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                                                                                                        Memphis, TN 3117
                                                LAKEFRONT PAVILION                                         (901) 576-4106
                                                                                                       FAX (901) 682-1561
                                                  EVENT RENTALS                    
    Home of the Goldsmith Civic Garden Center

Memphis Botanic Garden is delighted to offer your group the privilege of renting our wonderful Pavilion
overlooking Audubon Lake. You will find this rustic retreat an ideal spot for the casual gathering of employees,
family reunions or club and civic organizations. Located in the northeast corner of our 96-acre garden, the
Pavilion is available for rental April through October with reservations and deposit required. Please understand
that the Memphis Botanic Garden is an educational institution and living museum and protection of its treasures
is of primary importance.

•      Amenities include ten picnic tables (seating for 80 to 100 people), three grills, ceiling fans, electrical outlets
       and restrooms. Additional tables can be rented from the Garden for $10 per table.

•      Parking is available outside of the north fence line so that your group can enter the Garden at the point
       closest to your event site. You may enter the parking area from Cherry Road, just north of the Goldsmith
       Civic Garden Center and the fence line.

•      Guest vehicles and dogs are not allowed in the Garden. Unloading near the Pavilion is permitted so long as
       vehicles are promptly removed to the parking area afterward.

•      The Garden does not provide charcoal, plates, utensils or decorations.

•      If you plan to bring such items as tables, chairs, tents, carnival games, etc., please notify the Garden staff
       before the event.

•      Do not hammer nails into the pavilion walls.

•      Please place all trash in the containers provided. After your event, our staff will pick up the trash. Please
       leave the pavilion in clean and orderly condition.

•      The Garden is not responsible for the safe-keeping of items left behind.

•      Music must be kept at a moderate level to respect the needs of other guests in the Garden.

•      Food and beverages are permitted in the pavilion and picnic areas only. We welcome your group to walk
       through the gardens during the daylight hours of your event.

•      The fee for the Lakefront Pavilion is $400 plus $1 per person. Additional security charge may be necessary.

•      The Garden reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse use of its facilities to any prospective lessee, for
       any reason deemed appropriate. The individual or organization entering into any contract for the use of any
       facilities within the Memphis Botanic Garden agrees to indemnify the Memphis Botanic Garden, its staff,
       Board of Directors, volunteers and City of Memphis/Park Commission and save them harmless from suit,
       damages, or liability and expense, including attorney fees, in connection with suits, personal injury, property
       damage, and/or theft related to the contracted special event.

If you have any questions or if we can be of further service, please contact us at 576-4106.

                  All proceeds benefit the growing Memphis Botanic Garden for the enrichment of all.

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