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					                                     PhD Oral Examination (Defence)
                                           Systems Design Engineering

Proposal of Committee Membership
The doctoral committee will consist of the supervisor(s), plus a minimum of three members, at least one of
whom shall be from another academic department of the University of Waterloo. This committee will first serve
as the Comprehensive Exam committee, as well as the PhD Thesis Examining Committee at a later date (with
the addition of an external examiner, see below). Any changes to the composition of the committee should be
justified and approved in writing by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and the Associate Chair for
Graduate Studies well in advance using the 3rd page of the Proposed PhD Thesis Oral Examination Form titled
“Delegate or Replacement”. See the forms for more information.

1) Nomination of the PhD Thesis Examining Committee
     Proposal of an External Examiner (E.E.) and Committee
     The supervisor(s) will nominate an External Examiner by completing the Nomination of the PhD
     Thesis Examining Committee Form in typed format. Hand written forms will not be accepted.

     The form must include the proposed *Date/Time/Location of the examination (TBA dates not
     acceptable) and complete mailing address and phone number of the E.E.
     *Examinations should be avoided in the month of December. A blackout period is in effect
     during the last week of term for both the Fall and Winter terms and the last two weeks of
     the Spring term.

     Submit the nomination form, signed by the supervisor(s), with a hard copy of the proposed
     external examiner’s full CV to the Graduate Coordinator at least 8 weeks prior to the date of
     the oral examination.
       The proposed E.E. will be subject to the approval of the Graduate Associate Chair and the Associate Dean of
       Engineering. Insufficient information or qualifications will result in the proposal being returned to the
       If the proposed E.E. is approved, the Associate Dean's office will issue a letter to the candidate (copied to the
       student, supervisor and department) to advise them of the nomination and other details. If the candidate is
       deemed to be unsuitable, the supervisor will need to find another candidate and repeat the process. In the case
       of such a delay and due to the time involved in establishing the E.E., the date of the examination may need to be
       postponed accordingly.
       The supervisor(s) will normally make travel arrangements for the E.E..

     Qualifications of an External Examiner (E.E.)
     Among the qualifications sought are the following points which must be addressed on the nomination form:

    a) The examiner must be expert and knowledgeable in the field of the thesis. The best evidence of this is a
        excellent record of publications.
    b) The examiner should have knowledge of the supervision and examination of theses beyond their experience with
        their own thesis. Normally examiners currently employed outside universities should have suitable past
        supervisory experience, or a university adjunct appointment. A current record of doctoral thesis supervision,
        evidence of external examinerships of doctoral theses, and participation in PhD thesis defence examinations
        should be included.
     c) The examiner should be at arm's length from the supervisor and student, to the extent that an unbiased
        examination would be seen to take place.

      Please Note:
If any of the above areas cannot be fully substantiated in writing, please clearly provide evidence as to why the candidate
should be recommended in spite of this lack in requirements and/or experience (especially if the candidate is a non-
academic professional). Also note that the onus is on the supervisor(s) to keep the External Examiner informed about the
examination date, time and location.


2)   Appointment of PhD Thesis Examining Committee Form
     Form issued by EGO (Engineering Graduate Office), PHY 3004

     Submission of the PhD Thesis to the Committee Members
              The candidate must obtain the Appointment of PhD Thesis Examining Committee form from Denise Hay,
              EGO, on which the candidate must obtain the signature of each committee member upon delivery of his/her
              supervisor-approved thesis to each member. This includes distribution of one copy to the External
              Examiner which should be mailed via courier.
              It is the responsibility of the supervisor(s) to arrange to have one copy of the thesis sent to the EE (at the
              supervisor’s expense) and to ascertain whether the examiner has received the thesis (i). The supervisor
              can send out the courier or can authorize the Department Secretary (Carrie) to send the thesis via courier
              by providing her with the account number. Carrie can initial and date the form for the EE to indicate when
              the courier package was sent.
              At the same time, but lastly, the candidate must submit one copy of the thesis to the EGO to record the date
              and initiate the mandatory minimum 25 business-day (5 weeks) display period (ii). The form shall then be
              returned to the EGO with the signatures in place at least 5 weeks before the date of the oral examination.

        It is the responsibility of the supervisor/candidate to ensure that each member of the Examining Committee
        receives a copy of the thesis for evaluation at least thirty days prior to the examination.

       (i) All courier requests must include the External Examiner’s full mailing address and phone number.
       (ii) UW holidays in December will not count as part of the thesis display period.

Things to do before your defence

        The candidate should contact Audio Visual or our technician, Derek Crozier, to reserve any equipment needed for
        your defence.
        Be sure to notify the Graduate Coordinator and your committee members of the confirmed time/date/location of
        your defence or any change thereto.
        Please contact the Graduate Coordinator should you have questions or need any assistance with booking a room
        for your defence.
        It is recommended that the candidate confirms the defence is set with the Graduate Coordinator a few weeks
        before the examination date.

Things to do after your defence

        Arrange to clear any conditions stipulated at the defence and, if needed, remind your supervisor(s) to email
        Denise Hay to advise that the conditions have been satisfied (as per memo issued to the supervisor and cc’d to
        the student from EGO).
        Upon successful completion of the defence and once any conditions have been satisfied and cleared by the
        supervisor, the student should immediately upload his/her thesis to UWSpace and complete the Intention to
        Graduate/Program Completion Form.
        Arrange to have your supervisor(s) sign where indicated at the bottom of the Intention to Graduate form before
        returning it to the Graduate Coordinator for completion.
        All paperwork must be completed and received in the GSO by the applicable convocation deadline: Fall-August
        31, Spring-April 30
        Paperwork completed or received after the deadline will result in the student needing to file the Intention to
        Graduate form for the next available convocation.
        Students that complete their degree requirements in approximately, the first 3 weeks of term will not generally be
        required to register that term. Please consult the Calendar of Events and Academic Deadlines for more specific