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                                                                 Easy to use: simply
                                                                           just add water, and
                                                                           then place into your
                                                                           freezer for clear ice.

                                                                           C onvenient
                                                                           removal of ice: the
                                                                           patented feature of the
                                                                           clear ice tray allows for
                                                                           easy removal and
                                                                           separation of ice.
What is it?
                                                                           Versatile: using the
 Want to put clear ice in your Whisky? Now you don’t have to buy
 bagged ice, or get an expensive icemaker. You can make clear ice          various attachments
 in the comfort of your own home! All you have to do is to pour water      allows you to produce
 into the Polar Ice Tray, and place it in the freezer to enjoy crystal     ice in many shapes,
 clear ice.                                                                sizes, and form.

 You use the clear ice not only because it is aesthetically pleasing,
 but also because the ice is free from impurities, air bubbles, and free
 radicals. Check the water quality of melted clear ice; it is close to
 that of pure water. This ice will not alter the flavor of your drink.

 The components of the Polar Ice Tray are designed to require no
 external mechanics or power sources. Using the patented layer-by-
 layer ice formation method, it becomes possible to separate the
 “pure ice” from the “white ice” into distinct layers.

 Use Polar Ice Tray, you will find the ice is more than just ice.

 Because the innovative design, Polar Ice Tray has been awarded
 the Certificate of Good Design in Taiwan, and 2009 red dot design

Difference between whit e ice & clear ic e

                   White Ice:                                     Clear Ice:
     In the process of ice formation, if the          In the process of ice formation, air and
     dissolved air and the impurity cannot            impurities in the water are removed,
     promptly discharge, then the numerous            forming ice without air bubbles. This
     small air bubbles will be trapped in the ice     forms colorless, transparent crystals;
     crystal. The bubbles form the different          these kind of transparent crystals are
     reflection plane of light, causing the           composed of pure water.
     transparent crystal to cloud. That is white

Why use clear ice?
 Health Appeal
  In the freezing process, ice can
   remove the air and impurities to the
   outside of the ice crystal lattice.
  The clear ice is basically composed
   of pure water, which does not
   contain impurities.

                Ice Crystal Lattice

 Flavor Appeal                                      Tape water             Clear ice
                                                        Test with T.D.S. Tester
  Clear ice does not contain any
   impurities and smell, so it will not                  Sample                   ppm
   affect the flavor of drink & food.
                                                     Drinking water
 Interest Appeal                                     (NSF Standard)

     Outward appearance is crystal                 Tap water (Taipei)            72~89
      clear, will increase the value and              Boiled Water                 72
      appeal of drink and food. Place
      the decoration in the clear ice; the              White Ice                  70
      content will not be covered.
                                                        RO water                  1~10

                                                        Clear Ice                  1~5

2                                                      Pure water                    0
                                                          Challenge I
                                                           Ordinary ice trays cause the ice to
                                                           freeze in every direction, causing air
                                                           and impurities to become
                                                           concentrated in the center, thus
                                                           forming an opaque core. How to
                                                           gather the impurities and air bubbles
                                                           for separation was the first

                                                           As we all know, the ice frozen on the
                                                           surface of rivers and lakes is clear. So
                                                           we use simple structure to simulate the
                                                           natural freezing condition:
                                                              Use heat insulating materials to
                                                               control the ice, so it will freeze from
                                                               top to bottom
                                                              Make the water containing air
                                                               group and freeze at the bottom of
                                                               the tray.

Challenge I I
 All ice trays will face the problem of easy ice
 removal. This is due to of the expansion of volume
 during the process of a liquid freezing into a solid.

 Use the geometry and material properties to separate
    The double-layered structure makes the
     contacting edges air-tight, and keeps the contact
     areas from freezing together.
    The elasticity of plastic material will aid in ice

    Suction-cup handle                  Challenge I II
                  Top lid                For pleasures of DIY, we plan to
                                         provide as many functions as
                                         possible in the limited volume.
Decorative lid and picks
                                         The accessories are packed layer by
                                         layer to save space. The accessories
                                         will help make ice in different shapes
                                         and sizes, including:
 Sculpture compartment
                                            Cracked ice: flush the 4cm thick ice
                                             brick; strike it to get irregularly
                                             sized ice.
 Clear ice compartment                      The 3D ice sculpture: use sculpture
                                             molds to create fun ice sculptures
                                             such as the inukshuk.
             "White ice”                    Decorative ice: turn everything
           compartment                       from letters, flowers and pictures
                                             into your own personal works of art
                                             suspended in ice.
                                            The ice bucket: The entire base of
                                             the Polar Ice Tray is insulated, so it
     Heat isolation base                     works perfectly as an ice bucket
                                             along with its lid.

Challenge I V

 For freezing decorative objects
 in ice, we needed a way to keep
 the objects under water.

 We tried many ways the keep the
 decorative objects under water,
 including wires, nails etc.

 Finally we found a very simple way,
 by putting a thin plastic lid on the
 water, the adhesive force between
 the lid and water kept the objects

     Challenge V
I.    We find that very few people know of
      clear ice, and the advantages of using it.
      How to get the public to recognize and
      accept this clear Ice, is one of the
      greatest challenges for the Polar Ice Tray.
III. In order to attract consumer attention, we
     tried to design an outstanding look for the
     Polar Ice Tray. Concurrently, we wished for
     the aesthetic design of this product to reflect
     its purity, simplicity, and connection with
     nature. This is why we chose to base its
     design on the pebble, smooth and simple,
     and commonly found upon the banks of
     lakes and rivers. It effectively reflects our
     nature-inspired product, and the philosophy
     of making the most of what exists in the
     natural world.

IV. The mold currently to make 3D ice sculpture
    is one of an Inukshuk, chosen for its
    symbolism of friendship and welcome. The
    inukshuk is a traditional sculptural form used
    by the Inuit who live in the Arctic Circle of
    Canada. They are usually made from raw
    stones, originally meant for means of
    communication and survival. Because they
    are sculptures of welcome, they have also
    been chosen to be the official emblem of the
    2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.


        Dimensions of Casing (outer)      L 229 x W 183 x H 134 mm

        Dimensions of Casing (inner)      L 174 x W 134 x H 55 mm

                                          Ice Block: 600ml
                  Dimensions of Ice
                                          Ice Sculpture: 250ml

                           Materials      Food container plastics PP

                             Colors       Black, White or Red










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