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					10                                                                                                                               TAMIL GUARDIAN Wednesday March 12, 2008


‘The Tamil                                                                      And the Tamil
homeland                                                                        response …
fantasy’                                                                        Dr. K. Anparasu                         has given expression to Sinhala
                                                                                                                        Buddhist fundamentalism by giv-
                                                                                                                        ing the "foremost place to Bud-
                                                                                                                                                               entertain this application on the
                                                                                                                                                               grounds "that it is an emotional
                                                                                                                                                               issue". It is clear that the Supreme
                                                                                DESPITE the biblical injunction         dhism". What is more the priests       Court is on the side of the mili-
                                                                                not to answer fools, an exception       and the all Sinhala military are       tary. The courts show a marked
Sri Lanka's ambassador to the United States                                     can be made for you, Mr.                busy installing Buddha statues in      reluctance to decide against the
dismissed the Tamils' claim to self-rule.                                       Ambassador.
                                                                                     You may deny it for all you
                                                                                                                        the Tamil and Muslim lands of the
                                                                                                                        North and the East.
                                                                                                                                                               military or the police.
                                                                                                                                                                    Have you heard of the Bindin-
                                                                                are worth, the Tamils of Sri Lanka          What type of democracy is          uwewa rehabilitation centre mas-
Bernard Goonetilleke                                                            comprise a nation. There is ample       this? What permeates the Sinhala       sacre of October 25, 2000? More
                                                                                evidence to show that the Tamils        consciousness is the pervasive         than 27 young Tamil detainees of
Washington Times                                                                have lived in the island for cen-       belief that the Buddha bequeathed      this centre were killed by Sinhala
                                                                                turies. The Tamils have preserved       Sri Lanka exclusively to the           thugs ably assisted by the Sinhala
                                                                                a language, religion and culture        Sinhalese people as their home         police. 41 persons were charged
THE conflict in Sri Lanka is inex-         True, the majority of today's        with which they are identified. It      and the home of Buddhism. This         with murder. Gradually all had
tricably linked with the demand        Sinhala community comprising             is a fact of history that there are     belief is set out clearly in Chapter   been released by the courts on the
for secession, deceptively design-     74.5 percent, is Buddhist. How-          two nations in the island - the         6 of the Mahavamsa.                    grounds of lack of evidence. The
ed to wrench the sympathy of the       ever, the multiethnic, multireli-        Tamils and the Sinhalese.                   We will come to the business       last 4 accused were released by
international community. Last          gious tapestry of Sri Lankan soci-            Prime Minister SWRD Ban-           of official languages. Tamil is an     the Supreme Court on 27 May
month, the Liberation Tigers of        ety, older than 2,500 years, has         daranaike, has to bear the brunt        official language in name only.        2005 on the same grounds of lack
Tamil Eelam (LTTE), urged the          been enriched by the threads of          for the deterioration of relations      The 13th Amendment to the con-         of evidence.
United Nations to recognize            racial amity and tolerance. The          between the two peoples. His            stitution adopted in 1987 declared          The Sri Lankan system of jus-
"Tamil sovereignty" and end the        Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Bur-         attempt to ram the Sinhala lan-         Tamil as the other official lan-       tice gives immunity to offenders
conflict in Sri Lanka.                 ghers, Malays and others share a         guage down the throats of the           guage. The Amendment itself is         in police or military uniform. This
     The international community       strong sense of harmony unique           Tamil people evoked the strong-         as dead as the Dodo though some        has occurred umpteen times with
must be told that, beneath a plau-     to Sri Lanka.                            est resentment. This has a direct       attempts are made to revitalize it.    an occasional deviation from the
sible veneer, the demand for a se-         Furthermore, even though the         impact on the integrity of the              Twenty years after Tamil was       norm.
parate state for Tamils of Sri Lan-    LTTE is attempting to establish a        island and its bifurcation.             so enshrined the constitution               You say that Tamils are living
ka is rooted in fiction. There nev-    mono-ethnic separate state for                The collapse of law and order      guarantee of language parity is        in safety and peace among the
er was at any time in Sri Lankan       about 12 percent of "Sri Lankan          begins with him. He is the proge-       not implemented. In government         Sinhalese. That is a cliché handed
history "a traditional Tamil home-     Tamils" in the north and east,
land" in the north and east of Sri     ("Indian Tamils" comprising 4.6          nitor of the series of anti- Tamil      offices, hospitals, police stations,   out by the government propagan-
Lanka, as claimed by the LTTE.         percent of the population are part       riots and pogroms which started         and courts of law Tamil language       da machine. Those who can
     If historically, the LTTE         of our democratic fabric), more          with his infamous Sinhala Only          has no official status. In govern-     afford it have fled the country and
demand for a separate state is a       than half of that population now         Act of 1956. The riots of 1956,         ment administered institutions         that applies to Muslims and even
downright fabrication, what is the     lives in safety and peace among          1958, 1961, 1974, 1977, 1979,           from the highest to the lowest lev-    affluent Sinhalese.
case they can make to justify a        the Sinhalese and other communi-         1981, 1983, resulted in the destru-     els including Parliament down to            Do you know that an extortion
separate state? The claim of dis-      ties in the south. If Tamils are         ction of Tamil lives and property.      the local councils including the       gang is operating in Colombo
crimination is made in relation to     being discriminated against as                Can you think of another Sou-      grass root Grama Sevaka level          with the blessings of the triumvi-
language, standardization in edu-      alleged, why would they prefer to        th Asian country with a record li-      Tamil is observed in the breach.       rate led by the President himself?
cation, justice, etc., for Tamils.     live among the Sinhalese than            ke this? Can you blame the Tamil            Can you digest this instance of    Have you heard about the death
     Standardization or statistical    under the LTTE?                          people for their urge to be free of     a callous disregard of the Tamil       squads roaming the streets in so-
weighting was designed to help             Last month, an FBI announce-         the Sinhala yoke at any cost?           people's language rights? Nuwara       called white motor vans for
disadvantaged students from rural      ment said "No, it's not al Qaeda or           The Bandaranaikes are the ini-     Eliya district with an 80% Tamil       abducting innocent Tamils? The
districts irrespective of their race   Hezbollah or even Hamas.... The          tiators of the state policies which     population has the largest concen-     abductions, disappearances and
and was never designed to dis-         Tamil Tigers are among the most          precipitated and aggravated the         tration of Tamils outside the          unsolved murder rate in the city is
criminate against Tamils. Such         dangerous and deadly extremists          island conflict. Language, anti-        North-East.                            a crying shame.
positive discrimination exists in      in the world."                           Tamil riots, colonization of Tamil          It does not have a single Tamil         The Tamils of Colombo have
other countries too, to grant relief       No one knows this claim bett-        lands, unleashing the military and      Administrative officer. The posts      no choice, if they get the chance
to the underprivileged.                er than Sri Lankans, Tamils inclu-       the police on unarmed citizens          f District Secretary, Additional       they will sell their property and
     Thus, rural Tamils along with     ded, which is why the govern-
others, benefited from standard-       ment is continuing military opera-       and standardization of marks.           District Secretary, Assistant          seek safety in distant lands.
ization, which is not what the         tions against Tigers, to free the        Standardization is the euphemism        District Secretary are held by              Sri Lankan is a basket case. It
Tigers would have you believe.         people and wrest the land away           for adding points to Sinhalese          Sinhalese. All five Regional           is a failed state. It is Sinhala mob
Consequently, the urban students,      from this terrorist group. Presid-       examination grades.                     Secretaries and their assistants are   rule and every facet of life is
with access to better educational      ent Mahinda Rajapaksa has con-                You are the only person in liv-    also Sinhalese.                        dominated by ethnicity.
facilities, were disadvantaged         sistently said the answer to the         ing memory to justify this evil.            It is the same with Hatton,             The underlying root of the co-
through standardization, among         conflict will be a negotiated polit-     That Tamil students benefited           Diekoya and Talawakelle where a        nflict in Sri Lanka is the Tamil pe-
whom were Sinhalese and Tamils.        ical solution that is fair to all com-   from standardization is a blatant       large concentration of Tamils are      rception that they had been deni-
     Sinhala and Tamil are official    munities. The dilemma is with            lie. Standardization is a nefarious     found. Even the electoral lists on     ed their rightful place right from
languages today and English is a       whom is he going to negotiate?           education policy loaded against         the basis of which parliamentary       the days of independence. The
link language. One cannot fault        Can it be the LTTE, "the most            the Tamils.                             elections are held in these dis-       Tamil struggle for self-determina-
the administration, which came to      dangerous and deadly extremists               The so-called father of the na-    tricts are in Sinhala only.            tion boils down to egalitarianism,
office in 1956 with an election pl-    in the world," for the seventh time      tion, D.S. Senanayaike, Sri Lank-           Mr. Ambassador you have a          justice, honour, democracy, plu-
edge to make Sinhala, spoken by        since 1985?                              a's first Prime Minister is the wo-     big faith in the Sri Lankan judi-      ralism, human rights and dignity.
nearly 70 percent of the populati-         Sri Lanka is one of the oldest       rst culprit. He disenfranchised a       ciary. The Tamils have lost that            You may wonder why sepa-
on, the official language. The mi-     democracies in South Asia, and           sizeable section of the Tamil peo-      faith long ago. The Sri Lanka          ratism refuses to die in Sri Lanka.
stake, one can argue, was not to       despite the relentless onslaught of      ple and started his policy of settli-   Judiciary is part and parcel of the    The Sinhalese refuse to let it, they
have the foresight to recognize        terror unleashed by Tigers, demo-        ng Sinhala colonists in Tamil           Sinhala monolith. If it grants jus-    want to subdue the Tamils militar-
Tamil as an official language as       cracy still survives in our island.      lands calling it dry zone develop-      tice to the Tamils occasionally it     ily. Accommodation is not in their
well. Remember, in 1950, the In-       While the United States pursues
dian Constitution declared Hindi       new horizons to nurture democra-         ment.                                   is a deviation.                        books. There is no conscious
the official language of the union     cy, it needs to be alert to the anti-         There is no let up, coloniza-          The landmark case of the           effort to remove Tamil insecurity
and think of the ethnic diversity      democratic forces that stalk vul-        tion is still going on with military    eviction of Tamil lodgers in           and to demonstrate that they are
of India.                              nerable democracies like Sri             patronage. Colonization is a            Colombo is a rare instance where       equal citizens. The Sinhala state
     If anyone says that Tamils        Lanka.                                   wedge in Sinhala hands for              the Supreme Court has driven to        continues to alienate the Tamils
cannot seek justice through cou-           Sri Lanka has no Pledge of           parceling Tamils into isolated vil-     mete out justice because the inter-    by bombing and shelling them
rts, it is a downright fabrication.    Allegiance to its flag. If it had        lages for eventual annihilation.        national community was appalled        and carrying out a deliberate
Take the landmark Supreme Cou-         one, it would be no different than            You talk of Sri Lanka as a         at this violation of human rights.     scorching earth policy.
rt judgment in June 2007 on evic-      that of the United States: "One          democracy. It is an ethnocracy              When the Tamils of Muthur               Look Mr. Ambassador you
tion of Tamil lodgers from Colo-       nation indivisible, with liberty         fast descending into a theocracy.       East filed a judicial application in   have your Sinhala army, police
mbo. Many are the examples in          and justice for all." The United              Sinhala Buddhist priests hold      the same court for the restoration     and government machinery. We
which Tamils have vindicated           States needs to afford Sri Lanka         the whip handle and of recent date      of their lands seized by the           have our Tamil apparatus too. The
their rights guaranteed under the      the strength to remain "one nation       they have set foot in the Parliam-      Sinhala military, what did this        lines are drawn and the twain
constitution.                          indivisible."                            ent also. The constitution of 1978      institution do? They refused to        shall never meet.