 5 highly
non-English speakers to do business, not just          productive years in Sri Lanka, from 1957 to 1962.
with those who are native English speakers, but        What took him there? What impact did Sri Lanka
with those who speak another language. Mc-             have on the development of his career? And what
Crum examines this evolving phenomenon in an           impact did he have on Sri Lanka? Britain uses
illuminating talk.                                     visual images of Friend’s work to answer these

22                                                                             Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                                         Friday January 28TH.

5:15- 6:30.                                                         5:30- 7:30.
SUNSET SERIES:                                                      SUNSET SERIES:
Salon.                                                              Salon.
(Serendipity Arts Café) FREE                                       (Closenberg Hotel) FREE EVENT.
EVENT.                                                             ILIyA TROyANOV on Along the Gan-
JuLIET COOMBE on The Art of the                                    ges and From Mumbai to Mecca.
Travel Guide and Getting Published.
                                                                   Troyanov makes two spiritual journeys.
Coombe, publisher and owner of Sri                                 His first voyage is along the Ganges
Serendipity Publishing, has produced                               through great cities and Hindu festivals.
over thirty travel related books. In this exciting              In his second travelogue, Troyanov de-
talk on guide book writing, she will go through the       scribes his pilgrimage to Mecca.
highs and lows of putting a book together and let         Moderator: Ashok Ferrey.
you in on a few trade secrets. Her talk will also         Mr. Troyanov is sponsored by The Goethe Institute.
touch on the trials and joys of running her publish-      Note: Event preceded by cocktails. Barbeque
ing house.                                                afterwards at Rs.2,000 per person. Bookings:
                                                          Closenberg Hotel (091 2224313).

7:00-8:00.                     8:00- 10:00.               8:00-10:00.                  7:30-12:00.
PERFORMANCE                    LITERARY                   LITERARY                     LITERARY
(Law Court Square)             DINNER.                    DINNER.                      DINNER
FREE EVENT.                    (Taprobane Island)         (Galle Fort Hotel)           (Jetwing Lighthouse).
                               Sex in a Sarong.           A Taste of China.            Burns Supper.
MADyAMA LANkA                  Join CANDACE               Join JuNG CHANG              Join a celebration of
SCHOOL OF DANCE                BuSHNELL and JAy           and JON HALLIDAy             the Scottish poet Rob-
perform a traditional          MCINERNEy at a laid        for a meal prepared          ert Burns in the tradi-
Kandyan dance form             back island beach buf-     by the hotel’s chef and      tional way, with toasts
known as Vannam,               fet dinner. Don’t forget   co-owner, Christo-           to the haggis. Singing
which incorporates             to wear your Manolo        pher Ong, which will         and dancing to follow.
singing and danc-              Blahniks!                  draw on recipes from
ing. The dances take                                      Chang’s interna-
their inspiration from                                    tional bestseller, Wild
the movements of                                          Swans.
various animals, or
are inspired by history,
legend, folklore, art          9:30-onwards. MAYHEM PAST MIDNIGHT (The Sun House).
and religion. Choreo-          THE DE LANEROLLE BROTHERS perform a lively medley of songs drawn
graphed by SuDESH              from popular western hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Their repertoire will
MANTILLAkE.                    include covers by Elvis Presley, The Drifters, Cliff Richard, Engelbert Hump-
Sponsored by The Royal
                               erdink, Tom Jones, Glenn Campbell and others. Their performance will
Norwegian Embassy.
                               also feature hits from Broadway musicals like Show Boat, Carousel, South
                               Pacific and Les Miserable.

                               9:30 onwards
                               MAYHEM PAST MIDNIGHT:
                               Sex in a Sarong Dance Party ( Cantaloupe Aqua).
                               The fun continues with drinks and dancing. Come dressed as your favourite
                               Sex and the City character.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                                   23
Programme                                                               Saturday January 29TH.

                                              (Meet at Jetwing Lighthouse)
                                              Whale Watching with PHILIP HOARE.

                                              Hoare has been watching whales around the world for
                                              the past ten years. In this unique opportunity, he will give
                                              a guided tour to the cetaceans of Sri Lanka and identify
                                              the whales and dolphins at sea. If fellow voyagers are
                                               lucky, they will encounter blue whales—the biggest
                                                animal that has ever lived—and sperm whales, who
                                                possess the largest brain of any creature. Hoare
                                                 will describe their natural history and discuss the latest
                                                 scientific research into their complex social lives.

9:00-10:30.                         9:00-2:15.                          9:00-12:00.
BREAKFAST                           COOKERY CLASS,                      EXCURSION.
BOOKCLUB.                           FOLLOWED BY                         (Meet in front of Amangalla).
(Lady Hill Hotel)                                                       A Walk through Time and Style
                                    LUNCH.                              with CHANNA DASWATTE.
SARAH DuNANT on In the              (Ambassadors)
Company of the Courtesan.           TRIPAT NARAyANAN on                 Join one of Sri Lanka’s finest
                                    Malaysian Cuisine.                  architects on a walk through the
In this international bestseller,
the courtesan Fiammetta                                                 Galle Fort to look at the stylistic
                                                 Narayanan, food        variety of Sri Lankan architec-
and her dwarf companion,                            writer and chef,
Bucino, escape the sack                                                 ture from the 17th to the 20th
                                                     offers a cookery   centuries. The tour will follow
of Rome in 1527, their                              demonstration
stomachs full of                                                        a series of landmark buildings
                                                       of the recipes   that embody the aesthetic fea-
jewels they have
                                                       she learnt       tures of various periods in Sri
swallowed. They
                                                     from her grand-    Lankan architectural history—
head for Venice where,
                                                   mother, as well      everything from Baroque to
with a mix of courage and
                                            as other dishes from        Classical, Gothic, Victorian,
cunning, they infiltrate Venetian
                                    her Malaysian                                       Edwardian, in-
society. Together, they make
the perfect partnership: the        heritage. Stay                                           digenous
sharp-tongued, sharp-witted         on to sample                                            decorative,
dwarf, and his vibrant mistress,    the food she                                          art deco, mid
trained from birth to charm,        has cooked                                 century modern and the
entertain, and satisfy men who      at an intimate                          20th century Eclectic styles.
have the money to support           lunch.
her. “Dunant has a penchant
for the past and a taste for
blood; much of her strength
as a historical novelist comes
from her ability to make readers
taste and smell the world her
characters inhabit.” The New
york Times

Moderator: Sunila Abeysekera.

24                                                                              Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                               Saturday January 29TH.

9:30-11:00.                                           9:30-11:00.
(Hall de Galle)                                       (Maritime Museum)
More Than Just a Good Laugh.                          Writing Malaysia.

Three novelists use comedy for effects besides        What are the joys and challenges of writing about
humour, and speak about the difficulties in writ-     a multi-ethnic country? TAN TWAN ENG portrays
ing to get a laugh. TISHANI DOSHI presents a          the Japanese occupation of his native Penang
luminous comedy of four generations of Patels         and its devastating effects on an Anglo-Chinese
in The Pleasure Seeker, and weaves together           boy; SHAMINI FLINT’s detective, Inspector
the worlds of her twin inheritance, India and         Singh, pulls out all the stops to crack a crime in
Wales; ANDREy kuRkOV exposes the corrupt              Kuala Lumpur that could free an innocent woman
underbelly of ukrainian society through Viktor, a     in Inspector Singh Investigates: A Most Peculiar
lonely journalist, and his adopted penguin, Misha,    Malaysian Murder; PREETA SAMARASAN re-
in Death and the Penguin; PAuLINE MELVILLE            veals an Indian family’s layers of secrets and lies
takes readers on a whirligig of terrorism in Lon-     which expose the complex underbelly of Malaysia
don, from urban bombers in the 1970’s to                       in Evening is the Whole Day.
modern day Islamic Terrorists in Eating Air.
                                                              Moderator: Deepika Shetty.
Moderator: Ashok Ferrey

10.00-12:00.                                                        11:00-2:00.
WORKSHOP.                                                           COOKERY
(42 Lighthouse Street)                                              DEMONSTRATION,
DALJIT NAGRA on Writing the Family Tree.
                                                                    FOLLOWED BY LUNCH.
Nagra will lead aspiring poets through a series of activities de-   (85 Leyn Baan Street).
signed to get them writing exciting new poetry. With outstanding    THE FORT LAIDIES on Galle
contemporary poems as examples, he will help you consider           Cuisine.
ways to craft sophisticated and dramatically engaging verse
about your family. You should come away with at least two new       Learn how to cook some favourite
poems, a renewed passion for life-writing and an improved           Galle Fort dishes with the ladies of
range of skills.                                                    the Fort. Dishes include Lumpraise,
Mr Nagra is sponsored by The British Council.                       Galle Biriyani and desserts. Hear
                                                                    about the history of the dishes. Enjoy
                                                                    the meal you have prepared.

(Halle de Galle)
ORHAN PAMuk on The Museum of Innocence and other works.

Winner, 2006 Nobel Prize in Literature, winner, 2003 IMPAC Dublin Award. Journey with Nobel
Laureate, Pamuk, through his beloved Turkey: An Istanbul lawyer, whose wife has mysteriously left him,
wanders around the city looking for clues to her whereabouts; a poet, who has returned to Turkey from
Germany investigates the recent suicides by young women over the issue of the headscarf; a wealthy
businessman falls in obsessive love with a distant relative and becomes a collector of items that remind
him of the past and the times he cannot have his beloved. “Pamuk is a novelist and a great one . . .
[Readers will] be lofted by the paradoxical lightness and gaiety of the writing,… and by the stubborn
humanity in the characters’ manoeuvres to survive.” Richard Eder, The New York Times Book Review.

Moderator: Randy Boyagoda.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                           25
Programme                                                              Saturday January 29TH.

(Maritime Museum)
LAWRENCE HILL on The Book of Negroes.

Winner, 2008 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize              registering her name in the historic “Book of
(Overall Winner, Best Book). This sweeping            Negroes.”
saga of slavery introduces one of the strongest
female characters in recent fiction. Abducted         “[A] wonderfully written fictional slave narra-
as an 11-year-old child from her village in West      tive…populated by vivid characters and ren-
Africa, Aminata Diallo is forced to walk for          dered in fascinating detail.” New york Times.
months to the sea in a string of shackled slaves.
From there, she is sent to live in South Carolina.    Moderator: Ingrid knutson.
But, years later, she forges her way to freedom,      Mr. Hill’s appearance is sponsored by the Canadian
serving the British in the Revolutionary War and      High Commission.

12:30-2:00.                      12:30-2:00.                           12:30-2:00.
LITERARY LUNCH.                  A PRIVATE AFFAIR!                     PICNIC.
(Amangalla)                                                            (Thomas Gall International
CANDACE BuSHNELL on              Intimate lunches in beautifully re-   School) FREE EVENT.
The Carrie Diaries.                      stored heritage homes.        REBA SOM on Rabindranath
                                             Choose between IAN        Tagore, the Singer and his Song.
This young adult novel                           BRITAIN or JAy
follows Carrie Brad-                                  MCINERNEy.       Som discusses her book on
shaw before Sex and                                                    Tagore and then treats the audi-
the City, when she was                                                 ence to a few Rabindra Sangeet.
a small-town teenager                                                  This form of music, composed by
trying to navigate her senior                                                    Tagore, added a new
year of high school. Bushnell                                                    dimension to music in
will read from her work and discuss                                              India and created an
the challenges of writing for teenagers.                                         emotional mirror for
                                                                                 the social currents of
Moderator: Deepika Shetty.                                                       Tagore’s time.
                                                                                 Moderator: Sunila

(Hall de Galle)
kIRAN DESAI on The Writing Life.

Booker Prize winner, Desai, gives us a sneak peek into the progress of her new book, The Loneliness
of Sonia and Sunny. She also talks about her life, post-Booker, and the particular challenges of novel
writing for an immigrant. She will address questions of representation, as well as the big new writing
worlds in Asia and the “third” world.

“Desai’s second book opens a wider aperture [than did her first] ...The Inheritance of Loss amplifies a
developing and formidable voice.” The Los Angeles Times

Moderator: Deepika Shetty.

26                                                                              Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                              Saturday January 29TH.

2:15-3:15.                                                           2:30-4:30.
IN CONVERSATION.                                                     WORKSHOP.
(Maritime Museum)                                                    (42 Lighthouse Street)
MOHSIN HAMID on The Reluctant Funda-                                 JILL DAWSON on
mentalist.                                                           The Joy of Fiction.

Short listed for the 2007 Man Booker                                 Novelist, Dawson, is a highly
Prize. A Pakistani man named Changez                                 experienced tutor and writing men-
strikes up a conversation with a suspicious and                      tor and she promises a workshop
possibly armed American stranger at a cafe in Lahore. As dusk        with plenty of discussion, writing
deepens to night, he tells the stranger about his meteoric rise up   exercises and experimentation.
the corporate ladder in America and his love affair with a regal     This workshop will look at how to
upper class white woman. In the wake of September 11, how-           wake up flagging characters, liven
ever, Changez finds his life suddenly overturned. His budding        up your dialogue, spice up descrip-
love affair is eclipsed by the rising up of allegiances more fun-    tions and perk up a tired prose
damental than money, power, and perhaps even love. “A quietly        style. Bring a pen and paper and
told, cleverly constructed fable of infatuation and disenchantment   an open mind.
with America.” The Guardian.
                                                                     Ms. Dawson is sponsored by
                                                                     The British Council.
Moderator: Lal Medawattegedara

3:30-5:00.                     3:30-5:00.                            3:30-5:00.
TEA AND POETRY.                ROUND TABLE WITH                      ROUND TABLE WITH
(Jetwing Lighthouse)           READINGS.                             READINGS.
Join RAMyA CHAMALIE          (Hall de Galle)                         (Maritime Museum)
JIRASINGHE and ROGER Temptations of Modernity.                       Home and the World.
MCGOuGH for Afternoon
Tea.                         What are the trials and triumphs of     How does a writer’s place of
                             modern India? What are the chal-        domicile affect their writing? Three
Jirasinghe reads from        lenges of being a “modern” Indian?      Sri Lankan writers examine the
There’s an Island in the     SHARMILA kANTHA narrates the            challenges involved in writing
Bone, a collection of 23     intriguing story of visionaries who     about Sri Lanka from within the
poems written over a         transformed India into the emerging     country and from the diaspora.
period of twelve years that global economic power it is today in     ROSHI FERNANDO brings to
are the poet’s personal      Building India with Partnership: The    life a community of Sri Lankan
responses to private and     Story of CII 1895-2005; PANkAJ          immigrants carving out new lives
public moments. McGough MISHRA grows sceptical of the west-          in a sometimes hostile Britain in
reads from his latest col-   ern model of modernity as he travels    Homesick; kAREN ROBERTS
lection That Awkward Age, through India, Kashmir, Pakistan and       portrays the cataclysmic effects of
which explores life at “that Tibet in Temptations of the West:       a relationship between a servant
awkward age” between         How to be Modern in India, Pakistan     woman and an upper class man
birth and death. He ad-      and Beyond; DALJIT NAGRA exam-          in Lament of the Dhobi Woman;
dresses Alzheimer’s and      ines the clash between traditional      AyATHuRAI SANTHAN narrates a
wrestles with mortality, but Punjabi immigrants to Britain and       semi-autobiographical account of
also bears testament to the their “modern” anglicised children in    The Indian Peace Keeping Force’s
miracle of the everyday.     Look We Have Coming to Dover!           effect on a group of Jaffna villagers
Mr. McGough’s appearance
sponsored by The British                                             and their surreal experience of war
Council.                       Moderator: Sasanka Perera.            in The Whirlwind.
                               Mr.Nagra’s appearance sponsored by
                               The British Council.
                                                                     Moderator: Michael Meyler

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                           27
Programme                                                                 Saturday January 29TH.

5:15- 6:30.                           5:15- 6:30                          5:30-7:30.
SUNSET SERIES:                        SUNSET SERIES:                      SUNSET SERIES:
PANEL DISCUSSION.                     SALON.                              READINGS.
(Ambassadors) FREE EVENT.             (The Sun House).                    (Closenberg Hotel) FREE
LIyANAGE AMARAkEERTHI                 CHARLES ALLEN on The                EVENT.
and RANJINI OBEySEkERE                Emperor Ashoka.                     Stories at Sunset.
on The Translator and the
Translated.                           Who was Ashoka? His rock and        Watch the sun go down and
                                      pillar edicts tell us about his     immerse yourself in the best
In this illuminating discussion,      revolutionary ideas,                     of Sri Lankan literature,
the two panellist talk about the      and chronicles such                          dance, performance
                         chal-        as the Mahavamsa                             art and even a short
                         lenges       explain his role in                       film. Readings from writ-
                          and joys    transforming Buddhism                   ers Ramya Jirasinghe,
                          of trans-   into a world religion. But             Ameena Hussein, Brandan
lating from Sinhala to English        what about the man                    Ingram, Sharmila Kan-
and vice versa, and how it feels      himself? South Asian                     tha, Karen Roberts and
reading your work in another          historian, Charles                       many others.
language. They also talk about        Allen, in a preview of                   Moderator: Ashok Ferrey.
the bridge-building role of trans-    his forthcoming biog-                    Note: Following the event,
lation in the current Sri Lanka.      raphy on Ashoka, shows some         there will be a Sri Lankan buf-
                                      remarkable early illustrations of   fet, 7:30-9:30. Rs. 1,500 per
Moderator: Tissa Jayatilaka           the emperor.                        person. Bookings: Closenberg
                                                                          Hotel (091 2224313).

8:00-10:00.                           8:00-10:00.                         8:00-10:00.
LITERARY DINNER.                      LITERARY DINNER.                    LITERARY DINNER.
(Amangalla)                           (kahanda kanda)                     (Fort Printers)
Confessions of a Wine Lover.
                                          Join Booker Prize Win-          She has fed the likes of
Join internationally                      ner, KIRAN DESAI and            Madonna, Nigella Lawson
renowned wine expert,                     Nobel Laureate, ORHAN           and Charles Saatchi. Now
JANCIS ROBINSON, for                     PAMuK for dinner over-           let celebrity chef, SKYE
a gourmet 3 course dinner              looking Koggala Lake. Enjoy        GYNGELL, delight you and
that has wine as                            a meal that uses fruits,      author, PANKAJ MISHRA,
its inspiration and                         vegetables and herbs          with a meal that combines her
theme.                                      grown on the premises         trademark qualities of fresh-
                                         to create delicious fusion       ness and simplicity.

                                              10:00pm onwards.
                                              MAHYEM PAST MIDNIGHT.
                                              (Wijaya Beach, Thalpe) FESTIVAL PARTY.
                                              Come and dance late into the night on the beach. A
                                              chance to match steps with our festival authors.

28                                                                               Galle Literary Festival 2011
Programme                                                                     Sunday January 30TH.

9:00-10:30.                                              9.00 to 11.00.
BREAKFAST BOOKCLUB.                                      EXCURSION.
(Lady Hill Hotel)                                        (Begins in front of Amangalla).
PAuLINE MELVILLE on The Ventriloquist’s Tale.            Memories of the Fort with MRS. CADER.

Whitbread First Novel Award, 1997.                       Join Fort raconteur, Mrs Cader, for a walking
Melville brings to dazzling                              tour and for her personal view of the history,
life the world of the Ameri-                             architecture and anecdotes of this 400 year old
can Indians of Guyana in                                 World Heritage site, where her family has lived for
the early part of the 20th                               over 100 years.
century. The incredible gift
this novel offers is that it
allows the reader to live
in a cultural world they
would never have had
access to. unforgettable
characters illuminate
the story: Beatrice and
Danny, the brother and
sister who have a passionate affair at the time
of the solar eclipse in 1919; Father Napier, the
sandy-haired evangelist whom the Indians per-
ceive as a giant grasshopper; Chofy McKinnon
the modern Indian, torn between savannah life
and an urban future.

“I believe her to be one of the few original writers
to emerge in recent years.” Salman Rushdie.

Moderator: Leoni Cuelenaere, Ambassador of
the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

(Eddystone Hall, Jetwing Lighthouse) CHARLES ALLEN on Kipling Sahib: India and the Making of
Rudyard Kipling.
                      Allen’s claim on Kipling is personal. It was Allen’s great-grandfather who brought
                      the sixteen-year-old Kipling back to India to work on The Civil and Military Ga-
                      zette, and thus began young Rudyard’s literary career. This personal stake in his
                      subject brings an intimate tone to Allen’s biography of Kipling’s younger years,
                      which covers his childhood in India, his unhappy years in England, and his com-
                      ing of age back “home” in Bombay.

                        “Engaging....Allen is excellent on the electrifying effect of Kipling’s initial work and
                        his early identification with outsiders and misfits.” Sunday Times.

                        Moderator: Deshan Tennekoon.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                                 29
Programme                                                                 Sunday January 30TH.

(Eddystone Hall, Jetwing Lighthouse)
CANDACE BuSHNELL on One Fifth Avenue and the filming of Sex and the City.

In One Fifth Avenue, Sex and the City goes middle-aged and comic. A delightful portrait of characters
living and clashing in a Greenwich Village art deco building. Meet Mindy Gooch, the building’s high-
strung and disapproving board president, Schiffer Diamond, a 40-plus famous actress just returned to
the building and Billy Litchfield, a gay, bald, pill-popping Vogue contributor and society “walker.” Also
                           listen to Bushnell talk about the challenges and compromises involved when a
                                 novel becomes a film, or popular TV series.

                                        “(Bushnell’s) greatest strength is her ability to build (or slowly
                                            ratchet up) the two commodities — sexual tension and the
                                                 striving for success — that define her characters.”
                                                     New york Times.
                                                     Moderator: Ashok Ferrey.

12:00- 1:00.
(Eddystone Hall, Jetwing Lighthouse).JuNG CHANG AND JON HAL-
LIDAy on Mao: The Unknown Story

Considered the most authoritative biography of the Chinese
leader, this book is based on a decade of research, and on interviews
with many of Mao’s close circle, who have never talked before. Its
pages are full of startling revelations, exploding many myths about
Mao, and exposing how he caused the greatest famine in history, and
why 70 million Chinese perished under his rule.

“A triumph. It is a mesmerising portrait of tyranny, degeneracy, mass
murder and promiscuity. A barrage of revisionist bombshells, and a superb piece
of research.”-Simon Sebag Montefiore, The Sunday Times.
Moderator: Jayantha Dhanapala.

(Jetwing Lighthouse).GRAND FINALE! A final chance to dine with
our authors. Each table will feature 10 guests and 2 festival authors.
Moderator: Geoffrey Dobbs.

30                                                                              Galle Literary Festival 2011
Galle Literary Festival 2011   31
Children’s Programme                                                 Saturday January 29TH.

A whole-day programme at the Sudharshana Centre at Buona Vista in Galle, which includes lunch
and tea for the children. The Festival will provide transport to and from the Buona Vista centre, so
parents please drop off and pick up your children on time! (see below). The children’s programme is
pre-booked as advertised and we regret that, for logistical reasons, we are unable to accommodate
walk-up requests to join the programme.

8.45-9.00                                           2.30-3.30
REGISTRATION                                        WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT?
Opposite Amangalla hotel, Galle Fort                Tall tales and silly stories with Jo Williams.
(Age 5-14)
9.15am-9.30                                         TEA TIME
9.45am-9.50                                         RIDE BACK TO GALLE
                                                    4.20 - 430
AGE 5-7
                                                             PARENTS TO PICK UP
                                                             CHILDREN FROM OPPOSITE
Jo Williams and Janaki                                        AGE 8-11
Galappatti launch you on a
sea of stories and songs.                                     10.00-11.15
                                                              MY SECRET FRIEND
11.15-11.30                                                   Invent your own new friend with
THIRST QUENCHERS                                              Prashani Rambukwella, author of
                                                    Mythil’s Secret.
AN OCTOPUS’ GARDEN                                  11.15-11.30
                                                    THIRST QUENCHERS
Join in crafting a mural of life under the sea.
                                                    GET CRAFTY
12.45-1.30                                          Construct your secret friends out of
                                                    miscellaneous junk and, together with your
                                                    team, put their talents to the test.

                                                    LUNCH UNDER THE TREES
                    TURTLE TAKES A TRIP
                    Join Shamini Flint as she       1.45-2.45
                    takes you on an adventure
                                                    A LITERARY
                    with the leatherback turtles
of Asia. She will help you create a page about      TREASURE HUNT
your favourite endangered animal.

32                                                                           Galle Literary Festival 2011
Children’s Programme                                              Saturday January 29TH.

Find hidden treasure at Buono Vista by             1.15-2.00
following clues in books.                          LUNCH UNDER THE TREES

2.45-3.45                                          2.00-4.00
TEN                                                CHARACTERS UNDER
Shamini Flint reads from Ten, a happy-sad
tale of growing up in Asia, and she gets you
                                                   Have fun in groups, giving a new spin to an old
writing life stories of your own.
                                                   story with Prashani Rambukwella, author of the
                                                   prize-winning Mythil’s Secret.
TEA TIME                                           4.00-4.20
                                                   TEA TIME
RIDE BACK TO GALLE                                 4.20-4.45
                                                   RIDE BACK TO GALLE
Parents to pick
                                                   4.45- 5.00
up children from
                                                   Parents to pick up children from opposite
opposite Amangalla

AGE 12-14

Hip Hop sensation, Omar Musa, offers you
some insider tips on honing your rapping skills.

12.00- 12.15

Madara Gamage lets you in on the secrets of
traditional mask making in Sri Lanka.

12.45 – 1.15
Readers, this one is for you! Test yourself with
the help of a friend or two.

Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                                   33
Children’s Programme                                                     Sunday January 30TH.

Sunday’s programme will be held at the Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel. Parents please bring your
children directly to the Jetwing Lighthouse and collect them from there at the end of the day’s
programme. Transport to and from the Galle Fort (for the two older groups) will be provided by
the Festival. Lunch is included in the programme .The children’s programme is pre-booked as
advertised and we regret that, for logistical reasons, we are unable to accommodate walk-up
requests to join the programme.

REGISTRATION                                       2.30
At Jetwing Lighthouse                              PICK UP AT JETWING
AGE 5-7                                            By the swimming pool

10.00-11.00                                        AGE 8-11
Write postcards with Jo Williams after listening   10.00-11.15
to the story Dear                                  WHALES AHOY!
Greenpeace.                                        Philip Hoare shares his enthusiasm for the larg-
                                                   est of the creatures on earth.
11.00-11.30                                        (Note: This session is common to both age groups)

11.30-12.15                                        DRINKS
ANIMAL IN THE WORLD!                               11.15am-12.15
Hear author Philip Hoare’s stories of whales.      ‘BAD BAD CATS’ WITH ROGER
                        12.15-12.45                Watch out for those Gangster Cats, they might
                        SHIVER MY                  just knock on your door one midnight!.
                        Janaki Galappatti & Jo     12.15-1.00
                        Williams will read you     THE SEEDS OF TIME
                        some pirate tales by the   Shamini Flint explains the ideas and inspiration
                        beach.                     behind her environmental fantasy. Working in
                                                   small groups, you will develop a personal code
                                                   of environmentally aware behaviour.
                                                   (Note: This session is common to both age groups)
1.30 – 2.30                                        PICNIC LUNCH
MASK MAKING                                        1:45-2:45.
Have fun making a mask to take home with
                                                   MASK MAKING.
                                                   With Mary Yuille & Alison
                                                   Weetch.Naga Raksha (cobra), Agni (fire), Gurulu
                                                   Raksha (bird) or Wanara (monkey): Which Sri
                                                   Lankan devil mask would you choose to make?
34                                                                              Galle Literary Festival 2011
Children’s Programme                                       Sunday January 30TH.

2:45                                                MASK MAKING WITH
Return to Jetwing Lighthouse.                        JANAKA DE SILVA
Pick up at                                            OF SITHUVILI
3.00pm from entrance.                                 Decorate your own genuine Sri
                                                       Lankan mask with guidance from
                                                       professional craftsmen
AGE 12-14

10.00-11.15                                          3.00
WHALES AHOY!                                         RETURN TO
Philip Hoare shares his enthusi-                    JETWING LIGHTHOUSE
asm for the                                         Pick up at 3.15pm from entrance
largest of the creatures on earth.
(Note: This session is common to both age groups)


Ever longed to start your own cartoon or
graphic novel? Animator extraordinaire, Guy
Delisle, shows you how. (Age 13-15)

Shamini Flint explains the ideas and inspiration
behind her environmental fantasy. Working in
small groups, you will develop a personal code
of environmentally aware behaviour.
(Note: This session is common to both age groups)



Galle Literary Festival 2011                                                          35

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